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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm pamela brown in for poppy harlow. great to you have with us on this saturday. we begin with breaking news. cnn can now confirm that this man right here is the illusive man in the hat, according to his confession, and now stands accused of not one but two of the most deadly terror attacks in europe's history. 31-year-old isis-linked mohamed abrini, captured in brussels, showing him at a gas station with the now captured salah abdeslam days before the deadly paris attacks. abrini is accused of helping
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orchestrate that crime. fast-forward, still on the run, unassumedly walking through brussels international airport. moments later, killing and maiming dozen. today we confessed to his presence as that crime scene admitting he threw away his suicide vest in a garbage bin and sold off his infamous hat to someone. for more on this, frederik pleitgen in brussels. fred what more can you tell us about this shocking confession? >> reporter: we got a lot of this information, pamela, firsthand from the federal prosecutor's office here in brussels and for them it was very important to make clear that it was abrini himself who made the confession, that he is, in fact, the so-called man in the hat. now, they say what they did is they used facial recognition software first and foremost and then confronted him with that evidence and at some point he said, yes, indeed, that is me.
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he not only made that convention but also in essence gave a lot of detail as to the route that he took after these attacks took place. of course, were she to remember there is that photo of him and these two other attackers, and then the police here, a couple of days ago, just puts together a series of pictures and videos that steam to sheem to show tha person leaving the airport, going to brussels. saying that's exactly what he did, jumped his jacket and sold his hat as well. the other big information we got today from brussels authorities, the second person at the other attack that took place on that same day at that metro station has also been identified as asama cryin, they positively i.d.'d him as well. >> stay with us. a lot to discuss. i want to bring in bob baer, former cia operative and
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security ant lifalyst. this terror suspect was not hiding, hiding in plain sight in brussels. he was one of the most wanted men in europe and then managed to help carry out a second large-scale attack. is this another intelligence failure? >> well, pamela, i think it's worrisome that this guy was involved in the 13 november attack in paris and managed to allude belgian authorities for four months. >> and he was in brussels? right under their noses. >> right under their noses and carries out a second attack, is the information is right, making the bombs, getting everybody in -- putting people in taxes. in the open, belgian citizens, nowhere to go. how deep is the sympathy for the islamic state among the moroccan community, these imgrates that live in belgium? it's worrisome that they can operate in the open, with automatic weapons and what in effect explosives.
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>> hl. fred you mentioned before he confessed authorities confronted abrini with evidence of why they believed he was the man in the hat. do we know if there was anything else other than the facial recognition evidence, for example, anything salah abdeslam the paris suspect might have given authorities in terms of him being the man in the hat? >> reporter: it's not clear if salah abdeslam offered any information that would led the police to mohamed abrini as being the, that man in the hat. also one of the things we have to keep in mind is that after salah abdeslam was captured, first of all, his lawyer said he was actually cooperating with the authorities. right before the attack, a lawyer said he actually stopped cooperating with the authorities and was not saying anything anymore, and it was literally the day after that that the brussels attack then happened. it's unclear whether salah abdeslam had anything to do with it. we put that very question to the public prosecutor, though, and said, what was it that led you to believe or to believe that you know that this is indeed the
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man in the hat? they said, it was a series of things, but first and foremost, the most important thing they did say was facial recognition and when confronted with that finally he admitted, yes, this was him. >> right. because there were two other people prior to him that they thought was the man in the hat, and turns out that they weren't. so, bob, what do you make of the fact, speaking of the hat, that he sold it after the attacks according to him? that seems not only strange but brazen, considering he was one of the most wanted men in europe? >> pamela, exactly. taking from fred's comments. i mean, you know, it doesn't make any sense selling the hat. you throw this stuff away. the fact that he said he was the third suicide bomber, and disposed of the vest. i mean, these people are inherently unreliable. true believers, still believe in the cause and what they tell the police, very suspect. what i trust in all of this is the forensics that they dig up, fingerprints, dna, facial recognition.
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you know, especially the fingerminutes if a place where they're making the bombs. so the belgian police have to be very careful about these statements. they may seem to cooperate for a time but usually as these things go, they just lie flat out, usually to protect somebody else. >> you bring up the dna. he wasn't wearing gloves in that video. so, you know, presumably authorities might be able to get dna from the cart and the jacket, if they can recover it. are you skeptical, essentially, of his confession he was the man in the hat? you don't buy it? >> i think he was the man in the hat. i think the belgian police probably have more information than we know about. for them to go public, probably pretty certain that was him and may have a source or maybe dna, something else. aside from facial recognition, because the hat, the glasseses, facial hair, rest of it, big coat, looks to me intended to be a disguise. i would imagine that they have more information. >> yeah. he would have an incentive to be
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in coal neat oh. fred, we know abrini was the last named terror suspect, but do we know how many people the belgian authorities are still searching for trying to identify parts of this network? >> a good question. one of the numbers thrown away the past days, a dozen allegedly still out there. we haven't been able to corroborate that number. whether or not that is true. it appears belgian authorities believe there could at least be facilitators out there, people who helped these suspects along the way. abdeslam when apprehended was in an apartment with several other people. abrini when arrested with two other people subsequently released. over the course of today i spent the better part of the day in the etterbeek district of brussels and there was a major raid that was going on there where the police say in the end they went into an apartment, they didn't find explosives but believe it might have been used
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by these terror suspects as a safe house. certainly the police are not ruling out there could still be people behind all this as well, maybe involved in some way, shape or form and that investigation is very much ongoing. >> as a result, the threat level in europe remains high. thank you for sharing insight and reporting. now we turn to ted cruz speaking at the colorado gop convention. let's listen in. >> -- stagnating year after year after year. cost of living keeps going up. and yet somehow your paycheck doesn't seem to keep pace. i want to talk to all of the young people. coming out of school, you got student loans up to your eyeballs. and you're scared, am i going to get a job? what is the future holding for me? and the media tries to tell us, this is the new normal. this is as good as it gets. well, let me tell you, that is
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right now the showdown between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is focused on one state -- that's wyoming. the all-important wyoming democratic caucus is wrapping up. results should be coming in soon and 14 pledge delegates are at stake here. democrat bernie sanders is looking to extend his big winning streak and if sanders emerges victorious in wyoming he would have won eight of the nine last state contests. clinton is try to put a stop to sanders growing mow mementum be the new york primary. and bring in washington correspondent ryan lizza. paul, start with you, what are you seeing and hearing on the ground there? >> reporter: pam, things are in a state of flux now. the numbers are just coming in. i'll bring someone in off camera in one second here. we can tell you that here in laramie county, cheyenne, wyoming, hillary clinton by she
12:15 pm
chew of a strong push from the surrogate or pre-cast ballots overtook bernie sanders some 731 raw votes to about 689. come in here, amy van cleave with the democratic party here in wyoming. what other results can you tell us? you've just counted them? >> we're still getting results in across the state. working to figure out delegate math, count up our voters. here in laramie county, secretary clinton was the winner. however up in campbell county numbers are in and it was a big, big lead for senator sanders. >> reporter: can you tell me what the numbers are? >> 96-47. 96 total votes for sanders and 47 for senator clinton. >> reporter: again what county? >> campbell county, which is gillette, wyoming. >> reporter: other counties? >> numbers from hot springs county also went for senator sanders. 31-13.
12:16 pm
and so that's they armopolis. also numbers from sheridan. confirming. so far looks like most smaller counties across the state are going for senator sanders. >> reporter: thank you so much. record turnout? >> yeah, real close. >> reporter: they may break their all-time turnout record here in wyoming. a lot of enthusiasm. numbers starting to trickle in. back to you. >> thanks so much. sounds like a good day for bernie sanders. not quite a surprise, right? >> it's not. he's done very well in these western caucuses, basically states with a few characteristics, one, weak democratic parties, right, in the general election. wyoming hasn't gone for the democrats in a very long time, and demographically, they're mostly white. any state that is above about 20% african-american, bernie sanders has not been able to win. and this sort of states out west
12:17 pm
have a slightly more libertarian independent streak. that's bernie sanders country. so if expectations are that he win the caucus in wyoming, pick up another small batch of delegates, and continue a pretty -- a pretty decent winning stretch here. you know, continuing to show some weaknesses in the front-runner hillary clinton. >> right. so winning wyoming, clearly, is less about the delegates and more about momentum for sanders meaning he carried eight of the last ten contests. how does that frame the battle for new york's upcoming primary? >> certainly puts enormous amount of pressure on hillary clinton to not lose what is her home state, adopted home state. that would obviously be an earthquake, if bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in the mega state of new york where she served two terms as senator and still has her residency. so, you know, everyone's going to be watching the results in
12:18 pm
new york. it there's any chance that bernie sanders can be defeat her there, i think it would completely unsettle this race. as the sanders campaign has been pointing out recently it is very, very likely that hillary clinton will not have the pledged delegates to win the nomination going to the convention. if things play out the way they think they're going to play out from the here to the end. she will actually need the super delegates to put her over the top. he has a talking point, very powerful kshgcan go to the convention, it's not over. woo the super delegates and flip them. reality, we know very hard to win the super delegates for him, but that's a pretty powerful talking point that he has continued to exceed expectations. >> yeah. certainly putting up a good fight, for sure. ryan lizza, thank you very much. appreciate it. a special programming note. the next cnn democratic president's debate in brooklyn is next thursday. see hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off april 14th at
12:19 pm
9:00 p.m. eastern, just five days before the new york primary. right here on cnn. and coming up, it's one part presidential politics. one part speed dating. >> the wooing and courting okay with you or do you feel pressure? >> i'm a lonely man and like to be wooed every now and then. >> inside the messy fight for colorado's gop delegates. it's not like anything you've seen before. we'll be back. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪
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right now the republican battle for delegates is focused on colorado. ted cruz is extending his recent winning streak against front-runner donald trump. so far cruz wrapped up 21 of colorado's 34 pledge delegates. the final 13 are being awarded today. meantime, trump skipped today's colorado gop convention choosing instead to visit new york's 9/11 memorial. in colorado you won't see voters heading to polls or anybody gathering as caucuses. instead republican party insiders are hand picking delegates rather than candidates. cnn ana cabrera is in colorado springs. ana, walk us through the process. what's happening? >> reporter: well, right now there are a lot of cheers for ted cruz who is speaking to this, this huge convention. some 6,000 party insiders from
12:24 pm
the state of colorado have shown up. they're going to be voting on those 13 remaining delegate spots. there are a total, we're told, of 600-plus people who are running for those 13 delegate spots, and each of those it candidates are going to get 10 seconds to speak to this crowd to try to make their final case. just 10 seconds. as you can imagine, a lot happening behind the scenes here in colorado in the weeks and months leading up to this to try to win over supporters. now, ted cruz definitely has the momentum here in colorado, as mentioned. he has picked up all of the delegates elected so far. he is the only candidate who is speaking at this state convention. donald trump and john kasich staying on the east coast. donald trump's campaign says if he wins any delegates here in colorado today, that will be a victory. they aren't counting on those. john kasich hoping to pick up may a few candidates as the 13 remaining delegates are elected here in colorado, but they said
12:25 pm
they'll continue to work on the delegates from colorado, even beyond today's state convention, because some of the delegates who have been elected while they have already said they plan to support cruz technically they are unpledged or unbound, meaning they could go into the national convention and pick somebody else. pam? >> ana, thank you so much for that report, and as ana mentioned, donald trump is not there in colorado, unlike ted cruz. in fact, trump has been off the campaign trail the last three days but hasn't stayed off twitter. this morning he sent out this message. take a look. isn't it a shame the person that will be by far the most delegates and many millions more votes than anyone else, me, still must fight. bringing in political commentator and trump supporter jeffrey lord as well as ron's nehring, for ted cruz. in light of what i said, a new
12:26 pm
strategy seeing from a quieter donald trump following a rough week? >> i think all of these campaigns pivot to some degree as they make progress, and i think with the hiring of paul manafort and concentration on delegates are you going to see in essence the next stage of the campaign. i'm sure salutely different than before, but this is what happens in campaigns, they evolve. this is the evolution for the trump campaign. >> so why isn't trump in colorado, like ted cruz is? you would think he would be there wanting to pull in those delegates? >> in all candor, decided to put his focus on new york. a good thing. never take your home state for granted, as marco rubio found out the hard way. so i think he's probably intending to concentrate on new york and that's where his concentration should be at the moment. >> you mentioned paul manafort, the new convention manager. in fact, he said he is confident that there will be only one round of voting at the republican convention in july. let's take a listen to that.
12:27 pm
>> the reality is, ted cruz has seen his best day. the reality is, this convention process will be over with sometime in june. probably june 7th, and it will be apparent to the world that trump is over the 1,237 number. there's pennsylvania. there's new jersey. there's maryland. there's connecticut. these are his wheelhouse. and, yes, california's going to be important, but by the time we get to california, the momentum is going to be very clear, and ted cruz' path to victory in shambling. >> sounds pretty confident there, ron. what's your response to manafort's comments? >> well, i sure hope he continues thinking that way, and i really hope that that is the dominant thinking within the trump campaign going forward. you guys keep doing that, and we'll see what ultimately happens at the end of the day. look, progress is important, and there's progress being made today. unfortunately for donald trump, no progress in colorado,
12:28 pm
producing good results for senator cruz. we expect good results here today in colorado. the fourth state in a row, colorado, north dakota, utah, wisconsin, all going in our direction. you know, in terms of momentum, that's you know that is clearly ours at the moment. look, we're in the bottom of the fifth inning. it's a nine inning game. we'll fight for every single state to the end. unlike donald trump not cancelling events. supposed to be here in california yesterday, cancelled. supposed to be in colorado, had confirmed being at the colorado convention. he's cancelled. i'm not sure of the problems, internal problems that donald trump's campaign is trying to deal with with recent hires and suddenly cancelling these events. end of the day we're going all the way to the end. i'm here in san diego now. organizing aggressively throughout california since august, we recognize the nature of the campaign, 50 states, 5 territories and district of columbia, working to support
12:29 pm
everywhere. >> you're laughing. what do you want to say? >> i laugh, what campaigns do. ron is doing it very, very well. we forget that senator cruz is in fact behind. he's losing. so there's reason for him to be working all that much harder, because he is behind. so this is the way it goes, and to be perfectly candid, every nominee that has been produced in either party since 1960 who has been far enough ahead as with donald trump has always won the nomination, even though they received stiff challenges along the way, and that's both parties. i'm really not sure there's going to be any difference here with donald trump. >> let me ask you this, jeffrey, because as ron pointed out, ted cruz does have momentum right now on the heels of his win in wisconsin. is that why donald trump is so focused on new york? because he feels like a win in new york will put a stop to that momentum? >> sure. definitely concentrate on your home base. no question. and we'll see how much momentum senator cruz has after new york. and i'm -- i'm talking to you
12:30 pm
from here in pennsylvania. donald trump is doing very well here in pennsylvania as well as a matter of fact, one of his delegate candidates showed up at my door, working the neighborhood. they're pretty organized and getting things done. >> so, ron, if trump does go to the convention with a large delegate lead but senator cruz gets the nomination on a second or third ballot, hypothetically, is there concern that trump supporters will be so angry they won't back cruz in the general. >> well, the only candidate who would absolutely have no ability to unite the republican party is donald trump, because he's chosen to make everything so personal, and so divisive, and really do everything he can to try to break the party apart in order to maintain his, his minority stake within, you know, within the party that we've seen rather consistently throughout. what we've said will happen, has happened. that is, as the race narrowed from 17 candidates down to effectively a two-person contest
12:31 pm
in terms of delegates, our numbers have gone up and donald trump'sumbers remained flat. the candidate way problem in terms of anything dealing with unity is donald trump. i'm glad that his people look like they've been keeping him off of twitter a little bit, but at the end of the day, donald trump is a captive of the brand that he has created, while senator cruz is moving forward. we announced yesterday we raised a record $12.5 million. tremendous come from behind victory in the state of wisconsin, down by 20 to winning by 13. everyone said that was a state donald trump should have won. he didn't. he did very, very badly there, and that show as dynamic nature of this race. when we engage, our numbers go up. donald trump numbers go down. >> jeff, final word. quickly. >> in terms of unity, wondering when senator cruz apologized to senator mcconnell for calling him a liar?
12:32 pm
>> i'm looking for that apology from donald trump concerning his hate tweets towards senator cruz' wife. we're still waiting for that apology. >> not getting it here. thank you both very much for that. appreciate it. >> thank you, pam. >> thank you. meantime, cnn's anderson cooper hosting a town hall with donald trump, his wife melania and daughter ivanka. you won't want to miss it. and the weeks after the brussels airport bombing police announcing a man questioniconfe being the man in the hat. the very latest from brussels. u. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat! changing the oil... (vo) it's surprising what people would rather do than deal with retirement. pressure-washing the... roses. aerating the lawn! (vo) but with nationwide it's no big deal. okay, your retirement plan is all set.
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and we are back with our breaking news. a confession in belgium. federal prosecutors say this man, mohamed abrini, right here. the last remaining fugitive in the paris attacks harks just admitted to being the man in the hat. seen in the brussels airport with the two bombers just
12:36 pm
moments before explosions shook the terminal. they say he confessed after being confronted with facial recognition evidence. let's go live to cnn's fred pleitgen in brussels. fred what is he saying to authorities? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, because pamela, aside from saying, yes, he was, indeed, that so-called man in the hat, the third person in that surveillance picture, he also apparently told them all about the route that he took after he left the brussels airport saying that he went along towards the city center of brussels, that at some point along the way he threw away his jacket that he was wearing, and sold a hat that he'd also been wearing to conceal his identity. now, the police say this is, of course, a major step forward and hope to get even more information from abrini, because they also fear that there could still be people out there that are part of this wider cell that could potentially be dangerous. earlier today, i was at a raid that took place in the etterbeek district of brussels, and the police raided that place for
12:37 pm
several hours, in the end say they didn't find any weapons or any sort of explosives but say they do believe that the apartment that they raided at some point in time was potentially used as a safe house by these terror suspects. pamela? >> a lot going on there in belgian. fred pleitgen, thank you so much for that. meantime, in afghanistan, there are explosions rocking kabul. secretary of state john kerry wraps ups up his surprise visit. kerry has been trying to diffuse a crisis in the unity government he helped build. it joining me now from kabul, nick payton walshe. where was secretary kerry when those explosions occurred? >> reporter: we don't know precisely but i did get a note from the pool forecatraveling w john kerry had had already made way to the airport and perhaps exiting the country. those four blasts seemed to come mostly from the diplomatic area. a lot of the sound we heard and reporting we've seen sincen then
12:38 pm
seems to suggest we're talking about rockets. no initial reports of injuries and suggestions there was perhaps sporadic gunfire afterwards as police adjusted to the after effect of an explosion like that, but what a clear message, frankly, to the u.s. secretary of state how security is deteriorating here in the kaebt capital of kabul, frankly, the number one issue on the agenda. we know this meeting, this trip, was aimed at propping up the fractured unity government here that he helped create, putting the president alongside the man he fought in election against, abdullah, trying to keep a compromise and the keeping the country on track. it's faltering and trying to express american support for their project here but the key issue, of course, taliban on the offensive. southern province helmand, heavily under pressure. last year alone, 5.5 thousand afghans losing their lives. more than nato lost in their entire campaign here and of
12:39 pm
course this fighting season imminently ahead, many deeply concerned the taliban won't talk peace like john kerry asked them to again today and focusing on the battlefield, which they're doing pretty well at this stage. 11,000 casualties dead and injured amongst them alone. not getting better and blast it's like that with all security put in place for the u.s. secretary of state could not prevent this, the home, how fragile security is here and how awful this year ahead, the summer fighting season ahead could be in afghanistan. pame pamela? >> you put it in perspective. nick payton walshe, thank you for your reporting in kabul. coming up on this saturday, former president bill clinton expressing regret? sort of. >> i did something yesterday in philadelphia, i almost want to apologize for. no. wait, wait. >> an angry exchange with
12:40 pm
protestors. will it affect his wife's campaign?
12:41 pm
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the democratic candidates are still in a nasty back and forth over kwvqualifications to president. sanders wouldn't have questioned his wife's kwvqualifications if hillary was a plan. >> i appreciate bill clinton
12:44 pm
being my psychoanalysts. it's always nice. but the reality is that ever since wisconsin when that became the six out of seven states we have won in either caucuses or primaries, i think the clinton campaign mate it public, basically told the media, here in new york they're about to become very negative, about to beat us up, and i just want them to understand we have tried to run an issue-oriented campaign but they are not going to be attacked every single day. our record is not going to be distorted. we are going to fight back. >> so joining me now to discuss is political strategist and sanders supporter jonathan tassini and hillary clinton supporter maria cardona. first, jonathan what do you make of the attack from bill clinton, questioning his wife's qualifications had hints of sexism? >> i think it was rubbish, actually. the last person you could accuse of sexism is bernie sanders.
12:45 pm
he stood up for women's rights his whole career. i understand why bill clinton lashed out. i understand it psychologically, but bill clinton has a habit of not liking to hear criticism. those of us in the progressive movement know when we took him on the issue pushing through nafta, obliterated glass steel at the behest of his friends at citibank, like robert rubinance for the death penalty, pushed through welfaree form, all policies hillary clinton supported, devastated communities of color, bill clinton lashes out. that's the way he operates. it's unfortunate, though. >> what do you think, maria? is it rubbish, as he said? >> i think that bill clinton appreciates jonathan's psychoanalysis as well. so, thank you, jonathan. i think has that more to do with how ridiculous bernie sanders' comment was when he said that he didn't think that hillary clinton was qualified to be president. i think his campaign and the
12:46 pm
candidate himself were reeling from a disastrous and horrendous interview that had just come out in the "new york daily news" which really uncovered the real lack of depth of knowledge on the core issues that bernie sanders talks about at every rally and importantly as a new yorker, uncovered and continued to underscore the lack of depth and knowledge and expertise on foreign policy and keeping us safe. and so i think that was part of the reaction from the bernie sanders campaign. there were also false reports about how the clinton campaign was going to come out and attack bernie sanders when, in fact, that has not happened. she does not need to do that. she is winning. she is winning in new york. she's going to win new york, and so you know, i'm not surprised that the "washington post" today qualified this week as the worst week that bernie sanders has had. >> jonathan? >> i like maria very much. we actually hang out way too often. >> i like you, too, jonathan. >> hopefully when the election
12:47 pm
is over we'll hang out and have a beer, but i don't agree with her at all. the clinton campaign, i have to admire them. they are experts at the dark art of politics and kneecapping people and it's what they actually did to barack obama in 2008. remember, they in south carolina, bill clinton attacked barack obama. so did hillary clinton. the same thing they've done to bernie sanders throughout the campaign. i want to show you this little sheet, pam. this is a sheet that rates chelsea clinton's characterization of bernie sanders' health care plan as mostly false, and that was exactly the same characterization that hillary clinton made of bernie sanders' health care plan. the reason i bring up health care, every single plan, every single issue that bernie sanders has put forth for changing america, for having a political revolution, the clinton campaign repeatedly lied about his positions and mischaracterized them, because they can't win on the issues. bernie sanders has completely
12:48 pm
captured this primary, define what this primary is about. so the only way hillary clinton can win is for her to go for moderate corporatists, what she is, to try to be a progressive. that's what this whole debate is about and i'd like us to get back to debate the real issues. >> i would love for it to get back to the issues. again, bernie sanders was the one who hit below the belt and hillary clinton did not take the bait. she does not need to take the bait. >> that's not true. >> she's going to continue to focus on the issues, and if you want to talk about records -- >> let's talk about the iraq war. >> jonathan, i -- >> you guys -- >> don't interrupt me. >> i want to squeeze in this question, though, and then let you guys get your response and discussion about the bill clinton role in the campaign and whether it's helping or hurting his wife, because earlier this week the former president stole the spotlight again with this response to black lives matter protestors.
12:49 pm
>> i don't know how you characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter! >> all right. quickly, maria, what do you think about this? a distraction? >> i think -- i think it will be a distraction that will go away pretty quickly. look, when you bring out the big dog what he's known as in democratic circle, sometimes he's going to bark. having said that, i think he is much more of an asset than a liability. he is beloved in many of the communities democrats are going to need to mobilize for hillary clinton. in the democratic primary process as well as for democrats in the general election. he was part and parcel and critical and president obama will tell you this, in president
12:50 pm
obama's re-election. he will continue to focus on the issues. the challenge for what he said this time around is that it takes away from what hillary clinton's proposals are when it comes to banning racial profiling, getting rid of the injustices in the criminal justice system. banning and ending the school to from the cradle to career which is swha she's going to be talking about. >> the only reason he is a distraction reminds people that bill clinton is a moderate corporatist for the death penalty, for nafta, for welfare reform, hillary clinton has supported all of those policies. and to the extent that bill clinton and people remember those issues and reminded of those issues people need to remember those are the policies that hillary clinton has supported, bad trade agreements that destroyed jobs, the death penalty. they were both against marriage equality, all of those issues get even more hyped up if you will when bill clinton comes out
12:51 pm
on the campaign trail. >> i do hope you dguys grab tha drink. >> i'm going to invite him to the inaugural for hillary clinton when she becomes president. >> whoa. now those are fighting words. all right. thanks so much. really appreciate it. bernie sanders and hillary clinton by the way, will be jake tapper's guest on "state of the union." watch it tomorrow morning at 9:00 eastern. i want to give you our first look at the results rolling in from today's wyoming democratic caucuses. when cnn is ready for a prediction i'll have that. this is what we have as of now. >> we set out to re-invent investing.
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literally the first time many of them have ever seen the ocean. it's a place of discovery to really explore their own potential and science all through studying the ocean. >> so each year the group helps 6,000 kids be explorers. what happens next watch their story at and nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero. we are looking at the latest results from today's wyoming caucuses as they roll in, bernie sanders hold on and make it eight out of the last nine contests. stick around and find out as soon as cnn is ready to make a projection, i'll have it for projection, i'll have it for you. -- captions by vitac -- the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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