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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and being attacked and certainly some of this went on in the past. i think for this to happen to date is shameful. >> thank you for joining us. thank you for participating in the documentaries. your voice is a wonderful thing to have. a programming note, you can see more in the race for the white house sunday at 10:00 p.m. here on cnn. thank you for joining us at this hour. this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. welcome to "legal view." the last of the debates before super tuesday part three are over and done with and candidates are taking their messages to the voters as they begin their full-on sprint toward those pivotal contests ahead in five different states. let me get you up to speed with what is happening now. ted cruz is making a pitch to voters in orlando, florida,
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while his rival, senator rubio is addressing his fellow floridanss in west palm beach rubio 's home state maybe his last stand in the 2016 race on the democratic side, bernie sanders is set to take the stage any moment in raleigh, north carolina. ping-ponging across the nation. we have two issues we are ping-ponging. they were like bowling balls twhan dropped. we just heard from rubio's manager and he is telling rubio 's voters in ohio to vote for kasich. you heard it right. she telling rubio supporters in ohio to vote for the other guy, to vote for john kasich. we will get in to that in a moment. it is a strategy, folks. the other headline, donald trump has picked up a big endorsement of his one-time rival ben carson. you may have seen it live here
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on cnn a short time ago. these two men said they have put their differences, i guess you could call them, everyone else saying the past scathing attacks behind him. carson revealing there is another side to donald trump. here's how he put it. >>. >> some people have said why would you get behind a man like donald trump? i'll tell you why. first of all, i've come to know donald trump over the last few years. he's a very intelligent man who cares deeply about america. there are two different donald trumps. the one you see on the stage and there's the one who is very cerebral, sits there and considers things carefully. you can have a very good conversation with him. that's the donald trump you will start to see more and more of. we buried the hatchet.
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that was political stuff. that happens in american politics. >> when they called he didn't say would you do this or that. he just wants to help help and he feels strongly about what is happening and you see the crowds we get. we get crowds that are amazing and record setting. i don't think there has ever been anything like it. it is on the cover of every magazine. there's never been anything like it. ben sees that and ben laugh big part. >> a lot to digest. we will figure it out right now with cnn's chief political correspondent live, fresh off the debate stage last night. she is live in west palm right now. with me is political analyst for cnn david gergen and cnn at this hour anchor john bermen who did the break. we have a cornucopia of things to talk about.
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john, marco rubio's chief director of communications putting it out that rubio supporters should go for the other guy, but only in ohio. >> this is what happened. marco rubio's communication director was talking to kate baldwin and me saying in florida, if you support ted cruz and john kasich, if you are one of though voters, the only chance to beat donald trump is to vote for marco rubio. kate and i asked him what about marco rubio voters in ohio. are you saying marco rubio voters in ohio should vote for kasich. we went after him twice on it and he said yes. he said i'm only stating the obvious. but john kasich the governor of ohio has a greater chance of defeating donald trump in ohio than anyone else. he said are you saying that rubio voters should support john kasich. he said, yeah, i'm only stating the obvious. this is to the large extent of never trump movement folks had
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to say all along. we have to take out donald trump where we can and use the advantage we can. that means strategic voting, rubio in florida, kasich in ohio. it was fascinating to hear. >> yeah. this is so through the looking glass that i need a new set of glasses. dana bash, i'm not going to sumg that john berman and kate baldwin, two of the best in the business misheard this twice. let's take it to you because you have reporting on what rubio himself just said. >> but wait, there's more. there definitely is. john berman and kate baldwin's interview and more importantly alex conan's response went viral immediately. the first question to mar doe rubio , who you can see i'm talking at a low level, trying not to be disrespectful but the first question he got was about this and he echoed what his spokesman said, no surprise. he said that it clearly kasich
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has a better chance than i do in ohio and if a voter thinks kasich can stop trump that's what they will do. he echoed that in several ways. so just like john berman said this is a strategy and a game of political chess like we haven't seen in a very long time. everybody understanding that they have different strengths in different strengths and what the rubio campaign and rubio himself is doing is policing his voter and encouraging them to go for somebody else, for one purpose, to stop donald trump. >> of course dana, stand by for a moment. david gergen, we turned the sound down for a moment from john and kate. we are doing this interview about rubio voters. >> any vote against john kasich in h ho is a vote for donald trump. >> look, there's no question
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that john kasich has the best chance to beat donald trump in ohio. >> you are telling ohio voters that are rubio voters in ohio you want to vote for john kasich? >> i'm stating the obvious that john kasich is the one person that can beat donald trump in ohio. like rubio is the one person to beat donald trump in florida. if you are a voter and rubio is not your first choice and you like ted cruz and you are in florida you need to vote for rubio. he's the only one that can deprive donald trump of the 99 delegates. if we stop him in florida we can stop him in cleveland. he will not be the republican nominee. >> there is a tiny quid pro-quo. david gergen, he said this is stating the obvious. if you look at the polls it is stating the obvious. marco rubio didn't have a snowball's chance in you know where to get elected in ohio but
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is there a bigger -- with romney and rubio 's and kasich's campaign to stop trump? >> sure. what we are seeing is a prelude to the republican national con have been when people broker in the primaries. rubio is trying to get his voters to go to kasich in ohio because he understands his chances of winning in florida have diminished from what they might have been. he's an underdogging in florida. as we have been saying here on cnn for several days, kasich is the man to watch. he has the best chance of beating donald trump in a big state. if he would do it in ohio it could take a wheel off the trump mobile. >> even though there was a slight head shake from you you are not surprised by this. >> i'm not surprised. i think it will be seen by millions. but nonetheless, i think it is the right strategy. >> do voters really do this? can i do a jig jag so fast and get the message a few days --
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well, our guy wants us to do this so -- >> the implied message for marco rubio and john kasich is now you tell your voters in florida to vote for me. >> a lot of telling going on. >> voters don't respond that well to being instructed on how to vote. it is risky and that's why it has desperation quality it to. >> weird. >> you have the right frame for it. through the looking glass. >> i'm going to blind at this point. dana bash, is she still with us? i know she is having to keep her voice down. >> i want you to swing and do an about face and i know rubio is behind you but i want to talk ben carson because that happened, little more through the looking glass, a few moments ago, he was calling carson a child molester, pathological and
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being involved in the country's education in a trump administration. walk me through that one. >> you know, they said it is politics and they buried the hatchet and this is what happens. it is certainly much more i think personal and graphic than we have heard from former opponents across the board in this campaign. but former opponents who eventually campaign together. i covered mitt romney and john mccain's very intense fight right here in the state of florida during the primary in 2008. it got pretty rough. and then they came together and unified and the list goes on of past opponents who have done that. it was a bit unusual to have to be in the room for that press conference. to witness this coming together because these are two nonpoliticians, particularly in ben carson. my understanding is he and his
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family took the alleged dirty tricks from the ted cruz campaign very personally and it was hard because they are not used to the rough and tumble of politics. before i toss it back to you, i want to say one thing that happened here at the rubio press conference and it's along the lines of the stop trump movement. i asked senator rubio about buzz in washington, about whether or not rubio and cruz should get together and form a ticket? because that would possibly be the only way mathematically to stop trump and his response to me is this isn't "house of cards." this is real stuff and that is not happening and he said would you be open it to it and he said no he would not be open to it. to give you a sense of what john and kate were asking alex all of this through the looking glass, yes, that's a.potentially something that would happen on "house of cards" but this campaign has been stranger than
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fiction. >> it has. michael kelly who plays a character on "house of cards" is coming up in the show. >> even this is weirder. he said if they had written this in "house of card" they would have been criticized by viewers very having it been so crazy. i don't know how you cross the bridge from palm beach in to west palm so fast because you were just doing the news conference with donald trump for the endorsement. i know there was something odd that came up. i want you i i to walk me through this, as well. donald trump was having to answer your questions about his comments there are two donald trumps given the fact that he called ben carson, again, a child molester. now he's getting his endorsement. let me play for our viewers your question and ask about it in a moment. >> i want to go back to the --
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what was asked about what dr. carson said on the radio about two donald trumps. so many people like you and know you because your of your public persona. is that the real donald trump or something we don't see? >> that's an interesting question. i don't like to overanalyze myself. but i will tell you i try to be who i am. i want to be honest. certain questions are asked and i give a straight answer opposed to the politically correct answer. i know the political business better than anyone. i answer truthfully. we are at a point where we have to be truthful with our country. like the question on islam. i'm answering the question. i know the exact answer. i could have given an answer to anderson that no one would have been talking about and everyone would be fine. we have to to solve the problem and you are not go tg to solve it unless you know there is a
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problem. i want to answer questions honestly and forthrightly and even if i'm on a big stage with all of these tremendous numbers of cameras around. >> from his lips was a perfect sound byte that could go in to a campaign ad against him, i guess you could say there are two donald trumps and minutes later he said there is only one donald trump. stand by. great question. david gergen beside us heempl i don't know what to ask you. it is that strange to see a perfect campaign ad from his own mouth and he himself makes it worse by saying there is only one donald trump. >> there are at least two donald trumps. i think there are multiple donald trumps and he's not alone. every political leader i've ever known has had two or three different persona. one in public an another in private. we have gotten in to this every year and everybody gets self revealing. when i first got in to the
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business, as a kid i worked for richard nixon. richard nixon was an entirely different than the richard nixon in public. i have taken a class of students and see donald trump not knowing he was going to run for president a year and a half ago and there were 2 harvard students. he was calm and funny and it became apparent the donald trump you see in public there is a persona he brings to the stage. what we are not seeing on the stage is the donald trump who makes deals in private when he is hard nosed, tough, hard to do business with and that sort of thing. i think -- we all have different pieces of our personality. >> but when you go in to the public and say this is the real me, i tell it like it is, say what is on my mind and not politicians mind. i wonder if that will resonate with the people that like the
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real guy that shows up at the rallies. >> i like the fact he is allows himself to be more three dimensional. the next week, what is he like to do business with? people i know who think he is delightful as company think he is tough as hell to do business with. >> he has been delightful to me personally until i asked him a tough question and he turned in to a viper. it was frightening. i truly was frightened. i was taken aback by it. i hope the voters get to see it. >> we need to know the complexity of the man. >> dana bash, hardest working woman. i don't know how she did it and great at it. great job last night, my friend. >> thank you. >> my thanks to john berman as well getting the great scoop on the program right before ours. headline, donald trump a little while ago about his supporters doing some despicable
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better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. during a florida news conference today, donald trump stood by and even underscored his punch a protester in the face comment of a couple of weeks ago. that's important because one conversation today is about how trump's debate tone was softer and less aggressive last night. watch this from a couple of hours ago. it is donald trump talking about a las vegas protester that he said he wanted to "punch in the face." >> we have had a couple that were really violent. the particular one when i said i'd like to bang him, that was a very -- it was a guy who was swinging, very loud and started to swing at the audience. a and the audience swung back. i thought it was very, very
9:22 am
appropriate. >> so he said, very, very appropriate. that's one man's opinion. what is definitely not appropriate is that sometimes the behavior of trump's fired up supporters in the crowd at his events and rally plenty of times they are caught on camera, punching, shoving, spitting and screaming profanity. this week on wednesday that sickening sucker punch of a protester at a trump rally in north carolina. >> that trump supporter who jumped up and sucker punched that young man was eventually arrested. the next day he was charged with a couple of things, including assault but not before he bragged about think incident on camera. >> yes, he deserved it. the next time we see him we
9:23 am
might have to kill him. >> john mcgraw, those are his quotes, next time might have to kill him. i want you to look at this. over the months, some of the more disturbing, violent things that have happened to people who have nerve to oppose donald trump in person at his pub lick rally. >> security guys, we have wonderful security guys. they said, mr. trump there maybe somebody with tomatoes in the audience. so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the congressman crap out of them. seriously. i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ screaming ]
9:24 am
[ bleep ] let him get out! [ bleep ]. >> they said their product -- bye-bye. you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were at a place like, this they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. he's walking out, smiling, laughing. i'd like to punch him in the face. i'll tell you. >> get 0 out! in the old days, which isn't so long ago, when we were less politically correct -- they
9:25 am
asked ted cruz at the debate. >> okay. david gergen, our senior political analyst, joey jackson our legal analyst. first to the context, david gergen, decades you have covered and been in politics for decades. have you ever seen any kind of climate like this? >> this is the most outrageous incidents at rallies i have ever seen. let's be clear. the first principal of politics is the candidate is responsible for setting the tone of his or her own rallies and donald trump has gone about encouraging a sense of violent, a threat of violence in the air and saying, in one of the clips he said i miss the good old days when someone who misbehaved was carried out on a stretcher. i mistez those days.
9:26 am
that's a direct incitement. he has no business being in the white house. this is really important to how we govern ourselves. one analogy didn't gos as far but back in 2008 n october when sarah palin was campaigning there were threats of violence against barack obama, all sorts of people saying he is arab, i don't trust him, i hate him and john mccain took to the crowd and said stop it. he is a decent man. we're going to support him. i'm running against him but i don't want these arguments made in public. it incites violence an he did the right thing. that's what donald trump needs to do. >> today in his conference he talked about a vegas protester swinging wildly and dangerous and said that the crowd responded as they should have. by the way, that they didn't. we went to the tape an hour ago and the incident he was talking about, that protester was not swinging wildly. >> look at the clip.
9:27 am
the -- they were escorted out, african-american and the white guy reached over and slugged him. a sucker punch. >> the man was looking down at his feet as he got hit. >> then the man said the next time he comes we ought to kill him. that is so outrageous. it needs to be stopped. if he wants to be president he needs to stop it. >> so many people say outrageous. some say it is it illegal? we have seen rallies before -- i think family member to marriage of i believe it might have been michael brown getting on top of a car saying burn this down. i want to read the words donald trump said from the podium at one of the rallies. if you see someone, do that knock the crap out of him. seriously knock the hell. i promise i will pay for the
9:28 am
legal fees. i promise, i promise. legally speaking is this actually something that is dangerous and could be considered legally dangerous. >> let's start with the political and go with the legal or illegal depend ing on which side you sit on. politics in general of course strikes at the core and heart of our beliefs as a society. therefore, the people who are espousing their political views, there's something in us that it strikes to the core. are you a democrat, republican, and then look at the figure, is that figure polarizing and you could say and suggest that donald trump absolutely is. now you get to what the law allows you to do. the fact is, people can speak hatefully in this country. i'm not opining to the hate that donald trump is speaking to. the law protects a person's ability to talk about whatever they want and any method they want. do you want someone in the white
9:29 am
house who has this and communicates a mess am that maybe less than presidential? that's a political view. in terms of what the constitution talks about, if you are talking about the ensitement of imminent violence and threatening and calling people to action right now to do something illegal. that's one thing that is not protected by the first amendment. anything that you want to say certainly, not anything else but along the lines of being controversial that is protected whether we like it or we don't. >> so has donald trump gone over the legal line or not ? >> he has not in as much as -- i'm not here as a supporter or lack of a supporter of donald trump. sglipt you to take the words where he incites the crowd to knock the crap out of them. >> if he said that person there is doing something, get him out. now you are talking about people toin site violence and taking immediate action against someone. that's not protected by the constitution and that would be
9:30 am
something that would be considered illegal. >> if someone commits a violent act and knocks the hell out of someone, maybe kills someone, does he bear responsibility, donald trump? >> it depends on the circumstance always. in the event he tells them to do it absolutely. >> but if you set the tone and then it happens. >> or the environment that he provides -- >> we could argue about the tone he sets and whether it is appropriate. at the end of the day when you talk about crimes and criminality we are responsible for our independent actions and we have to bear that responsible individually. have you ever heard the expression, if someone told you to jump off a bridge would you do it? >> i want to trau your attention -- if you are like me i have a 10-year-old child and tweeted yesterday that i was having trouble with my friend's language he was using, loser and in the "new york times" there you a piece yesterday, the parent-child talk that so many dread. making sense of trump's behavior in terms a 10-year-old can
9:31 am
understand. i'm sorry we are having this conversation but it is great here here with your expertise. >> appreciate both of you. >> i need to take a big breath. viewers in the past republican presidential debate might have thought they turned on to c-span in the debate in miami. we will show you what happens when the issues trump the insults.
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last night the four remaining republican presidential candidates got to pitch their messages at cnn's
9:36 am
debate live in miami. prior showdowns involved plenty of firework and dirty insults. this time, the tone was different. it was more tame. it was civil. there were fewer attacks, no name calling this time. the candidates got down to the issues. here's the highlights. >> last night, you told cnn "islam hates us." did you mean 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. there's tremendous hatred and i will stick with what i said to anderson cooper. >> i know a lot of people find appeal in what donald trump says because he say what they wish they could say. >> you can say what you want and you can be politically correct if you want. i don't want to be so politically correct. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm not interested in being politically correct but correct. >> one concern i have with
9:37 am
donald is although his language is incendiary when you look at his policies on iran he said he would not rip up the iranian nuclear deal. i think that is a mistake. the ayatollah khomeini wants nuclear weapons to murder us. >> they want to destroy everything we are about and other muslims who don't share their view. at the end of the day we have to bring the civilized world together and speak with one voice to make sure that people that sit on the fence understand what civilization is and we represent it and equality and hope for everybody. >> for the people at home, if you are one of the 65, 70% of republicans who recognizes if we nominate donald trump hillary wins. that's why the media wants him to be the nominee so much. >> so, now the candidates are looking at the math again because five states are voting next tuesday. two of which are critical, they are winner-take-all.
9:38 am
look at the map. the 99 is florida. the 52 ohio big time. rubio focusing on florida. last hour, his communications director said something odd. he said that rubio supporters in ohio should go out and vote for, john kasich. yes. he said rubio supporters should vote for john kasich. the latest in a wild campaign season. we will break it down with our panel. jason roe a senior adviser for marco rubio's campaign. i'm i coming at you first, i had to get john berman to clear it up and it is what your campaign is telling your voters, rubio voters in ohio, please choose
9:39 am
the other guy, please choose john kasich. this sounds crazy. >> ashley the ultimate goal is making sure we elect a conservative and make sure we stop hillary clinton. i think what was said earlier on the program is you vote for donald trump you are effectively electing hillary clinton. if that is what we care about as conservati conservatives, we have to look at the map and how this plays out and do whatever it takes to stop donald trump from winning ohio and stop his march to the nomination. >> all right. let's try on the kasich route. will we be having, frank duffy, john kasich's voters being implored to vote for marco rubio in florida? >> well, i want to say we welcome the support of the rubio campaign. >> i'm sure you do. >> absolutely. and we'll welcome it more in the days to come. rubio and kasich share that
9:40 am
commitment to make america better. john kasich is focused on ohio. we're not going to be presumptuous to tell voters what they should do. they should vote their consciousness. kasich hopes to be the nominee because poll after poll shows he's the best to carry the mantle to defeat hillary clinton. >> i want you to answer the question, is your campaign going to implore your kasich voters if florida to not vote for john kasich and vote for rubio. is that going to happen? >> i will say it again. voters don't want to be told what to do. >> are you going to do it any way. >> the voters should vote their conscious, for the best person they think is best able to lead their sglunt that's a no. >> we believe that is john kasich in everywhere across the country? >> is that a no? >> we believe the voters should decide and vote their conscience. >> i'm going to put it on the record that i'm not going to do what the other guy did. >> well, look, ashleigh, it is
9:41 am
not up to staffers to tell voters what to do. >> marco rubio did it too. he stood in front of a microphone and said the same thing. i'm not talking about staffers. i'm talking about your man doing what rubio did and asking for the other guy to switch over. >> well, i'll defer to my boss on that one. i'm sure he will be before the microphones later today and he can answer that directly. thank you for the support and we appreciate it but voters need to vote their conscience. >> katie, you can see what is going on here. essentially the other guy can't stand your guy so much they are prepared to do this. rubio is prepared to do this. this has to be -- this is astounding to you, isn't it? >> it is desperation and rather astounding. here's the thing, donald trump said last night there's a mathematical possibility of two
9:42 am
candidates achieving the nomination. that is donald trump and ted cruz. so for rubio's campaign to advocate for john kasich winning ohio they are advocating for a brokered convention. let's be clear. to advocate for a brokered convention is to advocate for the fracturing of the republican party and the election of hillary clinton. it's uncalled for and wrong. if rubio cares anything about the republican party and hillary clinton not getting in the white house he would be the first to say, let's get behind donald trump. this is a time, especially if he loses florida. he should not go out and try to gerrymander his way to a brokered convention. >> so much to talk about, i don't know what to throw your way but i will throw a few things your way if i can. your guy was at the debate last night. he was there. >> can i ask a question? >> no, i was hoping you would ask me the question about what we are telling our voters to document we are telling voters to vote for senator cruz.
9:43 am
we are welcoming those voters who have been supporting other candidates, any of the candidates that dropped out so far or people who are favoring john kasich or rubio. we held a great event here in orlando in the state of florida this morning. we are watching what is going on here. it is presumptuous to assume a staffer or candidate will be able to tell voters to vote for someone else. the better approach is say we welcome people to support ted cruz and ted cruz accurately is one of only two candidates who could win the republican nomination. we are not for a brokered convention. this decision in terms of who the standard bearers of the republican party should be determined by the voters at the polling place not by washington insiders at a brokered convention. to get voters to vote one way, it represents an arrogance on the part of candidate answer we
9:44 am
need candidates who have a degree of humility and offer themselves and leadership and offer support and that's what senator cruz is doing and that's why people like carly fiorina have come on board. we had a big public endorsement. ben carson endorsed donald trump. not long after donald trump called him pathological, equated him to a child molester and in the same breath saying i think he's great for education in our country. how are you going to fend this off in the job you do every day going on television and basically having to spin the things that come out on television from donald trump himself? here's the thing. during the campaign trail things get heated between all of the the candidates. it speaks hugely of donald trump that ben carson said this man
9:45 am
has a christian heart. i see it. i'm behind him. this is who the american people want. donald trump pulled in two different type of endorsements. the chris christie endorsement, northeastern republicans, leading democrat i would argue and a the staunch evangelical conservative in ben carson. that's a big deal. he has been on the stage and sparred with both and they are saying this is the man for the job despite everything that happened. that is a big deal. >> appreciate your time. . it keeps getting more exciting. i can't wait to talk to you next week as well. >> thank you. >> boy, they have a hard job, all of them. to the democratic side. this is live, folks, bernie sanders in a rally in raleigh in north carolina. hear from him live here on cnn in just a moment. first, however, we will take you live to the west coast.
9:46 am
you know that three days ago, remembrance of nancy reagan began leading up to the services is today. the nation will say final farewell to former first lady nancy reagan later this afternoon at the reagan library where the service will begin a little over an hour from now. a lot of important people arriving. a private guest list of about 1,000. we will tell you who and what the layout is for these remembrances in a moment.
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every single day i walk through the doand just jump on me.e hall i don't even have time to drop my police gear or whatnot. "daddy, daddy, we're so happy to see you," i love that, you know? you can go through the absolute worst, but you keep telling yourself at the end of the day, "hang in there, you're gonna go home and see your wife and kids." whatever home means to you, we'll help you find it.
9:50 am
zillow. any moment now donald trump is getting set to appear at a
9:51 am
rally in downtown st. louis. missouri is a primary state on tuesday. chris frate is live. there a quick trip. how are the crowds? >> no surprise really. we saw him made news with ben carson's endorsement saying he doesn't want to do more debates and donald trump trying to get supporters riled up to go to the polls on tuesday. we see a bigger protest outside of the venue than at other trump events, ashleigh. we are watching to see if it happens. st. louis police arrested one protester outside. we did witness one scuffle with a protest who are tried to take down fencing. he was let off by law enforcement. a little shouting back and forth
9:52 am
but nothing violent or turning in any kind of -- no huge disruption as we wait for donald trump. i think the big point here, donald trump is going to come to the stage and try to rally the crowd. we will be looking for disruptions. they have private security throughout the venue for the last week or so. we have seen private security throughout the rallies and they maybe challenged getting protesters out quickly today. it is tight in here. an opera house feel where the seats are packed tightly. so if there are disruptions we will keep an eye on that to see if they can get them out quickly or if we see violence as in the past. we will keep our eyes peeled. back to you. >> hope it sok. black lives matter protester was beat and kicked at one of these rallies and i don't want that to happen again. i want to take you to bernie
9:53 am
sanders who is live speaking in raleigh, north carolina. let's listen. [ cheers and applause ] >> this campaign is listening to women. [ cheers and applause ] women are telling me, why is it when they get a job in an office or a company they end up making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. frankly, the only answer that i know of is that is part of old-fashioned sexism. and together we're going to end that. >> busy time. he's been bringing them in by the thousands.
9:54 am
his message to women to try to get voters away from hillary clinton. he's strong with the women. not as strong with minorities either . that's where he is focusing. big town hall is coming in a pivotal state for this race that is happening sunday night 8:00 eastern time. ohio democratic presidential town hall. cnn and tv one will host it at the ohio state university in columbus, ohio. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will take questions from voters in that state two days ahead of the big primary there. set your tivo if you need to. 8 p.m. eastern time here on cnn. ♪ i want to switch gears for a moment. there's something big happening later today. former first lady nancy reagan will be buried and of course she will be buried next to the love
9:55 am
of her life at the ronald reagan presidential library. this ends what can only be called a story book relationship that took this couple from the glamour of hollywood to the pinnacle of power in the white house. there are about 1,000 guests invited to this private ceremony in similarmy valley, california, including first lady michelle obama, former president and mrs. george w. bush and first ladies hillary clinton and rose lynn cart canner. a lot of celebrities have been invited, tom selleck, anjelica huston, larry king, tom brokaw, mr. t. special relationship with plrks t. sent out some delightful tweets this week. a lot of media personalities and hollywood celebrities. mrs. reagan was involved in planning this. believe it or not she planned this, from the guest list to her own pal bearers.
9:56 am
really, a lot of it recently, too. this will include personal memories from two of her children. the reagan children patty and ron will be eulogizing her. cnn will have live coverage. they have allowed it to be a public ceremony. it will be interest continued. arrivals will be happening throughout the afternoon. stay tuned to cnn for this poignant moment in history. wolf starts after the break. nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult with frosted mini-wheats®. try new kellogg's mini-wheats harvest delights with sweet drizzle and bits made with real fruit.
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. it is 10:00 a.m. in simi valley, california. wherever you are watching us from around the world, thank you for joining us. the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan begins in one hour. ahead of the service the republican presidential candidates took part in a moment of silence at the prent


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