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tv   New Day  CNN  April 19, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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you like that? and republican the now. donald trump expected to do well given his home field advantage. could he sweep and get all 95 republican delegates? news of another shake-up in the trump campaign has many asking, what's really going on here? the race covered the way only cnn can. beginning with chris frates live in brooklyn on the democratic race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brooke. so it's finally here. new york primary day, and the battle of brooklyn comes down to this -- brooklyn native bernie sanders looking to upset hillary clinton, and the two democrats crisscrossing new york yesterday. bernie sanders spending five hours shaking hands, kissing babies and trying to remind what's at stake. 250 delegates up for grab, second only to california. remember, no winner take all. if hillary clinton wan-- if brn
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cu bernie sanders cuts into hillary clinton's lead. hillary clinton can make it almost impossible for bernie sanders to catch her. >> i am hoping to do really well tomorrow. hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination, but -- but, i'm not taking anything for granted. i've got quickly add that before anybody has the wrong impression. >> reporter: to show you how much is riding on today's outcome. the clinton and sanders' camp continuing exchange heated accusation. bernie sanders saying clinton was end-running laws, another character smear by a desperate bernie sanders campaign and goes to show you how much is at stake as voters go to the polls, michaela. >> i can hear the energy behind you. exciting. on the republican side, donald trump counting on home field advantage to give him his
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first major victory in weeks. trump hoping to sweep the state's 95 gop delegates but news a top trump aide resigned, loyal to his campaign manager, leaves many wondering who is steering this ship? who is steering the ship? >> well, it's very clear donald trump is steering the ship, make no mistake about that, but as you've been seeing, the polls have just opened right here in staten island, staten island academy. getting paperwork together. again, dnd hoonald trump hopinga big win tonight. his campaign has been all about criticizing the system over waning delegates, the trump team trit siz criticized for not having a strong ground game. as a result, some say his national field director steward jolly decided to step down
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announcing his resignation yesterday saying he was not forced out, doll it voluntarily. all of trump's words last night, though, were for criticizing ted cruz. >> we're going to show ted cruz, who hates new york -- hates new york -- when you look at that debate and you see the way he talked about us and new york values, no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> reporter: and trump will be watching the results come in right here in new york city. he has no events on his schedule today. he is expected to make an announcement shortly after polls close at trump tower. chris? >> all right, jason carroll, thank you very much. check back with action is going on behind you. let's discuss. jackie kucinich and ron brownstein. brooke you must suffer the same
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thing i say, every time there's an election. did you see those old machines? can you believe how antiquated because of the system? move on. what is winning for hillary clinton today what is winning for bernie sanders? >> winning for bernie sanders is getting close to hillary clinton. >> how close? >> how close? i don't know. within a couple points. get her out of double digits, that would be a huge story. however it doesn't look like he's going to surpass her. doesn't look like there will be an epic upset like in michigan. looks like she will win tonight and the clinton campaign has been downplaying expectations. saying she's not going to blow him out of the water. however, she maintains that double-digit lead a good night for hillary clinton. >> what about, rob brownstein, hearing from bernie sanders, he was sitting in the studio yesterday talking about all of this faithful feel the "bern" followers. 28,000 in prospect park over
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brooklyn and talks about turnout. why is turnout key specifically for him? >> bernie sanders dominated among younger voters who tend to be more irregular voters, and as turnout expands, that is one of the groups you expect to be part of the wider universe. the bigger picture, if you look at national polling, bernie sanders done something that almost no other candidate trailing in the delegate count has ever down in a race, going back to the modern primary season essentially even with hillary clinton in national polling, and that is giving him a stronger base of support as he goes forward from state to state. the problem he's got, even with these gains, he remains weakest among two groups. self-identified democrats as opposed to independents and african-americans and is now facing a very tough run of states, not only in new york but in the five northeastern states that come next week in which you have closed primaries in most cases open only to democrats and
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large african-american populations. his goal, survive april without everyone writing him off to get back to a more favorable calendar in may and try to shake up the race in may. >> making a lot of news. one of the things he does not mention, a suggestion/allegation that the fund-raising by the clinton campaign is somehow wrong, because of its collusion with the national part of the dnc. what is the speculation here? >> just a continuation of the sanders campaign trying to tie the clinton campaign with the dnc in sort of some collusion. remember, earlier this cycle they got in trouble for the bernie sanders campaign accidentally getting a peak at hillary clinton's data, that they both share, bought firewall. got into the firewall. a huge thing. the dnc shut off their access to the firewall and a whole frockous. a continuation of that.
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>> and no complaint filed at the fcc? >> yeah. right. i agree with jackie. what we're seeing on both sides is you have candidates donald trump on one hand, bernie sanders on the other, advantageous to position themselves running against the party they are aspiring to lead and arguing the party establishment is biased and tilted against them, and they have some reasons for complaints on the scheduling of the debates, and so forth, and the way this looked. but i do think, in the end part of the problem bernie sanders has, as i just mentioned, he is struggling among voters who identify as democrats. done much better against independents. every primary he won, open to independents. not open one open only to democrats and running against the party is probably not the best way to deal with that kind of deficit. >> ron, stay with you one second. one of those, "and yets."
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and yet this party is by all indications in as much of an existential crisis as you have on the gop side. bernie sanders having reawakened the liberal branch in this state here. you see the working family party doggedly pursuing his candidacy, and he's up against the person, clinton, whose husband, bill clinton, moved the party originally. how much is at stake here beyond the names and faces of the candidates? >> it's a good point. i wouldn't say it is an equal existential crisis in the fact that trump fundamentally rejects so many cornerstones of republican thinking for decades not only in foreign policy but on the other side, opposing changes in immigration. there's no question, though, that sanders continues a process already under way. the bill clinton third way new democrat agenda i spent a lot of time covering was built for a different america, when our, you know, white voters without a
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college education were half of all college graduates. only a quarter of the votes obama already won. now there's a liberal cultural consensus in the democratic party. what sanders is trying to do, move that consensus to the left also on economic issues, and to a large extent is reflecting that generational change as ma len yams come into the electorate, the blue collar whites replaced by millennials who tend to be more liberal, going as far as bernie sanders in all respects? no. no question where the party is moving. >> changes. final question to you, jackie. when we're sitting around the table tomorrow morning, sort of postgaming what happened tonight what do you think would surprise you the most? >> that's a really good question. i think if bernie sanders gets really close to hillary clinton. >> single-digit close? >> single-digit close that would be surprising and quite a night. >> okay. we'll chat.
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to be continued. >> that would be a shocker. right. jackie kucinich, ron brownstein, thank you very much. more to discuss. so stick around. breaking news out of afghanistan. the taliban claiming responsibility for a coordinated suicide attack on a government security agency in central kabul during the morning rush. at least 28 people were killed. more than 300 others injured. that attack targeted the office of a security team that works to protect government v.p.s. authorities are searching for two suspects, one was killed. two more american troops headed to iraq helping to combat isis and the u.s. providing apache attack helicopters. defense secretary ash carter says they will operate closer to front lines but are going to only be providing tactical guidance. carter says the 4,000 troops are there to advise the iraqi military as they try to retake
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the key city of mosul from isis. record-breaking rain leaving parts of houston totally under water. this unprecedented storm blamed for at least five deaths. 1,200 water rescues and officials say some areas of houston got more than 16 inches of rainfall in 24 hours flooding at least 1,000 homes and forcing hundreds to evacuate. the rain, by the way, is expected to continue through tonight. sad news from the entertainment world. the death of doris roberts, veteran character actress, probably best known for playing ray romano's mother marie on the sitcom "everybody loves raymond." >> you love him. you hate him. he disgusts you. look how he eats. keep your head down and you plow through. >> amen! >> that role earned her four emmy awards and a screen actor's
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guild award. her son said she died peacefully in her sleep of natural causes. doris roberts was 90 years old. broadway -- >> do you remember "st. elsewhere," "angie," part of the best l.a. prap ogram in l.a. a powerful and wonderful lady. >> 90 years. good life. can't argue that. and a legacy. she'll be remembered. >> absolutely. >> for makes us laugh. all right. so -- we had donald trump's campaign manager. his title, anyway, corey lewendowski staying it's all about team. now we're hearing, there's a real shake-up. what's going on with team trump when we come back. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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welcome back. you're watching "new day" on this new york primary day. the big question surrounding team trump is, who's running the
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campaign? trump's national field manager stepping down. there are also reports this morning that the role of campaign manager corey lu lewendowski, reduced. what is going on, ron brown what is going on? the tredirection of the ship se to be changing. i don't know if it's a struggle. paul manafort versus corey lewendowski? >> all i hear, woody allen saying a relationship is like a shark. if it doesn't move forward, it's dying. we have seen this sort of movie before. but we've seen before with dark horse candidates going from operating on a shoestring to being competitive in the race. jimmy carter, gary hart, often loyalists there from the
3:18 am
beginning when the campaign was operating out of a phone booth are layered by professionals who come in, and i think you are seeing something like that here, and it's revealing, because i mean, it's unusual, because donald trump has been the front-runner but an unusual distinctive front-runn ru-runne the beginning didn't seem it would matter, he has won 37.03% of the actual votes through wisconsin, leaving him with a bigger piece of the party than anybody else, but not a majority, and in that world, every dell get matters. in a door to door, house to house fight to get to 1,237 and in that role realizes he needs a seasonal person, and i do think the direction of power in this institution, in this organization is pretty unmistakably flowing towards paul manafort. >> a couple irony, ron pointed
3:19 am
out. 37% of the popular vote, arguing about the system saying it's rigged. 43% of delegate count. actually doing better than the system he's attacking. who's telling the truth what's going on? we had corey lewendowski saying he's running it, just last friday, and the hires, who's the man? here's what he said. >> i work for donald trump and everyone knows that, and, look, a campaign is about growth, and we cannot be successful in this campaign if we don't grow, and paul manafort has a proven record of delegate hunting and making sheure we have the best team in place. i've worked with rick riley to bring him onboard the campaign. we're going to continue to make good, quality hires so we are kpee prepared not just nfor the rest of the primary season but
3:20 am
beyond. >> i felt at that time, corey gets an okay be, and a -- ah. i bet he is still the manager, coordinating it and it's about different assets. where they get the -- ah -- who they brought on the team. trump says i will get the best people and never be like this toxic system going on and then they bring on a hired gun, paul manafort, smart at hell, respected by a lot of people who know how to work the game, but that what he does. work the game, jackie. he's not a populist kind of person. >> right. >> he does the things donald trump says shouldn't be done. >> clearly, loewendowski talked about growth. he hasn't run a national campaign and it showed. not prepared for the so-called second face of this campaign. when you bring in a big gun like paul manafort, hard to believe he'll answer to anyone other than donald trump. >> he said, i only work for trump and only answer for trump.
3:21 am
what he's going for trump is just as interesting at the shake-up. >> i agree. hard to agree corey lewendowski hold on to the people brought on the campaign. >> i heard you laughing. in case you haven't heard, ted cruz hates new york, according to donald trump. here he was. >> there goes your twitter thread. >> there you go. >> we'll just keep looking. it's going to come. here we go. >> there it is. >> tomorrow i have to tell you, that's a big day, because tomorrow we're going to show ted cruz who hates new york -- hates new york -- when you look at that debate, and you see the way he talked about us, and new york values, here's a man that turned down sandy money for this state. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> all right, ron. this is obviously something that, you know, donald trump is
3:22 am
hoping will echo in the voters this morning as they head to the polls here in new york. juxtapose not in new york. how is that strategy going to work? >> i think ted cruz may this month hating not only new york but pretty much the whole atlantic seaboard. ted cruz's problem from the beginning, talked about it many times, his campaign was based on the idea he could unite religious and economic conservatives. that simply has not happened in enough places. wisconsin was the first of 291 states with exit polls he won voters who were not evangelical christians. look at polling in new york and maryland, few evangelical christians, his vote among those non-evangelicals is going back down into the 15%, 20% range he's seen in earlier states and that's not enough to win.
3:23 am
too narrow a playing field. and button up one other point. i agree with jackie the campaign outgrown lewendowski, a great phrase. wrong to pin it on him. donald trump was contemptuous of political professionals. didn't he's in a pollster. thought he could steam roll the race. turns out he needed attention to detail and he was the one, i think, above all who chose not to really put the weight where it needed to be from the start. >> no question. lewendowski's an overperformer, overachiever on that campaign given what he's dealing with. kept his head above water. you got to give him that. so when we look at what's going to happen today, donald trump, sure, supposed to win here. ted cruz, you hear how he's getting after him. but john kasich is not being mentioned and anecdotally on the ground and represents something in the race, vis-a-vis donald
3:24 am
trump in terms of helping or hurting him. here's what was said to our man david greigry about john kasich's role and how important it is. >> if they're both going at it aggressively right until the very end, then i think it's very likely that mr. trump wins on the first ballot. and i say that, because i think cruz and kasich divide the vote. >> there it is. mitt romney on david gregory's grand new podcast you can get right now if you subscribe, that basically dividing the pie and trump will get it on the first vote. never her romney say this before. >> right. increasing pressure on john kasich. if he can't win a state, what's he doing there? hearing that-ish d -- >> influencing the race. >> exactly. saying get out basically the day after ohio. there was nowhere else for him
3:25 am
to go. he hasn't really seemed he's going to do that. >> jackie and ron, thank you very much. hillary clinton is honing new yo -- hoping new york voters put her over the top. can he shake bernie sanders? ask one of her biggest backers, bill de blasio, when he joins us on "new day" just ahead. and these are real new york voters in the studio. we're talk to them about how they're voting, and why. >> poised and confident. more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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the death toll from that powerful and violent quake that rocked ecuador has now climbed past 400. rescue crews and search dogs, though, are still finding survivors, pulling them out of the rubble an unbelievable 32 hours after the disaster. live in ecuador, we have the latest, boris sanchez. >> reporter: michaela, there are tremendous, inspiring stories of rescues and survivors making it through the absolute worst, but
3:30 am
also there's a tremendous growing sense of frustration, and i'll explain why. we're here at a convention center that's been converted into essentially a recovery aid center, and there are hundreds of students, young people that have been here since sunday working around the clock to pack care packages for those in the mostly affected areas. they're packing water, food and clothing, but feeling like all of this work is going to waste because there are hundreds of care packages. i don't know if you can see them because of the darkness to the right. that are simply not being sent where they need to be. waiting for hours and hours to get them sent to the affected areas. an area where the epicenter of the earthquake was and residents tell us they're upset they see firefighters and military vehicles stopping by their towns with stopping.
3:31 am
going several days without food and water. and not haves the resources allocated the way they should be. hopefully within the next few days it will be taken care of. >> thank you, boris. and escalating tensions between the u.s. and saudi arabia between possible fallout by the 9/11 bill. threatening to threaten ties between the united states and its long-standing gulf ally. president obama now heading to saudi arabia tomorrow to meet with liters there. cnn's nic robertson is in riyadh with the very latest. nic, good morning. >> reporter: the issue of the 29 pages in the 9/11 come at a sensitive time. president obama about to arrive here. intense mistrust between the saudis and the united states that's been developing through president obama's presidency. so the issue right now, the saudis saying they would pull $750 billion of investments in the united states, if these 28
3:32 am
pages were made public. these 28 pages we don't know what they contain. is there a smoking gun in there saying the saudi government somehow knew or supported or funded the 9/11 hijackers? allude to the fact rich saudis offered and gave support for that attack? it's not clear, but at the moment the saudis distrust the united states, because they don't think the united states is reliable of an ally in the region forming their own sunni/muslim coalition. 34 nations massively round up their defense, now the third largest security spender in the world. this is a tough time in that relationship. >> nic robertson, thank you very much for providing context into the issue of hoomp wins this ever-churning presidential election. today is a big day. the new york primary. hillary clinton hoping for a big win here to show that this race is now all but over. but is it?
3:33 am
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all right. t excelior state today. and hillary clinton says, time to wrap up the nomination. bernie sanders says, not so fast. showing a different phase in new york. what will happen with the mayor bill de blasio, hillary clinton supporter. you know the game very well. what do you think happens today? what do you think the margin is? i know you think hillary clinton will win. by how much? >> all i'll say, a solid margin. it wills close. >> she is expected to win? >> we've learned this season not to listen too much to pollster. real surprising results, but the consistency of these polls has been striking, and the response
3:38 am
we're getting on the ground for hillary has been overwhelming. a lot of goodwill for hillary clinton in this state. she served it very well for eight years as our senator, and there's a great ground game, and i'm a believer in turnout operations and ground game. i saw it in iowa with her campaign and am certainly seeing it here in new york. she's got a great organization on the ground. i think it's going to be a solid victory. >> let me make it tough for you. you have cultivated your water base very well, especially the last part. what we used to know at the liberal party, now the working family party. you came in strong with ideals and values, swept you into office. now they love bernie sanders. they believe in his policies. they're working very hard for him right now. what are you saying to that wing of your party, when she sthey s mr. mayor, you believe in what bernie's saying. why? why were y why are you doing this? >> look at hillary clinton's platform. when she walks in the door on
3:39 am
pennsylvania avenue, i believe she will, one of the most precedent platform in history. ready to tax the wealthy, implement the buffet rule. no millionaire, billionaire should pay lower taxes than secretary or driver. she's ready to do full-day pre-k all over the country, paid sick leave, higher minimum wage. a lot of progressives have been dreaming. god bless bernie, raised important issues and done a great job bringing people into the political process and i think it will continue and a lot of those folks will continue to be involved. if you look at platform and the ability to implement platform, i'm a comfortable enthusiastic hillary clinton supporter. >> so the second part there, you said platform and the ability to implement a platform, because on the first one you raised eyebrows. ran hillary clinton's campaign in 2000. >> yes. >> and said, well, let's see what happens here, and many people attributed that to,
3:40 am
obviously, you love the clintons. you have the relationship, but were resonating with what bernie sanders was saying and said it mattered especially for people in your city. is it about the implementation thing? you believe in a lot of what bernie sanders believes? fair point? >> certainly i believe in a lot of what bernie sanders believes and bernie sanders believes in a lot of what hillary clinton believes, vice versa. a lot of agreement. one of the striking things. two democrats agreeing on a host of progressive initiatives. republicans spending time trying to kill each other divisively. back to new york city. i ran to address inform inequality. talked about a tale of two cities. the need to tax the wealthy and to have pre-k, raise wages and paid sick leave. more affordable housing efforts, that's what we've been doing here. before bernie sanders was a major national figure a lot of mayors around the country were doing these things. increasing paid sick leave, things like that. what hillary clinton saying is very consistent with this
3:41 am
growing movement around the country for a need to address income inequality in a coherent way, to the point of who can get it done? i thought the only missing link when hillary announced her candidacy was the big, full vision for addressing until inequality. i said, let's see that vision. same think any candidate. show us a vision a plan and that's what we can judge on. she laid out a powerful position. not just income inequality. mass incarceration, dealing with a racism that pervades our society. >> you don't think the -- >> hillary clinton acknowledged that was a mistake and talked about structural, and what to do to reverse mass incarceration, you could hear it straight from the heart. went to the children's defense fund out of law school to support children, in particular poor children of color. this has been a lot of her
3:42 am
life's mission. my point is, it was right to say to hillary clinton, show us a vision for america in a time of deep challenge, middle class profoundly troubled, people going back yards unfortunately. show us the way forward. she did that. once she did that, abundantly clear she was the candidate of both candidates and both sides of the aisle, ho yw to be an effective president. >> one of bernie sanders's salvos, too tied to the money. he struggles to point to specific actions where he can show that tie being a compromise, but the general sense works. now his people painting you the same way. federal probe going on. people who are donors to you, who seem like they were doing something inappropriate with the nypd. how do you respond to this allegation that people who are connected to you financially may have been up to no good? >> i want to talk about the first part and then certainly answer the second part. >> please. >> i found it particularly
3:43 am
troubling when the sanders campaign went at hillary clinton regarding the fossil fuel industry. some people have worked for oil and gas companies at whatever level had given her individual donations and suddenly the sanders campaign was trying to make an allegation. except here's the problem. hillary clinton's done nor address climate change with president obama than any previous leaders in this country. the people who built the path to the paris accord, the first real progress on climate change and look at her platform. what's to rescind tax breaks for oil and gas companies. you say that's very nice but i don't agree with what you're industry is doing and you have to give back the tax breaks, that's my kind of public servant. telling them up front, this is what i'm going to do. if you want to doeb anate that' your business. here in new york city we hold a high standard for integrity and are clear, any invest going on we're going to fully cooperate because i want to be helpful to
3:44 am
anything like that. >> the donors are under investigation. >> and what i think happened here, we've seen the nypd, a very strong internal affairs bureau, internal invest gaer to mechanism, found nypd leaders who apparently took gifts they shouldn't have taken. those guys should suffer the consequences what i believe s. it fair to close the nonprofit group in terms why close it just then? just when the investigation began? >> we announced weeks before anyone said the word "investigation." we said we had a nonprofit supporting things like full-day pre-k for all children, which we achieved. aggressive affordable housing, create affordable housing. literal mandate, create affordable housing, first in any major city in the country. we traachieved that. we said, the work is done. no reason to continue that project. >> mayor de blasio, thank you for coming on "new day" to talk
3:45 am
about what matters. >> thank you. new yorkers are casting their vote. we want to know what they are thinking. what are they looking for in a commander in chief? have they had their coffee yet this morning? any nods from the crowd? anyone? real voters are here in our studio from new york. we're going to talk to them coming up next. we might even get some coffee. show me movies with romance.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. welcome back. today is new york's crucial primary. we brought together a panel of new yorkers who got up next and extraer for us this morning to talk about the candidates they support and find out who they would like to have as their next president and good enough to get up early. known have voted because they're dedicated to you, chris cuomo. >> yes. "new day" first. >> "new day" first, voting second. i want to begin cawley with the two undecides, lean he undecide. two undecides. what are you thinking, how many are you ruminating this tuesday morning? >> hoping to learn something from my fellow voters here. i think that later on today i'll probably get a gut intuition
3:50 am
which will lean my vote. >> which are you registered? >> register eed republican. >> you got a cz. >> just based upon numbers. >> based upon numbers and what they stand for. i attend the trump town hall and got to see mr. trump in a different light. >> with the family? >> yeah. >> jared, party registration? >> democrat. >> so what are you thinking? >> i honestly don't know i'll be decided before i get to the polls today. i would say i agree that process is probably a big part of what will influence my vote. >> what does that mean? process? >> process in that who is leading and -- i like the idea of continuing the electoral process. so if i feel like bernie has a good chance of continuing the process and dragging out the election, i think that's healthy. so i think that that would influence my vote. >> describe, if you don't
3:51 am
passing it down here -- >> share. this is new york. >> sharing is caring. you are a cruz supporter here. and i'm curious, since he was in maryland yesterday, and is not in new york, as is new yorker, does that bug you? >> maybe slightly. i think it's probably the place to be, in new york. it could be he isn't really counting on winning. he's counting on really getting as close as possible. trump is from new york. trump in some ways stands for new york. >> do you think that cruz hates new york and hates all new yorkers? >> as according to donald trump? >> of course you don't, because you're supporting him, but why were you able to reconcile what ted said about new york values and support him? >> i think it was an unfortunate phrasing what he was trying to say. i think what he really meant to say was more new york as in the large banks that really you've heard some, both democratic campaigns, talking about. the large banks. those large companies, maybe
3:52 am
wall street that some see as kind of that behind the scenes influencing elections. i don't think he really intended to hit new yorkers. i was born in new york. i am a new yorker, lifelong. i really don't think he intended it that way and it was an unfortunate turn of phrase, but -- >> giving him a pass on that? >> i'm with you on that. pass it down. curious what the bernie sanders supporters, second on the end here. cynthia and joshua. i mine, talk about awesome crowds, wanting record turnout which would really help him. talking to jackie kucinich, could be a great day if bernie sanders loses by single digits. f. the . >> if there is a big voter turnout i think bernie sanders will win this primary. >> why do you like him so much? >> because he's been a consistent progressive voice for the majority of his career. he hasn't flip-flopped on the issues. he's the only candidate in this
3:53 am
race that has promised to ban for-profit prisons. that's very important to me as an african-american voter. and i also like his, the rest of his policy proposls in terms of a single pair health care system and affordable higher education. >> cynthia, if you look around the world, what's going on. you have what the u.s. military is going to do with iraq. our defense secretary, ash carter, over there right now. you have saudi arabia in terms of how are we going to keep that going? what that relationship is. commander in chief winds up being a big deal. who do you believe is the best commander in chief? >> bernie sanders, because he's not a war hawk, and i think that's really important. we've had endless war for pretty much my daughter's entire life, and it's not a cold war or a hot war, and the fact that he actually is not a war hawk, i think, will improve america's standing in the world. right now, we're perceived as a bully. >> hmm. how about the two on the end?
3:54 am
both of you like donald trump. let's start with you, joe. what is it about donald trump that says, commander in chief? >> well, i think that the republican party especially is looking for an outsider. if you look at the two strongest candidates, they're both anti-establishment candidates, and i support donald trump, because i think that we need to do things differently. we need a fresh look, a fresh perspective. he's a successful businessman. he may not always say what he's thinking, or what comes out of his mouth may not be the best words to choose, but he's someone who i think would bring a big, a big vision to the white house. >> judgment so you know, joe's a big, tough guy but got soft on trump at the town hall when he saw how he was with the kids. >> it's all about kids. >> it was his heart that wound up swaying him. >> what was it that spoke to ya heart of yours. thank you, cuomo.
3:55 am
>> again, a a father of three daughters it's very important how someone interacts with their family. >> it matters. >> and i think that you get the real -- the real perspective of how someone is when they're around their family, and if you're a businessman if you're an elected official, a politician, everybody talks tough, and everybody talks, you know what i mean, as a tough guy. chris, thank you. but it's -- it's what i saw with his family. i saw him in a very different light. >> that's great. this is so great. >> i know. >> oh, my gosh. >> always our favorite process. >> talking to the voters. >> real people, real ideas. get away from the talking heads. more next hour. thank you very much. i don't know what they're offering in terms of food and coffee. mic, maybe you can take care of that. you're the one everybody likes. >> i'm just saying, joe's been here twice and already on to your game over there, cuomo. just letting you know. >> a fellow tough guy. >> just letting you know, little
3:56 am
tough guy. >> that's right. >> great. have you here throughout the morning and talk to hem. fantastic. good job, joe. all right. we're going to talk about bernie sanders hammering hillary clinton over campaign money. the gloves are off as new yorkers are heading to the polls. we're going to hear from both sides of the campaign, coming up, next. ♪
3:57 am
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3:59 am
senator cruz, i think new
4:00 am
york values are america's values. >> i can just picture hillary tossing and turning in her jail cell. >> the other folks that are returning, they couldn't care less about new york. >> new york state can help take a giant step forward for the political revolution. let's do it! >> people are waking up and help is on the way. >> we've got bad news for them. we are winning. >> i'll tell you what, you're going to have a rough july at that convention. >> feeds into their fears and then says, don't worry. just trust me. it will all be fixed. >> he's the donkey of the decade. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> thank you. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." alisyn is off. brooke baldwin is here on a very important day. brooke, the new york primary. >> good morning. >> delegate-rich new york, 247
4:01 am
democratic delegates up for grabs. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, still working it here, hitting the streets, making last-minute pumps for the hearts and minds of the empire state. clinton is hoping to lock up the nomination saying, look, i've gotten too far. it's over. sanders said, not so fast, so you have the democrats. then you have the republicans. donald trump, his supporters, expecting, hoping for a hometown landslide today. the republican front-runner determined to take all of are the 95 state's republican delegates by winning more than 50% of the vote, but as new yorkers head to the polls this morning there is another shake-up in the trump campaign. so what's going on? throughout the show we will be talking to real new york voters about the candidates and the most important issues to them. stand by for that. first, we have the new york primary covered the only way cnn can. we begin this morning in brooklyn. chris frates. chris, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
4:02 am
brooke, and it's finally here. the new york primary, and the battle of brooklyn comes down to this -- brooklyn native bernie sanders trying to upset hillary clinton and her brooklyn heights-based campaign. the two democrats crisscrossing new york yesterday. bernie sanders taking five hours to shake hands, kiss babies and remind voters what's at stake today. >> we win when the turnout is high. we lose when the turnout is low. tomorrow let us all do everything we can to make sure that new york state has the largest turnout in a democratic primary in its history. >> reporter: now, bernie sanders trying to get that turnout high so he can win by as big of a margin as possible. remember, no winner take all in new york. you win by proportion, and bernie sanders needs a high proportion to cut into hillary clinton's lead. now, hillary clinton feeling
4:03 am
pretty good coming into today, leading in the polls, and she's hoping to win as many delegates as possible to make it almost mathematically impossible for bernie sanders to catch her, and to give you some sense of how much is riding on today, the sanders and clinton campaigns trading accusations to the very bitter end here. the sanders camp saying that hillary clinton is trying to circumvent campaign finance laws. the clinton people saying that's absolutely false. it's just another character attack by a desperate bernie sanders, and that just gives you some sense of how much is at stake as the voters stream into the polls behind me, michaela. >> the rhetoric ramps up and so does the energy in the room. good you're tall. you can see over the crowds. thank you. turning to republicans. donald trump poised for a big win in new york today, were ut is there trouble brewing within the front-runner's campaign? a top aide resigned. reports that his campaign manager's role has been dramatically reduced. jason carroll is live in staten island with more on that is going on within the trump campaign.
4:04 am
>> reporter: well, first of all, that's why a big win, michaela, is so important for the trump campaign. what it will help do is reset the narrative, give him momentum going forward. agency you know, lately trump has been all about criticizing the delegate system. upset the way they're awarded and the losses in wyoming and colorado saying that ted cruz unfairly got in there, and worked the ground. as a result, some are saying, trump's national field director, stuart jolly, announced his resignation yesterday. jolly saying he was doing it voluntarily, saying no one forced him to step down. last night in buffalo, no talk about that. no talk about restructuring his campaign. instead it was all that talk, more talk, about that crooked delegate system. >> the system is rigged. it's not meant for a guy like me, who's not taking any money from the special interests. i'm self-funding my campaign. i came up here.
4:05 am
i pay for it, to come up here. >> so just a few folks coming out here at the site where we are. also last night some sharp words for ted cruz. trump basically saying that cruz hates new yorkers. some sharp words for him, saying, no new yorker could get out there and call himself a new yorker and vote for ted cruz. again, hoping for a big win here in the state of new york. what that would do is give him momentum going forward, especially looking forward at the next upcoming races in places like pennsylvania, maryland, rhode island and connecticut, where trump is polling very, very well. brooke? >> jason, thank you. much more on the trump campaign coming up, but polls have been open a little more than an hour here in new york, and some counties. turnout will be key especially for bernie sanders. question is, can he pull off the unexpected and upset hillary clinton in new york? let's go to miguel marquez live in lancaster, new york, where
4:06 am
people are already out and about casting their votes. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: casting in lancaster. brooke, good morning to you. this is just outside of buffalo. the state's second largest city. you can see people are already checking in here to vote. then they go over to check in with their voting district and vote behind those white cardboard things there. there is -- about a 300,000 new voters since december 1st across the entire state. 170,000 of them are democrats, about 54,000 are republicans. gives you an idea how the voting will go today. they expect moderate to heavy voter turnout across the state. also keep in mind this is a closed primary state. meaning that if want to vote for bernie sanders or hillary clinton, you have to be a democrat. if want to vote for republicans, you have to be a republican. there are some concerns that people have tried to register after the cutoff date and they may be turned away from the
4:07 am
polls today. we'll wait and see. chris, back to you. >> migel, we'll check back when you figure what those things are called in front of people's faces nap will wind up being very important. very important. talk to you in a bit. joining us to discuss the democratic race in new york, formerer speaker and a hillary supporter and current councilman backing bernie sanders. you were with the second most of the day. the biggest reason people should the sh vote for hillary clinton is -- >> she stood up in bay hieijinb women's rights are women's rights and geneva, gay rights are human rights. we want that kind of a visionary fighter who can deliver in the white house so she can deliver just like she did for us when she was in the united states senate. >> and councilman, your biggest
4:08 am
problem with that is -- >> biggest problem with that is that bernie sanders is going to win this election. he speaks to new yorkers. he understands the issues that we're facing when it comes to income inequalitinequality, andg straight up and hillary danced around many of the questions important to us new yorkers and americans. so i'm looking forward to seeing voters come out and support bernie sanders. >> case in point made is the $15 minimum wage. as we all know, the unattractive cuomo brother went over the state in an rv to get $15 down state. $12-plus upstate. very important to him, politics aside. hillary clinton does not do $15 an hour. gone both ways on it. yes, i'm in favor of it, but it's up to the state. start at $12. bernie says $15 all day long. a meaningful distinction? >> cover all politic, the equally attractive cuomo brother. >> come on. now you can't be believed about anything, christine. now nobody will believe you.
4:09 am
>> you know, i think -- the secretary of state was very clear at the debate. she's always been with the fight for $15. as we saw on the legislation governor cuomo passed here in new york, heralded by labor leaders and those fighting against income inequality across the country, sometimes you have to have phase things in in different ways, depending on the economic situation of a jurisdiction, as we saw in new york upstate is treated differently than down state. that's part of what got the law passed. that's part of what will get dollars into new yorkers' pockets, and it's that smart, focused delivering attitude that will come to the white house just as it did in albany and get a higher minimum wage for americans. i don't think she's wavered at all's i think she made it very clear at the debate that if you disagree with senator sanders in how you get to a goal, he just
4:10 am
writes of off as a waffler and part of the establishment, but, in fact, the process to get to some place, and get there quickly and effectively is as important as the goal. because otherwise, all you're doing is putting out rhetoric and ideas without the reality of how you make them happen, and without them happening, they're nothing but words to americans. >> talk is cheap. got to walk the walk. fair criticism? >> fair criticism. i think your brother did a great job passing the minimum wage,s 15 $15 an hour. and it serves as a national model. bernie sanders believes $15 should be across the country. how we get there? i'm not sure. maybe look at certain states that should be at $12, and others $15. point is the federal government should take the lead making sure $15 is minimum wage. >> a lot of people don't believe $15 an shower the remedy for the working class.
4:11 am
doesn't make sense economically, you'll stifle business. not a done deal, but the question, should are you consistent on it? >> some people do think that, though there is no evidence that bears out in the jurisdictions as they've raised minimum wage historical historically. leading economists say that over and over and it doesn't bear out. yes, the frost government should push for the fight for $15, no question. but if in some places we need to phase it in as we're doing in upstate new york and that's the reality that gets us there, then that's what we need to do because it's about, yes, the vision, and then how you get there. because that's what americans need. >> why are you shaking your head? >> i don't think we can hold states accountable. we've seen these issues in marriage quality. states take their time to actually pass laws that affect the individuals living in those states. so the federal government has to take the charge and the lead in making sure minimum wage is $15. >> no question, and, look,
4:12 am
important issue, sometimes they're in states' jurisdictions, sometimes shouldn't be. the councilman is right about that, but when the federal government takes the lead for the country, that doesn't mean one process equal in all 50 states. when you look at something like marriage equality we see it takes the federal government at the end. that's why i think when you see -- >> except that was an equal protection issue, wound up being a constitutional issue. >> yes, but i think it's about leadership. right? and i think what we've seen secretary clinton, a clear desire to continue the type of leadership we've seen with president obama, and his lead leadership in my opinion, was one of the key tipping points on marriage. >> this has been a testing point for hillary clinton here in new york, on the minimum wage. similar for senator sanders has been his thoughts on not just gun policy, but really one specific thing. the metaphor effect of where he is on whether or not you should be able to go after
4:13 am
manufacturers. we had him on the show yesterday. he changed his answer. he said, yes, the newtown families should be able to sue. they are suing. i said, well, they are suing, because a judge said they can. you've said you thought they shouldn't be able to. >> he said, well, no. i think in concept, yes, for marketing they should be able. he seems to be moving on that. a man known for consistency is that a problem for voters in new york state? >> the truth is he believes everyone should have a right to sue. what it comes down to. the question whether you can sue the gun manufacturers or not? his fundamental ish a you is believes americans as americans have the right to sue if they believe they are able to sue. >> but does he believe that the manufacturers should win those suits, if it's about how they market the products they sell? >> i can't answer that, but what i can answer he is concerned about the mom and pop shops, concerned whether or not the little man will be heard and want to make sure of that, there are jobs that continue to be produced in this country. that's his overall concern when it comes to manufacturers.
4:14 am
>> got to wrap this you. you guys going to be friends after all this? >> we were, we are and will be. >> that's a big concern. >> everyone says no way, people wouldn't come together and they did around president obama and they will again. >> behind sanders. >> clinton. >> very well -- >> the final word. >> thank you very much. brooke? >> well done. well done. thank you. checking some of the other headlines on this terse morning, brazil's embattled president refusing to resign in the face of impreachment proceedings. dilma rousseff saying she's done nothing wrong, akised of hiding a massive deficit budget seeking election. saying the fight won't impact the olympic games scheduled to begin in rio de janeiro this august. a landmark immigration case now in the hands of the eight supreme court justices and they appear split 4-4 along ideological lines. after hearing arguments monday, the court must decide whether
4:15 am
president obama overreached his authority taking executive action shielding immigrants from deportati deportation. a tie vote would spell defeat for the president. and a transgender bathroom bill is on hold until 2017. the tennessee lawmaker sponsoring the legislation says she stands by it, but wants to study the issue more. this bill would require public school students to use restrooms corresponding with their sex at birth. meantime, pearl jam joining the ranks of musical acts boycotting shows in north carolina where a similar bathroom measure is now law saying that it encourages discrimination. >> pearl jam, bruce springsteen, bryan adams, although i think cindy laup syndi lauper is havi, lgbt -- >> want to do other work to voice my support for the issue. >> it's tricky. here's why. you know, gay marriage was
4:16 am
tricky, also, except it was a clear constitutional issue. this is about culture. so you'll see your cultural purveyors, right? >> isn't equality a constitutional issue? >> can be, but not litigated. they're popping up because the constitution hasn't been reconciled on it. just as big as music is faith. that's pushing the ball here as well. >> yeah. happening also, today's the big, we've been talking, primary day here in new york. this morning in headlines, potential trump campaign shake-up. he's obviously hoping for a landslide victory in his home state today. could this be a sign of trouble? we will hear from team trump, next. 98,352 what's that? the number of units we'll make next month to maximize earnings. that's a projection. no, it's a fact. based on hundreds of proprietary and open data sets folded into a real-time, actionable analytics model. nine. eight. three. five. two. you're not gonna round that up? you don't round up facts.
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4:20 am
welcome back. you're watching "new day." on new york primary day, the big question surrounding team trump, who's actually running the campaign? the role of campaign manager, corey lewendowski dramatically reduced. what's going on? to the co-chair of trump's
4:21 am
campaign, congressman from new york chris collins. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you were up late firing up a crowd at the first niagara center in buffalo, i promise to ask you about that. first, help us understand what is going on, internal rumblings within the trump campaign. we reported the person running field operations up and quit, but who -- who beyond trump at the top, congressman, who is steering the ship? >> well, you know, actually, that's not a role that i play. that's up to mr. trump what he's doing, but i think you're just seeing growing pains and now as the campaign is transitioning, if you will, into what will ultimately be a general election campaign against hillary clinton i think these are normal changes within any organization that you're likely to see as mr. trump is adding some very high-level and professional individuals. so personally, i can't speak to exactly all the inner workings, because that's not my job.
4:22 am
>> let me ask it this way. >> my job, working for constituents. >> i got you. i understand mr. trump was asked about this, pressed, in the blood stream this morning. the "new york times" is reporting paul manafort is the one largely steering the ship. talking corey lewendowski, campaign manager. mr. trump came on tv, yes, feel people's feelings get upset when you bring other people in but here we are, the big new york primary day, california just around the corner. you know, what sort of senate does this send to not just the trump campaign but supporters that major changes are afoot? big deal, or not too much? >> well, i think the big deal is that you're seeing mr. trump add very key individuals. there were speed bumps earlier on that mr. trump's acknowledged that all of us saw. so he's brought on additional individuals like mr. manafort and i think you're going to see changes, like i say, in any organization. i think it's positive.
4:23 am
mr. trump acknowledging he needed more people within the organization, and, sure, you always see a little in-fighting when that happens. turf wars. so i don't make anything of it. like he said today, we're focused on new york, 95 delegates. last night big, big night with the crowd. the enthusiasm was through the roof. would you have thought it was a stanley cup final in our hockey arena. screaming, usa, usa, build the wall, build the wall. i mean, it was -- the excitement, the electricity in our arena was -- will you to be there to appreciate it. >> we have some sound. let's listen to mr. trump there in buffalo. >> we're going to show ted cruz who hates new york -- hates new york. when you look a the that debate, and you see the way he talked about us and new york values, here's a man that turned down sandy money for this state, and plenty of other money. we had lots of things coming into new york, and he voted
4:24 am
against. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> how are you feeling going into today? how, you know, 95 delegates up for grabs. i don't know if ted cruz actually hates new york or not, but how are you feeling about how trump's chances will be in new york today? >> oh, i mean, he's going to, almost, if not, clean the slate here. 27 congressional district. it's just a question, does he hit 55 or 70% in the 27 congressional district, that's buffalo and the surrounding area. he's going to do extraordinarily well. we've lost our jobs to china and mexico. they've stolen our jobs. so the enthusiasm, the chanting you heard last night, it's going to show up today. i think we're going to have a record primary turnout, and you know, mr. trump, i'm confident is going to win every congressional district. the only question will be, does he get 51% in every congressional district to take
4:25 am
all three delegates per seat. so 85, 90, even 95, i wouldn't put it out of the question that he could, you know, certainly do 85 delegates, if not 90. >> you bring up an important point about so much focus how people are feeling ahead of this primary in the city of manhattan, but there you are in buffalo. you represent the district between rochester and buffalo. you mentioned, you know, tough times economically. job losses which so many people in this country can relate to. you're there on the ground. i mean, anecdotally, what really is on the minds of voters where you are, congressman? >> it is certainly, we're all worried about isis, and what's going on in the national level, but in this area, jobs, jobs and jobs. the jobs that were stolen. the manufacturing jobs where there's a 5-6-1 multiplier. the extra jobs that either came in with a manufacturing job or leave when they're heading to china or mexico.
4:26 am
so our area has been devastated economically. we've lost population, certainly as the rest of the world has grown. you know, i pointed out, i'm new york 27. it used to be new york 45. we've lost 40% of our congressional representation, as our area has been devastated over the last few decades. so it's -- it's worries about our children and our grandchildren, and having a future for them in western new york. so that is what mr. trump is tapped into, and that's why, you know, not only now in the primary, but come general election, this is where he's tapped into the democrats and the republican -- and the independent frustration with the establishment. so he's not only going to do great today but come november, he's going to do extraordinarily well in western new york. >> member of congress, endorsing mr. trump. congressman chris collins. thank you very much. happy voting. >> thank you, brooke.
4:27 am
and making a good argument why new york is so important. a metaphor effect of issues here reflecting what's going on around the around and a lot of delegates. you can only take so much from the pundits and politicians. this comes down to you. the real people. the voters. what matters most? what's influencing you? what's bothering you? we speak to this good-looking, res lute and yet some undecided new yorkers, when we come back.
4:28 am
they'll always be our babies. so there will be things to keep us up at night. will they find happiness? reach their potential. stay safe. fall in love. but tonight johnson's can help with a bedtime routine clinically proven to help them fall asleep faster. and stay asleep longer. there will be things to keep us up. but tonight, we sleep.
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4:31 am
so this morning we have been talking with real, live, new york voters, supporters of all five candidates, and a few undecideds and want to talk now about what issues matter most and other deciding factors for them. a couple foreigners talking to the resident new yorkers. >> the non-native new yorkers. >> great. i thought we'd start with people we didn't get to hear from last
4:32 am
hour. jeremy, start with you. got a microphone. ready to go. >> sure. >> you are supporting hillary clinton is what i know about you. why does she get your vote? >> i was undecided for a long time and then i followed both bernie and hillary on social media, and when i was following them i noticed that his social media was just very specific, like, and very one note and really just about this issue about wall street and there were a couple other issues but mainly what i was hearing from him. when i looked at her social media it was just all about, you know, her continued support for women, for people of color, for lgbt americans and so much more broad and i just felt like -- >> interesting. >> -- and i researched them looked at both their platforms. her platform was all-encompassing. >> amazing hour social media -- >> it really is. my man, voting for the candidate
4:33 am
in third place but resolute about this. why is it john kasich has your support? >> i think that john kasich has a conservative record you can actually trust a proven body of work, on the deeper, human level, for me, for president, over a million words in the english language. for me it's important that you be able to give a scathing rebuke of policy without actually dissparinging that policy. >> tone matters. >> to me, tone does matter. at the end of the day you have to be a commander in chief, engaged in principle leadership, not childs petulance. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> one of a million words in the dictionary. >> talk about that next hour definitely, specially with the new york values. and pass it to with the beautiful jacket back in the back. hearing from different voters and specifically this hour i wanted to hear, you like donald trump. tell me what pushed you over to support him? >> well, i was at first rooting
4:34 am
for rubio. once out of the race i continued to follow trump. what america is screaming for now is change, and those two big changes we need now are jobs, jobs, jobs. i would love for donald trump to bring made in the usa back to this country. everything you see throughout is made in china. made in china and made in china. we need to bring made in usa back to this country and security and protection for this country. we have got to stop isis at its tracks. terrorism is infiltrating this country and we need to take care of the immigration issue. the legal system and the illegal system. i think that trump will bring change back to this country. the tone? i don't like the tone but i think as we go throughout the campaign, his wife's been, you know, telling him, tone it down, and you have seen a differece. and i would just love for change in the washington establishment. america is screaming for change, and i would love to see somebody who is not a career politician take the white house. >> let's come down the other end to a beautiful lady in red down
4:35 am
here to carol. we didn't get to hear from you last hour, and i understand you're supporting hillary clinton. tone, as we've heard from a lot of people, something we've come into. hillary clinton what is it about her that draws you? i know that for you, you'll support someone, a woman in the white house, but you say that it's not just about a woman in the white house. you have to align with what she believes in. >> exactly. well, i'm very excited about voting for a woman to be president, and i've been a hillary supporter for a long time. i voted for her for senator both times and i voted for her in the primary in 2008. so i'm a longtime hillary fan, but what i love about her is she puts the focus squarelyn women, and in a way that other candidates don't. i'm so concerned about reproductive rights in this country. we're moving backwards, not forwards on reproductive rights and really concerned about the status of working women in this country. equal pay. the advancement of women have
4:36 am
stalled. got nowhere on equal pay, and so much that needs to be done on paid family leave, sick leave. all, you know, a whole host of child care initiatives and hillary has that unique view of the world through a woman's eyes, and i think that there's something also about her global mind-set, because she was the first secretary of state that created an ambassador for women and girls for global work, and i just think that that perspective is going to make a huge difference in the world. >> wow. i mean, a lot of varying issues. when i look at each of the perspectives we have from each of these voters, there's something they're very passionate about that seems to be what you're aligning with in terms of where your vote goes. >> no one here, sent to us before they go to the booth. no one's voted yet. pass down the microphone to josh here, the young bernie supporter talking why you like bernie. try to convince carol that she needs to change her mind. >> well, if you looked at both
4:37 am
candidates' platform and go back to when candidates announced, bernie sanders, he was bold. he came out right away. decided to lead on certain issues, and hillary clinton sort of waited to see what the democratic voter base consensus was before she decided to come out on any policy proposals. like, she came out for a $12 minimum wage instead of a $15 minimum wage initially. so i think if you really look at bernie sanders' plan, go to his website, you'll see he has the most comprehensive plan for not just wall street and tax reform but for criminal justice reform. for saving -- for preserving the environment. climate change. he pretty much touches on every key issue that is important to modern americans and especially millennials. >> does it convince you? >> rebuttal.
4:38 am
>> back to my bernie sanders' fan here. you didn't convince me, first of all, but i think that the idea that hillary is making up her mind after sanders is really not true. she has firm, strong and extremely well laid out positions. she is the wonky brainiac that i love, because i know she's thought through every position, and as our friend said here, jeremy, he said that she's got positioning on such a broad range of issues. very, very comprehensive, and that is more than you can say about mr. sanders. >> can i just say our green room will be very interesting. you have passion but reasonable about your ideas, values and thoughts. we appreciate you bringing your best game to us here on "new day." we ask you to stay put. send you back for some new york bagels and next hour, new york values and the campaign's nasty
4:39 am
rhetoric. a lot of conversation about tone this election cycle. what's your take at home? tweet us. keep them clean, nice, on christopher? >> tone, fuhgedaboudit! and donald trump's campaign manager is stirring up trouble in florida. the possible repercussions to the delegate lead for donald trump, ahead. ay) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. an explosive device going off on a city bus in jews lirus.
4:43 am
the fire spread to another bus nearby damaging another car as well. israel's president and prime minister calling it a terrorist attack. police acknowledge it was deliberate but are still looking at all possibilities. now, hamas issued a statement praising the attack, but they did not claim responsibility. all right. you know how much we talked about the water and the crisis in flint, michigan. we're learning the michigan governor rick snyder says he will drink tap water from flint the next 30 days to prove the water is safe. flint's aware became kaman acam tamenated in contaminated in 2014. the governor is encouraging all who live there to start using more filtered tap water instead of bottled. amazing. the broadway hip-hop musical "hamilton" nobody's getting tibts to, adding a new honor. the pulitzer prize. the smash hit becoming only the
4:44 am
ninth to win a pulitzer in the nearly 100-year history of the prize. the show's creative writer, tweeting the word grateful over and over. the clear front-runner for top musical runners when the tony awards are handed out in june. i could push it over the top to make it more difficult to get a ticket. >> and deserved. never seen something onstage influence kids, their parents, everybody, the way this is. >> genius. there is a shake-up in the trump campaign, period. doesn't matter who you ask. the question is, why and what's really going on? who's in charge? corey lewendowski is the punitive campaign manager. has his role been reduced? something unusual or just the flow? this comes as lewendowski stirs up controversy by going off on florida's republican party chair alleging bias against the donald. listen. >> here the's problem with the rolls. one example. in the state of florida donald trump dominated won by 23 points
4:45 am
over competitors and awarded 99 delegates under the party rules. of those 99 delegates, the chairman of the power of florida, about avid and outward supporter of marco rubio gets to appoint 30 of those delegates. i understand those are the rules but donald trump won and now a person supporting marco rubio who gets to appoint 30 of the 99 delegates. that's not what the rules should be. >> bringing a a republican party spokesman, wadi, are you dirty in florida? allowing an inside here doesn't like trump to appoint up to one therpd third of the delegates he rightfully won? >> good morning, chris. here's what we know. we know that mr. lewendowski got his facts wrong. first of all, our chairman has remained neutral in a year florida has seen a former governor and u.s. sitting
4:46 am
senator compete in the race. a lot of elected officials came out and endorsed several candidates, florida is an important swing state that in the primary we'll remain neutral and we have stayed committed to that. one he got wrong. second, none of our delegates are appointed by the chairman or party bosses or any kind of way you want to characterize it. our delegates are elected in the grass roots level, at a local decentralized, the way elections should be. one thing right pt at beginning stated donald trump won 45% floex florida but awarded 99 delegates. that is party rules. we play by the rules here. we didn't give donald trump proportional, winner take alls because those are the rules and we follow those here in florida and that's what he got wrong, and believe that it's counter productive to go on national tv and give false accusations, give false statements. it doesn't help unite our party.
4:47 am
>> lewendowski feeled very confident there is some shenanigans going on within the party structure in florida that is going to disadvantage trump. you're saying it's grass roots. it's not easy to figure out the rules there in a lot of these states. you know, they're not all found in one simple place, but it seems that the state heart hpara lot of sway with what's going to happen with the delegate selection process. it's not unusual, not specific just to florida, but can you really say the state party has no role in who these delegates end up being? >> i do understand, yes, every state has different rules and every state unique, but what we have been here in the party is open and transparent. we have 99 delegates. 81 of those delegates are chosen by local leaders. 15 delegates are what is called at-large delegates. they are suggested by the chairman and then they are voted on and approved by the executive board, which is composed of 27
4:48 am
local leaders that meet and come together, and, again, they vote on individuals that are not pre-screened for who they would vote for in a scenario of an open convention. they are only pre-screened to see if they are registered republicans. if they are committed to the party. if they have been using their efforts and time to grow the initiatives we have here in florida, to grow and increase voters in our state and then you have three automatics which is the state party chair. our state committee man and committee woman. yes, there is involvement of the party, but there is a democracy behind what we do where people are elected by their peers to then represent in the open convention. so it is false to say we are rigging the process. the rules have been set. they were set way before the first primary. these are rules that all of the candidates had an opportunity to review. they're on our website and, again, we believe in an open, transparent process. >> ted cruz has been doing a lot
4:49 am
on an organizational level to influence or deal with who winds up getting delegates even if not apportioned to him by popular vote. can he do the same in florida? >> well, we are very much a grass roots state. florida is very diverse everywhere from the panhandle to key west, miami and everywhere in between. so you do have to have an organization and a campaign that understands the grass roots. that understands the process, and that is willing to meet, and essentially, you know, sell your vision for the country to these delegates. so ted cruz does have that opportunity. donald trump, kasich, we have been in contact with all of their campaigns. we are aware of people that they are working with here in florida, that they have been very involved. they have also submitted a list of recommendations to the party. they have been in the state even after the primary. donald trump was at the palm beachparty.
4:50 am
>> but meeting with local leaders. ted cruz, the same. we know these candidates are very much involved. they have an opportunity to be success frl. we know that florida was very important in the primary. very important right now, because of the delegate process. and we are also the largest swing state. so if you believe you're going to be the nominee, you better be spending time in florida. >> waddy waddy, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. over the past couple of months, all the different candidate whose would like to be the next president of the united states. but what about hearing from our men and women in uniform. i went to find out, i took four planes, aircraft carrier and helicopter to talk to these four sailors. what they want in the next commander in chief, coming up next. he boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental.
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4:55 am
i said to them, how closely are you following the u.s. presidential election? answer, very closely. here they were. >> given what is happening out here in this important mission that you're involved in, why do you think this election is so important? >> one, few things that they have direct control over is the military. you've got to look at it and who will take the best care of the people. whether they have the knowledge to do it themselves or the knowledge to pick someone who can give them the best advice, democratic or republican, whoever it is, doesn't matter who it is coming from, find the best advice and to listen to it. >> i know you all as active members, you know, you can't comment on any candidate specifically, so i won't ask about a potential president clinton or potential president trump. what is the most important quality in a commander in chief? >> being a leader. so we are leaders, each and every single one of us out here everyday. so the president, you're leading our nation. you are the commander in chief.
4:56 am
we're going to take orders from you essentially. through the chain of command, but that's what it takes. someone who is willing to make the right decision. for us, living the sacrifices real time to execute the orders given. >> you are not in a total dark hole. so how much are you following what is happening back home, updates on the war on terror, brussels? what was your mediaimmediate reaction? >> it's sad for the people there and people involved. you hope that we can find a way to keep pushing prevent things from happening like that in the future. >> we have a huge part in, you know kurbing some of the terrorism in the world. >> does that frustrate you, they've been successful elsewhere? >> that's not necessarily frustrating, but to do our job,
4:57 am
this is apart of it. to protect our country, and the human race itself. the idea, getting everybody on the same page and hopefully our country can solve things diplomatically. that would always be the best solution. that's why we have our presidential terms as short as they are, to try to get new perspective and new insights and capitalize on what past presidents have done. >> what do you think the biggest misconception is back home toward you all? >> our emotions towards the people that may be doing this doesn't go that far. we don't hate anybody. but we do need to make the proper decisions without that emotional connection. and that's -- i think that's what it is all about. making the best decisions for the country and for the world essentially. >> it's incredible.
4:58 am
we talked for an hour sitting there. they don't have wi-fi in the middle of the persian gulf, but they do have facebook. they're watching the debates, they have television, they can watch certain shows. they can watch kentucky. they're plugged in. candidates planning to fight isis, these are the men and women on the frontlines. >> we know this high level, but you gave us a visual and perfect reminder of how the leadership of a commander in chief takes on increased significance for those people. and all of the people in our military, because that's their boss, giving them the go ahead for any mission. >> that's their boss. >> as you probably learned there, always interesting to me that the people have the most to lose by what the policies are, often have the least heated political opinions. >> yes. >> they just want to do their job and be there, and the rest of us are talking. >> so much more later this afternoon. meantime, we have to -- >> who is that? >> could it be hillary clinton?
4:59 am
>> taking a picture of her. >> do you like that? she has officially arrived at her polling place, just shy of 8:00 this morning. and there is her husband, the former president of the united states. couple who votes together. >> up there in douglas elementary school. >> do you have my license? did i bring my license? >> who should we vote for? >> do they check their i.d. >> i'm running for president, damn it. >> the woman is looking through this book. >> you're not on the list. how embarrassing. >> how do you spell clinton? k or c? >> can you imagine if she's not on there. your address again? >> that's a moment that those pollste pollsters will remember the rest of their life. it's an honor, but to have the former president and a presidential contender that day,
5:00 am
those four people will never forget that. >> interesting in terms of the dynamic of the voting. what you really want is this image of this candidate in their community. that's always been an interesting thing with hillary clinton. they moved into the state, she wound up becoming senator very quickly here and then went international as secretary of state thereafter. so it has always been an interesting correction tore them. bill has always been loved in this state. >> another photo opportunity. >> it doesn't happen -- >> can you imagine someone who happens to be voting, you know that she just photo bombed them. >> you know chances are high, but imagine, just jumping in a picture, but who could be absolutely the next president of the united states. >> it's interesting, because you know, hillary can talk to people, take pictures, but you can't work the voters over there in the voting booth. >> swaying people last minute. >> chitchat and what's going on in the community. >> look, this is the big morning here, the new york polls are
5:01 am
open. that's what today is about. the big new york primary. good morning to you and welcome to your "new day." i hope you're going to vote if you're here in new york. we want major participation in both parties. this is it. who is going to win? bernie sanders, hillary clinton, showing a big statement, that means for clinton, getting 247 democratic delegates that this race seems almost impossible for sanders to win. sanders, wants to make a different statement that this race is far from over, brooke. >> as we watch, we saw the live pictures of hillary clinton voting, of course, bernie sanders later as well. let's talk about the republicans. donald trump. he could win his home state with more than 50% of the vote. that's what so many people are watching for. that would mean he would get all of those prized delegates, all 95 on the republican side. as the voting begins this morning, there are reports of another big shake-up in the trump camp. we'll be hearing much more. by the way, we have ten lovely people before they even hit the
5:02 am
polls, voting booths this morning. they're talking to us, because it's so important not to just talk to the experts, but to the real people of the great state of new york. we have that for you. also the primary race covered the way cnn. chris frates, good morning. >> reporter: i was with her, i'm here in brooklyn, another battle ground. the battle of brooklyn. bernie sanders a nate of brooklyn, brooklyn heights campaign, they crisscrossed new york city yesterday. five hours to shake hands, kiss babies and remind people what is at stake, what is up for grabs is 250 delegates. that is second to california. in new york, you win proportionate proportionately. bernie sanders needs a big night to help cut his lead against hillary clinton. hillary clinton feeling pretty good coming in today.
5:03 am
leading by double digits in the polls and hopefully making it mathematically impossible for bernie sanders to catch her. >> i am hoping to do really well tomorrow, and hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination. but, but, i'm not -- i have to quickly add that, before anybody has the wrong impression. >> now, just to give you a sense of how much is riding on -- now just to give you a sense of how much is riding on today, hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading accusations throughout the day through the bitter end, the sanders folks saying hillary clinton is trying to circumvent campaign law, sanders folks say, excuse me, clinton folks say that is absolutely not true. they are abiding by the letter of the finance law and these are false attacks at another
5:04 am
character smear by a desperate sanders campaign. it gives you a sense, as the pollsters coming into the poll, just how much is at stake michae michaela. >> now we turn to the republican side, donald trump, beaming with confidence in his home state, predicting a landslide victory to reig nareignite his campaign. many wondering, who is steering the ship. cnn jason carroll more for us, hi, jason. >> who is steering the ship. that would be donald trump. he is the one captain of the ship. you can be sure about that. but what a big win in the state of new york would mean for the trump campaign is they could start to shift, start to change the narrative. so far, as you know, so much of what we heard out of the trump campaign has been all about this so-called crooked, rigged delegate system. how delegates are awarded. trump upset about losses in
5:05 am
places like colorado, wyoming. stuart jolly, says it's the right thing to do, stepping down. not being forced out. no talk about that from donald trump at his rally up in buffalo. he did, however, have some very choice words for ted cruz. >> we're going to show ted cruz who hates new york, hates new york, when you look at that debate, and you see the way he talked about us and new york values, no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> reporter: trump expected to hit one of the polling places like this one within about the next two hours or so. latest polling showing that trump still way ahead of both cruz and kasich, looking ahead. polling well in pennsylvania,
5:06 am
places like connecticut as well. and according to what the trump campaign is saying, if they can do well in the state of new york, then going forward, pennsylvania, connecticut and rhode island, that will then set the momentum and the tone going forward. they believe, if they can do well in all of these places, they will have that magic 1,237 number in time tore the convention this upper. >> a lot of ifs built in. that's what make days like today so exciting. we'll check back with you in a little bit. the polls are open for two hours in some new york counties now. we've seen hillary clinton and bill clinton, her democratic opponent, hoping his enthusiastic supporters show up in droves. huge turnout is the key to his victory. let's go to miguel marquez in lancaster, new york. what are you seeing in terms of turnout, and we're called they're called screen in front of the voters.
5:07 am
screens. >> they're actually called privacy folders, but i'm going to go with baby booths, because it's more interesting. >> how about the thingy. >> i'm not going to go against these two. this is sandy and connie, checking in voters all morning long. they're going to go until 9:00 p.m., just outside of buffalo. they check in with the voting district. you can see those white thingies there or privacy folders, or baby booths. it has been a very, very steady turnout in part, because this is the first time in about 40 years in a presidential, both democrats and republicans actually matter in new york state matter to the race. it is also enormously huge, because you have three new yorkers basically running in this race. they're expecting moderate to heavy turnout across the state. about 307,000 new registrants since december 1, 2015.
5:08 am
the 170,000 democrats, so far, so good here. but we'll be here all day, keeping track of those screens, chris. brooke. >> i'll take it. i'll take it. i was befuddled with all these different names. miguel, thank you very much. team clinton, i have joel with us this morning. she just voted. >> she did. >> any idea who she would have cast her ballot for. >> probably the same people i did. >> she was in queens, drinking her bubble tea yesterday. she said i never count my chickens before they hatch. 207 delegates up for the democratic side. realistically, how well are you hoping to do? >> realistically, we know we're going to win here. we're confident. senator sanders called this a must win state for them.
5:09 am
we're around 220 now. you have it at 229. we would like to add to that and build it up closer to the 250 number today. that would be good. >> how do you, if we're waking up tomorrow morning and having this post game conversation, and the turnout is huge, they could do well. it could be an upset or strong for them if they come within single digits to hillary clinton. how does strategy change in the morning? >> in the states with the highest turnout, with more than 7% of votes have voted, hillary clinton has won 17 of them. so i think senator sanders about high turnout benefitting him hasn't been proven out. delegates, all the way through. we're going to add to the pledged delegate lead today, no matter what the ultimate number is, whether we win by five, seven, eight, we'll add to our pledged delegate lead. that is an insurmountable amount
5:10 am
for senator sanders to climb over the next couple of weeks. we have five states a week from today where we expect to do well in maryland, and we will keep adding to that lead. he keeps losing real estate. that's why it is a difficult task for him. >> the allegations toward you all in a letter to the d inc, accusing you of misusing funds between your cam and the dnc from last year. the response has been this was the same argument they made with the sanders camp. i know that no legal chal lenl -- challenge has been filed, maybe it's not that serious, but what is your response? >> my response is this the kind of desperate false attack that they're making on the eve of an election that they know they're losing, they call the must -- >> you think it's desperate. >> it's the same agreement that senator sanders signed himself. it's the same agreement that barack obama, john kerry have
5:11 am
signed and used. they're the same kind of agreements that senator sanders benefited from when joint democratic committee supported him in his elections for senate, even though he wasn't running on the democratic line, he was supported by them. he attended fund-raisers donating to these committees. so let's see it for what it is. a desperate, false attack by a campaign that is on the brink of losing in the state they said is a must win state for them. the real challenge, is senator sanders going to stop attacks that hurt democrats that we need up and down the ticket. is he going to try to support the party that is in favor of protecting voting rights, women's rights, or turn himself into someone who will do what he said he wasn't going do, and be a ralph nader and try to destroy the party when it comes to defeating republicans in december. >> we'll wait for senator sanders. let me pivot, because bernie
5:12 am
sanders was sitting in that chair yesterday. chris asked a great question. have you started to give any sort of thought to, if you do not win the nomination, and hillary clinton goes on to clinch, and you have all of these faithful bern followers, what will you say to them? to have them support a democratic on the ticket? this is what senator sanders' response was. >> yeah, he don't control millions of people. but the clinton campaign is going to have to make the case to those young people that in fact, they are prepared to stand up for some real fundamental changes in this country. that's a case they have not yet been able to make. >> he doesn't feel like your camp has properly addressed the issues of all of these faithful young voters. how do you respond to that? >> i think with all due respect to senator sanders, he is not the sole judge that any voter cares about whether they're young or old. we're not saying that senator sanders hasn't tried to address
5:13 am
issues that people over 30 or over 35 or over 50 care about. >> but a lot of these young voters are in his camp. >> yeah, sure, let's be clear. we've won 2.4 million votes than sanders. >> i know. >> for senator sanders to act like he has won a majority of the votes -- >> but he has some that you want. >> we will court them. we want them to be part of the democratic party if they believe in the values, the party of the people. we have been fighting for equal justice on economic issues, social issues, protecting women's health care. it's why hillary clinton has been supported by groups like planned parenthood, the human rights campaign. fighting for lgbt rights, for environmental groups. climate change, those are issues that people care about, of all ages, and we need to win them in november, and we will -- we're going to win them in november. because we're going to campaign
5:14 am
hard for their votes. >> live pictures outside, signing autographs after she cast her ballot. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> michael la. breaking news out of afghanistan now. coordinated suicide attack on a government security agency in central kabul during the morning rush. we know at least 28 people were killed. approximately 300 others injured. this target, this targeted attack, rather, the office of the security team that works for tech government, vips, afghan official says two a taerks were responsible. one was a suicide bomber. the other was killed by police. the governor he have texas declaring a state of disaster, deadly storm drenching the entire plains region. flash floods, submerging cars in houston. it came faster and harder than they expected. this man was stuck in his car, he had to swim out. emergency crews have been completely overburdened by this.
5:15 am
they're asking surrounding states, community help to try to get more resources. you're seeing people to their own means to deal with this. officials say some areas of houston receiving more than 16 inches of rainfall, but remember, in just 24 hours, 16 inches in one day. good news, it is expected to weaken today and tonight. also today, bill cosby's wife camille answering more questions under oath. this will be her second deposition in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven women, who say they were branded as liars after going public with sexual assault allegations against her husband. the judge saying improper questions will not be allowed, including questions about private communications between the spouses. cosby has repeatedly denied all allegations made by some 50 women. need a laugh? >> yes. >> that was awesome, you guys. totally in concert. hillary clinton ditching foreign policy and talking food. good schooled on how to eat
5:16 am
cheesecake. i didn't know that was a thing. by steven col bentrol bert. >> he is not a vee gan? >> he isn't. >> he never says that sandwich is somebody's baby. >> he doesn't say that. he is a very open-minded vegan. >> another grandchild on the way i understand. >> that's true. >> congratulations. >> so exciting. >> are you a cool grandma will you eat them whatever they want. >> he is so head over heels in love with our granddaughter. >> will he give them the snacks or great news, we've got kale chips? last week here in new york, you went to juniors, and you didn't have any cheesecake. why not? >> well, it's awkward eating in front of the press. >> there is a way to eat cheesecake without looking silly. >> will you show me? >> i will. okay, first of all, use a fork. >> always good to use a fork. >> you want to take off just a
5:17 am
little bit off the top right here, and then just eat as much as you want. >> that was awesome. i did not expect that. can we talk about smug vegan. do you know any? >> kale chips anyone? >> i love the intelligence, the quit wit and how he gets these people, in character all the time. >> she was completely there. she was in it. she was having a grand time. >> great addition to the late night crew. you know who else, rudy giuliani, former mayor. you've got your own show. rudy giuliani, he could have his own show. look at him, sitting in the green room, looking good as always. he says he is going to vote for donald trump, but not in the endorsement business. rudy giuliani, with his take on the primary in the great state of new york, when we come back. good to see you, mr. mayor. through small things,
5:18 am
big things, and spur of the moment things.
5:19 am
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5:21 am
new questions this morning about what's going on inside the donald trump campaign. there is a shake-up, no doubt about that. but how significant is this? what does it mean? more importantly, what does today mean for donald trump, the all important primary here in new york. what does he need to do here? what will this mean for the race going forward. a man with great perspective is here to give us some answers this morning. the former mayor of new york city, mr. rudy giuliani. mr. mayor. >> good to see you.
5:22 am
>> as always. let's check some of the boxes here early on. you believe donald trump wins in new york. >> i do. i believe he wins big. the question is how big. >> okay, so let's put up the delegates needed tabulation. because the campaign is saying we can get to 1,237, the 50% plus one threshold, 62% he needs to win from here on out. he never gets that percentage of delegates. >> well, if he wins new york, and picks up 80 to 90 delegates. >> that number would go to 56%. >> you're starting to get close. he is going to states where he is going to be really popular and cruz is not. he'll go to states like pennsylvania, rhode island, where he could hit 50, 55, 56%. i also believe, if he is within 20 or 30 within the nomination, they have to give it to him. >> that's not the rule. >> i know, but they change other rules, so why not change that rule. >> that's a pretty fundamental
5:23 am
rule, though. nobody knows rules like you. you were a u.s. attorney. that's the magic number showing you have the right percentage of 50% plus in delegates. that's not like a procedural rule. >> i'm not so sure about that. you can be elected with 42% for the mayor of new york. pluralities, just because it is a rule, doesn't mean it's fair. >> do you think it's unfair. >> do i think the way trump is being treated, of course, that's unfair. >> is that about it being to trump. >> unfair. >> or working the system. >> it's unfair. just because something is a rule doesn't make fair. >> true. >> if you get three points for a basket and i get two, that's an unfair rule. >> unless the rule you can work the delegates after the vote takes place. >> that's what this is all about. all that back room, i mean, i think you have all the sanders votes and all the trump votes,
5:24 am
because they're disgusted with the back room politics that's been going on. >> no question. >> and they have been fooled into thinking, because the voters don't know about all this silline silliness. >> we're trying to show them but hard to get it through. >> when he gets new york, or at least a proportionate amount of new york. they didn't know some party leader comes along and takes 20 votes away. nobody ever told them that. ifp if priebus changes the rule. >> he would not say that, the rule 40(b), that was just for one convention. the rules committee will meet this time and figure out what rules they want. >> the rule has been unfair for 100 years, let's change it. the reality is, if the rule is unfair, and it's not just me, poll republicans, 6 out of 10 republicans, the man or woman with the most votes should be the nominee. >> scrap the whole delegate
5:25 am
system? >> maybe we should make the votes of the delegates count and not have people in back rooms -- >> you think whoever -- >> absolutely. >> like the electorate college. if i vote for trump for president, that electoral college vote is stuck with me. >> for all rounds. >> yeah, that's a democracy. 7 out of 10 republicans believe that the republican with the most votes should get it. and if you get within 5 or 10, then it gets ridiculous. >> i know you have lot of insight into the ongoing, what's going on inside the trump campaign, that's not your role. >> it isn't my role. >> that's why i'm not asking you about what's going on with lewandowski, who is in charge i want inside scoop, mr. mayor. >> this is the change that was necessary. >> yeah. >> to go from a campaign that was an insurgent campaign, campaign that was challenging everything, to a campaign that
5:26 am
now has to become a national campaign. this always happens. ronald reagan did this, bill clinton did this. this happens all the time. when you start moving a primary campaign, it's different than a general election campaign. small state primary campaign, different than a big state primary campaign. so i think he is trying to put the pieces in place that will help him with what lies ahead, which is the big states like california. >> i have to decided to give you a hard time about something. >> go ahead. >> it doesn't make sense to me that you are going to vote for trump, but you won't endorse him. >> okay, so i'll endorse him, but i'm not part of the campaign. >> what's the difference? i'm rudy giuliani, i mean a lot in new york politics. >> okay, i'm rudy giuliani -- >> i endorse donald trump. >> i'm rudy giuliani, i mean in new york politics, i endorse donald trump, but i'm not part of the campaign. >> what does that last part mean. >> i'm not a surrogate. they haven't asked me to do anything, i'm not involved in the campaign.
5:27 am
i'm not called upon to give advice, except a few times when i volunteered it. i'm not part of the campaign apparatus. i don't want people to think i am. >> how is that different than mayor de blasio saying he endorses hillary clinton. >> he is parts of her organization. i'm not. if you want to interpret it as an endorsement -- >> you were really strict about it the last time. >> you can interpret it as an endorsement, but i'm not part of the campaign. >> isn't that odd? >> no. >> what was that about, endorsement, but not part of the organization? >> just so you understand, i can't give you the information that you want about the -- i don't speak for the campaign. if you endorse somebody, every time i've endorsed somebody, i've been part of the campaign, i speak for the campaign. but if you interpret that as an endorsement, it's an endorsement. if you interpret it in any way you shouldn't vote for donald trump, absolutely not. trump is clearly the best choice. he is the best choice for new york. he is the best choice for the
5:28 am
country. he is the one who can beat hillary clinton. cruz is a straight over hand fastball for hillary clinton. she'll knock him out of the park. trump, she'll have no idea what to do with. he is a mariono rivera. >> high praise from a yankee fan. >> sand man? >> he is coming at you like this. >> wow. >> cruz is coming at you like this. democrats have been hitting very, very right wing republicans like cruz out of the ballpark for years. >> you sure he's not more of a knuckle baller? >> i haven't said knuckle ball, screwball, curve ball. i picked that on purpose. >> i know you did. mr. mayor, thank you for the insight. i appreciate it. and the endorsement, although i think there is some room for that. what do you think? should the delegate system be changed? do you believe there is something wrong with those party rules? tweet us @newday or post it on facebook/new day.
5:29 am
the sanders campaign making massive accusations about hillary clinton's fundraising as new york voters heading to the polls. up next, sanders' campaign manager joins us and we will talk to our panel of amazing new york voters. we're going to talk specifically about the tone and tenor, all of these campaigns, democrats, republicans, and two of you this morning, still undecided on this primary day. stay here, you're watching "new day." one totally focused on what's next for your business. a true partnership where people, technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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5:33 am
vermont, looking for a big day here in new york. and having increasingly big problems with the clinton campaign, specifically about fundraising, sanders suggested that the dnc and clinton may be violating laws, as voters heading to the booths. let's talk to jeff weaver, sanders campaign manager. what are you expecting out of the polls today. >> i think bernie sanders will do well today. much better than the public
5:34 am
polls that we have seen. you know, we'll see if we can push it over the top. that depends on turnout we could do it. >> is the path to victory, is the path to relevancy at the convention and mandate? >> oh, no, no, no. this is about the nomination. bernie sanders is in this to win it. and there is a path to win it. he has to win most states going forward but he doesn't have to win every state. but we have a path to victory, absolutely. >> dirty pool is what the sanders campaign is saying. that there is too much collusion between the dnc, the democratic national party, and hillary clinton's campaign. what do you know? >> well, this is what -- if you're talking about yesterday's press release we put out. this is the problem. this a joint fundraising agreement between hillary clinton and the dnc. that fundraising agreement allows people to write one check and they can split it up in a certain way. the rest goes to the dnc. what's going on is they spent in
5:35 am
the last quarter, $15 million of that money on direct mail and e-mail solicitations. let me tell you something, bernie sanders funds his whole campaign. those will only produce contributions that will go to secretary clinton. not -- none for the dnc. >> how do you know? >> because that's how we fund our campaign. because of that, what she is getting to do is use money from -- that's above the $2,700 limit, which she couldn't take, but subsidizing her campaign. >> this direct mail and those types of solicitations will only yield money for hillary clinton, and not down ticket. but that's -- >> because if they're not $2,700, none of it goes to the down ticket people. when you do direct mail solicitations or online solicitations, you do not go any where near $2,700. >> so $500, it can only go to
5:36 am
hillary clinton. >> it goes all to hillary clinton. >> so the first 27 has to go to hillary clinton is what you're saying. >> yes. >> the money amount of the e-mail return is not 2,700 plus, it's all for hillary. >> exactly. that's being funneled wided at initial, they get one fund-raiser, give some of the secretary, some to the dnc. and then they take the rest of it, they hold. some of that money is from people who gave more than $2,700. she can't take that money. but then they are using that money to do these solicitations that will generate money that will only go to her. >> they say this has been out for weeks and months, this type of planning. why now? >> the fcc report just came out, which revealed what was going on. the "washington post" wrote about this a couple of months ago. the evidence is now in with this $15 million. >> a lot of campaigning by the clinton campaign in new york has
5:37 am
revolved around the gun issue. had the senator gave it very thorough treatment. i wanted to give him full -- >> i watched it. >> thank you very much. you and my mom. i appreciate it. on that issue, he said originally, do you think the newtown family -- no. he said, one word, quick. then i asked for clarification. what do you mean no, why, this isn't a mom and pop shop. this is about marketing. >> okay, yes, they should be able to sue. he is not known as a man who pops around on issues. i don't understand his thinking. >> when you say it is a one word no answer that he gave, there is a whole nother paragraph. he explains his position. if you read the transcript, he does explain that the nuance of his position in that interview. >> but still, they shouldn't be able to sue, but here is why. >> no, he talks about the exceptions when they should be able to sue. you have to read the whole transcript. >> he doesn't think the newtown
5:38 am
families should be able to sue. >> he said on the show yesterday yes. >> i guess the follow-up question goes to why, why is he -- he knows this is a good position to have in new york state, with that working family left part of the democratic party he is trying to court. it brings up senator gillibrnd, a former nra member. she had an interesting take on what she thinks the senator's challenge is. >> i just don't think he is fully getting how horrible it is for these families. i sat down with a mother last week in brooklyn, and she lost her 4-year-old baby. and she couldn't tell the story without tears streams down her eyes. she just, she took her kid to a park, every mom takes her kid to a park, and she took her kid to a park and the kid was killed. a baby. a 4-year-old. so you want to take this on from start to finish, you're not
5:39 am
fully appreciating why it's crippling america. >> what is your reaction? >> well, look, i am a parent. you're parent. to lose a child in that way, i mean, it's just unimaginable. i can't imagine ever recovering from that. and you know, bernie sanders has been consistently in favor of gun safety legislation, d minus with the nra. banned assault weapons as early as 19 88, instant background checks. closing the loophole. he has been there issue after issue, fighting for gun legislation. >> jeff weaver, good luck today, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> mic. all right, new york values ahead of today's primary. we are going to have this new york values with these fine new yorkers. they have values. do those values align with what the politicians are saying? our panel of voters will weigh
5:40 am
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five things to know for why you new day. voting under way at the new york primary. hillary clinton claiming a win will clinch the nomination for her. bernie sanders hoping for the upset. 247 democratic delegates at stake. meanwhile, donald trump poised for his first major victory in weeks, amid a shake-up in his campaign. he is hoping for a clean sweep of the 95 gop delegates in new york's primary.
5:44 am
overseas, taliban government security agency in central kabul during the morning rush. we know at least 28 people were killed. 300 others, more than that, in fact, injured. in houston, record breaking rain. leaving parts of that city under water. that storm already being blamed for five deaths. we know more than 1,200 water rescues have occurred. officials say some areas of houston received 16 inches of rainfall in the last 24 hours. hollywood mourning the death of doris roberts on everybody loves raymond mond. she will be missed. for more on the five things to know, visit "new day." >> i'm about to sound like my mother. all the years i was young, sa no to the tanning oil and reach for the sunscreen. why are we talking about this, in today's "new day," new you,
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5:49 am
we wanted to take you back one more time to our voter panel. new york has been a pivot tal state and so has the concept of morning values, what does that really mean. who better to ask than real new yorkers. so we have them this morning. good enough to come in to cnn,
5:50 am
voting afterwards. native new yorkers, that's incredible. yes, thank you. i wasn't quite sure about you. i want begin with you. you like governor kasich. when you hear new york values as a new yorker what does that mean? >> again, i think the whole statement of new york values was taken out of context, but there is no such thing as quote-unquote new york values. all people value what they believe in equally in many states. for me personally, i really do truly believe that we're all god's children, even if auto we're not followers of jesus christ. the reason i support governor kasich, and i can't support someone like donald trump, because the american presidency is a public trust, regardless if they support your campaign or whether they subscribe to your beliefs. that's what is important, and that's what it has stood for and what to be the -- >> joseph, probably more
5:51 am
acumencal. who are the republicans here? republicans do believe, and i talked to but this already, but who wants to answer the question about why republicans do feel that new york, over time, has represented things politically that are not advantageous to the republican party? who wants to make the case? go ahead. >> thanks, chris. that's a good question. new york is such a blue state. i feel at times, on a national level, we've been forgotten. you know what, there is a hard-core group of conservatives here in the state that represent the new york values, which is work hard, get ahead. new yorkers are tough people, man. we get knocked down. we get right back up. we're very competitive. new yorker also hold two, three jobs to be able to pay for their taxes, and stay here in new york state. so i'm happy as a new yorker that the national, you know, the national level, you know, we're getting some props finally in new york. >> joe. >> yes, i think the quote was
5:52 am
taken out of context, but i think that it was insulting as well. i became involved in politics because of america's mayor, mayor giuliani, and i think some people in this country, when they feel that he is apart of the republican party, but he was a fantastic mayor in this city. i think that the party needs to be open and inclusive to everyone. >> now, interestingly, when rudy giuliani was here, democratic or republican, you all lit up when he was here, trying to call him over for pictures. him offering $25 a picture. no, he didn't. he was happy to take photos. help me understand the endorsement thing. he likes trump. he has come on the show many times arguing for trump early on. he now says i'm voting for him and he wouldn't endorse him. today, i got him to say it is an endorsement but i'm not part of the organization. does anybody have a question -- >> do you even care, support versus endorse. >> i don't care. >> you don't care about his
5:53 am
opinions? >> you like hillary clinton. >> hand the microphone down there. i don't want it to look like voter suppression. >> you're saying that rudy doesn't matter to you in terms of an endorsement, not that you're baffled? >> rudy is not a person who i admire on the political spectrum, and i don't care that he endorses trump. i think that it's kind of symbolic that he is kind of halfway in and halfway out. >> he says he is not, though. he says it is a full endorsement. >> it doesn't sound like. >> he is the best, but i'm not part of the organization. >> i wouldn't put it as a headline. >> it broke on my show. i would. >> you got it. someone like hillary clinton, who i'm supporting, i think she has, you know, a really strong proposition to make at all times about what new york values are. new york values, to me, are diversity and inclusion. you walk around the streets of new york, and you see people from everywhere, not just in this country, but from everywhere in the world.
5:54 am
yes, and that's what new york values are. it's that we accept people for who they are, and we live together in that amazing city, that amazing surroundings. and it's -- we get our energy from that diversity and from that diverse perspective. >> jump in. >> it had occurred to me as i was coming down here, we are miles way from the statue of liberty, which says me bring me your tired, your poor, your hundredar hungry. i just don't see any respect for that whatsoever on the republican side. >> how does a republican respond to that? >> well, i think new york values to me is about hard work, and a growingly diverse environment. it is about rising to challenge and dreaming big. that's what the city is about. i think that we find our strength in diversity. i think that as lopping as we respect each other for being diverse, i think that's is what makes us strong. >> you have been great
5:55 am
representatives for the state in which you live and vote in, which you have to do right now. don't be hypocrites. >> the three hours of keeping you on lockdown at cnn, you are now released. go vote. >> you know you're in it for the right reasons. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. good stuff coming up for you, tuesday edition, next. i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at hoplenty fast.? it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m. it's how well you mow fast. what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand.
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5:59 am
i'll tell you, between the politics and mic leaving, you've got to get the good stuff in here. what makes you cry, bangor maine, she found someone stole her wagon. listened to what happened. when her mom reported it to the police, this is what happened. >> the outreach from the community and around the country from people stating they wanted to buy a wagon for the little girl, that was nice. we didn't accept it at that time, because we were kind of hoping someone would bring back the wagon. >> so nobody brings it back. that's when this little girl, from southern maine, shows up at the station with her dad, and guess what they won? >> they gave us $50 towards the wagon, we figured we would find one. with the help of walmart, who
6:00 am
donated the wagon in the end, we were able to give them a gift card as well. >> they got a two-fer. she said i know what it would feel like, i want to help her. >> is that a radio flyer? >> yeah, new kind, plastic. not that rusted stuff. >> i love it. thanks so much, guys. time for newsroom with carol costello. she'll help you with the hard times. i'm going do my best. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the newsroom, primary day in new york, the donald looking to dominate. >> we're going to keep winning. we're going to win, win, win. >> but still taking swipes. >> no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> can hillary clinton seal the deal? >> i'm hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination, but i'm


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