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tv   Wolf  CNN  March 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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bodies buried underneath the rubble. >> the airport bomber still on the run. >> the manhunt here now expanding. >> word of another attacker involved in the brussels bombings. a second unidentified person being sought in the blast in brussels metro system. >> the department in this building was quickly identified as the main bomb-making lab for these attacks. >> this is the very same cell that carried out the paris attacks. they don't stop until they
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either get killed or they get arrested. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington, 6:00 p.m. in brussels. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. right now in brussels, investigators are searching for two men believed to be involved in the bombings there. the men, once spotted with the suicide bombers at the airport, and one now believed to have taken part in the train station attack on the loose. we're also learning right now that an international arrest warrant was issued three months ago for ibrahim el bakraoui, at the train station in brussels. our senior international correspondent, fred pleitgen is joining us in brussels. fred, they raided the homes of the suicide bombers, both belgian nationals. what's the latest on the manhunt for the two unnamed suspects in the attacks? >> reporter: well, that manhunt is ongoing, wolf.
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as you said, the police did indeed raid homes of both the bakraoui brothers. they told us today they raided those homes yesterday. there was one raid where we were actually on hand, and watched that happen. and a bunch of police officers went into that house, and called forensic teams in and got a lot of things out of an apartment. seemed to us as though it was paper bags with what could have been evidence. now, what the police says today is that the searches in those houses proved to be what they say inconclusive. so it's not exactly clear what that means, what exactly they found there. whether or not that would give them any hints as to who else might be out there. meanwhile, the search does continue for those two other people. both of them appear to have been spotted on cctv cameras, one at the airport, one in the metro station. we have seen throughout brussels today a flurry of police activity. there were several raids that happened in various parts of the city. so far, there is no indication that anybody has been taken into custody on the this day. but, of course, the police is
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searching, first of all, for those two people who they believe are on those videos. and also they are searching to see whether or not there is still a wider network that could be out there that could have helped the people who conducted the brussels attack. and that could also be linked to the wider picture, of course, linking salah abdeslam, the paris attacks and brussels attacks, as well, wolf. >> looks like a broad situation. fred, thanks very much. the man believed to be a critical link between the attacks in brussels and the attacks in paris last november now says he wants to be sent back to france to answer charges there. salah abdeslam, police believe his capture may have excellated the time line of the attacks. let's bring in paul krupp check. his attorney says the suspected terror plotter no longer is cooperating with police, supposedly was in a daze leading
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up to the terror attacks in brussels. what is this latest development mean for the investigation and also that he wants to be extradited to france. >> investigators believe that salah abdeslam was never cooperating. they believe he not only knew about this attack yesterday in brussels, not only knew about it, but it was also going to be part of the attack, let's just say, two days ago in brussels. and believe he was part of that cell. he was in a safe house with the overall ring leader of the paris and brussels attacks. so he would have presumably had knowledge of what was being planned. when they went into that safe house tuesday last week, they found an isis flag, they found detonators, all warning signs people inside that house, including salah abdeslam had
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plans to launch an attack. the other safe house they raided after the attack in brussels, they also found an isis flag there and also found a lot of bomb-making chemicals there, as well. the idea here, wolf, is this was going to be a bigger attack which was being planned at some point in the future. but that the cell accelerated their plans when salah abdeslam's safe house was discovered when he was captured. they felt cornered. the suicide note left on the laptop confirms that. i don't want to go to prison like him. this attack could have been twice as big as it was, because three of the cells were either arrested or killed. >> yeah. and what's very i guess crazy, if you will, after his arrest his attorney said he would fight extradition from belgium to france. also said he was talking to police. now all of a sudden the attorney says he wants to be extradited to france and is no longer
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talking to police over there. no explanations given for this 180-degree shift, is there? >> no explanations at all, given the quite -- erratic statements coming out from the salah abdeslam lawyer. but they don't believe, belgian officials, believe he was cooperating, giving them necessary information that could have saved lives. there was francois hollande who came out with a statement saying he adopted admitted he had been tasked with being one of the bombers but claimed he had backed out of those plans. so he did provide them at least that. but nothing at all about a planned attack in belgium. investigators believe that he was on the inside of this plot, that he would have had knowledge and would have perhaps, they believe, been one of the suicide bombers tasked with launching a much larger operation in belgium in the weeks ahead. this group had assembled a huge
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amount of explosives, so much that when those three attackers were picked up by a taxi driver from that bomb factory on the day of the attacks, they couldn't fit all of the suitcases filled with explosives inside the taxi car. they had to leave some behind. that's why they recovered that 15 kilograms of tatp, enough for a cell twice as big. the concern right now, wolf, there are other members of this cell still at large. they know at least two are still at large. the guy who escaped from the airport whose bomb didn't explode, for whatever reason, seen in the white shirt. and then another individual who was the metro stop with one of the suicide bombers there, caught on cctv footage there. and who is at large with a large bag. given what was in the other large bags, they're worried that there could be more bomb attacks that this cell could also launch more gun attacks in brussels in
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the hours ahead. remember with that paris cell, exactly the same cell as behind these brussels attacks, they were planning a second wave attack when the whole world's media were assembled in paris. while the whole world's media assembled in brussels, wolf. >> what's so worrisome, most if not all of these terrorists were well-known to authorities. they were on various terror watch lists, interpol watch lists and nothing was done. they were all basically hiding in plain sight, which is very, very worrisome. stand by, paul. we have more information coming in. authorities right now are sifting through a stockpile of bomb-making materials found inside one of the attackers' apartments. perhaps most disturbing, the discovery of tatp, known as mother of satan, cheap, easy to get, and can be made with materials from a drug store. we have more on this new weapon of choice from isis. we want to warn you, the video you are about to see is disturbing.
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>> reporter: exclusive new video from inside the airport, just moments after the explosions. mass devastation. children screaming. is this the aftermath of a tatp bomb? officials found 15 kilograms of the explosive where the alleged bomb maker was hiding out. it's a home made explosive with a sinister nickname. mother of satan. a name coined by terrorists because it's sensitive to heat, volatile and can cause damage. experts say it's also cheap, with ingredients that are easy to come by. >> 90% of the stuff we have here, you don't need a license to buy. i can go in a truck right now, about a half hour away and come home with probably 90% of this. >> reporter: brussels is not the first time tatp has been traced to terrorist attacks. last november, ibrahim abdeslam
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detonates a suicide vest. one component, tatp. july, 2005, bombs explode throughout london. 52 dead, more than 700 injured. investigators discover the home made bombs contained tatp. september 2009. najee azazy uses tatp. he gets the ingredients he needs at a colorado beauty store, lowe's and walmart. >> you're not going to get these people by monitoring what they purchase. >> reporter: seth jones in counterterrorism. he says tatp ingredients are so readily available, buying the items may not raise suspicions. that's why intel is key. >> najibullah zazi was involved in boiling tatp was not
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identified for ingredients he was purchasing. he was identified because of good intelligence in monitoring e-mail accounts where he came up. >> our thanks to nick payton walsh for that report. thank you. let's talk more about the use of tatp in recent terrorist attacks. joining us now, michael bouchard, former assistant director of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms and explosives here in the united states. a chief security officer for sterling global operations. and from boston, former boston police commissioner, ed davis, president and ceo of a security services firm there. thanks very much for joining us. michael, this ta it tp, is it a new trend from terrorists and you spend a lot of time looking at these kinds of terror explosives. when you heard that tatp was used, what did you think? >> it's not new. it's been used for a number of years. the plo used to use it quite regularly. it's become more common lately. with the terrorist groups. and it's becoming more well-known. and i think the problem here is,
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more and more people, the bomb makers, are getting used to making -- they've got the right mixture now. >> and it's easy to get that mix, right? >> very easy to get the mix. it's just dangerous to prepare it, and there are very few people that have the expertise to make the right type of explosive. >> commissioner, you were the police commissioner in boston during the boston marathon bombings. when you heard that one of the busiest airports in europe had been attacked in this way, along with a sub swai station, what was your initial reaction? >> well, wolf, brought back a lot of memories from what we experienced here in the city. and the chaos that video that you just showed is really troubling. it shows that the individuals who were doing this are living up to their threat to harm women and children and to leave no one unaffected by this barbry. it's crazy. >> michael, the whole notion of buying stuff legally that can be used to kill a lot of people, a lot of us remember timothy
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mcveigh used fertilizer in blowing up oklahoma city federal building. it contained ammonium nitrate which you can get easily. how do you deal with this problem? >> it's tough. because they can steal it, buy it in small quantities, they're very patient. somebody making tatp, it's best to educate the public, if you smell something like nail polish remover, that's as tone, in significant amounts, that's not someone cleaning their nails. it could possibly be someone making explosives. >> what can you do at airports, michael, when you walk into an airport, before you go through the security checkpoint? you're just walking in with a cart, you've got your bags or whatever. will sniffer dogs be able to determine what's going on there? should there be dogs all over the place, in other words? >> explosive-detective canines are trained to detect tatp, and there are chemical detectors in use. >> mechanical devices that can detect that?
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what do you think about that idea, commissioner? do you think it's time at airports here in the united states to start having an extra layer of security outside the tsa perimeter, if you will? >> there's no question the time has come for that. my clients are asking for vapor-sniffing dogs now so that these soft targets can be better protected. and the most significant thing i saw here is 15 kilograms of tatp. that's more than was used in the london bombings. and they left that behind. it shows you the capabilities of these organizations. and how critical it is that we work on our intelligence and do what we can to stop this. >> commissioner, let's say there were security personnel, police officers, or others inside the terminal before you get to security, and there were dogs, canine dogs, and they sniffed and determined these three guys, and we have seen the picture with their little cart, baggage cart walking around. let's say they determined this was suspicious. what do the police officers do in a situation like this,
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fearing there could be explosive devices in those carts? >> well, they have to use the highest form of vigilance and safety in approaching someone like this. but in massachusetts, at logan airport, the high visibility police presence is always in the soft target areas. and that's really what needs to happen. those offices have to proceed with the utmost caution. but there are other people around, and it's a very, very difficult job for them to accomplish. the more you harden the target, the farther out you push the soft target part of it. because no matter where you put that limit, there is going to be a line that gathers there and that's where you need visibility in dogs that are checking so that when these guys were planning to see that, they go someplace else. that's the whole key to the security part of this. >> and as bad, michael, as these terror attacks were, the explosives we saw, 31 people killed, hundreds more injured,
10:16 am
the fear now is, among the u.s. counterterrorism experts, that it could be even worse. could be a dirty bomb. it could even be some sort of crude nuclear device that isis may want to try to detonate. how worried, how concerned are you about that sort of worst-case scenario? >> i am concerned, because whatever steps we take, or law enforcement takes, these guys take it one step farther. and try and find out different ways. when you're dealing with people who are willing to die and are not afraid to get caught because they're going to commit suicide and kill other people, it becomes more and more dangerous and tougher to apprehend them. >> is that a real fear you have, as well, commissioner? >> there's no question about it. this is a low-scale arms race that we're in with these individuals. and it just brings to bear the urgency of the situation and the fact that governments have to pull together to stop this from happening. >> the former boston police commissioner, thanks very much. michael bouchard, thank you, as well. coming up, belgian
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authorities are making a chilling admission right now. how they, quote, missed a chance to stop one of the bombers and the changes that could happen in airports indeed throughout europe, around the world, in fact. plus, american families desperate for any word about their loved ones. we're going oh to show their faces and tell their stories as we wait to learn if they were, indeed, among the victims. ♪ while you're watching this, i'm hacking your company.
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one of the men accused of carrying out the belgium bombings had been captured by authorities in turkey last july. turkey then informed officials in belgium, 29-year-old ibrahim bakraoui is the alleged bomber who was found on a computer in a trash can in the scarbeck neighborhood. the failure to link him to terrorism at the time allowed him to actually go free. today's belgium interior minister said he had offered his resignation. >> translator: given the facts, i think it is justified that people ask questions, and people ask how is it possible that someone was released early, and
10:22 am
we missed a chance when he was in turkey to detain him. i offered my resignation to the prime minister. he this morning asked me to stay explicitly, given the situation, and the conditions we are in. >> joining us now from turkey is our senior international correspondent, arwa damon. arwa, how did belgium misconnecting the dots, if you will, especially after turkey raised such a huge red flag about this guy? >> reporter: well, i think that's exactly what belgian authorities are trying to figure out right now. here's what happened, according to the turks. bakraoui was here, and one of the main transit hubs for individuals wanting to cross into the war zone. and especially a transit hub for foreign fighters wanting to go and join isis. bakraoui was not flagged previously to the turks. but something about him raised their suspicions. they surveilled him, and then they detained him and notified
10:23 am
the belgians. the belgians responded and all of this was happening in july of last year. the belgians came back to the turks and said, yes, we are aware of this individual. but he has ties to criminal organizations, we don't have any substantiated ties to any sort of terrorist organizations. the turks said, look, we really believe that he's here trying to cross into the battlefield to join up with isis. they ended up deporting him and clearly, the intelligence that they provided the belgians with was not followed up on. this has been especially frustrating for the turks, wolf. it's not the first time their intelligence has been ignored. in one other significant instance, they had actually warned french authorities about a french national who ended up being one of the attackers. and the turkish president's message right now is one, start acting on the intelligence we're providing. we need to have greater cooperation. and when it comes to europe's war on terror, your best ally at this stage is turkey, wolf. >> arwa, the european union, the
10:24 am
ministers, they're holding an emergency meeting in brussels today to talk about border security and intelligence-sharing, particularly. the use of airport passenger data. what can you tell us about this meeting? they have a lot of work to do, clearly. >> reporter: they do. and they also need to figure out a way to better coordinate intelligence-sharing within the eu. even though one would logically think that is something that would already be happening. it's really not -- at least not to the extent that it should be. when it comes to the issue of sharing passenger data, this has been pretty controversial, because some of those who oppose it say that it infringes on people's liberties, while others say it is necessary for security. at this stage, there is no share passenger data system across the eu. there is not even necessarily a shared list of individuals who are on, say, one country's no-fly list. another european union country may not have access to that same list. and that is why these
10:25 am
individuals who do have european union passports are able to transit through so easily and effectively fly under the intelligence radar. plus, europe is going to have to come up with significant mechanisms to up security at airports, at other high-risk locations. this really is a turning point for europe when it comes to security, how it is sharing intelligence, and how it is then implementing that intelligence on the groupnd wolf. >> these european countries don't share a lot of intelligence with each other. and even it's worse in belgium. various communities there, various mayors and counties and cities, they don't share intelligence even amongst themselves. which obviously is a huge mistake. all right, arwa, thank you very much. coming up, the agonizing wait for families touched by the attacks in brussels, with still so many people unaccounted for. relatives do all they can to hold out for hope. we'll have a closer look at this story when we come back.
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two days after the terror attacks in brussels, the u.s. is still trying to determine the fate of missing americans. at least 31 people were killed in the attacks. 330 people were injured. the u.s. state department says about a dozen americans were injured. so far, officials have not confirmed any fatalities. for the families of the missing, though, the wait for information is understandably agonizing. cnn's michaela pereira has this part of the story. >> it's horrible beyond imagination. >> reporter: family members and friends of the missing in the
10:31 am
brussels terror attacks still holding on to hope that their loved ones will be found. alexander pinczowski and sister sascha were on the phone with their mother while checking in for jfk. >> the phone sounded like it went under water and went dead. >> reporter: 21-year-old bart migom was set to fly to see his girlfriend in georgia. she decided to call. no one answered. >> it's been the worst days of my life. i just -- i guess i didn't know how much one person can love another. until -- until you just don't know where they're at. >> reporter: andre adam, also at the airport, with his wife danielle, awaiting a flight to miami. danielle was found injured, but her husband is still missing. their daughters captured in this facebook post. she says each ring makes us hope for information. this missing couple from tennessee, stephanie and justin
10:32 am
schultz, from wall back from the security gate after dropping off stephanie's mother, when the bombs went off. on wednesday, there was hope that the couple had been found. justin's brother said his family was contacted by the state department, and told the couple was on the injured list. but later, a belgian social worker called his mother, saying that information was incorrect. the brother tweeting, he was disgusted by the mistake and to keep praying, as their family hopes they're found alive. >> our thoughts and prayers are certainly with those families, and the terror attacks in brussels. they clearly are a stark reminder that isis can strike at any time in europe, here in the united states, elsewhere around the world. weather on the battle fields, soft targets like airports, metro stations and europe. the u.s. defense secretary, ashton carter, says more needs to be done to defeat this terror group. >> it's not enough that we
10:33 am
defeat them in iraq and syria. what brussels tells us is that they have a sympathizers, people who are belgians, or french, who live there already, and therefore, an important part of the fight is also going to be a homeland security and intelligence and a law enforcement fight. now, that's not what the department of defense does. but that's important, as well. the other thing i think that the brussels event is going to further signify to europeans is that they, as we have been accelerating our campaign to defeat isil in syria and iraq and elsewhere, they need to accelerate their efforts and join us. >> ash carter speaking with carol costello at west point. coming up, a call for better intelligence sharing as world powers try to beat back isis. we'll get our military analysts
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all examples of how isis is extending its reach beyond the middle east, becoming a global threat. let's discuss this and more. i'm joined by retired major general, cnn military analyst, james "spider" marks, and paul cruickshank. very disit tushing information, paul. let me start with you and spider will weigh in. devin nunez of california, chairman of the house intelligence committee, obviously well-briefed by the u.s. intelligence community. he says that the explosions in brussels at the -- near the ticket counters where there were u.s. airlines there, train station, not from the u.s. embassy, may have been targeting americans. here's the quote from nunez. from my vantage point, it does look like an attack on americans. it looks like it was targeted towards americans to some so degree. when you hear that from the chairman of the house intelligence committee that the suspicion - it's only a suspicion now -- that americans were targeted, would that be unusual? would that be extraordinary,
10:40 am
paul? >> well, isis would clearly want to kill americans in any attack. i mean, that's the holy grail for them, the united states leading the anti isis coalition. it's much more difficult for them to get operatives into america, so trying to hit americans overseas is sort of the best bet for them. i have not seen overriding evidence yet, wolf, that americans were singled out in any way, shape or form in this attack. you couldn't really know who was going to be in that metro car underneath the european parliament in monthlien monthly molenbeek. and according to the cctv footage, they went to different parts of the airport. i don't think we know yet for sure where exactly they were in the airport and whether they were trying to target americans per se.
10:41 am
but a lot of americans and a lot of westerners that travel through brussels airport, it's a big international hub, so they clearly knew that americans would likely be caught up in this attack. one extra note on that. the paris attacks carried out by exactly the same cell as the brussels attack. when they were in the concert hall, the attackers, once they finished their original killing, killed a lot of the people, then started asking themselves, where are the singers, where are the american singers, the rock band, the eagles. because they wanted to find them to kill them, because they said they wanted to kill americans too, because the americans were bombing them in syria and iraq, wolf. >> you know, spider, usually, at least in france and belgium, these terrorists, they do look to try to make a statement, whether going after a kosher supermarket or jewish day school in belgium, at that theatre, the concert where there was an american rock band performing at the time. whether the charlie hebdo
10:42 am
journalist, going after them. they want to make a statement. the suspicion is that all the u.s. airlines were based at that terminal, which was exploded, if you will. whether united or american, delta. and that's the fear that maybe the americans were being targeted. when you hear that, spider, what do you think? >> well, these are he can minute california killers, aren't they? it doesn't matter who they are targeting. and the united states being caught up in this, is clearly, as paul indicated, a benefit to them. i need to go back and comment on what paul said at the very end of his descriptions, is that isis and these other forms of radical islamic terrorists want to kill americans, just like they want to kill brits or spaniards or french. because they can. it's not because we are engaged in some form of an operation to bomb them in both iraq and syria. the narrative that what we do
10:43 am
has some mitigation, that we could be more peaceful or we could back out of the mid east. that might in some way mitigate what they do against us, is false. it doesn't matter what we do. we happen to be a part of annin fidel community, and we need to approach it in that way. the only way this atrophies in any way, overtime, it collapses from the inside, but we have to contain it, we have to work from the outside very aggressively, and be very, very strong with our allies. primarily, as we all know, in terms of intelligence-sharing, and having a shared picture of what we can do. intelligence is about actions. what actions can we take that we can go against these guys. very, very aggressively. so there is a whole array of elements of power that need to be involved. >> and clearly, we don't know if americans were specifically targeted. what we do know is about a dozen americans were injured. many of them very seriously. and there are several other americans, including diplomatic
10:44 am
personnel, and their families. some retired military personnel, as well, who are missing right now and may be dead. none of the 31 officially has been identified yet by belgian authorities. we'll stay on top of this very worrisome development. all right, guys, thank you. guilty of genocide. that was the verdict today from an international war crimes court against rod van karadzic. he exploited thousands in the massacre of srebrenica. karadzic sentenced to 40 years in prison. 70 years old right now. coming up, the politics of terrorism after the attacks in brussels. donald trump says water board. ted cruz wants more police
10:45 am
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in the wake of this week's terror attacks in brussel, some muslims in various western countries are becoming increasingly targets of criticism and anger. here in the united states, some of the presidential candidates are aggravating the situation by calling for more surveillance of muslim communities in the united states. my next guest, the national spokesman for the amadea muslim community, among the oldest muslim-americans organizations. thank you for joining us. give me your quick reaction to the terror attacks in brussels. >> well, wolf, everyone has heard of the condemnation of the brussels attacks. not only extending prayers and condolences but rejecting any attempt to justify it to islamic round. anyone who claims that wholly
10:50 am
treating muslim-americans as suspects is a good idea clearly has no genuine interest nor any idea how to win this war on terror because you can't win by marginalizing the strongest ally's assets you have in this war which is muslim. so if our goal is to make and keep america safe, you only do that by uniting people, which is why this perfect case study exists with this platform calls true islam in the extremist. to undermine the groups, the terror groups like isis. i think that's why thousands of people are now beginning to turn to to support this effort. instead of dividing people and try to exploit the deaths of innocent people, i think it's time to talk about concrete steps to bring isis to its knees. >> republican presidential candidates donald trump, told cruz, they proposed intensifying the monitoring of muslim communities, mosque, around the united states. when you hear that, special
10:51 am
patrol of muslim communities, what goes through your mind? what's your reaction? >> well, it shows that we have not learned of the heinous mistakes of the past with the african-americans, jews, catholics, mormons. now an entire group like muslims. because of the acts of the insane people in different parts of the world. and so it's really scapegoating and it shows they don't have a desire to really bring about an end to isis. there's really three things on my mind to bring an end to isis. first, we have to stop the hypocrisy of selective outrage and grieving. and completely ignoring the scores of people that isis has murdered in similar attacks in istanbul, libya, tunisia. you not only imply muslim victims aren't world as much, but you create this false
10:52 am
christians. isis is at war with humanity. which is why the largest amount of victims have been muslims. the muslim leadership has failed. that's true. the secular leadership in muslim countries needs to step up and play an active role in restraining and containing isis through force and then finally, like the president has said, in order to protect penal from becoming sympathizers, you need to be united and undermining the brutal ideology they use for recruitment. which is why it's so important as it provides real opportunities for us to partner to solve this scourge of terrorism which affects us all. >> thank you for joining us. people forget that most of the people killed by these isis terrorists are not jews, they're not christians, they're muslims. they're fellow muslims who have been killed unfortunately by the thousands in recent years. and we appreciate you joining
10:53 am
us. the national spokesman for the amadea muslim community here in the united states. the u.s. justice department makes a major announcement, indicting hackers linked to the iranian government. can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. every time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before.
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new developments today in the battle to combat cyberattacks. u.s. officials say seven hackers have been indicted for a series of attacks on dozens of banks and they say the hackers were working on behalf of the iranian government. when did these attacks take place? what kind of disruptions did they cause? >> these took place between 2011 and 2013 and there were a total of seven iranian hackers. two companies were indicted in this action today by the justice department. they're accused of targeting 46 different banks, some of the largest names on wall street,
10:58 am
including the stock exchanges were targeted in these denial of services attacks. here's loretta lynch, the attorney general, describing the kind of damage that was done. >> online services were disrupted. hundreds of thousands of americans were unable to access bank accounts online. these attacks were relentless, they were systemic and they were widespread. they threatened our economic well being and our ability to compete fairly in the global marketplace, both of which are directly linked to our national security. >> and the key here wolf was these were, people were tied to the iranian national guard, revolutionary guard, and that's the connection to the iranian government. >> as you know, hackers targeted a small dam about 30 miles north of new york city. what can you tell us? >> this was a very small dam, it's called the bowman avenue dam. the dam was disconnected. it was actually not functioning
10:59 am
at the time. at the time this hacker was able to get in, they got access to control systems that would have been able to regulate the water levels and could have caused a lot of damage. in the end, it did not but it really woke people up at the white house as to potential damage that can happen from hackers targeting u.s. utilities that are vulnerable. >> do they accuse iran of being involved? >> absolutely, the same group. they were tied to the rigc. >> the revolutionary guard. the individuals indicted, the u.s. going to do anything to go after the iranian government right now? >> right, exactly, that's the big question. a lot of sensitivity, certainly about the state department, about what they can do. these seven iranians now are wanted people. if they leave iran, there will be arrest notices. the large question is one of a strategy that the obama administration has been pursuing
11:00 am
which is name and shame countries that carry out these attacks. >> thanks for that update. evan perez. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." the news continues right now right here on cnn. here we go, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me here on this thursday. breaking news. an intense manhunt under way for these two suspected terrorists in the brussels attacks. one of them truly just a mystery, believed to be part of that attack on metro that left this devastation and killed at least 20 people. authorities are looking for a man caught on surveillance video carrying a large bag. where that individual is, if that individual is alive, authorities don't know. security forces are also on the hunt for this man, we talked a lot about him, they believe he