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tv   Americas Choice 2016 WA AK HI Dem Caucuses  CNN  March 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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we have a key race alert. welcome back to cnn's coverage of the western saturday caucuses in washington state, with 13% of the delegate vote in, bernie sanders up with 33.3% to hillary clinton's 26.4%. and now let's turn to the alaska democratic caucuses, 15% in. bernie sanders with an even wider margin so far, 81.6% for sanders, hillary clinton with 18.4%. this is the percentage of delegates that are going to them, not the popular vote in those states. we're giving the information as we get them from the states. let's go to paul in anchorage,
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alaska. at the site of one of these caucuses. paul, i know you're only in one precinct. you have an idea how turnout compares this caucus season as opposed to 2008? >> reporter: we do. they are pacing ahead. they believe they are going to shatter a record. by the way, jake, actually they combined 14 of the most populous districts in all of alaska, anchorage, into west anchorage high school, so just here alone we watched the democracy in action in quite a few precincts. they are getting ready to elect delegates, to the state convention. and everybody's trying to lobby for the reasons they want to represent the democratic party here. and by the way, you are talking about the popular vote. from what we understand of the five districts that we calculated in this building alone, it was bernie sanders, 70%, and hillary clinton 30%. repeating again, bernie sanders
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70%, hillary clinton, 30%. this is east anchorage. if you look up here, they put people in this auditorium. pan up there, chris. that is a down town anchorage district and there in the distance we had south anchorage. so, a lot of support for sanders in this particular room today, jake. west anchorage high school. from all reports we're getting across the state they look like they are going to break their records for a democratic caucus in terms of turnout. >> 16 delegates at stake in alaska. 101 in washington state. that's the big prize. tell us where the votes are coming in now, john. >> let's go back to you talking to paul. they don't give us as the data comes in, the state party did release numbers. from the aleutian islands, south of it, some from out here in the western part of the state. the sample is representative of a decent piece of the state. the consistency is that senator sanders is running a pretty good
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lead. again small delegate prize but that's the margin he wants, take most of them home. the big prize today we're counting up to what, 14% now in the state of washington, and you can put a congressional district map over this. some of the delegates go statewide. about 67 of them are apportioned based on the percentage in the ten districts. most of the districts are here in the heaviest populated area. they are tucked in the seattle-tacoma area. the results so far as we wait for the votes there, senator sanders on track to get more than 7 in 10. so on track maybe to get 70 or so or more of the 101. as we look at more counties across the state he is doing about 70% if you look. 71 there, 71 here. so it's been a consistent number. what is critical we get this slice to see if he holds in the more heavily populated areas where the congressional districts are, that will give us a sense if he is going to come ao away. on check if you look at it the
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74% essentially, then you go back here, he's beating then senator obama, now president obama, but then senator obama when this state was so important to him, pulling away from hillary clinton in the delegate chase, in this context senator obama was pulling away, senator sand sers trying to catch up. and you come back to the national map. this is why this is important. he entered 304 delegates down. if he can pick up 70 something of the 100 there, that's a net gain of 50 or so. we'll see what he gets in alaska. hawaii later. he could narrow this 304 delegate lead, this is just pledged, narrow that by 70 or 80 depending how well he does. that's a good start. it won't be enough but a good springboard. then come back to the midwest and the mid-atlantic and prove himself. >> the democratic party does not have winner take all contests. 55-45% victory not good enough to really catch up with hillary clinton who is more than 300
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ahead. he needs these landslide victories by 80% as we're seeing coming in from alaska, 75 of the vote from washington state. >> watch these two lines. if he won all three today this is where we start the day. if sanders -- come up where we start. this is earned, not the superdelegates. everybody calm down. the earned delegates. >> just the pledge delegates, 304 the difference. if sanders won them all, 55-45 he doesn't make up that much ground. >> it's simple math. >> more. but if he wins 80-20, that's different. it's not huge but 70 or 80 delegates if he wins by the difference, a little closer. then if he wins all three today he can say i won five of the last six, arizona was a big prize for her. he can say i won five of the last six, then wisconsin. that will give senator sanders momentum. he has money. it will give him momentum to say hey, i'm on a winning streak, i
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know it's tough math but i narrowed it. back to the midwest. >> so far john king, bernie sanders doing what he needs to do. in terms of these landslide victories that he is scoring right now, in alaska and washington state, 15% of the vote in, in alaska, 81.6%. 14% in washington state at 73.8%. >> you captain deny these are huge margins, you look at alaska, not a ton of delegates, obviously washington he is going to pick up quite a spread there. but the issue is what he does also moving forward from today. that he would have to put together a series of wins and a series of really big wins. that's the pla, though, if you talk to the sanders campaign. that that's what they think they are going to do. they expect have a series of wins, then challenge hillary clinton in states like wisconsin, like new york where perhaps new york where she is more favored than he is. >> used to be the home state
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senator. >> correct. where obviously he would need to outperform but they think that something like today where we have western saturday and these contests where he has these big wins that get people fired up, maybe he will be able to do that. it's still a difficult lift though. >> if you're sitting in the brooklyn campaign headquarters and hillary clinton headquarters asking what does it tell us that she can't have -- make any kind of a stand in states like this? one clinton aide a while back said to me well, we do well in caucus states when we have nine months to organize a caucus state like in iowa and nevada. we can make a stand when we have all of that time. but what is it the natural appeal of bernie sanders to a core part of the base that she remains unable to dig into? i think a little of that gets exposed today. again, the math is on her side. i'm not saying that the nomination is completely threatened but i think these outside victories that we're seeing he potentially may have
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not only gives him momentum but starts to just raise some questions about where are her deficiencies she needs to shore up in the party. >> what you'll hear from the clinton campaign when you ask them about this and what if she wins the nomination but she is only ahead by 100 delegates is nobody talks about that when it comes to barack obama and his 2008.ry over hillary clion in she almost won, came very close to winning, if things had gone differently in michigan and florida perhaps she would have been the nominee. but that's not how it turned out. and in any case, no body said or few people, maybe a few of those you might remember, but few people said hey, you know, you didn't really win outright. you just barely eeked out a victory for the democratic nomination. >> she clearly, again, even in the most favorable way john did that at the wall, if he does win 80-20 i think the spread, she still is 220 pledge delegates
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ahead. again, a larger margin of pledge delegates than barack obama ever had. >> washington not clinton country. bill clinton came in fourth. >> it's interesting, we're going to take a quick break. we'll have more results from the washington state democratic caucuses, from the alaska democratic caucuses. things will be getting under way in hawaii. stay with us. back after this break. developed our, subaru s most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state,
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welcome back. we have a key race alert with 38% of the vote in from the alaska democratic caucuses, bernie sanders is well ahead with 78.7% of the delegates, compared to hillary clinton's 21.3%. 16 delegates at stake in the alaska democratic caucuses. bernie sanders with a large margin of victory so far with 38% in. to the washington state democratic caucuses with 14% of
2:14 pm
the vote in. bernie sanders holds another sizable lead, 73.8% of the delegates in, hillary clinton with 25.9% of the delegates. that's a much more delegate-rich target. 101 at stake in washington state. kate, looks like bernie sanders is having the kind of victories he needs to try to catch up with hillary clinton in those all important earned delegates. >> as you said throughout the day, margins matter. that's a margin that bernie sanders is happy to see, that's the kind of margin that's going to give him if the that trend continues, that is going to give him that momentum into more key states. one of those is wisconsin. that's where bernie sanders will be tonight. he is holding a rally. if you show the video, there's huge crowds gathering there now awaiting to hear from bernie sanders. we're keeping an eye on that. as soon as he comes out we'll bring that to you. want to hear what he has to say. looking ahead what is this momentum?
2:15 pm
if, if, bernie sanders has this margin and that continues what does that mean for wisconsin? >> bernie sanders is heading to where probably a lot of good days for him. he started off at the classic candidate, depending almost entirely on young people and socially liberal white collar whites. shown the ability to compete more than others like him in the past. as a result you look at what's coming up, wisconsin, rhode island, indiana, nebraska, west virginia, kentucky, oregon, montana, south dakota, predominantly white states he is going to be competitive. the challenge we talked about the bigs prizes that are remaining are places like new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and california where you have to climb over the hurdle he has not climbed vor yet which is that she's winning over three quarters of african-american voters and in most states most latino voters. there are a lot of good days on the calendar based on the patterns we've seen unlikely to change at this point but he still has that big hill to climb of winning more of the diverse states, michigan is the only
2:16 pm
truly mega state that he has won so far. and it's because on the democratic side all of the big states are diverse. >> except for michigan, that what has been said is the expectation, there hasn't been any surprises by and large you look at the democratic side. what does that mean? look at wisconsin. >> i think wisconsin is a great state for bernie sanders really active labor movement there. they tussled over these last years with scott walker some of the early rallies were in that state. so i think he'll do well there. but again, i think as ron said before some of these patterns are set in place. we saw him try to do better among african-american voters in the south. it didn't work. he does well among latino voters, particularly under the age of 30, 40. so we'll see how that comes to bear. >> only for this, over to jake. important information coming in. cnn projecting that bernie sanders will win the alaska
2:17 pm
democratic caucuses. bernie sanders, the ipd senator from vermont will have a margin of victory very sizable over hillary clinton and will be the winner of the alaska democratic caucuses. kate. >> thanks so much. bernie sanders winning alaska, surprise reaction? >> nothing -- >> he has a real constituency, he advanced beyond that beachhead he started. other candidates got stuck on, never got past that white collar whites and young people. he has built a real stitcy. it is not yaet majority. that the point in the primary it's usually you can run a computer simulation than going to the states. in the past they follow the patterns and unless he breaks those she still has the upper hand in the biggest prizes on the board. >> i think this is sort of coming out for the progressive wing of the democratic party in a way we haven't seen before. this wasn't the way 2008 was,
2:18 pm
obama and hillary clinton were essentially moderate democrats, cut from the doc cloth. >> also millennials. >> going forward with bernie sanders doesn't win, you mention that he's more like nader. i think he might be more like jesse jackson, just in terms of what he is able to do -- >> i didn't say his campaign would be. there is a near he would play a nader spoiler role or he would not endorse hillary and his supporters would find a green party alternative. i don't think he will be nader with his messaging and support to this point. but as ron was running down all of these lists of states that bernie sanders will do well in, we still have to dlaud along the way you have maryland, you have california, you have new york, pennsylvania. you have the big ones where there is a diverse population and the reason that it's delegate rich that diverse population reflects the democratic paefrmt i think that's very important to say and
2:19 pm
there have been one upset, one race outside of michigan that shocked the democratic conscience. i think people overlook it how well and how big hillary clinton outperformed all metrics in ohio. hillary clinton went into ohio in a race that was supposed to be a toss up and won by 14 points. i got in trouble for saying recalibrated, how it refocused on the message. >> i want to make sure everyone is aware you used a lot of air quotes today. >> bill, your guy. alaska. picks up a wine. two more to go. >> all right. two more. come back to something is going on here. >> i saw today, new york times editorial, bernie sanders has won more votes among millennials than hillary clinton bined. i mean he has really touched into something. and again he is going around there saying that the democratic party has lost touch with its base. it's lost touch with working
2:20 pm
class americans. in a sense that is what donald trump is telling republicans. i think to put down bernie's success or say the math is all against him or he's going to disappear, i mean, is wrong. this guy is there to stay. a profound impact and i think the clinton better start dealing with this. this is real. call at revolution or whatever, he has touched on something that is going to require i think profound change in the democratic party or else. >> let's take a look one more time. big crowds gathering in madison, wisconsin. we're standing by to hear from bernie sanders especially after big news of three contests that will be today. bernie sanders picking up a big win in what looks like still more numbers coming in a big margin which he absolutely needed. you see also there on the left side, we're waiting for more results, watching it closely in washington state. much more of our coverage of western saturday straight ahead. network in america. i know what you're thinking, they all claim stuff like that.
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we have a key race alert. senator bernie sanders cnn projects will be the winner of the alaska democratic caucuses. 38% in. bernie sanders has 78.7%, hillary clinton with 21.3%. again, cnn projecting that independent vermont senator bernie sanders will be the victor in alaska. over to john king. >> the results in washington state. okay. 14% of the vote in, in washington state, bernie sanders has 73.8% of the delegates there. 101 delegates at stake. hillary clinton with 25.9%. again we're waiting for the population centers, in washington state, seattle, tacoma, olympia and spokane, washington. but in the counties that have come in, bernie sanders well ahead with roughly three quarters of the vote.
2:26 pm
let's talk about the votes that have come in and where bernie sanders is doing so well. >> remember, this is about delegates so 304 down in terms of pledged delegates to start the day. we're waiting for the major population centers, very significant. the bulk of the congressional districts are here in the northwestern part of the state and the delegates are allocated some statewide, some by congressional district. we need to wait for the numbers. you see 74-25. pretty consistent throughout the day. you go through the counties, 71% here, 71 here. the vote that's in is more than 7 in 10 about everywhere. that doesn't mean it will come in that way here but when have gone to our correspondents they seem roughly coinciding. 101 delegates at stake. we have to go by congressional district. but roughly look at senator sanders about 75, she's going to get about 25. that's rough. >> plus 50 for him. >> that's the key. you come out to that plus 50
2:27 pm
from there. 78-20. so it's going to be either he gets 8 in 10, or 75 or 80%. only 16 here. but again, that's a big margin which affects the maps. let's come over to the delegates and look, here's where we started the day. we called alas california assign those. this is 75-25. it's possible senator sanders could get one morement that's 12-4. he could get up to 13. if that comes in. he is starting to cut the map there. can he get your 8 in 10. can you get 8 in 10 from here and here. if he does, again, she'll say i'm 220 up. she began 304 up. so if he can end saying i'm getting closer, that gives him momentum. >> that's a larger lead than barack obama had over hillary clinton. barack obama went on to be president. they can make the case we're fine. senator sanders, i won five of the six, i have momentum.
2:28 pm
it makes you think battleground wisconsin which is april 5 which is the springboard as were is talking about, then new york and some of these others in the northeast and the mid-atlantic. we'll have a two-week campaign essentially for wisconsin. bernie sanders will have momentum. >> wisconsin and what happened in 2008. wisconsin a battleground state in presidential elections, not just the primary it. what happened in 200 snat >> it was obama state in 2008 which some will say so it's a sanders state this time. no. it was obama state in 2008 because you do have african-american population in milwaukee, you have a liberal population, wisconsin known as a liberal state. you go back through flit cal history. this is good in that hillary clinton tends to win where you have diverse electorates. she has in the milwaukee area. you also have a lot of white farmers and liberals, traditional populous and progressives in the state. so this shapes up, bernie sanders will have momentum.
2:29 pm
he has resources, we know hillary clinton wants to play in this state and she would have a good state. i think you have wisconsin as a good battleground coming into this and again, if you look at it he narrowly won michigan, there were caucuses up in minnesota. you see she is surrounding him in pretty good shape with ohio and illinois wins. it's a good battleground between the two of them. if sanders wins here after five of the last six that gives him momentum. into difficult terrain. she needs to stop him. >> the republicans are going to have a contest in wisconsin as well. what happened in 2012 let's say when it came to the republican? >> you bring this out here. remember, this is -- this got interesting. romney won by 7 points but look at the rural areas, that's not just evangelicals. there are in wisconsin but this is one rick santorum, why is bernie sanders succeeding, donald trump have success, this is one rick santorum started to talk about blue collar
2:30 pm
economics, trade is a big issue. and you see in some of these areas rick gave mitt romney probably more of a run for his money than mitt romney was expecting. there was buyer's remorse. you get that when somebody breaks away. this time this becomes a -- waiting to see. governor scott walker might get involved this week in janesville. that's speaker paul ryan's district. he has to hold the gavel. you have national players as well who this next big battle in the republican race will play out and i think it's going to be fascinating. you pull out to the national map so far, this is cruz in iowa, this is trump, this is rubio now gone from the race. more trump in this area. you would suggest advantage trump but governor kasich says he is going to play as well. a lot telling governor kasich, if you can't do well here you should get out of the way and give cruz his one on one with donald trump. you have a three-way race. you would have to say early on, i've seen polls showing it relatively close. trump thinks he has advantage.
2:31 pm
cruz thinks this is the place he beats donald trump. >> and scott walker the governor who was a presidential candidate withdrew before voting took place. he in his farewell message was anti-trump. >> very anti-trump suggesting that just about everybody else get out of the race. anybody who wasn't credible he wanted to get out. there is no reason, scott walker could endorse this week. there is no reason to believe he is going for donald trump. governor kasich's team wants that, cruz people certainly want it and the cruz people make the argument they have a better case against trump. again, this could be a defining test in the democratic race because sanders will come with momentum. hillary clinton needs to get on her feet for the republicans as well. the stop trump movement, this was a draw when trump won arizona and cruz won utah, this is one state. two weeks to fight for it. it's a good one-state test whether trump can regain momentum or cruz or kasich can slow that. >> scott walker won three
2:32 pm
statewide elections, two and a recall vote. do you think that an endorsement from him could make a difference? we haven't seen those endorsements play a huge role in most states. >> we haven't. endorsements in this anti-establish president year trump mocked when the establishment endorsed anyone else he mocked them. you make a key point that if you look at this state, and if you go back let's go to 2014, these are the congressional races, if you look at this state, governor walker has been on the battlefield three times in the last several years so he has an organization in plarks people in these counties, in every place that matters. of all of the states so far for -- kasich won in his home state. for a guy on the sidelines, governor walker who has an organization that has been tested about as hard as you can test an organization in politics has been his. so who knows in this anti-establishment year but i take it. >> we're waiting to hear senator bernie sanders here in madison, wisconsin. we're waiting any moment we're
2:33 pm
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[alarm beeps] ♪
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♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ >>. >> you're looking at pick terbs from madison, wisconsin. we're expecting to hear from independent senator bernie sanders who cnn projected will be the winner of the alaska democratic caucuses. we expect to hear from senator sanders any minute. when he comes to the podium we'll bring you those live. let's bring you a key race alert. with 19% of the vote in, bernie sanders is ahead in the washington democratic caucuses, 75.8% to hillary clinton's 23.9%. that's 19% of the delegates in. bernie sanders up roughly three
2:38 pm
quarters to one quarter. brianna keilar and david, let me bring you in. these are the momentous landslide victories that bernie sanders needs in order to catch up with hillary clinton. and so far he's delivered. >> certainly. you're seeing some of the states or the counties there in eastern washington, this is an area that is going to go for whoever the republican nominee is. that's the way it goes. this is a side of the state that was surprised to get a visit by bernie sanders. democrats in this area don't often get to see a democratic candidate. i know that talking to people there that was certainly a rare experience for them. but even though you're seeing these landslide victories this is something that bernie sanders needs to ride out into momentum. hillary clinton at this point still has a 300-delegate lead. you're hearing the campaign say yes, this is going to happen. bernie sanders will cut into this. they are saying even in the coming days and the next couple weeks, maybe he cuts into her lead but then they expect, this
2:39 pm
is their expectation, she will still be at 200-plus delegates. the point they will make ever since she got past this line, this is more than barack obama ever led her in 2008. i think we'll hear a lot of that. >> also more than barack obama, bernie sanders is overperforming barack obama in the states right now. if these numbers hold for him, he will have performed better than barack obama. these were barack obama stronghold states in 2008. so he will be able to top that. i'll tell you one thing looking at my inbox, jake. bernie sanders campaign will not be the only ones fundraising. shortly after the projection for alaska, i got a fundraising appeal from the clinton campaign, quick update on bernie sanders. we think he's going to do very well today in the washington, alaska and hawaii caucus. please chip in. though he will be able to raise money off of this, they are trying to motivate supporters from these potential losses as a
2:40 pm
reason to get involved. >> interesting comparing this to the 2008 race, between hillary clinton and barack obama, is back then once we were in the thick of the race, we pretty much had an idea of where obama would win and where clinton would win. there were some questions about margins but generally an idea. we keep being handed surprises on the campaign trail. michigan, bernie sanders with a surprise victory in michigan. that was a big surprise. that was followed by hillary clinton sweeping five states. she thought she was going to lose three. they wins all five that day so. there still is an unpredict ability about this race >> there are some states where hillary clinton is performing like barack obama, then some states where bernie sanders is performing like barack obama. or exceeding the expectations there. it's a very interesting observes. >> add to the victory the margin in new hampshire early on. that was a big moment as well in the campaign. but yes, where there is a large
2:41 pm
white population, and specifically caucus states, that is where sanders actually matches obama and the obama map. but where there is a larger african-american population or larger latino population and the white vote comes down that's where hillary clinton's strength starts to look like some of what obama was able to put together that was so different in 2008. >> he has this advantage with enthusiasm and organization. she definitely has the advantage with organization. he has the advantage with enthusiasm and also with fundraising. that's the point she's making there, we're being outspent. 2.6 million for sanders, $2 million for clinton. >> kate, lots for you to chew over. >> thanks so much. looking at these numbers. bernie sanders winning alaska, look at the margins. donna, from your perspective, what do you make of it? >> deja vu. this is 2008 in terms of barack obama, then candidate barack obama, ability to win very, very big in these caucus states.
2:42 pm
sweeping 75 delegates to i believe hillary clinton's 36. so it also says a lot about the kind of campaign that senator sanders is running. not only is he outspending secretary clinton, he is rallying, organizing. but his campaign is much more organic. they don't need a call from brooklyn or burlington to begin organizing, for bernie, they are going out and organizing at the precinct level similar to what president obama did in 2008. for me, it's deja vu. one other thing. because some of you all recall back in february 2008, we had a big super tuesday. and barack obama accumulated a lot of delegates. i started getting some of the conversation from my friends as a superdelegate, i'm not interested in going over. i'm not interested in dating right now. but -- i'm not interested in being in the "national
2:43 pm
enquirer." >> donna. >> what? all right. >> where are you going? >> we're taking a walk. >> we're taking a walk. in case you come to me. what i'm saying is that superdelegates are part of the process. and while they are -- john is being careful not to count them in tonight, bernie sanders has to continue to have big nights like this over the next couple of weeks in those big states that will give him a little more what i call pledge delegates, superior delegate advantage, so that he can play catch-up to hillary clinton. >> superdelegate is quite anti-superdelegate. >> first i want to say deja vu. come on. when hillary won five in a row i said good for hillary. tonight, bernie sanders is going to win big time with a margin john king said he had to win on
2:44 pm
top of winning idaho and utah by 60% last week. >> you know what? no, baby. no. >> give bernie sanders credit. >> i'll give him credit at the beginning -- i said this is going to be a big day, a big week. but i refuse to believe that just because i can say great things about bernie i can't say great things about hillary. i am neutral. >> i'm saying -- i want to hear -- >> that's why i'm sitting here. i'm giving you love. what you want, my easter egg? >> here is love coming back at you. superdelegates are undemocratic and ought to be done away with. against the process, the republican party's got it right. they don't have any, these people do not deserve a special vote, let the people of the state decide. >> the republican party suppresses voters so be careful. >> that is so much hate coming from you, bill.
2:45 pm
>> let me tell you why i will refuse -- if you want me to because i'm trying to get out of politics but i will stay in politics to beat down this point. superdelegates earned their seat at the table. doesn't mean we have to go with the flow, we need to be part of the process, we've been part of the process since 1980s. we have not decided one election, kate. not one of it we can always. >> undemocratic. >> it will not be. it wasn't in 2008. that was a close election. we're part of the process. we're not the flower, we're not the doe. we're icing. >> i can't even top. that before you go look up here. i don't have my glasses on. 21% of precincts reporting in washington, we're watching this. bernie sanders 76.1%. 23.6% for hillary clinton. so those margins, the margins matter seems to be the line -- they keep changing. 22% in now.
2:46 pm
margins matter. the line of the day and the night. those seem to be holding for bernie sanders as of yet. we'll see. go ahead. >> i think you have such a smart point because here's the thing. in october 2015 long before voting started, hillary had secured 500 superdelegates. i'm not sure how that is democratic. you look to new hampshire bernie sanders won 60%, they exited new hampshire tied in superdelegates. that doesn't strike me as a democratic way. that has a buffer between the american people and their candidate. i think that's a big problem. the democrats look -- what's happening now. >> sanders isn't making this argument, right. >> that's called cheating. that's what i told the hillary people and i'll tell bernie people in 2016. don't change the rules now. >> hold on. we're waiting, standing by for bernie sanders. to be making -- showing up in
2:47 pm
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welcome back. bringing you this key race alert from the washington state democratic caucuses with 25% of the delegates in, bernie sanders ahead with 76.6% of the delegates to hillary clinton's 23.3%. 101 delegates are at stake on this western saturday with hawaii, alaska, and washington state all holding democratic contests today. let's go over to john king at the magic wall. john, bring us up to date. what is going on? where is bernie sanders doing so well? >> everywhere that's come in, jake. we're getting more votes. if you move into some of these
2:52 pm
county,s snohomish county, 65% of the vote, 76% for sanders. that's holding pretty good. you move to the smaller counties, come on over here, you have 100% of the vote,'s over 71% here. douglas county, he's senate 73%. we're waiting for the major population centers. nothing from king county. these are delegates. we don't get raw votes. 60% from king county, it's tied enough. we are starting to get votes in. if you come down to pierce county, which is about 12% of the state population, home to tacoma, you see we've got 13% of the vote there. very impressive, senator sanders, sfech%. >> almost 80 percent. >> anecdotally we're getting the evidence there. we're seeing the rufrl areas. we need smoest of the congressional districts. some awards are statewide some
2:53 pm
are proportional based on the percentages in each congressional district. we need to count all the votes but roughly 101 delegates will be allocated today from washington state, and at the moment senator sanders is going to get more than 7 in 10, maybe 75/25, somewhere in there, the split right now which is just what he needed sto try to close the national map. he was down in pledge delegates. if he has a 50-plus lead, picks up a little bit in alaska, little in hawaii, he could end the day 60 or 70 closer to he began it which again still leaves her with a big lead but lets him with the fight that he's closing. >> let's go back to washington state for a second. i want to show our viewers how bernie sanders is outperforming barack obama who won the state in 2008 when he was also in a contest with hillary clinton. of course, back then obama was in the lead, now hillary clinton is in the lead.
2:54 pm
>> obama used this as essentially an exclamation point as he was trying to hold his lead, 76.6%. round that up if you want to 77%. you go back to 2008, it was 68%. let's just go through some of these counties. >> he just swept the whole state of he won every county in the state and most of them by a good margin. let's take a peek. this is where we were, 65/33 eight years ago. where are we now, 76-23. so bernie sanders at the moment outperforming which means he'll get even a higher percentage of the delegate physician that stays up. that's a message. the clinton campaign can look at the map and they'll look at the map and sade, we're just fine. she still has a bigger lead than then senator obama had over her. but momentum also matters in politics. ron brown steen and david chal 81 talking about it, she does have issues and weaknesses. bernie sanders is exposing them with certain demographic groups and organizationally in these
2:55 pm
caucus states. senator sanders if this continues, clearly i's he's pop already in the west. he's won alaska, now looking to win washington, hawaii later today. that's five of the last six, as we come back to a key test for both parties, wisconsin on the 5th. >> waupg state traditionally goes democratic in a presidential election. no matter what happens, that will probably be a democratic state no matter who's on the ballot. does it matter if terms of her weaknesses? >> she has to unify the party. a lot of people say hillary clinton is only winning in the south. discount her wins. well, barack obama won by winning in the south. that's obama. bernie sanders won these states like obama. two separate elections, the general and primary. we'll bring bernie sanders to you live right after this quick break.
2:56 pm
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. welcome back to cnn's live coverage of the democratic caucuses, western saturday. to get you up to speed if you're just joining us, cnn did project that bernie sanders will be the winner of the alaska democratic caucuses. let's bring you in a key race alert now from washington state with 25% of the vote in, in that delegate-rich state, 101 delegates at stake, bernie sanders is leading with 77% of the delegates, hillary clinton has 22.8%. wre still waiting for some major population centers including seattle to come at us with the number of delegates they are awarding. they are standing by also to hear from bernie sanders himself. he is drawing a very large crowd in wisconsin, which is


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