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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 21, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening now, outsider and insider. donald trump meets with members of the republican establishment, introduces his foreign policy advisers and he speaks with me here in the situation room. courting votes. four of the five presidential candidates are addressing the top pro-israel advocacy group in washington offering very different takes in the middle east to very committed voters. and president obama in old havana. the u.s. president shakes hands with cuba's president castro at the palace of the revolution and declares that the u.s. embargo of the communist nation is going to end. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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let's get to the breaking news right now. we're here in the cnn election center, the presidential campaign is moving west with crucial contests tomorrow in arizona, utah and idaho. but the candidates are focusing their attention today right here on washington, the final five presidential hopefuls are sitting down for interviews right here on cnn. you'll see my interview with donald trump this hour. you can see all of the interviews later tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. donald trump has been meeting with the republican establishment figures here in a bid to mend fences and show off his leadership qualifications. for the first time he's released the list of his top national security and foreign policy advisers, but he's also creating a stir by suggesting the united states should cut back its involvement in nato. four of the five candidates are speaking today to aipac, the american-israel public affairs
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committee. bernie sanders is staying out there on the campaign trail. there are 131 democratic delegates up for grabs tomorrow in arizona, utah and idaho. republicans are battling for 98 delegates in arizona and utah. our correspondents, analysts and guests will have full coverage of all the day's top stories. he's been raising controversy out there on the campaign trail, but today donald trump is focused on raising his image in the eyes of washington insiders. cnn political reporter sara murray is following the story for us. sara, what's trump's mission in washington today? >> reporter: wolf, donald trump was almost behaving like a traditional presidential candidate today meeting with members of congress, unveil a list of foreign policy advisers, but of course it does not come without controversy for a republican party that still has deep doubts about its gop front-runner. >> because i'm an outsider. >> reporter: tonight the
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ultimate washington outsider is courting the d.c. establishment. >> they can't believe how far we've come. >> reporter: trump looking to strike a more serious tone, unveiling foreign policy advisers and holding a private meeting with members of congress and other republican power brokers. >> it's obvious that mr. trump will be our nominee. we need to take the fight to hillary clinton. >> reporter: both trump and his supporters now publicly urging the gop to rally behind him. >> you have a lot of people out there that you think are against me, and it's just politicians. they want to make a deal. they want to come in and be part of it. people really do want to be part of it. >> what will it take for them to join your team publicly then? >> i don't think much. they have to embrace what's happening. >> reporter: as trump and his gop rivals prepare to deliver foreign policy addresses in front of the country's pro-israel lobby, trump said it was his jewish son-in-law and real estate developer who helped shape his speech. >> and jared spoke to many of his friends from israel.
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>> reporter: while john kasich trolled trump on twitter, highlighting his own lengthy list of advisers. meanwhile trump is still facing questions about violence at his campaign events. now the head of the rnc weighing in. >> we're not a party that likes violence. you ought to leave some of the work in the crowd up to the professionals. >> reporter: as trump insists the blame belongs to the protesters. >> they blocked the road, they used foul language, they put up signs using the f-bomb and all sorts of language that was terrible. >> reporter: other gop contenders aren't letting him off the hook. >> sadly, donald trump continues that path of spreading hatred, spreading division, and it's fundamentally wrong. >> reporter: now, of course, wolf, we are waiting to see how donald trump fares at aipac this evening. he's made some comments that have been unsettling to some of these groups in the past.
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he's hinted that he's been speaking to advisers and his son-in-law, maybe rethinking some of those positions, so we should hear from him soon, wolf. >> donald trump's closest rival, senator ted cruz, is getting ready to speak to the american israel public affairs committee's convention here in washington. sunlen serfaty is joining us right now. sunlen, i'm going to be speaking shortly with donald trump. we're going to get his sense of what's going on right now, his address before aipac. that's coming up later as well. first, what are your sources telling you we should expect to hear from senator cruz tonight? >> reporter: well, all signs, wochl, point to a much more aggressive ted cruz tonight. campaign officials tell me that he will bring this platform, will use this speech as a platform to draw very clear policy differences and contrasts with donald trump over israel. specifically they say he will lay into donald trump over these comments that he made about remaining neutral in the israeli-palestinian conflict,
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something that senator cruz regularly brings up on the campaign trail. also cruz campaign officials tell me he will try to connect hillary clinton to donald trump over policy issues. you know, senator cruz was never intended to speak to aipac, he only confirmed that he would speak there after donald trump cancelled his appearance at the salt lake city debate. from the very start cruz campaign officials said although this is not a debate setting, very clear that they will bring the heat against donald trump tonight. >> sunlen, this is a critical week for senator cruz, isn't it? >> it absolutely is and cruz campaign officials are not downplaying this notion. a campaign official telling me over the weekend that every week is important but this one is especially important given the time sensitive nature, and that struck me, of conservatives rallying around ted cruz. they really feel they have the momentum here but of course they need to hold on to it and point to the support of senator graham and mitt romney saying he will vote for cruz in the utah primary.
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if he can do well in utah and arizona that will be a lot of momentum, and perhaps reshape the narrative around ted cruz's campaign. wolf. >> mr. trump, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> this is your first day in washington in quite a while. i know there's a lot of focus today on foreign policy. let me ask you about u.s. participation in nato. do you think the united states needs to rethink u.s. involvement in nato? >> yes, because it's costing us too much money and, frankly, they have to put up more money. they're going to have to put some up also. we're paying disproportionately, it's too much and frankly it's a different world than it was when we originally conceived of the idea and everybody got together. but we are taking care of, as an example, the ukraine. the countries over there don't seem to be so interested. we're the ones taking the brunt of it. so i think we have to reconsider -- keep nato but maybe eve to pay a lot less toward the nato itself. >> when you say keep nato, nato has been around since right
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after world war ii in 1949. it's been a cornerstone of u.s. national security around the world. nato allies hear you say that, they're not going to be happy. >> well, they might not be happy, but they have to help us also. we are paying disproportionately. very importantly, if you use ukraine as an example, and that's a great example, the countries surrounding ukraine, they don't seem to care as much about it as we do. so there has to be at least a change in philosophy. there also has to be a change in the cut-up, the money, the spread, because it's too much. >> so you're really suggesting the united states should decrease its role in nato? >> not decrease its role but decrease the spending. we are spending a tremendous amount in nato and other people proportionately less, no good. >> what do you say with allies who are watching and they're not happy. >> what, they're not happy. what, we're spending a fortune. we are spending tremendous amounts of money. you look at countries that circle other countries. they're not as bothered by it as we are. so you have to make them happy. but the kind of money -- look,
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we owe $19 trillion, it's going to be $21 trillion very soon with the crazy omnibus budget that they just passed, which is ridiculous. we can't afford to do all of this anymore to the same extent. that was a different time, it was a different age. >> let's talk about what you told "the washington post" earlier today. you suggested the u.s. should be noninterventionist but in our last debate you suggested maybe the u.s. would have to deploy 20,000 or 30,000 troops in iraq and syria to destroy isis. >> what i said was that the military tells me you'd need 20,000 or 30,000 troops. i wouldn't deploy 20,000. i'd get people from that part of the world to put up the troops and i'd certainly give them air power and air support and some military support. but i wouldn't ever put up 20,000 or 30,000. >> so if a military commander said to you we need 20,000 to 30,000 troops and send them to iraq or syria, you said you'd listen to the generals.
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>> i do listen to the generals but i would much rather have people in the local area put up the troops. to me that's very important. we've had -- look, we've spent $2 trillion at least in iraq. we're spending trillions of dollars in the middle east. you know what we are now? we're further back than we were 15 years ago. we are in such bad shape. the middle east is a disaster for us. in the meantime our country is crumbling. we have a country, the roads are no good, the hospitals are no good, the airports are third world airports. you look at laguardia and kennedy and l.a.x. and all of the airports. you go to other countries, you go to dubai and you go to qatar and other countries, it's like unbelievable. wolf, we have to rebuild our country. >> let's talk about the subject of your speech today at aipac, israel. hillary clinton spoke this morning at the aipac conference. listen to what she said. listen to this clip. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday,
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because everything's negotiable. well, my friends, israel's security is nonnegotiable. >> she's talking about you. what's your response? >> i agree with her on the last statement, it is nonnegotiable. and frankly she is just doesn't know me, she doesn't know my policy, she doesn't know what i'm going to be doing and she certainly doesn't know what i'm going to be saying today at 5:00. >> she says you don't have steady hands. >> i have steady hands, look at these hands. look where she got us. look at libya, look at the migration, look at benghazi. i mean here's a woman that's talk. she's just -- you know, she's just reading it off a teleprompter. believe me, they write that for her. look at the job, probably in history -- although i think john kerry may even be worse, i'm not sure after the iran deal. but look at what she's done. >> she's referring to your comment that you wanted to be neutral as a negotiator to try to ahe have an
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israeli-palestinian peace agreement. >> i would love to be neutral if it's possible. it's probably not possible because there's so much hatred. there's so much going on, i am very pro-israel. i've always been pro-israel. i have many awards from israel, many awards. i've contributed a lot of money to israel. there's nobody more pro-israel than i am. we have to protect israel. israel is so important to us. >> what do the palestinians need to do for a u.s. president to be neutral in trying to achieve a peace agreement? >> i would love to achieve a peace agreement. >> what do the palestinians need to do? >> they have to end terror, okay. they have to stop with the terror because what they're doing with the missiles and with the stabbings and with all of the other things that they do, it's horrible and they have got to -- it's got to end. now, i have many, many friends from israel and jewish friends. everybody wants to see peace. it seems to me the all-time olympics in peace in a deal. can you make that deal between israel and the palestinians.
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i think the answer is maybe. i never say that. >> what else do they have to do besides stopping terror? >> i think a primary thing is stopping terror. if you look at what's going on, a primary thing is stopping terror. by the way, in another hour, i'm going to be explaining exactly what i think they have to do and what israel has to do and i think you'll be very surprised by what i have to say. but look, one thing they have to do is they have to stop the stabbings, the weapons, the military. what they're doing is incredible. they killed a young man -- a young soldier last week. they stabbed him. this is crazy. now, from the time they're born, they're educated a certain way. it's got to change. it's a bad mindset going on, wolf. >> back in december you seemed to question whether israel would be willing to make the concessions it would need to make to achieve a two-state solution, israel and palestine. what are you expecting from israel, what kind of concessions? >> i can say this, i can say
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this. i believe that beb efe and almo everybody over there wants a deal done. that's what i'm going to be discussing in one hour. >> which discussions, for example, would you want israel to stop building settlements in east jerusalem and the west bank? >> i'm going to discuss that in one and a half hours from now? >> can you give us a sense? >> i really can't. the biggest thing from my standpoint, there has to be a different way, there has to be a different attitude. of all the deals that i've ever seen, this is the one that's the most difficult. not the iran deal, which was a horrible deal, and we wouldn't want to have a deal like that. one other thing, i don't like the united nations getting involved in the negotiation. this has to be a deal between the palestinians and the israelis. you can't force a deal down the throats of both, but you know it will be a bad deal for israel if they do that. so i would veto a deal with the united nations. if the united nations forces a deal, i would veto that immediately. >> you would use the u.s. veto at the security council? >> that's not what deal making is about.
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that's not what you could -- they have to make their own deal. and i will try as president -- now, everybody has failed, everybody. but i will try as president to work out a peace agreement between israel and the palestinians. >> will you recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem? >> well, i'm going to discuss that in an hour, but the answer is yes, i would. >> when? >> fairly quickly. it's a process, but fairly quickly. the fact is i would like to see it moved, i would like to see it in jerusalem and i will be talking about that in one hour. >> hillary clinton at the aipac meeting today also said this, referring to you. listen. >> encouraging violence, playing coy with white supremacists, calling for 12 million immigrants to be rounded up and deported, demanding we turn away refugees because of their religion and proposing a ban on all muslims entering the united states. if you see bigotry, oppose it.
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if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> she's talking about you. >> i guess. i mean, look, we have to be vigilant. our country is under siege, we're under attack. we're under attack in virtually every way. our economy is falling apart, we're sitting on a big fat bubble. our trade deals are no good, our health care is no good, our security is no good. look what happens in our country. our security is no good. people are pouring across the border. people that are convicted criminals are pouring across the border. we have to be vigilant, we have to be smart or we're not going to have a country any longer. >> as you know, dozens of rabbis and other jewish religious leaders, they're protesting your speech at aipac. among other things, they say as jews we must take a stand against hate. we denounce in the strongest possible terms the bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and misogyny expressed by mr. trump. what do you say to those rabbis
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and others? >> well, i heard about it. i'll have to see what happens. are they going to leave or do they want to hear what i have to say. i have a very good chance of getting the nomination. >> those are strong words. >> well, look, i've heard words. i've heard hillary's words, which are largely false, by the way. i will say this, we do have to practice vigilance, we have to be smart. we are not being smart, we're being very foolish right now. we can't take in the syrian refugees. we don't know where they come from. there's no paperwork, nobody knows. are they isis? >> what's your message to these rabbis and others who are so concerned about the words they have heard from you over these many months? >> my message to the rabbis is that i'm going to be great for israel. i am very pro-israel. i was the grand marshal of the israeli day parade a number of years ago when nobody else would have done it because it was a very bad and very dangerous time for israel. i will be very good for israel. now, president obama, the worst president that israel has ever -- i mean there's been nothing -- probably one of the worst things that's ever
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happened to israel is president obama's election. so if the rabbis want to leave, if some of them want to leave, that's okay. but the people that really understand me and they understand israel, they know i'm going to be the best -- >> their condemnation, they're not talking about israel, they're talking about bigotry, racism, xenophobia or misogyny. >> let's call it intelligence. we have to be careful. we have to be careful who we allow into the country. we've had tremendous problems. look what happened in california recently with a woman who comes in, radicalizes the guy. they walk into their workplace and kill 14 people. look what happened in paris, france. we have to be careful, wolf. >> i know you've disavowed david duke and the ku klux klan several times but why do you think these various white supremacists out there are supporting your campaign? >> i don't know because i am the least racist person you'll ever meet, so i don't know. i don't know that they really are. you're telling me that. >> well, the adl put out a list of ten white supremacists, an
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antisemitis who are supporting your campaign. >> i don't know why. i am certainly the least racist person. >> but you condemn them? >> of course i condemn them. always. >> you don't want their support? >> i don't want their support. i don't need their support. >> let's talk a little bit about cuba right now. historic moment. the president of the united states is in cuba as we speak right now, the first time in 88 years an american president has gone to cuba. if you're elected president, would you continue to normalize economic and diplomatic relations with cuba? >> probably so, but i'd want much better deals than we're making. for instance, i read where cuba expects to be bringing a major lawsuit against us for all of the problems that we've caused them over the last long period of time. for billions and billions of dollars. naturally before i did anything as to normalization, i would absolutely make them sign something that no way that suit is going to be brought. i thought it was very disrespectful when the president of the united states flies into
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cuba last night and castro wasn't there to meet him. wasn't there to meet him. now, he met the pope. he meets other leaders of much smaller countries, frankly less important countries and he wasn't there to meet the president getting off of air force one. i thought that was a very big slight, i'll be honest. i don't know how obama felt about that. i think that was a very, very big slight. >> so you say you're going to continue to try to normalize diplomatic and economic relations. would you open a trump hotel in havana? >> i would, i would. at the right time, when we're allowed to do it. right now we're not. i wouldn't do it on the basis that you get a 49% interest because right now you get a 49% interest. nobody knows even when the economics are or what they're going to do. and maybe it won't work out. but i will tell you, i think cuba has certain potential and i think it's okay to bring cuba into the fold, but you have to make a much better deal and you have to get all liabilities. you don't want to be sued in a year from now or two years from
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now for $4 trillion because they say we destroyed cuba. it has to be part of the deal. >> you're here in washington, first time in a while. you met with members of congress today. you're seen as an outsider. is there a turning point that you see right now happening in your race for the white house as a result of your success? >> well, i think the turning point has already taken place. i won florida by 20 points against a very popular sitting senator. i won other states. i've won now just about 22 plus islands. >> are you anxious to work with the so-called establishment, with members of the senate, members of the house -- >> many of them want to work with me. they're calling my office. people that i see -- >> but the people today were not the leaders. >> the leaders have called me. we'll see how the leaders react, but the leaders have called me. i've spoken to mitch mcconnell, i've spoken to paul ryan. we'll see what happens. it's a process. >> do you think you should have invited the congressional leadership, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell to this meeting today? >> this was just a meeting. this was a meeting of some very
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respected people. senator jeff sessions is a tremendous man, one of the most respected senators in the country. and a meeting of some senators, some congressmen and women. i think it was a very good meeting. >> john kasich, the ohio governor, the republican presidential candidate, said this on cnn. listen. >> everybody has got to face the fact that we're going to an open, multi-ballot convention. i won ohio because of mi message and my record and guess what, as a result of that, donald trump is not going to go to the convention with enough delegates. >> your response? >> i disagree. first of all, i almost boeat hi and he's been there a long time. had i had one more day or two more day, i would have beaten him. second of all, that night i won five states, between states and islands, i won five. nobody has i don't think ever done that. it was a very, very close race. but because i won so many others, it really nullified it, neutralized, as you know, because i've watched your
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reports. and i think i will win and perhaps easily without having to go through the machinations -- >> let's say you show up at cleveland and don't have the magic number of 1237 which is the number to be guaranteed on the first ballot. let's say you're 20 or 100 short. the chairman of the republican party, reince priebus, he says that that's not the rules. they would have to go along with the rules. what would happen if you're just short? >> well, i heard him say that. number one, i don't think i'm going to be there. i think i'm going -- >> will you go along with the rules? >> let me explain something. it's a little unfair because i have been competing against -- we started with over 17 people. then down to 15 and then 12 an 11 and 10. i had many, many people that i'm competing with. so when you talk about the majority plus one, it's a very unfair situation because we had so many people running for office. so one would get 2%, one would get 4% and i was always in the
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lead. just about from the beginning i've been leading. it's very unfair when i have all of these people running. it's not like i'm running against two people or three people, hillary is running against one person. i think that's very unfair. number two, i think i'm going to get the majority anyway. >> but if you don't, will you abide by the rules? >> well, i think this. i've had many, many people running against me. you understand what i mean. mathematically it's unfair. it's almost impossible to believe that i should do that, that i would be able to do it. i think i'll be able to do it. but i will say this, if i was at 1190, so i'm a little bit off, and i have millions of votes more than anybody else, because right now i have 2 million votes more than anybody else running for office, by a lot. >> so are you calling on the rnc to change the rules if you're close, you should still be the nominee? >> i think it's going to be very hard for them to do. i have millions of votes more than anybody else that's running, millions of votes. and again, that's also with a lot of people running. so, you know, it's more difficult. but i'd say the majority -- it's
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a tough thing when you have all these people. i had races, i guess, that started off where they started the primaries where there were 12, 14 people, something like that, maybe more than that, an i'm supposed to get half? so mathematically it's unfair. >> but those are the rules. >> well, it's -- look, you're supposed to have three people, two people, one person. you're supposed to have people, you're not supposed to have 17 people running. i think i'll do it anyway. i think i'll do it. i may do it easily because i think we'll have a big night in arizona and i think we'll do well in wisconsin. but i do say this. it's mathematically unfair. now, if i have millions of votes more and if i have 1100 and somebody else is down at 400, 500, i think it's awfully tough to take all of these people out of the system. >> i want to play for you what the house speaker, paul ryan, said about the word riots if that were to happen. listen to what he said. >> nobody should say such things in my opinion because to even address or hint to violence is
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unacceptable. >> now, you don't want any violence to emerge, right? >> of course i don't. >> you used the word "riots" twice. >> i said very simply if that happened i'll have no part in it but there could very well be riots. you know that's true. are we supposed to be so politically correct -- are we supposed to be so politically correct that we're not allowed -- i have people, millions and millions of people that have come out. it's the biggest story in world politics today are the number of people that came out. i mean these people are by the millions. and you see what's happening with the republicans. they're not coming for other people. >> i just want to be precise. will you unequivocally say to your supporters you don't want any violence or any riots at the defense. >> of course i would, 100%. but i have no control over the people. >> you have a lot of control over the people. a lot of people listen closely to what you say. >> these people have been disenfranchised, they lost their jobs. they make less money now than they made 12 years ago.
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people working hard and double jobs are making less money now in real dollars than they made 12 years ago. they see their jobs going to japan and china and mexico. mexico, forget it, it's the new china. you know what, they're very -- they're not by nature angry people, but i will tell you right now they're angry people. >> but you could calm them down with your words. >> i'd certainly try. i don't want to see -- but they're very angry people. they have been misled by politicians for years, and they're tired of it. that's why i'm doing so well and that's why i'm leading. >> do you understand why there's a sense of unease about you out there in the general public right now? >> no, i don't see that. i don't see that. i think i'll do very well in the general and i think i'll beat hillary very easily. i think i'll bring in states like michigan that was devastated by job loss, states like new york. >> the sense of unease, some of the words that you've said. the violence at the campaign rallies that they see on television outside -- >> we have not had anybody hurt at these --
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>> there have been people hurt. >> i have 21,000 people showed up the other day to arizona. i didn't have one protest. they tried to block the road, but outside of the road, once sheriff joe saw the cars -- >> you had to cancel that event in chicago. >> you know why? >> because you were afraid people could get hurt. >> i didn't want to see violence. i could have gone through that event and there would have been probably some problems. >> but you can understand why some people are nervous? >> i don't really. when i go into those rooms and i have by far the biggest crowds, much bigger than anybody and much bigger than bernie. he is second, i agree. but much bigger than anybody. we had 21,000 people in arizona. it was like a lovefest. those rooms are wonderful. but here's what happens. sometimes a protester acti erpr understand they're professional, they get into the room and start raising their voice and start screaming and sometimes they get physical, very physical, and they start screaming and making noise and it's a disgrace. sometimes they put themselves in front of the entrance doors so people can't get in. sometimes they try and block a car by chaining themselves to a
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car in the middle of the highway. they're the problem. my people aren't the problem. they're the problem. and the news doesn't cover it. you have agitators. these aren't even protesters. you have agitators. and they wait for me to make a final point and just before they'll start screaming at the top of their lungs. people are very upset about it. >> let me play this ad. this is a republican super pac. it's a very negative ad. >> a person who is very flat chested is very hard to be a 10. >> i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of her. look at that face. would anyone vote for that? >> she had the height, she had the beauty. she was crazy. but these are minor details. >> i like kids. i mean i mean i won't do anything to take care of them. i'll supply funds and she'll take care of the kids. >> you know, it really doesn't matter what they write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of [ bleep ]. >> has your language come back to haunt you? >> no. i think people understand. i think people -- first of all,
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half of that was show business. the dropping to the knees, that was in "the apprentice." the rosie o'donnell stuff. but i think people understand. look, these politicians, i know them. they say far worse when they're in closed doors or where they're with a group of people that they trust. a lot of that is show business stuff. you know in florida, the amazing thing, they spent $38 million in negative ads on me and i won by a record landslide. pretty amazing. >> that's not how you feel about women? >> of course not. nobody respects women more than i do. no one takes care of women and they take care of me. >> it's just show business? >> it's show business. i don't even know some of those statements. i don't even know what they are. nobody respects women more than i do. >> why do you keep -- >> by the way, i'll take care of women with women's health issues far better than hillary clinton, who's a total phony will take care of women, if she's even allowed to run. >> why do you keep attacking
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megyn kelly of fox? >> because every night on her show she does negative hits on me. every single night. and frankly if she didn't, her ratings would drop down far lower than yours. >> do you think it's presidential, though, to tweet about her and call her crazy? >> i don't care. it doesn't matter to me. she hits me, she's got a television show. she hits me. when it's unfair, i hit her back. she was fair in the second debate, i thought she was okay. could have done a little bit better, but that's okay. but i thought she was fine in the second debate and i said it. i told people. they asked me what did you think of megyn kelly? i thought she was fine. now, here's the story. every night, the show, it's like an infomercial, always negative stuff, always. not fair. so i will fight back with twitter. i will let people know she's a third rate talent. i will say what i have to say, it's very simple. but it's not fair that she -- you know, let her not talk about me. and by the way, seriously, if she didn't talk about me, her ratings would go down like a rock. >> fox news issued an
2:32 pm
extraordinary statement. your vitriolic attacks against megyn kelly and your extreme sick obsession of her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate. >> she's got the obsession. she's the one that puts me on her show every night. look at her show. look at the air time i get on her show and i don't do her show. she wants me to do it so badly. roger ailes wants me to do the show. they want to have a primetime special on fox network where megyn kelly interviews me. i said what's in it for me? what do i get out of it? you're going to get great ratings, what do i get out of it? no, i won't do it. don't tell me about obsession. she should do somebody else. if she didn't do me, watch what happens to her. watch. now, in the meantime, she's benefited greatly. she's hotter now than ever before because of me. she should give me at least of ha of her salary. let's talk about a few other issues before i let you go. before you lost iowa to ted cruz, you had a good relationship with him. is it at all realistic if you get the nomination you could call on this man, you call him
2:33 pm
lyin' ted, to be your vice presidential running mate? >> crazier things happen in politics. i've seen things happen that are really crazy? >> so you're not ruling that out? >> i think it's probably unlikely. and i did have a very good relationship. but i also had a relationship when i said when's it going to come. at some point it had to come. we were essentially with the last two standing because john is not doing so well. he's one for 28. he won his state and not by much. he won his state so he's 1 for 28. he's in because he's -- you know, he's a guy that doesn't want to get out. >> quick question on hillary clinton. you reescently said she has low energy, doesn't have the stam ma to be president. you're roughly the same age, so why do you say that. >> you watch her life and watch how she'll go away three or four days and come back. i just don't think she has the stamina. we've got to beat china in
2:34 pm
trade, we've got to beat isis. i say she does not have the stamina to be a good president. plus she's always got problem, whether it's whitewater or e-mails. it's always -- it's always drama. it should end. it should end. she shouldn't even be running. honestly, she shouldn't be allowed to run based on the e-mails to be totally honest with you. she's being protected. but hillary clinton does not have the stamina, doesn't have the energy, stendoesn't have it. doesn't have the strength to be president in my opinion. >> mr. trump, thank you very much. >> and we're just a few hours away from a cnn presidential primetime event. the democratic and republican candidates, all five of them, they make their cases to the voters. the final five candidates, that special, a three-hour special from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. eastern tonight. anderson cooper and i will moderate, you'll want to see it. much more of our special coverage coming up, including we're standing by to hear from john kasich. he's getting ready to address the american israel public
2:35 pm
affairs committee. ted cruz will be delivering his speech. donald trump is getting ready to speak there as well. we'll have extensive live coverage. much more coming up right after this. during the lexus command performance sales event... [sportscaster vo] there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our highest expressions of luxury. including the visionary ls... the generously appointed es... and the new, eight-passenger lx. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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2:37 pm
john kasich has just started speaking, let's listen in. >> came together in a bipartisan way to call for naton shiranski's release. you know, gordy had taken him into the oval office to meet with president reagan.
2:38 pm
when the meeting ended, mrs. shiranski was told by the president i will not rest until your husband is free. that story has always inspired me from the day gordy first introduced me to abitel. i don't know how many of you have read his book, "fear no evil." naton wrote in that book as i related to him and he said i'm glad that you saw it. that when they went to him in the prison, they wanted him to confess something and they said to naton, well, you understand that galileo even confessed. and think about shiranski sitting in that prison in that solitary confinement. and he thought to himself and told them, you're using galileo against me? no one will ever use me against any other prisoner of conscience. for that, he deserves to always be remembered.
2:39 pm
i had a phone conversation with naton for years but never had the chance to meet him. ironically, i met him at the cemetery when we laid gordy to rest, where naton gave a eulogy on behalf of our great friend. look, i want it to be clear to all of you that i remain unwavering in my support for the jewish state and the unique partnership between the united states and israel. [ applause ] when i was first introduced to israel and some of its leaders, of course the core of our
2:40 pm
partnership with israel was already very well defined. we give thanks to harry truman for the courageous steps he took when israel was first established. and i applaud our continuing legacy of support for the jewish state and the struggles, inventiveness and vitality of the jewish people. this legacy is one that i will not only honor in my administration but will take active steps to strengthen and expand. i want you all to know something very special to me, because it was at a ceremony recognizing the holocaust that as governor i proposed that we build a permanent memorial so that people and particularly our young people could understand the history and the lesson of man's inhumanity to man and the incredible suffering visited upon the jews across the globe.
2:41 pm
i worked with such prominent ohioans as the ratners, and others over three years to make it happen. they told me it could not be done and i said you watch me, we will build a memorial. the memorial finally was designed by daniel leadskin and it was the first of its find in the nation. you all please come to columbus and look at it, it is just beautiful. but i want to tell you that a very good friend of mine, victor goodman, a prominent member of the jewish community in ohio, asked me to take him over to look at that memorial before it was unveiled. we walked over behind the tarp. i had my arm around his shoulder and we read the inscription and the memorial together. and i will never forget when he finished reading it, he buried his head in my chest and went.
2:42 pm
-- wept. and we wept together. and he looked at me and he said, john, thank you for what you have done here. this will exist as long as the state of ohio exists. as you may know, i served on the house armed services committee for 18 years, and i worked to implement ronald reagan's strategy to revitalize our military and to defeat the soviet union. together my colleagues in congress and i gave our alliance with israel meaning. we assured israel's continuing qualitative military edge by authoring the initial $10 million for the arrow iron dome anti-missile program that we know is so critical to the security of israel. [ applause ] we supported the fanton 2000 program guaranteeing israeli air superiority with the latest fighters and the transfer of reactive armor technology that
2:43 pm
has made the israeli tanks so effective. i think it can be fairly said that my support and friendship for our strategic partner, israel, has been firm and unwavering for more than 35 years of my professional life. [ applause ] israel is the only democracy in the middle east, has turned into faithful and dependable friends. the american friends of israel are not fair weather friends. they recognize the strategic hinge with israel and that america's and israel's interests are tightly intertwined, despite our inevitable agreements from time to time. we share a critically important common interest in the middle east, the unrelenting opposition to iran's attempts to develop nuclear weapons. [ applause ] in march of 2015, when the prime
2:44 pm
minister spoke out against the iran nuclear deal before a joint session of congress, i flew to washington and stood on the floor of the house of representatives that was in session, the first time i had visited since we had been in session in 15 years, and i did it to show my respect, my personal respect to the people of israel. [ applause ] and i want you all to know that i have called for the suspension of the u.s.' participation in the iran nuclear deal in reaction to iran's recent ballistic missile tests. [ cheers and applause ]
2:45 pm
these tests were both a violation of the spirit of the nuclear deal and provocations that can no longer be ignored. one of the missiles tested had printed on it in hebrew, can you believe this, israel must be exterminated. and i will instantly gather the world and lead us to reapply sanctions if iran violates one crossed t or one dot of that nuclear deal. we must put the sanctions back on them as the world community, together. [ applause ] let me also tell you no amount of money that's being made by any business will stand in the way of the need to make sure that the security of israel is secured and that iran does not
2:46 pm
have a nuclear weapon. no amount of money can push us in the wrong direction. and i want you to be assured that in a kasich administration, there will be no more delusional agreements with self-declared enemies. no more. and as the candidate in this race with the deepest and most far-reaching foreign policy and national security experience, ladies and gentlemen, i don't need on-the-job training, i will not have to learn about the dangers facing this country and our allies, i have lived these matters for decades. one day -- and on day one in the oval office i will have in place a solid team of experienced and dedicated people who will implement a long-term strategic program to assure the security and safety of this country and that of its allies, such as israel. i will lead and make decisions, and my national security appointees will work tirelessly
2:47 pm
with israel to counter iran's regional aggression and sponsorship of terror. we will help to enterinterdict weapons supplies to hezbollah, and we will assist israel to interict financial flows to hamas. let me stress, i will also work to build and expand on israel's newfound regional relations as a result of the flawed iran nuclear deal, amazing. israel and the arab gulf states are now closer than ever. the bad news here is that the u.s. is not part of this new web of relations. i will work to participate in, expand and strengthen those ties. [ applause ] israelis live in one of the world's roughest neighborhoods and iran is not the only threat that the u.s. and israel both
2:48 pm
face there. isis, headquartered in syria and iraq, is a mortal peril. of course, ladies and gentlemen, its spread must be stopped. since it is dedicated to destruction in israel, the middle east, europe, africa, asia and the united states, it is a threat to all civilization unless we recognize and unite around this central truth, we will remain committed to an ineffective and piecemeal approach to dealing with isis. because the world recognizes the existential threat posed by isis, i believe i can lead a regional and nato coalition to defeat isis both from the air and on the ground in syria and in iraq. we're all in this together. i will also provide support and relief to our common ally, jordan, that has shared the brunt of refugee flows, and i will bring our troops home as soon as we, together with our
2:49 pm
allies, have created a realistic prospect that regional powers can conclude a settlement guaranteeing long-term security there. i will then support allied coalition as they destroy isis' various regional affiliates. my administration will cooperate with our allies to deny libya's oil as a resource, deny libya as a platform to mount attacks against europe and disband what has become a hub for acts of terror throughout africa. i will support our common vital ally, egypt, in its efforts to destroy the insurgency in sinai and terrorists infiltrating from libya. and i will provide the afghan national security forces with the key aircraft and support needed to defeat the taliban, al qaeda and isis and then i will bring our troops in afghanistan back home. [ applause ] insurgent states such as iran and network transnational actors such as isis are not the only
2:50 pm
threats that israel, the jewish american community and america together face. believe me, a kasich administration will work from the beginning to block and eliminate any form of intolerance, bigotry, racism or anti-semitism whether domestic or international, particularly in international bodies. [ applause ] i condemn all attempts to isolate pressure and delegitimize the state of israel, and i will support congress' efforts to allow this activity both here and in the eu. and i am also very concerned about rising attacks on israel and jewish students on our college campuses. i pledge to use -- [ applause ]
2:51 pm
i pledge to use the full force of the white house to fight this and i will make sure we have have the tools to proteth students while supporting free speech on our college campuses. i've been horrified by the recent spate of palestinian attacks of israeli citizens. these are not spontaneous actions of lone wolves. they are part of an unprecedented wave of terror that is involved over 200 attacks on israelis since october 2015. and they are the outcome of a culture of death that the palestinian authority and its forbearers have promoted for over 50 years.
2:52 pm
[ applause ] indoctrination of hate has long been part of a planned and well thought out strategy. palestinian children are raised in a culture that glorifies martyrdom and the willingness to die in the pursuit of killing or maiming israelis. families of suicide killers receive an annuity after they kill and maim, imprisoned terrorists receive stipends and are guaranteed jobs in the palestinian civil sifshs and a salary determined by the length of their sense. public squares, and streets and soccer tournaments are named after terrorists. palestinians cannot continue to promote a culture of hatred and death. we must make it clear that we will not tolerate such behavior.
2:53 pm
[ applause ] and i do not believe there is any prospect for a permanent peace until the palestinian authority and their friends in hamas and hezbollah are prepared to take real steps to live in peace with israel and recognize israel's right to exist as a w jewish state. this violence is unacceptable. in the meantime, we can best advance stability in the region by providing israel our 100% support. we can make sure israel has what it needs to defend itself with weapons, information technology, political solidarity and working
2:54 pm
quietly to facilitate palestinian and israeli efforts at reconciliation. this is what would be expected of a dependable ally. folks, let me conclude by talking about the greatest alliances or those with countries such as israel where we share a community of values. the post-war international system that we and our allies build upon these common values, of course, is under challenge or attack. and that's why we have to recommit ourselves to those values. we must not shy away from proclaiming and celebrating them and why we must revitalize our alliances to defend and expand the international system, build upon those values. a system that's prevented global conflict and lifted over 2 billion people out of poverty in the last 70 years. in doing this, we cannot go it alone. we must hang together and be realistic about what we can achieve. we cannot be neutral in defending our allies either. we must be countod to stand by
2:55 pm
and invest in our friends instead of abusing them and currying favor with our enemies. for effective governance in our democracy and for the sake of the future, we have to work together at home, as well across party and ideological lines wherever and whenever possible. this is exactly what i've done in the course of my career in public service. i reached out to the other side countless times to see how we can sit together and achieve the progress that america wants and deserves. and we all look back to the time of ronald reagan and his meetings with tip o'neil where they came together to put america first, politics and partisanship second and reagan, as he reached across the aisle to tip o'neill, very partisan, legendary, they managed to hammer out deals that gave reagan victories in revitalizing our economy and implementing the military build-up that ended the cold war. it took a conscious effort and
2:56 pm
attitude of wanting to cooperate so this is what i want to do, republicans and democrats who are here today. we need to work together with congress on an agenda that serves the interest of the nation as a whole. we are americans before we are republicans or democrats. we are americans. [ applause ] and let me tell you in regard to that, i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. [ applause ] yes, we will rededicate ourselves to reaching the bipartisan national security
2:57 pm
policy that president reagan and the democrats achieved. you can be assured that my strategic program will include and incorporate israel as the bedrock partner for our mutual security in the middle east. together we will combat violence incited in israel itself and its eternal capital jerusalem. [ applause ] thank you. thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here today in front of so many of you who contributed so much. i'm humbled by the chance to stand here at this incredible gathering of people who so much love america and so much love our great ally israel.
2:58 pm
you see, we're connected together. it's about civilization. it's about peace. it's about love. it's about togetherness. it's about healing the world. the great jewish tradition is everyone lives a life a little bigger than themselves. and that tradition has worked its way deep in to my soul where i tell people all across america, dig down deep. the lord has made you special. live a life bigger than yourself. lift others. heal, provide hope. provide progress. and with that, the rest of this century and the relationship between the united states and israel will grow stronger and stronger for the benefit and mutual security of the world. thank you all very much, and god bless you.
2:59 pm
>> republican presidential candidate john kasich, the ohio governor giving a rousing pro-israel speech before the american israel public affairs committee. the pro-israel lobbying organization. they are meeting at verizon center about 18 or 20,000 supporters are there. you can see just walked down the stage. let's get some reaction to that. let's get reaction to what we heard from donald trump a little while ago. joining us now, cnn political commentator ana navarro, rebecca berg from real clear politics, cnn political commentator ryan lizza, the washington correspondent for the new yorker magazine. our chief political analyst gloria borger and cnn political commentator kevin madden. ryan, that was a very, very rousing speech. earlier in the morning we heard from hillary clinton. also a very pro-israel speech. still waiting for two more candidates, donald trump will be speaking. and ted cruz will be speaking as well. but they seem to be competing who is more pro-israel right
3:00 pm
now. >> yes. trump has some tough acts to follow. all these candidates have hit some of the big issues this group cares about honestly. you know, kasich, it's rare that we get to see a full speech like that from kasich. one of the best speeches i've seen him give. coherent. wasn't just about the issues aipac cares about but hit some of his other campaign themes. talked about his long history on foreign policy. argued he's the most credible foreign policy candidate in the race. didn't attack trump much but did use that word neutral saying he would not be neutral in the dispute between the palestinians and israelis. that's something trump has said he will be. not a word that aipac likes to hear from a potential president. but he didn't go after trump hard and got a terrific reception. any time you count john kasich out, he comes back. >> we did hear some news from donald trump in the course of today. he's going to be speaking before the same group in a little while. when he suggested, he said it to me, you heard in the interview,
3:01 pm
it's time for the u.s. to reduce its role, its involvement in nato. nato was created after world war 2. it's time to pick up the burden and expense. >> kasich is using nato to fight isis. donald trump knows his audience and says, look. we're spending too much money on nato. not giving anything in return. and it's clearly the audience that also says we spend too much money on foreign aid. so i think this is a retrain that you're going to hear from trump because you're not getting your money's worth. what you hear from john kasich is i know better because i've had the experience. i've worked with ronald reagan and spent my years on capitol hill. that's how kasich got at trump was the experience card. and this issue of how much do you spend on nato and what do you get out of it is a huge issue, particularly when
3:02 pm
suddenly our allies, not to mention putin, will probably hear what donald trump said today and raise a lot of eyebrows. and the questions will be asked, will be, well, would this be too pleasing to the russians? >> in addition to having this important speech he's about to deliver at the aipac meeting, trump convened a smaller meeting with members of congress to talk about presumably if he's going to be the nominee, how do you start unifying the republican party. as you know, kevin, the republican party right now not very unified. >> i think when people say, what does a unified republican party look like with donald trump? i think it's unity on donald trump's terms. and the folks that were there today are a small universe of folks that have endorsed donald trump. jeff sessions and one or two other house members. so we aren't seeing a widespread move by republican party leadership towards donald trump. i think many folks are worried that the donald trump campaign up until this point is about a
3:03 pm
lot of divisive rhetoric. it's essentially been a substance-free campaign. and that there are worries of what would happen to republicans across the country if donald trump were to be the nominee. we're still in the middle of a nomination battle where i think a lot of that is still going to continue to be litigated. there are many folks when they look toward november are going to have to come to terms with the fact that donald trump may be the nominee, but right now there are still great fractures within the party. >> does trump, rebecca, need the party to be united in order for him to emerge as the republican presidential nominee? >> not necessarily, but it would sure help him. especially if we're going into a contested convention scenario. if he's able to lock up the delegates to be the nominee on his own, then that would be a moot point and he'd just be hoping for the party's support in a general election. in a contested convention, he'd absolutely need party support to survive and move on as the nominee. so far, in spite of what trump
3:04 pm
has been saying publicly, he talks about republican leaders calling him, making appeals to him saying they'll support him privately. we're not really seeing that happen yet. and i think it will probably be a little while more before we start to see that develop, if at all. >> usually at this point in a campaign where somebody is winning the way donald trump is winning, people do start coalescing and start saying, this is our horse and we're going to take him all the way to the white house. that is not happening, and donald trump knows that, which is why he understands that he needs these optics, right? him meeting with leaders, which didn't go to the meeting today, the phone calls with leaders which he has had because he wants to try and give the sort of semblance that the party is rallying around him because that's important. >> and an air of inevitably as well for him at this stage. >> resistance is hardening. the anti-trump, the never trump contingent in the republican party is becoming more hardened
3:05 pm
in its opposition. >> ana, are republicans, the establish and others beginning to sense that trump is going to be the republican nominee and it's time to unite the party? >> i don't think so, wolf. the battle lines are very well drawn, and i think that unless and until he get two 1,237 delegates, at that point, many of us who are against him will just have to put down our heads and resign ourselves to the reality. but unless and until that happens, we have fight in us. we want alternatives. we want to know what's going to happen in the convention. so i don't think we are at the point yet of coalescing. let me tell you this. that speech we just saw from john kasich, wow! just wow. this guy has been very awkward in the past. the speech he gave last tuesday when he won ohio was downright strange.
3:06 pm
references to covered wagons and a woman going out on a date for the first time in six months and wearing a dress. this was cohesive. it had a solid message. it had people, you know, on their feet and really enthusiastic. i would say to my friends in the john kasich campaign, hire the man or speechwriter and let him read a teleprompter more often. it was impressive. >> i think he did read his speech. he had his notes, the speech right in front of him. i didn't see him looking back and forth reading from a teleprompter. it was an impressive speech. >> he was terrific. >> you think that's was the best speech he's given? >> he hasn't been given as much an opportunity to be on tv with these speeches so we haven't seen as much, but ana, the more john kasich is built up, the better the chances of trump being the nominee is. most analysis conclude -- >> i don't agree with that. i'll tell you why i don't. i think there are -- >> kasich staying in the race is
3:07 pm
good for donald trump. >> some that are better suited for kasich and some better suited for cruz. >> well, i think it's just an example -- >> i think ted cruz and john kasich should sit together in a room and divvy up the math. >> cruz will be very well received at aipac. he's been very, very pro-israel. very clear about, you know, moving the capital. so as well as kasich was received, i would really expect cruz to be very well received as well. i think the question mark is donald trump. >> in two tuesdays, two important states. arizona, trump probably has won that. tomorrow night in utah, ted cruz needs to get over 50% to get all the delegates in that state. if john kasich prevents him from getting 50%, it may be game over. next tuesday you have wisconsin. wisconsin may decide this whole thing. if kasich is still in the race and prevents cruz from doing well enough in wisconsin and trump sweeps again --
3:08 pm
>> does he have to get out. >> there's no back room where republicans gather and come up with plots and conspiracies. >> kasich was really well received at this crowd at the verizon center in washington. hillary clinton earlier this morning was very well received as well. with donald trump, he's going to be speaking. ted cruz will be speaking. gloria thinks he'll be well received. how do you think trump will be received? >> i think what was great about kasich's approach was that it was a very -- while it was conventional that he ticked off important policy points to that particular crowd, as well as national security conservatives around the country, this one was -- it was very substance focused. donald trump has really yet to show that he has a whole lot of substance. i think if these folks -- if he wants to show these folks he's taking issues seriously, he'll be focused on the substance. when donald trump is focused on the substance he fails to be donald trump. there's this fissure amongst his
3:09 pm
supporters. are they -- tend to focus towards or move towards the brains of policy or the braun of big muscular rhetoric? he's done very well when focusod the muscular rhetoric. and i expect when he does do some of that, the crowd may respond. >> part of trump's brand is he doesn't pander. he just goes into aipac and doesn't pander. is that good for him or bad for him? >> she's going to read his speech. i'll tell you that. >> everyone stand by for a moment so our viewers here in the united states and around the world can join us. this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room" where we're following the breaking news. four of the five presidential candidates in washington today addressing the pro-israel group aipac, the american israel public affairs committee. in an interview with me moments
3:10 pm
ago, donald trump making major headlines even before his aipac speech telling me the u.s. should rethink its involvement in nato. and tonight we expect donald trump will call for moving the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. earlier today here in washington, he met with republican lawmakers, laid out who will advise him on national security and foreign policy. we're following all of that and much more. but let's get to our chief political correspondent dana bash who is over there at verizon center in washington at the aipac conference. very exciting day over there. and it's not over with by any means. >> it is not at all. if you can see the house speaker paul ryan is currently speaking. john kasich hit all of the right notes for this crowd. lots of standing ovations. not just on what you mentioned donald trump will talk, about moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, but a whole host of things people are skeptical of donald trump oparticularly how
3:11 pm
his position would be as president, vis-a-vis the u.s. and palestinian negotiations if there are any. this particular speech which donald trump will give in a little while is one of many stops he did today in the belly of the beast. donald trump predicted something many others doubt, that he will win the nomination outright. >> i think we're going to maybe easily make that number of the 1,237. we should make it pretty easily baseod what i'm seeing so we won't have to worry about fighting at a convention. >> the unlikely front-runner trying to make washington republicans more comfortable with him as their nominee. >> if people want to be smart, they should embrace this movement. if they don't want to be smart, they should do what they are doing now and the republicans are going to go down to a massive loss. >> before meeting in public with reporters, the anti-washington candidate went behind closed doors with washington power brokers. a group of about two dozen members of congress, lobbyists and establishment republicans.
3:12 pm
a meeting organized by the lone gop senator to endorse trump, jeff sessions. attended by a handful of rank and file house republicans considering backing trump and others who already do. >> watch what's happening across the country. watch what the voters are saying. and in my district in tennessee, 48% went trump. it's pretty easy to listen to people that you represent. >> it's obvious that mr. trump will be our nominee. we need to take the fight to hillary clinton. >> anti-trump forces showed up, too, handing out never trump stickers and got a look at from republicans backing trump. trump's attempt to woo the establishment he rails against will culminate with one of his most important speeches today. a speech to the pro-israel lobby aipac. >> it's probably the toughest negotiation of all time. >> trump has his work cut out
3:13 pm
for him explaining his promise to be neutral in israeli-palestinian talks which staunch supporters of israel see as anti-israel. >> i would like to at least have the other side think i'm somewhat neutral as to them so that we can maybe get a deal done. >> beyond the policy, trump supporters say the aipac venue is a critical test of whether he can come off as presidential. especially important for team trump after a weekend of more heated images from trump rallies. including campaign manager cory lewandowski in the middle of a tussle. reince priebus says trump staffers should not put themselves in such positions. >> getting involved is not the answer. you leave these up to the professionals. >> ahead of donald trump's speech here at aipac tonight, wolf, he revealed some of his foreign policy advisers. this is something a lot of reporters had been asking him for. included a counter terrorism expert, oil and gas consultant and a former pentagon official.
3:14 pm
but i can't underscore enough how critical this venue is going to be for him. really a unique venue for him and his presidential campaign. it is packed to the gills here. this is the verizon center. it's a very big arena where the wizards usually play. and it goes all the way up to the nose bleed sections. and this is obviously as we talked about, a very intense crowd wanting to hear very specific things from people who speak especially candidates like donald trump on issues that's are important to them. >> he's going to read a speech as opposed to just sort of winging it as he usually does. we'll see how that goes. live coverage of that coming up, dana. thanks very much. ted cruz also scheduled to address the aipac conference tonight. sunlen serfaty is covering the cruz campaign for us. cruz has a big stage tonight. he's going to clearly, i assume, go after donald trump as the other candidates have been doing. what are your sources telling you we should expect to hear from cruz? >> we'll expect a much more
3:15 pm
addre aggressive ted cruz tonight. he will use this speech to draw very clear contrasts with donald trump over israel. aides say to expect him to bring up this comment donald trump made that he intends to remain neutral in the israeli-palestinian conflict. something ted cruz regularly brings up on the campaign trail. also officials say he incontinueds to really draw a connection policy between hillary clinton and donald trump. it's interesting that ted cruz would not originally sign up for the speech. he only agreed to come to it after donald trump canceled the debate scheduled for tonight to speak at aipac. the cruz campaign officials say although this is not a debate setting, he intends to bring the heat tonight. >> this in general say critical week for ted cruz, right? >> it absolutely is. cruz campaign officials are not downplaying the importance of this week. an official told me that this week, every week is important, of course, but this week is especially important given the time sensitive nature of
3:16 pm
conservatives rallying around ted cruz. they feel they have the momentum in doing this, pointing to mitt romney voting for cruz in utah and the support of senator lindsey graham. but so key in doing this is tomorrow's contest. in arizona and utah, if ted cruz is able to emerge with a strong showing, big wins in one or both, that goes a long way to reshaping the narrative going forward, especially as we go into the spring season where the contests are coming fast and furious. >> sunlen serfaty reporting. let's get more on all the dramatic developments. republican congressman adam kinzinger. he's a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. >> donald trump told me that the u.s. should reassess its involvement in nato, reduce its involvement, certainly its financial involvement right now. let the other nato allies pick up the expense. the u.s. has trillions of
3:17 pm
dollars in debt. it's time for others to pay the bill. >> can you imagine harry truman saying something like this after world war ii. america was tired and war weary. but we ecinized our mission was to be an example and push back against an encroaching soviet union. for donald trump to say this, i was told it and had to confirm it for myself. it's one thing to say the allies need to spend more on defense, and they do. at a time you have russia tearing up ukraine, occupying one-third of georgia, really in the latvia, estonia countries tearing that apart and beginning to encroach there, this is not a time to send a message that we need to back out of nato. >> he said we certainly can't afford to do this. nato is costing us a fortune. y we're protecting europe but we're spending a lot of money. he says let the germans take care of ukraine for the time being. they have a lot of money. >> i think europe should step up. but to say america because we've been spending money needs to back away from europe.
3:18 pm
this is repeating the lessons after world war i and various timss in our history where we've gone isolationism. there's a really bad world out there that we are in a unique position to be involved in. doesn't mean take over every country. occupy every country. but it means nato has prevented war in europe for a very long time. to send this message now is devastating, especially as a republican front-runner. >> he also says it's time for the u.s. to stop engaging in nation building. whether in afghanistan, iraq or elsewhere. he says you want to build a nation, there's a lot of work to be done with infrastructure needs, bridges, highways, hospitals, schools here in the u.s. spend the money and build some schools and highways here in the united states instead of in afghanistan. and you served there. >> you've seen this where this is -- we need to quit spending money over there and bring it
3:19 pm
back home here. look. afghanistan. we find out there's isis growing there. we find out isis in iraq. isis growing throughout the middle east. nobody is saying we should go build a new nation for every country. but there's a role for the united states to be involved in pushing back against this. when you hear donald trump speak, you have to look past what he says that feels good, which is spend it all here at home. and you have to look beyond that and say what are the ramifications of that. pulling out of afghanistan and iraq because you -- or pulling out of nato has devastating long-term consequences. >> i just read a report from the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction. the u.s. some five years ago committed to spending about $50 million to build a new defense ministry structure or building in kabul, afghanistan. since then it's gone up to about $150 million with no end in sight. why are u.s. taxpayers building a defense ministry building in kabul? >> they shouldn't be a building three times what it was
3:20 pm
originally estimated. but you see that in domested contracts. any time the government builds something, it ends up two or three times the estimate. we can -- >> is that a waste of money for u.s. taxpayers will be building structures,ed abo ed aboued abb afghanistan? >> it's a total waste of money. >> would you use $150 million to improve the infrastructure there? >> absolutely could. >> don't spend the money there. spind the money here. >> it's one thing to say we have to hold the money that's spent there accountable. we have to ensure it's going to the military, going to governmental structures, which is what we're about in these other countries. building something they can take over and begin to control themselves. but when you say we're going to basically make everybody pay back the foreign aid which is what i've heard him say. we're going to get out of nato. hear him say leave the middle east to the russians, this is not a serious foreign policy and we have to look beyond what feels good and realize he's
3:21 pm
running for commander in chief and the most powerful man in the world and the ramifications are -- >> he didn't say get out of nato. he said reduce the u.s. involvement. >> even that -- >> stand by, congressman. more to discuss. adam kinzinger is not going anywhere. also donald trump will be speaking over at that aipac conference. ted cruz is speaking as well. live coverage coming up right here on cnn. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪ breaking news this hour. donald trump bring his anti-establishment gop campaign to the heart of the establishment. the republican front-runner in washington addressing a top pro-israel group after meeting with a handful of congressional
3:26 pm
lawmakers. we're back with republican congressman adam kinzinger of illinois. an iraq and afghanistan war veteran. you endorsed marco rubio. he's no longer in the contest. who do you like now? >> i'm going to stay out for a while and let the next few things play out. i have a hard time seeing how i could ever get to trump. ted cruz i disagreed with some of his tactics but when he talks he makes some sense. i'm going to sit back for a while and watch it and let the voters have their voices heard. >> you did not attempt the meeting trump had with some other lawmakers today. >> noti, shockingly, i wasn't invited. >> not a huge trump fan. >> you couldn't see yourself voting for him? >> it would be hard to see how i get there. >> are you among those that would want a third party candidate to emerge, someone that's not hillary clinton or donald trump that you could support? >> i'd have to see who it is. if it's somebody good, i'd be open to it. at this point, i'd love to be able to get to where i can
3:27 pm
support whoever our nominee is. i've just heard too many things from donald that make it difficult to see how i can get there. the presidency is a big important job. our foreign policy has consequences. and i may be a republican but i'm a citizen and have to make a decision on what's best for my country first before my party. >> if he's the nominee, could that affect the down ballot? >> absolutely. >> a lot of republicans in illinois and ohio and various vulnerable states, shall we say. if he's the nomination, how would that impact on the down ballot? >> it would have a big impact. i think donald trump on the ticket would motivate democrats to turn out for their nominee for hillary or bernie and obviously they'd vote for the democrats down ballot. and secondly, if donald trump is in fact turning democrats out to the election, but they would vote for donald trump and then vote for the democrat senator or congressman. this increased turnout, this motivation that would support
3:28 pm
hillary would definitely probably cost us some seats. we're focused on preserving the house and senate and pourth positive message forward despite what's being said on the presidential race. >> we're standing by to hear from donald trump and ted cruz. they are getting ready to address the american-israel public affairs conference.
3:29 pm
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call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. donald trump is about to speak at the american-israeli public affairs conference in washington, d.c. let's listen in. >> thank you very much. i speak to you today as a life-long supporter and true
3:31 pm
friend of israel. i'm a newcomer to politics but not to backing the jewish state. in 2001, weeks after the attacks on new york city, and on washington and, frankly, the attacks on all of us, a tax that perpetrated, and they were perpetrated by the islamic fundamentalists, mayor rudy giuliani visited israel to show solidarity with terror victims. i sent my plane because i backed the mission for israel 100%. in spring of 2004 at the height of the violence in the gaza strip, i was the grand marshal
3:32 pm
of the 40th salute to israel parade, the largest gathering in support of the i jewish state. it was a very dangerous time for israel and frankly for anyone supporting israel. many people turned down this honor. i did not. i took the risk, and i'm glad i did. but i didn't come here tonight to pander to you about israel. that's what politicians do. all talk, no action. believe me. i came here to speak to you about where i stand on the future of american relations with our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship and our cultural brother. the only democracy in the middle
3:33 pm
east, the state of israel. [ applause ] thank you. my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran. thank you. thank you. i have been in business a long time. i know deal making. and let me tell you, this deal is catastrophic. for america, for israel and for the whole of the middle east. the problem here is fundamental. we've rewarded the world's leading state sponsor of terror with $150 billion.
3:34 pm
and we received absolutely nothing in return. i've studied this issue in great detail. i would say actually greater by far than anybody else. believe me. oh, believe me. and it's a bad deal. the biggest concern with the deal is not necessarily that iran is going to violate it because already, as you know, it has. the bigger problem is that they can keep the terms and still get the bomb by simply running out the clock. and, of course, they'll keep the billions and billions of dollars that we so stupidly and foolishly gave them.
3:35 pm
the deal doesn't even require iran to dismantle its military nuclear capability. yes, it places limits on its military nuclear program for only a certain number of years. but when those restrictions expire, iran will have an industrial size military nuclear capability ready to go and with zero provisions for delay, no matter how bad iran's behavior is. terrible, terrible situation that we are all placed in, and especially israel. when i'm president, i will adopt a strategy that focuses on three things when it comes to iran. first, we will stand up to iran's aggressive push to destabilize and dominate the region.
3:36 pm
iran is a very big problem and will continue to be. but if i'm not elected president, i know how to deal with trouble. and, believe me, that's why i'm going to be elected president, folks. and we are leading in every poll. remember that, please. iran is a problem in iraq. a problem in syria, a problem in lebanon, a problem in yemen. and will be a very, very major problem for saudi arabia. literally every day iran provides more and better weapons to support their puppet states. hezbollah, lebanon, received and i'll tell you what, it has received sophisticated anti-ship weapons, anti-aircraft weapons, and gps systems and rockets like
3:37 pm
very few people anywhere in the world and certainly very few countries have. now they are in syria trying to establish another front against israel from the syrian side of the golan heights. in gaza, iran is supporting hamas and islamic jihad. in the west bank, they are openly offering palestinians $7,000 per terror attack and $30,000 for every palestinian terrorist home that's been destroyed. a deplorable, deplorable situation. iran is financing military forces throughout the middle east, and it's absolutely incredible that we handed them over $150 billion to do even more toward the many horrible acts of terror.
3:38 pm
secondly, we will totally dismantle iran's global terror network which is big and powerful but not powerful like us. during the last five years, iran has perpetuated terror attacks in 25 different countries on five continents. they've got terror cells everywhere, including in the western hemisphere, very close to home. u ran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism around the world and we will work to dismantle that reach. believe me. believe me. third, at the very least, we must enforce the terms of the
3:39 pm
previous deal to hold iran totally accountable, and we will enforce it like you've never seen a contract enforced before, folks. believe me. iran has already, since the deal is in place, test fired ballistic missiles three times. those ballistic missiles with a range of 1,250 miles were designed to intimidate not only israel, which is only 600 miles away, but also intended to frighten europe and some day maybe hit even the united states. and we're not going to let that happen. we're not letting it happen. and we're not letting it happen to israel. believe me. [ applause ] thank you.
3:40 pm
thank you. you want to hear something really shocking? as many of the great people in this room know, painted on those missiles in both hebrew and farsi were the words israel must be wiped off the face of the earth. you can forget that. what kind of demented minds write that in hebrew? and here's another. you talk about twisted. here's another twisted part. testing these missiles does not even violate the horrible deal that we've made. the deal is silent on test missiles. but those tests do violate the united nations security council resolutions. the problem is no one has done anything about it. we will. we will. i promise we will.
3:41 pm
[ applause ] which brings me to my next point. the utter weakness and incompetence of the united nations. the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom. it's not a friend even to the united states of america where, as you know, it has its home. and it surely is not a friend to israel. with president obama in his final year -- yea!
3:42 pm
-- [ applause ] he may be the worst thing to ever happen to israel, believe me. believe me. and you know it, and you know it better than anybody. so with the president in his final year, discussions have been swirling about an attempt to bring a security council resolution on terms of an eventual agreement between israel and palestine. let me be clear. an agreement imposed by the united nations would be a total
3:43 pm
and complete disaster. the united states must oppose this resolution and use the power of our veto which i will use as president 100%. when people ask why, it's because that's not how you make a deal. deals are made when parties come together. they come to a table, and they negotiate. each side must give up something. its values. we have to do something where there's value in exchange for something that it requires. that's what a deal is. a deal is really something that when we impose it on israel and palestine, we bring together a group of people that come up with something that's not going to happen with the united
3:44 pm
nations. it will only further -- very importantly, it will only further delegitimatized israel. it will be a catastrophe and a disaster for israel. it's not going to happen, folks. and further, it would reward palestinian terrorism because every day they are stabbing israelis and even americans. just last week, american taylor allen forbes, a west point grad, phenomenal young person who served in iraq and afghanistan, was murdered in the street by a knife-wielding palestinian. you don't reward behavior like that. you cannot do it. [ applause ] there's only one way you treat
3:45 pm
that kind of behavior. you have to confront it. so it's not up to the united nations to really go with a solution. it's really the parties that must negotiate a resolution themselves. they have no choice. they have to do it themselves or it will never hold up anyway. the united states can be useful as a facilitator of negotiations, but no one should be telling israel that it must be -- and really, that it must abide by some agreement made by others, thousands of miles away, that don't even really know what's happening to israel, to anything in the area. it's so preposterous. we're not going to let that happen. [ applause ] when i'm president, believe me,
3:46 pm
i will veto any attempt by the u.n. to impose its will on the jewish state. it will be vetoed 100%. you see, i know about deal making. that's what i do. i wrote the art of the deal. one of the best selling all-time, and i mean seriously, i'm saying one of because i'll be criticized if i say the. so i'm going to be very diplomatic. one of -- i'll be criticized. i think it is number one, but why take a chance. one of the all-time best selling books about deals and deal making. to make a great deal, you need two willing participants. we know israel is willing to deal. israel has been trying.
3:47 pm
that's right. israel has been trying to sit down at the negotiating table without preconditions for years. you had camp david in 2000 where prime minister barak made an incredible offer, maybe too generous. arafat rejected it. in 2008, prime minister olmert made an equally generous offer. the palestinian authority rejected it also. then john kerry tried to come up with the framework and abbas didn't even respond. not even to the secretary of state of the united states of america. they didn't even respond. when i become president, the days of treating israel like a second class citizen will end on day one. [ applause ]
3:48 pm
thank you. and when i say something, i mean it. i mean it. i will meet with prime minister netanyahu immediately. i have known him for many years and will be able to work closely together to help bring stability and peace to israel and to the entire region. meanwhile, every single day you have rampant incitement and children being taught to hate israel and to hate the jews, it has to stop. [ applause ] when you live in a society where the firefighters are the heroes, little kids want to be firefighters. when you live in a society where
3:49 pm
athlet athletes and movie stars are the heroes, little kids want to be athletes and movie stars. in palestinian society, the heroes are those who murder jews. we can't let this continue. we can't let this happen any longer. you -- [ applause ] you cannot achieve peace if terrorists are treated as martyrs. glorifying terrorists is a tremendous barrier to peace. it is a horrible, horrible way to think. it's a barrier that can't be broken. that will end, and it will end soon. believe me. in palestinian textbooks and mosques, you've got a culture of
3:50 pm
hatred that's been fermenting there for years and if we want to achieve peace, they've got to go out and they've got to start this educational process. they have to end education of hatred. they have to end it and now. [ applause ] there is no moral equivalency. israel does not name public squares after terrorists. israel does not pay its children to stab random palestinians. you see? what president obama gets wrong about deal making is that he constantly applies pressure to our friends and rewards our ennenn enemie enemies. [ cheering and applause ] and you see that happening all the time. that pattern practiced by the
3:51 pm
president and his administration, including former secretary of state hillary clinton, who is a total disaster, by the way. she and president obama have treated israel very, very badly. [ applause ] but it's repeated itself over and over again and it's done nothing to embolden those who hate america. we saw that releasing with the $150 billion to iran in the hope that they would magically join the world community. it didn't happen. president obama thinks that applying israel will force the issue, but it is precisely the opposite that happens. already half of the population
3:52 pm
of palestine has been taken over by the palestinian isis and hamas and the other half refuses to confront the first half, so it's a very difficult situation that's never going to get solved unless you have great leadership right here in the united states. we'll get it solved one way or the other. we will get it solved. [ applause ] but when the united states stands with israel, the chances of peace really rise and rises exponentially. that's what will happen when donald trump is president of the united states. [ cheering and applause ] we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem.
3:53 pm
[ cheering and applause ] and we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. [ applause ] the palestinians must come to the table knowing that the bond between the united states and israel is absolutely totally unbreakable. they must come to the table willing and able to stop the terror being committed on a daily basis against israel. they must do that. and they must come to the table willing to accept that israel is
3:54 pm
a jewish state and it will forever exist as a jewish state. [ cheering and applause ] i love the people in this room. i love israel. i love israel. i've been with israel so long in terms of -- i've received some of my greatest honors from israel. my father before me, incredible. my daughter ivanka is about to have a beautiful jewish baby. [ cheering and applause ] in fact, it could be happening right now, which would be very nice as far as i'm concerned. so i want to thank you very much. this has been a truly great
3:55 pm
honor. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. ♪ >> donald trump just wrapping up, what, about a 25-minute speech before the aipac committee. earlier he suggested he would be neutral. that speech was not neutral at all. it was a very, very specifically rousing pro-israel speech. let's bring in our cnn national security commentator mike rogers, also our chief political analyst, gloria borger, and ryan lizza and kevin madden and anna na th navarro. mike rogers, that was hardly neutral at all. >> one, he read from a teleprompter, which tells you he
3:56 pm
and his team realized if you stray away in that speech, you have a lot of trouble ahead when it comes to a huge block of voters and finances for that candidate later on. that's what i found really fascinating about this. he's a little bit all over the map, but in this case he must have sat down with his team and decided reading that speech -- i think that was a huge step to political maturity. a lot of the same points he covered that john kasich covered earlier. some of the language was similar except it was delivered in trump style. >> that's how important it is to him. it's presidential also to do that. one thing kind of confused me. one is he said he would dismantle the nuclear deal with iran, which i haven't heard it before. then later on in the speech he said he would enforce it in a tough way.
3:57 pm
i'm not sure what the nexsus of wh those things are. >> if you dismantle it, you have to engage them with some force in other countries. >> those are words clearly the israeli government wants to hear. >> at the top of the speech, he said i didn't come here tonight to pander and i don't think that statement survived the rest of the speech. he backed off from his view that the u.s. would be a neutral arbitor between palestine and israel. he was very forceful in the same way john kasich and hillary clinton were in not accepting a
3:58 pm
u.n. imposed peace plan. >> earlier i asked if he would seize to be donald trump. i don't think he did. it was an interesting blend of old trump with a blend of what we may be seeing as part of a kn new trump, which is a focus on checking on boxes. maybe down the line we'll see more as far as social conservativism and economic conservativism. there was a lot of contradictions in there, but he's previously been so scatterbrained on policy. doesn't seem to pay a price on it. for the folks that were trump supporters out there, this speech hit all the right buttons for them. >> anna navarro, you're not great fan of donald trump to put it mildly. what did you think? >> look, i think i almost had the same reaction as with john kasich in the sense that my
3:59 pm
expectations are so low that he surpassed them. i think that he learned his lesson from the republican jewish congress speech that he gave a few months ago where he bombed. now they had him read -- i think we should now start calling it the teletrumper. he stuck to some solid lines and positions. he's had more positions on israel than he's had wives. reading from the teleprompter is a good way to if not cure, at least control his turrets syndrome. >> it was a disciplined speech though. compared to all his other speeches, he had specific points he wanted to make and he made that. >> this was the first time he laid out specific policy markers and then backed it up with factual things happening overseas. >> don't go too far away. stay with cnn for a cnn
4:00 pm
presidential primetime event tonight. the final five candidates tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. anderson cooper and i will be back for that. in the meantime, thanks for watching. up next, erin burnett live from cuba right now. good evening and welcome to a special edition of "outfront" live from cuba. i'm erin burnett in cuba on this historic day. president obama the first president in nearly 90 years to visit this island nation. donald trump delivering a major speech to the largest pro-israel lobbying group in the nation, aipac. trump calling himself israel's strongest supporter, promising to dismantle what he called iran's terror network. getting his greatest applause for this. >> when i become president, the days of treating israel like a


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