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tv   Americas Choice 2016 WA AK HI Dem Caucuses  CNN  March 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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welcome back to cnn's coverage of western saturday. we have cover two of the three already. washington state, the democratic caulks there, bernie sanders will be projected to win with 75.1% of the delegates to hillary clinton's 24.7%. 101 delegates at stake there. that's going to be a big delegate haul for senator sanders. that's with 35% of the vote in so far. in alaska, the democratic caucuses there for cnn has projected for bernie sanders with 73% of the delegate votes in. bernie sanders has 79.2% of the delegates. hillary clinton with 20.8%. only 16 delegates at stake
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there. still bernie sanders with an impressive margin of victory. he will lead that state with more delegates than clinton as well. now of course it is the third state, hawaii, and its turn to weigh in on the democratic presidential contest. you're looking at a caucus site in honolulu where voters are getting ready to make their choices known. the door is closed. the contest begins just moments from now. washington state, alaska, and now hawaii, we're calling it western saturday. bernie sanders hopes it will be sanders' saturday after his wins in washington state and alaska. sanders is looking to make it a trifecta in hawaii, to make a dent in hillary clinton's significant lead in the delegate race in hawaii. senator sanders has a key endorsement from congresswoman tullsy gabbard. she quit her position at the democratic national committee to support him. 142 delegates at stake in this day's round of voting. hawaii's another state where
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democrats split their delegates proportionally so clinton and sanders expected to get something out of this contest. donald trump's won hawaii's republican caucuses on march 18th and his republican counterparts have the day off. stephanie elam is at a caucus site in honolulu. stephanie, i don't know how you got this gig, but congratulations. good work on getting the assignment to cover the honolulu caucuses. tell us what's going on there. >> reporter: you've got to win one every now and then, jake. look at the tonout here. this is what's going on here in honolulu. they are talking about record turnout potentially here. they said a surge of people toward the last couple months registering to be a part of this what they call a presidential preference poll. as you can see, it's standing room only. they are now just about to start the voting here, and they're going to take the next half
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hour, it may go a little longer, because there are so many people here, to see how these people will vote by print. in this room you have five different precincts that have shown up today, a lot of support for hillary and a lot of support for bernie. they'll tally them precinct and then take all of those votes and figure it out. but as you can see it may take a little longer than they expected because the turnout here is so huge. the way they prepared for it, they printed out 100,000 ballots for today here in hawaii to be ready. the last time they saw a big surge was when native sun barack obama but running in 2008. just to be number they say the numbers may rival that again. they made sure they were ready with enough ballots. >> stephanie elam in honolulu,
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hawaii, for the hawaii caucuses which get under way any second. john king is at the magic wall to break down where the race is as of right now with senator sanders projected to have won, both washington state and alaska. >> and the margins matter. we talked about it the beginning of the day. here's where we woke up this morning before the voting started in the three states. these are just pledge delegates. the math right there, 304 delegates. bernie sanders was 304 delegates behind. this is not a finest mat. we have to go through the congressional districts. looks like he's on track to do something like this, 101 delegates, looks like he'll get 75 to 25. if that holds up, that's a big haul. in alaska his margins are better. if hold up, he gets 8. say he matches in hawaii, what he he did in alaska, that's a plus 15, it is conceivable, this is a projection, he could cut
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74, 75 into her lead. it was 304 to ge ginn the day. could be down to 230 at the end of the day. hillary clinton's campaign will still say that's a big lead, plus the superdelegates. but give credit where credit is due. if he matches anywhere close to the alaska numbers or the washington numbers in hawaii, bernie sanders is going to take a decent slice. 75 delegates or so off hillary clinton's lead. no question he has energy. his supporters are energized. this is a test for secretary clinton. this is a good boxing match. now they're back in the ring at wisconsin and she needs to deliver. even though she has a lead in this extrapolation of the data of 230, that's still not as good as how she started the day with a lead of 304. >> right. there is momentum in politics and the math.
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the math still favors secretary clinton but sometimes we try to pretend this is really hard. you start the day plus 3-3, end the day 2-3-ish. that's bad. going in the wrong direction. still a good lead. not a five-alarm fire but it should be a cause for concern he's starting to pick up delegates. she believes he's moving into state where is the demographics more favor her but she'll have to prove it. wisconsin is the next big battleground. that's why senator sanders is there smartly celebrating in wisconsin. >> washington state and the votes that have come in. this is very impressive. >> he's won every county. >> so far everything. remember, this was tied early on. king county. redmond. the biggest county in the state. tied early on with 6%. he's a winning it 69-39. take a peek, then senator obama
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had 72%. one of the places where senator sanders' numbers seemed below then senator obama four years ago. pick your county. pierce county, tacoma, a large population, about 12%. he's winning 73-27. you can go anywhere. smaller rural county, 73/27. this is across the board. there is not sometimes you pick a state and you see she has pockets of support, she does. this is pretty much across the board in the 70% range for senator sanders. some of the delegates are are allocated based on statewide numbers. others you have to go through the ten congressional districts. my math won't be perfect. because we see the numbers relatively consistent you can ballpark he'll get about 75% of the delegates and the big prize is 1081. she is. >> she is still in the lead by roughly 2308 delegates by the end of the day. she's won 18 contests, sanders
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13. when you look at washington state and see he is the destroying her eve though she is the front-runner? why? is it because she is more liberal than the average state? >> what's the reason? >> all of the above. has a history of progressive politics. this has been a state both clintons have had troubles. it is a progressive state and a largely white population. that's a fact as well. it's a progressive population and a traditional democratic base. senator standers outworked her there. that work is producing today. very impressive across the board. >> much like the win barack obama had eight years ago.
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[laughing] we can hear ya! the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. welcome back to cnn's coverage of western saturday. right now you're looking at live pictures from our caucus cam in honolulu. the democratic caucuses in hawaii are just about to get under way. stephanie elam is in honolulu covering the caulks. give us an idea of the room
4:13 pm
there. to they seem like clinton supporters, do they seem like sanders supporters, split down the middle? >> it's a lack of room, first of all, jake. this room is packed, standing room only. people are trying to edge out of my shot as you can see. but just on my unofficial looking around the room and the number of bernie stickers i see here, i would say this is a bernie positive you. there are a lot of people here seem ready to support him. people were showing up two hours early to verified they were registered to be a democrat, that they could vote today, because you have to be registered to vote at as a democrat in today's poll. a lot of people showing up early and making sure all their ts were crossed and is dotted so they can take part of it. definitely seeing a lot of support from bernie. seeing a lot of generations here too. it's a wide turnout here as far as the ages are concerned. so bringing a lot of people out here in hawaii to take part in that and keep in mind, jake, neither hillary clinton or
4:14 pm
bernie sanders has made the journey to hawaii to be here. we do understand that jane sanders, bernie's wife, was here, but neither of the candidates made the journey to hawaii. what's going on on the mainland playing big in hawaii, jake. >> all right. stephanie elam in honolulu. david, tell us about some of the endorsements and ads and things that have been playing in the state of hawaii. >> one of bernie sanders' big hawaii endorsements is congresswoman gabbert. she stepped out from her role at the dnc where she had to be neutral in order to endorse bernie sanders, one of the superdelegates, but did so with a tough message about national security and that she didn't think hillary clinton was ready to be commander in chief. she cut a really emotional ad for bernie sanders. take a look. >> bernie sanders voted against the iraq war. he understands the cost of war, that that cost has continued when our veterans come home.
4:15 pm
bernie sanders will defend our country and take the trillions of dollars that are spent on these interventionist regime change, unnecessary wars and invest it here at home. the american people are not looking to settle for inches. they're looking for real change. >> that is the gabbert ad for bern berp. hillary clinton's campaign put up an ad in hawaii and did something they have never done before with a paid television ad. this entire campaign season thus far. they put barack obama's words on the screen of the ad very supportive word from hawaii native son barack obama, even though he hasn't formally endorsed her. you may not get that impression from this clinton ad. >> the world a president has to grapple with sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons. protecting social security. expanding benefits for the national guard. and winning health care for 8
4:16 pm
million children. no wonder president obama calls hillary an extraordinarily experienced leader, making a difference to people in their day-to-day lives. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> a little bit of gabbert versus barack obama on the airwaves even though the president has not endorsed hillary clinton. he made those comments in an interview back in january. the clinton campaign touted them at the time and now put paid television advertising on the air in hawaii with those words. >> it's not quite as impactful as if it were his actual voice saying that, don't you think? >> sure. >> or an actual endorsement. but still his praise of her and the fact that we generally get the idea through his comments, although he has not endorsed one candidate or the other, he has made it clear that he is generally supportive of the one of the candidates who served in his administration. >> and he's -- he has kind of all but enforced her. and so when you listen to people who first off, just look at all
4:17 pm
the people who were supportive of barack obama or very close to him in 2008 and 2012. and a lot of them have moved over to hillary clinton. so that's where you're taking the signal from. they cheerily think she has the better shot at moving his legacy along and sort of protecting it. and of course he has not endorsed her and, you know, you would argue nor should he right at this point. but his words for hillary clinton, if you were just to add them up, it's pretty clear -- you could say at some points he's put his finger on the scale. >> one thing that's interesting is the incumbent female democratic senator in hawaii has endorsed hillary clinton as has every democratic female senator except for one. and yet that senator is not on a television ad for hillary clinton. >> right. that's an interesting observation, jake. i will say because of what you guys are talking about i think the gabbert endorsement of sanders cuts through because
4:18 pm
she's making a critical argument on this fundamental iraq war vote of hillary clinton's, something bernie sanders has brought up, the thing that helped barack obama to beat her. any sense that barack obama may be at times putting his thumbs on the scale in favor of hillary clinton, here is somebody from hawaii saying hang on there, folks, i have a different story to tell about bernie sanders here, and my reservations about hillary clinton as commander in chief, and i think that in a state where, again, it's a caucus state, a state sanders should do very well in, having gabbert make that kind of argument so that whatever sense there is that barack obama may be on team clinton if not formally sort of gets mitigated. >> it's a more motion nemotiona. gabbert, in the army verve, a veteran of the iraq war, there's a moment she catches her voice, gets very emotional, talking about colleagues of hers, comrades who are no longer around, people who have suffered, and she does have a very critical assessment of
4:19 pm
hillary clinton basically saying that she fears that secretary clinton is too interventionist, whether it comes to iraq or libya or syria and congresswoman gabbert does not view the world the same way as secretary clinton, views it much more the way that bernie sanders does. >> and secretary clinton is a lot more hawkish than bernie sanders and also than a lot of democrats. >> and a lot of republicans. >> true. she's actually quite aligned with some republicans when you look at some of her views. i saw gabbert speak, she came to florida for a bernie sanders event, and this is something that really resonates with his crowd. she's not always friendly to president obama. she has this reputation for calling it like she sees it. >> the congresswoman. >> that's right. she will at times definitely break ranks with president obama. she's shown she hasn't had a problem doing that. maybe it doesn't even come as
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gillette. the best a man can get. welcome back. looking at honolulu, hawaii, where the caucuses, the democratic caucus, are getting under way there as we speak. but as we keep our eye keenly
4:24 pm
there, let's jump way far away to madison, wisconsin, right now. bernie sanders' headquarters where suzanne malveaux is standing by with sanders' campaign manager, jeff weaver. if he isn't right now, suzanne, he should be smiling ear to ear. >> reporter: he is with me now and he is smiling. jeff, first of all, congratulations on the wins, alaska and washington. >> thank you. >> reporter: we don't know about hawaii yet, but clearly you need large margins of wins to get this. it's proportional with the delegate distribution. you might have actually gotten it today, but you have to do that over and over and over again, every state moving forward. you have a 300-delegate deficit. >> not anymore. >> reporter: a little less. how do you overcome that? >> we'll do what we did today, have victories in state after state after state. today's victories were overwhelming, obviously. we don't have to do that in every state. in fact, we have mapped out a path to victory with pledge delegates that even has us losing some states going forward. we don't have to win every
4:25 pm
state, but we have to win the vast majority and have good margins. today was a sign we can do that. >> reporter: you're talking about the momentum this is really important for you, talking about big states with big wins -- california, new york, pennsylvania. but these are the same states that the voter makeup don't necessarily work in favor of bernie sanders. we're talking about african-american, latino populations where he has not yet made a dent. how does he get over that? >> i don't think that's true. the latino vote, clearly won that in colorado, entrance polls in illinois showed he won the latino vote in illinois. he's been doing better and bet we are african-americans but we'll have to work on it, talk to those communities and, you know, engage them. >> reporter: hillary clinton, i mean, overwhelmingly is getting the african-american vote as well as latino. >> i think what you've started to see is similar to what we've seen in the white vote, which is younger voters are coming to bernie sanders, younger latino, younger african-americans. in michigan, we split the african-american vote with the secretary. i think the nary stif beginning
4:26 pm
to change. as people see more of bernie sanders i think you'll see a change more. >> reporter: talk about the superdelegates. tell us about wisconsin as well before we get to the superdelegates. we're here, clearly this is the place where people love him. look at milwaukee and other areas where it will be hardener those latin america and latino communities. >> we'll campaign in every one of them, be here a lot. >> reporter: talk about the superdelegates. you're trying to convince them obviously at the convention but that will be tough. still about 400 folks who are going to have to change their minds going from clinton to sanders. >> there are hundreds of other superdelegates who are uncommitted at this point. and for them it will be very easy to be with the secretary but they're not, which tells you something about where they are. let me tell you this about superdelegates. they want to win in november. as we demonstrate in the second half of this primary season, that we have the momentum, that we can carry large margins these states, and at the public polls
4:27 pm
show consistently bernie sanders does better against every single possible republican than secretary clinton, the superdelegates will begin to take another look because they want to win in november. >> reporter: clearly you guys want to win again. jeff, again, congratulations. back to you. >> thank you so much. two wins so far this evening for bernie sanders. we're watching right now in honolulu, hawaii, keeping an eye there as the caucuses are getting under way. talk about hawaii. david chalian, before that break, david but going through the ads that are cut. gabbert cutting a passionate ad for bernie sanders then hillary clinton's campaign using barack obama's words that look very kindly on her. what's the message? >> i think bernie pulls out a big win in hawaii.
4:28 pm
they've endorsed him. i don't think endorsements matter that much in this year. look at all the democratic senators who have endorsed hillary clinton and bernie keeps winning. >> even one coming from the sitting president? >> even the sitting president i don't think his endorsement will necessarily make the difference. >> well -- >> let me say this. i know -- i've been around politics a long time. i know how difficult some of these next states will be. i just want to say nobody is going to take this moment away from me or bernie sanders. he won two states tonight. he's probably going to win a third. that's 5 out of the last 6. record turnout in all of these states. her lead has gone down from 304 to 250 delegates. this was a good night for bernie sanders. when i leave here i'll have a martini and celebrate. >> i might have one regardless
4:29 pm
of the delegates. but i'm with you right there. >> tonight i expect in hawaii that bernie sanders will continue the trend of what we've seen tonight, which he'll have a very good night. these states were tailor made for bernie sanders. three caucus states. bernie sanders, he overperforms in caucus states, he'll overperform in hawaii and have a good night. what will happen as we move forward april 19th, especially for the clinton campaign, cannot get here soon enough, you go to a primary in new york, and the vast -- the difference between what's happening tonight and what will happen in the future, not trying to take anything away from you and your martinis later, these primaries are going to be closed. they'll be for democrats and democrats alone. and what you see is that hillary clinton's won 66% to 67% of democratic voters. those are the states she does very well in and you have those in new york, you have those in delaware, you have those in maryland and pennsylvania. these large delegate counts. and that is why the trajectory changes for bernie sanders moving forward. let me say this -- congratulations to bernie sanders. bernie sanders has come a lot
4:30 pm
further than anybody would have ever guessed he would come and tonight is his night so western sanders saturday. >> we already called it sanders saturday. >> wisconsin next, looks very good for him. >> it does. >> the momentum, the energy, the enthusiasm clearly. >> just one more thing. i'm sorry. because we've been on this demographic thing. it's important to know earlier on we talked about this being majority white demographics today with these three primaries. that's not the case. so in hawaii you have 26% of the demographics in hawaii are white. it's a majority, multicultural state, and i think that's also important to note. i know he overperforms in caucus states but we've also seen hillary do well in iowa and nevada. >> we don't know exactly who's voting for bernie sanders in hawaii, but it is a good night, it is a good day for bernie sanders. but the thing that should scare hillary clinton are these
4:31 pm
margins. not for the primary. i think hillary clinton's going to wrap up the primary. those margins that you're seeing between bernie and hillary in these kinds of states with these kinds of voters should be very, very scary to hillary clinton. you know, progressives who are with bernie are probably going to still vote for hillary clinton if she wins the primary. the people, young people will probably still go to hillary clinton. they won't vote for ted cruz or donald trump i don't think. the people that hillary clinton needs to get are those disenfranchised blue-collar, older white men who are either going to decide, i think, to stay home rather than vote for hillary clinton. or maybe even vote for donald trump. so she should be very concerned that bernie sanders is winning in mostly white states with mostly white voters. >> it was interesting, just hearing from jeff weaver, his campaign manager, when he said talk about wisconsin, we're
4:32 pm
going to be here a lot. they see the fight as obviously in wisconsin. and when we heard from bernie sanders also in wisconsin as he was talking at his rally, one of the things he said was not necessarily about hillary clinton, was taking on republicans, straight on, and the tone of the republican race right now. listen to this. >> i know my republican candidates think what elections are about are attacking each other's wives -- [ boos ] -- or behaving like they were 10-year-olds in a food fight at a cafeteria. and these republicans, let me tell you, are not just an embarrassment for the american people, they are an embarrassment for sane republicans. >> that's what also interesting.
4:33 pm
he also says something that i hadn't really heard before. not only saying if you're a progressive, he also was talking to conservatives. he said that a couple of times. >> sure. this is something to me that's so impressive about the democratic party is they are so good at uniting and realizing that at the end of the day that's what their fight is about, it's about fighting republicans, about fighting conservatives, and we are not seeing this on the republican side. it's in large part i would say mostly because of people like mitt romney and the establishment who from the very beginning did not like donald trump, did not like ted cruz. they were unpalatable. they rejected them from the beginning. they have created so much divisiveness within the republican party. democrats, we should take a cue from their playbook. no matter what happens, how bloody 2008 got, they always come together. >> in fairness, donald trump has personally attacked each of the last three republican presidential -- george w. bush, mitt romney -- >> the guy -- >> it's not as though, you know,
4:34 pm
the party agrees. what bernie sanders is saying a big part of this primary in both parties is auditioning to be the person to the other side. it kind of underscores the stakes here. it's a remarkable election where you'll have in essence control of all three branches of government at stake, not only the white house but given the increasing correlation in the way states vote for president and senate, the person that wins the white house will win the senate and if republicans hold to their position the party that wins the white house and the senate will also control the supreme court for the next decade. you cannot imagine an election in which stakes are higher for each side. this ability to persuade, you can take the case to the other side. i think for trump it is kind of a bump in the road. this incredible series of polls showing negatives, 75% and higher among all the key groups in the democratic coalition have to be giving many republicans i think some heartburn at this
4:35 pm
point as he moves closer toward the nomination. >> they rejected him from day one and this is the difference. you look back at 2008, some of the insults thrown in the democratic primary, they might not have been as immature as what we're seeing on the republican side, but they were brutal. there were allegations about jeremiah wright and his connections to a mosque, tlafr connected to obama. there were some dirty played. regardless of that, democrats consumer sentiment their eye on the ball. republicans are not doing that. when you threaten their country club, that offends the republicans more than the other party. >> mia, i'll get your take on this one. wisconsin. open primary, right? >> yeah. >> when bernie sanders is at the podium because of his victory speech tonight in wisconsin and he's talking about campaign finance reform and income inc e inequality and says this is not just to you, progressives, conservative republicans, he's making a play. >> he is making a play and it's
4:36 pm
very much what he did in vermont. he often made a play for conservative white voters in the way howard dean did too. you've seen this argument from john edwards early in 2008 and 2004. he thought he could do well with conservative white voters as well. didn't particularly work out. i do think -- but it is also true that democrats haven't done well with white male voters for a while. >> a long time. >> and they've been able to figure out the maps. >> why don't we just say electoral votes that president obama won outright. >> that has changed. >> we would love to have more white male votes. let me state that for the record. as many as we can possibly mobilize. but at the same time, we're not going to throw away one group to get another group. we have so many what i call younger white males, thank you, bill, and we have of course the
4:37 pm
rise of the american electorate. this is why i think this campaign should continue in the democratic party so we can reach out and bring more people into the process. that's what made democrats great. >> all right, everyone. recharge. we're awaiting our results. they're coming in in hawaii. let's head from wisconsin back over there after a break. [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving
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welcome back. much more of our election coverage ahead, but we have some breaking news about the terrorist attacks in belgium. cnn confirms american stephanie shults was among the 28 innocent people killed in tuesday's attacks. earlier today we learned her husband, justin, was kill as well. they're from tennessee. but they had lived in belgium since 2014. they were dropping off stephanie's mother at the airport when the attack took place. let's bring in cnn's senior international correspondent clarissa ward in brussels. we've learned a lot more about some of the victims today, both those injured and those killed. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: there were eight nationalities among the dead. we know at least two americans, justin and stephanie shults. justin 30 years old. both of them accountants from tennessee dropping off stephanie's mother, carol, at the airport as you said, jake. we're also learning that the
4:42 pm
former belgian ambassador to the u.s., andre adam, was also among the dead. he was traveling with his wife, also a britain, italian, dutch citizens as well. we're hearing that there are still many people who are very injured, more than 100 people in hospital, jake, and 62 people in intensive care. so it is still possible that the death toll will continue to rise. >> turning to the investigation of this terrorist attack, one of the men arrested in belgium has been charged with terrorist murder. do we know precisely what role he may have played in tuesday's attacks? >> reporter: we don't. at this stage he's only being identified by belgian authorities as faycal c. he was arrested thursday outside the prosecutor's office. we know a subsequent raid on his home did not net any explosives or weapons but certainly the
4:43 pm
gravity and severity of these charges -- murder, terrorism, attempted murder by terrorism -- indicate that he played a central role in these attacks. the question that many people here have is could he be the man in that light jacket that we've seen in the surveillance video from the airport or could he possibly be the second metro bomber whose image we haven't seen but who was reportedly in that surveillance video outside the metro carrying a large case. jake. >> clarissa ward in brussels, belgium. thanks so much. more election after this break.
4:44 pm
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we're going to bring you another key race alert in cnn's coverage of western saturday. three democratic contests as you know, cnn has already projected that bernie sanders will win two of them in washington state and alaska. let's break down the final -- not the final numbers but the latest numbers with 63% of the delegate votes in, washington state and the democratic contest, bernie sanders has 72.1% of the delegates. hillary clinton with 27.7%. that is the biggest contest of the day. 101 delegates at stake in washington state. that is a big margin of victory for bernie sanders. in alaska, where there are only 16 delegates at stake, still with 73% of the vote in, bernie sanders with a commanding lead,
4:48 pm
79.2%, almost 80% of the delegates there with hillary clinton with 20.8%. again, that is a huge commanding lead for bernie sanders in alaska and of course as we've been discussing all day, what matters today for bernie sanders is not even just the victories but the margin of victory. he needs to make um those delegates. the third contest in honolulu, hawaii, where the democrats are caucusing. stephanie elam is at a caucus. what's the latest there? >> reporter: well, you know what, they were prepared with enough ballot in hawaii. what they weren't prepared for was enough new democratic voter signout sheets. they ran out, caused a little bit of a hiccup and backup, but now they're having people write down their information on blank pieces of pap sore they can go ahead and get a ballot. this one has not been signed out. empty. you can see right there. you can check it. it's for bernie sanders. you can see that's what the ballot looks hike.
4:49 pm
they will chthen check it, dropt in an envelope. the turnout so huge they had to break up this one district we're looking at here into several tables so that everyone could get a chance to vote. taking a little longer here because so many people have turned out here, jake. this is the kind of problem that they were hoping to have. they're happy about it. a lot of people here still just wanting to get out because it is really hot here, to get out of this room, but this is the kind of problem they wanted to have, this kind of turnout. they were prepared f it on most levels because of what they saw in 2008 with barack obama. and because of social media here, this time around, they knew that there was a lot more interest in this presidential election, and so that more people would come out to these precincts to vote. >> stephanie elam in honolulu and the hawaii democratic caucuses. you may note the contests we've seen today have all been done differently. in hawaii it is by secret ballot whereas the caucuses in washington state and alaska were done differently. john king, break down the
4:50 pm
numbers that we're seeing here. bernie sanders is getting so far the big margins that we talked about earlier today. >> not that this isn't lovely, but how did we end up in d.c.? >> elam gets the honolulu gig. >> let's just start in alaska. 7 3% of the vote in. speaks for itself. that's a shellacking. bernie sanders on top. washington state, up to 72 to 28. this is hillary clinton's best county, this king county where she's getting a little over 35% of the vote. some of the congressional districts heavily located in here could affect the delegate math a little bit. but some are allocated statewide. the rest are allocated by congressional districts as we go. again, that's a thumping. they know they need to do this
4:51 pm
because. let's go hear we started the day in pledge delegates. we started the day with bernie sanders 304 behind. well, this isn't exact, because again we have to count the congressional districts. but he's on track to do something like this, to get 70% of 101. in alaska he's going to get about 80%. he gets 12, she gets four. let's just assume based on stephanie's anecdotal reporting. if he comes somewhere in between or close, this is 80-20. bernie sanders is only track -- 1263, 1033. 304 down in pledge delegates at the beginning of the day. this is 230. that's a good day. he's in the ballpark to pick up
4:52 pm
from the high 60s to as high as 75, shave that off her lead. that's a big day for bernie sanders. then we move to the next big contest, which is why senator sanders is right there today. this is going to be a great battleground. >> wisconsin. bernie sanders can count on progressive enclaves like madison, wisconsin. hillary clinton will probably do better in milwaukee, wisconsin. where is the fight going to be waged? >> let's go back to the 2008 map and look at it in the sense that then senator obama ran it up pretty good. in those states secretary clinton had some of the smaller rural counties. she was winning some of the working class, rural white voters running against the african-american candidate in the senate. you go over to here .
4:53 pm
you've got janesville, a republican town. madison is going to be key for bernie sanders. green bay. this is where bernie sanders was today. he knows his key here, run it up in the college towns, run it up in the rural areas. try to offset -- i think 80% of this vote will be white in wisconsin. it's a good battleground for both partieparties. >> there's a report in the "washington post" today that just broke where bernie sanders is now going to talk about contesting new york, hillary clinton's home state of new york, talking about wall street, talking about fracking. trying to score a huge victory in a state that she should be taking for granted as her own. >> it's on april 19th. we've heard john king say tonight she needs to deliver in
4:54 pm
wisconsin on april 5th. guess who is in agreement actually with some people who said bernie has a shot yes, ma'am -- the clinton campaign. wisconsin probably favors bernie sanders. they're setting up this expectation so they don't end up with a michigan upset like we saw, that she could lose there. >> in wisconsin? >> in wisconsin. now, if she does lose there, it is possible that she could have this big night tonight and then we could see about three weeks go by before she maybe blunts that momentum and that would be -- you know, that's not a great place to be even when you have the delegate lead tharchltstharchlt. >> wisconsin is good ground for them. in 2008, it was 87% white. in states that have that kind of white population in the democratic primary, we have seen that do really well for bernie sanders. it's an open primary state. independents can vote. that is good for bernie sanders.
4:55 pm
it has a progressive history. this is the turf for bernie sanders. so if he is able to take his momentum saturday and put a button on it with a really critical win in wisconsin, that's why i think you see them saying we're going to fight in new york, because they're trying to make sure they get into may with the momentum they started building today. >> do you really think bernie sanders can beat hillary clinton in her home state of new york? >> i think the demographics make it really tough. it looks and feels -- forget her home service in new york. it looks and feels demographically a lot more like states where she has put wins on the board. i think it's an uphill climb for bernie sanders. i have no doubt that bernie sanders is going to be able to get pockets of vote there. i doubt we're going to see in new york the kind of margins we see tonight for bernie sanders in these states. >> there are a lot of moderates,
4:56 pm
a lot of people who have voted for hillary clinton. >> it would be an earthquake if she didn't win new york. >> part of it is him trying to project this state that he can do it even if it's going to be tough. >> we do not expect official results from the great state of hawaii until midnight eastern time. stay with cnn for complete election coverage. anderson cooper will host the republican candidates in wisconsin. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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