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tv   Americas Choice 2016 WA AK HI Dem Caucuses  CNN  March 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i have a key race alert. we bring you the latest totals from washington state and the other three caucuses going on today. right now with 7% of the vote in bernie sanders ahead with 75.3%
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of the delegates, to hillary clinton's 24.7%. these are from the rural counties in washington state that have checked in. we are still expecting the population centers, seattle, tacoma, olympia, spokane, let's go now to outside tacoma we find our jason carroll at a caucus site. that's sarah in seattle. who am i going to? jason carroll. >> come to me. >> what's going on? >> reporter: things have wrapped up here, jake. i can tell you it was a long process, it's over. let me give you the final numbers here that we've got here after the counting has been done, caucusing complete. sanders at 61%, clinton at 39%. that's with all of the 37 precincts reporting here. it came down to the one table, what you see here inside all of that box there, are all of the
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ballots and the two women you see, beverly there in the purple next to her yoshi wong. they did it all. counted up everyone to get you the final numbers. it was eye balls to pap here. as you know, with some of these caucuses it's done the o old-fashioned way counting up each ballot. overwhelmingly here you can tell from the results, sanders 61, clinton 39. big day for sanders here in pierce county. jake. >> still to come, washington outside tacoma. to seattle, washington, we find sarah. looking at the board behind you, is that the final result there? >> reporter: it is the final result only for one of the precincts here. and that is it. you can see here they have done the math. there's a lot of scribbling. some changed. it was 28, then some decided you know what, 30 came here and two
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more went away from bernie. two came back so you see the math. then down here is the delegates. so bernie getting four and this one precinct and hillary two. i'm going to move around this way. the final count is happening, so what you're seeing is they are looking to see how many delegates right here each of the candidates is going to get. and these are the coordinators here who have been looking at it. okay. now, we have gotten a final number from here, not the official number but a final number from this slice of life here at district 26. 28 hillary clinton, 72 for bernie sanders. what you are looking at here is just another slice from another precinct. and you can see the numbers there. really huge numbers for bernie sanders here. 66, 8 for hillary. and that goes on and on. it's pretty much the same when it comes to all of these different boards. so, you're getting a slice of life, really it's about 72 to 28
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for bernie sanders. jake. >> that's quite a margin of victory. if he keeps that up across the 8 is of washington he will be able to catch up or try to come closer to her 304 delegate lead. let's go to alaska. north of washington state where we find paul vercammen. you're getting initial results as well. >> reporter: i sure am. right behind me you can see they are counting, this is south anchorage weighed in a short time ago. the south anchorage numbers, not to exactly parrot sarah, 72% for bernie sanders, 28% for hillary clinton. and you're looking right now at the community of east anchorage, these voters holding up their ballots. i can tell you that about 200 of them sitting here are all sanders supporters so this is going to be in east anchorage also a very lopsided bernie
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sanders victory because off in the distance if you show that, those are the hillary supporters, they are going to count these and they are counting them up as we speak. so, again, we are seeing a decidedly bernie sanders vote in this part of the high school gymnasium. >> we should note that even if bernie sanders wins in alaska that is only 16 delegates, the big prize is washington state with 101. >> where he may also win overwhelmingly. >> it appears she may be doing not as well as even she did in 2008. remember -- >> how did she do? >> i think looking at sort of the map how we're seeing what she did do, not just washington, hawaii and alaska, she lost every county to barack obama. >> so how can you do worse? you can perform worse in some of these counties, in some of these
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districts. but it shows you that there is tremendous enthusiasm for her in these areas and especially in washington state. that's something you feel on the ground. >> i think one of the things about what makes today different sort of than the earthquake that the democratic race experienced on march 8 with the michigan race and the surprise loss that hillary clinton had in michigan is that that was a state that looked like it should have been a stronger state for her on the demographics, on the ground. >> more african-american voters. >> exactly. these states, we went in today being like the shock would be if bernie sanders did not win overwhelmingly in these three states, so again, part of this is sort of the expectation going in. today's map is so strong for him but unlike that march 8 thing i think caused a lot of concern inside clinton world, i don't think they saw that coming, today's a day i think they have been planning for as a huge sanders day since the beginning of this race.
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>> i think you'll want to look as you get in washington t big prize as you mentioned you get over toward the western side of the state, that's not an area where either hillary clinton or bernie sanders are going to do very well just overall. that's not where they are going to get their votes. it's going to be on the west side of the cascade mountains. you have a very -- agriculture area, it has a very large block of hispanic voters. and you know, id be curious to see how the breakdown is there in counties like yakima county or columbia county in that area. >> david, we know that african-american and latino democrats tend to vote for hillary clinton. we know that younger voters tend to go for bernie sanders. tell us more about some of the other supporters that both draw from. who are the white working class going for? >> we've seen hillary clinton struggle with white men in this election. one demographic, younger voters go for bernie sanders. one group i think we overlooked this cycle are older folks,
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which tend to be very strong clinton turf. in a way that has been helping to fuel some of her victories. as you know, jake, covering these elections for these past cycles, when it comes to november and the general election, if you're presidential campaign having older voters tend to be more reliable. they turn out in a way younger voters don't. obviously barack obama awakened especially in some key states the youth vote in a way we had not seen in some time and he really upticked that turnout among that group. older voters are reliable. >> one of the secrets to her victory in florida. >> exactly. >> older voters, a state where she did well. we'll take a quick break. more results from washington state, from alaska. stay with us. [alarm beeps] ♪
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we have a key race alert. we're keeping tabs on the three democratic caucuses going on right now, one in hawaii, one in alaska, another in washington state. with 7% of the vote in, in washington state, we can report that bernie sanders is leading with 75.3% of the delegates compared to hillary clinton 24.7%. 101 delegates at stake. so far the only counties that have reported in are these rural counties. we're waiting for the population centers. kate baldwin, if bernie sanders keeps up this margin of victory, he could actually get closer to hillary clinton when it comes to the earned delegates. >> he needs to make up that ground absolutely, jake. and as we talk about with caucuses it's always all about turnout. we have someone who is titled the vice chair of voter participation for the democratic national committee with us. voter turnout if you look at it,
1:14 pm
donna, over the primary so far for democrats, not looking like what it is for the republicans. it seems it's down. you look at, no official numbers but looking at what's happening in washington and in alaska today, it looks like they have got big numbers. you must be giddy. >> i was giddy we had a good turnout in louisiana, in arizona, despite all of the flaws that we saw in the electoral process, part of which is a result of the voting rights act not being enforced. this is the first presidential year since the passing of the act in 1965 where we don't have what i call the added protections to assure that we're not diluting the vote. that being said, the republicans have a much more exciting race. i grant them that. it's like a reality show with a little bit of zingers. some of that x-rated. back to this point of voter turnout. the reason i don't panic like some, in 2000 republicans had a very exciting year.
1:15 pm
they had more voter enthusiasm during their primary than governor bush won the nomination. al gore and bill bradley not so much enthusiasm. who won the popular vote, we did. let's not get too carried away. it's not a real good predictor in terms of what will happen this fall when we're looking at electoral college. 22 more states left. i believe the enthusiasm will continue to pick up the next couple weeks as more democrats get involved, they know we have a big primary in wisconsin and new york. and i call it the yankee primary. i hope i'm not offending anybody on april 26. we have a long way to go. >> you know we well, i'm all about getting carried away. so i don't know what you're talking about. but bill, when it comes to the turnout you think it has to do with how much of it is due to bernie sanders or how much is we heard from the voter, that one voter i think in anchorage, it's about donald trump.
1:16 pm
>> it's all of the above. certainly donald trump is driving a lot of democrats to get involved in the process. i think it's due to the fact there is a continuing contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i keep making this point. it's one of -- if one drops out it's going to be boring as hell, we won't hear anything. this is good and i have to say bernie does say we need -- young people to get involved, independents, that's one of the thing i can do and he has proven he can. having said that can i say one word. i am overwhelmed by watching those people come out in these caucuses. i'm a political junky, right. you think i would spend a saturday afternoon four or five hours at a caucus, no way. these guys, this is democracy, it's exciting, they are out there. they are real believers and i know the republicans or democrats the people that come out my hat's off to them. >> interesting you say it that way. i have been hearing the
1:17 pm
grumbling here because caucuses, look at what it looks like. caucuses in the democratic side, caucuses are good for bernie sanders but as you keep pointing out to me moment by moment by moment, they have come under withering criticism. >> i don't know if caucuses can survive this radical transparency. you look at the way they are run and counting ballots by hand. people scratching things out. when people left early and had to be brought back. the stakes are so high and the level of scrutiny is now so much higher, that the caucuses feel like a little bit like a vestage of an early era the parties controlled the nominations. it feels like looking at this that they can't bear the weight that is now being applied to them. you due wonder how long they can last especially in an age people are taking nominations all the way to the convention and each of these -- >> i would vote to end them but i admire the people. >> i think one of the things the
1:18 pm
caucuses do, is that allow insurgent candidates to do well. obama won tons of caucuses, i think most of them, even in 1988 jesse jackson wins the michigan caucus that breathes new life in his campaign. i do think and even in terms of a ground game in these caucus states, the iowa caucus organization that these democrats and republicans would need something for a general election as well. >> gary said to me the iowa chamber of commerce should build a statue to him. as george mcgovern's campaign manager he was the one that put the focus on iowa and created it as the institution. a lot spent in des moines. >> there has to be a way to keep the excitement around the turnout that the caucuses create. the other thing in addition to the messiness, i find problematic about caucusing, is that voting is a deeply private and personal experience.
1:19 pm
when you are submitting yourself to the pressures of your neighbors, trying to sort of convince you or persuade you, i don't think that's the best way to go in and make an independent vote in a way that you feel protected. you feel secure about it. so i would like to go back to sort of the privacy and personal experience that voting should be. >> what do you say -- i keep getting back to the one voter who made a clear statement in alaska, he said i'm out here because i want to make sure that donald trump does not win. does that concern you? >> it doesn't. donald trump brings out a lot of passions, some are strongly against him but some are strongly for him. and it's not just among republicans, we are seeing democrats switch parties, there is that in ohio who said i have never seen this. i had thousands of democrats call and switch their party to vote for donald trump so that same passion that is against him i think we see an excitement for him. at the end of the day if he leaves the twitter alone and
1:20 pm
moves to policy i think that can really be funneled into a very -- >> the ability to do that? >> i do. >> worth noting overall the shares of vote, people are not republican, is not freshably different than it was in 2012. >> the excitement is building now. we're waiting results, looking at results in washington and alaska. got it all here on western saturday. big results coming in. who write, "now my boyfriend wants to talk on sundays. just so many words." your boyfriend's got it bad. maybe think about being single until the start of the season. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn.
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we have a key race alert for you, we bring you the results of western saturday, three democratic caucuses, alaska, hawaii and washington state, in which votes are beginning to come in for two of them. you can see, in the washington
1:25 pm
state result, 7% in and holding, bernie sanders leads with 75.3%, hillary clinton with 24.7% of the delegates. so far only about 5% -- sorry, five counties of washington state have come in. sanders is doing so well. we have yet to hear from the population centers of seattle, tacoma, olympia and spokane. let's go north to alaska where we find our own paul vercammen in anchorage. also at a caucus site. paul, what's going on where you are? >> reporter: well, this gentleman, steve, the district chairman of district 20 which is down town anchorage, literally counting the votes as we speak. if you recall from the live shots earlier at the bottom of the auditorium. now we're in the balcony where this down town district is counting. and this is the hillary side.
1:26 pm
as we told you it's not traditional caucus where people sit around a card table, for example, and discuss their views. they are now voting. so they are counting it up. as you saw proportionally. let's give you the numbers, districts 27 and 28, anchorage, it was 73% for bernie sanders, 27% for hillary clinton. and as we look at the counting that's going on now. i'm going to give you perspective, jake, these are all hillary supporters here. then if we go ahead and we'll see very few uncommitted voters off there in the distance, and them this vast sea below me and extending all the way to the other wall of the auditorium, those are bernie supporters. this district 20 down town alaska looks like, again, a very, very solid win for bernie sanders when they finally get done counting all of these
1:27 pm
numbers, jake. >> all right, paul vercammen in anchorage taking in the results in that room. let's bring back breanna and david. we heard attendees talking about the enthusiasm gap and also how bernie sanders and hillary clinton do in general election matchups, there was a big cnn poll a few days ago. what does the poll say? >> enthusiasm first. we asked democratic voters about if you are enthusiastic for either bernie sanders or hillary clinton. this is among democrats. you see there, sanders edges out clinton by 6 points, 40 persz enthusiastic about sanders, 34% enthusiasm about clinton. but take a look compared to january there. hillary clinton's trajectory is the wrong direction, she ticked down from january in enthusiasm. bernie sanders has really gotten a nice bump since january in terms of how democrats feel about his potential nomination or potential candidacy as the nominee. we look at how they split with
1:28 pm
donald trump t republican front-runner. what does it look like. take here, hillary clinton versus donald trump, our cnn national poll this week, 53% for clinton, 41% for trump. that's a healthy 12-point margin there in a national election of it but take a look at bernie sanders. it's 20 points. he defeats donald trump in our poll, 58% to 38%. so when bernie sanders is expressing and touting the enthusiasm he sees in his crowds, when bernie sanders says he does a better job defeating -- not just donald trump but frankly, any of the republican potential nominees, than hillary clinton, our poll matches that. those are his strong suits right now. a lot of that looking inside the numbers is coming from the help of independent voters. you were talking about what are the makeup of voters. bernie sanders does really well with independent voters. across all th states that have voted so far that we have exit
1:29 pm
polls for, he beats her among independents like 61% to 38%. in this poll here, currently in the national poll, among democrats looking at how independent voters sided, he beats her by 4 points among independents. that has been part of his success. two of the contests today are open contests, independents can vote. one of them, alaska, is a closed contest. >> hillary clinton's camp used to say i think early on in the primary season, say look at these you enthusiasm numbers, okay but dismiss them. say a lot of people don't know who bernie sanders is, they just know that he's the alternative to hillary clinton. they can't say that as much now in terms of the enthusiasm. and then you see it playing out in this caucus format. we're watching it go down. it takes a lot of effort to caucus. so you are more likely to do it if you are more enthusiastic and you see that playing out. there is also this argument i think that hillary clinton backers are ready with should he
1:30 pm
close some of the gap there on pledge delegates and in the almost nearly now impossible task if he were to achieve it of completely closing the gap, they would say okay, sure, but a lot of his wins come from caucus states where you have less people participating. you look at the overall voter haul, she is doing a lot better. >> hillary clinton made the argument she received more votes, popular votes, than any candidate. how much do you think this enthusiasm, this greater enthusiasm for bernie sanders, versus what it is for hillary clinton, is because hillary clinton, whether or not you like her, empirically a fact, she has been subjected to attack, maybe you think deservedly but subjected to attacks for decades and bernie sanders right now still even though you have hillary clinton going after him for some -- supporting some pro gun legislation and other things here and there, margin he hasn't suffered the kind of brutal attack that hillary clinton has,
1:31 pm
or, that any of the republicans who are still standing have. >> without a doubt. if you looked at the television advertising on the republican side versus the democratic side. it is a fierce battle where they are taking each other down on the republican side. >> and wives. >> on the democratic side they each have been advertising on their strength, not so much trying to take down as when you don't have the millions of dollars with that negative frame clearly you are right, that has had some impact that her length of time on the public stage underattack at many points, certainly has contributed to her higher unfavorable to maybe a lack of enthusiasm. that being said, the other thing in this poll that is so interesting and why i think democrats whether you are a sanders supporter or a clinton supporter, are less concerned at this moment in time with trump seeming to be heading toward the nomination on the republican side, we ask democrats do you think the party is going to be divided in november? because a little less than half say we're divided right now.
1:32 pm
only 15% of democrats say we're going to be divided in november. republicans, 46% of republicans now say they are still going to be divided in november. so although yes, sanders and clinton camps are going to go through this math all the which to june perhaps, the party doesn't anticipating divided come fall. >> one of the things that hillary clinton is relying on that maybe she didn't realize she would have that in her corner as she looks forward the nomination, or in the off chance it would be bernie sanders, we know the numbers are not in his favor, that is one of the strengths for democrats. >> all right. stay right there. we'll take a quick break. more election results on this western saturday from washington state, alaska and coming up, hawaii.
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1:37 pm
democratic caucuses to come in, the information coming in to us is holding steady at 7%. with senator bernie sanders holding right now 75.3% of the 101 delegates at stake, to hillary clinton's 24.7%. again we have only gotten information from five of the counties in washington state. we are waiting for information to come in, delegate information to come in from the population centers. case baldwin, if these margins hold this could be not only a good day for bernie sanders but a great day. >> yes. the start of a very good day for bernie sanders you can be sure they are watching closely. jake, my friend, your reaction. does this surprise you? >> even lower than her performance in 2008. by the time you get to this point usually the grooves are cut pretty deep. we don't see a lot of breaks but we have is bernie sanders has shown he can win in states that are mostly white. and that he has struggled in
1:38 pm
states that are more diverse. the only time that he really broke serve in this campaign in effect was winning michigan. that's what he's going to have to do to threaten hillary clinton. there are a number of states -- he has won white voters in most states outside of the south. you look at that going forward, whether it's kentucky, west virginia or connecticut or rhode island he should do well. as david pointed out before, the big delegate prizes are states that are diverse, california, new york, new jersey and pennsylvania, above all, and in the end what sanders has to do, this is necessary but not sufficient. he has to show he can create what he did in michigan and has not in any of the other big states. >> is necessary enough to hold off the drum beat of bow out sanders so hillary clinton can make the turn? >> i don't even know how loud that drum beat is at this point. because i think democrats like what they are seeing. this is two candidates who are winning states, basically
1:39 pm
trading victories back and forth in states that look different demographically, still winning these states, able to put some boots on the ground there and organize. i think hawaii is a very interesting state. it is fairly diverse. asian americans about 40% of the population. i don't think we're going to have exit polls, interesting to see how bernie sanders does with that population which is part of the obama coalition. and very much present in states like california and new york. but again, i don't think people are clamoring, democrats aren't clamoring to push bernie sanders from the race and certainly hillary clinton isn't. >> big hurdle is za cary's mother as he said. winning three quarters of african-american votes and that's a big hill. >> i've been -- i have to my bernie sanders supporters get on me. i said from the beginning that bernie sanders earned the right to stay in this race for as long as he wants.
1:40 pm
so bernie sanders should be able to go to june and will go to june. >> but a question on that. i think this has been interesting, it's in the last 24 hours, of course the conversation is hillary clinton doesn't only need to win over bernie sanders supporters, she needs to win over bernie sanders as well. on that, bernie sanders just did an interview almost sounded like he was putting conditions on an endorsement. what do you make of this? >> i make is bernie is in it to win it. june 3, june 3, that's when barack obama wrapped up enough delegates in 200 it a and hillary stayed in to that point. we are march 26. this is a long way to go. no hurry. and i think bernie is playing for everything it's worth and that's what he ought to be doing. >> but can i -- >> go ahead. >> which i don't want to lose track of the forest for the trees, i think worth pointing out, here is a guy came out of nowhere a year ago. nobody knew who the hell he was. he won 12 states, probably three
1:41 pm
tonight. he has over 900 delegates, raised more -- all of this moneyings over $100 million and he has been running against the democratic party. he is running against the democratic party establishment. i think we have to think that something is going on here that is hugely significant for the democratic party and the country. >> political revolution? is that what you're talking about? we're watching you can see in the corner of the screen. importantly, with 10% of the precincts, washington state, 72.2% right now for bernie sanders, and for hillary clinton 27.3. as jake is pointing out that is a margin, a steep margin that bernie sanders needs to maintain to start gaining back ground. we're watching this moment by moment, angela, as you are the sole member from the great state of washington. >> happy to be here. >> so one of the things you brought up, kate, i think is interesting you talked about bernie sanders placing conditions on endorsement.
1:42 pm
bernie sanders has gone from someone who was necessary to change the tone and the message of this cycle to now someone who is necessary to win in this cycle. so he is doing well with three particular cadres of voters that hillary clinton is not. it is white working class men, it is young people, and it is independents. so she really needs bernie sanders backing. she needs for bernie voters to feel bern for hillary. he may be in it to win it but most of us know that math isn't on his side. >> were there conditions? >> yes. there were conditions. i had a huge problem with the statement and the sentiment behind it. if hillary clinton but conditions on barack obama it would have been scorched earth. more importantly, bernie sanders has gone from a message candidate when he got started and he announced he was going to run for the presidency, to a formidable candidate to now figure out where he goes from here. i want to make sure that bernie
1:43 pm
sanders doesn't turn into ralph nader. >> hold on. bill. hold that thought. we'll get back to it. to jake. >> that's right. we have a key race alert. we have some of the vote coming in from alaska where there are 16 delegates, 15% of the delegates right now with 15% in, 81.6% for bernie sanders, hillary clinton is 18.4%. kate, back to you. >> we're watching that, that's a huge margin. huge. >> let me say -- >> let me go out on a limb. that's huge. >> i don't want to take away anything from senator sanders, started his process about a year ago. a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of support, raised a significant amount of money. there is no question that democrats will need his support. not just at the presidential level, but also down belt.
1:44 pm
we also suffer from down ballot losses. that being said, bernie sanders is taking a page from barack obama book in 2008 when he competed in these caucuses. bernie sanders had four rallies in washington state. i've been turning on tv seeing bernie sanders the last 24 hours. i thought i was looking at mick jagger and it was bernie sanders. seriously. think about it. i had to put my glasses on. so, we cannot take away what he's been able to accomplish. but i don't like it when we diminish what hillary clinton has also accomplished. given the fact she gets media coverage i would say three-fourths is negative. she has a 2.5 million voter lead as well as what i call a significant pledge delegate lead. we have a very enthusiastic campaign going on. june 7th is when california and a bunch of states, then june 14, those of us in the district of
1:45 pm
columbia we'll also, we'll book end all of this. >> you all vote. >> sitting here talking about a change in the tone of the cycle and how you have seen that, i think it's become like maybe an elephant in the room here in the change of the tone of the cycle on the republican side. and what has happened and what has overshadowed the conversation in the past -- the past week especially the last 24-48 hours, this feud between donald trump and ted cruz starting with as jake says, the contest of whose wife is hotter is kind of i guess what happened. everyone knows my thoughts on all of this. but also then what played out yesterday in this tabloid speculation, tabloid report. ted cruz coming out to slap it down in a very forceful and -- a shocking way in how it's all turned to this. listen to ted cruz. >> let me be clear, this "national enquirer" story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies,
1:46 pm
it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. it is attacking my family. and what is striking is donald's henchman donald stone had for months been foreshadowing that this attack was coming. it's not surprising that donald trump's tweet occurs the day before the attack comes out. >> now, that was yesterday. now, today an hour ago donald trump returned to twitter. and he put this out. that the press is going out of their way to convince people i do not like or respect women when they know it is just the opposite. what do you say at this point? >> i think that donald trump does like and respect women but i think he needs to change what he does on twitter. that doesn't help him with his case i empower women, i empowered them in my campaign. it doesn't help when he sends
1:47 pm
out twoout tweets like heidi cruz. my problem is we have this back and forth baseless accusations t tabloid story is disgusting, no place for that in this race. likewise, accusing donald trump of planting it there is no place for that. we shouldn't be talking about this. we should talk about the economy, about terrorism, it's unfair to the american people to look at the republican party for answers and all they see is this. i want somebody to stand up and say enough is enough. either ted cruz or donald trump. it has to happen. >> in the context of -- in a republican primary and a general, i mean, republican nominee needs women voters to win. you think this will change that? everyone would say probably any politico, absolutely donald trump is done with women, and that's not what it shows in the exit polls. >> more than that, i mean, this is a republican front-runner going after another republican's wife, just on her looks. imagine in a general how
1:48 pm
disgusting a trump campaign would look against hillary clinton, the candidate, a woman, and a democrat on the other side of the aisle. if this is a forecast, a preview of what's to come, i think i mean we're all going to get implicated. hillary's not going to be able to rise above the donald trump stuff because he has this -- this magnetic force that brings everyone down to his level. caylee is right, there is no place for this stuff in this campaign. and donald trump is the only one who is going to be able to put a lid on it. >> interesting. >> we'll see if that's the case. a lot more to discuss. we have results coming in now in washington and alaska. we'll take a quick break. much more to come on this western saturday. there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most exciting lineup of suvs ever.
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> good afternoon. i'm jake tapper. much more of our election coverage but first this breaking news on the terror attacks. cnn confirmed that american justin schult was one of the 28 killed in tuesday's attacks. there is no word on the fate of his wife stephanie they are from tennessee but have lived in belgium since 2014, reportedly dropping off stephanie's mother at the airport when the attacks took place. let's bring in clarissa ward in brussels for more on the developments let's start with the man arrested thursday who is now being charged with terrorist murder. what is that charge and what do you know about this man? >> reporter: jake, what we know is he was arrested outside the prosecutor's office on thursday. he is identified only as in the letter c. it's not clear what his role was
1:54 pm
but listen to the charges. terrorist murder, participation in terrorist activities, attempted terrorist murder, these are some pretty serious charges that appear to indicate that he likely played a very active role in these attacks. police authorities said that they did search his home, they didn't find evidence of explosives or weapons. what we don't know is whether or not he is actually one of the two men who have been the focus of the manhunt, the third airport bomber wearing that light jacket and the hat and the glasses we've seen, and the second metro bomber who police have yet to identify, jake. >> and cnn is learning about a syrian man who may be at the center of the isis attacks in europe. what led authorities to this syrian man? >> reporter: so french and belgian authorities are saying the syrian man is believed to have entered europe as a refugee through the greek island, it's
1:55 pm
not clear what his role is. one french source told cnn they believe he was operationally involved with these brussels attacks, france's newspaper is reporting that his dna was found in the house where the three airport bombers were picked up from last tuesday. and the officials here have warned that he is likely warmed and potentially very dangerous. >> belgian officials cancel add peace march scheduled for tomorrow, what's the story behind that? >> reporter: that's right. essentially officials coming out today and asking that people do not come out and march tomorrow was supposed to be a march of solidarity, a we will not fear march. what officials said it's not that there is a specific threat to the march but they don't want police and authorities to be diverted from their primary focus which is this stage is this investigation. there have been people you can see some of them behind me who have been coming all day to pay respects but there will not be a march tomorrow.
1:56 pm
>> thank you so much. our western saturday coverage continues after this very quick break. 1, 2, 3, 4... ♪ ♪look out honey... ♪because i'm using technology...♪ ♪ ♪ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ ♪ ♪soul radiation in the dead of night...♪ ♪love in the middle of a fire fight...♪ ♪ ♪honey gotta strike me blind... ♪somebody gotta save my soul... ♪baby penetrates my mind... ♪ ♪ [cheering] ♪and i'm the world's forgotten boy...♪ ♪ ♪the one who's searchin'... ♪searchin' to destroy... ♪ ♪and honey i'm the world's forgotten boy...♪
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we have a key race alert. welcome back to cnn's coverage of the western saturday caucuses in washington state, with 13% of the delegate vote in, bernie sanders up with 33.3% to hillary clinton's 26.4%. and now let's turn to the alaska democratic caucuses, 15% in. bernie sanders with an even wider margin so far, 81.6% for sanders, hillary clinton with 18.4%. this is the percentage of delegates that are going to them, not the popular vote in those states. we're giving the information as we get them from the states. let's go to paul in


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