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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 2  CNN  March 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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the winner in michigan, a very impressive win for bernie sanders in michigan. we there's a contest in idaho, 44% of the vote is now in. it's a republican primary. in democratic contest in idaho on this night. ted cruz has a solid lead, 41.6% to donald trump's 28.9%. ted cruz has a lead of about 9,300 votes. in michigan we projected that donald trump is the winner. we did that a while ago. 36 point %, but look at this fight for second place. 24 point % for ted cruz. marco rubio is down at 9.3%. he doesn't get that 15%
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threshold he wind up with zero delegates from the state of michigan. those are the numbers we have so far. let's talk with dana and mark. very exciting night so far and we're not done yet. >> that's right. we have idaho and hawaii. but mark you have been doing some really interesting reporting on the stop trump movement and where they're headed now. >> right. so there's been a lot of talk about how are they going to stop donald trump from getting the republican presidential nomination. there's been a lot of theories floated over the past week. in the past week it has accelerated very much so. spoke to many republican operatives tonight as the evening was going on to find at where we are at at this point and there really is a belief now that it has to come down to a contested convention. why is that so?
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it's because donald trump right now has so much wind that they think he's going to pick off florida and pick off ohio, but here is the rub on this. they need marco rubio and john kasich to stay in the race which is a hard thing to ask two gentlemen if they lose their states. let's look at the scenario if they do not win their race. they are still very valuable to the process of stopping donald trump, but if we look at the states on the table, we're in the northeast and these are states that marco rubio and john kasich could do well in. there's this big misperception that after march 15th is these states are winner takes all. there's only a few states actually that are winner take all from march 15th on.
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marco rubio and john kasich could pick up a couple of delegates here and there and enough to stop donald trump from getting the delegates he needs. >> it's a game of political chess and it is frustrating for john kasich and marco rubio. i've talked to their campaigns about this because they do feel like the map is better for them later on. the problem is that's just not how politics works. you can't wait around and hope that you can do better and get more delegates later when it looks better for you. >> i'll be curious to see how the voters in ohio and florida feel about what marco rubio and john kasich should do if they lose in their home states. one other thing i think is so fascinating about the anti-trump movement, the messaging has been centered on he's not one of us. he's not a real republican. he's not a real conservative. he's not one of us. but what is amazing tonight as a
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perfect example and then i'm looked ahead to next week, donald trump is still winning the independent vote and there are a lo the of contests where independents can play. tonight he won half of the independents in michigan assiss one-third in michigan and independents can play in these primaries coming up. that stop trump message is geared to republicans. >> today you're seeing dted cru. the fact that ted cruz is doing well there to manage e says a l things but that the stop trump movement which has been focussed on don't vote for him but vote
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for another republican who you can stomach as an outsider that that's working but it's helping ted cruz and not the other guys. >> the anti-trump movement, they do not like ted cruz and these are states that ted cruz as you're looking at the map ahead is not expected to do well in. one interesting thing that i heard is that they have the political devil in donald trump. they have the political devil in ted cruz. they don't like either of them and one of the reasons why we did not see a lot of money go into this movement is because they didn't want to see ted cruz helped out. would he be the beneficiary of anything like this. >> he seems to the beneficiary and even rubio sources say he's the beneficiary of his attacks on donald trump and they don't know how to stop that. can you imagine, that would really be taking one for the team. let's say if marco rubio loses florida and john kasich loses
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ohio and they stay in the race to keep the nomination from donald trump. >> let's not lose sight of the fact with his two wins tonight donald trump has won 14 states, ted cruz has won six, marco rubio two and john kasich zero states so far going into next tuesday which is critical with ohio, florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina. those are critical states. say what you will about donald trump, he has another two wins tonight. so far very impressive. >> he'll make the case i'm still the only guy who has beaten donald trump. if you look the the conversations, this is not done yet. we have not donald trump and ted cruz in the lead. rubio and kasich at the bottom.
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these numbers will change a bit tonight, but trump and cruz at the top of the pack. if you look at the map, the peach or orange color, that's ted cruz. look at donald trump, very impressive. two impressive wins tonight. 47.5% of the vote in mississippi with 95% in. ted cruz a healthy second place. a big drop off for kasich and marco rubio down here at 5% in the state of mississippi. a rough night for marco rubio. you come up to michigan where rubio is at 9% there. short of what you need, the 15% you need to pick up delegates. donald trump a healthy lead on top. about 5,000 votes separating ted cruz and john kasich. kasich wanted second place for a bit of a moral victory and that's one of the odd things in this republican race a lot of them claiming second is good app i'll leave you to decide if you agree with that.
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but john kasich wanted it heading into his home state of ohio. ted cruz is winning out here, the western part of the state, cruz winning these counties at the moment racking up a pretty good margin. when you pull out the map, big trump victory here. the surprise of the night on the democratic side, bernie sanders with a narrow victory in the state of michigan. he's at 50.1% to 48% . it's narrowed a little bit. hillary clinton winning just shy of 60%, but if you look at this, you see right now as you pull out the map, that's what bernie sanders wants. it might be by a narrow margin or an even delegate split, but bernie sanders get a win in michigan and next week you have illinois, ohio. almost half the vote in. they're counting fast in idaho. it's an example to the nation.
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47% in. ted cruz with a healthy lead there over donald trump. 41.5% to 29%. it looks like cruz is on track. it's a smaller delegate take, but at least to say sure marco rubio gets michigan and puri. >> thanks very much. one of the big headlines is the big stunning upset by bernie sanders in michigan beating hillary clinton. >> i think that the clinton campaign is doing a lot of thinking about what they missed in the state of michigan. i think the polling ought to do a lot of thinking about what they missed. the polls were off by about 25 points. >> that's hard to do. >> they did it. i think it puts an awful lot of pressure on hillary clinton
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going into ohio. i mean, look, she is the -- take a step back. she's the overwhelming favorite. she's got a substantial delegate lead. this was a moral victory for bernie sanders, which he had to have or this would have been it for him and he did it, but the delegates will be almost evenly divided, i believe, but this puts a lot of pressure on her -- >> she'll win -- >> in ohio it puts a lot of pressure on her to next week looking into a state like ohio. i think it puts some wind behind bernie sanders. >> even if they split the delegates evenly, it's a big emotional win for him and it will generate a lot more revenue coming in. >> his money machine is going to be -- >> they sent one out at exactly 12:01. >> as you look forward to next tuesday, the likelihood is she may have a good day in florida and illinois and north carolina.
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he could be more competitive in ohio and missouri, perhaps he wins one or both of those, but then she keeps adding to her total. in certain ways i wonder if there's frustration on the part -- this creates frustration within the party that despite be bernie's wins she has a led. you have buyer's remorse wins for the challenger at the end and the nominee is still chosen. we could see that here. >> elections are not only about choosing candidates, it's a window to where the country is. what's interesting is since bill clinton was elected the democratic party has been trying to sell its own people on the idea that we can become a more globalized county, but we can still do things to cushion the blow so it will work out for working class people. what we're seeing in michigan is an example that message coming
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from the elite of the democratic party is not selling with core voters. >> that fight they had the other night over the auto bailout as far as the results. >> i can tell you looking at the map and knowing the state the way i know it, you can't run a two, three strategy and try to win a state as diverse. while her african-american vote was impressive she needed a higher total. bernie did very well in detroit. i think going forward her campaign needs to look at all these national polls and therefore there's no passion. bernie's people they are passionate. they're sending five e-mails an hour, they're texting and they're on facebook. >> you don't see that from hillary clinton's campaign. >> i don't see it as much -- i
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sue it on spuper tuesday. >> this is good news for her. >> we talk about chaos a lot, there was this theory somehow that this was going to be a cor nation and the clinton campaign said we're going to grind it out one state at a time to get to the nomination and this is truly a grind out state-by-state battle. this is healthy for the democratic party. hillary clinton as much as people want to say that she had a rough night tonight, bernie sanders was not supposed to win tonight, he did, he ran an awesome campaign up there. hillary clinton still wins the delegates. she gets closer to the nomination. >> she's thinking how much healthy can i take. >> tomorrow night -- >> the debate. >> the debate. >> that's the thing. somebody said earlier do they
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have another debate, yes they do. >> if they didn't, they do now. >> you're going to see both of them -- now you have bernie sanders who feels like he was held back by a lot of his backers, do not go negative, other people saying go get her, he said no. i feel that he got hit below the belt so now you're going to have him going back on that same stage. how does he respond? >> is he mad? is he bitter? nobody knows. then -- >> be very careful. i always tell people be very careful. republicans may dislike her and distrust her, but democrats like her and trust her. so be very careful -- >> he's trying to get people to watch the debates. >> the issues matter. when you see six out of tenable international trade has taken away jobs, hillary clinton
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better address that. >> all i'm saying is that tomorrow night both of them have to throw the play book out and come up with some new stuff to deal with this. >> i want everybody to stand by. we have another projection right now. cnn projects ted cruz the winner of the idaho republican primary. this is his first win of the night. donald trump had two other wins in mississippi and michigan, but ted cruz is now the winner of the idaho republican primary and there you can see the vote right now, 42.9% for ted cruz, 28.2% for donald trump, 18% for marco rubio, 7.2% for john kasich. 56% of the vote is in. a big win in idaho for ted cruz right now. >> the poll showed that trump would probably win idaho. that's an odd state, a lot of
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rural areas. the interesting thing will be if rubio can get over 20% for him. >> what do you think? >> a couple of things. where rubio is at in idaho it's 20% for any delegates and then mississippi and michigan, the odds are tonight hawaii is going to come in, but in the united states marco rubio will not win one single delegate and over the past seven days all the establishment, mitt romney and tens of millions of dollars were spent and the idea was give marco rubio one last stand. for ted cruz, congratulations. ted cruz performs well in caucus state and states that boarder his birth place of canada. >> i can't wait for ted cruz's acceptance speech where he'll
9:17 pm
talk about the steaks and magazines. >> do you think the mormons listened to mitt romney. >> i think they're anti-trump. >> i was going to point out this is ted cruz's seventh win so far. donald trump with his two wins tonight is at 14. but a win is a win. >> that's why he calls himself the alternative to donald trump and he says when -- if it's a two-man race, it's going to be ted cruz against donald trump. i think the problem for cruz and this is going to back to the point about the stop trump movement is there's no horse to ride for the stop trump movement. if there were one, it might be ted cruz. they don't really like ted cruz. marco rubio, everybody likes
9:18 pm
except the voters. and john kasich everybody likes, but he didn't do as well as he wanted do. >> that is why ted cruz is the only one of the other candidates who hasn't said he would be cool with a brokered convention. i don't understand the theory of john kasich has said he'd drop out if he lost ohio, so it would be transparentally manipulative to say i'm going to hang around to try to assist this project. it seems -- i understand why they're encouraging the anti-trump people because his numbers are going down, his unfavorables are going up, he's taking on water, but i think it may be too late. >> let's not forget trump has won with two wins tonight, ted cruz seven, marco rubio two, john kasich zero.
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the winners in mississippi is donald trump, in michigan is donald trump. the third republican winner tonight in idaho, ted cruz we just projected moments ago. ted cruz is the winner in idaho. let's go to the democratic side. hillary clinton much earlier tonight she was projected the winner. she is the winner in mississippi and much more recently only in the last hour or so we projected bernie sanders is the winner in michigan. bernie sanders was not supposed to win in michigan if you believed all the polls going on, but he did win in michigan. an impressive win for bernie sanders. joining us is jeff weaver. i think it's fair to say i don't believe even you guys thought bernie sanders would win in michigan, did you? >> we knew it was close and and obviously in these types of situations it's hard to know how close. we didn't know if we were going
9:24 pm
to get over the hump, which we obviously did. >> clearly we saw brianna at the site of your rally. he would have waited for a victory speech, right? >> it would have been a late night for a victory speech given how late we've gone, but he spoke to many thousands of people here at miami earlier. everywhere he goes he's received by these crowds haof thousands people and it was the case in michigan and let me on behalf of bernie and the campaign thank the people of michigan for standing up to the pundits. >> why do you believe he won in michigan tonight? >> i think this issue of trade, senator sanders has opposed these trade deals that have been
9:25 pm
devastating michigan, ohio and other states for so many years. he has been a consistent opponent of them. secretary clinton has been a supporter and people know that their state has been devastated and it's the policies that hillary clinton supported and apparently still supports that caused that. that was a powerful message and that message went across racial lines. michigan once had a vibrant black middle class pride of the nation and it's been devastated. people we met in michigan, african-americans, talked about the prosperity that used to be there which has been lost. you see that not just in personal finances, but in places like flint, michigan and detroit, you've seen the films of the schools there, how they're falling apart and that's because the tax base has been destroyed in those communities because factories left. flint, michigan lost factories as a result of trade deals. >> to make a dent in terms of a
9:26 pm
delegate lead right now, you're going to have to win by bigger margins, right. >> the calendar clearly was set up in a way that benefited hillary clinton. she had strong ties in the south and people knew here there, but as we move forward the calendar moves in our forever. i think you saw in kansas where he won by 30 plus points and across the north he's won every state and that is going to allow him to put up the extra delegates necessary to be candidate who wins the democratic nomination. >> what's he going to do to go after hillary clinton. >> it's about laying out his agenda for america and how we're going to rebuild the middle
9:27 pm
class and deal with raescial injustice. it's going to resonate with people in missouri and illinois, ohio and north carolina. >> congratulations to you. we'll continue these conversations down the road. we'll see you in miami tomorrow, 9:00 p.m. eastern. a very important debate. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> this is an impressive win, you have to say, given the fact that none of the polls projecting that bernie sanders would beat hillary clinton in michigan. she did win in mississippi. >> that's right. an impressive win tonight and i think the big question now looking forward is what this means if anything for the upcoming states, especially ohio which is so similar in many ways to michigan when it comes to the electorate and people still
9:28 pm
feeling pain when it comes to trade and so forth. what do you think, david? >> i think wolf asked the key question is don't you need to win more than 51-49. the answer is yes, you do. so there is the math here and there is the wake up call moment for the hillary clinton campaign that they can't put the nomination race in the rearview mirror, but the delegate math is how you win the nomination and although this is a big victory for him, it's not going to make a dent, in fact she'll emerge tonight with more delegates and the debate tomorrow night is going to be focussed on a lot of hispanic issues related to the hispanic community. so it also is happening in florida, those two things probably make hillary clinton feel that the day after this
9:29 pm
loss she might be on a bit firmer ground. >> i certainly don't think that trade in the way that it was discussed up at flint in our debate, our initial debate is going to be first and foremost tomorrow night, although it is going to be an interesting debate because we clearly saw that there was -- there is bitterness between these two. not quite what we see on the republican side, but there is bitterness. as far as tonight in michigan, what's interesting is the clinton campaign they would say when we win michigan, although we won't win by a lot, it's going to show that our argument on the automobile industry worked and that's going to boomer rang intoen indiana and ohio. it's not going to boomer rang there. there was a lot on the line for the sanders campaign because they said we're going to go to the industrial midwest and we're going to win and you guys don't
9:30 pm
believe us and we didn't believe them and they won and now bernie sanders -- can continue to win but it's a game of math and even for same like me who can't add two plus two, the bottom line is that there still is some fuel right now in the sanders car. >> absolutely. i think you are right. the other thing looking forward is what you were just describing all the reasons that bernie sanders won based on the exit polls, those are all cautionary tails for hillary clinton if she does get the nomination going forward against any republican, especially if that republican is donald trump. >> all right. guys. thanks very much. very important psychological win for bernie sanders, but as far as the delegate count is concerned she has an impressive advantage. >> when i hear from hillary clinton people tonight, that's the message that overall she won the night, she's winning and we understand all of that, but i think as dana was pointing out
9:31 pm
there are some cautionary messages here to hillary clinton that her campaign has got to look at. the questions that we've seen about trust and honesty, cares about people like me, you have to start asking the question is this the candidate or is this the campaign. and in battling bernie sanders she happens to be running against one of the most athen tick politicians. even said he said she'll probably get the same amount of delegates, whoever hears a politician say that when he should be claiming victory and saying we're going to take this all the way to the white house. so it's hard for her because as she said to anderson cooper at a town hall, she said i'm not a natural. i'm married to a natural, but
9:32 pm
she isn't a natural. >> that was an interesting moment because it was authentic and that's what she has to aim for. the reality remains she's on track to be the nominee. the question is are there vulnerabilities that showed up here that could actually hinder her from winning the nomination and is donald trump going to do that is this he doesn't do well. >> some of their problems mirror each other, but the advantage that every democrat has going into the election is that this is becoming a more and more diverse country and the candidate who can dominate that minority vote wins it. donald trump is weak with women, with hispanics, with younger voters. these are the elements that barack obama putting to to win a big victory.
9:33 pm
>> he's doing well in this republican contest, at least so far and did well tonight. at the same time we'll take a quick break. a little bit of what donald trump had to say earlier tonight. >> i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. $38 million worth of horrible lies, but that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew they were lies and it was just really amazing to watch. and to get these kind of numbers where they call them immediately is just something very special. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in
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that's the one remaining contest on this super tuesday. i want to bring in mark preston. let's talk about the republicans, the all important delegate count, where does it stand? >> you need 1237 delegates to secure the nomination. let's look at where we are tonight. donald trump picked up 58 delegates, ted cruz 43 john kasich 16 and marco rubio has failed to pick up a delegate. let's look at the numbers year to date in this hunt for delegates. trump has 447, ted cruz 346, marco rubio 154, john kasich 53. let's look at the democrats right now. big win for bernie sanders up in michigan, but does it really change the tide of where we stand? not necessarily. right now as we speak hillary clinton has won 84 delegates
9:39 pm
tonight. bernie sanders has won 67. year to date right now hillary clinton has won 1,234, bernie sanders has won 567. just to put an as risk on those numbers that includes pledged delegates and also the super delegat delegates, the governors and senators who have pledged their support to hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> good report. thanks for that. what does it say that marco rubio not doing well tonight at all? >> it's not a good night for him, that's the bottom line. i think the way this is set up, he has a debate that he can do something in on thursday and he can hope that just as the tide turns for him in a bad way in new hampshire because of three minutes on that stage, maybe it would be turn the other direction because people do react in a split second to these kinds of things. there have been a couple of
9:40 pm
polls that show he could be in shouting distance of this thing. >> in florida you mean? >> in florida. >> so you think he might still be able to win florida. >> i think it's probably unlikely, but i think there's a chance there. it depends on what the other campaigns do in florida. can i talk a little bit about the trump victory speech tonight? we talk about hillary having these problems with trust worth ene eness, trump is 69% think he's not honest. on the stage he's talking about his steaks saying look at my steaks, look at how great they are, reporting shows that the steaks come from a west palm beach butcher, they're not his steaks. this is a reflection -- >> he's lying about his meat again. i just can't stand it.
9:41 pm
>> his meat remark is going to be youtube moment. i will say one thing getting back from politics and away from trump steaks which i always found when cooked medium well are excellent. i will say this, rubio's problem i think in florida next week is going to be that he's so under performed in mississippi tonight. he got 5% of the vote in mississippi and northern florida, the population centers are going to vote like mississippi voted and he's just not going to do well in florida -- in northern florida. that's going to hurt him. >> northern florida similar to some of those other states. gloria do you agree? >> yes. rubio didn't have any success tonight. period, end of story. and florida, he's got to win it. and he did an interview this
9:42 pm
afternoon on the radio and said that i believe whoever wins the state of florida is going to be the republican nominee. take from that what you will. >> you don't need big hands to hold zero delegates. >> stop it. >> i just think -- he inspired me. i think that this is a terrible result for him in terms of getting any kind of momentum going into florida. as i said earlier i think this is a great result for donald trump because rubio was the guy who was supposed to take donald trump out in florida. he goes in very damaged into next tuesday. i don't even think he could have imagined the result that he got tonight. >> when you step back it's really pretty remarkable. the republican party after mitt romney did a lot of soul searching and in many ways marco rubio was the candidate they wanted. young, latino, connected to
9:43 pm
popular culture, someone who could broaden the party and a lot of donors were excited about marco rubio. it's that republican voters never were excited about marco rubio and i think part of the problem -- there will be a thousand autopsies if he doesn't win florida, but i think one of the central problems is this. there were a lot of smart people in the republican party saying the republican party has to offer something to blue collar people besides just the government will get out of the way. and marco rubio never really came forward with that message. he never said anything that made people look twice and say this is not the same old republican kind of free market stuff that really hasn't worked out for us. he was not inknow vattive on policy. >> when you look at the results in mississippi and michigan idaho, what kind of campaign is
9:44 pm
he running? >> we're still waiting for hawaii. >> okay. >> we don't have the results from hawaii yet. >> marco rubio this entire time -- >> he's the candidate with no strategy. do you remember when -- it was a month half ago marco rubio had the three, two, one strategy. he was going to go in iowa and he came in third place and everybody thought he won. he was going go to new hampshire an am and -- >> hold on. we're going to talk about florida. john king is standing by the magic wall. we'll take a quick break.
9:45 pm
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9:49 pm
the slate. i think we're going to do really well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. >> we're not just going to win the florida primary, we are going to win florida in november and we are going to leave for our children the greatest nation in all man kind. >> welcome back. next tuesday, florida among the five states, republican and democratic primaries in those states. let's look ahead to next week. florida, ohio, illinois, missouri and north carolina. and even more important than today. >> tonight sets the table for those big contests. let's go from the national map to the delegate map. we have some delegates still to al owe kate tonight, but roughly donald trump stretches his lead over ted cruz. we come to today. cruz is winning idaho. he's going to end month are than 100 up. we're still waiting on hawaii to
9:50 pm
see what happens there. but donald trump stretching his lead. cruz trying to make the case i'm the only alternative. let's move to march 15th because it matters significantly what happens. this scenario trump runs the board. if he runs the board, game over. that means he's winning florida and ohio. he gets pretty hard to stop then. you heard mark say they want these guys to stay in to stop him. let's say for the sake of argument john kasich can win at home. it's winner take all in ohio and if marco rubio can come back, the polls suggest otherwise, but let's marco rubio has time to come back and win, what happens it takes trump back a little. if he wins north carolina, if he wins missouri, no reason to think he woen't if you look at the map. let's say somebody else wins illinois. you want to pick somebody. >> rubio. >> just for the sake of argument
9:51 pm
i want to make the point if you start beating trump in a few states, he's pulling out. if you beat him in a few states, then if they stay in and he's winning with 35% or 40% in the non-winner sttakes all states. illinois is a winner take all. by next week trump could be out here. is that unstoppable, no. the math is overwhelming. the question then is if rubio and kasich win, they'll stay. if they lose it's likely if one or both loses they would get out because the money would dry up and then donald trump gets an interesting scenario. tonight sets the table for a fascinating next week. how donald trump does in the
9:52 pm
other states is important too. >> if kasich does win ohio, he could win illinois. >> conceivable other tonight's michigan performance has to be viewed as a disappointment. he's going to have to spend his time this week focusing on ohio. after a disappointing finish in michigan he knows he's going to have to spend most of his time -- cruz did it in texas, rubio and kasich are going to be locked in at home, which is an advantage to trump. it's interesting there. if you want to look at the democratic side, we still have some delegates to allocate in michigan, hillary clinton is going to win most of them in mississippi, michigan will be a split, but hillary clinton began the night with a 2001 pledge delegate lead, she's going to stretch that a little bit even though she has the embarrassment of losing michigan, and if we
9:53 pm
picture this forward, we come up to march 15th, here's the big test. if this is a one state set back and hillary clinton rebounds in ohio, if it's just a one state setback then she gets back in the math game. if it's a 55-45, hillary clinton would get a bunch of delegates, but the psyche lofie kolgy. this would be a huge message and there's no question bernie sanders made a statement tonight. the question is can he build on it. florida demographics favor hillary clinton, ohio and illinois after the sanders win tonight is going to be an interesting week. >> unlike the republicans, the democrats are proportionate. their allocation of the delegates going forward, winner take all. that's a significant difference
9:54 pm
between the democrats and the republicans. >> not all of the republican states, but most of them. even if hillary clinton lost those states she would have a lead, but the fie kolgy will change. >> they're about to start counting votes in hawaii. we'll take a quick break and we'll take a quick break and update you on
9:55 pm
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no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> let's show the world that democracy is alive and well with a huge voter turnout. huge. >> on the democratic side a very dramatic race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> we have our differences. i'll tell you what, those differences pale in caomparison to what's happening on the republican side.
9:59 pm
>> we'll work to rescue this country. >> you believed in me once, i'm asking to you to believe me in again. >> you'd like to stop donald trump. >> the democrats would love to have what's happening. we're way up with millions of people. embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> shocking upset, bernie sanders upending hillary clinton in michigan. hillary clinton dominated in mississippi and even the michigan she still will win the delegate race tonight. on the republican side a show of strength for donald trump. big wins in michigan and mississippi for the republican presidential front-runner, but ted cruz would not be denied. he wins in idaho and now our attention turns to hawaii.
10:00 pm
it could tell us more about ted cruz's campaign. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. we're only minutes away when officials start counting republican votes in hawaii. 19 delegates are on the line right now. hawaii is a caucus state and that could bolster ted cruz. he's won 11 states so far. if cruz wins in hawaii, he could argue more forcefully that is he the only viable alternative to donald trump. i want to walk over to our panel. there is a moment that the republicans have to appreciate the fact that donald trump has done so well in two very different states, michigan and mississippi. >> yeah. and i think they do appreciate it. and i think that the folks who want to stop trump also should appreciate it this evening because their job just got a lot


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