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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 9, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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big breaking political news this morning. donald trumpand a stunning upset for bernie sanders. the wednesday after the morning sequel, the entire race shaken up. we'll break down the biggest winners and losers all morning long. good morning, everyone. >> it is wednesday, march 9th. it's 4:00 a.m. in the east. we welcome our viewers around the east and around the world. the stunning upset for bernie sanders, beating hillary clinton on the second of three super tuesdays. it was a super tuesday for him. but clinton wins overwhelmingly in mississippi a triumph that
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maintains her vast lead for delegates. donald trump picks up two strong wins in michigan, mississippi and another in hawaii. ted cruz wins in idaho. it was a terrible night for rubio with no wins on the board. the net result, trump preserves his big lead in delegates going into another week of big, important contests. both trump and sanders turning towards those upcoming primarie primaries. >> so, we are going to do something, i think we'll clean the slate. i think we're going to do really well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. a specia place. i think we'll do really well. i think we'll do really well in ohio, now that i have paul o'neill's endorsement, i know i will win ohio. i have so many friends in ohio. it's an amazing place. >> what tonight means is that the bernie sanders campaign, the
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peoples revolution that we are talking about, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country. we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> reporting now is jeremy diamond from florida. good morning, break it down for us, jeremy. >> good morning, guys. last night, just as hillary clinton was going -- seeming to have her clearest path to victory so far, last night a huge upset for her. bernie sanders last night taking the michigan primary, just as hillary clinton had a huge polling lead in the state with days to go. she completely captured that win in michigan, winning among working class voters -- sorry, bernie sanders winning among working class voters and completely against the tide of what was expected to happen last night. of course it was donald trump's
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big night last night. the republican front-runner winning across the board in michigan and winning also in mississippi. but ted cruz also having a great night last night. he came in a close second in several of these states. and it was truly an incredible night last night. donald trump, though, in his press conference pivoting towards the general election. he was discussing his message and the way in which he hopes to unite the republican party and bring them together as he moves towards general. >> jeremy diamond, thank you very much. let's look at the winners and losers, break it down what it means in terms of those golden delegate numbers. joining us now is cnn political analyst and columnist, josh rogan. cnn reporter for media, dylaill
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buyers. bille dillon, let's go back to sanders. independents broke for sanders, young people broke for sanders. people who don't like the way u.s. trade policies felt for the middle class broke for sanders. this has not to be devastating but a disappointing morning for the clinton campaign. >> yeah. it's an immensely disappointing morning for the clinton campaign. they still believe, i think, that this is in their favor. that hillary clinton is on course to become the democratic nominee. that doesn't change the fact that sanders' ability to continue winning these states, these states and the rest, he'll do very well among young voters who are the future of the democratic party and his ability to make inroads with african fe americans in michigan. all of this is setting off the alarm bells for hillary clinton. of course the key issue here,
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it's the one that the clinton campaign needs to focus on the most, how do you appeal to economic insecurity, job insecurity, that is something where bernie sanders has had a consistent and clear message. hillary clinton needs to focus not so much on taking on bernie sanders or pivoting the general election and taking on a donald trump or ted cruz, she needs to think how show can convey a more simple, focused, energetic message about the economy and peoples jobs if she wants to stop bernie sanders. >> josh rogan, the republican race, donald trump takes three out of four. some big delegate wins. this, just when a lot of people are saying donald trump, he's vulnerable. >> it's about shifts of momentum. even from two days ago. after super saturday, ted cruz
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looked to be on the upswing, about him gaining ground. now that's been halted in its tracks. dump has momentum, ted cruz is the only anti-trump candidate who has shown results. marco rubio who warned in fairness that these would be tough states for him, underperformed greatly. this hurts his chances in florida. they know it. they're trying to bail water out. >> he did not meet delegate thresholds in mississippi, in michigan, in idaho, and he may get one or two delegates in hawaii. he made a trip to idaho. >> idaho is a caucus state, a ted cruz state. michigan, he should have done better. the bottom line is they put all of their chips on florida. they have no other strategy. no plan "b," they think they know how to win in florida. they won there before, but
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internally they admit the projections show their numbers going in the wrong direction. and last night will only exacerbate that. >> it was good night for bernie sanders, though hillary clinton did win mississippi for the democrats. the trump train is not chugging with enough coal to go further. is that an accurate assessment. >> marco rubio was a big loser of the night, mitt romney was a big loser of the night. he did robo calls for kasich, didn't seem to give lift. donald trump won three out of four and looks close town stoppable. kasich and rubio are both betting everything on winning their homestates. after that it's kind of like -- and then what? the race moves east at some point. so their theory is they could win in more moderate or
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left-leaning states. but right now ted cruz is turning in a lot of strong second place showings, but the more establishment candidates just aren't getting any traction. kasich bet a lot on michigan. it looks like he came in third. couldn't get past ted cruz. yeah. for mitt romney, who picked up this banner and everyone had been following him, it was a rough night. >> you're sitting in michigan, we'll give you the home field advantage right now, with the big story right now is the bernie sanders upset. how did it happen? the sanders campaign i don't think they thought they would win. the clinton campaign, they thought they were going to win. >> that's right. the clinton campaign focused a lot of effort and energy on wayne county, where detroit is. bernie sanders campaigned all over the state. it turns out that sanders' economic message is actually starting to resonate. he really hit trade hard here.
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which is something that is potent given that nafta has hammered the rust belt midwestern states in turns of job losses. he turned the entire midwest into a battleground. we have ohio, missouri and illinois coming up next week. now all of a sudden that march 15th election went from hillary clinton was hoping to go 5-0 and really put some distance between herself and bernie sanders to a shot for sanders to go 2-3 or 3-2, as the race starts to move west to the states that he's poised do a lot better in. >> that debate stage, just a few nights ago, in flint, it sound like "i love the '90s" the political version because they were talking about trade policies. clearly that turned out to be important and resonated with those voters. stick with us. we're calling it march madness, it continues this week on cnn
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can bernie sanders capitalize on that michigan win. he gets his first big opportunity tonight at the univision democratic debate simulcast here on cnn. 9:00 eastern time. that will be followed by a special post-debate edition of "ac 360" at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, cnn will carry the republican debate at the university of miami starting at 8:30 eastern. a lot of chances for these candidates to try to reset the table after the last couple of days. bernie sanders pulling out that surprise victory over hillary clinton. a big night in michigan for bernie. how did he do it? we'll break down who voted for sanders and why next.
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>> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago. repudiated the pundits who said that bernie sanders was not going anywhere. >> i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i are running. we have our differences, which you can see when we debate. but i'll tell you what, those differences pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. >> an exciting night in the democratic race. especially if you work for bernie sanders and that campaign. they had a stunning upset over
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hillary clinton in michigan. though -- though hillary clinton did prevail in terms of delegates last night. she has a big delegate lead overall right now let's bring back our panel to discuss. josh rogin what do you think was decisive in michigan? >> i think bernie sanders finally started picking away at those demographics that hillary clinton has dominated. as you pointed out all night. her numbers for black voters were better than bernie's, but not as high as in the southern states. so, bernie sanders has started to play on hillary clinton's turf, albeit a bit late. the other thing here is the black vote is not a monolith. the south is different than the north. as they move to the midwest it generally benefits him. >> we're showing some exit polling showing sanders, of
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those in michigan, said felt that they cared about him, bernie sanders won that exit poll in michigan. it showed that he is resonating with those voters. they said of the top quality, cares about people like me, sanders 55%, clinton 41%. let's talk about what clinton did right in mississippi. she did win mississippi there. she won black voters there. josh, you're right, it's not a monolithic voting bloc there at all, she has done well there as well as in south carolina and other areas of the south. she did well when someone was looking for somebody honest and trustwort trustworthy, which is interesting since all this comment about the e-mail and the like. what went right for her -- in michigan, sanders won honest and
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trustwort trustworthy. why is the story different in these two states? >> hillary clinton's relationship with african-american voters in the south is longstanding. that is a group that supports her overwhelmingly. we saw that in the south carolina primary. we saw that on super tuesday. look, for the hillary clinton campaign, despite the inroads that sanders has made with african-americans in michigan, she continues to have a broad base of support among some of those key minority groups. you certainly -- you will continue to see that turnout in several states across the map, not just in the south. but thinking about all these exit polls, we look at demographics. sanders able to pick up the youth vote. hillary clinton with african-americans in the south. the most salient point is all of those people coming out saying they are either angry or frustrated with government, with the establishment, and with the
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direction of the country right now. it is not dissimilar to what's happening on the right with donald trump. people are going through economic hardship, they've lost jobs, they know people who have lost jobs. they're not happy with minimum wage. they are looking to candidates like bernie sanders and donald trump promising clear and consistent messages on how they'll change situations for them. >> i think a lot of people will wake up this morning and see the headline, giant bernie sanders win in michigan, and then the subheadline, hillary clinton carries delegates. this is somewhat what the obama campaign did, run up the delegates in places that you can, in other states where you might not win you are still breaking even. >> it's not pretty but it's effective. hillary clinton can argue after tonight she had a better night than bernie sanders because she
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won more delegates. the same thing is probably going to happen next tuesday, even if sanders does pick up a couple states. because the democratic delegate apportionment process is proportional, it's hard to catch up once you've fallen behind. it's not inspiring, as dillon was saying, people who are angry at government, people really inspired by bernie sanders and whatnot, that's where the juice is. that's where the energy is. but the math is on hillary clinton's side. so, on the other hand, for bernie sanders, this is a big psychological win. he had been seeing momentum slip away. super tuesday was rough. next tuesday looks like it was going to be rough. he needed a win that showed he could expand the map, play in a big state, a state with diversity, that's what he did by winning michigan. so that might be more valuable than the delegates. it keeps him in play.
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expands his playing field and allows him to stay in the race longer. but in terms of the math, hillary clinton is winning, she's win big more today than she was yesterday. >> all right, guys, stick with us. covering breaking news on this presidential race all morning long. there is other news, too. north carolina with a new nuclear threat while you were sleeping.
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new this morning, the north koreans claim they have miniature warheads that fit on their ballistic missiles. kim jong-un met with scientists where the warheads were made. the north has been threatening to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the u.s. and south korea, now conducting joint military exercises. an american graduate student and combat veteran has been killed by a palestinian man in a stabbing rampage near tel aviv. the victim is 28-year-old taylor force, a first year mba student at vanderbilt university. he served five years as an army
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officer in iraq and afghanistan. the attack took place about a mile from where vice president biden was meeting with shimon peres. police have captured pablo vitarino. he is the prime suspect in a quadruple murder in the kansas city area. he is an undocumented immigrant from mexico who was deported 12 years ago. he managed to return to the u.s. and slipped the grasp of the u.s. due to a paperwork error by i.c.e. officials. republicans will not consider holding a hearing for the eventual nominee for supreme court, and lynch says she fears she would be limited in her current role if she had to endure the nominating process. the public gets to say farewell to former first lady
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nancy reagan today. security will be tight today and tomorrow as thousands pay their respects. secret service agents will serve as pallbearers as the cassette is moved from the funeral home to the reagan library tomorrow. candidates and super packs spent 2$2.8 million in ads, the bulk of the money spent in michigan. the next highest was idaho, that was gop only, the lowest amount was spent in mississippi. the biggest spender? bernie sanders, he spent 3.2 million, almost all of that spent on michigan. hillary clinton was second at 2.5 million, then followed donald trump and john kasich. the focus shifts to florida and ohio. total spending in florida already topping $16 million.
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in ohio, $5 million. those primaries are next tuesday. six days left to spend and those dollar signs show you how much is at stake. >> oh to be an ad man. breaking news this morning, big night for donald trump and a stunning night for bernie sanders. an upset victory, super tuesday elections shaking up the race for president next. with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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>> breaking news this morning. a big night for donald trump. a surprise upset for bernie sanders. millions across the country cast their ballot on super tuesday. we're breaking down the big winners and losers. welcome back, i'm christine romans. >> i'm john bermen. 31 minutes past the hour. breaking overnight, wow, this was simply stunning. bernie sanders with an upset victory in michigan. such an unexpected result there. the sanders campaign didn't expect it. the clinton campaign didn't expect it. the polls did show it was going to happen. hillary clinton did win in mississippi by a huge margin. what does that mean? that hillary clinton won more delegates on this super tuesday. you're looking at the total delegates that includes sup superdelega superdelegates. on the republican side, donald
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trump had three strong wins, michigan, mississippi, high he. ted cruz won in idaho. an awful night for marco rubio. he didn't win any of the states. he picked up no delegates for sure in michigan, mississippi or idaho still waiting on hawaii. it's maximum one or two delegates. an awful night. the net result, donald trump extended his delegate lead going into another week of big, important contests. both trump and sanders are turning their focus to next week's primaries. >> so, we are going to do something, i think we'll clean the slate. i think we're going to do really well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. i love florida. i love florida, a special place. i think we're going do really well. i think we're going to do really well in ohio. now that i have paul o'neill's endorsement. we'll do well in ohio. i have so many friends in ohio. it's an amazing place.
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what this means is the bernie sanders campaign, the peoples revolution that we're talki ing about, the political revolution we're talking about is strong in every part of the country. frankly we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> donald trump was referring to former new york yankee and outfielder paul o'neill. >> not the treasury secretary. >> there was a baseball player at the trump event last night. joining us is jeremy diamond live from florida. florida is the next big battleground for both parties. lay out the big stories from last night. >> that's right. sanders' blowout victory a huge upset in the political world. hillary clinton had been expected to win in michigan. she had been expected to win handily, instead bernie sanders coming in ahead here. that's a good sign for him coming ahead in the rust belt
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states. you have similar states where auto issues and trade are huge. that could be good signs for bernie sanders. hillary clinton, you know, last night also coming up with a big win in mississippi. this comes after she had a string of really strong whips in the southern states after the south carolina primary. she actually came out ahead last night in the delegate count. on the republican side, you had donald trump with three out of four victories last night, which really, just as there had been questions about whether or not he could continue the momentum, keep up the momentum of his campaign with attack ads pouring in, last night trump praising voters, talking about how voters showed their intelligence last night by not giving in to the attack ads that had been put up against him. marco rubio last night, what a tough night for him. he was supposed to at least come in in a strong second, instead he came in a distant third in some states, even a distant
1:35 am
fourth as well. his spokesman last night had said that rubio would perform well in hawaii. he was saying wait until later results come in, with hawaii coming in late in the night, still marco rubio did not do well. some questions for him, even john kasich as well. he was supposed to do well in michigan. ted cruz pulled ahead of him to second place in that state. still john kasich did well last night. he pulled several third place finishes, sending an e-mail to supporters last night saying i did better than expected, that's good signs for him for the road ahead. >> thank you very much for that, jeremy. you're there in florida where the story always pivots forward. let's look at the winners and losers and what it means. joining us is our panel of experts, cnn political analyst, josh rogin, cnn reporter, dillon
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buyers, and then jeremy diamond will stick with us. i want to listen to some sound last night from hillary clinton, talking about how she'll build a better america. she was speaking at the same time last night as donald trump, before she knew bernie sanders edged ahead of her. let's listen to the secretary of state. >> we can't be talking about building walls or turning the clock back, we have to build on what made america great in the first place, our energy and optimism, our openness and creativity. nobody works harder than americans. nobody innovates better. nobody dreams bigger. if we work together, i know america will out-compete anybody anywhere in the world. >> i don't think she's talking about bernie sanders there. i think she's talking about team trump there. did she learn, though, last
1:37 am
night that she needs to be focused on her competition this primary and not look ahead to donald trump? >> yes, i think she did learn that last night. i don't think she wanted to think about that too much, which is probably why you saw her giving another general election victory speech. despite the fact that the story of the night was bernie sanders huge upset in michigan. it's why you saw her speaking while donald trump was commanding the attention of the national media. hillary clinton needs to hit the reset button on how she and her campaign think about shoring up support and not letting bernie sanders run away with key states. he won michigan despite trailing her in the polls in double digits. now we're going into states like ohio and illinois next week where again he's trailing her in the polls, but he could do very well and surprise once again.
1:38 am
so, as bernie sanders' own campaign manager, jeff weaver, said tonight, the map is turning in sanders' favor for a while, even if you exclude florida that could prolong this primary campaign. that right now is the chief focus for hillary clinton and her campaign. >> it did prolong the campaign. the inverse of what happened, had bernie sanders lost in michigan, particularly by ten points as the polls showed, people would say this race is all but over. they're not saying that now. now they're looking ahead seeing if he can replicate what he did in michigan in ohio and looking forward. >> we see the momentum still on bernie sanders' side, which is bad for hillary clinton. she is losing badly among young voters, among white voters, and
1:39 am
losing 71-28 on independent voters. when you see hillary clinton talk, she's always talking about the general election, going against republicans. how will she do that without expanding the voter rolls on the democratic side? all the new democratic voters break for bernie. she has to solve this problem of how does they get the bernie voters to come to her camp? she doesn't have an answer yet. if she attacks bernie, that sets her back. >> does she? she end up, as bad as the night was, and michigan was shocking, she ended up with more delegates. >> ended up with more delegates, an overwhelming victory in mississippi. listen to what donald trump said about her last night. >> i'll be honest with you. i'm very surprised. i looked at the numbers, mississippi i'm close to 50%. that's not 50% with two people, that's 50% with four people.
1:40 am
that's shocking. that's record setting. if you're hillary running against one guy, you're running against bernie, okay? you get a 52, 56. i'm running against three competent people and i'm getting 50%, in michigan close to 40%. >> if she gets the nomination, you can see she has a delegate lead. she's expanding the bell dat lead. if she gets the nomination, how much does this narrow victory, how much does the presence of bernie sanders and the attack from the left hurt her in a general election? >> some of the attacks sanders has been making, particularly on issues like trade, do translate to general election match-up with donald trump. it's fascinating to see. but the far left and the far right are actually in the same place on trade. the same rhetoric is coming from bernie sanders and trump.
1:41 am
so there is a question of whether hillary clinton, being so weak among white working class voters, having some economic troubles getting past issues like trade, whether that is a real general election liability. particularly in swing states like michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. the rust belt. these are places that democrats have to win in the general election. that's sort of an argument that sanders can make now. that he has won running on those issues. yeah. this is a trouble spot. for so long we've been talking about hillary clinton's minority fire wall and how bernie sanders has to do better. well, hillary clinton is struggling to energize people, the reagan democratic types, coming out to vote for donald trump. so that's something to keep an
1:42 am
eye on. >> i was going to jump on that point. what he talks about is a trouble spot for hillary clinton in terms of trade. we're not just talking about a minor secondary or marginal issue. we are talking about the issue that voters on the right, the left, and independents see as the cause for why jobs are lost in this country. why jobs are -- why businesses are moving out of the country. this is really one of the key issues that i think the entire campaign will hinge upon at least in terms of domestic policy. more than a trouble spot, i think it's a huge alarm. >> i agree, but i haven't heard the policies on either side that will fix it. the trump anti-trade voters and the bernie sanders anti trade voters, they tapped into this anxiety. i have not heard the policy prescription to fix it, and it's been going on for 25 years, going back to the beginning of nafta. they tapped into how people feel
1:43 am
but not the solution yet. >> stand by. a lot more to discuss, including the big results on the republican side of the race. march madness continues all week here on cnn. we have a debate tonight. a univision democratic debate at 9:00 p.m. in miami. cnn will simulcast that. this debate vastly changes now that bernie sanders pulled huff it's a win in michigan. tomorrow, the republican presidential debate. the final debate before super tuesday. maybe the final republican presidential primary debate period. the last up with that's scheduled right now. that's at 8:30 p.m. eastern. maybe the last time to knock off donald trump. but, wait, there's more. donald trump on "new day" in a couple hours, 6:30 a.m. eastern time. i imagine he has lots to talk
1:44 am
about. millions of dollars spent on advertising against him, but donald trump keeps on winning. can he be stopped?
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>> i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. $38 million worth of horrible lies, but that's okay.
1:48 am
it shows you how brilliant the public is. because they knew they were lies. it was just amazing to watch. >> that was donald trump speaking at his victory news conference last night despite all those attacks on trump this week he picked up wins in mississippi, michigan and hawaii. does that make trump officially unstoppable? turning to our panel now for the answer, i want to bring in dylan byers again. we were talking about trade before the break. trump and bernie sanders tapped into an anxiety in people, about what trade means for their job,. when you look at the exit polls in michigan, 92% were worried about the economy. 92% of the people polled said they were worried about the economy. i always say when you ask them when they leave the voting booth, it's like asking them if they love their mother.
1:49 am
38% of those people went to donald trump. he has tapped into something there. >> that's right. the economy is something we've been talking about for a very long time. ever since bill clinton said, look, it's the economy, stupid. well before that. it's a talking point. we seem to understand that nothing matters more to americans than jobs, economic security. but, you know, to really understand it in a visceral level, you look, for instance, at the videos of employees at carrier, the air conditioning manufacturer, listening as they were told that the company was going to be moved to monterey, mexico. that's a point trump has brought up several times. you can feel that anger. sometimes it's hard to really identify that when you're sitting in studios, green rooms. but there are a lot of americans out there who are worried about it. so maybe they're progressives,
1:50 am
maybe liberals, maybe conservatives and republicans, either way each group has found a candidate who is telling them it's going to be okay. it's going to get better. on the left that's bernie sanders. on the right, that's donald trump. that's why you're seeing trump do as well as he's doing and why bernie sanders is continuing to be a thorn in the side of hillary clinton's campaign, especially because she is perceived as being so close to wall street, part of the establishment. >> the trump response to that carrier story is that he would immediately slap a 35% tariff on carrier air conditioners coming into the country, which almost every expert says would cause a trade war and wind up in international courts. >> last night donald trump did an extraordinary thing last night, he didn't hold a victory rally, he held a victory news conference/statement/product
1:51 am
placement moment infomercial. >> what was that. >> let's play some sound from tha that. >> we have trump steaks. if you want to take one, it's about 50 bucks a steak. he said trump magazine is out. anyone want one? you have the water. you have the airline that i sold. every once in a while you can sell something. >> i have no idea what that was or why that was. what i do know -- >> but wait, there's more. >> i know that trump won three out of four states last night. he picked up the most delegates, impressive wins in michigan and mississippi and heads into a crucial week with wind at his back at the very moment when there are people writing stories about for the first time he's vulnerable. >> so you're seeing some of trump responding to the stop trump movement which has focused on many of his businesses like trump university, trump water,
1:52 am
trump stakes. some of it is bragging, talking about his golf courses, hotels, clubs. he just brought that up on his own. didn't really make any sense at all. looking forward, you saw in the press conference, that he was trying to bring back the establishment to say it's okay to support donald trump. he said nice things about paul ryan, about lindsey graham. he knows he needs the establishment if he gets to the general election what will that cost? $500 million? he won't pay for that out of his pocket. there's republicans who cannot stomach donald trump. he won't get their support. so they're going to take the last two weeks and pile on with more in a last-ditch effort. >> well in about an hour and eight minutes we'll have some new polling that will be helpful for us, especially for those on the stop trump movement. will they have any traction after tonight? let's throw up the map and talk about where are the next stops on this trump train and whether he will be able to do well and
1:53 am
add to what has been a commanding lead in the delegate race. look at this, talking about illinois, about ohio. talking about florida. 99 delegates up for grabs in florida. marco rubio had been desperate to have a strong showing in his state. but he's not even on the board tonight. >> marco rubio and john kasich are betting everything on their homestates. but the reality is, so what if they win? what does that get them? it buys them a bit more time. it doesn't change the fundamentals of this race. donald trump will keep his delegate lead. he's looking at illinois which has another -- a few more delegates than ohio. he could win there. sort of obliterate any gains anyone else makes in the delegate race. trump it campaigning in north carolina today. missouri votes, key do well there. just surviving by winning their homestates for kasich and rubio doesn't change the fundamentals
1:54 am
of this race now. trump is basically flaunting and bragging. that's what that show of all of his products are about. it's like, look, establishment mitt romney, marco rubio. you all threw everything that you had at me. here i am. everything is still perfect. no one can stop me. rubio seemed to hit a sacrifice fly by going after him in a couple of debates. it didn't change anything. the attack ad on trump sort of showing all of the curse words he's used in campaign speeches didn't change anything. it remains to be seen if there's any particular strategy that can slow donald trump at this point. >> stick with us during the break. we're covering breaking news in the race for president. first north korea with a new nuclear threat to tell you
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new this morning, north korea claims it has miniaturized nuclear warheads that fit on ballistic missiles. the government there just released pictures of jim jong-un meeting with scientists at a nuclear facility where the warheads were made. the north has been threatening to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the u.s. and south korea. you can take loretta lynch's name off the list of potential supreme court nominees. it has a lot to do with the nominating process. republicans won't consider holding a hearing for the nominee, and lynch said she fears she would be limited in
1:59 am
her current role if they she goes through the nominating process. the public gets to say good-bye to nancy reagan today. thousands will pay respects at two scheduled viewings. secret service agents will serve as pallbearers as she is moved from the funeral home to the reagan library. dow futures are higher coming off losses yesterday. oil is higher. stock market in europe is up, in asia mostly lower today. today is the bull market's birthday. the recent run up in prices, nearly eight years old. there was no drop, there wasn't. it tried and failed. this bull was born march 9, 2009, since then the s&p 500 up 102%. >> what do you get a bull market on his birthday? >> slacks. amazon gift card. >> that beats the average gain of 144%, and much longer than the average bull market.
2:00 am
this is like a teenager, the average of the 12 bull markets since world war ii is 54 months. this one is 84 months. >> the question is how moody is it? is it moody like a teenager? breaking news this morning. it is the wednesday after the second super tuesday. big wins for donald trump, stunning upset for bernie sanders. so many people casting their states on that tuesday, looking to a huge tuesday six days from now. the entire race shaken up. we'll break down the winners and losers ahead. good morning. welcome to "early start." >> it's wednesday, march 9th. it's 5:00 a.m. on the east. we've been on tv for 76 straight hours. want to welcome o


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