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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and we refuse to waste the greatest tv week this proud nation has ever known! but time is scarce my friends, so fetch your fancy voice remotes and join me! three, two, one... watchathon! big is back. xfinity watchathon week now until april 24. the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. good evening, thanks for joining us. start counting the hours until a key primary for both parties. new yorkers vote tomorrow and how they vote could shape both parties. bernie sanders is trying to pull off a surprise against hillary clinton. donald trump looking to pile up votes and take all the delegates at stake tomorrow and stumping
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in buffalo. and lashing out against the party the way delegates are chosen and says are being reported. he says it's not something he's going to do. >> i could have done really well because i'm good at dealing with the bosses. you have had it and you say, forget it. you can take them out to hotels, the delegates. you can take them on planes. you can do whatever you want to do. you know what? i said, no way. we're going to get there. we don't need it. we're going to get there. it's a rigged -- and it's a corrupt system. but we're going to get there. i believe we're going to do it much more easily than people think. and we're going to do it on the first ballot. we're going to get to that big 1237. >> that is donald trump tonight for buffalo. ted cruz not even in new york. >> phil mattingly kicks off this hour with the latest on the republican side. the final push, why is cruz in maryland today? >> delegates, and the recognition inside the campaign based on their numbers that there aren't a lot on the table for ted cruz in this state. now maryland isn't exactly a state that plays well to ted cruz brand of conservatism. donald trump leading in early polls there. john kasich coming in second.
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in most polling. but not unlike new york, their allocation system gives ted cruz opportunities to pick off delegates. 38 delegates total in the state. they go by congressional district and that's what ted cruz is targeting. not expecting a win in the state, but it's about peeling off delegates. every delegate ted cruz can take in a state is one less delegate donald trump has to add to the magic 1238 number. >> the kasich campaign in the latest polling, what are they doing in the final hours? >> they have a similar operation here as ted cruz is shooting for down in maryland. targeting very specific congressional districts. there are no ideas inside either the cruz o or kasich campaign that donald trump isn't going to win. they are expecting to win and win big. it's about polling. the kasich campaign identified a series of congressional districts. if their operation can keep donald trump below 50% in those districts, john kasich can pull
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off one or two delegates. trailing by a large margin in the total delegates. aren't, the goal -- anderson, the goal is to try to gain momentum heading into the mid-atlantic and northeastern states. starting tomorrow, it's all about those next states. april 26th primary, john kasich starting to swing through pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut and rhode island. new york, for all intents and purposes, is in the past. >> phil mattingly, thanks. a big endorsement for republicans who think tomorrow could be the first day of the rest of his campaign. kasich won ohio and hopes to do well tomorrow. later this mon in pennsylvania and beyond. he scored the support of the nevada governor, brian sandoval. i spoke to the governor just before air time. >> you have endorsed a candidate who is trailing in the delegate count. he's third. are you counting on a contested convention? >> well, i think that's what everyone hopes for in terms of for john kasich. i have known him for years.
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i think he has been an incredible governor. he has turned the economy in ohio around. he's brought many jobs. he has great experience through his service in the congress and on the armed services committee. i think he's the ideal candidate to serve as president of the united states and frankly the only one that can beat hillary clinton. >> you said you ultimately support the party's nominee. if it's donald trump, would you support him? >> that's something i thought about and given the accumulation and combination of things i heard him say, that's something that i'm not firm on that anymore. i believe at this point in time that it's still a wide open race. certainly mr. trump has the largest amount of delegates, but if it gets to a convention and he hasn't achieved that threshold, anything can happen. >> what about senator cruz? would you support him? >> well, that's something that's interesting to have a conversation about. that's somebody who campaigned in nevada who said he didn't
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want my support and frankly called me toxic waste. so i don't think senator cruz would want my support and that's fine by me. >> so the question then is, as a republican if it's not kasich, what do you do? >> that's a great question. again, that's a hypothetical question right now at this point in time. i think john has a tremendous amount of momentum. he's starting to get more votes in each of these primaries and caucuses. there's a lot of places to go and states to go to in the northeast and the west coast. i think john is going to do extremely well there. >> donald trump over the weekend saying the system for winning delegates is corrupt and crooked. is there something wrong with how the delegate selection process works right now? >> i don't think so. i don't have any reason to agree with him. and this is a system that's worked throughout the years. the rules are being developed as
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we speak. and then we'll go into this convention. i think that all these candidates are on fair footing and we'll see what happens. >> part of the argument trump is making over the weekend is that if he wanted to, he could ply delegates with trips and still be within the rules. >> i'm just going to speak for john kasich and he has worked extremely hard. as america gets to know him, they are going to realize he has the right experience, he has the right background, he has the man of faith. he's a family man. he's got a plan. all those things that will make for service as a great president. >> governor, appreciate your time, thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. back this hour with the panel. john king, gloria borger, trump supporter, jeffrey lord.
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clearly governor does not want to go down the road of kasich doesn't get it, do you support trump. it sounds like he's not supporting trump and probably not cruz. >> not cruz, whom he pointed out called him toxic waste. so normally that would not endear you to somebody, right. >> although stranger things have happened in this race. >> clearly it's the process of elimination. he and kasich are old friends. the fact he said kasich has tremendous momentum, i didn't understand that. >> sandoval is not popular by conservatives in the party. he wasry reid, for goodness sakes. >> so he decided to endorse kasich because he was the last man standing. they won't go for the other guys. you have to read between the lines in a little bit in your interview. >> clearly the cruz campaign wants kasich out of the race. kasich shows no sign.
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>> cruz has been much less critical of kasich in the last week or so in new york than he was. >> why is that, do you think? >> because he needs john kasich. ted cruz just by nature of the demographics, that does not match up well with new york, pennsylvania, rhode island, connecticut, maryland. >> he needs kasich to whittle away. >> if you're going to stop trump, kasich needs to start performing. he won ohio and he did not get delegates in wisconsin. now he says he is going to get some delegates in new york. he better. because then maryland, pennsylvania, they are unbound. the pennsylvania numbers are about influencing the unbound delegates of the convention. kasich is the wild card to whether you can keep trump well short of 1237. if you want to keep him 100 short, kasich needs to perform in the northeast and midatlantic states where ted cruz isn't going to do that well. he can get a couple districts in maryland, it's donald trump country. kasich has not performed at all. >> can he raise money? how can he continue to raise
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money to stay in? if he doesn't perform well in these states. >> but indiana is the race where kasich may have a spoiler role if you're looking to deny trump 1237. >> kasich you might as well have him in these states. everyone realizes the next two weeks are going to be rough. but they are happy with the map going into the convention. because then you get states like indiana, washington, oregon that conduct their primaries via mail-in ballots. it benefits campaigns that are really well organized. then you have california, where the cruz team thinks they can do pretty well. while the next weeks will be rough, kasich might be able to take delegates from trump. then from the rest of the way, momentum should be on the cruz side. >> it's interesting how weeks ago we kept hearing how donald trump is making policy
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announcements or speeches. he said my -- in their town hall, he was doing well. we haven't seen that yet other than the speech that was a prewritten speech. a lot of what he's doing is still talking about process railing against what he says is a rigged system. rather than going into policy, which is one cynical way to look is that's the way he's tripped up in the past and by focusing on that. >> we saw little hints of it maybe four or five weeks ago. donald trump is trying to unify the party. he's starting to gain some momentum with wins in other states. maybe he's trying to bring elements of the party to begin to consolidate some of the party. some of the supporters in the electorate but also part of the party brass became resigned to
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the fact that donald trump is going to win the nomination. what we have seen is donald trump very counterproductive way begin attacking the folks that he could have been bringing together. attacking john kasich in a way that alienated voters. attacking cruz in a way that prevented him from bringing together the party. as you look at the delegate math, he's going to end up on the wrong side of the number that he needs at the end of this month. >> in terms of trump's ground game reaching out for delegates, is it too late for him to hire up? >> it's hard to retrofit a ground game. it's hard to build the relationships. to hire the people. this is a relationship business. you either know these folks or you don't. kasich should want the trump ground game to start getting delegates because his path is on the second ballot there's enough trump to block cruz. then kasich could be relevant. so he should actually hope that trump people start to get their ground game together. >> to mike's point, you can't purchase a ground game. you have to invest in it early and build it out as you go.
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so the idea that he can just hire up a bunch of staff and have a ground game is not possible. >> you know more than anybody about this. if trump is within 100 or 50 and let's say doesn't have the ground game and just goes into the convention. can he just convince enough people there he ought to e get it? won't the rnc say we want to avoid war? >> it's not up to the rnc, it's up to the delegates. there are enough unbound delegates for him to get over that. so then this is kind of like when you see lawyers that are in the news and they are litigating a case to the public as opposed to just the jury. on june 8th, the day after the california primary, we're going to know what situation we're in and see if donald trump is spending the next month publicly trying to get to the delegates. to do your duty -- >> but do you worry that donald trump has alienated some of those folks already saying it's a rigged system? he said those taking part in the system are somehow corrupt or rigged as well.
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>> i don't, anderson. i rely on human nature. when you get that close, my experience in politics is that people who see a winner want to be with a winner. frequently will help put that person over the line. frankly, that's what put president ford over the line in 1976. delegates thought he was going to win so some of the reagan delegates folded and went with ford. so one other thing i would say, anderson. i'm aware myself of a speech that's coming. i think it's on the judiciary. i know some of the people involved in crafting the speech and work on the speech with him. i know that these policy speeches are starting to come out. >> i have to take a quick break. more with the panel just ahead. breaking news, sanders inching closer to clinton. also breaking from houston, texas, a city reeling from a day of deadly flooding. dramatic rescues, storms unleashing more than 13 inches
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well, we have more breaking news tonight. the democratic race is tightening. clinton has 50% to sanders 48%. that is well within the margin of error on polls. just a month ago in the same poll, clinton led by points. she's still leading sanders by double digits in new york where the poll opened just hours from now. the battle is getting personal. both consider new york home. sanders was born and raised in brooklyn. clinton served as a senator in westchester county. the stakes are high. both candidates campaigning in overdrive. jeff zeleny has the latest. one final pitch in the fight for new york. >> please come out and vote tomorrow. i will work hard for you. thank you all very much. >> hillary clinton hoping to expand her lead and put out
10:19 pm
bernie sanders' momentum. >> they don't consider us fringe anymore. >> the new york primary in its 248 delegates is the biggest prize until june. the winner will shape the closing chapter of the race or ensure the contest goes on. >> i never count any chickens before they hatch. we're going to work hard. >> reporter: campaign hard she did. after losing 7 straight contests to sanders, clinton took a page from her two winning senate elections here. she danced, she preached. >> i feel blessed and grace is all around us in the sanctuary. >> reporter: she dispatched her husband to cover twice as much ground. on the eve of the primary, sanders took to the streets targeting with a picket line. after drawing another big crowd sunday on the familiar blocks of the brooklyn child ood. >> our parents would take us to prospect park, but i was never here speaking to 20,000 people. so thank you all very much for being here.
10:20 pm
>> but sanders needs more than big crowds. clinton leads by 229 pledged delegates. sanders is vowing to fight until the convention in july. an alarming prospect for party leaders eager to unify democrats. on cnn, sanders said the burden of bringing the party together is not his alone. >> it's a two-way street. the clinton people are going to have to listen to what these people are fighting for. >> reporter: many supporters we talked to in new york agree. >> i will vote for her, but not with the joy and that sense of courage bernie is bringing up that feeling of america. i wish hillary would say, you know, i think i have something to learn from bernie. >> supporters mocking her during a fundraising visit. showering her motorcade with wads of $1 bills. protester were standing near the clooney's home saying the fundraiser was $350,000 per
10:21 pm
couple. back in new york the rough and tumble primary playing out on a debate stage in brooklyn got physical on "saturday night live." >> yes, it is. >> so the sanders campaign, where do they think they need to do in new york? do they feel they need a victory in new york? >> they would certainly like a victory in new york. that would continue this momentum that he's had for the last seven or eight contests or so. they are more realistic than that. this is a closed primary. only democrats can vote here. they know it's still a bit of an uphill climb. they will go on regardless of what happens in new york. they say this will end in california and new jersey on june 7th. not here in new york. but realistically speaking if they do not have a good night tomorrow in new york, if it's a wide margin here, it's going to be hard to keep making the
10:22 pm
argument to go forward. the clinton campaign is saying sanders has a choice to make. will he continue to be destructive in attacking her and the party here. the next 24 hours is critical to the sanders campaign. that's not an overstatement. >> jeff zeleny, thank you. we have been talking about how crucial the primary is. john king is back with us breaking it down by the numbers. let's take a look at the battle for delegates in new york. >> there's math and momentum. hillary clinton has the math. even though bernie sanders has the momentum. 229 pledged delegates. that does not include the super delegates. new york matters because clinton is hoping she has the 229 lead. they split the delegates. when she picks up another 25 or so in that liead when she wins y ten points or so. then she's out here not only out here she won 7 of the last 8.
10:23 pm
plus she believes closed primary. no independents. from new york we go to pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, connecticut and rhode island and that's the rest of april. only rhode island allows independents to vote. all these other states on the map they have african-americans, latinos and it's only democrats. if sanders can't do it in new york, they can't do it here either. and then the math gets really interesting. >> what about the math going forward? >> project that out. if clinton gets that win there, assume she does that for the rest of april. this scenario, i gave bernie sanders rhode island. where independents can vote. you have white or blue collar workers there. but if clinton does well, just winning by 10 points in the rest of the states, she starts to stretch it out and gets close to the three quarter mark of the race. she has these super delegates that would get her closer to the finish line. the sanders campaign needs wins to make super delegates less of the equation. if bernie sanders can somehow have an upset in new york, somehow have an upset in pennsylvania, assume clinton wins delaware and maryland and maybe connecticut. but if bernie sanders can win
10:24 pm
two of the big states, he keeps the margin around 200 and hope the super delegates get a little queasy. at that point, they think the math becomes inevitable that bernie sanders would have to win. if this happens for the rest of april, bernie sanders would have to win these other primaries by 75 or 80%. that's simply unrealistic. new york is critical to both. >> if you can't make your way back, join the panel. bill press, maria cardona, van jones. gloria borger. let's start with you, bill. bernie sanders is criticizing the primary. also with us, the closed primary is bad new york state election law. but he did know the rules entering into this. none of this comes as a surprise. >> i would have to say it's not
10:25 pm
whining as loud as donald trump. he did know the rules. the fact is like it or not, as the two trump kids learned, if you want to reregister to be able to vote for your person, you've got to do it last october. they have done the best they can under the rules that exist. we talked earlier. this is a very tough day for them tomorrow because it is hillary country. >> there was also an article that came out yesterday saying that bernie sanders campaign is not a movement. what they were arguing is, saying he is a typical candidate that comes from the usual places young people, white liberals, ideological ay aical actors, doe with that? >> the difference with that is the millennial generation is so big. you had these baby boomers and
10:26 pm
then the millennials. they are massive. and the big problem we have right now is that it is hard to uncurdle milk, okay? if you sour a generation on the whole process, if the kids in new york, you can't even vote because they didn't think about it two years ago, if the super delegates seem like they are more pourl than me, you can sour a whole generation. that's a bigger danger. these candidates will be fine. >> i want to play something that bernie sanders said this morning. he was asked about his criticism of clinton when it comes to wall street. here's his response. >> what did you think about the question at the debate where he said can you point to one single vote, one single action that makes this allegation about her being too closely tied a reality? you didn't have one. >> first of all, one is the bankruptcy bill she ended up voting for, which was not a good piece of legislation. the question suggests that just
10:27 pm
because somebody gets campaign contributions do they automatically respond. as you well know, it's more complicated than that. i'm not suggesting that money immediately results in a vote or either way. >> the bottom line is he can't really point to them. he talks about bankruptcy there. >> even that is not quite correct because she voted for it for another reason because it helped single moms be able to help with their credit at the end of the day, and that's what she was voting for. when it came up again, she voted against it because that was taken out. >> bill, do you think he should have a better answer now? should he be able to point to something? they are giving her money for influence, where's the influence? >> i wanted to point out it was elizabeth warren who raised the bankruptcy bill in her book and pointed out that hillary as first lady was on one side. she got $140,000 from banks. i'm quoting elizabeth warren. then she voted against it. but i was surprised bernie
10:28 pm
didn't say what he's said in some of the debates. what he's getting at is the question. do you really think all these lobbyists and all these corporations are giving super pacs all this money. and not expecting anything for it. and i think that's a very serious question. >> he hasn't done a great job on this because, listen, if he comes across and sometimes does as implying with an artful sneer that she herself is on the take, that's not fair. she is not doing anything that obama hasn't done, others haven't done. there's an opportunity for him to do better job educating. it's all this money that changes the agenda. >> he's criticizing the system. >> but he doesn't sound like it. >> here's the problem with what he has said. he's talking about criticize -- criticizing hillary clinton for taking money from wall street. criticizing her for these big money fundraisers. saying somebody that does that has to be on the take or cannot be serious.
10:29 pm
in terms of -- that's exactly what he said. the problem with that is that president obama has done all of that. >> that is the counter argument that president obama has gotten tons of support from wall street as well. >> sanders is going to criticize hillary, he's criticizing obama. i do think there is a pattern now with sanders making very sweeping attacks on hillary clinton and sweeping policy pronouncements and when being pressed on the details, he either doesn't quite have the backup or sort of hedges a little bit. we saw it in the daily news interview with his plan to break up the banks. we saw with his responses on his position on the gun legislation about what to do with gun manufacturing liability and we're seeing it here with money in politics. if you're going to say medicine
10:30 pm
-- someone is corrupt then you need to point to the specific corruption. >> just in terms of the coalition he needs and whether it's a movement or not moving forward, he still needs to try to get more african-american voters. >> if he's going to win the nomination, if he's going to be a credible threat for the nomination through california, he has to crack her demographic lock on african-americans and latinos and he has yet to prove he can do that in a big state. he has to, number one. number two, ryan makes a good point. we talk a lot about the dysfunction. it's not as complicated and deeply structural. as it is in the democratic party. but they have a split here. and getting the younger people especially if hillary clinton is the nominee, it's a two-way street. as senator sanders told cuomo earlier. but they are going to have to work it hard. >> two open primaries in a row. split. >> we have to take a break. a little game during primary season, we send randi kaye out
10:31 pm
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several times during primary season, our randy kaye has gone out to determine if people recognize who the candidates are. i'm happy to report the game has gotten easier. there were a few challenges here and there in new york. we take a look. >> new york city central park on the eve of the new york primary. no better place to test voters' knowledge of the candidates. >> ready to play trivia? >> who is this? >> ted cruz. >> armed with an ipad full of photos with the candidates on both sides, we were impressed at first. >> who is this? >> ted cruz. >> you both knew it. >> we didn't hear a lot of love for ted cruz. >> you know anything about him? >> i know a lot of things about him that i don't like. >> but everyone recognized him. except this woman. >> i can't believe i just forgot his name. thank you. >> all the voters who played
10:36 pm
along recognized new york's own donald trump. >> first word that comes to mind for you? >> unqualified. >> first word? >> just a joke. >> who is that guy? >> lord have mercy, donald trump. >> governor john kasich's face stumped our folks the most. >> who is this guy? >> that is -- jeb bush? >> i don't know. >> you don't have to apologize. >> her twin sister got his name right in the end. these guys had to work hard, too. >> starts with a k. not going to win? there we go. >> it's not george. >> it's not case. >> kevin? >> no. >> finally -- >> kasich. >> this woman likes kasich and still couldn't remember his full name.
10:37 pm
>> he does seem like the sanest of the three front runners because he's not nuts. >> what's his name? >> can't remember. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton both scored well. everyone knew their faces and most had only good things to say. >> my man bernie. >> what's the first word that comes to mind? >> my candidate. >> that's two words, but i'll let it slide. >> genuine, honest, man of integrity. >> and with hillary clinton -- >> hillary clinton. >> we tried to stump some with this picture of vice president joe biden, who once considered joining the race. >> is that guy running? >> he's not, but i wish he was. >> i don't know who he is, though. >> you don't know who that is? >> what if i told you that's our vice president. >> there you go. >> when we tried to fool the group by including a picture of anderson cooper, this happened.
10:38 pm
>> is he running? that's anderson cooper. somebody owes somebody a coke. >> i hope you made it clear i'm not running. >> yes, of course, i did anderson. >> it really goes to show how so many people aren't sure who exactly is running and who is out of this race. even the people we talk with are all planning to vote in the primary tomorrow and don't know what state ohio governor john kasich is from. some didn't even know he was governor. another person thought ted cruz was from ohio instead of texas. and even though hillary clinton as we know was a senator from new york, nobody guessed new york as her home state. clearly, some new yorkers in this group certainly need to brush up a bit before tomorrow's primary. >> there's a little bit of time. thank you. breaking news outside of politics. namely the rain and deadly flooding in houston. we'll have the very latest on that as well as the rising death
10:39 pm
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a life-threatening emergency, that is how officials described the rain in houston. those words are accurate. five people have died. nearly a quarter trillion gallons of rain have fallen. words can't capture what is going on in around houston. they weren't limited to just people. watch as this boat heads to rescue horses out of the stable. leading them as they struggle to swim through the deep waters. until they reached dry land more than 13 inches of rain fell in just six hours. some areas receiving as much as 16 inches in the downpour. the fast rising waters have caused at least five deaths so far. one man found in his 18 wheeler in high waters two others found in submerged cars. authorities not able to respond to every call for help because of the high flooding. there's flooding in every part of houston according to officials. >> this is not the day to be on the roads in the city of houston
10:44 pm
or quite frankly in our region. so if it's extreme emergency, i'm encouraging everyone to stay at home. >> bus and rail service in the city suspended. schools in government offices are closed and though residents are urged to stay home, some still attempt to leave. this family trying to escape the floods in a canoe. more than 1200 water rescues have been performed in the state. watch as this news crew urges a man to abandon his car. >> you have to get out of the car. you got to get out. >> what should i do? >> swim. swim, leave the car, swim. >> leave the car? >> leave the car, swim. come here.
10:45 pm
>> thank you. >> did you just not think the water was that deep? >> i didn't think it was that deep. my car is under. >> you got to leave the car. >> in addition to the rain, the storm brought hail the size of golf balls seen here at this golf range in houston. cars all over the area were at a standstill unable to pass through the storm. residents were trapped in this houston apartment complex unable to make it down to the first floor because of the water. the flooding is not over. heavy rains will continue through tuesday before the storms move on. jennifer gray, cnn, atlanta. >> unbelievable pictures. more breaking news. devastation in ecuador. a tragic update. the death toll at 413 after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the pacific coast over the weekend.
10:46 pm
thousands of people have been injured. countless people have lost everything. rescuers and aid are pouring in as they continue to look for survivors. boris sanchez is there. >> reporter: the desperate search for life continues here on the west coast of ecuador. now, a race against time as rescue crews dig through the debris, and families pray their missing loved ones will not be part of the death toll. hundreds of people have died from the devastating 7.8 magnitude quake. according to tweets from the government, 120 rescuers from mexico and 53 from cuba arrive before dawn today to offer aid. teams from colombia, spain and chile are expected as well. the task before them, immense.
10:47 pm
drone video shows the tops of buildings leaning precariously. ecuador's president toured some of the troubling scenes this morning posting photos to his official twitter account. >> the resources have arrived. the whole country is mobilized. this is an enormous tragedy. >> six coastal provinces are in states of emergency. no doubt the road ahead is uncertain for entire communities here. for livelihoods and neighborhoods who were crushed in an instant. >> boris sanchez joins us from the quake zone. how is it? >> reporter: anderson, this is the most affected province by this 7.8 magnitude earthquake. and we're seeing scenes a lot like the one behind me. i'm going to step out of the way. this behind me at one point was a two-story building with a store and three apartments in it. it's now essentially a heap of trash. the owner, who just waved to you, is here with his cousins and friends trying to salvage everything he can.
10:48 pm
we have seen people doing it on the street hoping to get some money at a very dire time. a lot of people are feeling the heat because they are out on the street. their homes have been destroyed and it's not just that they are destroyed, but they are unsafe to go in. people are sleeping because it's safer than actually going in their homes right now. >> and what about facilities for people, relief for them? >> there are a lot of evacuation centers being set up. we're just down the street from a hospital that has set up some tents outside hoping to receive some patients, receive anyone that may need assistance. but it is simply the scope of this earthquake is simply too big. especially because the focus of the earthquake, the epicenter happening a very rural area. we have had weeks of rain here and that has weakened roads. the earthquake decimated them. getting the resources to where they need to be has become a difficult task for officials. >> just terrible, thank you very
10:49 pm
much. boris sanchez, thank you very much. just ahead, want to bring you a story of incredible strength and perseverance. one bst boston bombing survivor has more of her incredible journey. stay tuned for that. but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. ( ♪ ) ♪ i'm walkin', yes indeed ♪ ♪ and i'm talkin' 'bout you and me ♪ ♪ i'm hopin' that you'll come back to me ♪
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available at cvs and walgreens. more than 30,000 people ran the boston marathon today, a tidal wave of runners. among them, a professional dancer named adrianne haslet, who lost her leg in the boston bombing years ago. if you followed her story, you know she is an incredible person whose grit was obvious after i met her a week after the bombing. here is what she said. >> you want to run the race? >> i can't believe i said that. >> adam has been making fun of me, i'm not a runner at all. but i went a ball room dancer at one point in my life either. so i'm going to do it. >> you're going to do it. well,
10:54 pm
today, adrianne completed the marathon in what was a remarkable journey. this was adrianne three years ago in the face of an immense tragedy. >> i felt like somebody said you're not going to do that anymore, now i'm going to prove them wrong. >> her first priority was to return to the dance floor. >> going to check it out, see what is going on. >> she agreed to document her journey, to first walk and then video her progress. they would first document it in survivor diaries. >> so exciting! stand up for me! >> does it hurt? >> no, she is standing on her own. >> through her own eyes we saw her triumphs with physical and
10:55 pm
emotional scars. >> i just want to go to bed like a normal person without taking my leg off. >> her first moments after the boston bombing eventually led to her first performance just a year after the attacks. she received a standing ovation. six months ago, adrianne decided it was time to face one more hurdle head on to make good on that promise to herself to run the boston marathon. >> this race is not just about those who are on the track. it's about the people who are standing there brave, showing we are all boston strong still three years later and i could not thank them enough for that. >> you're looking at adrianne haslet, with her prosthetic limb. >> and today, she battled nearly ten hours on the course to finally cross the finish line. amazing, we just learned the president weighed for with his congratulations. he tweeted this. thank you, adrianne, for
10:56 pm
being boston strong, terror and bombs can't beat it. we face the risks. and she did, we just want to say congratulations, adrianne, we'll be right back. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready.
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before we go, a flash flood
11:00 pm
watch in place until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, rain and thunderstorms forecasted through tomorrow night, of course we'll follow this throughout the coming hours for any if they can make it in new york, they could make it all the way to the white house, right? this is "cnn tonight." the new york primary just hours away and it could prove pivotal for front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton. >> we are going to bring buff aloe back. we're going to bring new york back, and we're going to bring the united states of america back. >> so, please, come out and vote tomorrow. i will work hard for you. thank you all very much. >> when we started this campaign, we were 70 points behind secretary clinton. today in some national polls, we