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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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i'm poppy harlow. thank you for being with us. three days before the crucial winner take all primary in ohio, donald trump and bernie sanders are hurling insults back and forth over who they claim is responsible for the violence on the campaign trail that we saw in chicago last night. trump wrapped up a rally in ohio this afternoon, he blasted what he calls a planned attack at last night's scheduled trump rally in chicago. trump supporters, well, they claim that they were taunted and harassed in chicago and trump blames backers of democrat bernie sanders, calling sanders, quote, our communist friend. chicago event was canceled after
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chaos. also trump blames sanders supporters for i want rupting today's rally in cleveland. >> look, it's a bernie person. it's a bernie -- hello, bernie. hey, bernie, get your people in line, bernie. get your people in line. can you imagine bernie saying that trump should get his people under control and they put in these people. >> sanders' camp responded with this quote. as is the case virtually every day donald trump is showing the american people that he is a pathlogical liar, obviously while i appreciate we have supporters at trump's rally our campaign did not organize a protest. we'll talk about that. sarah murray is inside the trump event in cleveland, ohio. jim is in kansas city, missouri where ted cruz spoke. and a trump rally will happen later today. jeff is in chicago. sarah, to you. this back and forth between bernie sanders and donald trump over and over again today about
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who insighted this -- who is a proponent of the violence, who is not. what are people saying where you are at the rally today? >> reporter: well, it was interesting at the rally today, poppy. we did not see the same kind of large scale coordinated protest that we saw in chicago or even that we've seen in the last couple weeks leading up to this event. we saw a protest break out here and there and a couple of them were bernie sanders supporters. we didn't see any bernie sanders supporters inciting violence and i only witnessed one event in which both a protester and a trump supporter started throwing punches. these were pretty quickly wrapped up. i think what bernie sanders is trying to get at this idea when donald trump holds these event, violence in certain instances he hasn't come out and taken responsibility for the climate at these and today said that his people are not the ones that are violent but the protesters who are violent. >> to you, jeff, you were there last night as this all happened.
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i'm interested in your perspective about this violence breaking out in chicago. as someone who has covered chicago so closely. and how much this comes down to race. >> reporter: poppy, i think all of the events leading up to the rally last night and donald trump sort of to a boiling point. he has been talking for months about building a wall of course, talking for months about not allowing muslims to come into the u.s. so donald trump brought that message into liberal urban chicago. it simply was not welcome there. most of the places he campaigns have loud adoring supporters, we've seen him across the south and other places. this is like coming into the belly of the beast, the liberal beast. they did not want donald trump's message here. so i think that a lot of the response was just the chance for chicago and the democrats here, there is a democratic primary going on to just say no, we don't want donald trump. so in a sense it was a preview
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of what could be a general election contest. if donald trump thinks that he can make illinois competitive, if he thinks he can make michigan competitive should he become the nominee this is what we could see. i was struck lie the earnestness of the protest. we talked to a demonstrator, a man who lived in the neighborhood where this rally was supposed to go on. and this is why he said he came out to protest. >> we were not going to let a bigot come into my neighborhood and disparage my people or my race or ethnicity. i felt i needed to leave my home, come here and say enough, quit the bullying, we stop the bullying in chicago and this is historic. when you stop a bully once you can then stop him again because guess what, people will lose fear and chicago showed how to deal with a bully. >> of course there were many supporters of donald trump here in illinois who wanted to hear from him as well. he could win this illinois
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primary next week in three days' time. sort of a preview of what could be a general election argument, you know, really a cauldron of divisive views on immigration we saw last night boiling over on the streets of chicago. >> i want to show people, jeff, what you tweeted last night. this is one image but a powerful image. someone walking down the street and holding a sign that says this isn't us. what struck you about that? >> well, poppy, i was struck by the fact a lot of protesters we've seen have been black lives matter protesters and organized. there was some of that but it was also black and white, hispanic and asian. this diverse tapestry that makes up chicago, outside his rally. that scene, that one younger white man walking down west harrison street in chicago on just west of down town, really struck me. because he was not an organized protester, not a thug that donald trump said was coming out
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last night. so, it was a diverse set of people saying no to donald trump. of course again, he has many supporters and we'll see if he gets closer to winning the nomination in three days' time f. he does well in these five states including illinois. it sets up quite a general election fight, poppy. >> it does. jim, you're in kansas, you're outside of where ted cruz spoke and donald trump is going to come hold a rally in a few hours. let's talk about the bigger picture of this mentality of us versus them, this thinking by some that you know, they, the establishment, or the media or what have you, can silence us. and our voices will not be silenced. i hear some of the chanting behind you now. >> reporter: that's right, poppy. we're in kansas city, the donald trump rally is in a couple of hours, to give you a sense, let me have you pan over and show we have donald trump supporters on one side of the street chanting usa, usa, and then donald trump protesters on the other side of
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the street, poppy, i can't make out what they are chanting because it's just so loud. and then along the street here, running through the middle of the street we have these traffic barricades essentially to keep both sides apart from one another. i was inside that arena yesterday in chicago when it exploded into chaos. i can tell you that from what we're seeing now these are some of the same ingredients we saw yesterday in chicago, poppy, where you have vocal people on one side on the donald trump other side these protesters on - the other side of the street. what made the chicago situation so volatile is that many of these protesters decided to go to the rally. we saw an entire section inside that arena, hundreds of protesters ready to disrupt that event for donald trump and they were able to pull that off. the question is, we'll only get a sense of this once we go inside, is whether or not the same thing is going to happen here. do we have scores and scores of protesters getting inside this arena, getting inside this auditorium to set up for what's
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happening later on this evening. i'll tell that you the mayor of kansas city, he is trying to avoid a repeat of what happened in chicago, he put out several tweets, one of the latest, hey folks i know there are concerns regarding trump. please avoid situations that insight violence, be careful and be kansas citians, so obviously the city is aware of the potential for chaos here and trying to avoid a repeat of what happened in chicago last night. >> amazing when you step back and think wow, we're talking about violence at political rallies, you know. something we haven't seen recently before in terms of a race like this. thank you very much. >> that's right. >> jim, jeff, sarah, appreciate it. i want you to listen to ted cruz speaking moments ago in kansas city, missouri, talking about the violence last night in chicago. >> with i am running not to be the president just of republicans. i am running to be the president of republicans, of democrats,
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independents, running to be the president of all americans. you know as we campaign we have protesters. but unlike donald trump i don't ask people in the audience to punch them in the face. i don't ask them to engage in physical violence against the protesters. now f the protesters are dis. >> referee:tive shouting law enforcement will remove them. they don't have the right to infringe on the free speech rights of others. but more than once i had protesters who get up raise a point and if they are being civil and courteous i'll actually engage in a conversation with them. and treat them with civility and respect. and i think the way you interact with the citizens expresses what kind of president you would be. you know, i've been very troubled by donald trump's practice, at some of these rallies of demanding that the citizens raise their hands and pledge support of donald trump. listen, this is america. we don't pledge allegiance to any man.
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we pledge allegiance to a plag, we pledge allegiance to defend the constitution. but it is kings and queens that demand of their subjects they pledge allegiance to them personally and i got to say i think that gets it backwards. this is a job interview. the president especially is meant not to be above the law. the only pledge of allegiance i'm interested in is that i am pledging allegiance to each of you that if you elect me your president i will fight for the hard working taxpayers, i will fight for the men and women of this country, each and every day, against the washington cartel, against the bipartisan corruption of washington. >> you said yesterday that donald trump is encouraging violence. >> joining me now to discuss trump sorter jeffrey lord and commentator and conservative commentator buck sexton thank you for being here. jeffrey, your reaction to what -- good to have you on. let me get your reaction to what
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ted cruz just said. this is a job interview, no one is above the law. >> well, no one is above the law. i should start by saying that i like senator cruz or as i call him hopefully vice president cruz. but i'm a little taken aback by his stance here. i mean, what has been going on here at these rallies with violence, the american left has a very, very, very long history of inciting violence, of provoking violence. this goes back -- >> hold on. hold on. you just said the american left. that's a very broad based statement. who are you talking about? >> i'm talking about the anti-war protesters in the 1960s, i'm talking about occupy wall street in this decade. i'm talking about black lives matters that forcibly took over a podium from bernie sanders and said they were going to shut down his rally. i mean, i'm talking about the people that invaded the so called people's park in california. >> i'm asking you about ted
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cruz's response pointing the finger at donald trump. >> i am answering you. i'm answering you, poppy. what i'm saying to you is this is a problem that is generic to -- genetic to the american left. instead of senator cruz criticizing donald trump he should be going after the american left. this is where the responsibility for this lies, and i'm a little taken aback that senator cruz of all people doesn't understand that. >> so what's also interesting and what comes up here, just so -- hits you in the face is the fact that now you have so many on the republican side, you have senator ted cruz, marco rubio, you've got the republican establishment coming out and condemning donald trump for what is happening at these rallies, but standing by some silently for years as donald trump among others called out the president's citizenship for example, brought up things about him, false claims about him. they stood by.
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now they are pointing at donald trump saying how could this happen. >> trump obviously wasn't a political candidate going through the birther phase. >> mitt romney -- he -- wanted his endorsement. >> i'm not a trump supporter like jeffrey is, but i have to say i'm taken aback by the fact that we're now having a national conversation about how donald trump has said mean things, therefore it's kind of okay, the insinuation it's not a big deal you have mobs of people who think they have a right to silence the free speech of others. you do not see this at hillary clinton rallies, at bernie sanders rallies or any of the other republicans. there is obviously an effort under way to silence donald trump's supporters, to silence donald trump himself and i must say if another candidate for the presidency of the united states had just had an incident where somebody tried to rush him on stage and secret service had to actually engage, i know it wasn't a serious incident in the sense of nothing happened thankfully, if that had been the case with hillary clinton, any candidate, all we would be
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talking about is the threat to that candidate and things have gotten out of control and people need to stop this mad babyish conduct of thinking that they can shut people down, tell them what they can and cannot say. they either believe in the first amendment or do not. they don't get it both ways, i believe in it but you're saying mean things so i'm going to scream and shout you down. even apparently throw punches, there were curses at people last night in chicago attending the rally. i'm sure there are people there with children. maybe they wanted to see what donald trump had to say. they have protesters, it's out of control and even for a non-trump supporter it is unacceptable what happened last night and makes people who aren't trump supporters say maybe i should take a second look at this guy because there is a big problem. >> stay with me. we have to get a break in. a lot more ahead.
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it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. back with me. buck and jeffrey, cnn conservative commentators. we're talking about what happened in chicago last night. and i want you both to take a moment and listen to some of the comments that trump has made in the past about some of these protesters. let's play that. >> so, if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato knock the crap out of them, would you. seriously. i will pay for the legal fees, i promise. you know what they used to do to guys like that in a place like this, they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. he is walking out like big high fives smiling, laughing. like to punch him in the face i'll tell you. in the old days, which isn't so
1:20 pm
long ago when we were less -- that wouldn't have happened. >> all right. those are from the past. jeffrey, if you could weigh in on people that point to those and say some of trump's rhetoric is contributing to this, or perhaps he's not saying enough to stop it. i want your take. >> sure. poppy, what you're hearing there is what we call free speech. people are responsible for their own actions. you know, i was watching tv here with you a few seconds ago before i turned it off to be on with you. and you showed the clip of the young man being dragged off the podium in chicago last night. and he gets close enough to somebody and takes a swing at him. now, we spent a lot of time in the media in general going after this guy who frankly, i mean, he assaulted this other -- an african-american young man, and we spent a lot of time as we should, there is no place for violence in this, period. period. but yet, you know, that kind of
1:21 pm
media attention hasn't been given to this guy who assaulted somebody. and i refer to him as an african-american but that's incorrect. he is an american. he doesn't do what he does because he is black, he does what he does because he is left. this is what they do. and it's wrong. there should be no violence, period at these things. and this is what the american left brings to this all of the time. it happens repeatedly over the decades. we're seeing it's donald trump now but it used to be hubert humphrey who was a liberal. and they would shout him down. he finally had the secret service drag them out. you know, there is nothing peculiar to donald trump. this is peculiar to the american left. >> jeffrey points his finger at the american left. he pointed out a few examples in the last block. let's take a moment and listen to how president obama addressed this last night, he was in austin at south by southwest. >> how can you be shocked?
1:22 pm
this is the guy, remember, who was sure that i was born in kenya. who wouldn't let it go. and all this same republican establishment, they weren't saying nothing. as long as it was directed at me, they were fine with it. >> buck, to you. your take given what the president said. what's your reaction? >> what the president said is not true about the republican establishment being totally fine with donald trump's birtherism. >> he is saying people like mitt romney didn't speak up and condemn it and instead sought the endorsement of donald trump at that time. >> if there is such a thing as the republican establishment. >> who? >> everybody. national review, the weekly standard, they were talking about years ago by the way. >> in terms of some of the candidates who are running. >> in terms of candidates how? >> in terms of candidates, marco
1:23 pm
rubio -- >> we haven't talked about birtherism in years. i think that donald trump says things that are stupid, that are wrong, that are vulgar, that's not at issue when you're talking about an auditorium full of people who are only there to make sure that people are actually in fear of their safety and we did see police officers with bloody faces, we saw reports, you can believe them or not on social media of people screaming at the trump supporters, that they are coming for them, throwing things at them. that's not okay. i don't care what donald trump said in the past, that he was a birther. anybody who claims to be a supporter of free speech also should not care about those things, these are not equivalent. it's not donald trump said moronic things, yes of course. so have a lot of politicians by the way. i don't hear we talk about democratic candidates well, have they repud dated al sharpton. some of thinks past behavgier. the fact is the debate is about free speech, whether a candidate for office should be allowed to
1:24 pm
address his supporters without those supporters being attacked or in fear of attack, and there's notwo ways did about this. the people can trot out the history, five years, it does not matter. they should not have done what they did last night. it was babyish, it looks terrible for bernie sanders supporters, whether that is who they were or not. and everybody should repudiate this. there shouldn't be violence and shouldn't be threats at political rallies. you're not seeing this at bers percent or hillary clinton rallies. >> i need a one word answer. has donald trump done enough to repudiate the violence. buck? yes or no. >> i'd like to see him say more. don't put the onus on him. >> yes. >> thank you very much. we have a lot ahead. tomorrow this, you're going to hear from the candidates on "state of the union" with jake tapper.all live on state of the tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. eastern here.
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florida voters heading to the polls on tuesday, the stakes in this winner take all state are huge on the gop side, 99 delegates for the winner on the democratic side 214 delegates up
1:29 pm
for grabs. here's where the candidates stand now according to the latest poll. donald trump leading marco rubio by 16 points there, senator ted cruz, governor john kasich in third and fourth. on the democratic sid hillary clinton has a huge margin over bernie sanders. 61% to 34%. senior political writer mark caputo joins me from beautiful miami, florida. i continue see palm trees. thank you for being with me. let's talk about rubio. i think look, he has said that it's make or break, he needs this state, he is home state senator. he should have some advantage. a 16-point spread in the cnn poll. the other polling shows trump ahead. what happened? why isn't he doing better there? >> they say elections are about choices. you look across the country at the results, florida is a mini united states, voters are choosing donald trump. they seem to like him better in the republican primary. yeah, this is rubio's home state. in the end i think if you look on balance at everything, rubio
1:30 pm
probably didn't do enough care and feeding back here at home over a period of time. and also, i don't think his campaign got started soon enough on organizing, getting a ground game going, and really getting the word out. he started to go for broke at one of the last super tuesdays, there have been so many i can't remember. but it seemed to be a few days too late. that's not according to me, that's according to republican consulta consultants, who know the business, winning an election. they didn't see enough urgency and effort out of the rubio campaign soon enough. now, you look at polls that tracked rubio over time or tracked the florida electorate over time, you'll see that rubio appears to be narrowing the gap but the problem that he's having he might not narrow it enough to make a inks difference. >> and if you look at how it's divided here, rubio does better, ahead of trump when you look at college graduates, voters in florida, and as women. he does a lot better with women. anything he can do here to sort
1:31 pm
of get that trend to carry on to other groups, because that's what seems to be propping him up now. >> research and people familiar with the way in which the campaign has targeted voters say it really is looking for voters who look a lot like him. that is, middle-aged or younger, married couples who live in the suburbs. if he can get that demographic to turn out in strong numbers he would do a lot better. there's also a demographic or geographic component. miami-dade is the biggest county in florida. about 350,000 registered republicans. he is from miami-dade. if he can get a large turnout in miami-dade, hold donald trump in the north of florida which is like the deep south and take one of the two major media markets in the centr florida region, the i-4 corridor, tampa bay bay area or the orlando area, you could see an upset by marco rubio here. but those are a lot of steps to really make a difference.
1:32 pm
closely watching or get blown out. >> one tweet for you from donald trump voicing concerns about the early voting in florida that is a big part of the vote in that state. he tweeted this. we're asking law enforcement to check for dishonest early voting in florida on behalf of little marco rubio. what is he pointing to? any idea what's behind this? >> that's a great question. donald trump won't say what he's pointing tond a his campaign won't and i talked to law enforcement, and the governor's office, and i e-mailed auld 67 county ilex supervisors. no one has any idea what these complaints about voter fraud are, as he phrases it, there are a lot of people who speculate donald trump is showing what a lot are seeing that marco rubio might be narrowing the gap a little too clo for comfort. the numbers, more than a million florida republicans have voted already. we're looking at about 2 million so at least half of the gop vote is probably in. again, if your poll is right all of the other polling are are
1:33 pm
right rubio is losing to donald trump. >> nice to have you on. thank you very much. a beat from what's going on in florida. we'll see what happens tuesday. you're taking a look at bernie sanders, speaking live in illinois. we're waiting for hillary clinton in cleveland, ohio. we'll bring you those in a moment. we'll be right back. is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief is the only product that combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster than any other otc medicine. it also eases gas, cramps, and bloating. imodium multi symptom relief. restore rhythm to your digestive system. imodium multi symptom relief. you stay up. you listen.
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now to turning points, coming face-to-face with his toughest opponents, his toughest opponent being cancer. the lacrosse player lost his leg but he certainly won the game. here is dr. sanjay gupta with this week's turning point. >> sports have been a huge part of shawn dever's life. >> i started playing soccer before kindergarten, playing lacrosse in fourth grade, basketball in third great.
1:37 pm
>> in 2007 when he was 11, a fall at lacrosse camp changed his life. >> my mom was very concerned that i was not walking normally. so, she took me to the doctor, and they suggested an mri. >> the tests revealed shawn had a type of bone cancer. that means the tumor was in his lower femur. the distal part of the thigh bone. >> i had to grow up fast. >> after three months of chemotherapy surgeons removed the cancerous part of the leg including the knee. >> that summer was me learning to walk again. all of the physical therapy, all the pain and everything i went through was to get back on the lacrosse field. >> and he did. >> every day was a gift and he played like it and he was one of the best players i've had. >> today shawn is captain of the lacrosse team at young harris college. he has been cancer free for eight years and volunteers with
1:38 pm
the childhood cancer charity. >> it's worth pushing through things, the pain is temporary and the happiness will last a lot longer. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing. the test results revealed a finding that led to the use of a targeted therapy that was not considered for christine before. now, they're helping fight her cancer on another, deeper level... the genetic level.
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you are looking at live
1:42 pm
pictures of bernie sanders speaking there in champaign, illinois off an upset in michigan. looking to do the same thing in illinois. >> every politician, whether they are democratic or republican, they always say well, yes, i'm getting huge amounts of money, but it doesn't impact me. really? then why would wall street be giving you $15 million? furthermore, as many of you may know, secretary clinton has given a number of speeches behind closed doors to wall street firms like goldman sachs. and for those speeches, she is paid $225,000 a speech.
1:43 pm
now, the way i see it, is if you're going to give a speech and get $225,000 it must be an extraordinarily brilliant speech. you know, it must be really opening new vistas of human thought. and i think that it is appropriate for secretary clinton to share those transcripts with the rest of the country. now, secretary clinton says she is prepared to do that if other candidates do the same. so let me make a dramatic announcement to you all today. i am prepared at this moment to release all of the transcripts of the speeches that i gave to wall street. are you ready for them?
1:44 pm
here they are. no transcripts, no speeches. and i just cannot imagine why wall street did not invite me in to pay me $225,000 for a speech. you know what i would have told wall street? >> bernie sanders speaking live in champaign, illinois, talking about his rival hillary clinton giving those paid speeches to a number of wall street banks before she decided to run for. coming up next american opportunity and a technology giant from silicon valley, admitting there was a broad pay.
1:45 pm
i sat down with the man at the helm wishes he thought about this when he started the company whaflt he is doing to fix it. during the lexus command performance sales event... [sportscaster vo] there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most exciting lineup of suvs ever. including the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event.
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>> >> closing the pay gap for real. really doing something about it. what mckenzie and company a consulting firm found is that if the women played an identical role in the work force as men global economic growth would sky rocket $28 billion in 10 years, roughly the size of the u.s. and the chinese economy combined. at the end of the day it comes down to corporations assuring there is not only equality in hiring but in the paychecks. silicon valley giant sales force made a disturbing discovery, they found that income disparity between some men and women doing the same job was broad so they set out to fix it. and this week i asked the man at the helm what has changed. >> when we sat down last june you told me look, we found pay disparity between some men and women at the company, we're going to chgo g t going to change that. you gave me a 12 month marker. you said a year out it's different. you released statistics on what
1:50 pm
you found and how much sales force has paid to close the gap. what is it? >> we corrected about 1,000 worker salaries or about 6% of our work force as you know poppy, we have about 20,000 employees at sales force, and we did find quite a few women being paid less than men. and we made that change. it's about $3 million. >> when you say quite a few, what surprised you the most, mark, when you looked at the books, you looked at the numbers, the people. >> well, what surprised me isow easy it is to do this. of course we use human resource management system, we know every employee's name, their address, we know how much they are paid, we know their title. every company does. that's the modern world. and with a push of one button, i was able to know exactly what the discrepancy was, and how i needed to fix it which i have now done. >> is that a call to other ceos, sounds like that to me that hey, this is not that hard, you need
1:51 pm
to get on it? >> this is really easy. this is so easy to do. with just the push of one button. every ceo in the world can know exactly what is their pay discrepancy between men and women. >> i looked at the recent numbers, 70% of sales force is male, 77% of tech jobs are occupied by men, 81% of leadership positions are men, you told me five years out you want those numbers to be 50-50. how are you going to do that? >> i think you can see that all the numbers for women have improved since we last spoke, poppy. which is exciting for us. you know, where we were five years ago is we realized we had a problem in our company where we didn't have enough women in leadership positions, we weren't hiring enough women. and little did we know we were paying women less than men. and we're working to correct all three of those things. we started five years ago with this idea of a women's surge, this idea that we will surge
1:52 pm
women at our company, we'll make sure that they know about every opportunity, we'll give them incredible opportunities for advancement. and we will work to hire more women as well. >> you run in the ceo circle, executives of the fortune 500 are a lot of who you spend time with. what are they saying to you about this? are they doing it? are they asking you how to do it? are they telling you come on, mark, you're setting these goals and now we have to reach them. >> i will tell that you this weekend i received a call from one of my very good friends who is a ceo, very large fortune 500 company, told me i was wrong on this issue. >> really. >> and the reason -- absolutely. >> what sector? >> in the technology industry. i'll tell you that this person went on to tell me that the reason that i was wrong is because companies always do what's in their best interest. and if indeed women are being paid less than men that we would be hiring all women into our company because we'd want to lower our costs.
1:53 pm
and i really had to work to explain to that executive that it's just not true that you have to be pro active. i mean i think we all understand that we have these kind of subconscious biases and those things just get put into the work force. >> when you look at broader diversity you put numbers out there online, 2% of sales force employees are african-american, 4% are hispanic. how does tech in general open its doors more to more minorities? >> these numbers just are not high enough and we have to focus on it. and we're going to have a diversity surge like we had a women's surge. we have no choice. we have to focus this next generation on culture as well and that's a culture of equality. >> does that mean there needs to be for instance quotas or something akin to affirmative action getting enough minorities in the door? where is that line? >> that's worked for us with women. we have set those quotas. and i'm deeply committed to it and you know what, all of my
1:54 pm
employees and executives are committed to it. >> georgia right now dubbed the first amendment defense act. this is sort of akin to similar to what we saw in indiana the sales force fought so hard, some view it as a bill that discriminates against lgbt individual, some call at religious freedom bill. you said if necessary, if this passes, if the governor signs it, you will bring, quote, a rolling thunder of economic sanctions against the state. what could we see? >> well, i think that what you see in georgia is what we saw exactly one year ago in indiana, which is very discreet legislatures or individual senators, pushing for discriminatory legislation against a class of what we call a class of one of our employees and in this case it's lgbt, where lgbt is not allowed the same kinds of rights and
1:55 pm
freedoms with the same level equality as all other classes. to us that's unacceptable. georgia wants us to bring a 15,000 person conference to georgia in may. which is called our connections conference. something they have been advocating for and that we agreed to. now they are saying that we have to bring our lgbt employees and customers to georgia to face that discrimination, we say no way. that's why we asked the governor to veto that legislation which is heading to his desk. >> you reached out to the ceos of home depot there, coca-cola. what are they saying to you? >> i'll tell you what they are saying and hundreds of other companies are saying, that they agree with us. we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of companies that have signed up and said that if the governor accepts this legislation and passes this law and signs it, they will stop the economic development in georgia that they are proceeding with.
1:56 pm
and you saw this in indiana as well. major ceos of fortune 500 companies, making public statements on twitter and other places, saying that they will not accept this law. that's very powerful. >> thank you so much for that. i want toohey no what you all think. tweet me. let me know what you think using the hash tag american opportunity. also go to cnn opportunities to see a lot more of our reporting on that. straight ahead back to politics, live pictures from outside donald trump's rally in kansas city, missouri. lines are long, they are forming hours and hours in advance of his rally planned there. a lot of tight security. we'll take you there live. eve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
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