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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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continues to perform across the country, added mom to her repertoire. >> there's a myth that you have to undergo angst and tragedy to become a better artist. what about all of the positive, wonderful moments in our lives. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. welcome to the cnn newsroom. i am pamela brown in for poppy harlow. coming to you live from new york at the site of next week's presidential primary, one that comes at a critical juncture in this campaign to say the least. while all of the candidates certainly have new york on their minds, much of the action today is out of state, on the republican side, ted cruz is looking for 14 state delegates at the gop convention in wyoming. as soon as we get the results, we'll bring them to you. and of course this comes as donald trump doubles down on accusations that the rnc has
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rigged the delegate system against him. as for the democrats, hillary clinton is in los angeles where she will attend a fund-raiser, hosted by the actor, george clooney. some tickets went for six figures. bernie sanders keeping up a hectic schedule has an event in brooklyn tonight, hours after meeting with pope francis at the vatican. i want to begin out west where we are awaiting results for the republican delegates in wyoming. a contest that had ted cruz and donald trump launching attacks at one another today. >> after he talked about new york values, talked about it in such a disgusting way, who in new york would vote for this guy? and who in new york would vote for the other guy who is in favor of nafta. again, i'm sorry, folks. you only got trump. that's all you have. you have to have it, okay? >> now it is easy to talk about making america great again, you
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can even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place. >> cnn's ana cabrera is in casper, wyoming. we were supposed to hear wyoming results by now, it is taking longer than expected. what's going on? >> reporter: as you can imagine, they're being extra careful because of scrutiny the election process received this cycle. we know here there are more than 500 people that cast ballots. ballots in wyoming are hand counted. results are tallied and then double and triple checked. dotting is, crossing ts. they want to be sure when they read the results they're 100% accurate. all that said, the expectation is ted cruz walks away a big victor today. he comes into this leading already in the state delegate count. some of the delegates were selected at county conventions
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that happened last month. 12 delegates were elected there. he won 9 of those. marco rubio picked up one, he was in the game then. one was unpledged. wyoming is one of the states that could send unpledged delegates to the rnc. again, the election results expected any minute. we will be bringing those to you as soon as we hear anything, pam. >> all right, ana cabrera, thank you very much. joining me, the co-chair for donald trump's new york campaign and steve lan began, state director for the cruz campaign. joe, start with you. ted cruz is in wyoming. why isn't donald trump out there fighting for the delegates. instead, he is in new york campaigning when he's far ahead in the polls. >> i think ted cruz was always favored to win wyoming, and that's fine for him. if we are talking about a big win in ted cruz in wyoming where there's 14 delegates i believe in that state, what's going to happen tuesday when donald trump
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wins the lion's share of 95 delegates at stake in new york and parlays that into a huge win in the northeastern primaries that are on the ballot, going to ballot the following week. >> donald trump penned an op-ed, accusing the rnc of rigging the delegate system. and here's what he said. he also took aim at ted cruz, saying the great irony of this campaign is that the washington cartel that mr. cruz rails against is the very group he is relying upon in his voter nullification scheme. >> guy that pointed the premier washington insider lobbiest, paul manafort to take over the campaign if it collapsed into turmoil. donald trump is coming out of two weeks of losing. ted cruz got 69% of the vote. 18 of 19 delegates in north dakota. swept colorado, won in wisconsin, going to sweep
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wyoming. going to come into new york state, donald trump has to live up to his standard. he said he would sweep new york. hope donald trump, i don't know, let's see if donald trump breaks 50% in new york tuesday. that can be tough. if donald trump doesn't break 50%, he needs to drop out. he has been losing two and a half weeks now. >> that's crazy, absurd. donald trump is according to the recent polls winning 11 out of 27 districts at over 50%. i don't think there are any promises that guarantee he sweeps new york, if anything, you see john kasich and not ted cruz coming in second in some districts. ted cruz is a nonstarter for people in new york. not just for the new york values comment. beyond that, it is that hurricane sandy funding. >> given the fact he is 40 points behind, third place, given all he talked about with new york values, realistically, how do you think he will do tuesday? >> everybody expects donald trump to win new york. women he break that 50% number. that's a big issue.
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he said he would sweep the state. if ted cruz comes in second or third, that's what we expect. that's fine. i want to point out something. i was at brooklyn navy yards with cnn last thursday for a bold debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. it is a great opportunity for the democratic voters to see what the candidate stood for. i don't agree with the issues, but democrats had opportunity and nationwide to see what the candidates stood for. donald trump will not debate ted cruz. he is denying republican voters opportunity to see what he stands for as a candidate, he can't debate the issues that ted cruz is good on. donald trump is scared to go on the debate floor with ted cruz. there's another thing. monday is a day we file tax appeals. as of now, donald trump is the only candidate in the race refuse to go release tax returns. why is that? what is donald trump hiding. why won't he debate ted cruz. >> hillary clinton, you pointed out she's out in california
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instead of here for the new york primary. >> raising a ton of money, by the way. >> talked about donald trump, took aim at him. if he is the nominee, do you think he can beat her? you heard reince priebus say he thinks that bernie sanders would be a better opponent. >> perhaps. first i want to address the fact that donald trump isn't scared to debate ted cruz. they had many debates, including on this network. donald trump, his message is appealing to the majority of people in the state because he is talking trade deals. upstate new york was decimated and potentially irrevokably damaged by trade deals. when you have a candidate coming into the southern tier of the state, speaking about issues, number one, trade deals. number two, like the second amendment, these issues play well up state, it is not a surprise donald trump -- >> and shawn spicer responded to
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trump's criticism about the rigged delegate system. here is what he said. >> shouldn't a candidate who arrives in cleveland with the most wins, the most votes, the most delegates leave as your nominee? >> i think traditionally that's the case. again, that's like shouldn't the person that gets five out of six numbers win powerball? no. the answer is the rules say you need majority. you need 1237 delegates to win our nomination. majority wins, not plurality. this isn't horseshoes, mike. >> i mean, look, donald trump is making a fuss about the system now, he didn't early on, presumably he knew the rules. does he have a point? >> shawn is an intelligent guy, even he has to see polls that indicate that 52% of republicans and 57% of new york republicans believe whether it is ted cruz or donald trump, whoever goes to the convention with the most delegates ought to be the party's nominee. people have expectation their vote matters.
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>> donald trump has gotten 37% of the republican vote to date. that means 63% voted against donald trump. i have never seen any scenario where someone gets one-third of the vote and wins. this campaign is gathering delegates, working hard to convince delegates he is the best candidate, ted cruz is the best candidate. that's what the convention is about. this isn't a populous voting system, this is delegates and being at the convention, see how the candidates stand up in the obstacle course that makes it difficult to become the nominee. we want it to be difficult. what trump supporters should look at is hey, look how far ted cruz is working to win delegates. this is what we need to beat hillary clinton. if donald trump can't outsmart ted cruz in the republican primary and win the delegates, how is he going to beat hillary clinton and her billion in spending. >> and doesn't have the ground game, how is he going to prevent contested convention. >> if wyoming is a big win for ted cruz, focus now on new york. right now he has majority of the
2:10 pm
republican county chair men here backing him. to say there's no ground game or the ground game is flawed, i concede in some states the campaign could have done a better job, but going forward, you'll see a huge momentum shift the next ten days. >> thank you very much. this tuesday, it is a battle for new york as we were talking about. the stakes could not be higher. could all come down to this. new york primaries, all day coverage tuesday on cnn. coming up, the democratic race heated ahead of the new york primary. why is hillary clinton in california? details of her star studded fund-raiser at george clooney's house. bernie sanders back in brooklyn after jetting in from the vatican. his impromptu meeting with the pope. have you ever wondered what donald trump is like as a young boy? we track down his former classmates in queens, new york. why they say he was a bit of a troublemaker. ♪
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democratic candidates in new york, a whopping 247 delegates up for grabs in the primary next tuesday. the latest "the wall street journal" marist poll has sanders trailing clinton by 17 points. tonight he will host a round table discussion in brooklyn presumably on very little sleep after a 36 hour trip to the vatican where he met with the pope. for her part, hillary clinton is in california fund-raising with an event at george clooney's house. joining me, democratic strategist and sanders
2:15 pm
supporter, and maria cardona whose firm works for a pro-hillary clinton super pac, she's one of the all important superdelegates. maria, there's been criticism that hillary clinton is not only not in new york this weekend ahead of the primary, she's attending a fancy, high profile fund-raiser where some people have to pay six digits to get a ticket. what do you say to that? >> let's look at what the money is for. let's be very clear, that money is not going into her coffers. >> some is going to the clinton campaign. >> as a candidate, she can only accept $2700 from individuals. so the rest of that money is going to raise money for the democratic national committee as well as 32 state party committees who are dedicated to ensuring that democrats get elected to the house, to the senate, to state legislatures,
2:16 pm
and frankly if i were bernie sanders and thinking that i'm going to get elected president, i would be more concerned and committed and dedicated to getting democrats elected because there are no other socialists running. getting democrats elected if i want my political revolution to not be dead in the water when i get to the white house. >> hold that thought. one of the people hosting this fundraiser was george clooney. he spoke to "meet the press." listen to what he said, get your reaction on the other end. >> let me start with dinner you co-hosted friday night, big fund-raiser planned for later tonight. do you look at how much is being raised? i think the $353,000 a couple to be a co-chair, do you look at yourself and think that's an obscene amount of money? >> yes, i think it is an obscene amount of money.
2:17 pm
i think that we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in san francisco. and they're right to protest. they're absolutely right. it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign when they talk about it is right. it is ridiculous we should have this kind of money in politics. i agree with that. >> maria, does that contradict what you said before? >> no, absolutely not. i completely agreeith him. i think most americans agree with him. certainly most democrats do. hillary clinton agrees with him. it is an obscene amount of money. but guess what, those are the rules that are in place. so let's do something about it. let's get democrats elected, let's make sure that we are able to put in a supreme court justice that is able to overturn citizens united, let's get money out of politics, and let's focus on making sure we underscore democratic values and are out there being able to fight for middle class families and working class families, which is exactly what hillary clinton is
2:18 pm
doing, and by the way, it's working since she's winning at the moment. >> so i am going to bring you in. maria says this is the way it is, this is basically what you have to do in politics. bernie sanders has taken a different tact, but do you think in some ways he is at a disadvantage not taking the path hillary clinton is with big fund-raisers? >> not at all. he has been able to raise record amounts of money. he changed the way presidential politics has been run the past 30 years. he made it the people's party again. the democratic party used to be the people's party. somewhere in the early '80s to have a race with the republicans, we started raising money and selecting candidates with name id and best ability to fund raise, build an ecosystem where people are invested in the fund-raising and candidates and not as much ideas. bernie sanders is saying we don't need to do that. we have the internet, power of the people. we are going to collect
2:19 pm
donations of $27. he is doing that with congressional candidates, too. he send out fund raising for lucy flores in nevada, and they're raising record numbers of contributions at this point. there's a way of doing this outside of the typical way, and it is more honest. if you're not going to take money from super pacs, not taking money from lobbyists which the dnc changed rules to reflect hillary clinton's needs and broemd won't take that money, if you take that tainted money, there's going to be expectation for that, even barack obama wrote about that in his own book. >> i want you both to react to something hillary clinton said on the trail about bernie sanders' supporters. take a listen. >> few things i haven't enjoyed about the primary. i think it is fine that all the youngsters have been so enthusiastic for her opponent.
2:20 pm
>> you can criticize bill clinton for poor choice of words, without offering substantive solution. >> it is easy to look up tax and financial policies. 360 economists endorsed his plans. they're on his website. he talks about them ad nauseum. even "new york daily news" interview which the clintons like to use as in condemnation of the bernie sanders campaign, he even went in detail there. so much so that "the new york times" fact checked it and said "the new york times" editorial board was wrong, they don't understand the policy and should retract it. this is something that the message machine out of the clintons have been trying to paint him as an idealist, the reality is he understands it, he sat on the board of countless institutions. he is the only congressional member to have introduced financial reform bill, which was
2:21 pm
last year, in the senate, and that's something that democrats want. what's going on, the democratic party lost its way. we have become more about keeping up with the republicans. by the way, we are not winning. we are not winning congress, not winning at the state level, and not winning the senate. >> let me talk. kind of on the heels of what she's saying, reince priebus came out and said that hillary clinton would be easier to beat, he wants a gop candidate to face hillary clinton instead of bernie sanders. what is your response to that? >> of course he said that. it is so painfully obvious. it is like when i say i think donald trump is going to win and that he would be easy to beat because i think democrats want to run against him more than anybody else. why? because we think he would be easier to beat. the republicans are salivating
2:22 pm
to run against bernie sanders because they're afraid of hillary clinton and they believe that he will be easy to beat, period. how many negative ads have the republicans run. >> against bernie sanders. here's the difference. >> response. she has 20 years of negative republican ads and still beating him. >> wolf blitzer said during the democratic debate, if you talk over each other, we can't hear what you're saying. i hate to be the bearer of bad news. we have to move on. the good news, i am sure we will have you back on and continue this discussion. thank you so much. programming note, bernie sanders will be on cnn tomorrow on state of the union. look for that at 9:00 a.m. eastern. coming up this saturday. a tragic story out of florida.
2:23 pm
a zookeeper attacked and killed by a rare kind of tiger. the investigation now under way into why the big cat attacked.
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a floorz zookeeper in the final days of her job was killed by a tiger she knew well. it happened friday out of public view at the palm beach zoo which will be closed through the weekend. boris sanchez is covering this tragic story. >> reporter: what happens is truly sad. we heard from a zoo official that said the keeper knew she was putting her life at risk but was doing it to save the endangered animals. don't have a clear indication of what happened in the enclosure before the zookeeper was attacked. regardless, what happened here is truly heart breaking. tragedy at the palm beach florida, zoo, after a rare tiger kills its lead handler. officials say the attack happened in a contained area called the night house where
2:28 pm
they're fed and sleep. stacey konwiser was preparing for tiger talk when something that went wrong. >> this tiger was very familiar with her and she was familiar with the tiger. >> no visitors were threatened but the zoo was evacuated. getting to the victim wasn't easy. west palm beach police say the animal was tranquilized and they had to wait for the drugs to take effect before getting her and taking her to the hospital. officials at the zoo where her husband also works as a trainer said konwiser had a lot of experience handling the tigers, didn't do anything unusual as she worked in the enclosure. >> the love they have for the animals, you don't get into this business without love for these animals and understanding the danger that's involved even more. >> officials haven't identified which of the four endangered tigers attacked konwiser, but
2:29 pm
say it is a 13-year-old male. >> that's a powerful animal. if they get a hold of you, there's nothing you can do to let them go, i don't care how strong or big you are. >> attacks by zoo animals in the u.s. are relatively rare. in 2007, a siberian tiger escaped her open air enclosure at the san francisco zoo and attacked three people. one, a 17-year-old boy, was killed, the tiger shot dead by police after the mauling. in 2003, the entertainers significant freed and roy were performing with their white tiger. halfway through the show, it lunged and bit roy on the neck, dragging him around in front of a horrified audience. we have an update on the condition of the tiger that mauled her. she says that tiger is recovering from having been
2:30 pm
tranquilized, wouldn't reveal what plans are for the tiger going forward, wouldn't say what protocols were, factors that guide the decision as to how to move forward. pamela? >> boris sanchez, thank you very much. coming up this saturday, the rnc chairman admits that he would like the eventual republican nominee to run against hillary clinton instead of bernie sanders. so what's behind that admission? we will discuss with our panel next. ke off. roger that! see ya! we are outta here! woo! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. that's what i'm talking about! and try new glucerna hunger smart with 15 grams of protein to help you feel full. glucerna. steady ahead. hey, we're opening up and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear?
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we are three days from crucial primaries in new york. today republicans are going across the nation. senator ted cruz is in wyoming where he hopes to sweep all 14 delegates today. frontrunner donald trump and john kasich have been hitting the trail in new york. >> i am leading with the delegates by a lot, but what's going on with delegates and what's going on with our party,
2:34 pm
we have to give the vote back to the people, folks. it is no good. it is all rigged. it is a rigged deal. >> no, i don't think it is rigged. >> governor -- >> what was that show we had on tv, was that rigged? if somebody didn't get picked, did they jump up and say this is rigged? i don't think so. >> governor, if you get to the convention in cleveland and you only one ohio. >> there's no if, there will be when. listen, at the end of the day i think the republican party wants to pick somebody who actually can win in the fall. can i finish? i am answering the question the way i want to answer it. you want to answer it? let me ask you, what do you think? >> i think you should answer the question. >> i am going to bring in our cnn political kmen at a timers charles blow and tara satmeyer. charles, first to you. we keep hearing charge of rigged
2:35 pm
system from donald trump and to some degree on the other side, you hear bernie sanders say the democratic process is stacked against him. do you think bottom line the nominating process is fair? do you think it is what most americans think it would be, not exactly. these are political organizations. they have the right to decide how they choose their own nominees. these are not voting apparatuses that are protected by the constitution. this is how they choose to choose the nominee. >> checks and balances. >> but it is a private organization basically. it is not like you can say this is part of the government. they're not actually. >> some might say that's the problem. >> it is a problem.
2:36 pm
i believe that the caucus system is really undemocratic. i believe the superdelegate system is really undemocratic, particularly the fact that they're allowed to profess who they support before votes are cast, puts a thumb on the scale, let people know what the establishment wants. all of that becomes undemocratic to me. but i understand that this is the system that they have. >> tara, with that in mind. >> i agree. i don't know what they're doing there. >> rhetoric about the system being rigged is like playing with fire. why is that? >> because these are, yes, political parties are not in the constitution, but the constitution did put checks and balances in when selecting the president of the united states for a reason. they wanted to make sure that the best interest of the country, even smaller states, were represented, that it wasn't just majority rule in everything. so you have direct primaries on
2:37 pm
state and local level, and electoral college on the national level. there was thought put into that. as much as they didn't necessarily want political parties, it was human nature for cold factions to develop because of difference in moral view. these are institutions in place since the founding of this country. the caucus system started with town hall meetings and town meetings in new england, colonial new england, evolved into the caucus system we see today from the 1820s. we start criticizing the system that has been in place, the institutions in place for hundreds of years now. it starts to really start to question the whole foundation of our country and what we are doing. that leads to anarchy. you have this many people looking at institutions that worked for the most part, in the great experiment that's the united states. now we are going after those very foundations. that can lead to something dangerous. i think what donald trump is
2:38 pm
doing is going after the foundation of this country, all the way down to criticizing delegates who are citizens. a lot of delegates are citizen people, activists that are stakeholders in their democracy, in their parties. and he is criticizing their integrity. i think that's unfair. are there problems? yes. the state governments allow the parties to do the nominating process under article two. it is quite democratic if you pay attention and learn the system. >> for now, the process is the process. look past the primaries to general election. reince priebus says whoever the gop nominee is, he would rather them run against hillary clinton than bernie sanders. charles, why is that? do you think he really means that? >> forgive me if i take anything that reince priebus says about the -- mount everest size --
2:39 pm
there's nothing -- there's calculations around about what the other party should do, who you would like to see, all of that. i have to put that and say maybe he is telling the truth and maybe, just maybe he's being strategic. >> tara, would you rather the eventual gop candidate run against bernie sanders or hillary clinton? >> depends who the nominee is. i know why they said hillary clinton, she's an awful candidate, flawed, high unfavorables, bernie sanders is an inspirational candidate. they see that. it is tough when you run against someone who has a certain message that makes people feel a certain way. people are inspired by you. they'll probably vote for you, even though bernie sanders is a socialist, once in a general election we have the opportunity to expose how outrage usually crazy most of his ideas are would beat either of them, i think they'd rather do hillary because her record is so awful.
2:40 pm
>> charles, tara, thank you very much for that. coming up on this saturday, pope francis visits the frontlines of europe's migrant crisis. his emotional meeting with a young girl who collapsed at his feet and remarkable decision he made before leaving that camp. you don't want to miss this. be right back.
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tell your doctor if you get a lump or swelling in your neck. serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza®, including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. the pope finished an emotional trip to greece, he
2:44 pm
visited and met with hundreds of refugees. at one moment, a young girl was seen falling to her knees, appearing to pray at the pope's feet. we see here in this emotional video, the pope telling refugees he met with, quote, you are not alone. ben wedeman is in rome where the pope arrived a few hours ago. he had extra passengers with him. is that right? >> reporter: that's right. he announced while he was there he was bringing back 12 syrian refugees. there are three families, two from damascus, one from northern syria, including six children. they were chosen by lottery friday evening. although the announcement was made today, obviously they had to coordinate, the vatican had to coordinate with greece and italy to bring the families back, so there was paperwork that had to be done, but it is a
2:45 pm
hugely symbolic move done by pope francis, at a time when many european countries are starting to slam the door shut to my grants and refugees from syria, iraq, from elsewhere in the world. and of course his act of suddenly coming home with 12 refugees is a message to europe that there's still room for people who are escaping wars and desperation in places like iraq, syria, and afghanistan. >> certainly a powerful message. bernie sanders gave a speech at the vatican yesterday and had a short meeting with the pope we understand. has the pope talked about that meeting? >> reporter: yes. this was a meeting we only heard about this evening, rather this morning. rome time when i spoke to bernie sanders, who announced he had in the very early hours of the morning met pope francis in the residence within the vatican
2:46 pm
where pope francis lives and where bernie sanders, his wife and some of his staff had slept. now, when speaking to staff of the sanders campaign, it seemed that it was pope francis who took the initiative to meet with bernie sanders, which was essentially basically in a hallway. however, the pope when returning from greece, he had a slightly different take on the event. basically saying it was the meeting of two strangers in a hallway. >> it was manners. it is called manners, not getting involved in politics. if anyone thinks a greeting is getting involved in politics, then i recommend they look for a psychiatrist. >> reporter: nonetheless, it is well known in rome and certainly the vatican that when it comes to things like climate change
2:47 pm
and economic justice that the pope and bernie sanders do seem to see eye to eye. pamela. >> ben wedeman, thank you very much. appreciate you staying up late in rome, italy. meantime, bernie sanders tweeted moments ago about the pope's actions writing pope francis's acts of love should inspire us as americans and we should heed his call to welcome refugees with open arms. coming up, tracing donald trump's roots to the heart of queens. >> first of all, it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. >> how do people in his old neighborhood remember him? we went to find out. first, it is this week's cnn hero. a georgia woman fight to go help refugees coming to the u.s. from war torn countries, teaching them life-saving goals and it all begins with a game of soccer. >> there are so many things
2:48 pm
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breaking news. wyoming has just selected its delegates for the gop election, let's go to ana cabrera in wyoming. ana? >> reporter: pam, the cruz camp is celebrating here. they just did a clean sweep of all of these delegates, the 14 that were elected here at the gop state convention. now, that essential met expectations by all of the campaigns. we heard from the kasich campaign, that they weren't expecting to pick up any delegates, the trump campaign also didn't commit any resources to the state because they really didn't expect this to be a win in their column. the cruz campaign campaigned hard here. they had a grassroots organization that they began to establish as far back as the fall. they really did expect to come out with the majority, if not
2:53 pm
all, and of course they did come out with all of the delegates, 14 who were elected here today. they also had 9 delegates from wyoming that had been elected last month at the county convention. so, again, ted cruz picking up an additional 14 delegates to add to his column today. pam? >> and you said that it's expected ted cruz would win. but was there any indication from people you spoke to that the fact donald trump was not there in wyoming had an impact? >> reporter: well, some people said he wasn't here, you know. if you want to win, you have to show up. but ted cruz's campaign really did the ground work here and trump didn't show up today to give his last-minute pitch, although ted cruz did. but trump really felt that wouldn't have made a difference because they would have been too late to the party, so to speak. now, trump did say today when he was campaigning in new york that they didn't want to waste resources in wyoming, in part
2:54 pm
because of the delegate election process in this state. remember, this is not a state that has an open primary or the nash national caucuses can vote, any old joe off the street can come in and cast a ballot. instead, the delegates are elected at the convention. that seems to have benefitted the cruz campaign throughout the election cycle because they did their homework and were able to strategize how to best break through that system. this is a system that has been in place here in wyoming, for example, for the past three, four decades. so it's not a new system but certainly we talked to trump supporters, pam, who said if it had been a primary process instead we may have steen a different result. >> what do the cruz supporters say? do they agree with that? >> reporter: well, cruz supporters say that this is kind of ted cruz country, that his conservative image really speaks to their values. and when he campaigned here today, giving his last-minute pitch before the convention, he spoke about gun rights. he talked about freedom. he talked about energy.
2:55 pm
this is a very coal mining, industrial town. he talked about bring those coalmining jobs back to the u.s., back to wyoming, and reining in the epa. so a lot of what he is saying is resonating with the voters and the grassroots supporters of wyoming. >> ana cabrera, thank you for bringing the latest. tonight's number and how it's bringing joy to a familiar face right here on cnn.
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welcome back, everybody. finally to tonight's number that's near and dear to our hearts, 8 1/2 pounds. you know what i'm talking about? that's the weight of my good friend and cnn anchor poppy harlow's beautiful baby girl, sienna. take a look at these pictures. she looks anchor ready, amazingly, after giving birth. you would normally see poppy at this hour, but last sunday poppy and her husband welcomed their little baby girl sienna. and get this, if you know poppy, you won't be surprised that sienna arrived promptly on her due date, worth noting, only about 1 in 20 babies are born on their actual due dates. so a big congratulations to the whole family. amazing. such a beautiful family there. coming up next on cnn, it's
3:00 pm
"smerconish" and 6:00 follow ee special encore presentations of the cnn town halls, the kasichs at 77:00, the trumps at 8:00, the cruzes at 9:00. i'll be back next weekend filling in for poppy. see you then. ♪ i'm michael smerconish. a really big story has just broken. the saudis are threatening to dump billions in u.s. investments if we allow american courts to hold them responsible for 9/11. is the saudi action driven by


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