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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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story. make sure you tune in, "wonder list" sunday night 10:00 eastern and pacific only right here on cnn. bill weir, thank you, thank you, thank you. and thank you so much for being with me here on this friday. keep it right here, my friend jake tapper is up next. "the lead" starts now. thank you, brooke. each party doing a great job as beating themselves up. "the lead" starts right now. he says the system, the same system that has him in first place by a large margin is rigged, and today donald trump is doubling down on his war with the republican party. a bare knuckle fistfight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, but with just four days until new yorkers vote, did either side draw blood? plus nagging heartburn gone, but at what cost? the new serious warning about drugs that many of you probably have in your medicine cabinet right now. welcome to "the lead."
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i'm jim sciutto in for jake tapper. we start with the politics lead. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are far from alone in trading jabs in what's become a fe fierce fight for the white house. today donald trump launching a new round of attacks against his own party. today he's calling the gop primary system rigged against americans. and a flagrant abuse of the rules. and now the republican party is pushing back. today all three republican candidates are on the trail across new york just four days before that empire state, that is my home state's primary. let's go now to cnn's sunlen serfaty who is traveling with ted cruz in rochester, new york. you have donald trump not only going after his party but going after his closest opponent, ted cruz. >> that's right, jim. donald trump really intensifying his attacks on the republican party and the system in choosing delegates. in doing so he's also notably
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ramping up attacks on ted cruz, trying to connect him to the insiders, the party insiders and the system that he's railing against. >> who the hell wants to talk about politics all the time, right? >> reporter: but donald trump is talking politics today, intensifying his aggressive criticism of the rnc and the gop's nominating rules, out with a scathing op-ed in the "wall street journal" blasting the system for what he calls a flagrant abuse of the rules. the gop front-runner also tearing into his rival, ted cruz, tying him to party insiders he alleges are stacking the deck against him, writing, quote, the great irony of this campaign is that the washington cartel that mr. cruz rails against is the very group he's relying upon in his voter nullification scheme. the chairman of the party pushing back today. >> delegates on the floor choose the nominee of the party after
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being empowered by the voters. this is a very normal system that we've been using for many years. >> reporter: the rnc also firing back by throwing down the rule book, blasting out a pointed memo, noting that the rules were set last october. writing, quote, it ultimately falls on the campaigns to be up to speed on these delegate rules. trump today looking ahead to his home state's primary tuesday. >> i think we're going to close it out before the convention, to be honest with you. we have a great -- so important is for you to get out and vote. >> reporter: picking up the endorsement of "the new york post" editorial board today and receiving the warmest reception of the three republican contenders at a black tie event in manhattan. >> you know, i talked tonight about new york values that we all, many of us, that we all know so well. >> reporter: ted cruz, moments later on the same stage, finding a less receptive audience. but a group of trump's former
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apprentice stars -- >> i think america is often beguiled by a billionaire because he's shiny. >> reporter: teaming up to denounce trump. >> donald trump is validating people's hate and bigotry in a way that i truly believe has the potential to tear this country apart. >> reporter: meantime ted cruz back campaigning on trump's home turf today, brushing off trump's allegations. >> it is not surprising when a candidate loses 11 elections in a row he's unhappy about it and so he complains. and that's fine. >> reporter: and having a laugh on the late-night couch at trump's expense. >> well, donald, last year the colorado state gop, they voted to cancel their statewide primary and instead hold district conventions to elect their 34 delegates. we've known this all along and i won those elections fair and square. >> you know what i think? i think the people of colorado did vote, but they were so high they completely forgot.
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and let's face it, anyone that high definitely voted for me, so basically i won colorado. >> reporter: and that donald trump op-ed in the "wall street journal" just the latest sign that the trump campaign is trying to hit the reset button a bit. the way in which donald trump is now airing his grievances, expressing frustration, not as much these middle of the night tweets but done in a more formalized way so it seems that the trump campaign is trying to recalibrate a bit. >> no question, sunlen serfaty with the cruz campaign in new york, thank you. sweitching to the democrats now, let's get loud. that could have been the theme for last night in brooklyn. bernie sanders and hillary clinton shouting over each other at times. these two rivals seem to be sick and tired of each other, but they got downright combative. jeff zeleny is in new york. jeff, it wasn't long ago the candidates were declaring a truce saying we're going to get civil, enough of this back and
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forth. clearly the gloves are off again. >> reporter: no doubt about that, jim. a close race is exactly what happened here. that is what's shifting the tone. from guns and trade, financial reform to foreign policy. those disagreements between hillary clinton and bernie sanders came through loud and clear. but as you said, mainly loud. it was the most contentious debate yet, as time is running short in their primary fight. a day after the contentious democratic debate, bernie sanders and hillary clinton went their separate ways. sanders flying to rome for a vatican conference on economic and social justice. there was no meeting with pope francis, but a chance for sanders to speak on the world stage. >> we must reject the foundations of this contemporary economy as immoral and unsustainable. >> reporter: for clinton, a quick visit to harlem. >> and i now know where to come when i want a good game of dominos. >> reporter: before heading to hollywood for a weekend of
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star-studded fund-raising with george clooney. but tonight deep divisions are hanging over the democratic race after their brawl in brooklyn. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> you know, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. >> that's not accurate. >> i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders. >> reporter: their voices rising, wolf blitzer had to play referee. >> if you're both screaming at each other, the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. >> reporter: a fierce fight over minimum wage to the influence of big banks. >> when millions of people lost their jobs and their homes and their life savings, the obvious response to that is that you got a bunch of fraudulent operators and that they have got to be broken up. >> it may be inconvenient, but it's always important to get the facts straight. i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a
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senator. i called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> oh, my goodness. they must have been really crushed by this. and was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements. >> reporter: on the debate stage, clinton expressing regret for the 1994 crime bill her husband signed into law. >> my husband has apologized. he was the president who actually signed it. i'm sorry for the consequences that were unintended and that have had a very unfortunate impact on people's lives. >> reporter: after the debate, we asked sanders who actually voted for the bill whether he had any regrets. >> in retrospect, it was a vote that led to a lot of awful things. but here's the difficult -- you can't say in retrospect. if i had voted the other way, i'd have secretary say, bernie sanders, you had an opportunity to vote against to ban assault
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weapons, you didn't do that. >> reporter: from start to finish the tone was sharper when sanders game to clinton's aid. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too, me too. >> reporter: boy, jim, that moment there, that moment of collegiality almost seems like from another campaign entirely. and in a sense it actually is. such a defining moment here. the next fight, the new york primary in just four days' time. jim. >> no question members of the gop enjoying watching this. from brooklyn all the way to rome, ben wedeman joins me right outside the vatican where bernie sanders spoke earlier today. the vatican has said the pope will not meet with sanders but we're hearing there's a slight chance that could happen in the end? >> reporter: yeah, here's the situation, jim. it's just after 10:00 p.m. at night here. we understand that senator sanders and some of his closest aides are still inside the
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vatican, but the vast majority of the traveling press and his other staff are at a hotel outside the vatican. and many believe that he will be spending the night in the residence of the vatican, sort of like a hotel, where it just so happens that pope francis lives as well. it's not a big place, so there's a very good chance that perhaps lot at night if one of them is going out for a late-night snack, they may run into one another. an official meeting, perhaps not, but a meeting nonetheless. now, earlier in the day, senator sanders, he gave this speech in this conference on the changes in the global economy in the last 25 years. afterwards, coming out to speak to journalists and supporters here in rome, stressing on familiar themes. >> i have been enormously impressed by pope francis speaking out and his visionary
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views about creating a moral economy, an economy that works for all people, not just the people on top. >> reporter: and these are both men who have really stressed the importance of economic justice. it's worth noting that pope francis, in fact, not long ago referred to unfetterred capitalism as the dung of the devil. jim. >> so, ben, they do have that common message on spreading the wealth in effect, but they have a lot of differences on issues such as abortion. but does that hurt the chances that the pope shows his support for sanders? >> reporter: well, certainly, yes, it's important to keep in mind that despite these very apparent points of agreement, when it comes to same-sex marriage, contraception, abortion, they're really at opposite ends of the argument.
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but nonetheless, the fact that he's here, the academy of the vatican, not the pope himself, invited him at this point in the campaign does suggest that within the bureaucracy of the vatican, among the top aides of pope francis, there are those who view his position, particularly on economics quite favorably. jim. >> a lot of catholics in new york, a lot of catholics in the democratic primaries for sure as well. ben wedeman outside the vatican in rome. all campaign long we've talked a lot about the republican party splitting at the seams. now one republican leader says it is clinton and sanders who are, quote, gouging each other's eyes out. are the democrats on the verge of splintering too? that's right after this break.
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wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy. we have got to understand that in america we should be thinking big, not small. >> i think you've got to go at this with a sense of how to
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accomplish the goal we are setting. >> incrementalism and those little steps are not enough. >> i don't take a back seat to your legislation that you've introduced that you haven't been able to get passed, i want to do what we can do to actually make progress in dealing with the crisis. >> welcome back to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto. as you heard right there, last night's showcase, the very different approaches that hillary clinton and bernie sanders take to politics. many casting sanders as the dreamer, clinton liking to see herself as the doer. let's talk about the debate with our panel. patty solis doyle, supports hillary clinton, ben winkler supports bernie sanders. ron national spokesman for the cruz campaign. let's begin with the democrats in washington first. there was a moment a little more than a week ago where sanders said hillary clinton wasn't qualified. then they said let's put the gloves back on. we want to focus on trump, blah blah blah, that disappeared last
1:18 pm
night. that was a rough night head-to-head for the democrats, patty. >> yeah, it was definitely the most fiery they have gotten with each other ever and i think it's for two reasons. one, first of all, it's been a long, grueling year and i think it's fair to say they're just not that into each other anymore. and second of all, it's imperative for each of them to win the new york primary. for hillary, she's from the state, she represented the state for eight years, she lives there with her husband and her daughter lives there too. but for bernie sanders it's even more of an imperative. he needs to prove that he can win a large, diverse state, which he hasn't really proven yet. he also needs to cut into her delegate lead. this is sort of the last chance for him to do that. >> ben, i want to give you a chance to respond to that because that was the gauntlet that was thrown down there, but first on the infighting here, how damaging is that to the party, both in the primary but also looking toward to the general. >> i think it's great. there's nothing wrong with a little energy in politics.
1:19 pm
the crowd were fired up, they were fired up for both candidates. you could see the candidates were battle tested and ready to fight and they're going to bring that energy, whoever is the nominee, into the general election. it's also appropriate because the stakes are so high. you could hear it on the fight over the $15 minimum wage, over expanding social security, about how to rein in the power of wall street and reform the campaign finance system. if both of them didn't believe so much in what they were doing, i don't think you'd have had same kind of energy, but they do. i think that's a great thing for the party. >> david, if i could go to you for the republican point of view and i know your candidate, donald trump, has his issues with the rnc. reince priebus said clinton and sanders were gouging each other's eyes out. i have to imagine the republicans watched and chuckled and shook their heads and said, see, there you go. you guys are damaging each other like some of our candidates have been doing to each other. >> it's too bad bernie didn't start that a little bit earlier. as far as momentum goes, hillary
1:20 pm
is in a death spiral now. she's lost eight of the last nine primaries. bernie is a much more likeable guy. she's got this e-mail scandal hanging over her head. that could be really, really damaging obviously. so bernie is going to hang in there. he's going to go full bore. unfortunately he didn't start these attacks with a sledgehammer earlier. if he keeps it up and one slip-up happens or one indictment happens, that could turn the whole campaign upside down. >> before i go to you, ron, i've got to give patti a chance to contest or respond to hillary clinton in a death spiral. >> yeah. i kind of want to hear your definition of a death spiral. she's got, let's see, 2.4 million more votes than bernie sanders, she's got a 200 plus delegate lead over bernie sanders, she's got a superdelegate lead. every metric that there is, she's winning.
1:21 pm
so death spiral seems a little -- >> she's lost eight of the last nine primaries she's lost. she's going into her home state. well, she's a carpet bagger anyway in new york and she's got to win that big. she probably will. if you're just going to assume there's going to be no indictment over this e-mail scandal and just say she's a clinton, it won't stick to her, you're really on thin ice because there's much more to this in my investigation than meets the eye right now. >> there is no indictment because there is no criminal investigation. there will be no indictment. >> the fbi is investigating. that's a criminal investigation by definition. >> i see ben, who's with the sanders campaign. you know sanders' position on this but you're shaking your head there. >> i'm also sick and tired of hearing about secretary clinton's damn e-mails. frankly that's not what this fight is about. this is a fight over a vision for the country. it's a fight over how to make change. sanders is going at this so strongly because he thinks you lay out a big, bold vision for where we need to go and fight all the way there and build a movement to do it. secretary clinton has her
1:22 pm
differences with sanders but this is a substantive debate. it is not like the character assassination and hand size comparisons that you see on the republican side. >> ron, let me ask you with the cruz campaign, do you think the e-mail issue is going to stick with hillary clinton, presuming she goes forward to the general? >> yeah, i think that's a great question and i think what we see on the dynamic, we believe that hillary clinton will be -- is more likely to be the democratic nominee, although clearly she's not as strong of a candidate as some people on her side would care to believe. in 2008 she was the presumptive democratic nominee. she lost that primary contest to barack obama, showing that she does not have bill clinton's political skills. and then now in this contest, this is going on much longer than anyone had ever anticipated. she's a virtual incumbent and yet she's being given a run for her money by a self-avowed socialist on the democratic side. ultimately the issue -- the e-mail scandal and her behavior is relevant because it undermines public perception of
1:23 pm
trust in her. and we see that on all sides. that's part of the reason why bernie sanders is doing well. it's part of the reason why she doesn't do well in general election matchups against republicans. and i think this is a serious long-term challenge for the other team. regardless of who the dnominee is, neither one of those nominees will emerge in a strong position and trust and confidence is a serious problem for hillary clinton. >> listen, i want everybody to hold their thoughts because we have the luxury today of several minutes with our panel. we'll come back to the panel after this break. first, north korea is preparing to mark a key holiday. so how do they celebrate the communist country? with a missile launch, of course, but things didn't go exactly as planned. then danger lurking under the surface. russian submarine activities at a level not seen since the cold war and the u.s. military is extremely concerned about keeping up.
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welcome back to "the lead." i want to pick back up with our political panel. i first want to play some sound because today six former contestants from "the apprentice" held a news conference today to tell donald trump in effect you're fired. listen to some of their comments. >> trump has created a toxic ecosystem in our political discourse. >> i didn't see the globe of the world or the diversity of america reflected in the leadership of the trump organization. >> donald trump is validating people's hate and his bigotry in a way that i truly believe has the potential to tear this country apart. >> david, i want to go to you as a trump supporter here.
1:29 pm
they say trump's campaign has included sexisms, xenophobia, racism, even hate. some of the former contestants i heard saying, listen, it's not the donald trump we dealt with on the show but his public message, and of course to state the obvious, all the people who participated in that press conference were people of color who feel like they are targets in this campaign. what's your response? >> my response is i know colleagues in my profession, attorneys of all races, hispanics, blacks, asians who are coming onboard to the trump train, so to speak. people are realizing now that what he says, some of the invecive is just that. when he talks about bring jobs back, eliminating funding for planned parenthood, it's the sa substance that counts. a lot of women are buying into his platform, which is critically more important. so they're entitled to their opinion, those former
1:30 pm
contestants on his show, but millions and millions more americans are saying you're hired, mr. trump. we want you in the white house. that's obviously more important. >> patti and ben, your response. >> here's literallyin citing people to violence and they are committing acts of violence. that's not just rhetoric, that's incitement. this is a genuinely dangerous moment for politics and there are people that have been the victim of that kind of hate. >> you don't just hear that from democrats, you hear that from members of donald trump's own party. >> he's had more -- far more violence directed toward him and his supporters than the other way around. when's the last time you saw conservative trump supporters storming a bernie sanders or hillary clinton rally and attacking them or vandalizing their property? it doesn't happen. when something happens at his campaign, which he has no control over, one of the rallies, somebody punches one of the protesters, then donald trump is held accountable even though he has no responsibility
1:31 pm
for it. so it sticks to him because he's donald trump and because he's a conservative republican. it just doesn't stick the other way around. but people see through that now. >> ron, today the rnc chairman, reince priebus, told cnn he would rather see the party, the gop, whether it is trump or cruz or kasich, run against hillary clinton as opposed to bernie sanders. but a new fox news poll, it shows that both trump and cruz, you look at the numbers, losing in matchups to hillary clinton. so, first of all, your response to that. who would you rather run against? >> you know, typically people in one party are not very good at choosing their opponents inside the other party because the political dynamic within the other party really is so different than it is inside of our own. so regardless of which socialist the democrats nominate, whether it's the socialist bernie sanders or hillary clinton, we'll be prepared for that ultimately at the end of the day because the american people don't want to have another eight years of the same type of failed big government leadership, you
1:32 pm
know, and agenda that's come out of the obama administration which has been largely supported by both of the democratic candidates on their side. what we want the discussion to be going forward is a discussion about serious economic reform in this country, taking the boot off of the neck of small business that is so vital in order to create jobs in america. that's what we want the campaign to be about, both on the republican side as well as in the general election against presumably hillary clinton, although if she continues losing, it won't be her. >> hold that thought. patti, the socialist hillary clinton you heard him say. >> that's just -- that's just ridiculous. first of all, be careful, reince what you wish for in getting hillary clinton because she's beating donald trump, she's beating ted cruz. if you look at donald trump's unfavorable numbers, he's in the 70s and 80s with hispanics, with women, with african-american. hillary clinton is building that broad coalition of support and, you know, i just think we're looking -- if it's a hillary
1:33 pm
clinton versus donald trump race, i think we're looking at a blowout. >> patti, ron, ben, david, thanks for joining us. coming up next, the return of red october. growing concerns about what the russian military is doing underwater. it turns out there hasn't been this much russian submarine activity in more than 20 years, since the cold war. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto. breaking news today in our world lead. the u.s. is warning of increased russian offensive submarine activity deep into the atlantic ocean and beyond. in an exclusive interview, america's top navy commander in europe tells me that russian sub capability is at a level not
1:38 pm
seen since the cold war. this comes after a russian jet fighter buzzed the uss donald cook in the baltic sea on monday coming within just 30 feet of the navy destroyer at very high speeds. just the latest example of moscow flexing its military muscle across the globe. russia is deploying its ballistic missile and attack submarines in numbers, range and aggression not seen in two decades. in an exclusive interview, the commander of u.s. naval forces in europe tells cnn the buildup is part of an alarming strategic view. >> they're very clear that nato is viewed as an existential threat to russia. our military capability they view in a very visceral way as a threat to russia. >> adding to u.s. concern, russia is deploying new submarines that are harder for u.s. naval forces to track and detect. following years and billions of dollars in investment, they are quieter, better armed and have a
1:39 pm
greater range of operation. >> the submarines that we're seeing are much more stealthy, they're acoustically quieter. we're seeing them have more advanced weapons systems, missile systems that can attack land at long ranges. >> the increased russian sub activity is backed by a much broader military expansion. russia is adding or upgrading some 12 naval bases across the arctic circle, expanding its capability to send subs in numbers through the crucial greenland-iceland gap in the atlantic. moscow has newly stationed six submarines in the black sea, giving russia new capability into the mediterranean. the u.s. believes the new activity is designed to deny nato, including the u.s., the ability to operate within russia's so-called near abroad. >> what we see in these
1:40 pm
operations, one, it's focused on protecting the maritime flanks of russia but also denying nato the ability to operate within the maritime flanks as well. i'm speaking of the baltic sea, the black sea and areas in the far north atlantic around norway. >> increasingly alarmed by russia's new sub deployments, the u.s. and its allies are launching new training exercises and deploying new systems, including the p-8 poseiden. >> these are buoys dropped in to track submarines. they can be equipped with torpedos to destroy the submarines. >> a russian fighter jet's fly-by of the uss donald cook coming within 30 feet laterally and 100 feet vertically is
1:41 pm
behavior u.s. naval commanders have not witnessed since the cold war. >> we had issued radio calls in both dplienglish and russian. the aircraft didn't respond and proceeded on a course directly at the ship. while we've seen these interactions before, this one was different because of the proximity to the ship, the altitude and the flight path that it took. >> the former nato supreme allied commander for europe told me that with this expansion of russian capability, it is impossible for the u.s. to have 100% vision on all those russian military subs, alarming to many u.s. officials. north korea's tough talk followed by a belly flop. the attempt to fire an intermediate range missile failed. this has to be disappointing if not embarrassing for kim jong-un, especially due to the timing. the celebratory missile launch was supposed to happen on one of the most significant holidays for north korea. let's go to will ripley, who's live in pyongyang, north korea,
1:42 pm
which he visits very frequently. will, has north korea made any sort of official acknowledgem - announcement acknowledging this failed missile launch? >> reporter: they have not. more than 24 hours after this attempt happened, there has been no announcement on state media, no government acknowledgement this even happened, even though there was speculation and intelligence on the united states side for days that north korea was preparing for this, they were rolling this mobile missile launcher into position. we were invited into the country at the last minute, perhaps to cover the day of the sun celebrations, the birthday of north korea's founder, but also perhaps to be here in the event of a triumphant moment on a major public holiday. often the north korean regime we've seen in the past, they time these major show of forces on public holidays or major events. for example, in january, just a couple of days before kim jong-un's birthday there was
1:43 pm
that reported h-bomb test. one month later he ordered a satellite launch into space on a long-range rocket. he is just a matter of weeks away from the first workers party congress since 1980 where he's expected to gain perhaps even more power and reshuffle the party so she's trying to project strength not only to his own country but to the outside world. something like this happening on a major holiday, a big disappointment for the regime. >> in the past some members of kim jong-un and very close to the leader paid a price for failures or perceived failures. is there precedent with failed launches like this that someone is kicked out or even worse? >> reporter: well, certainly the most famous example of that would be kim jong-un's own uncle who was executed back in 2013. disloyalty is certainly something that has punished and the north korean regime has acknowledged that. there were rumors of dozens of
1:44 pm
purges of kim jong-un's inner circle. when it comes to the scientists who are developing this military technology and other technology in the country, there are significant rewards for people who are -- who excel in the scientific field. there's an entire housing complex just behind me hidden by the buildings but brand new high rises built for scientists. they have their own vacation resorts here in the country. there are a lot of incentives for them to succeed. even if a particular mission or launch may have failed, of course part of the north korean mentality in this culture is you pick yourself up and keep marching forward and learn from your mistakes. so perhaps the people working on this project were not successful this time around, but they will certainly be tasked to try to learn from what happened and attempt this mobile missile launch again. they believe it was a midrange missile that blew up in midair. don't be surprised in the coming months to see this happen all over again. back in 2012 in april, there was a spectacular failure shortly after kim jong-un took power
1:45 pm
when he tried to launch a satellite into space in april of 2012. it blew up in midair but eight months later they had another launch, a successful launch and put an earth observation satellite into a tumbling orbit and did it again this year. so north korea, despite heightened sanctions and international pressure continues pushing forward very aggressively expanding its weapons program. >> a lot of pressure to get it right the next time. will ripley action thanks very much. apple is admitting it has made millions of dollars off out of date phones. what's inside those phones that's so valuable. plus a new warning for one of the most prescribed medications in the world. could something you take every day cause kidney failure? look at 'em!
1:46 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." now for our national lead, how much would you pay to protect paradise? if you think puerto rico fits the bill, the cost would be around $70 billion. that is the amount of debt the american territory owes after decades of recession and mismanagement. it is on the brink of financial collapse now. so will washington step in to avoid disaster and allow puerto rico to restructure that debt? house speaker paul ryan held closed door meetings on a proposed bill today before reassuring taxpayers that the plan will not include a bailout. now, congress was set to vote on exactly how to help puerto rico earlier this week but lawmakers stalled saying they needed more time. for our segment, jake tapper sat down with puerto rico's governor in washington to discuss exactly what's at stake. >> there will be more stability
1:51 pm
going forward? >> yes, of course, but we need the tools. congress is not offering a bailout for puerto rico. we are not asking a bailout. >> what are you asking for? >> restructuring tools. as you have here. a way to bring creditors to the table and restructure the debt. any action from congress when it's dealing with an economy's recovery. >> how have the people of puerto rico been affected by this economic crisis? >> for example, last week almost ,000 kids weren't able to get to school because we haven't been able to pay the drivers. we haven't been able to empty septic tanks in public school and we are having an overflow. >> the old world atlas which you probably don't own could become even more of a relic. the czech republic wants to make some aesthetics changes to their
1:52 pm
name going from the czech republic to just czechia. they signed off on the name last night. now the cabinet must approve czechia before it can be submitted to the united nations. some critics might say it sounds a little too similar to chechnya. however, it is fairly common for countries to be known by shorter names. so the czechs have the right too. our money lead today, in case you were worried apple wasn't making enough money, they came up with a way to make a ton of gold, literally. in its annual environmental report, apple says it recovered more than 2,000 pounds of gold recycled from iphone s and ipad last year. they collected steel, plastic and glass, slightly less valuable. apple reuses many of those materials and extracts from those gadgets to put into new
1:53 pm
iphones. medications like prilosec, nexium and prevacid are all familiar and could prevent heartburn but they could be tied to a very serious and sometimes deadly disease. that's right after this. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in 3 ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. vo: victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine
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you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans.
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welcome back. in more national news, they were the murders that sent a wave of panic through 1960s california. today, more than four decades later, a former homecoming queen who fell under charles manson's spell may get out. leslie van houten one of manson's youngest family members who brutally murdered the labianco couple is one step closer to being free. the parole board recommending she being released. she is described as a model prisoner and plans to review the decision in the coming months. she's now 66 years old. if you were planning to celebrate the weekend with a pizza loaded with jalapenos and a cold one, you may want to change your plans. a common medicine to stave off heartburn may do much more harm
1:58 pm
than good. a new study says taking these common drugs like prilosec and prevacid could put you at risk for a serious kidney disease. the worst case scenario includes kidney failure. i want to bring in elizabeth cohen. this new warning has to hit close to home with millions of americans, it's prescribed so commonly. so why the change now? >> so, jim, let's take a look at this because it might not be as scary as it sounds. let's just jump right into the numbers. in this study done by folks at the veterans administration, what they found was that 15% of the folks who were taking prilosec, or those kinds of drugs that were called protein pump inhibitors, they ended up getting chronic kidney disease. when you look at another type of drug, the type of drug that zantac would belong to, that was only 11%. so it's 15% versus 11%. that is a significant difference, it is not a gigantic difference. it's important to remember in the study these were men who
1:59 pm
were getting it by prescription. those are higher doses than what a lot of people take when just go to their neighborhood drugstore, plus they were sick enough to need a prescription and also tended to be older. so you see that 15%, which is 11% difference. so the question becomes what should i do? the first thing you want to do is not go off of them cold turkey. that can make the problem worse. you want to talk to your doctor. ask if you can take a zantac type of drug. many people, it's not going to work, but for some people it might work and they do seem to be possibly lower risk. you can also talk to your doctor about getting kidney function checked. it's relatively easier to do and might put your mind at ease. jim. >> important because so many of our viewers are taking that right now. elizabeth cohen, great to have you on in new york. that is it for "the lead." today. i am jim sciutto in today for jake tapper. i turnpike y you over now to th
2:00 pm
capable hands of wolf blitzer. he's, as always, in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. dishonest and disloyal. former apprentice contestants tell donald trump, you're fired, accusing him of racism, violence and hate. trump accuses them of disloyalty saying, quote, nobody would know who they are if it weren't for me. fallout, the democratic debate starts as a knife fight and goes nuclear. did either hillary clinton or bernie sanders score a victory? will their bitter feud now cast a shadow over the convention? dangerous quake. a magnitude 7 earthquake rocks japan in the middle of the night 30 times more powerful than a tremor which hit just hours earlier. what kind of damage will daylight reveal? and birthday blast. kim jong-un celebrates his grandfather's birthday with a parade, fireworks and a failed missile launch. we're the only tv live inside