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tv   Wolf  CNN  March 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. in washington. 1:00 p.m. havana, 7 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you are watching from around the world, thank you for joining us. we start with a big day for the five remaining presidential candidates. tonight, each one will sit down for interviews right here on cnn with myself and anderson cooper. four of the five are also taking part in a major meeting with the country's pro israel advocacy group. hillary clinton spoke at the aipac meeting going on at the verizon center here in
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washington. this three republican hopefuls will speak there later today. bernie sanders won't be there. instead he is campaigning in utah today ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. it's utah, idaho and arizona tomorrow for the democrats for the republicans it is contests only in utah and arizona. two of the bigger story lines today are hillary clinton's appearance at aipac and donald trump's arrival here in washington, d.c. trump is expected to speak next hour from the site of the old post office building, which is now a trump hotel project on pennsylvania avenue, not far from the white house. last hour, he started to meet with a group of pb can lawmakers. joining us sara, what do we know about this closed door meeting that trump is having with republican members of congress? >> well, wolf, just as
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interesting as the people who are there are the people who aren't. mitch mcconnell is not there, paul ryan is not there. republican leaders, a handful of rank and file members, members of congress who endorsed donald trump have already arrived. we have expecting tom cotton thereby there as well. this is an effort to meet behind closed doors an give him a sense of what outreach he wants to do here in washington. he tries to convince the washington establishment to coalesce behind him. the other thing we know is anti-donald trump forces are out there, they are monitoring the meeting and handing out never trump stickers and doing the same thing. trying to push establishment republicans not to jump on the trump train and see if there is a way to thwart him ahead of the convention. >> we will see what happens at that meeting. it could be significant. what are you hearing about his strategy going in to his speech today before the aipac gathering at verizon center?
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>> remember the last time he spoke in front of a pro israel group. he caused a stir. this time he is going in with a different strategy. we hear he is preparing remarks, more substantive speech. different from donald trump who usually speaks off the cuff. this is an effort for him to be presidential. it is interesting because people don't have worries about hi support for israel until he became a presidential candidate and started to say questionable things on the campaign trail. this is an effort to smooth out issues and try to convince, especially republicans, he is supportive enough of israel he would be a supportive president of israel if he does win the nomination. >> stand by. brianna at the verizon center, 18,000 pro israel advocates will be there. what are the expectations you are hearing over there for trump's address later today? >> they are not sure what to expect, wolf. what i can tell you is by and
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large folks here are not fans of what they have heard from donald trump so far. some of his remarks that they took not to be supportive of israel where he talked about not being neutral in the palestinian-israel conflict. that is the an it this sis of what th -- antithesis of what they wanted to hear. they said we have invited some candidates who we don't necessarily agree with in substance and tone. you knew what they were talking about. they implored the crowd to be polite. they said if you agree, clap. if you don't agree clap, don't clap. i think there's certainly some concern about some folks who could walk out or even if will is some interruption because of donald trump's appearance here. >> how did hillary clinton do?
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she spoke this morning at the aipac gathering. what was her bottom line message? >> well, her bottom line message is that she is the person who is best equipped to deal with foreign policy as president. and the other -- i think the other bottom line was that donald trump is not. that was her message. she hit him over and over again. this was a very receptive crowd to that. she took aim at a his statements about being neutral in the israeli-palestinian conflict so you can negotiate a peace accord. she actually said that he basically without naming names by donald trump, she called him a bully. said he inspires violence and practicing bigotry. here's more of what she said. >> israel's security is nonnegotiable. we need steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday
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because everything is negotiable. some things aren't negotiable and anyone who doesn't understand that has no business being our president. if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> the rnc responding to some of hillary clinton's remarks saying only a republican president will reverse this administration's break with israel. highlighting that at times rather frosty relationship between netanyahu and president obama, but even hillary clinton was drawing contrast between herself and president obama. she's aware that there have been concerns about the obama administration in this crowd an she wanted to convince folks here at aipac there will not be a wedge between her and israel if she is president.
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>> of the five remaining presidential candidates, only bernie sanders has decided not to come to washington to speak at the event. what's the reaction over there to his decision? >> i think there is some surprise and since bernie sanders is the only jewish candidate in the race but he made the calculation he needs to concentrate on the western contest. they are trailing in the delegate count with hillary clinton but he will give a foreign policy speech tonight in utah where he will try to make his case and address some of the things that he would have addressed had he come to aipac but it is a noticeable absence, wolf. >> thank you so much. we will get back to you. i want to talk about this with our political panel. joining us is the former congressional director of the black caucus, cnn political
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comment tart, and john phillips, radio talk show host of kaec and donald trump supporter. thank you for joining us. what are you hearing about this private meeting going on right now that trump is meeting with some republican lawmakers? i assume he's trying to reassure them that if he is the nominee he can work with congress and the republican leadership. >> we have been saying for months trump is about to pivot and become more normal, more of a traditional politician who wants to bring people together. every time he starts to do that he starts to do something else. maybe this is the beginning of that. there's some push back from people like erick erickson, conservative talk radio host and conservative blogger who is part of the never trump campaign who thinks republicans are selling out by even meeting with him. i think the most interesting person attending is tom cotton who does not seem like the type of republican that becomes a donald trump fan. i'm curious why he is there.
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why is tom cotton there? that's the question. >> senator phillips from arkansas is an iraq war veteran, harvard law school graduate. obviously he has a huge future ahead of him right now. give us your analysis. what is he doing there and what is the meeting about? >> this is the establishment acknowledging that trump is the only game in town. it may be one of the situations where your daughter is dating this guy who maybe has long hair and tatoos and piercings you don't like but they are engaged and they are going to get married and you don't like it but finally come to ak only in they are going to get married and if you want to see the grand kids you better make nice. that's what the republican establishment is doing right now. they don't like donald trump and prefer another candidate to be the nominee, but that's not in the cards this year. this is them passively acknowledging that. >> what's your reaction when you hear about the meeting going on. angela, you have been in closed
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door meetings with politicians of over the years? >> sure. first and foremost, some attendees are fascinated with his ride. some people that really want to foe how this happened. i know earlier today there were a lot of reports there were going to be super pacs who use it against these republican participants. i think the folks listed are but i don't think ate is the case -- >> this is john kasich who is a republican presidential candidate, won his home state of ohio saying this is going all the way. listen to what he said on cnn's "new day" today. >> there's not going to be enough delegates for anybody. when we go to a convention they will consider two things, who can win in the fall and i'm the only person that can win in the fall? >> i don't think he is right. i think it is possible that donald trump could beat hillary. i think it is possible that ted cruz could beat hillary. if you are looking at electability is your primary
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concern, kasich should be on the ticket. go to the convention, don't let donald trump get the 1237 delegates and maybe kasich is the compromise running mate of donald trump. >> let me get your reaction to what kasich said that he's the only person to run the republican candidate that could win a general election. >> okay. it is mathematically impossible for him to pick up the delegates required. >> what if there is a contested convention? no one gets the nomination on the first ruchbl it goes to a second, third or fourth run and he emerges as the nominee. >> that's a hail mary pass. that hasn't happened in the republican party in years and years and years. it goes to a contested convention, that opens the flood gates to other candidates. people whose names that weren't necessarily on the ballot in the primary. say everyone will rush to john kasich. this could open things up up for mitt romney, for paul ryan, in this case the trump people are
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going to go bananas if they come in there with a plurality. i don't see that as a likely scenario. i think john kasich -- if john kasich thinks he is going to be the nominee, he's delusional. >> i don't believe that john kasich could be the nominee. i also think that it isry do ridiculous that the plurality is a majority. it is not. if they are behold on the the republican party which he agrees to do that said he wasn't going to run as an independent he needs to be beholden to it. >> say trump gets almost 1237, say he is 100 short but other candidates are 500 or more short, it would be -- he said his supporters might riot if he didn't get the nomination. >> i get it. that's the problem. he should stop encouraging riots. >> we will see donald trump do something unusual today at the aipac speech. we're told he will have a
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prepared tech. he will read a speech. may have a teleprompter there. we haven't seen that so far all of these many months. >> it raises the question, can he do it? will he be good at it? a lot of his appeal has been he is impromptu and not scripted. he's not a regular politician. again, he's been saying for a long time now at some point he pivots and becomes a traditional politician maybe he can bring people to support him. he's got a lot of ground to make up. most pompbly, what he said about being a neutral broker between the palestinian and israel. that is a big, big deal. can he clean that up in his speech? he is going to need a teleprompter if he pulls that off. >> we shall see. more to discuss. this important note to our viewers, later tonight at 8 p.m. eastern, anderson coop canner and i will be interviewing all five remaining presidential candidates. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. you can see one of those
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interviews, by the way, early. i will be speaking to donald trump in "the situation room" 5:00 p.m. eastern. join us for that. coming up, history in the making. president obama the cuban president, raul castro. they are meeting right now in havana and expected to speak to the news media this our. part of the congressional delegation traveling with president obama right now is standing by to join us live from havana. thors may already be getting valuable information from the alleged paris attacker who was captured in belgium. was he planning another terror attack?
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. it was unthinkable a year and a half or so ago a warm hand shake between cold war foes in cuba. after decades of animosity marked a critical moment. the two are meeting at the palace of the revolution in havana.
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earlier president obama honored the cuban revolutionary hero with a wreath at his memorial. it was a moment of respect in an ie don'tic location, revolution square where fidel castro's speeches once drew massive crowds. members of congress, along with business leaders accompanied president obama on this historic visit to cuba. among them, democratic senator from minnesota. she is joining us live. thank you for joining us. in a nutshell, how significant do you believe this visit is? >> well, this is significant for the people of cuba who have been way ahead of their government. all of those 500,000 entrepreneurs that want to do business with the united states. i also think it is significant for the people of america to see their president here. to see a major league baseball team play and to realize that congress has been holding things up. it would mean more jobs for the
10:20 am
u.s. from minnesota we see the potential, the exports and people want to get in there and do business. 11 million people 90 miles off our shore. >> i want to play a clip. this is donald trump, the republican front runner speaking about castro's absence at the airport when president obama arrived. listen to this. >> he landed in cuba, and raul castro, or fidel castro, but raul castro, who's the head of cuba, one there to greet him. he wasn't there for the president of the united states. i mean, we are amateur hour, folks. amateur hour. honestly, obama should have turned the plane around and left. no, he should have. he should have turned it around. he should have said bye-bye. >> your reaction to that. you landed around the same time obviously. >> i say that for 55 years,
10:21 am
presidents have been saying bye-bye and look at where it has gotten us. we cut off a relationship, no better human rights than cuba and today the president had extensive meetings with raul castro. there's a big dinner tonight. and so far people have been greeted with open arms by so many entrepreneurs in cuba to say we want to change this policy. we have had it with the socialism in the country and we want a different government. we want to push the envelope. the only way you do that is by opening diplomatic relationship like our president has done and the business interest here, incredible number of ceos want to do business here. it is best for america and lest get it moving. he can use the rhetoric and fingerpointing and making fun of everything but there is real work being done here. >> i know you are there with other members of congress there. trying to lead this bipartisan effort to lift the u.s. embargo against cuba. congress will have to pass legislation.
10:22 am
do you have enough support in the senate to pass that legislation? >> we are 24 authors, cosponsored on the bill. the senator is with me and has done incredible work with me for years. we feel good about the bill. we need it to come to the floor, go through the banking committee to the floor. if you just lift the travel ban, which the president is valuianly trying to do. if we don't lift the embargo they will be sleeping in spanish hotels and eating chinese food. we need america to be here and working with cuba. >> as you know, there have been some highly publicized arrests of political dissidents in havana over the past few days. this is seen as another snub at the president of the united states. i know you are worried about the human rights situation in cuba right now. what have you seen on the ground? >> well, first of all, i think it is incredibly important that the president is meeting with
10:23 am
dissident leaders. he will be meeting with the group of women who have so courageously been protesting through the catholic church. the ladies in white. he will be meeting with leading dissidents. a few have been released but there is so much work to be done and the way you get it done is working with the church and the jewish community and having a president willing to come and speak to the people of cuba. and that's what you will hear from our president tomorrow. >> senator, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. we'd love to have you at the baseball game tomorrow. it's going to be good. >> tampa bay is playing the national team of cuba. we'll see who wins that game. thank you very much for that. days after the capture, paris terror suspect salah abdeslam, authorities are trying to track down another suspect. we have an update on the investigation. plus, we're awaiting president obama, the cuban president castro, they will be
10:24 am
speaking -- these are live pictures right now. they will be speaking following their historic meeting in havana. you will see and hear it live here on cnn. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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live pictures from havana right now. president obama and the cuban leader raul castro, they are set to speak at any moment now. the president just released a statement saying one president cannot are race decades of history that have left so many cubans in poft or exiled but sometimes the most important changes begin with the smallest step. i believe in the cuban people
10:29 am
and the desire of the future of their own and i believe changing the way we do things will over time help to make that possible. we will bring you the president's remarks live when they happen. you are looking at historic pictures from havana. the president of this united states shaking hands moments ago with raul castro. standby for that. right now i the latest in the investigation of the paris terrorist attacks. a manhunt is under way for a newly identified suspect. they are looking for this man who they say traveled to hungary with captured terror suspect salah abdeslam two months before the paris attacks in november. look at this. newly released footage showing the raid where salah abdeslam was captured alive on friday. take a listen to the exchanges of gun fire. discuss these late-breaking
10:30 am
developments with our terrorist correspondent. prosecutors said they are far from solving the entire nature of the paris attacks but are moving closer. there's a lot of work to be done. >> a couple of things they have to do here. we apparently have a suspect in custody, salah abdeslam is talking. the first question they are going to have, wolf, is not about the paris attacks. it will be about people. this is a human hunt. to prevent the next attack you have to determine whether people provided documents, who kept salah abdeslam when he bent back to brussels and you have to take them down before there is another attack. they bb desperate now they see the noose tightening. >> when prosecutors say salah abdeslam is talking, giving them information that is broadcast on local tv and radio. that's got to make some of the other suspects nervous. >> that's not the only thing. this is a unique case.
10:31 am
typically they go down in a hail of gun fire. they do not want to be taken. it is interesting that he declined to participate in aed is attack. we haven't talked about the second piece. that is document exploitation. did they get hard drives, laptops, phones, that in addition to the interrogation is the fastest way to find the footprint around the next attackers who did he talk to. >> he was on the run for four months and caught blocks from his parents' home in belgium right there. that suggests there were a lot of people helping him. >> i think it suggests a couple of things. not only people helping him. we learned he wasn't always with friends. he was in abandoned houses which suggests he did not have an commit plan but a broader issue is a culture n this case in belgium, you see the same thing in the u.k. and france where there are communities that feel disenfranchised and don't want to talk to law enforcement. it is about keeping the state out of their neighborhoods. >> investigators are currently
10:32 am
investigating 244 terror-related cases in belgium right now. it seems like a lot . >> it seems like a lot. you can not verdict that number of cases. when you hear language like that, you have to understand you have a top 10, top 5% of people who may have traveled to syria of people you can prove have access to weapons and explosives. you may have people doing fund-raising on the periphery. even the fbi, you want to do 250 cases simultaneously that's too much. >> what does it say about what potentially could happen in the united states based on what is happening in france and belgium right now? >> i think we have a similar situation. our numbers are smaller. they are dealing with thousands. we may be dealing with hundreds. the problem is in either circumstance, the parallel is we are dealing with so many cases, more than fbi in 2005, 2008, or 2010 you can't cover them simultaneously. something will happen. >> phil m urk dd, thank you for joining us.
10:33 am
several members of congress at the meeting with donald trump. why the private sit down was called, who attended and what may come out of it and president obama is expected to speak live any moment to the cuban president raul cass zero. we will bring you those moments live. we stop arthritis pain,
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. once again, they will speak about the historic trip to cuba. moment ago the president released a statement saying among other things, let me read it to our viewers, i have come
10:38 am
to havana to extend friendship to the people. i am here to bury the last vestige and forge a new era of understanding to improve the daily lives of the cuban people. that's from the president of the united states. we will bring you his speech as soon as it begins. stand by for that. tonight on cnn the final five presidential candidates making their pitch before tomorrow's western primaries. each of the candidates sitting down for a one-on-one interview with myself and anderson cooper. i want to bring back our political panel to discuss what is going on. matt, we just got from the "washington post," donald trump while he was in washington sat down with the editorial board of the "washington post" and listed his policy advisers.
10:39 am
first time he has done so. he's been urn pressure to release that list. he said according to the "washington post," carter paige, george and a few others. he has released a list. under urn pressure to do so. your reaction. >> he has been urn pressure and promising to do this for weeks now. maybe it is the beginning where donald trump pivots and becomes a traditional politician that people can coalesce behind. it is tough for trump because if you want to find someone who is an experienced foreign policy expert and has experience in a presidential administration, you have to go to a democrat or someone who worked for the george wchl bush administration. so these are serious people looks like. smart, serious people he got. that's the problem. you can't go and get james
10:40 am
baker, so you will choose people not at the upper echelon or people associated with the george w. bush era. >> i think it is fair to say the better he does in the campaigns the more likely some experienced national security types will volunteer to go and work for him because they are looking at they would like to serve as a national security adviser or secretary of state or defense. >> no question. as he moves closer to the convention in cleveland and looks more and more like the nominee every day, all of these people, or many of them will sign on board. donald trump, while he hasn't had any specifics on what he could do in terms of foreign policy he's been consistent with his big picture idea. and from a president that's what you need. a lot of these guys have specific policy goals and detailed papers on their website, but the reality is when you go to wug washington and you deal with congress and you make the sausage, often times what you end up with is nothing close
10:41 am
to what you promised during your campaign. the big picture is what the nominee and the candidate should focus on. donald trump hass been doing that. i think you are right, these experts and advisers will fill in the gaps. >> he said the other day on msnbc he was asked who are his advisers. he who do you talk to and he said i talk to myself. got some grief for speaking like that but now he has a list of advisers. >> quickly i want to point out this list is very important. the timing is important because he has a big foreign policy speech today at aipac. the problem is if he does not make the foreign policy advisers group look good by reaching the speech he is creating another problem for himself. i don't think it is making sausage but knowing what to put in the sausage, as well. >> you know donald trump, is he going to step up to the plate and hit a home run at the speech later today before the american-israel public affairs
10:42 am
committee? >> i think he will perform as well as he can. i think he will bring it. i don't think he will go off script and say anything unseemly but he has a lot to overcome. when you are on the record saying you want to be a neutral broker between palestine and israel. you are coming in to a room where there are problems you have to fix. it is hard to hit a home run. >> as you know, there's 18,000 aipac supporters who will be at verizon center, usually where the wizards play. it will be a huge audience there. we have already heard there will be some rabbis, religious leaders, others who will walk out as soon as he starts speaking. i'm assuming he is bracing for that. >> there is a chance that the audience could be less than warm to donald trump when he speaks today. the donor class, the people influential and active enough to show up to these events don't like donald trump.
10:43 am
that much we know. the polls show people like donald trump. a poll out of israel shows donald trump as the most popular republican candidate right now in the race. they also in the same poll showed that they trust donald trump on israeli issues more than hillary clinton with plurality. it is one of these recurring themes we see over and over again. and if i were donald trump i would focus on immigration. that resonates with a lot of people that care about the security of israel. they have a restrictive immigration policy. they have a wall and let's face it if we were more hawkish on immigration we wouldn't let the sn snar refs in the country. i would beat the drum on that if i were trump. >> you want to respond? >>. >> i don't. there's so much in that and wolf
10:44 am
you probably have other -- let's end there. >> let's talk an bernie sanders. i'm fine on twitter. >> let's talk about the democratic candidate. bernie sanders, first of all put up on the screen the current delegate count. with the super delegates she had 1,643. he had 868. if you subtract super delegates she has 1171 and he has 885. pressure is not building on him to stop talking negatively about hillary clinton and focus his attention on donald trump. to which he said this, listen -- >> when we began this campaign about ten months ago, the general feeling of the media and the pundits is we were looking at a coronation, that there was an anointed candidate who would simply and quietly get the democratic nomination.
10:45 am
ten months -- ten months have come and gone, doesn't look to me like that's the case. [ cheers and applause ] >> so clearly he's going to argue there's significant differences between himself and hillary clinton. he keeps talking about she takes wall street money. he sglunt a come of things. he's 100% right. the media made it clear they thought hillary clinton was a shoe in. i think the reality is now she is probably a shoe in. the other part is bernie sanders has made hillary clinton a much stronger candidate. she has come out far more aggressive than she has been on issues, like on wall street, on criminal justice reform and it's often times apologized for the record of the clintons in the '90s on criminal justice issues. in that regard he made a her a better candidate. the challenging piece is now what is his role? that's the question you are asking now. can he stay in until the convention it would be great to see them come together as so she
10:46 am
has more traction with progressives, young people. >> she a better general election candidate because he will stay in the race presumably until the election. >> what it is as to up. -- toss up. in a way having a coronation is not better. i wonder about forcing her out on the left if that opens her to vuler inn 't, especially if somebody other than donald trump emerges to take her on. >> all right. we will continue to watch this race. obviously a lot going on. thank you to all of you. all day tomorrow, by the way, we will bring you the latest on the western tuesday primaries and caucuses in idaho, arizona and utah. stay with us all day tomorrow only here on cnn. once again, we are waiting and watching for president obama and cuban president raul castro to speak to the news media after meeting for two hours in havana.
10:47 am
you are looking at live pictures right now. we will bring you the president's remarks live from cuba as soon as he begins speaking. stay with us.
10:48 am
10:49 am
live pictures coming in from havana. expecting to hear momentarily from president obama. the president has been meeting with raul castro, the cuban leader. these are going to be his first public remarks since meeting with president castro during this historic visit to cuba. the first time an american
10:50 am
president has visited cuba in 88 years. as we await the president, let's bring in cnn analyst lisandro perress, the chair of the studies department at john jay college, the founder of the cuban research institute also at florida international university. thank you for joining us, as we wait for the president of the united states to speak. what is your sense about this visit? is it more symbolic or more substantive? >> i think there's a lot ofemen i think the president is looking for substantivivive improvement in the relationship it i don't think we'll see a breakthrough on any of the things both governments want to resolve. i think the president has got nine months in office. i think he wants to move it forward. but of course he can't move it. he's within a certain limited, you know, constraint on how he can change the relationship because only congress can
10:51 am
actually lift the epbarring emb. so i think this trip is really to push the envelope here and really open up cuba as much as he can. >> i'm reading from some of the advance text the white house released about the president's message. among other things, he says this, listen to this, he says there continue to be real and important differences between our governments including profound differences on the way to promote safety, security, opportunity and human rights but there's so much cubans and americans share. our passions, our hopes for the future, not to mention the love of baseball. it's a delicate line, try to promote human rights democracy in cuba, while at the same time establishing a new normalized relationship. >> yes, he's walking essentially a line here. for example, his meeting with the dissidents that's going to take place i believe later on today is an example of that. i think that's mainly for
10:52 am
consumption in the u.s. i don't see any substantive changes coming as a result of meeting with those dissidents. the dissident groups in cuba are groups. they're not an organized unified movement. they include bloggers. they include groups, political groups. they include the demonstrators, the lady in white. i think he's really doing the meeting because it's sort of expected of him in the u.s. but i don't think anything major is going to come out of it. it's something i think he needs to do. there are things in this trip that are for consumption in the u.s. and things that are for consumption of the cuban people. i think he's mainly in his message, you know, directing it at the cuban people and trying to end what has been a very unhealthy relationship. not just since the revolution but, indeed, historically, between cuba and the u.s. >> how blunt can he be when he delivers a speech and we're told it will be televised inside cuba, how blunt can he be in
10:53 am
talking about some of the human rights violations that the u.s. doesn't like that's going on in cuba right now? >> i expect that he's going to be very -- he was very blunt in the meeting with raul castro on the hup rights issue. i expect that his message to the cuban people when he speaks i believe tomorrow at the national theater, maybe it's later today, but when he speaks to the cuban people on television, i think he's going to bring a message of friendship. that the united states is no longer an enemy of cuba. i don't think he's going to address, for example, i listened to the interview with senator that you had and i don't think that the president is going to in that speech say we're interested in changing the government here. i think his message is this is for the benefit of the cuban people, and that's what essentially this visit is about. >> you heard donald trump say
10:54 am
president raul castro effecti effectively snubbed the president by not showing up at the airport to personally receive the president of the united states. do you believe that was a snub? >> the white house released a statement earlier today saying there was no expectation that president raul castro was going on there. now, that said, i was surprised, yesterday, when i saw president raul castro was not there because usually he does greet heads of state at the international airport. he's greeted the pope. he's greeted others. and so i was surprised at that. it may be simply there's an attempt, many ways, by the cuban government to lower expectations about this trip with the cuban population and sort of minimize to some extent its importance. interesting, also, they had no coverage at all of the motorcade going from the airport to the city it the cnn producers tell me they're dependent on the feed
10:55 am
from cuban television and that apparently did not come in because it wasn't covered to the cuban people so we couldn't tell the degree of enthusiasm, the size of the crowds. i think there's a limited coverage that the cuban government is doing about this visit. he's not -- they're not showing president with a lot of, you know -- sort of with the people, you know. and i'm a little disappointed at that. >> thank you very much for joining us. we'll hear from the president shortly. we're also getting some other news coming in to cnn. we're hearing the meeting between donald trump and republican members of congress ended. manu raju is outside the law offices where the meeting took place in d.c. what are you learning? >> this meeting just broke up. it was about roughly a 90-minute meeting. we are hearing about 2 dozen people attended. a lot of whom actually supported
10:56 am
donald trump. a lot of those trump supporters, members of the house who endorsed trump, just made the walk down here to talk to mr. trump. a lot of them said they have never met him before. not many neutral members of congress actually showed up here. one neutral senator did. that's senator tom cotton of arkansas, he did attend this meeting. some former officials as well. south carolina senator demint was here at this meeting as was newt gingrich. we're hearing this talk had a wide range of topics from foreign policy to what's happening in the republican party. trying to unify the republican party behind trump. particularly that was pushed by some trump supporters on capitol hill. not much talk about some other controversy that have dogged the trump campaign. including the violence at some of his rallies. a republican who supports trump
10:57 am
came out and we asked him if they discussed the violence happening at the rallies and he said they did not discuss that. it didn't sound like it got into the granular details of policy, but a lot of black and forth, a lot of questions and answers. one thing we did we're expecting a lot more of these meetings to happen, possibly with people who are not supporting donald trump next time as he tries to unify the party behind his candidacy. >> thank you very much. once again, we're still waiting for president to speak live in cuba. we'll have live coverage of that as soon as he begins. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back, 5:00 p.m. eastern, in ""the situation room"" and atle:00 p.m. eastern with the interviews with the five remaining presidential candidates. the news continues right after a quick break. play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure
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i'm erin burnett live in havana today. any minute, president obama and the cuban leader will speak live right here. the very first time an american president has set foot in cuba in nearly 90 years. a pretty stunning moment over the past couple of days. seeing the people here getting ready. some of the excitement on the streets. i want to go live to ed lavandera on the streets of havana. as we get ready, it's been a