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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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thank you for being with us. >> a quick reminder, tonight the final five candidates will join cnn for a primetime forum. the three-hour event starts at 8:00 tonight only on cnn. thank you for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. ♪ hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." the presidential race goes west but not before almost all of the surviving candidates tend to important business in the nation's capital. that's where the american-israel public affairs commitment, always known as aipc is olding the election year for what would be hillary clinton. we will get though that in a moment. donald trump, ted cruz, john
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kasich get their turn later on this evening. bernie sanders, not attending. he is campaigning in utah and arizona today along with i.d. chid will hold democratic contests tomorrow with 131 delegates at stake. republicans will fight over 98 delegates in arizona and u utah. mr. trump goes in to these states more than 260 delegates ahead of ted cruz by our count. with kasich really trailing a a long way behind. secretary clinton's lead over senator sanders stands at 800 delegates. super and not so super but very good. in her speech to the nation's premier pro israel lobby she depicted herself as everything a president should be and an unnamed republican opponent as everything aipac and the rest of the world should reject. >> yes, we need steady hands, not a president who says he's
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neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday. because everything's negotiable. well, my friends, israel's security is nonnegotiable. if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> you know that whole him part of her speech, if you want to take a wild guess, i think you probably know with who the "him" is. i want to bring in our political correspondent at the aipac convention in washington, d.c.
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she is joined by -- donald trump seemed to loom large even though his name was not mentioned. >> definitely. these were the big applause lines that she got when she took on donald trump. you know, she was doing this before a very friendly audience. because donald trump last month said that he would remain neutral in the israeli palestinian conflict. he went on to clarify his remarks saying she pro israel but would try to remain neutral to palestinians so she could negotiate a deal. that's why you heard hillary clinton saying israeli security is not negotiable. that you cannot remain neutral when it comes to israel which is the u.s.'s biggest ally in the middle east. she also actually seemed to really counter his tone with those comments about bigotry, trying to lay out a case that his temperament is disqualifying when it comes to managing foreign policy.
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>> the other question for you, the secretary was going in to this conference. she brings with her all of that work as secretary of state to put together a deal with iran, which can't have been too comfortable for her to dance around. i'm trying to figure out how she walked the line. she seemed to be in a friendly crowd. >> that's right. overall very friendly. what she did is laid out her case on the iran deal. this isn't something that generally the folks here would support her on and she didn't get cheers when she talked about the iran deal. she tried to make her case by saying i believe israel is safer because of this iran deal and something she initiated and laid the ground work for as a secretary of state and last year came out in support of it and laid out why she was supporting the deal. she tried to emphasize to the crowd was this deal is not enough. this isn't the end of dealing with iran. there are consequences if iran
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violates the deal and they would happen quickly with the smallest move that iran would make violating the deal. maybe that isn't something that lot of people here -- that certainly isn't going to comfort them or support the iran deal but they were polite to say the least, not clapping. but they listened to her. >> let me get you in on this. you have qualified this as her comfort zone, where she hits her stride. as secretary of state and former senator of new york this is a friendly crowd and she knows her stuff. that said she was able to get to a critical talking point with this crowd in which she did not have to name donald trump but she was able to bring up up the muslim ban, the ramifications of world war ii, the crises that they found themselves in, turned away from america's shore s all while never having to mention the word "hitler." >> that's right. certainly behind the scenes some
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of her aides and the super pacs are talking about those comparisons. i think what she did and brianna laid it out well, she was able to make a stark contrast between someone who doesn't have a temperament to be president. when she talked about the idea of being neutral. she said anyone that doesn't understand that does not deserve to be president. she is really speaking to israelis and american jews' anxiety. she is popular there. and she is seen as someone who knows the issues. she was trying to paint donald trump as someone who does not. this is a policy heavy speech. a little wonky for people that cover foreign affairs but specific on the issues that this crowd really wanted to hear on iran, on various specific weapon systems that, as president, she would help israel get.
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talking about million aid agreement and there's policy specific things that maybe don't -- regular americans may not notice but the administration is talking about getting a u.n. security council resolution to lay out a peace plan before president obama leaves office. very unpopular among israelis and american jews. she came out and said she would oppose that idea. so giving hard specifics of what she would do to protect israel as president and portraying donald trump as someone who would be dangerous for israelis, would alienate allies and embolden adversaries. it is a stark contrast to see how donald trump comes out tonight. but certainly i think this has a lot more specifics than we will hear from donald trump later tonight. >> okay. if you can stand by for a moment. the rnc has come out with a statement regarding hillary clinton's speech. i want to read part of it. if you can indulge me for a
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moment. hillary clinton's speech was an attempt to whitewash a record of undermining israel's interest when she was secretary of state. as a chief architect of the obama administration's foreign policy, her support for policies like the disastrous iran nuclear deal and her boasting of being called the obama administration designated -- the statement just came out from the rnc. i wanted to be able to put that in there as well. after 5:00 today you will hear donald trump, the rest of the candidates will have their say before a pac as well. thank you to both of you. appreciate it. before he gets to aipac, donald trump will hold a news conference at a d.c. landmark that is soon to become a trump hotel. he has a much more private meeting on his calendar, very private and it could be the most important of the week.
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if not his whole campaign. i am joined -- i can almost see the tru behind you, sara. tell us about the hush-hush meeting on capitol hill. who are they with and why are they critical? >> well, today it is sort of the outsider comes to washington day for drumpl he's holding a closed door meeting we expect to get underway any minute now. she meeting with a number of rank and file members of congress. a couple of these are people who have already endorsed his presidential bid. tom cotton will be there, which is notable because he's been neutral in the race. jeff sessions, who endorsed donald trump with integral in setting this up. it will help donald trump make inroads here in washington where people are divided on his candidacy. a number of members are
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unwilling to support him and a way to rally troops and figure out how to do more outreach on the hill, how do we get the party to coalesce behind me? i think that's the goal in the meeting today. >> you mentioned two names, jeff sessions and tom cotton but there's a concerted effort by the anti-trump pac to start zeroing in and targeting anybody on capitol hill who takes a meeting with donald trump or who in their opinion, god forbid supports him. almost like a public shaming effort. it shocks many of us because it feels like there's a civil war within the republican party. it is happening in ernest with video cameras today. can you explain why the public shaming would matter? it doesn't seem like donald trump supporters care one iota about the people on capitol h l hill. >> i think what today's meeting tells you who's going and who's
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not going showings how divisive donald trump is in the republican party. it's true. his supporters may not care about this public shaming. it might be more of an effort to keep more members from not attending this meeting. you have to look at the people going when i say it is rank and file members, i mean it is leaders of the house and senate, republican leaders, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan will not be in the meeting today. donald trump will not be meeting with them. he will not meet with the rnc while he is in town today and there will be anti-trump forces trying to take photos of participants and discourage other members from going to the meeting. that tells us the anti-trump forces want to put it out there, we are fighting against him and believe there is a way to mete beat him at the convention. let's be careful about rallying behind him at this point. we will see in coming weeks if the strategy is still effective. >> thank you for that live reporting from d.c. as i mentioned earlier, about
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5:00, donald trump will speak to aipac, as well a lot of reporting from his camp today. also coming out, joe arpaio, who is supporting donald trump. we will ask him about what is happening in that state today. they vote today. while donald trump and cruz make to the magic number of 1327 delegates, john kasich notes his only hope is to win over a majority of delegates at a brokered convention. appearing on cnn's "new day" the ohio governor said he is not a spoiler and he's not going away. >> i'm the only one that can beat hillary in the fall. why would anybody say i should leave? that's nuts. okay. i'm not going anywhere, allison. in fact, we are riding. we are raising more money. getting more political support. what we are looking forward to a app is an extension of the primary process which will be a convention and their delegates will make a choice. i believe i will be selected because of electability and
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because of that other thing that we seem to lose sight of, who could be a good president. >> governor john kasich speaking with allison this morning. and you can hear more from him, as well as all of the presidential candidates. all five of them on an absolutely huge night tonight for the candidates ahead of western tuesday. the final five candidates joining cnn for a special primetime forum. the three-hour event starts at 8:00 tonight. that's only here on cnn. our other big story today, a historic day in cuba. did you ever think you would see a picture like this? right now president obama and president castro, albeit raul and not fidel, face to face in cuba. opening a new era in u.s.-cuban relations. we are live in havana coming up.
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your gut is your digestive core. so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. this is a moment many thought would never happen. the president is holding
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discussions in cuba with one of the castro brothers. look at that. let that sink in. last hour in havana bilateral talks right you underway between president obama and president raul castro. the president is talking about economic and democratic reforms. joining us from what vanna is cnn's ed -- >> there's an event every ten, 20 minutes. donald trump is pushing a headline a lot. president castro did not meet president obama at the airport and seemed to be a slight. he has met other foreign dignitaries but not our president. do you know why? >> well, everything is by design here in cuba. especially when it comes to the communist government here. whether or not that was raul castro trying to send a message to president obama, there are a
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lot of subtleties that go unaid here and that is part of the diplomatic dance going on between the united states and the country of cuba at this point, at least at its leadership level. that is fascinating to watch that castro was not there when president obama stepped off the plane. the two men are together, meeting as we speak privately. then afterward, after this meeting, they are supposed to come out and give statements. it is unclear whether or not they will be taking questions. obviously president obama is used to be be in a room full of reporters that could be about any range of topics. that is not something you see routinely here, that raul castro does with cuban news media that is obviously controlled by the government. that will be a fascinating moment to watch the next couple of hours as the two men emerge from that bilateral meeting. later in the day, president obama will be meeting with a group of entrepreneurs in havana. this is one of the areas where
9:20 am
people have been opening businessesing mainly restaurants and things catering to the large am of tourists that are swamping the city of havana an the rest of the country and then a formal state dinner later today. it is one of a very busy day here for the president. and it's quite a scene to see here in havana today. >> i was curious about what your job was going to be like. this is not the same as any other trip that you or any reporter in america has taken. i'm assuming that you have some free range to be able to walk among the citizens i see behind you and talk freely to them, as well. correct me if i am wrong, are you able to talk freely with them? are they able to talk freely with you and if so, what are they saying about the president arriving in their country? >> look, the reality here in cuba is, yes, we have been credentialed to work here as journalists. when you speak to people -- we haven't had any problems walking
9:21 am
up to people. the question is how comfortable do they feel being seen speaking with us? that runs -- that changes between person to person. we have had -- we have had some issues in doing our job the last couple of days here. it in the back of people's minds they are worried about what it is they are telling you. many reluctant to go on camera, to speak and criticize the government here. that is a stark reality. but once they feel comfortable with you and they are talking prooif privately with you, they are much more open. people here are extremelien friendly. very anxious to talk about their experiences. the fact of the matter is they don't have to openly come out and criticize the castro regime to understand their point. when you listen to the stories of their daily lives, you learn a lot just by that. telling the struggles they go through for basic necessities and work and the lack of pay and the lack of -- what they are worried about on a day-to-day
9:22 am
basis. that speaks volumes. not like they have to speak out against the dictatorship here in cuba. you can learn a lot by listening to the details of their daily lives. >> if i had a dime for every private conversation i had in an oppressive nation. different from any public conversation on camera. great work. thank you for that. he will continue his work live in havana. coming up next, president obama's visit getting mixed reaction. our next guest said this is one tricky trip. he will explain it after the break.
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underen way in what slan that, history in the making. president obama meeting with cuba's leader raul castro. the president hoping this trip will help to build a relationship between the u.s. and due ba. joining us to discuss this is the executive director for human rights watches america's division. this week, they held a demonstration. some protesters were arrested. it was shown on television and it highlighted, jose, how difficult the visit is for the president. the video is being shown now. it looked peaceful, but the arrests were fast and furious. walk me through where you stand, given the fact that perhaps this opening up could lead toed and of this behavior but at the same time it is offensive to cuban-americans who see this is an oppressive regime. >> that's right.
9:28 am
cuba is ruled by military dictatorship for over 50 years. there are no free speech, no freedom of association. everything is controlled by the government. and over 50 years, the prescription, the policy that washington has tried to improve, change human rights conditions and to create some space for freedom in cuba has been isolation, the embargo, sanctions against cuba. but this unilateral sanctions han been completely ineffective. these military dictatorship is still the same kind of government, same kind of regime over 50 years. no major improvements on human rights. so when president obama, over a year ago, decided to change the
9:29 am
policy from isolation to engagement with cuba, i think he made the right choice. this is the right approach. i think the an extraordinary opportunity to change the dynamic and create better conditions for cubans to exercise their freedom. but engagement in itself is not going to bring change. >> that's what i want to ask you. that's where i want to go wit. a lot off critics are saying, despite the polls, and there's a poll that shows how americans feel about normalizing relationships with cuba and the majority, by far, are in support of this. look at the numbers. 58% of those support restoring u.s.-cuba relations. this was just taken recently in march 11, in advance of this
9:30 am
meeting. there are critics who say you don't go stepping on the shores and having a state dinner with a president who is still arresting those lovely ladies in white, who were marching saying they just oppose politically what this president is about. do you understand where they are coming from? [ bleep ]. >> i bet he does. unfortunately for us we just lost him. sometimes it happens. we call it the bug-a-boos of live television. we will hear a lot of voices about the cuba visit. coming up next, we will switch back to the america visit. that is all of the voters going to the polls. sheriff joe arpaio of arizona tells us why donald trump should be president an the voters in his state are going to the polls tomorrow. he's next. is just to be able to recognize problems in the world around you. don't you dare change the rules. don't you dare play with your food. don't you dare get any big ideas.
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arizona is winner take all and donald trump is the gop candidate to beat at this point. it does not hurt that donald trump enjoys the strong backing 0 of my next guest, america's best-known sheriff, sheriff joe arpaio. good to have you on again. thank you for doing this. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure, a. >> many say your candidate is doing well because so many support his tough immigration policy and the concept of that big old wall. is that really he finds most of his support in your state? >> i think it is more than that.
9:36 am
he's different. outspoken, tells it like it is. doesn't back down, has courage to fight everybody picking on him. so i think that's important. plus, he has great experience around the world running business and successful. i'm for him. i first introduced him in july in phoenix before thousands of people. something in my gut told me he is different and he will make a great president. >> i think you nailed it with the part of him being different, without question. i have a question about his immigration policy in your state. your state was known for that tough law that ultimately the feds turned arounden and said you can't have a law where you use your police to stop people and check their papers. there was a real backlash. there were people who refused to do business in arizona. there were million s of dollars lost. a lot of republican business
9:37 am
people said, we can't have that kind of immigration policy. it's bad for business. do you see where they are coming from? and might that dip in to trump's numbers tomorrow? >> i'm sure the chamber of commerce doesn't like him for many reasons. that law was state local law. federal can still enforce the illegal immigration laws, but, you know, we have 8,000 people in our jail for all different kinds of crime. turn them over to i.c.e. and 3,000 come back to the jails i run. with we have a big problem here with illegal immigration today, too. they keep coming across the border. we have to do something in mexico, at the border. he's the only one that has the guts to not say let's secure the border first and then look in to the interior problem that we have. he's looking in to the interior problem, all of the illegals that we have in to our county, our state, and our country.
9:38 am
so he has a lot of fortitude to say something. i know he will do it. that's what scares everybody. not everybody, some people. >> i'm still trying to get my head around where you and he both fall on rounding up of illegal immigrants and deporting them. scott pelley conducted a 60 minutes with donald trump and asked him, 11, 12 million illegal immigrants still in the country can. what do you do? and he answered, if they have done well, they are going out and coming back legally. you are rounding them all up. and he said we are rounding them up in a nice, humane way and i understand it doesn't sound nice. not everything is nice. he advocates rounding up every illegal imglant this country and sending them out. when i talked to you earlier, i felt that is not how you saw things. you said to me, we're not going in to every home unless they have committed a crime.
9:39 am
you said to jorge ramos if the illegals don't get caught or don't do anything wrong they are not going to get deported. you are not going to go to their house for any other reason. do you agree with donald trump in rounding up everybody or only round up those that committed a crime? >> first of all, i don't have the authority to do what you just said. the feds still do. he can carry out his mission, if he's the president and utilize federal resources. i'm talking about me. now when we come across someone that violates the law, yes, yes, we do arrest them and they are then deported or should be deported but they are not. they are let out on the street. i just gave you the figures. 3,000 keep coming back. no. there's a little difference there. i don't believe he will knock doors down and drag people out. i don't believe that is what he
9:40 am
meant. >> i'm still trying to figure it out because he was real strong on all of them. they have to go and then they can come back legally. >> okay. >> something that happened this weekend, there was a fair bit of violence at a trump rally this weekend. donald trump was asked about it. one of the protesters was hit, arrested. i will get to that in a moment, but he says something about the police having been lax. he said the security at the arena, the police were a bit lax. >> well, they were. >> like he is thrown the police under the bus here. >> no, they weren't lax. i run the fountain hills, arizona, where they held up thousands of people with vehicles chained to vehicles. you know what i locked them all up. go back to tucson, i'm glad you asked that. because by the way, i introduced him in tucson and a i was there when his campaign manager -- i
9:41 am
walked out in front of all of the protesters to try to reason with them because i have been protest many times down there. that campaign manager did nothing wrong. he was just taken vicious -- >> i hear your point. i was asking about donald trump's words. he says these words because the security at the arena, the police were a bit lax. did you agree with donald trump that the police were being lax and the security was lax? >> well, i didn't see many arrests made with all of the people in front of that a building. the people have demonstrated against me many many times but police did take action at certain times. so i don't know. but i know he is frustrated. they tried to block 2500 people to get in to his forum. of course you would be frustrated, but i was with his campaign manager. he did nothing wrong. just the media likes to keep
9:42 am
picking on him. least he had the guts to go downstairs and try to protect his venue i. >> i wasn't asking about that incident. i was more curious, sir, because a lot of donald trump supporters are frustrated between black lives matter and the police and the battle between the two. they are supportive of the police and donald trump has been supportive of police. when i saw that comment, that the police were a little lax, it stood out to me. i wondered if you agree with donald trump when he said the police were lax? >> i don't know. i wasn't outside where the cops were. i don't know what action they took. but he's frustrated. he's a big supporter of the cops. i took care of business in my town, in fountain hills. i locked them up for disturbing that area. i'm not going to talk about the tucson police police or the sheriff or the -- you know, the liberal areas down there. so that's another problem. but, no, no, he's a big
9:43 am
supporter of the cops. but he still doesn't want demonstrators blocking people from coming to see him. >> understandable. the we have been able to confirm the man who was arrested for the punch and the kicking at that rally is from 355th fighter wing at davis monahan air force base in tucson. there's a base spokesperson who put out a statement at this arrest. and it says "we believe wholeheartedly in our fellow americans' rights to express their views on political issues and we strongly condemn n any -- strongly condemn any attempt to silence those views through force or violence." do you agree with that statement? >> everybody has a right to the first amendment, but they ought to stop going after trump every time he has a rally. >> even with violence? >> people are demonstrating. >> even with violence.
9:44 am
>> he doesn't condone violence. i don't condone violence. if someone breaks a law,ing you have to bring them to justice. that's the way it is, and he believes in that, too. >> just curious, how would you feel about those images you saw when that protester was blind sided and punched and kicked? >> i didn't like it becaus you have all of these demonstrators trying to block, block people from coming in to that forum. that's not right. people have a right to come in and listen to trump. and not all have all of these demonstrators. they were vicious demonstrators, because i'm used to these demonstrators going after me and i happened to be there. i walked downstairs next to the campaign manager. he was doing his job. he had the right to do it. to remove the sign. this is property they paid for this rally. >> sheriff joe arpaio, i hope we get a chance to talk to you again. maybe after the results come in after tomorrow night. thank you so much for today. >> thank you.
9:45 am
>> sheriff joe arpaio joining us from the great state of arizona a arizona. i ing. /* the campaign heads west. what does hillary clinton need to do to head off bernie sanders tomorrow in the states where he is counting on big showings? we will talk about that next. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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tomorrow gives hong kong hack chance to build on her five-state sweep of a week ago and bernie sanders a chance to try to regain his groove. arizona, utah and idaho offer a total of 131 democratic delegates. sanders says that it is ahead in the delegate count but he is fighting for votes and delegates, too. >> when we began this campaign about ten months ago, the general feeling of the media and the pundits is we were looking at a coronation, that there was an anointed candidate that would get the democratic nomination.
9:50 am
ten months. ten months have come and gone, doesn't look to me like that's the case. [ cheers and applause ] >> doesn't it? peter is joining me to talk about hillary clinton's chances. a clinton supporter and adviser to hillary clinton and john kerry. thank you for being here. >> pleasure. >> last time i asked a clinton supporter whether it was a good idea to shift the focus off of trying to beat bernie sanders and instead go to the general election approach and fight donald trump it didn't work out well. and then michigan changed the metric. michigan has come and gone. five-state sweep. are we changing back? what is mrs. clinton doing right now? what's the strategy? is it still bernie or move af head to the general? >> i think her approach is to win every vote. not to take a single vote for granted. i think she will work hard. at the same time it looks like she is looking on track for the
9:51 am
n nomination, as it is for donald trump on the republican side. to speak on the issues that americans care about and focus on that one voter and one state at a time. i don't think she takes anything for granted. >> i heard the super pacs are pulling money away. we have this. we have to save the money for down the road, for where the contest will get tough against the republicans. >> the way i see it, having worked for her in 2008, and watched how she campaigns, she really does work one vote at a time. i can't speak for what other organizations are doing. she is focused on delivering her message. energizing people. 8.6 million votes so claerly people are motivated by what she is saying. >> i feel half of the time when i am going live on television covering politics that i'm in a looking glass and everything is upside down.
9:52 am
but reporting today that the super pac is getting a tracker to watch donald trump's every move, who he meets. so they can keep track, videotape that meeting, videotape him going and coming to use it against those candidates and publicly shame them. hopefully to stop any coalescing an donald trump. that sounds like hillary clinton is getting free work done for her. >> look, politics is a tough business. people from all sides have different interests and attack different candidates. if you look at the general contours of the race, the republican party will coalesce around donald trump. they want to win. that's what they try to do. you see a lot of this hand wringing, i'm not sure it will stay that way two or three months from now. >> this is presuming she ends up the nominee. and then another approach to that which is i'm not sure if you are thrilled to hear the super pac, anti-trump super pac, republicans who have gotten
9:53 am
together to stop his momentum, i'm not sure it is a good idea. the polls show head to head, she could beat donald trump. but she does not show the same with ted cruz or john kasich. >> i have been doing presidential campaigns since 2003, 2004 where i have had the good fortune to listen to john kerry's campaign and learned not to trust polls. what we learned from michigan, ohio. >> unless they are your way. >> even then -- no . it is actually true. one truism is true in politics is always expect the unexpected. it's just the way it has always been. i remember election night 2004 when i thought it was president kerry and then ohio started to come in. i learned the lesson the hard way. >> a couple of weeks ago, the three-prong strategy of hillary rodham clinton's campaign emerged and that is go after donald trump, heartless businessman, show the people taken from trump university and the businesses and people that
9:54 am
weren't paid, the dishwashers at hotel that didn't get paid. show him as a heartless businessman and his degrading comments about women to shore up that women's vote away from him. and then the third was to show his rash explosive temper as a guy who has his finger on the trigger of an important button but is very volatile. what a difference a day or two days can make in a campaign. i'm wondering if that is still the strategy? >> i think there's a larger strategy. i don't speak for the campaign, but i think the contrast. >> you are speaking for the campaign. >> i don't work for the campaign. i speak as a hillary supporter and former adviser but not on behalf of the campaign. but the contrast between hillary clinton and donald trump is probably the most stark contrast we have seen in generations. she spoke at aipac today and delivered what i thought was a powerful speech. talk about somebody who was former secretary of state, she
9:55 am
has an insatiable intellectual curiosity. she knows issues in a deep way. deep experience and knowledge and then donald trump asked who he will consult on foreign policy and he said i will speak to myself. that's a stark contrast. hillary going to the american people and presenting herself as experienced, knowledgeable and a path to get us to the better place versus donald trump who is a lot of hot air, yelling and talk and i think that contrast will be compelling. >> it will be interesting to see how things play out. thank you for being here. look forward to seeing you again. >> thank you. >> a reminder, a programming note for you. huge night tonight for presidential politics. all five candidates are going to join cnn for a special primetime forum. the three-hour event starts at 8:00 tonight here on cnn. a reminder, as well, that our continuing live coverage of the presidential visit to cuba has been fascinating stuff. images that many people in their
9:56 am
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. in washington. 1:00 p.m. havana, 7 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you are watching from around the world, thank you for joining us. we start with a big day for the five remaining presidential candidates. tonight, each one will sit down for interviews right here on cnn with myself and anderson cooper. four of the five are also taking part in a major meeting with the country's pro israel advocacy group. hillary clinton spoke at the aipac meeting going on at the ve


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