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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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and for republicans, today all eyes on colorado, ted cruz has scooped up 21 of colorado's 34 pledged delegates. the remaining 13 will be tapped tonight. i want to bring in cheyenne, wyoming to get more on this. you've been speaking to people, paul. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, there was a lot of support for sanders in this state. one thing i should say it seemed that hillary clinton was effective in chipping away at his lead because basically what happened here was in laramie county because of the surrogate vote, we also understand that she won in a county where casper is. so sanders had big wins himself. albany where the university is, but i'm going to bring in the executive director of the wyoming democrats, amy van cleave. here is democracy in action. a short time ago in fact, all afternoon long you were on your
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knees pecking away feeding us numbers. your reaction to sanders' win. >> we're absolutely thrilled that senator sanders won wyoming. the voters had their voices heard. we are surprised at the results, it's closer than i think a lot of us projected. >> if you had to talk and tell us off the top of your head how were the 14 delegates to be split. >> it looks like it's 7 to 6. but we're waiting on one county to report in and that will decide who gets that one last little delegate. >> that's goshen county. not extremely populous. how many voters there? >> in goshen county which is torrington, i would imagine if we had 2008 numbers about 100 voters. >> reporter: no matter what it goes 7-6 sanders or maybe 8-6 sanders, or we wind up with a tie. >> right. and really all going to come down to torrington which is exciting for wyoming. >> reporter: it's all been exciting.
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appreciate your taking time out. very much an exciting day in wyoming. almost always looked at as a red state. the congressional delegation, but on this day the time for the democrats and of course they are celebrating here, they had a vibrant, very vibrant caucus, we think they set records for turnout. that remains to be determined. reporting from cheyenne, wyoming. now back to you, pam. >> thanks for that. interesting she said it was closer than they expected. right now the republican battle for delegates is focused on colorado today. ted cruz is extending his recent winning streak against donald trump. cruz has racked up 21 of colorado's 34 pledged delegates. the final 13 are being awarded today. trump skipped today's colorado gop convention choosing to visit new york's 9/11 memorial. and colorado you won't see voters heading to the polls or gathering at caucuses.
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instead republican party insiders are basically hand picking delegates rather than candidates. cfn's ana cabrera is in colorado springs. how does this work? a lot might find this confusinc. >> reporter: it's more complicated than some of the other states. right now we're here at the colorado republican state convention which has been ongoing throughout the day. delegates here in colorado are elected at both the district conventions at the state conventions, so the the remaining 13 delegates will be elected by this assembly. some 6,000 colorado republican party insiders, and activists. we understand there are more than 600 delegate candidates who want to fill those remaining 13 delegate spots at the rnc. they are about to give their speeches, they each get 10 seconds to make their final pitches to this crowd. then the voting begins. we're expecting to get results here for those remaining 13 delegates and who they will be
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awarded to somewhere around 7, 7:30 eastern. so in the next couple of hours we'll have a better understanding of whether ted cruz sweeps colorado or if john kasich or donald trump pick up a few remaining delegates. as mentioned so far, it's been ted cruz clean sweep, pam. >> he's won 21 delegates and he spoke at that convention. what did he say? >> reporter: well, he is the only presidential candidate who has really focused on colorado. of course he went after donald trump, the front-runner still in the republican race. donald trump still leads nationally by more than 200 delegates. but then ted cruz pivoted. realizing this is a cruz friendly crowd. he went after the democrats, in fact, he even went as far as to call hillary clinton a socialist. listen. >> a year ago as republicans, we started with 17 candidates, an
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amazingly talented diverse, young dynamic field. what a contrast with the democrats. you know, the democratic field consists of a wild-eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world, and, bernie sanders. >> reporter: there you go taking a swipe at hillary clinton, going after democrats, you get the sense in colorado at the very least he is feeling the momentum and he's hoping for the general election. >> thank you so much for that. turning back to the big political news of the hour, bernie sanders just wrapped up his latest win in wyoming. this time joining me now is cnn's political producer and a democratic strategist, and commentator and hillary clinton supporter maria cardona and cnn
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commentator ryan lizza. white the panel now. and dan, you're the lucky one. i'm going to start with you. you're there with the clinton camp in brooklyn. what's the atmosphere after we just found out that she lost in wyoming and has now lost eight of the last nine contests? >> i don't think the news is really reached the crowd behind me yet. there are no tvs on. this is a latino organizing event in brooklyn. clinton aides say they are pretty confident as you had a wyoming democratic official say they are pretty confident they could split the delegates in wyoming despite losing the state. maybe they come out one delegate short. which is better than they anticipated. even so, hillary clinton will be speaking here at the latino event. she was just in down town brooklyn where she went to junior's cheesecake shop and while she did not eat cheesecake she told the prels she learned early on not to eat in front of
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the press. she did have a smorgasbord of cheesecake, and a strawberry cheesecake in front of her. she talked to people. campaigning really on a more local level here in brooklyn than you know, presidential candidates sometimes do. a couple days ago she rode the subway and took about five swipes to get on. she'll speak to a group in brooklyn, focus on latino issues, but i can't anticipate her mentioning wyoming from the stage here in brooklyn. >> so, i want to turn to you, ryan. the big question now is, what does winning wyoming mean for the sanders campaign? it seems less about delegates and more about momentum. >> well, look. as you pointed out before he's won eight out of the nine last contests. right. and so, he's almost like this super funded zombie candidate in
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that it's probably really hard for him to actually win the nomination, but he's going to be in this race to the end. he's raising an astonishing $40 million a month. we frankly haven't seen a democratic primary quite like this where the candidate that sort of was basically believed not to be able to win, staying in, challenging the front-runner, continuing to point out her weaknesses, and showing her weaknesses right to the convention. and you got to give him some credit for how well he has done. but two big things have to happen for bernie sanders to actually win. he has to have an earthquake upset like beating her in new york, then he has to completely change the mind of those superdelegates that are in hillary clinton's back pocket. that's a tall order. >> maria, you are from pro
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clinton super pac. how does the clinton camp stop bernie sanders' momentum, particularly leading into new york with this gap of time before the primary there? >> sure. but let me also clear up i am not the head of any super pac and one of my partners does work for -- some quirk for the clinton super pac i have nothing to do with. moving forward, we talked about this before. so wyoming was a state that is taylor made for bernie and no surprise that he was going to win it. but even one of the bernie supporters that was just on your air said that the margin was a lot closer than they expected it to be and most likely the delegates are going to split. so again, the math is in hillary's favor in terms of she will continue to add to her delegate lead. and moving forward that is what matters. no now the bernie camp will say they have the momentum, the
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voice of the people except momentum is not what matters. what matters is delegates that you have to win in delegate-rich states. she isn't just winning the delegate count. she is also winning the vote. she has 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders does at this point. >> it's no surprise to a lot of people that bernie sanders won wyoming. he was expected to win. but it was closer than people expected. we heard that from the official there in wyoming. is that concerning at all that you know, it was closer than expected? >> i don't think so. again, this is a small state, there's 14 delegates at hand here. you know, as we move forward to new york and we move forward and talk about this, one of the things, the clinton campaign has been good about strategizing. they have prepared for every single angle of this campaign. except for the things they can't control. such as a movement. and what that means is that these superdelegates are not
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just numbers, they are people to have to answer to voters, elected officials that want a career in politics so when you see the majority of the party under the age of 50 siding with one candidate overwhelmingly so, and you'll see that in new york among all demographics, you see that they are going to be thinking about the future, who are we as a party. do we want to represent the past, and in many -- in a lot of democratic circles, they are basically showing the divide between those who are still hurting after the 2008 collapse, and those who are okay because they invested in wall street. and hillary clinton undeniably after 2008 if she is accepting money from hedge funders and having lobbyists bundle money for her, after the economic collapse, no wonder why half of the party is siding with bernie sanders. and these superdelegates may very well likely turn if they see their careers at risk because that's what it's about on the convention floor. all about deal making. >> so then ryan, how real is the this threat of a bernie or bust
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movement that this campaign could potentially result in hillary clinton winning the nomination, but losing the support of bernie sanders backers in a general election? >> you know, i think that ted cruz or donald trump would solve a lot of that problem for hillary clinton. it is absolutely true that if you look at the all of the exit polls we have data for, basically 70 to 20 millennials are supporting bernie sanders which is astonishing. and that obviously literally is the future of the democratic party. so you're seeing this fascinating left-right generational divide if you are over 65 you're voting for hillary clinton. if you are under 30 you're voting for bernie in the democratic party. that's the future, the party no doubt that bernie sanders has shown that the party is moving in his direction overall. but it's not -- has not been quite enough for him to win a majority of the delegates so far. i don't think i agree that the
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superdelegates are going to be shifting just because they see a younger generation on bernie's side. i think it would take a bigger event, some kind of you know, catastrophic collapse in the clinton campaign or you know, hillary clinton getting indibted or something serious for the superdelegates on mass to move to bernie sanders. remember, bernie sanders wasn't a democrat until this year. he doesn't have that long time institutional support in the party, and that's proving to be a pretty serious weakness in his campaign now that the superdelegates matter so much. >> was that you, maria? >> i was going to make a quick point as the superdelegate on the panel because i'm a dnc member. >> what would it take for you to move? >> superdelegates, i'm kind of -- superdelegates have never overturned the will of the people. meaning that they have never given the advantage to the candidate who doesn't get to the
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convention with the most amount of delegates. it happened in 2008. barack obama did not get to the convention with the amount of pledge delegates he needed. that's when many of the superdelegates came to him because they realized this is the person who actually did represent more of you know, i say the will of the people loosely because let's also remember that hillary clinton won the popular vote but it's all about pledge delegates, those are the rules and what people have to play for. that's the hillary clinton strategy is going to be getting to the nomination with the most amount of pledged delegates. >> we need more delegates under the age of 50. >> i'm under 50. thank you. >> whoa. all right. thank you to all four of you. appreciate it. thanks for that interesting discussion there. and you won't want to miss it because hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in a democratic presidential debate live from brooklyn, new york, thursday night, 9:00 eastern. right here on cnn.
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just ahead this hour we turn to terror and breaking news out of brussels, the man accused of having a role in two of the deadly terror attacks is captured and talking. we can confirm he is the man in the hat according to a confession he gave to investigators, details on that straight ahead. plus, a close eye on the campaign trail. hillary clinton is expected to speak at brooklyn, new york this hour. we'll take you there live. make. make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ thiand being able to use've worked oa pen like thisk. on the screen directly with the image, it takes me back to my time as a painter. and i just can't do that on my mac. and clean and real
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so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. we're back with our breaking news. cnn can confirm that this man right here is the elusive man in the hat wanted in connection with the brussels airport bombing. that means he now stands accused of not one but two of the deadliest terror attacks in european history. 31-year-old mohamed abrini is in custody and talking after fleeing from the paris attacks accused of helping orchestrate. today he confessed to being the
2:19 pm
man in the hat seen walking at that crime scene in the brussels international airport bombing. cnn has more from brussels. fred. >> reporter: pamela, a lot of important new developments in this investigation especially regarding mohamed abrini. we spoke to the federal prosecutor here and he said that one of the most important things as they were confronting abrini was that facial recognition software that they used. they said once he was confronted with the results of that, that's when he said yes indeed, it was him on that picture that he was the so-called man in the hat. and on top of admitting that, he also then in detail described the route he took after he left the brussels airport. he said that he went through town, that at some point he dumped his jacket and in the end sold a hat he was also wearing to conceal his identity. one of the other big breakthroughs that happened is the police here said that they also now positively i.d.ed the
2:20 pm
second person who was on the scene at the subway bombing that happened on the same day. that person has been identified. in spite of the fact they do have these two high profile people, the authorities 8 is they are aware this might not be the end of it. they fear there could po tepgsly be other people out there who might have helped these people and provided support, there was a major raid that happened earlier on saturday, in the enerbeck district. police are saying they didn't find any sort of explosives or weapons but they believe they found an apartment that may have been used by these terror suspectings as a safe house. >> fred, thank you for that reporting. coming up, multiple explosions rock afghanistan's capital shortly after secretary of state john kerry wraps up a surprise visit there. what does it say about the state of security in that country? nick paton walsh reports.
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youto get the help you'refar looking for. while you're mastering life. that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. secretary of state john kerry made a surprise visit to afghanistan to discuss security. in an hour of departure four loud explosions went off in the capital city of kabul. it's a disturbing message in a country facing violent infighting and fractured government. >> reporter: those four explosions that seemed mostly
2:25 pm
hit the diplomatic area of kabul where many embassies are in a key part of the infrastructure, they came we think pretty much minutes after john kerry departed the country. we had a note through suggesting he was at the airport before we heard the explosions. it's unclear where he was. initial reports suggest it was rocketed and we're not hearing as many major injuries. it's late at night. scant information available. it goes to hammer home, frankly, how fragile security is, not just here in kabul, even at a time of lockdown for a key dignitary's visit but across the country with this very volatile fighting season in the warmest of the months expected to start soon. john kerry was here. he said to try to shore up the national unity government here he helped create a number of years ago now in between the president here now and the man he fought the election against,
2:26 pm
now the country's ceo. not necessarily known to have the best working relationship here. many said their administration is hamstrung by that. many key posts not filled and john kerry was here to make an explicit demand the government should work toward the afghan people and the months left before it hits key deadlines. above all i think the agenda has been about security. the taliban on the march in helmand where they are threatening its main city, and across the country where u.s. officials now are openly accepting how last year was a terrible year for afghan security forces, they lost 5.5 thousand soldiers, more than in its entire campaign here. and of course afghan civilians as well bearing the brunt of the violence. 11,000 of them injured and killed last year. 3,500 dead.
2:27 pm
it is a terrifyingly bleak summer we may have ahead and i think the fact that the lockdown put in place, someone like john kerry, the u.s. chief diplomat, unable to prevent those four explosions hammers home how fragile afghanistan is and so much that needs to be done to put the taliban on their back foot when frankly now they are doing so well in the backfield they are refusing all demands to talk peace at the table. nick paton walsh, cnn, kabul. >> thank you very much for that. i spoke with the top u.s. terror official that says european nations are not taking full advantage of u.s. tools to fight terror. >> we provide them with tools, we provide them with support, i would find it concerning that they don't use these tools. >> up next, you'll hear his concerns about terrorists from europe potentially slipping into the u.s. we'll be back. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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elcome back.
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i'm pamela brown in washington. great to have you along. you're looking at john kasich speaking in new rochelle, new york. hillary clinton set to take the mike in brooklyn. we turn to breaking news. a confession in belgium. prosecutors say this man, mohamed abrini the last known fugitive in the paris attacks admitted to be the man in the hat seen in a brussels airport with the two bombers moments before explosions. i spoke with the top u.s. koup ter terrorism official who says some european countries aren't taking full advantage of some u.s. tools in the fight against terrorism. >> it's concerning. that our partners don't use all of our data, we provide them with tools, we provide them with support, and i would find it concerning they don't use these tools to help screen for their own aviation security, border
2:32 pm
screening, visas, things like that for travel. we find it concerning. >> did that information make its way into our watch list? did they share information prior to those attacks about these people? i'm trying to get a sense of how that would work. >> we were aware of some of those people. >> there are so many people leaving europe to go to syria to train, unbeknownst to european officials that then come back. what's stopping them from making it to the u.s.? >> we make sure that we know as much as we can, and we take that information and we use it the best we can to minimize threats to our communities, but we -- we can't know everything all the time. i want to bring in former assistant secretary, author of security moms and unclassified guide to protecting our homeland and your home. juliet, thanks for coming on. a lot to discuss. first off, i want to start with this piece you wrote called why
2:33 pm
keeping us safe from terrorism is so hard. it says the brussels attacks may be were highly probable and at the same time almost impossible to disrupt. that oxymoron is what makes this wave of terrorism the most dangerous in history and so different from even the days of al qaeda. so tell me why you consider this the most dangerous wave of terrorism in history. >> isis is more nimble, existing at a time of social media, it does not require a lot of infrastructure or even -- so i sometimes call it laughable. very difficult -- >> hey, unfortunately, as so often happens with skype, we have a rough connection right now. we're going to work on that and go back to you because we have a
2:34 pm
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welcome back. we want to listen to bernie sanders, reacting to his win in wyoming today and long island city, new york. >> i think it's fair to say that when we began this campaign we were considered to be a fringe
2:38 pm
candidate, we were 60, 70 points behind secretary clinton. in the last week or two, the three last national polls that i have seen, in two of them we are actually winning now by a small margin but actually ahead of secretary clinton. i think in the third poll she was one point ahead of me. in terms of the matchups with republicans like donald trump in virtually every one of these matchups whether it's national, whether it's state, our margin against trump is almost always much better than is secretary clinton. in terms of state victories and other territories et cetera, we now have won 17, and she has won 20. i think that it is very fair to say that we were way, way behind during the first half of this contest, but we are having to
2:39 pm
say the least a very strong second half. and we are closing very fast and now that wyoming is behind us, we are here in new york state. i've been pleased to sense a great deal of momentum we have had a number of rallies in brooklyn, in queens, where we are now, in manhattan, in the bronx, we'll be going to staten island, we'll be heading upstate. no question in my mind that we have the momentum, some of the polls are reflecting that momentum. a few weeks ago we were 20, 30 points behind. last significant poll i saw had husband 10 points behind. three weeks ago we were 326 pledged delegates behind secretary clinton. we are now 214 delegates behind. we have cut her lead by one third. and we expect and intend to do very well here in new york state and pick up a lot of delegates
2:40 pm
here and in some of the other states. then we're going to head out west where i think we have an excellent chance to do very well out there. so, let me just say that i think it is beyond debate that the momentum in this campaign is with us that we are seeing in state after state, large voter turnouts that we are seeing especially high turnouts among younger people. there was a mythology i think that was widely believed before we got involved in this race that young people were apathetic, were not concerned about politics, were not going to come out to vote. it looks like that has significantly changed. and i am delighted to see so many young people who are the future of their country, wanting to play an active role in shaping the future that they will have to live with. so, you know, during the first half of this campaign we have to deal with the deep south, the
2:41 pm
most conservative part of our country, we did very poorly there, no question. but now that we're in the second half of this campaign, we are going to state after state which i think has more progressive outlook, we have one eight out of nine last contests, we're looking forward to new york and other states as well. we are in this race to win, we have a path to victory, and our intention is to win the democratic nomination and then win the general election. thank you. >> you heard bernie sanders reacting to the news he won the wyoming democratic primary. at the same time hillary clinton, his opponent, is on the trail in brooklyn at an organizing event. we hope to hear from her shortly. these are the results we have so far from that wyoming primary. some say that it was actually closer than they expected, but bernie sanders pulling out the win. these are delegates to date as we saw here are the wyoming democratic caucus results here. meantime, hours after federal
2:42 pm
investigators reveal shocking allegations of sexual abuse involving dennis hastert an attorney is reacting, what his client is admitting. this week's cnn hero, you think of san diego you probably envision lush parks and near perfect weather. for thousands of children there life isn't paradise. san diego county nearly one in five kids live in poverty and for them the ocean is a world away. that's where this week's cnn hero steps in. >> when they are in the third grade and come on our field trip they come over the hill on the bus, and they see the ocean, and they gasp. because it's literally the first time many of them have seen the ocean. it's a place of discovery to explore their own potential in science all through studying the ocean. >> so each year the group helps 6,000 kids be explorers. what happens next? watch the story at
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and while there go ahead and nominate someone you think should be a 2016 cnn hero. we'll be back.
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hastert is addressing the shocking new allegations around the former house speaker. the details in court documents in the last 24 hour shows federal prosecutors leave hastert sexually abused at least four boys. the revelations come days before he is to be sentenced for a financial violation. investigators say those violations involve hush money hastert paid to one of his accusers. nick, what are hastert's attorneys saying in light of these new allegations? >> we should start saying this is the first time we've seen dennis hastert mentioned specifically these allegations of sexual molestation, up until now he has not mentioned anything or addressed them nor has his attorney. even in this statement we received there was no admission of guilt. i'll read that statement.
2:48 pm
mr. hastert acknowledge as a young man he committed transgressions for which he is profoundly sorry. all others affected by the harm his actions caused. the profound humiliation and shaming mr. hastert has and will continue to experience with the isolation and abandonment he as endured are significant punishment and have undoubtedly contributed to his fragile medical condition. some would ask what about the fragile medical condition of those he is allegedly abused 30 years ago while he was a high school wrestling coach in illinois. these documents, 26 pages go on to say that these young men now grown men are still dealing with the emotional scars having allegedly been molested by the former speaker of the house. >> the abuse allegations are not new but the extent of this the alleged abuse is, and they details these boys, now men give are disturbing. >> they are, stunning, they are
2:49 pm
just plain and simple disgusting as laid out by federal prosecutors. we're about to read one of those instances. four young men in autumn, actually five but they couldn't get testimony from a fifth young man he died years after these happened but they did get testimony from his sister. this statement part of the court documents about to read could be considered uncomfortable for some but we think it important to hear. individual b was a wrestler for which the defendant one day when individual b was 14, individual b was alone in the locker room with hastert. after individual b worked out. either just after he showered or while he changed hastert told b to get on the table so hastert could loosen him up. individual b lay on the table face down. the defendant started massaging him. defendant had individual b turn over so he was lying fate up on the table. hastert then performed a sexual act on the teen.
2:50 pm
much of thefs allegations, these accusations i should say listed out start the same way in a similar case. hastert offers to massage these teenagers who were wrestlers for him on this high school team and it evolved into an alleged sexual
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
refugee camps are not those who sfled isis. they are those who say isis used them as human shields and didn't let them leave. they are from a handful of villages, the iraqi army recently recaptured from isis. the men are kept at the camp's mosque, a security precaution amid concerns isis fighters may be among them. isis put five families into each home in the middle of the village, this man recalls. like many fear, he does not want his identity reveal. he still has loved ones at the mercy of isis and has already witnessed and lost too much. he and his family could hear the army's advance, hoped finally that they would be saved. but in the fierce clashes his
2:53 pm
younger brother was hit as he pulled his niece away from the window. he shouted, i am shot! get me! the memory of that moment so painful he can no longer control his emotions. he said, i don't want to die, but he bled out in his brother's arms. with us, he is able to leave the mosque groundses and we head to see the rest of his family. he says they did not flee when isis first arrived nearly two years ago because his elderly mother could not run away. a mother who has buried her son. what is left, she now questions. at least god spared the rest. their stories of life under isis makes your skin crawl. abu works at a hospital in mo mosul. he said, in i had to keep
2:54 pm
working. once he was stopped in the street and forced to witness a public mass execution. in another instance, on the way to the market, he says, we saw people hanging from the electricity pole. we asked why. they said they were trying to leave. if you try to escape, this will be your fate. the women also hide their faces, but little can hide the lingering fear, the overwhelming psychological trauma or the pain. this woman says the house isis held her family in as the iraqi army advanced was hit by a mortar. she was injured, her 15-year-old son killed. her last image of him with blood coming out of his eyes, nose, mouth. it's all memories, she says, before it becomes too much and she walks away. and concerns for the civilian population, pamela, are only growing. when one looks towards the city of mosul, there are potentially
2:55 pm
1.5 million to 2 million people there, and in its surroundings and isis could very well be intending to use them, too, as human shields. >> so disturbing. great report there from our arwa damon, an important report. we're continuing to watch live pictures from a hillary clinton campaign stop in brooklyn. stay with us. we'll be back. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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there is some troubling signs the u.s. economy is hitting the pause button. cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans has more. >> hi, pamela. economists are sharpening their pencils and cutting their growth forecast for the first quarter. despite strong jobs growth, a solid housing market and very low commodity prices, only 0.4% growth, dramatically lower than the 2.5% it predicted in mid-february. bank of america sees 0.6%, wells fargo slicing its forecast to a meager 0.1%. that would essentially signal the economy is not growing. well, why? falling car sales in march despite the fact auto sales hit a record last year, lower equipment purchases by businessestion potentially a sign of slowing demand and a weaker than expected reading on consumer spending. economic growth has softened in the first quarter of the last few years so not really a
3:00 pm
surprise there. but mostly it rebounds into the summer. for the entire year, the federal reserve sees 2.2% economic growth despite the first quarter stall and what you're hearing on the campaign trail about the economy, four fed chiefs agree the u.s. is not on course for pay major reception. janet yellin in a rare appearance with fareed zakaria and three former fed chiefs, a rare gathering, she calls the u.s. economy strong. this is an economy on a solid course, she says, not a bubble economy. pamela? >> christine romans, thank you very much for that. i'm pamela brown in washington. i'll see you back here at 7:00 eastern. "smerconish" starts right now. ♪ i'm michael smerconish.


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