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tv   CNN Special Program  CNN  March 10, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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below the belt. here are some of the key moments. >> you said the concept of opening cuba is fine. >> i think i'm in the middle. i want a much better deal to be made because cuba is making as usual we don't make good deals. as an example i heard recently where the threat was made that they want representer rashs for use of abuse by the united states and then they'll sign a deal and we'll get sued for $400 billion ora trillion dollars. we don't want to get sued. i don't agree with president obama. after 50 years something should take place. >> if they sue us in a court of miami they're going to lose. >> you have positive things about putin as a leader and you
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said quote when the students powered into the square, the chinese government almost blew it and then they were vicious and horrible and they put it down with strength. that shows you the power of strength. >> i was not endorsing it. i said that is a strong, powerful government and they put down theo rye yot. i think putin has been a strong leader. he's been stronger than our leader. >> when you were a member of congress you were outspoken about the massacre. what do you think? >> i think that the chinese government butchered those kids and when that guy stood in front of that tank we ought to build a statute of him over here when he faced down the chinese government. >> early today a man was arrested and charged with assault after punching a man in
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the face at your rally. this is hardly the first incident of violence breaking out at one your rallies. hillary clinton said we set the tone for our campaigns. do you believe you have done anything to create a tone where this kind of violence would be encoura encouraged? >> i hope not. we have people come with tremendous passion and love for their country, you're mentioning one case which i haven't seen and i don't like, but when they see what's going on in this country, they have anger that's unbelievable. they have anger. they love this country. >> one of the reasons why the climate is changing is because the climate has always been changing. there has never been a time when the climate has not changed. i think the fundamental question
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is is there something we're doing and can we fix it. flooding is caused by two things. south florida is built on land that was once a swap and if there are higher sea levels we need to deal with that through mitigatio mitigation. as far as the law we can pass in washington to change the weather, there's no such thing. >> i think i'm going to have the delegates. i think. let's see what happens. let's see what happens, but if somebody doesn't have the delegates and i get there's two of us up here that can and there are two of us that cannot at this moment, but -- that's just -- by the way, that is not meant to be a criticism. that's a fact. if two of us get up there -- i would say this. if marco, if ted had more votes than me in the form of delegates, i think whoever gets to that top position as opposed
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to reaching that random number i think whoever gets the most delegates should win. that's what i think. >> if there were only two of us that have a path to winning the nomination and myself. at this point i have 360 delegates. he has about 100 more than i have. we have at this point beaten donald in eight separate states from main to alaska, from kansas to texas, all over this country we have beaten him. so for the people at home if you're one of the 70% of the republicans who recognizes that if we nominate donald trump, hillary wins, that's why the media wants him to be the nominee so much, if you recognize that, if you've supported other candidates come and join us. >> i listen and i watched ted on television and when he speaks and he's always saying i'm the only one that beat donald in six contests and i beat him. but i beat him in 13 contests.
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he never mentions that. >> a few moments that we'll be talking about. we watched from tampa. >> reporter: we are watching here in downtown tampa with a lot of undecided voters trying to choose the candidate. they liked the tone of the debate and they heard a lot of substance which they were happy about, but let me ask you who thought that marco rubio was the most presidential tonight, raise your hand? quite a bit of you. who thought donald trump came off as the most presidential. just three of you. what about ted cruz, most presidential tonight? i know that we also talked earlier and a lot of you told me that donald trump was the most improved candidate. why does he get the win for most improved. >> to be fair, he has the most to improve upon. we saw he was insulting people
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when he was specifically told not to and he cleaned up his act a little bit. >> reporter: what about you, sir? >> i think this is the first debate where i didn't feel like i was living in a movie. >> one of the issues that came up tonight was the issue of cuba. marco rubio talked quite a bit about cuba. you were debating tonight between rubio and cruz. i think you decided on rubio and that had to do with what he said about cubcuba. >> he talked presidential and he talked about issues in cuba. i am sure that the hispanic community must be very happy right now. >> what do you like about his stance? >> he's not happy the way president obama is handling the issues with cuba. opening up with cuba is not a good idea unless you do a good deal to the united states, but not to cuba only. >> another thing we talked about which we saw donald trump
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tonight he was really doubling down on his remarks to you about islam from last night so got a big reaction here. what do you think about donald trump's handling of those remarks on islam tonight at the debate. >> i think it's inappropriate for anybody to get in religion. i'm originally from egypt and i'm orthodox christian so i've been persecuted in egypt. but i will stand behind the freedom of religion of anybody, muslim, jews, christian. this is the american way and christian way. >> one thing we heard ted cruz say tonight is he asked people who feels disrespected by washington. how many of you feel disrespected by washington. all of you. why do you feel disrespected by washington? >> i feel particularly disrespected by hillary clinton. if you listened to hillary
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clinton last night you heard an economic disaster, you heard an immigration disaster, you heard terror coming on our shores. obama hasn't respected the constitution. she doesn't respect human rights. she's supposed to be a champion for women, but she negotiations and takes money from countries that abuse women. >> let me ask you sir, what do you feel disrespected about? >> i definitely feel that the military, veterans and their families feel like they've made the commitment, but we've never seen the return. the only one that addresses those issues and knew them clearly was marco rubio. >> okay. and just finally as we toss it back to anderson back there, who decided on a candidate tonight? raise your hand. almost all of you. look at this group, almost everyone here. finally, a few days away from the florida primary have finally
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decided on a candidate. back to you. >> if you could just ask them, were any mind changed? it seems like all of them decided on a candidate tonight. is it a different candidate than they came into this debate thinking or did it solidify a previous thought. >> anderson wants to ask all of you, did any of you change your minds on a candidate tonight or did it solidify who you were leaning toward. you did? who did you change your mind to? >> i think all four are more presidential. i can vote for any one of them. >>. >> reporter: were you picking someone before you came in tonight and you changed your mind. >> i am backing cruz, but i can vote for any one of these people. >> reporter: anyone specifically change their mind on a candidate? no. i know woman was wavering. she came in for rubio and she went to cruz and went back to
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rubio. >> all right. thanks very much. please thank them for staying up late for us. back this hour with john king and gloria borger and ana and andy dean. we haven't heard from you yet. what did you make of tonight? >> i gragree with that crowd, i was a status quo debate. we came in hearing so much about how deep and talented this field was, but that often got lost in the incidevoice of donald trump thought tonight all the candidates showed they were talented and experienced and they had a grasp on issues. i think they acted like front-runners. whether or not that's going to do them any good going into tuesday, but i think the
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republican party very happy tonight, certainly the rnc is. >> do you think marco rubio who needed to have a good night tonight, talking to wolf after the debate, he did say whoever wins florida is going to win the nomination. so the implication is if he doesn't win he's not going to be in it. does his argument that a vote in florida for cruz or kasich is basically a vote for donald trump. he says if you like cruz or kasich, vote for rubio in florida. do you think that impacts anybody here? >> yeah. i think it's a legitimate argument. if it's not rubio, it's going to be trump and you are helping trump get 99 more delegates. i think marco had a very good didn't, a solid debate. i think he knew his back was against the wall. he completely owned that cuba
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question in front of the whole crowd that cares about that issue. there's a lot of cuban-americans in the republican party. there's no coincidence that that's where ted cruz started tonight. his opening statement was about his cuban heritage and you saw marco play it up as well, but when it came to the cuba answer marco was passionate, informed, knowledgeable, and donald trump looked like he hardly knew what he was talking about in comparis comparison. >> let's play that and i want to hear from andy what he thought. let's play rubio's response. >> opening cuba is fine. why do you agree with president obama and disagree with marco rubio. >> i think i'm somewhere in the middle. i want a much better deal to be made because cuba is making -- we don't make good deals.
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we don't have the right people negotiating. we have people that don't have a clue. as an example i heard where the threat was made that they want representer rashs for years of abuse by the united states and nobody is talking about it and then they'll sign a deal and we'll get sued. all that stuff has to be agreed to now. we don't want to get sued after the deal is made. i don't agree with president obama. i do agree that something take place after 50 years it's enough time folks. >> senator rubio, just to be clear mr. trump, you are saying if you were president you would continue the diplomatic relations or would you reverse them? >> i would want to make a good strong solid deal because right now everything is in cuba's favor. right now every single aspect of this deal is in cuba's favor. it's the same way as the iran deal. all we do is keep giving. we give and give and give. >> mr. trump to be clear there is an embassy that you would
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have to decide whether it be open or you would close it, which would it be? >> i would probably have the embassy closed until a really good deal was made and struck by the united states. >> first of all, the embassy's the former con sul at. we don't have to close it. second of all, i don't know where cuba is going to sue us, but if they sue us in a court in miami they're going to lose. >> senator cruz if you become president would you reverse and break diplomatic relations with cuba? >> yes, i would. i think this exchange highlights a real choice for republican primary voters. when it comes to foreign policy, do you want to continue on the same basic trajectory as the last seven years of the obama foreign policy? >> we should point out there was an edit there. rubio's answer did go on longer and was more specific.
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how do you think your guy donald trump did tonight. >> he had a good night. he started the night and ended it with the same meaning and that is millions of new people are voting and that's a good thing for the party. if he does well on tuesday, which it looks like he's going to do, it's time for the party to unify. it's people paying attention to the republican party in a way they haven't done in the last decade. i looked up the television ratings for the republican debates, 16 million, the democrats 9 million. you're seeing a lot more people voting for donald trump. >> i thought it was a very civil debate and i think the strategy there was marco rubio and ted cruz thought civility would work in their favor, but it also worked to druonald trump's favo tonight. it was like a victory formation that he was running and marco
9:17 pm
rubio and ted cruz in recent debates they have been very aggressive, they laid back and they tried to break through with voters that maybe haven't made up their mind by doing it with substance. >> they also laid back from each other. there was very little attacking between -- >> did you expect them to be more aggressive on policy? >> no, i expected to be more aggressive on policy, but i expected them to draw a harder contrast. there were several times during this debate where donald trump was a babbling mess on big issues like national security and foreign policy. marco rubio and ted cruz made their points without pointing that out. i think that works for donald trump because quite frankly his supporters they're not really interested in a lot of policy details. they like the idea of strength and clarity and this feeling that he's going to be stronger and make great deals and he goes
9:18 pm
into these endless answers that he repeats himself about making deals over and over and i was surprised they didn't go hard at that. >> we have to take a short break. when we come back we'll put some of the statements made tonight on that stage to a reality check to see if they fit the facts and the kp . see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur...
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the tone at tonight's debate may have been softer but the candidates were as bold as ever. we have a reality check. >> hi, anderson. donald trump has said over and over again that the u.s. must attack isis's oil assets and he really doesn't like the white house's reason for not doing so. listen. >> we're not knocking out the oil because they don't want to
9:23 pm
create environmental pollution. they didn't want to knock out the oil because of what it's going to do to the carbon footprin footprints. >> that's a big claim, but there's a problem with this. first of all, there have been hundreds of strikes against isis's oil facilities there. they've been mainly aimed at distribution centers and refineries. why has donald trump got this idea in his head that that's because of pollution. maybe it's because of this in an interview last fall with an official with the cia who said we didn't go after oil wells because we didn't want to do environmental damage and we didn't want to destroy that infrastructure. this got a lot of play in conservative press, but not so much the second part because this part is what many people in administration say matters because if you do gigantic
9:24 pm
damage it will hard for the region to recover when and if isis is finally driven out. trump left that out of his assessment. that means while there is issom truth to what he said, it's misleading. >> let's go now to the gop communications director. >> reporter: i'm here with communications director of the rnc. >> i think the tone was better tonight. we heard more from the candidates than we might have in the past couple of debates. i it was substantive. i think for voters coming into this crucial tuesday where you're going to enter the winner take all phase of the stage, it's going to be important as people make up their decision. >> do you regret this didn't
9:25 pm
happen sooner? >> you got go through certain iter rashs of a cycle and each candidate has to play to a strategy that they think is best for their campaign. i think at this point the voters are ready to see some of these issues covered more in depth so what i'm really excited about is the level of intensity that we're seeing in all these states. it's going to be important for us in november. we have in the battle ground states we're seeing 130% of record turnout. you have 690,000 early returns in florida. that shows that something is happen ing on our side. >> reporter: did anything tonight change the trajectory of this race. >> we don't know. how many voters are still looking fo make up mayor minds and we're seeing from some of the states that there's a good amount that maybe up their mind
9:26 pm
at at end. so i think for a lot of voters that were waiting to see the candidates this could have been important. >> going forward tell me your predictions. when do you think you'll get a nominee. >> it's not up to me to determine that. it's going to be up to voters. we're going to see more people involved than ever before, but even if somebody ran the entire table, which is almost impossible between now and going forward, we couldn't have a nominee until the first week of may. that means we have a little ways to go. there's a lot more states and people to be part of this process. >> reporter: thank you very much. anderson, back to you. >> he's got to be relieved tonight certainly with the way this debate went and what -- is this never trump movement, is it too soon to tell what the fate of it is and will it not be clear wednesday morning next week. >> the incoming from all stripes of republicans, people who support these different candidates, people who don't have a horse in this race, this
9:27 pm
was a sigh of relief that they were debating about issues. to the never trump movement, it means different things to different people. to republicans it means trying to stop trump from getting the nomination. there are some people who if trump wins the nomination we mean never. there's no doubt the party will unite behind one of these four gentlemen. there is doubt. the party chairman has to say that this deep in the process tells you there's a lot of tension. do we give money to the anti-trump effort, do we tackle people planning to endorse trump, do we get the lawyers involved? that's all going on and it's pretty intense and there are disagreements among the people who share that goal of stopping trump about how to do it. i think everybody understands and i think the candidates did
9:28 pm
tonight those conversations get more specific and more urgent once we understand tuesday night and wednesday morning what this very big tuesday of voting does to the race. >> i think that there were probably conversations with each candidate seeing we can't allow what happened at that last debate to happen again. i think the stop trump movement may have had some impact on tonight's debate as well. the question that i have and you guys can answer this, is whether the candidates overcorrected to a certain degree because they still have to make their case to donald trump and they let him off the hook on a lot of stuff saying there was a way not to touch social security, you could -- with waste, fraud and abuse deal with the budget. he seemed to change his position on how to deal with isis for example talking about 20 to 30,000 ground troops which i
9:29 pm
don't believe we've heard before and talking about putin again and while they differed with him, it wasn't a stark sort of contrast. they said i disagree, let me tell you what i think. >> i think each of them had a very specific reason not to draw that stark contrast. for john kasich it's because he's the barny the dinosaur candidate. for ted cruz it's because he now wants to be the uniter. he wants to bring in people if he ends up being the two-man race with donald trump. for marco rubio it's because he realized that going into the gutter with donald trump backfired on him and i think marco rubio whatever happens on tuesday, he wants to do this if it means end this with the real marco, the marco i saw tonight is the marco i've known my entire adult life and has been a political star in florida.
9:30 pm
i am so glad that he did that. >> on the whole numbers don't add up thing, this is the second debate where donald trump has been confronted with the reality that the numbers don't add up. the fox debaters did that and dana bash did this on the stage and donald trump has answers for it. you can say that the answers aren't specific and they don't answer the question, but the question is are the other candidates confronted with the same thing that reporters are confronted with when confronting donald trump with this is that you can punch all you want on it, but ultimately it sort of just evaporates. he continues to answer and continues to answer the answer that he wants to answer as opposed to the question that you've actually asked. >> it's frustrating for them and they haven't been able to land punches because of that and they're experiencing the power of donald trump to not answer a question and just to move on to the next topic and talk directly to his supporters on the bigger
9:31 pm
issues that they care about which is whether or not -- or the bigger ideas that he stapnd for which is he's not going to let the media play the game of holding him accountable for numbers. >> you have to renegotiate all the deals. >> if you look at china and he did mention that we lose $500 billion in trade to china every year, if you can get that down and do the same thing with independent deea and mexico, you're talking about real numbers here that dwarf the size of social security. i think there is a real answer that resonates with people who are against dumb trade. one thing i would say about hubbhu rubio is i think his behavior changed as a result of what happened a couple of days ago. the answer came in two nights in mississippi and michigan and when trump had 47% mississippi
9:32 pm
and 37% in michigan and rubio came in last in both, i think he realized the negativity didn't work. >> for stretches of the night trump looked like an ordinary politician. he really had to stand up there and measure himself against the others who were talking policy in detail. in that way i think it could be a good thing that they left him alone and he had to stand there on his own. >> nobody got under his skin, which marco rubio for all the volatility at the last debate got under his skin and clearly wanted to and that's when donald trump get red in the face and becomes a different candidate. >> it didn't work for them. it only backfired on them. you were saying during the break that trump is in their head and i think trump is so in their head they don't know how to deal with it. >> when you're veering from
9:33 pm
strategy to strategy or debate to debate when the one candidate who has had a consistent strategy that means he's in command of the race. what these campaigns need right now is they need to dramatically alter the trajectory of this race and i think they need a cam lash that they can't do it in a debate. >> we have to take another break. another reality check coming up. we'll continue the conversation after a quick break.
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. donald trump was asked about a comment he made to me yesterday about whether he thought islam was at war with the west. let's watch his answer. >> last night you told cnn, quote, islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> do you want to clarify the comment at all?
9:38 pm
>> i've been watching the debate today and they're talking about radical islam, but i will tell you there's something going on that maybe you don't know about and maybe a lot of other people don't know about, but there's tremendous hatred and i will stick with what i said to anderson cooper. >> let me say i know a lot of people find appeal in what donald says because he says what they wish they could say, the problem is the president can't say just anything they want. it has consequences here and around the world. >> we've had a lot of consequences including airplanes flying into the world trade center, the pentagon and could have been the white house. there have been a lot of problems that you can say what you want and you can be politically correct if you want, i don't want to be politically correct is th correct. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct, i'm interested in being correct. >> an interesting exchange.
9:39 pm
>> marco rubio can talk circles around that entire stage when it comes to policy on national security and foreign policy. at that moment he had one of those commander in chief moments that offered him a chance to draw a contrast with donald trump. the only thing i would say is that he probably didn't go far enough. he could have put the hammer down and he pulled back. donald trump then -- i think it got out of the grasp. >> i would disagree a little bit. i think what trump is doing with radical islam is what ronald reagan did in the '80s. it's simple and clear that we're not going to tolerate this hatred. it's a culture that's specific in the middle east. if we look at muslims in america, doctors, engineers, these are 3 million wonderful
9:40 pm
people and they celebrate american culture where if a woman wants to get a divorce she can do one. but in the middle east their culture does not tolerate that. if you lead the religion you could be censent to death. that culture of hate is something that needs to be confronted. >> i think marco was not nuanced. i think donald trump was saying in cuba he was in the middle, marco was clear he stands with the people fighting for free dama dom. i think on the muslim question he did draw a stark contrast. he did it his way with the way that we've come to be used to. >> the other thing marco rubio said it wasn't just about military personnel who have died and served this country honor
9:41 pm
ably, he talking about states that the u.s. needs alliance with in order to defeat isis. >> you will be hard pressed to find -- i hate to bring hands into the conversation, but you wouldn't fill a hand you could go to the far left and to the far right and would you have a hard time finding more than a couple of people who would say a president can say what donald trump said about islam. they would say it's reckless and irresponsible. that's what they would say and that's the point that marco rubio was trying to make tonight. i don't want to be politically correct, i want to be correct. this has worked for donald trump. if donald trump is president of the united states had his first foreign policy team meeting, would the people say please don't say that anymore. i suspect they would. it is not the language -- think back to whether it's democrat or
9:42 pm
republican president we've had, it's just not the kind of language you hear. >> speaking of foreign policy, israel tonight and playing to a florida audience became a huge issue because donald trump has said he would an honest broker and everyone was competing who is pro-israel on that stage. >> i remember in a previous post debate discussion we had, this is the first time he mentioned his daughter who is jewish and her husband as well. the other interesting thing that marco rubio said after the debate was reflective looking back at his decision to stop going after donald trump in the way he had been. i want to play that because it was interesting to hear sort of the thought process there. >> you were blunt the other day, i think yesterday, in acknowledging that you shouldn't
9:43 pm
have gone down to that personal level in that last debate, the debate before, and you said your kids were embarrassed. >> they were and i'll never do that again. donald deserves criticism on all the other issues regarding trump university and i don't back off that at all, but when it comes to the personal stuff i regret doing that very much and i'll never do that again. >> do you think that hurt you? >> it doesn't matter politically. i can tell you it was a good reflection of my faith and it's not the kind of candidate i want to be. and my kid and wife were not happy about did either. >> what did they say. >> they were embarrassed. >> whose idea was it to do that. >> i don't think it was an idea. i was responding to insults he's made. i'm never going back into that gutter again. from now on our campaign is going to be about what i want it to be about.
9:44 pm
>> to andy's point, it clearly hurt him. his numbers dropped, all that talk of marcomentum disappeared. >> if you look at the headline of the national review about marco rubio is what might have been and i think you watch that performance tonight and the way he handled the question i don't need to be politically correct, i need to be correct in talking about the dead soldiers in the way that linds-- >> i don't think it was a decision that was made. it was clearly a decision that was made. >> i don't blame him for -- they put so much effort into these campaigns, i think marco rubio would have always regretted not trying every single strategy to win. he tried it and it didn't work. >> when you think about the immediate press coverage the day
9:45 pm
after he started doing that and for the next several days, suddenly he was leading evening news casts. >> do you know what emerge in had in that answer is marco rubio's character. marco rubio knew what he did was wrong and marco rubio is willing to admit it and that's a really important test in presidential candidates. i think that's a contrast that he ought to continue to make if he's going to stay in this campaign because i think the lack of character that donald trump displays when he makes insin washs about entire religions recollecti religions, the lack of character when he insults people like john mccain. when marco rubio admitted he was wrong he passed a huge character test. >> i know how committed marco rubio is to his faith, i think that answer he gave was incredibly honest, frank and heart felt. i do believe that probably his wife was a woman of great faith,
9:46 pm
very strong faith, didn't like it and i do think that his kids -- he's got teen-age kids probably were embarrassed. so i think he at some point reflected about it and it didn't work politically, but i think the part he talked about is also true. i don't know what's going to happen on tuesday. i don't know if marco is going to win or lose florida. what i do know is that i as somebody who has known him for so long, somebody who has voted for him and supported him, i'm glad if this is the last time that marco's going to be on the national stage, this is the memory i will have of him, not the chris rock, not the co median that he tried do. >> this is what happens in the heat of a campaign, you try everything as you were saying and you can't blame marco rubio for trying to fight back to get back in the game and they did it in a way that was inartful and overdone, but this is what
9:47 pm
happe happens. he felt bad about it. >> a lot more ahead including another reality check. we'll be right back. i can get over 60 sheets of drywall into my mercedes-benz metris. to get 60 sheets of drywall into my van, i invented the fold-o-matic 5000. my metris also holds over 2,500 pounds of payload. hauling 2,500 pounds in my small van is no problem. i just divide and conquer. hauls more, stows more, tows more
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and visit to learn how you can get it for free. for two hours tonight the republican candidates were on stage. no mud slinging this time. how did they do with truth telling. tom is back with another reality
9:51 pm
check. >> many conservatives consider common core an infringement on state rights and ted cruz said president obama has shoved this education program down the throats of america. >> he's black mailed and forced the states to adopt common core. if i'm elected i will direct the department of education that common core ends that day. >> there is no question that money tied to the race to the top program which is a white house initiative has been linked to common core. is that blackmail? what about this idea that cruz said he will wipe it out in one day. look at the states out there that have adopted common core,
9:52 pm
basically everywhere no matter how you look at it. only these states now can really change it. they would have to do it one at a time. no president would have the power to wipe out common core on his first day in office or maybe at all. so what we're going to say about that part of what ted cruz said it's absolutely false. you can find out more about all this by going to our website. >> all right. back with our panel for some final thoughts. does this matter tonight? >> it matters a lot because this was survivor edition for john kasich and marco rubio. they'll mostly be focussed on their home states. if both are gone, the arc of the race is changed dramatically. is one is gone the arc of the
9:53 pm
race has changed significantly. their performances tonight are huge elements in the race and i think that's why you saw trump and cruz more cautious tonight. they don't know the next act of this race until tuesday plays out. >> they didn't touch donald trump though and -- >> i don't think they did. >> you saw cruz with that moment saying come into my tent and follow me and we'll see what happens on tuesday if people in florida and these different states heed his call. >> ana? >> you keep saying this is the last debate. i wish you could sign a pledge to me. >> there's -- officially this is the last debate. >> there's supposed to be one in ten days. but donald trump was saying i think we're about done. >> are you telling me there's another debate in ten days.
9:54 pm
>> there's one on the books for salt lake city, but no sponsor has been announced. >> i think tonight's debate was a -- we saw in tonight's debate what a normal race could have looked like if it was a policy discussion. for a while there it felt like they had all xanax in their water. i think it worked for them not to go after trump because it takes away from him that platform. there were no moments about little marco and lying ted in this debate. it was a different subdued donald trump. >> tell me you didn't miss that a little bit? i'm kidding. >> you mean the penis reference? okay. is this you didn't have to spell it out. >> i think marco rubio did a good job for dade county. i think when john king goes to
9:55 pm
the board on tuesday night and we look at northern florida, i think donald trump is going to dominate northern florida to a degree we've never seen any candidate do and i think because of north florida i think he's going to carry the state. >> it was a good night for everybody and a good night for everybody right now means nothing changed and nothing changing is really good if you're the front-runner. so donald trump still in the lead. >> do you agree with marco rubio who said earlier to wolf blitzer that whoever wins florida is going to get the nomination. >> i think that's pretty accurate. >> what about ohio? >> i think ohio -- i think john kasich is probably more has a better chance to make a case there as a favorite son cndidate, but is unlikely to be a candidate that would win enough delegates, obviously it's almost impossible for him or serve as a fusion candidate.
9:56 pm
>> trump-kasich. >> if rubio loses kasich became the last mainstream candidate standing. >> can you see any of those as a vp to trump? >> cruz. >> we'll see. thanks very much for watching. an encor of the debate starts after this quick break. enjoy. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at dad, yoh no, i'll take you up to me off rthe front of the school. that's where your friends are.
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live and michigan. the race for the rek nomination for president could change dramatically. florida and ohio each have a large number of delegates at stake and they award all of them to the candidate who wins. they're winner take all states. that's the first time that will happen in this primary season and this


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