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tv   Americas Choice 2016 AZ Primary ID UT Caucuses  CNN  March 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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all the state's delegates. it was winner take all in arizona for the republicans. we have three races still outstanding right now. let's go to idaho right now. boris is on the scene for us. they're going to get ready for this announcement, right? >> reporter: yeah, it should be coming up in just a few moments. an organizer came out to tell us they have more than 10,000 ballots that they're counting, a huge number. remember, it's split into two congressional districts. in this room there were thousands of people. the single biggest caucus in u.s. history. many addrehad to go home. anyone who was thinking they weren't going to change their mind between the first and second ballot is okay to go. obviously here in idaho there's a mandatory second ballot.
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so as we get the results for the first some of these folks may have discussions and change their mind, some may stay with one candidate or another and then we have the second ballot and then we have the official result for this congressional district. a massive turnout today. >> thanks for that. i want to go to jeff who is covering bernie sanders' campaign. he's joining us right now from san diego with the campaign manager. tell us the latest. >> reporter: hi. i'm joined by jeff weaver. thanks for joining us. so a tough night in arizona tonight. senator sanders spent a lot of time there. what went wrong. >> i know cnn is projecting that 71% of the vote is in, but i think that's an under estimation of the number of people who were voting there. we've seen lines in arizona five hours long. that would be the people that
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voted, i think that's just wrong. so i think this race is going to close up substantially between now and the morning. >> are you predicting victory? >> no. we have to wait and see until the votes are counted. there's obviously something wrong with the numbers and i think once we see where they come down there may be a split of delegates in arizona. i do think in other places we're hearing good news. >> as this race goes forward john king has done a projection and he says even if you win 55% to 45% in every race going forward, hillary clinton has a lead in pledged delegates, how do you overcome that. >> i think you're going to see a couple of states where we do better than 55% and i think as we go to saturday i think some of those states we're going to win by more than 55%. we've mapped out a delegate path to victory. it doesn't require us to win every state, but in some states
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we have to do very well so that's what we're going to do. >> wisconsin is coming up in april, you would have to win more than 55% of the vote. is that possible? >> i don't think we have to win more than 55% in each one. there are going to be some states that we're going to lose between now and the end of the process, but we have a path to victory. it's not an easy path, but it never has been an easy path. >> one thing i noticed tonight so many people in this room were booing whenever hillary clinton's name was mentioned. does senator sanders have any responsibility to control the tone. >> people come here and they're energized. there are some big policy differences and i think there are many people in the democratic people who agree with senator sanders on the issues and not with secretary clinton's more conservative views. >> reporter: thank you very much. >> thanks to you as well.
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thank jeff weaver from all of us. an optimistic assessment would be fair to say from jeff weaver. realistic at all? >> no. >> they lost badly in arizona and the delegate math isn't going to work for them, but i think the bigger problem that we're looking at is bernie sanders saying i'm not getting out until california in june. there seems to be a lot of resentment on the bernie sanders' supporters to hillary clinton and what happens if they just refuse to back hillary. is there a possibility that some of these young people, would they vote a green party ticket? >> it is the same conversation that was had about hillary clinton supporters and candidate obama. >> i think so. i think it's the same as it was in 2008 and the democratic party was united and it made barack obama a better candidate.
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>> that's different than hillary clinton and barack obama who were wearing big d's on their chest. >> if donald trump is the republican nominee, these young vot voters who are passionate bernie sanders supporters are they going to stay home. >> if he's not the nominee and hillary clinton is, in campaigning for hillary clinton you have a situation where hillary clinton ended up in the cabinet of then president obama. >> it ended up being a completely different situation than at least what it looks like it's heading towards now. i think you hit on something that's important, which is in 2008 the young people were gr gravitating towards barack obama and he went on to win because of the obama coalition, but young people are gravitating towards bernie sanders because they don't like hillary clinton. how do you overcome that if you're hillary clinton? i don't know.
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maybe it is the trump effect. you're voting against somebody, not voting for somebody, but it's unclear if that's going to be enough. >> you know what's interesting, a couple of numbers that came out of the national poll and we shouldn't be talking about national polls when it's january and february, but we can talk about national polls now because we are now talking about a national election, choose for nominee right now 51% of the democrats are picking hillary clinton. enthusiastic for the candidate, bernie sanders gets 40%, hillary clinton gets 34%. this goes to the idea that it's good for the party to keep the race going and for bernie sanders to remain in the race. unlike what's happening in the republican party where they really are tearing each other apart right now, the voters that are with bernie sanders now are so far to the left that they're going to come to hillary clinton. they don't have another place to go. i know we mentioned the green party, but it's not that strong and it's not a place where i think you're going to see democrats go. i think you're going do see the
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bernie sanders people go to hillary clinton. >> unless they don't vote. >> they're policy differences aren't that far off. >> all along you have been saying that if donald trump -- assuming donald trump is the nominee on the republican side you believe that's going to energyize folks on the democratic size who may not be huge hillary clinton supporters -- >> i think the democrats will have the opportunity to expand the electorate. that's one strategy that barack obama used in 2008 that enabled him to win. now this is not the same electoral year as 2008, but i do believe that democrats will have an opportunity to expand with independents and other diseff t diseffectdiseffec diseffected republicans whether or not might not come to grips with donald trump as their nominee. >> i don't envision hillary picking him as a vp. he's not going to be a cabinet
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member. does he become the progressive conscious in the senate. this is something elizabeth warren could have done. i see bernie sanders fulfilling that role. >> i think it's one of the reasons -- we're getting ahead of ourselves, but if hillary clinton were to become president one of the realities she would face that would be different than the reality that barack obama faced would be a senate with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders there, two forces inside the democratic party to her left and if she tried to nominate some of the same kind of people that barack obama nominated to economic positions, we would see a big fight inside the democratic party. >> the first place that that kind of alliance would show up in bagttle would be the platfor committee of the democratic party when they have their convention and they would take their left issues and force her on wall street issues and these kind of things -- >> trade.
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>> -- trade, exactly to come in their direction. >> platform fights can be very interesting. >> does it matter? >> in the end i'm not so sure they do, but having been through my sure of them they generate negative attention and they can hurt at the same. >> it's interesting. >> anderson, i think when hillary clinton has all the super delegates, a lot of bernie sanders people are wondering who are these super -- it almost seems like the democratic party's already anointed hillary clinton so at the end of the line the sanders -- some of the young sanders supporters could be very bitter about her and either not vote or find some alternative. >> we've got a key race alert. >> thanks very much. we have a key race alert right now. the first numbers are coming in from utah. the republican presidential caucuses, ted cruz only 2% of the vote is in, but he has 62% right now. donald trump at 23.4%, john
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kasich 14%. very early, only 2% of the vote is in. 40 delegates at stake. if ted cruz were to win and get 50% plus one, he would get all of those delegates, 40 delegates. donald trump and john kasich would not get any of those delegates. we'll see what happens. very early. we're standing by for the idaho democratic caucus results. our coverage continues right after this. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis,
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[ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ]
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look at live pictures. the democratic presidential caucuses, we're about to get premise area results on the democratic sitde. in the meantime we have a key race alert from utah. on the republican side, the republican presidential caucuses, very early, 2% of the vote is in. ted cruz maintains his lead with 62%. donald trump has 23.4% and john kasich has 14.6%. very early in this contest. just a few more than 2,000 votes have been counted. on the democratic side 6% of the
10:15 pm
vote is in, but bernie sanders has an impressive lead over hillary clinton. 66.9% over 30% for hillary clinton. still very, very early in utah. let's go to john king at the magic wall. utah democratic and republican caucuses the results are finally beginning to come in. >> senator sanders will be happy with the early results, but he needs this win here. no question, senator sanders expecting to win here and in idaho after hillary clinton's big win in arizona where she's looking to get six out of ten delegates there, for bernie sanders to get 60%, seven out of ten delegates here. arizona is more delegates, but it will help him. on the republican side this is interesting to watch because in arizona ted cruz had complained about john kasich campaigning out there. we're only at 2% of the vote,
10:16 pm
but ted cruz is above 60% right now. if you get 50% plus one you get all the delegates. ted cruz's campaign manager tweeted out a guarantee they will get over 50% and win all the delegates. we'll see if the final results allow him to keep that promise. we know that trump has won the 58 in arizona tonight. ted cruz needs this utah win so he can continue to make his case that he's the only guy out there who can beat donald trump. he's trying to get kasich out of the race. it's not going to happen. if ted cruz stays above 507% and so far the results -- you can see salt lake city, it's a smaller city down here in washington county, the st. george area, so we don't have the population centers yet so we'll see if the results change, but if you're the cruz campaign you're happy to be above 60% to start the key count and the key is to keep it above 60%.
10:17 pm
>> if it stays like that he gets all the delegates and it would be a big boost if he wins in utah and obviously he didn't win in arizona. >> last week was a tough week so ted cruz looking for a win this week. >> we await more results, earlier today we heard from all the candidates from the terror attacks in belgium. in her speech tonight secretary clinton took square aim at donald trump and ted cruz for comments they made about what their response would be in the wake of the terror attacks. let's listen to that. >> donald trump and ted cruz have -- have made our job harder in the last few days. donald trump saying we need to get out of nato, the most important defense alliance there's ever been. it's headquarters are in brussels, we need to modernize
10:18 pm
it and make it ready to deal with the threats of today, including terrorism and that's what i will do as president and ted cruz, who said we need to be policing everywhere that muslims live, i don't know about you -- that is not only offensive, that too is dangerous because we want everybody to feel like we are together. >> whether it's bernie sanders or secretary clinton and if it's donald trump on the republican side, this race is setting up to be a complete clash of ideas, both on immigration where you have sanders and secretary clinton talking about not dep t deporting anybody who hasn't committed a violent crime or terrorist and it's on national security issues. >> it's no deportation versus mass deportation on the other side. national security, it's keeping muslims out of the country.
10:19 pm
modernizing nato not stopping supporting nato to the extent we are. it's opposites and that's what the election is setting up to be, particularly if it's trump or cruz. kasich you could argue is -- >> they're closer on immigration -- he's closer on immigration. >> he wants a pathway to citizenship, or -- >> pathway to legalization. within 100 days a plan for a pathway to legalization. >> i think the choices are huge in this country. it's not going to be a persuasion election. it's a mobilization election. >> it's about getting your voters out. >> it's not just the candidates, it's the voters. we have just evidence of that. i got this data earlier and this
10:20 pm
data shows that of the exit polls so far this election year, when the question was asked about the muslim ban, a majority of republicans said that they supported it and alabama, arkansas, florida, michigan, missouri and new hampshire, and it goes on and on. >> one of the things i think is important here, trump supporters are going to get tired about being portrayed as bigots. they're concerned about the country. they are going to be portrayed that way. so too for that matter you heard in that clip from hillary clinton -- >> let's go to the caucus site right now. they're announcing numbers. let's listen. >> so let's give everybody just a minute as we waited for everybody once, we'll wait for everybody as they walk in. it's great to have you all back and have us reunited. thanks to the bernie supporter
10:21 pm
who gave me the balloon. i'm going to let it go. nothing personal, but i feel like i shouldn't be in the frame. so we have -- welcome everybody. this has been an amazing night. we're going to go directly into the second ballot and do that as quickly as people want to do it so we can move through the rest of the evening. we have tonight total ballots cast was 9,115. [cheers and applause] that's a lot of ballots. all right. so the results -- >> hold up. >> we have a few more people. we're going to make this little more tense. come on in. squish in. we're all -- we want you. come on in. all right. it looks like -- i don't see anybody moving in the lobby anymore.
10:22 pm
so of those 9,115 votes cast i'm breaking this down by congressional districts, in congressional district one, clinton received 18% of the vote with 410 votes. bernie sanders received 79.2% of the vote. [cheers and applause] with 1,749 votes. undecided, there were 48 of you and that came in at .05%. so congressional district two,
10:23 pm
senator clinton -- secretary clinton received 1,212 votes and that puts her at 18%. [cheers and applause] >> bernie sanders received 5,554 votes. [cheers and applause] 80%. [cheers and applause] >> he received one vote. that's still 0%. the students who spoke for him were awesome. thank you so much. undecideds in congressional two were 139 so that's 2% of the
10:24 pm
vote. so now what's that mean? >> bernie! [cheers and applause] >> it means we have a second ballot. so we have the candidates that made threshold are secretary clinton and senator sanders. [cheers and applause] it was a great night everybody. so now we're jumping right into the second bal lot. if you have the ballot sheets, if you want to keep the candidate that you started with, feel free not to turn in an additional piece of paper, if you want to change your bal on the, especially those of you who voted in undecided please pick a candidate and hand in a ballot and we'll check those next. thank you very much. >> an sbrimpressive lead for bee sanders in the idaho caucuses. we're watching what's happening
10:25 pm
in idaho and what's happening in utah right now on the republican and democratic side. stand by. we hope to have some final results when we come back. "why are you checking your credit score?"
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i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? let's get a key race alert in utah. 3% of the vote on the republican side. ted cruz maintains a significant lead right now. john kasich is in second place, donald trump in third place.
10:29 pm
cruz with 58.8% and kasich with 22% and donald trump 19 point 2%. if he gets more than 50% all of the delegates would go to ted cruz. on the democratic side 11% of the vote is in. look at this lead that bernie sanders has over hillary clinton. 74.8% to 24.1%. 11% of the vote is in. 33 delegates are at stake, but it's proportional distribution. we knew he would do well, but this is very well with 11% of the vote. >> you heard his campaign manager saying they understand the math and that after a big win for clinton in arizona they try to keep pace. to make up some of that we need to win in states like this.
10:30 pm
if senator sanders can win with 70% plus of the vote, he will get 70% of the delegates. it's such a steep hill that senator sanders is trying to climb, if you pull this out, so he's got such a long way to go. only 33 delegates in this state, but you have to start somewhere. but if you can start with a 75% win tonight it will allow him to make the case that it's steep and i'm on it. as they come in it's a full bernie sanders map in the state of utah right now and you just had those results in idaho. it looks like it could be a big win for him tonight. we're only up to 3% of the vote statewide, so we don't know if this will hold. it looks like ted cruz is on a path to victory in utah. the big question is can he keep this above 50% then he gets all the delegates.
10:31 pm
ted cruz would like to get all the 40 out of utah to say he will keep pace, and he gets a win tonight and denies donald trump some delegates to keep trump's math, to keep the possibility of an open convention more. this is worth watching here. ted cruz complained why was john kasich out in utah campaigning. there's just one county early on where john kasich is ahead right now with 22% of the vote. it's a tiny county. it's not going to effect the statewide results. kasich would like this to stay purple to say i had every right to campaign out there. ted cruz looks like he's on the path -- 90% of the vote still outstanding. >> let's look at salt lake county, more than 27% of the vote and only 2% in. you do see the map filling in
10:32 pm
just as ted cruz would like it. his campaign manager has guaranteed in a tweet tonight they will get 50% plus and win all 40. the early results have them encouraged. >> let's go back to our panel. gloria has the narrative of this race changed on what we know at this point? >> i think what we're seeing tonight and it's clearly not over is the clarification of the narrative that we already have, which is that you have two clear front-runners in trump and hillary clinton. you have bernie sanders, if he does well in caucus states like idaho and utah. you see him winning in largely white states with caucuses that require some kind of organization and passion from younger people. >> we should point out the caucus was just one caucus site. >> that's right. you have trump on the republican side trump winning very big in a state like arizona, which is very important.
10:33 pm
it's his policy message on immigration. you see cruz continuing to try to keep up with him and i'm not quite sure that he can, but that is continuing particularly if he wins over 50% of the delegates in utah. >> we've seen the two between these two continuing on twitter tonight. they're arguing i believe donald trump believed ted cruz sent out a picture -- a modeling photo of donald trump's wife. >> it was a super pac that did it. >> donald trump tweeted watch what you're doing or else i'm going to spill the beans about back saying you're even more of a coward than i thought. and then donald trump took back the tweet and corrected the g m grammar and put it back on. >> it continues against the back
10:34 pm
drop of what's going in brussels, but to answer your question about what changed tonight, i think it's more of the same and the same is something that we never thought we would ever see, which is the republican establishment getting behind ted cruz. i mean i just can't believe that came out of my mouth compared to how -- where we were six months ago, definitely a few years ago when he -- his strategy helped shut down the government, but that's what's happen, not just with lindsey graham and others and mitt romney voting for him and making a big deal for him in utah, but these anti-trump super pacs spent a lot of money not just against trump, but to elevate cruz because he's the anti-trump right now. >> the anti-tax group came out for ted cruz. too little, too late, perhaps
10:35 pm
because trump is continuing to widen his margin. >> at some point will marco rubio weigh in on -- will he throw his support behind somebody? >> i think the question is does it matter if rubio weighs if on this race. quite frankly does it matter nl unless a couple of other big names come out does it matter what the establishment comes out. trump wins again tonight in arizona. he does seem to be doing pretty well for himself week and week out he continues to win and win. the goal is stop him before he gets to 1,237. >> the question is what does cruz have coming up. the states that are coming up are not natural cruz states because they're not evangelical or religious. they're more trump states or quite frankly kasich states. >> even the evangelical states have not always been great.
10:36 pm
>> here's what the i think the challenge is for everyone. we have to recognize that donald trump has controlled the terms of this entire debates on the republican and democratic side and so i think going forward cruz needs to say listen, donald trump is talking about immigration, but here's why i have the better solution. hillary clinton is trying to do this game. donald trump talks about how we have to scale back the foreign policy commitments to invest in infrastructu infrastructure. hillary clinton can play that game as well, but both of them have to understand he is identifying the problems and they have to make the case they have the better solution. donald trump does not have the solutions. they have to answer his questions better. >> wasn't this like six months during debates. >> look at what he said in light of brussels. we are going to abandon our nato allies. >> he did not say that. >> he said he wants to scale back commitment. >> what he's saying and i think when you see this in context of the debt, all he's saying is get
10:37 pm
some of these other countries to start paying more of the freight as opposed to us carrying the ball all the time and when you realize that we're dealing with a $20 trillion debt -- >> i think when nato has been attacked is not a time that you start talking about deal making, he start talking about standing by your brothers and sisters. >> what donald trump has been able to do effectively is find that -- it remains this conservative party. at its grassroots not so much. at its grassroots it's a party of people who were sick of the wars in place like afghan stais and iraq. donald trump did this on immigrati immigration. he has been like a laser identify the problems between the masses and elites.
10:38 pm
>> i mean reagan -- it's torture if you want to talk about that debate. it has been fascinating to watch him. no one has every openly said we need to torture people. >> today he said in an interview -- >> don't tell me -- >> he would have given up faster if he was tortured right away. >> what does it say about today's republican party that in every state they have voted for they have endorsing a ban on muslims. no one even considered asking this question. >> let's hold this thought. we have to take a short break. more ahead. ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪
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we have a major projection right now. senator bernie sanders is the winner in the utah democratic
10:42 pm
presidential caucuses. a big win for bernie sanders in yutah right now. he wins the democratic caucuses in utah. hillary clinton was the winner in the arizona democratic primary. let's go over to john king. big win in utah for bernie sanders and a big win for hillary clinton in arizona. >> he's at nearly 75% of the vote, including in salt lake county with 13% in. it's pretty clear it's a projection with a relatively small percentage in, but bernie sanders is having a big night in utah tonight. proportional democratic rules so he'll get 44% of the delegates tonight. it's a counter in terms of one-to-one for wins. if you take a peek at what this means delegate wise, here's the democratic map, it's going to be bigger than this.
10:43 pm
this is 55%, 45%. that would give bernie sanders up to 898 so he'll cross 900 with this win tonight. he gets a win which will help him say he's winning states. it looks like he'll get a win in idaho too. that split is based on 55%, 45%. so that would get him over -- that gets him at 911. add three or four and he has the potential to get closer to 920 by the end of the night. that would leave him more than 320 behind, but two wins and make the case that as we go to washington state, alaska and hawaii on saturday, bernie sanders -- this week winning five of the six contests. he may not make a huge dent, but he'll raise more money and he says he's not going anywhere. >> if bernie sanders wins these
10:44 pm
two states he will have won 11 states. hillary clinton wins arizona. she will have won 18 states plus two territories. >> just a quick point. sanders supporters say when i converse with them on twitter they say you should discount hillary clinton's states that the democratic never win, but i say they should be careful about this. that's how president obama won the nomination. look at these states senator sanders is winning, they're not democratic strong holds come november in. a win is a win in the primary process. >> good point. thanks very much. anderson back to you. >> we're watching utah closely. you had some thoughts about utah. >> let's give it up to bernie sanders. the staying power he's had in 2016 is just stunning. granted these are caucuses,
10:45 pm
granted idaho and utah -- >> from where he entered the race it's extraordinary. >> the way he's energized people, the very spector that he could win five out of six as john king just mentioned, this should be a night that the bernie sanders sanders people are cheering in. where did he give his victory speech tonight from? california. he is saying we're going to the bitter end. >> bernie sanders is like a low-grade toothache for her. it isn't going to kill her, but it hurts enough and what she wants to do is get it pulled and get rid of it. there's no sign that she's going to be able to accomplish that. >> it's amazing, the shift that she has that it's engendered among her a lot of tactical shifts on policy positions to accommodate bernie sanders.
10:46 pm
>> i disagree with that notion. she's always been a progressive on the big issues that democrats care about. expanding opportunity, making sure we protect the rights of all citizens. bernie sanders has been a good candidate in the sense that there are democrats out there who would like to see the party take real principal positions on income and equality, on climate change and trade for example, and the debate is not hurting the party. i think it's galvanizing the party. you have to go back to the math. there are more pledged delegates and super delegates. you have to win both. >> a lot of sanders supporters would push back and say she was claimed to be a moderate when that seemed the cool thing to be. >> i heard all the arguments and they tweet me a lot. i love them back. i've been tweeting stay in line.
10:47 pm
go to caucus. show up. i don't have blue tonight. i'm trying to give the love to some of the republicans who are in mourning. >> we appreciate it. >> let me say this. there's a narrow path for bernie sanders to win this nomination. i don't know if can he win every state with 75% of the vote. hillary has strong support across the borroward. they're competing for early votes, same day votes and absentee votes. >> it's important to note that she's competing for media time as both candidates are and as long as there is a race on the democratic side, that gets them more coverage. if it was just bernie sanders or just hillary clinton it would be lopsided because you would have this race on the republican side that would get more coverage. >> absolutely. bernie sanders didn't just create the left tilt in the democratic party. if you look at the percentage of
10:48 pm
democrats in these states who self identify as liberal and you compare it to 2008, you see a big growth everywhere. that's partly because people are reshaping the democratic party. they are more heavily invested now in the republican party than the democratic party. they're much less they are pushing the democratic party into a left wing place that's quite different than where it was a generation ago. >> we're going to take a short break with respe break. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed.
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welcome back. let's update you on what we know right now. major wins in arizona for donald trump. we projected many hours ago he is the winner. he captures arizona, winner take all in that state. he gets all 58 delegates in arizona. similarly in arizona on the democratic side a big win for hillary clinton. it's proportional, but she wins in arizona. also a very impressive win for bernie sanders in utah with just
10:53 pm
a little while ago we projected he's the winner in the utah caucuses. he's doing very well in utah. we have a key race alert on the other contests stillo outstanding. only 3% of the vote is in, but ted cruz has a lead, 58.8%. kasich is in second place and trump is in third place. only 3% of the vote is in. if cruz gets 50% plus one he will win aull the delegates. an exciting night in the race for the white house. >> more results still to come in. let's get some final thoughts. mark. >> we would have thought the race was over by now. if this was a year ago we would have thought this was over, we had our two candidates, it was going to be hillary clinton and
10:54 pm
jeb bush. we're still people come out right now running. we should be celebrating this. this is democracy at its best. you might not like the candidates that are still in, but people are excited and we should be happy about it. >> new people are coming in the process. >> that's true. donald trump says that all the time and he's right. it's not just donald trump on the republican side, it's bernie sanders on the democratic side. there's no question about that. the issue is and the question is how is this all going to come together. what's going to happen in july on the floor of the republican side. nobody knows right now. nobody knows how it's going to end which makes it exciting for us, a little bit scarey for the people in charge. >> i'm still waiting to see what happens with ted cruz tonight. does he meet that 50% threshold. i know he's at 58% right now, but there's only 3% of the vote
10:55 pm
in. if he's got to do that there in utah, he needs to be able to come out tomorrow and say i not only won, but i beat that 50% threshold. >> i think you have to hand it to donald trump tonight. a huge win in arizona, but i also think if you take a step back and you see the fact that this is someone who has been a front-runner all along and the party still will not get behind him and i cannot imagine a nomination process that could be more disastrousdisastrous. in our poll only 8% of the republicans said their party was united. heading into a general election he need a party that unites around the candidate. >> it's a challenge that i think he's picking up. he tried to pick it up in washington yesterday. there's going to be more of that. i'm aware of other people he's
10:56 pm
reached out to. so i think this will continue and we will just play this out here so far, but not to be forgotten here is that between donald trump and ted cruz they're getting about the two outsiders they're getting about 80% of the vote. >> they are still counting votes in idaho and utah. ted cruz has a lead in the utah caucuses. the question is will that hold. we're keeping an eye on belgium a day after terrorist attacks. c. three weeks of non-stop basketball. no! yes! this country is unified in totally blowing off work that first thursday. enough attack ads and name calling... that was a foul you jerk face! yes! yes! for one-twelfth of the year... these truly are the united states. no! no! yes! yes! eat it rogen! eat! it!
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this is cnn breaking news. i max foeser, this is cnn special coverage of the terror attacks in belgium. a massive manhunt is under way at this hour for the prime suspect in the busz ls airport bombing, authorities say these men, seen in


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