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tv   Americas Choice 2016 WA AK HI Dem Caucuses  CNN  March 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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health care. the other example -- bernie says he wauntsd nts to break up the banks. he can't do it. we did get dodd-frank through. the presidential race head to ditch corners of country now. >> and the fight for the democrat incompetition to get more competitive. >> announcer: ow west, a russac for delegate gold. alaska and walk state. >> i know that the stakes get higher by the day. >> announcer: both parties bracing for a fight to the finish. >> to be the future of the republican party you have to go through trump. >> announcer: who will claim victory on this western saturday? it's america's choice. right now, in the democratic race -- >> in the face of terror, america doesn't panic. we don't build walls. >> announcer: hillary clinton honing her lines of attack against republicans as she moves closer to the nomination.
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>> what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting, it's dangerous. >> announcer: bernie sanders, sharpening his criticism of clinton hoping to score in a trio of new caulk caucuses that play to his strengths. >> we are doing something very unusual in modern american politics. we are telling the truth. >> announcer: now it's time for voters to have their say with only a handful of candidates still in the mix. >> we're down to two left for me. i call them the leftovers. >> you've been waiting for the right moment. now's the time to come join us! >> announcer: america is choosing, more than half the states have voted and the race is heading on an uncertain course. right now --
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we are standing by for results from the democratic caucuses in washington state. it's a contest that bernie sanders cannot afford to lose, and right now you're looking at live pictures from seattle. we also have cameras inside a caucus site outside tacoma, washington. there the voting is just getting under way. it is standing room only. the turnout so great they had to bring in more registration forms. this hour, alaska democrats are also starting their caucuses. a live picture from anchorage, where hundred, hundreds of people stood in line for an hour to get in. welcome to viewers in the united states, and around the world. i am jake tapper. and i'm in the cnn election center, the democratic contests on this western saturday. mattering more than anyone would have imagined just a few months ago. the stakes are very high for senator bernie sanders in his struggle to catch up with hillary clinton in the delegate race. he needs wins.
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particularly today in washington state, to hope to have -- to have any hope of closing the gap with clinton. washington is a kind of place where sanders normally does well. it's a caucus state. it has nor liberal mostly white voters and the top prize today with 101 delegates on the line. those degates will be split between the candidates proportionately based on the votes received. even if sanders wins he likely will not get all of the state's delegates. now, in addition to washington, and alaska, democrats also will be caucusing in hawaii later today. a total of 142 delegates on the line in those three states. washington, alaska, hawaii. by the end of the day, nearly half of all of the democratic delegates will have been awarded. that does not mean, however, that the clinton/sanders fight for the nomination will be over anytime soon. the republican candidates are not competing in any contests today. the republican party held its caucuses in alaska and hawaii
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earlier this month. you may know, trump won hawaii, cruz won alaska. we have a team of correspondents inside the caucuses today. first we go to sara sidner in seattle, washington. sara, big turnout there today. >> reporter: absolutely. there are about 450 people here. a quick look at this room. this room was actually cordoned off, fake walls put up basically. they pushed those out and had to open up the room, because just so many people streamed in. a look now, but the big deal going on here is they have done an initial count. these are 17 different districts, and they have done an initial count. i will give you that number now. so far from just a few of those districts, those numbers coming in, 71% going to sanders. 29% to clinton. so that gives you an idea right now where people's minds are at here, just a quick snapshot of a look, but now what year seeing is the caucusing happen. you're seeing the arguments for sanders. you're seeing the arguments for hillary clinton. we'll move into one of these
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here where you're seeing folks kind of listening in to what people are saying about their respective candidates. kind of making their arguments and making it very, very clear who they think that people should switch sides for, but overwhelmingly we are so far seeing that overwhelmingly, bernie sanders is getting the numbers and the votes here for the delegates. as you mentioned, this is a big vote. 101 delegates are up for grabs. this precinct is a very, very, very high number of people voting here. so in the last election in 2012, 86% of registered voters nut their ballots, and you know, jake, one more thing to tell you about washington that is very unusual. that is, there is no polling here. when it comes time to go vote, people vote from their homes, accepted in ballots. one of the reasons why those numbers for voters are so high here in washington. jake? >> very interesting. sara sidner thank you so much. in bernie sanders wants to do well, of course, he not only needs to win he needs to win
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big. let's go to jason carroll as a caucus site in washington, outside of tacoma. what's going on where you are? >> reporter: things are well under way here, jake. precinct 547 had just taken a vote now. it was -- 25 for bernie. 15 for hillary clinton. is that correct, guys? they did well. that is their second vote at the high school. it is packed inside here. another precinct still in the process of putting together their vote nap woman you see right there is the caucus chair. overseeing this group. this young man you see here is the one doing the counting. there are the ballots there. those are the ballots turned in so far. they have done a preliminary count here as well. bernie sanders doing well as that precinct as well. that count, 16% for sanders. 5% for clinton. one undecided. it's fastcinating to be here at
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this particular point. the second most populous county here in the state of washington. some 795,000 people live here. so crowded earlier, jake, they actually ran out of voter registration forms. they got those back in stock. so now what you see here is the process still under way. all of these precinct, 37 in all competing the entire process of getting everyone in, getting vote tallied. they'll go through two votes. one vote, everyone gets together, discuss, try to pull in the undecided then do the second official vote. things here well under way. huge turnout. ran out of voter registration forms at one point. things back on track now. >> in washington, just outside of tacoma. coming up, take you inside the doors inside a caucus. will bernie sanders get a big win or fall short? much more election coverage coming up after this quick break. stay with us. living with chronic migraine feels like
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welcome back. you're looking at live pictures of a democratic caucus in seattle, washington. we're seeing very strong turnout in the democratic caucuses in washington state and alaska. those caucuses are under way right now. we are inside the contests bringing you results as we get them. let's check back in with sara sidner at a caucus site in seattle. what's going on, sara? >> reporter: so they are caucusing. i mean, they are making their arguments now. look at this gentleman here. going over to him with the mike. each person impassioned plea for their candidate. he is talking about -- hold on. let's listen in a little bit. >> everyone said that -- >> we know that he stands for a very reasonable vision of the future. he wants to see the lives of many people improve, but when the republicans come at him, they're going to say, communist.
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they're going to say these things that to a lot of voters out there are very scary things, and i would like to think that we could dissuade people. say, no, he's not a communist. not a radical. he's not for -- >> reporter: you're hearing an impassio bernie sanders. if you look at the board at this particular district you will see the numbers. i'm showing you right there, bernie 83. hillary, 28, for just one precinct inside of this district, but the numbers of pretty clear here that so far initial numbers, the initial count and they're going to do two. so far that initial count is very much swaying for bernie sanders, jake. >> all right. thank you so much, sara sidner at a democratic caucus site in seattle, washington. now i think we'll go to anchorage, alaska, we find our own paul vercammen. paul, alaska generally not known as a hugely democratic, capital d, state, but there are a lot
11:14 am
behind you. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, jake, and, in fact, this crowd is absolutely energized. they believe that they will break caucus records here in alaska, exceeding 2008. right now as they begin the presentations they haven't cast a single vote. they'll fan out and do that in a little while. we are hearing a lot of buzz for bernie sanders, and i'll go ahead and talk to henry and kay, a young couple here. go ahead, kay and henry, stand up, please. both voting for brernie sanders. >> bernie sanders is grass roots, not in anyone's pocket. done crowd funding to support his campaign. in this room you can see and feeled energy from his team. >> reporter: great. thank you so much for taking time out. they also pointed out that bernie sanders and his dealing with college debt, a very big issue to both of them. they will begin caucusing a
11:15 am
little while. alaska can be difficult to nail down, as you know, politically. you might have better luck nailing ice to a log. there was some polling ame inin couple months ago. remains to be seen what will happen here. wheer hearing a lot of whooping, imt like it's a football game for bernie sanders. back to you. >> paul vercammen in anchorage, alaska. and back to right outside tacoma, washington. >> reporter: let's listen in. >> go to a ramlly and hear and see how many are upset with what's happened. it's got to get changed. >> we all agree. everyone here agrees. >> agree that hillary is going to change it. >> well, who can change it?
11:16 am
i guess that's what i am -- that's where i'm working. >> it's really a debate between whether we go with principles or practicality. i understand it sounds scary that half the democratic party might split up and say we're going it write in senator sanders. that would be back. i look back, i'm a student of history and go back, going to college, i look at 2000, and nader and look and see why people are on that side. i'm on the other side but i think most importantly we can't keep voting for the less are of two eve manies for us. i don't think hillary is boogie man. i like 95% of what hillary says, i think bernie sanders has remained adamant on almost every one of his positions. we need to stop voting for the lesser of two evils and if that takes some of us voting him in and saying, hey, most of us that
11:17 am
don't vote for sanders in a general will support hillary if he doesn't get the nomination, but if a reasonable amount of us write him in it will tell the dnc that we want our voices heard and we are -- >> reporter: okay. what you're hearing, jake, this particular precinct trying to convince this woman in the red, she is undecided, to sway one way or another. we've heard both arguments here. at this particular precinct there is seven delegates up for grabs. it's fascinatie ining to be sit here listening to the process. this is what it's like here at a caucus. this is what happens. it's all public, everyone can present whatever their side may be. it looks like this woman is going to take quite some time before she ends up making up her mind. jake? >> jason carroll outside tacoma in washington, one voter still unvided, brianna keilar and david chalian, and yet you hear the hard sell going on.
11:18 am
101 delegates. brianna, you were just out in seattle with secretary of state hillary clinton on tuesday. it looks like a big bernie town. what was the reception like? >> for her, a lot of enthusiasm as well. i think the understanding is this is a place where bernie will carry the day, bhut what you' but what year seeing here, more enthusiasm than in other states. that's what struck me in washington state. people are amped up. democratic voters are very amped up and there's a lot of frustrated liberals out there phoo he'll even president obama didn't deliver. they wanted single payer health care, got obama care, it wasn't enough. and they're in bernie's corner. and cascade mountains cutting through washington like an aisle cuts through the senate chamber, actually lived on the red side of the state in yakama more than a year and a half. where bernie went this week and pulled in a capacity crowd of 7,000 people. >> talk about voter enthusiasm,
11:19 am
davids, is bernie sanders' enthusiasm, support trois a str for secretary clinton's? t. is. an edge among democrats. more democrats enthusiastic about his candidacy than secretary clinton's but to the your point of going to the red pockets even for these it democratic caucuses, that's how barack obama in 2008 racked up his caucuses and that's the strategy bernie sanders is following. the clinton camp doesn't expect victories tonight. they think this is maybe the biggest delegate haul for sanders as an individual day even if it doesn't make an enormous impact on her overall total. in 2008, hillary clinton in these three states, 25% in the caucuses in alaska and hawaii and 30% of caucuses in washington state in 2008. this is not her turf, and i think we're seeing that play out in this actual caucus here. >> that's right. laying low this weekend trying to downplay the results of today's caucuses.
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welcome back to cnn's coverage of western saturday. three crucial democratic caucuses. we have cameras in washington state, hawaii and alaska. and now to our magic man, john king. with your magic wall. what's at stake? the delegate count. >> this is not superdelegates. pledge delegates for bernie sanders. turning out the democratic base because he understands it's about the math.
11:25 am
easy to do. down 304 delegates. pledge delegates heading in. back to 2008, show you washington state, alaska, hawaii, david chalian noted, won by barack obama. liberal base, liberal candidate can win. big thing margins. why do they matmatter? because of the democratic rules. if bernie sanders wins all three states today, 55-45, he picks up 16 delegates. not good enough. wins 55-45, cuts her lead by 16, then we're coming back this way. wisconsin will be a battleground. then you move up into here. states view it at hillary clinton straight. what does bernie sanders need to do? wins all 20 in these three states, cuts a decent chunk in her lead. pick us up 86. 16 if you win 55-45, 86 if you win 80-20. washington is the biggest battleground because of the 142 gel gi
11:26 am
delegates. 101 there. win washington, 70-30, basket of 40, easy math. margin here most critical, pick'em here, some here later if expected he wins. with washington state, the big prize. winning is good for momentum, margin is most important. bernie sanders needs to get closer as we move april 5th, bathground wisconsin and northeast mid-atlantic region where even the sanders camp would concede to hillary clinton more than likely. >> five contests in one day, including ohio and florida, and hillary clinton was worried she was going to lose three of them. ended up sweeping five for five. any chance hillary clinton might win one of these contests in alaska, hawaii, or washington state? >> the clinton campaign, brianna talked about going out to washington state. went out there. publicly, of course, we'd like to win. privately concede they did not put in the effort and don't think the base of the party is with her. is it possible? sure. why we count votes. if you saw the early results
11:27 am
from the early precincts seemed clear in every precinct jason carroll talked about, and sara sidner, sanders had more support. the clinton campaign expects to get beat. why she went out in the end, margins. turn out every last vote you can to keep the sanders victory down and the delegate math in your farcher coming back to that's right should be more favorable to hillary clinton. >> why bernie sanders went to south carolina at one point to keep the margins as slim as possible. >> look at the map so r. the more defense the electorate she's done very well. wisconsin, expects the african-american community to help her and pennsylvania, indiana, back into an area, these states so critical to then senator obama helping him bad his delegate lead back here. you see secretary clinton. sanders understands looking at the 2008 map, coming back into what should be her wheelhouse.
11:28 am
he needs big margins today. >> it's all about margins, kate bolduan. >> i say that all the tile. to the magic panels here with me now. and talking about -- talking about the delegates. hillary clinton, she's got a big lead in the delegates. no question. she'll pick up more today. still, losing three states is losing three states. >> in some ways calling this western saturday. in some ways sanders saturday. >> they like the sound of that. >> these seats are tailor-made for him. think about a washington state, for instance a progressive state. it's a very white state as well. about 5% african-americans. i know angel awry born and raised in washington state. so he'll do well. all caucus states. the question is, does this set him up to do better going forward in these other big states going forward, wisconsin, new york, pennsylvania. if he can somehow tap into, you
11:29 am
know, some of the momentum. obviously he'll raise a lot of money out of this. the big question that always been, can he do well in the big states? >> trying to read your chicken scratches. all the numbers going through. he's won seven of the nine caucuses. >> and shown he can win, small, prepo preponderantly white states. utah, idaho, mountain west. they fit into this pattern. the problem on the democratic side all of the big states with the big delegate troves are diverse. so far hillary clinton has won every big state, except for michigan. as you look forward, definitely there be places on the map that can be good with bernie sanders with this pattern. kentucky, west virginia, so forth. problem, the biggest state, california, new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, to a lesser extent, diverse states. until he can perform better with latinos or african-americans,
11:30 am
they will be locked in this pattern to win the smaller places but the bigger prizes go to her. >> the one person who should know most about washington state than any of us would be angela wroo, born and raised in state, what is your play there? >> it's complicated. my dad today is at the caucuses. a precinct committee man uncommitted. he says uncommitted because of his radio show. tloep him under the bus, i also think he's conflicted. not there's a smaller african-american population. the reality of, i don't say western, i say west side, the west coast states, folks are pr more progressive. what bernie sanders is talking about is more appeals. seattle, a demographic, the first openly gay mayor. the fact seattle minimum wage is now $15 an hour. a plate that has legalized marijuana and some of my friends are very happy about that. the reality of it is, it is a different -- >> it's only 2:30!
11:31 am
judgment saying. >> bring this out in people recently. 0 i don't know. >> that's the reality of the state of play. >> bill, how big -- if bernie sanders is going to start gaining ground on hillary clinton as a bernie sanders supporter, how big does he have to win? >> i have to say first, a former chair of the democratic party, i am determined california will join washington state in legalizing marijuana this year. >> sorry. messaging here. >> this is a great segue for easter sunday. >> by the way -- >> we'll be there. >> yes. >> look, no premature celebration here, but this is going to be, i think this is going to be a good night for bernie sanders for the reasons that have been stated. it's his territory. he has really, really worked them hard. the caucuses, he does better in the caucus situation. you know woo why? because people vote on election d day. early voters, tended to go for hillary because they've known her a long time. people wait and vote on election day, bernie has done well.
11:32 am
he might pick up all three today. it's not going to change the race. hillary will probably still be 150, 200 delegates ahead. bernie will pick up, continued momentum going into wisconsin proving this race is not over yet and there's no reason at all to talk about bernie getting out. >> especially if the money keeps coming in. no reason to drop out. >> and winning states. >> that, too. thank you. who wins these states first? will the strong turnout in washington, hawaii and alaska translate into wins for bernie sanders, coming up, we'll briv y bring you results as they come in. so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now!
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tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. welcome back to cnn's live coverage of western saturday. we're following three crucial democratic caucuses in washington state, in hawaii and in alaska. we have anecdotal reports that turn out his way up. a lot of people are out and caucuses.
11:37 am
to sara sidner in seattle, washington. sara, what's going on where you are? >> reporter: we want to get new numbers to you just in to cnn. we have been looking at the different districts and precincts. the precincts here of the 17 so far, the numbers -- 30% for hillary clinton. and 70% for bernie sanders. people are still trying to convince one another that their candidate is the right person to be with. i do want to introduce you, though, quickly, to a state democratic chair, jackson ravens who is here with us, and you've been -- you've been to some other caucuses. right? >> i've been to a couple different locations. i have. >> reporter: can you give a sense exactly how many people are showing up across the state? >> you know, we expecting to see a couple hundred thousand and had affidavit forms that led us to believe that. we're seeing 50% more than we thought. i think we'll get to 250,000 state-wide. this is a great example of the numbers we're seeing around the
11:38 am
state. >> reporter: at 250,000, talking similar numbers in 2008. you think a record-breaker? >> i think so. no promises. we had roughly 246,000 in 2008. but look around this room. there's a lot of people here. i'm excited and we'll see what the count is later today. >> reporter: thank you so much. appreciate it. we're going to listen in to some of the folks trying to convince one another. let me walk over here. this is another precinct. i wanted to put the mike in to hear who's he talking about and why. >> -- we want our kids toish able to go to school. we want to be safe. we want to put food on our tables. that's ultimately what it is. we want our grandparents and our parents to retire with dignity. so -- ultimately, this is where we need to start thinking of who's going to be able to do that best, and i honestly think that brernie sanders is going t lead us in that direction. there's a couple comments, we don't think he can win in a general election.
11:39 am
the number of delegates that have been won are from the south that are going to hillary clinton. she's not winning those states. all of the states that are swing states or close to being swing states are in the north. those are all being won by bernie, or closely contested. so we have to start thinking about that math instead of the math we're seeing on tv, because there's no way hillary is going to win louisiana and texas and alabama. it's just not going to happen. so -- i really encourage everyone to start looking in and say, what's best for me? what's best for my family? and what's best for my community? and i think when we start doing that i really don't -- care who you vote for. i just want you to go vote. right? and vote millennial. what i'm trying to go for. so thank you, everyone. [ applause ] >> reporter: there you have it. vote millennial. back to you. >> treinteresting, sara. one of the things we're looking at this afternoon and this evening is what the democratic
11:40 am
turnout is in several of the contests so far. republican turnout, much higher than democratic turnout. looks like in washington state it's possible -- possible -- that might not be the case. let's go to silicon, washington, outside tacoma where we find jason carroll. what's going on where you are? >> reporter: jake, things are wrapping up here. the caucusing still going on but we have updated numbers for you. the most recent count. this is with six precincts reporting. i want to point out, 6 out of 37 precincts. clinton, 42%. sanders at 57%. you remember a little earlier in the broadcast i was showing you this woman here in the red. she was undecided. she ended up going for clinton here in this particular precinct. but as you can see now, this process, still underway. again, to point out, this is just 6 of 37 precincts here in pierce county that are prort g regarding, but so far looks like a very good showing for bernie sanders here in pierce county.
11:41 am
jake? >> all right. jason carroll in silicon, washington, right outside tacoma and brianna keilar and david chilean, bring you back in. two examples of the results on the table today in washington state, in seattle, where sara sidner was. 80% for bernie. 20% for clinton. if that ends up being what the trend is statewide, that's what bernie sanders needs to be able to, to put some numbers on the table. >> he really does. we saw middle of this month, hillary clinton achieved this approximately 300 delegate lead and now bernie sanders has held her to that, and i think what he's trying to do obviously is cut into that lead and even the clinton campaign is admitting that may happen, but he really needs to achieve lis thathis la margin. not only here but going forward. he may be able to put a string of wins from late march into
11:42 am
april. a sense of momentum. maybe surging. the clinton campaign will combat and say, no, just a swath of states that favor bernie sanders and we're going to build a brick wall on his momentum come new york, april 19th. when they expect hillary clinton to win by a large margin. >> if he wins 80-20, you said, statewide in washington, that would be astonishing, and it is the biggest delegate prices of the day. it gives him oxygen and room to continue to fund raise and sell a message, to continue to say to every democrat who may question him, clinton supportersupportero bring the campaign together? no. hillary clinton says time and again. nobody knows that commitment to want to stay in it better than she does from her 2008 experience, and so she has been very careful to not step on that in any way. very careful in her public
11:43 am
remarks to say that, everybody's got to run their own race. if he goes all wait through, so be it. she'll continue to go on with her campaign. a laissez-faire attitude. democrats shouldn't get worked up if sanders stays in the campaign. >> i don't think you can compare the attacks that they're leveling against each other to what's going on in the republican side right now. it's certainly basically no damage done, really, compared to the, "my wife is hotter than your wife," or this is what your wife would be like as first lady, the attacks on the republican side. >> and you're seeing publicly definitely hillary clinton is not going there. she doesn't have a leg to stand on, quite frankly. things were nasty this time in 2008, and they're not. is bernie sanders taking her on? sure he is. on her connections to wall street, every speech repeatedly he will do this. but you bring up a really good
11:44 am
point which is -- and i am hearing privately hillary clinton backers are questioning, is he doing her damage? is this negative? would it hurt her if she's the nominee? is this going it hurt her going into the general election jie wonder does it condition her for what she would be up against in a donald trump versus hillary clinton matchup? you cannot compare the incoming from bernie sanders to be what she would be taking from donald trump, for instance 234shgs, in general election. >> we have seen, donald trump has the highest disapproval ratings of any modern presidential candidate. hillary clinton would have that prize if it were not for donald trump. >> tk sed cruz is a notch highe than hillary clinton. >> okay. ted cruz a notch above hillary clinton. is this hurting any of the candidates when it um ck comes general electorate? >> one thing happening, because hillary clinton is focusing more on the general she's no longer in the business so much of
11:45 am
trying to define bernie sanders in some sort of negative light. that allows bernie sanders to still really define himself, which is why i think when we look at these general election matchups, he tends to do better against all of the republican candidates than hillary clinton does, and he uses that as a talking point out on the trail. uses it in fund-raising appeals that he has a better chance of defeating these republicans in a general. you know, i think that that is largely because right now his opponent, hillary clinton, is not out there every day trying to define him in a negative way. >> she certainly isn't. david chilean, thank you, brianna keilar. we're hearing voters are making pitches for their candidates inside the democratic caucuses out west. more of the early results ahead. stay with us.
11:46 am
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get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get. welcome back to cnn special coverage of western saturday where folks are trying to make me call it pacific saturday and
11:50 am
we're looking here at a caucus camera, looking at seattle, washington. awaiting for the results of this very important caucus state to come in. watching results come in as we speak. but as we look at that, we also know that these days it's hard to steal a show from these presidential candidates, but on the eve of these caucuses, something did very successfully. deemed lovingly, "birdie" sanders. watch. >> that if he or she does their schoolwork seriously, does well, takes school -- what? oh. [ applause ] now, you see, this little bird doesn't know it -- oh -- [ cheers and applause ]
11:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> i think -- i think that maybe -- think there may be some symbolism here. i know it doesn't look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace! no more wars! >> we did fact check. i don't think it was a dove. just going to say. just going to say, but the symbolism is rich.
11:52 am
donna brazile, if the bird is not trying to say world peace what is the symbol? >> you know, that's also a symbol of twitter. i'm sure that is to tweet on, bernie sanders. this is going to be a good day for bernie sanders. look, of the 11 states that have held caucuses he's won seven of them. he has strength, organize, passion what i call the ingredients of someone who can do well in a caucus state. but as you well know, i like western movies, not just the western symbolism, and one of my favorites was back in the day before these people were -- well, bill and i were around. the good, the bad and the ugly. you know, this hair didn't come from clairol. but, "the good, the bad and the ugly." good it's a caucus weekend, because bernly do well. bad, because probably only five more caucuses remaining in the quote/unquote delegate hunt, and i guess the real ugly is that he has to win huge, big, in order to catch up with not just the
11:53 am
pledge delegates, which i refer to as superior because there are more of them, but also the super delegates, because there's 219 super delegates who remain involved. they have not committed, and one of my friends david mcdonald, hello, david. precinct 63, there was a tie in his precinct. 31-31. he's a super delegate and refused to commit today and had to flip a coin. guess who won? en bernie sanders. that bird was a symbol for bernie sanders subpoena a swe. have a sweet, sweet, sweet saturday. >> bill, you take issue? >> didn't you recognize the holy spirit jie mean, you know -- whoa. this is easter weekend when the holy spirit descends on bernie sanders. watch out. watch out. >> and the holy spirit, the last time i checked, will not take sides in any political contest it. >> so does this mean ba kthat t clinton campaign will be carting in birds? just land on the podium! >> oh -- >> well, i do think that today
11:54 am
is going to be an amazing day for bernie sanders. if we have surprises, any intervention whatsoever and hillary clinton actually wins a state, the biggest surprise of the day. the fact of the matter is hillary clinton remains 300 delegates in front of bernie sanders. she actually has the vote lead, the actual raw vote lead by over 2.5 million. important as well. when you lead this western saturday, bernie sanders still has to prove he can win in diverse states like a maryland, a pennsylvania a new york, california. and he has to win 75% of the remaining dell guilt. hillary clinton only has to win 35% of remaining delegates. there is a path but the path is really narrow. >> so essie -- >> can i just say -- >> you have the fun job today. >> i am jealous of y'all. your presidential rallies are like disney movies. ours are like "melrose place." >> or wwf. >> amazing. literally, i'm watching "cinderella" animated birds are
11:55 am
floating around bernie sanders. no. amazing moment. >> what are you watching for today, sense you get to sit back and enjoy. >> sure, on a saturday. this is enjoyable. no. i think we know everything we need to know about where hillary clinton's mind-set is, by what she did this week. this week se hastily arranged a talk at standiford on terror, and that is because despite the fact she is heading into states like washington, whereas angela said, things like the minimum wage and maybe gay marriage, these are issues on the tops of minds of washington voters. she's already pivoted to the general election. she, in this basted republicans. particularly donald trump, tweeting about terrorism and being the tough ready on day one commander in chief. saying, go ahead, bernie. take washington, take has harha and washington, but my mind's already on november. >> and the map looks perilous
11:56 am
for bernie sanders, could say the same for ted cruz. 300 pledge delegates separating them. roughly the same in the gop. important to note bernie sanders snn out. won by 78% in utah. 79% in -- not utah. idaho.stoundastounding. >> hold on, guys. we'll be back, right after this. . [sportscaster vo] there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most powerful performance line ever. including the exhilarating is... the thrilling gs... and the powerful rc coupe. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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we are taking you inside the democratic caucuses out west. you can see this site in anchorage, alaska, it's packed. we're waiting for final results there. and in washington state, we've been watching this site in the city of seattle, where voters have been


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