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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 11, 2016 8:00am-8:47am PST

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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> any minute we'll here from marco rubio. he has a foreign policy event. he's in west palm beach.
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fresh off the debate last night. many saw it as a strong performance. certainly a more restrained performance last night for marco rubio. >> will it translate into a needed win into his home state of florida. let's talk about the race ahead for rubio. joining us is the communications director for marco rubio. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we did see a very different tone from senator rubio on that debate stage last night. why? >> well, i think he wanted to remind people here in florida why they elected him in 2010. and he wanted to talk about the issues. look election is a generational choice about what kind of country america is going to be in the twenty-first century. he didn't want to get into personal insults. he said earlier this week he regretted the campaign had gotten to nasty in the previous debates. last night's dakota, ebate, he
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to focus on what voters are choosing. that's what kind of a country we're going to be. >> he said he didn't want to get into the type of language on the trail for a couple weeks. is that really what you blame for not winning more than one or two delegates on tuesday for the troubles you had last saturday? is that what's caused the problem in the polls? >> i don't think so. i mean, look, we did well in virginia. we won minnesota. we won the puerto rico primary last sunday. mostly we've been 100% focussed on florida for the last two weeks. as you said, florida, there's 99 delegates at stake. it's winner take all. any vote not for rubio is a vote for donald trump. if trump wins here, his pathway to the nomination is much easier. that's why it's so important that republicans who don't want donald trump to be our nominee, they vote for marco roub rubio in florida. that's why we've been focussed on florida and why we're campaigning hard as you just showed, marco is about to talk about foreign policy, talk about
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his commitment to israel. something that donald trump does not share. we're going to keep campaigning here through the weekend, finishing hard on tuesday night. >> can i ask, can we apply the florida logic to ohio. are you willing to say any vote against kasich in ohio is a vote for donald trump? >> there's no question that john kasich has the best chance to beat donald trump in ohio. >> so you want all rubio voters in ohio to vote for john kasich? >> i just stating the obvious that john kasich is the one person who can beat donald trump in ohio, just like marco rubio is the one person who can beat donald trump in florida. if you're a voter and rubio isn't your first choice, if you like kasich or cruz and you're here in florida, you need to vote for marco rubio. he's the only one who can deprive donald trump of the 99 delegates. if we stop him in florida, we can stop him in cleveland. rubio can be the republican nominee. we can beat clinton clont.
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marco is the only candidate on the stage last night that consistently beats hillary clinton in every poll. there hasn't been a poll in the last month where hillary has beat rubio. if marco is the nominee, we'll win the white house this fall, and we'll bring in a new america. >> since you bring up polls, the polls don't look good in florida and haven't looked good in florida for marco rubio. i was at his rally in hialeah on wednesday. and he said, if he said one thing, he said it strongly, and he said it over and over again in any number of words. the nominee has to win florida. it was always going to come down to florida. it is all about florida. so are you acknowledging that if he cannot compete unless he wins florida? >> well, regarding the polls, they've been all over the place. just yesterday we saw three polls that showed the race
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tightening dramatically. he's in single digits. we know we're well ahead in the early voting and the absentee ballot. if we finish strong, he'll win the delegates. after florida, the map gets better for marco. >> if you don't win florida, are you acknowledging you can't compete beyond it? >> i'm not acknowledging that at all. marco has said he'll get in his pickup truck if he has to to defeat donald trump. we can't let donald trump be the nominee of the republican party. that starts in florida. we're focussed in winning on florida. if marco can win here on tuesday, then we can stop donald trump and marco can be the republican nominee. >> i want to put a fine point on it. to be clear, pause you're calling on kasich and cruz voters to vote for rubio. will you right now tell supporters of marco rubio in ohio to vote for john kasich? >> yeah. i think i'm just stating the
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obvious. if you're a republican primary voter in ohio and you want to defeat donald trump, your best chance in ohio is john kasich because he's the sitting governor and close to trump in some of the polls. the same is true in florida. if you want to defeat donald trump in florida, there's 99 delegates at stake, you need to vote for rubio. he's the only one with a mathematical shot, and a good shot of beating trump here. >> your answer to john, and rubio supporters in ohio should vote for kasich, your answer is yes? >> my answer is john kasich is the one candidate in ohio that can beat donald trump. that's stating the obvious. if you're a voter primary voter in ohio and you don't want republican to be the nominee, kasich is your best bet. if you're a voter in florida and you don't want donald trump to be your nominee, rubio is your best bet. everybody would say that. it's indisputable. >> great to have you with us.
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thank you for joining us. >> thank you, alex. >> thank you john and kate. >> any moment now, we'll be looking for marco rubio who is holding an event in west palm beach, florida, and also looking for ted cruz holding a rally in orlando ahead of tuesday's crucial contest. it's crucial. we just talked to alex about it. what is ted cruz's pitch to voters there after last night's oh so civil debate in we'll bring you ted cruz live when it happens. >> us >> plus john kasich, john kasich, he is fighting for his political life in his home state. can he hold off donald trump and where was kasich go after ohio? we'll discuss all the perm yaations of the next super voting tuesday, next. s on the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx.
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republican presidential debate of the primary season, but for what seemed like the very first time, the tone was civil. the final four gop candidates facing off last night in miami before next week's crucial contest that includes florida and ohio. >> it was a shift from the name calling. no discussions about hand size, and it really wasn't about hand size. instead the candidates were attacking the issues, and they were attacking each other's differences on the issues. so who are the biggest winners and losers. let us bring in a fantastic cnn
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panel. we just spoke to alex, rubio's communications direct, and he said he thinks that marco rubio supporters in ohio should vote for john kasich because that's the best way of stopping donald trump. >> a guy -- you know, i've come to the point where i think people just need to follow their conscious and follow their heart. i can tell you i was incredibly torn for the last week, and, yeah, getting over some hurt feelings over the entire marco and jeb thing, but i was very torn on whether to vote for ted cruz, and get this down to a two-man race in hopes that cruz would be able to take care of -- handle donald trump laeter, or vote for rubio, because i think there's a legitimate and strong
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argument to be made about stopping trump by not giving him those 99 delegates in florida and the 66 delegates in ohio. last night i was so proud of marco rubio. i hated the marco rubio that i saw two weeks ago on the debate stage. i hated the schoolyard bully. the guy i know showed up last night, played, played hard. he showed principle and conviction and his faith and showed that he's still in this, his heart is in it, and he won over my vote. he tugged at the heart strings with the cuba answer which i thought was perfect, and i thought it showed his principles and conviction to supporting the freedom fighters in that country. >> anna, though, what do you make of alex saying that? i mean, it's one thing to maybe say this is the reality. but as the campaign's communications director, what do you make of alex saying we want every republican voter to vote for rubio in florida pause that's the best way to stop donald trump, but they should
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also vote for john kasich in ohio? >> well, he didn't exactly say that. he kept saying he was stating the obvious. you guys tried to get him to say that. >> he said yes, i'm stating the obvious. he said it. he said yes, i'm stating the obvious there. i don't think he's excunthusias about saying it. >> the rubio campaign is putting some money up against kasich here in florida. kasich has zero chance of winning florida, but i think that they are trying to make the argument that they need every anti-trump vote they can get in florida because they realize that in florida it is for all the marbles, the eggs are in all the florida basket. they need to win it, and it might be very close, and if it is very close, being able to convince john kasich voters who may like john kasich better than rubio to vote for rubio for no other reason than electability
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and stopping trump, it's an argument. it's hard not to make the same argument in ho. >> we'll talk about the debate. i think this is interesting. let me ask you about this. cruz is campaigning in florida. he doesn't seem ready to concede florida to marco rubio. should he be playing the game? does he think the best way to stop donald trump is letting rubio win florida and kasich win ohio? >> i'm not a fan of this strategic voting process. i would never want to be in the position of telling someone to vote for someone you don't want to become president. i think that puts people in an awkward situation. this is a time to play for all the marbles. if marco wants to become president, he should say vote for me in florida and ohio. everyone vote for me. i want has many votes as i can get. play for all 50 states. that's what cruz is doing.
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it's made him competitive in maine and michigan. people thought he could only do well in the southern e van kel cal states, but the big surprise is that even though cruz is losing some of those southern states to donald trump, he's still performing very well. >> haley, what's your reaction to this? >> look, any time -- i'm going to quote ted cruz on this. he said any time you hear about a brokered convention, this is the establishment talking, and let's be very clear. when alex says in ohio you need to vote for kasich, what he's advocating for is a brokered convention. there's no numerical path forward for rubio or kasich. there is one for donald trump and cruz. they are advocating for a brokered convention that would ultimately thwart the will of the people by surpassing cruz and trump and putting something like kasich or cruz in. it's not over until it's over, but it's important to understand
8:21 am
what they're advocating for, when they're doing that. it would be disastrous for the republican paerlrty. >> anna, you've worked in the party for a long time. this would be a strain on the party if donald trump heads there with the most delegates, even if he doesn't have a majority? >> i think it would be volatile. i think it would be dramatic. i think it would be emotional, and very difficult. i think people are very emotionally invested in the 2 6 2016. the people who support trump support him entirely. the people who oppose trump oppose him entirely. there's very few people in the middle. there's very little gray area here. i think it would be a very difficult moment for the republican party. look, until and unless somebody gets to 1237, you cannot make the argument that you are thwarting the will of the majority of the people. you might be going against, maybe more people, but there is
8:22 am
a requirement. 1237 is not just a random number like donald trump said yesterday. it is 50% plus one of the delegates accounted for in the republican party. until and unless somebody gets to that magic number, there is absolutely no argument to be made that they are representing the majority of the republican party. >> all right. kailee, amanda, anna, stand by. we'll get back to you. we're going to take a break right now. we're also waiting for rubio. he has a live event coming up in florida. i wonder if he's going to talk about ohio and florida. i doubt it. he's putting all his eggs in the florida basket right now, competing hard for that state. he knows it's florida or bust. we'll bring you this event. you can see him getting warmed up. >> on the democratic said, bernie sanders is meeting with a prominent african american leader ahead of tuesday's primary contest. can sanders bridge the gap with hillary clinton when it comes to
8:23 am
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let's talk about the democrats. a new push by bernie sanders to reach miesnority voters. tomorrow senator sanders will be sitting down with jesse jackson in chicago. bernie sanders actually endorsed jesse jackson for president twice in 1984 and in 19 8. ? also this week, he released three new ads aimed at illinois voters, including this one we're going to show you featuring images of his 1963 arrest while protesting school segregation in chicago. joining us to discuss is mark
8:28 am
preston. mark, a lot to get to on this issue of bernie sanders meeting with jesse jackson, and this meeting coming up. he is gaining, if you look at michigan, especially, he is gaining more support among african american voters. that's something that jeff weaver was happy to highlight, but hillary clinton is winning by 30 points and above. do you think he can make up the gap and make a difference ahead of tuesday's votes? >> reporter: well, he's trying to. his message is trying to resonate with younger black voters. they always knew they were going to do poorly in the south. they knew hillary clinton who is well known within the african american community, her husband, back in 1992 was called the first black american president. hillary clinton clearly has the
8:29 am
edge, but for bernie sanders, they see an opening to chip away at that. as they look to their path to the democratic nomination, they see different parts of it getting together. they're trying to chip away at her lead, and as we head into the midwest, a little more concentrated. they are trying to get the blue collar voters to come to them. >> mark, you are not known to america as the czar of town halls at cnn, but you are. we have a big town hoall in ohi. bernie sanders and hillary clinton hsitting down. that's their last chance to deliver a message to ohio. how big will that be, and what do you think they'll do? >> reporter: very big, and it's happening sunday. it gives a full day of media coverage the next day in the midwest. there's a reason why it's being held up in ohio. hillary clinton and bernie
8:30 am
sanders both fighting for delegates up there. could be important as well, in north carolina. you have a textile industry down there that was hit hard by the economy. we expect to have hillary clinton try to talk, john, about the economy and real solutions which she thinks are achievable solutions to try to turn things around and get jobs back to america. bernie sanders will continue to hit home on trade. that worked for him well in michigan, try to tie hillary clinton to what he says were bad trade deals, nafta, promotion authority and also dealing with china. it's going to be epic in many ways. it could be a turning point in campaign. it seeps overused, but every week is a turning point. it's a major moment in the campaign. >> thank you so much. thank you for setting up the town hall. it should be a great event. on that programming note, it's sunday night, the state of ohio. 8:00 p.m. eastern time. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they sit down for a democratic town hall. again, it's at the ohio state university in columbus.
8:31 am
they will take questions from voters just two days before the primary in that state. 8:00 eastern only on cnn. >> donald trump being asked about the growing violence we're seeing at some of his rallies. when he's asked about it, he said we've had violent protesters at the rallies, and he says the audience is swinging back, and that's very, very appropriate. what do you make of that reaction? we're going to discuss. >> plus for the candidates not named donald trump, this is it. s the it is a last-minute mad dash to the tuesday voting states. what are their strategies? we just heard the communications director for rubio saying if you're a rubio voter, vote for kasich. that's the best way to stop donald trump. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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discussed in the debate last night, and it was also become more and more of a topic whenever donald trump takes questions. it's become of a conflict when trump takes question. he was asked about that during the endorsement ben carson gave him. here's what he said about the growing violence and threat. >> the particular one, that was a very -- a guy who's swinging, very loud and started swinging at the audience. i thought it was very, very appropriate. he was swinging. he was hitting people and the audience hit back. that's what we need a little more of. that's what we need a little bit more of. now he's not talking about this circumstance, but in a different circumstance. a man in north carolina is
8:37 am
charged with assault after punching a from tester in the face. is this something we need more of? >> i think donald trump was clear if someone punches at you, you are allowed to punch back. if someone is assaulting you, you have the right to defend yourself. that should be uncontroversial. as for donald trump, it there is such an effort to paint the secret service connected to donald trump when they have committed violence or someone at his rally. this is not donald trump. he's a candidate on the stage of 30,000 people looking at them. it's not his job to baby-sit 30,000 people, the authority and policemen. donald trump said there is no place for violence. that's all he needs to do. >> amanda, are you satisfied. sometimes it is not about doing it yourself but fostering the environment that allows it to happen. do you think donald trump is in some way responsible for helping to create that environment? >> i think donald trump has an
8:38 am
obligation to challenge his supporters to treat people who protest better. certainly i'm reminded of how he acted in many of the circumstances. he protested a lot when he gave speeches. particularly during the shutdown and one time it was contentious, an anti-war group protesting him. what he did instead of rallying the crowd and heckling them he invited them to the front of the stage and invited them to a discussion. i think that helps everyone foster a debate environment where we can make progress and understand each other. i have never seen donald trump attempt that. i'd like him to try. regardless if you support him or not you should be welcome at a rally. >> it is the level of protesters we have seen at donald trump rallies why are they different than other rallies? >>. >> everything about donald trump
8:39 am
is different than other candidates and other campaigns. i think that he's beginning to sound mounifying and more presidential and this has to be part of it. it cannot be a regular occurrence that protesters get assaulted, beat up. you have a reporter claiming -- she just filed a police report today saying donald trump's campaign manager had man handled her during one of the rallies. you have donald trump saying i'd like to punch that protester in the face. that's not presidential. yes, his people may like it when he says punch back but his supporters are loyal and enthusiastic about him. they listen and pay attention to the things he says. he's got the bully pulpit to call on his supporters to be a little more civil. to be a little more american in the sense that the first amendment right allows protest.
8:40 am
protest -- presidents get protest every day of the week. are people going to have baseball bats and clubs outside of the white house and beating up anyone protesting there? have you ever walked in front of the white house? it is filled with people protesting the guy or woman who maybe inside. >> we will see if the tone changes. donald trump wants it more civil and now he thinks he is more presidential. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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he favors him in race mixing, in black equality. calls him a black republican, calls him things far worse. >> lincoln did a lot of things that today seem -- but he never appeal to the darker and douglas did and douglas should have been ashamed of himself. >> appealing to the darker angles of our nature. that seems to mirror the criticism of today's politically charged environment. but on the episode, you will see a match between lincoln and douglas. a race of vicious mud slinging, heated debates and racially charged attacks.
8:45 am
>> margaret washington, you saw the professor quoted in that clip we showed. thank you for being with us. i'm struck every campaign season. we were talking about, it is the most negative campaign ever, can you believe the level of rhetoric on the campaign trail and then like the one we saw talking about what happened in 1860. where the level of discourse was not exactly particularly high. >> that's true. the lincoln-douglas debate is before 1860 but leading in to the presidential campaign that will take place in 1860. in some ways we can see a relationship between the two campaigns in terms of accusations on both levels. >> why do you think it is so important to look back and learn
8:46 am
about today? >> of course we know for a fact that the kinds of attitudes that lincoln had, versus the kind of attitudes douglas had a profound effect later on, especially during the civil war era. we know from what is happening today that this kind of anger, this kind of attitude that the candidates are pushing forward, particularly talking about the republicans is counterproductive. and can lead to situations that have happened recently in terms of people coming to the rallies and being attacked and certainly some of this went on in the past. i think for this to happen to date is shameful. >> thank you for joining us. thank you for participating in
8:47 am
the documentaries. your voice is a wonderful thing to have. a programming note, you can see more in the race for the white house sunday at 10:00 p.m. here on cnn. thank you for joining us at this hour. this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. welcome to "legal view." the last of the debates before super tuesday part three are over and done with and candidates are taking their messages to the voters as they begin their full-on sprint toward those pivotal contests ahead in five different states. let me get you up to speed with what is happening now. ted cruz is making a pitch to voters in oro,


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