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tv   New Day  CNN  April 20, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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delegate score card. mr. berman? >> ms. baldwin, decisive wins for hillary clinton and donald trump here in the big apple. on the republican side, donald trump got more than 60% of the vote. john kasich in second. ted cruz way down at third at 14%. look at the democrats right now. hillary clinton at 57%. 15 points higher than bernie sanders. that is more than either campaign thought the margin would be heading into the election yesterday. that means hillary clinton walks away with 139 delegates. bernie sanders gets 108. she increases her delegate margin in this state. on the republican side, way more one-sided. donald trump gets at least 89 delegates. john kasich gets at least 3, ted cruz will emerge with zero. zero in a state that he did campaign in, by the way. donald trump, he's at a stronger position now to get to the 1,237 delegates he needs. it will not be easy. he needs to run a disciplined
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campaign ahead to get at or close to that number. as for hillary clinton she's less than 500 delegates away from the magic number she needs. and the proportional allocation for democrats makes it much harder for bernie sanders to chip into that. and flipping super delegates in the coming weeks or months if they want to emerge the winner at the convention. john berman, thanks so much. and hillary clinton switching her focus to the general election after stopping bernie sanders's winning streak. he flew back home to vermont taking a day to recharge. so what is his strategy heading into next week's five northeast primaries? our senior political correspondent brianna keilar is live with us on this big morning. >> reporter: after a very big win for hillary clinton and trying yet again to pivot to the general election. victory is in sight, the message out of camp clinton, but not if bernie sanders has anything to say about it.
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>> in this campaign we've won in every region of the country. but this one's personal. >> reporter: hillary clinton with a big win in her adopted home state addressing senator bernie sanders supporters with her sights set on the white house. >> it's humbling that you'd trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await our next president. and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that united states us than divides us. >> reporter: clinton ending sanders' winning streak where he took eight of the last nine contests. >> today we took secretary clinton on in her own state of new york, and we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her victory. there are five primaries next week. we think we're going to do well. >> reporter: in new york, 3
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million independents across the state did not vote in the state's close primary. sanders also railing against voter irregularities at the polls with some 100,000 democrats unable to vote being purpg purged have voter registrations in brooklyn. >> i am concerned about the voting process in new york state and i hope that that process will change in the future. >> reporter: time running out for sanders to catch up to clintons delegate lead. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton offering a bit of an olive branch to bernie sanders supporters, but shortly after her speech her communications director talked about some of the rhetoric that bernie sanders and his campaign has been putting out there, and she said that it is destructive. she said it's not been productive for the party or for the country. she called these false character
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attacks. pretty sharp words after you saw hillary clinton trying, maybe, to dial it down a bit and, also, i'm hearing from a lot of democrats including those who back hillary clinton, saying this needs to be ratcheted down, not up. something to note. >> hmm. thank you very much, brianna keilar. big night anyway you look at it. new yorkers coming through big time for the donald. a boost on the path to the nomination. the question, will trump reach that 1,237, that magic number? and what's going to happen with his rivals ahead of next week's northeast primaries? cnn's jason carroll has that tale for us. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. donald trump telling supporters basically he's impossible to catch and took to the podium as frank sinatra's "new york, new york" played. no name calling but called out the gop establishment warning him not to try to stop the will of the people. >> we can't be caught. it's impossible to catch us.
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>> reporter: donald trump giving a rousing victory speech befitting his new york blow-out win, and signaling a new phase in his campaign. >> we don't have much of a racily race anymore. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: the billionaire front-runner dropping most of the insults and sounding more presidential. >> nobody should be given delegates, which is a ticket to victory. >> reporter: trump sharpening his focus on ted cruz, continuing to criticize his courting of delegates and the possibility of a contested convention. >> it's a system that's rigged, and we're going to go back to the old way. it's called, you vote and you win. >> reporter: with a shutout in new york, cruz defending his delegate strategy. >> i cannot help that the donald trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand. if you lose, don't cry about it. go back and learn how to win an election. >> reporter: cruz trying to look past his big defeat debuting you
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new stump speech in philadelphia. >> this is the year of the outsider. >> reporter: calling for unity inside the republican party. >> we must unite the republican party, because doing so is the first step towards uniting all americans. >> reporter: runner-up john kasich ready for a fight in maryland, continuing to argue he's the strongest candidate to take on hillary clinton in november. >> when you have the sky-high negatives, nobody's voting for you. the delegates will look at that, and, you know, i think they're going to make a pick my way. >> reporter: cacse kasich is wr about that. someone is voting for him. closing in on the magic number needed for the nomination is trump. four of the five boroughs, the only place he lost, right here in manhattan where kasich just edged him out. brooke? >> jason, thank you. so how did the two front runners score such decisive victories here in new york? cnn's christine romans is here
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with us with a look at deciding numbers from the exit poll. >> reporter: start with trump in a word he dominated across age, income, ideology, the works. age 18 through 44, trump. kasich took second. age 45 and older, three quarters of the gop primary electorate, 63% of those. a good chunk of new york republicans identify as very conservative. they broke overwhelmingly for donald trump. ted cruz, a distant second, 27%. turning to more moderate voters, the race is closer. trump, 46%, kasich, 42%. top issue, economy and jobs. trump scores big, 54%. john kasich 32% of the vote. terrorism, 63% breaking for donald trump. kasich and cruz, just 37% combined. similar domination on the
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democratic side for hillary clinton. 75% of black primary voters favor clinton. an established trend in the exit polls across the state. latino voters side with clinton over sanders 64% to 34%. in-roads split 50/50. outside the south, he has won white voters in almost every state. one of clinton's biggest wins, a stunning 97% of voters saying the quality they want in a candidate, experience. they side with hillary clinton on that. just 9% chose bernie sanders. finally the top issue, economy and jobs, of course, for democrats. 61% for clinton. 39% sanders. the only economic issue sanders won, income inequality, pretty much the hallmark, right? the cornerstone of his campaign. income equality. he won that category in new york. >> christine, seems hillary clinton heard everything she wanted to hear last night except an early call on the race.
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returns were big for her. now you have to look at what this means for bernie sanders moving forward. it's all about what happens next in these races. let's get to that right now. we have cnn political analyst and host of "the david gregory show" podcast, david gregory. washington bureau chief for "the daily beast," jackie kucinich and maggie haberman. we can all hear ron brownstein in the distance holding up a big sign saying, this is what needed to happen. it is what needed to happen. especially the last number christine gave us. she had been losing to bernie with white voters, less educated voters, one of those crosstabs, i hate the description but a real demographic. is this where she needed to be? >> absolutely. this is a state that looked a lot more like the rest of the democratic party than other states we've seen. that's the argument you're going to hear from her campaign going forward and that other states they're about to go into in this
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contest look more favorable for her. sanders had a tough night last night. you've seen repeatedly, sanders will keep going regardless, that was clear last night. the margin of win much bigger than the clinton was spinning for literally weeks, and i think this is -- the moral victory conversation is long out the door. she has now a pledge delegate lead, very, very hard for him to catch and they're talking flipping super dell guilt. not a great argument if you're him. one that will convince supporters but just keeps the idea going that he has changes his position on, i will win with pledged delegates, to, i'm going to change approaching this. >> on the super delegate approach, we've heard from bernie sanders, heard from jeff weaver saying we're in it, in it until july. and interestingly, a phrase, we might re-assess. moving forward, starting today. what does bernie sanders need to do.
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>> well, there's almost nothing he really can do. he's had ample opportunity to try to grow his share of the electorate and it's still not happening. dominating younger voters but not winning democrats. in new york, hillary clinton is winning democrats over 60%. so she is clearly on a path to secure this nomination. what sanders is doing, because he's got a huge base of support. he's got a lot of money. he's a real factor in the party, and how that moves playing forward we don't know. he is still in a position to do damage to hillary clinton, to keep criticizing her. the race has gotten testier. not like the republicans, but still ramped up in how contentious its gotten. the question is what does he, what does hillary clinton what do they owe progressives at this point in terms of trying to unify the party? so there's not so much ammunition that the republicans will use against her. they've already got a lot, but he's adding more into the mix. >> over 60% with women, over 60%
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with blacks, over 60% of the crop of voters say the economy matters the most. surprise, when the results came. when polls closed people had trump's margin within four, five points set. right at 9:00 when polls ended. too close to call on the democratic side. then two, then five. then all of a sudden it ballooned. >> right. but as maggie was saying, the clinton campaign was telling us, it wasn't even going to be double digits. above expectations. the sanders campaign messed up how they were spinning this. bernie sanders saying at one point he would win new york, supporters at the rally in prospect park were saying the polls are wrong and rigged. a lot of disappointment on the sanders side. >> it turnout was huge, democrats in the early number down a few points. right? like even to last year, down to
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maybe a little from 2008? >> yeah. it was going to be very hard to top 2008. i remember the excitement between the first potential black nominee and the home state senator was quite high. >> look at the states ahead, i honestly give you credit for sitting here. bernie sanders sitting in that studio. >> rare day. >> you liked that? asked a great question, have you begun to think you what would say to your feel the bern faithfuls if you don't clinch? what message would you send to them to ultimately elect a democrat? he said, listen, it's a two-way street. i don't really feel like the clinton campaign has done enough to address the young voter, the issues's she directly addressed the sanders supporters last night. brianna called it an olive branch, maggie haberman. what did you make of that and what does she need to do. >> two things she did yesterday that were interestingdp that and made clear she was irritated by the repeated statements she's had trouble energizing her base, or her supporters. referenced that a couple of times, but she is aware that she
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needs bernie sanders voters. >> she s. she is trying to reach out to them and i thought trying to do it in a way where she did not sound like she thinks this is all done. they are mindful at this point of not trying to say essentially sanders has to go. you know, he's not allowed to be here anymore prp this race is moving on. she came close. she said essentially that the nomination is in sight. this fight is basically almost over and i think that's true but she's trying to be mindful how she does it. >> david gregory. >> the ish -- issue of young voters, they could tay outside. a big challenge. try to get letter them into the >> momentum matters. you hope you get the wins and it gives you that excitement. the states coming up, maryland and pennsylvania. they're not new york, but they resemble new york compared to the groupings of states we've
3:15 am
had recently. 95 and 189 delegates there. those are going to be big. connecticut, delaware, rhode island as well. places where it is seen, jackie kucinich to end up the segment. hillary is supposed to win those states, more traditional models of democrats and each state makes her more likely and draws them into the tent? >> a lock for hillary clinton. looking at pennsylvania. using a similar, i expect, playbook as in wisconsin and michigan. talk a lot about trade in those rust belt states where a lot of jobs have been lost. >> that's right. >> maggie, jackie, d. greg, thank you very much. going to talk about republicans in a little bit. first to michaela. criminal charges expected today in connection with the flint water crisis. a source tells cnn michigan's attorney general is scheduled to announce felony and misdemeanor cases against at least two and possibly four people affiliated with the state department's of environment quality or the city of flint. that is according to a report in
3:16 am
the "detroit free press." a former new york city officer who gunned down an unarmed man will not serve time in jail. rookie officer peter liang was instead sentenced to 800s community service and fib years probation. the 28-year-old said he accidentally shot akai gurley back in 2014 after hearing a strange noise in a dark stairwell. a judge reduced liang's manslaughter conviction saying there is no evidence he intended to kill or injure gurley. a federal appeals court overturning a policy that barred a transgender teen from using the boys' restroom at virginia high school. the three-judge panel said it violated title 9. that's the anti-discrimination law. the ruling could have implications in north carolina, which just enacted a law banning transgender people from using public bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity. so new yorkers delivering a landslide victory for donald trump. moving the republican front-runner a giant step closer
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we don't have much of a race anymore, based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. donald trump, basking in the glow of a landslide victory in his home state of new york. the republican front-runner topping 60% of that primary vote, winning nearly all of the 95 delegates. so what does this mean for the republican race moving forward? let's bring back our political gurus. david gregory, to you first. i don't remember the last time i heard donald trump refer to ted cruz as senator. so used to hearing lying ted. so thing that maybe in tone there. a message about, you know, working for your vote. creating jobs. it seemed like -- what's the word? more subdued, more on message,
3:22 am
donald trump last night? >> it's amazing how much credit trump can get for just sounding like a normal candidate, when he's been so far outside the lines, now he tones it down a little bit, and it's like a whole new person. you've got to give trump credit, give him his due. a series of self-inflicted wounds. certainly down. the idea of the stop trump movement getting a resurgence after the wisconsin loss, you know, winning does a lot to wash that away and donald trump won big. he is in a position, i think to get this on the first ballot or to get very close. he's got this outside game as i keep saying arguing against a rigged system but a beefed up inside system. all the talk of letting trump be trump, paul manafort saying how we let you be less of you, let me take over, put a little discipline into the campaign. talk about message last night? talked about jobs sucked out of the country? who did that remind of you but ross perot, the great sucking
3:23 am
sound of jobs going to mexico. here he is in the northeast thinking about states like pennsylvania, donald trump has a tighter message moving into these big states next week. >> maggie, the inside/outside game david is talking about is, of course, accurate. now it's about the balancing of it. right? the outside game of this system is rigged. that helps him in the primary. that helps him with these enraged republicans who see their party fracturing and are picking a side. doesn't help in the general, necessarily. where this new senator cruz comes out and a manafort and wily to establish, we've been there before. you haven't. >> exactly right. we've been there before. you haven't. talk about the economy, to david's point. talk about jobs. talk about trade. he was very focused on those points last night. >> and how, too. how he did it, also. >> i was very struck by something else he says, said it twice at the end of his speech. tomorrow we go back to work, and i've never heard him say something like that in this
3:24 am
campaign. it was very clear i'm going to keep on fighting, taking nothing for granted. >> working for your vote. >> exactly. >> where he's heading in this dual message. >> rudy giuliani, you are not giving trump credit for his ability to shape shift. he really believes he needs to be a certain kind of person right now and, now the question is, where does in leave people in terms of assessing you? as long as it's a positive change, it's easier to sell. >> the issue, you hear it over and over again. the media around trump often said the free media. not paying for ads as other people but it all turned negative. that was made clear to him in recent days. you have to change. they are to your point, doing this outside game. it's a rigged system. a lot of voters, not just in the republican party, feel like the system in general, whatever that system is right now, is rigged. so i don't know that that message hurts him going forward, as longing a he's not personally attacking people. that where it becomes problematic. >> ted cruz, mathematically impossible for him to hit the
3:25 am
1,237 ahead of what he hopes will be a contested convention and getting on that second ballot. what do they do between now and cleveland? >> indiana. indiana is going to be a very big state, for lots of reasons. it's a really tough state to pull. there isn't a whole lot there, but look at mike pence. he was ted cruz before ted cruz was ted cruz. a washington outsider. someone that -- he's someone that the establishment really hated, and he is someone that, you know did very well in indiana. so i think that the lay of the land there for ted cruz is positive, and they're going to focus there. it's one place they can #stoptrump. >> a pence a cautionary tale? indiana is also really important because it comes the week after. may 3rd. whatever happens april 26th with connecticut and these other big northeastern states may be blunted. after that, go the to wait until may, what is it? oregon -- may 17th, wait for two other states to give him a
3:26 am
chance after that. but mike pence, governor of indiana, you mentioned, is he a cautionary tale for cruz after what happened with those gay marriage laws basically he tried to put in effect? were where you go with your conservative model? >> a be salutely. you can't overplay your hand. pence went against what his state wanted, it seemed. that is a cautionary tale. however, raw politics, he's very much like ted cruz, ideologically i. juideological ly. >> i just think it's important to look at the math. even if cruz wins in indiana, captures more western states. we'll see what california looks like. trump is obviously in command, been in command even when he lost in wisconsin. if he gets close are and closer to getting to 1,237, he has the inside game. work over delegates. not going to wine and dine people. see what they actually end up doing to get to 1,237. they know how to negotiate. if he sdrn gdoesn't get it on t first ballot he opens up a
3:27 am
bizarre. able to choke these guys off, it's the route to go. if you're cruz, it's almost impossible to do it mathematically. kasich, already out. just waiting for a contested convention. trump is in a much better convention to save the party at large, look guys, i consolidated this. for both trump and clinton, a waiting them in a general election, extraordinarily high disapproval among a wide swath of the electorate that will be problematic for both of them in a general election. >> david, jump in, final question, being in washington. play sound from the senate armed services committee. we're going to hear from army general vincent brooks, nominated commander u.s. forces in south korea and agreeing with senator john mccain on u.s. troops in south korea being cheaper to keep there. here he is. >> isn't it a fact that it costs us less to have troops stationed in korea than in the united states? >> i would give two examples of that. the first is that they pay about
3:28 am
50% of our personnel costs of being there. the second example would be, the largest d.o.d. construction project we have anywhere in the world, about $10.8 billion project, that is really being used to relocate u.s. forces further to the south. >> so it could cost more to keep those troops stationed in the united states than it would be in korea. is that correct? >> absolutely, senator. >> hmm. >> now, donald trump wasn't name checked there. what was that about? >> that was about making a really big shot, by mccain, against donald trump who has said that america is getting fleeced, because we've got all of these troops overseas in places like korea and not getting anything for it. to show that wasn't true. this goes to the piece in the "times," what trump doesn't know about american power overseas and foreign policy. this kind of thing could play much larger in a general election. >> okay. david and jackie and maggie, thank you so much.
3:29 am
michaela? >> all right, brooke. president obama touched down in saudi arabia moments ago. he is hoping to rally support for the fight against isis, and repair relations with a longtime ally. can he accomplish both? we're going to bring you a live report from the saudi kingdom, next. height. when systems can help sense your surroundings. and when cameras change your perspective. that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you at the lincoln spring collection event. your choice of the lincoln mkc or mkz for $289 a month, or get 0% apr for 60 months.
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just moments ago air force one touched down in saudi arabia. president obama is embarking on a global tour with defense secretary ash carter to
3:33 am
encourage nations in the gulf and europe to step up the fight against isis. this saudi visit comes as relations between the two nations are straining. our white house correspondent michelle kaczynski is live in riyadh with more. >> reporter: hi, michaela. right, there is weirdness in this relationship. some from the iran nuclear deal. the u.s. negotiating with saudi arabia's chief rival, but there are other questions, too. for example what is the u.s.' ultimate end game in syria? and president obama just did an interview with "the atlantic" raising questions whether he even considering saudi arabia a real ally, whether he thinks they're pulling their weight in the region. they're recent intervention in yemen caused a lot of civilian casualties. also, the election coming up. questions about what the u.s.' policy will be moving forward in the middle east, and then there's september 11th. this legislation pending in the senate, since been put on hold that would allow u.s. victims of terror to sue saudi arabia.
3:34 am
that's something the white house and obviously the saudis, oppose, and the pending declassification of those 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report that could implicate some saudis. the president just said he has a sense of what's in there, but is deferring to the intelligence community to decide what to do about that. now, all of that said, the u.s. does have extraordinary cooperation with the saudis and counterterrorism and security and this is going to be a wide-ranging discussion today. >> brooke, we'll watch for it and talk later. michelle kaczynski in riyadh. thank you so much. meantime a defining moment for the clinton campaign. the democratic front-runner declaring victory is in sight. how long will bernie sanders fight on? we'll debate that, next. m, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand.
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hillary clinton celebrating the big, big win over bernie sanders in her adopted home state of new york. clinton telling supporters, victory is now in sight. so is the democratic front-runner finally putting sanders in the rear view?
3:39 am
joining us now former michigan governor jennifer granholm, clinton supporter and senior adviser for "correct the record" and nina turner, former senator, a bernie sanders surrogate. ladies good to have you both here this morning. you have a handsome matching blazer on. see if you agree on anythings el. governor, hillary clinton did something we have not seen her do last night. actually two things. one, she checked every box she needed to in terms of demographics in the race in new york. even white voters, white voters who are middle income. she at least split with sanders on all of them. women, minorities, very big wins but then did something else. she reached out to the sanders' people. she said, this is a big tent. you need to think about how we come together and what we do. hadn't heard that before. what is the case for sanders people to now start moving over to clinton? >> well, the case is, they have
3:40 am
to understand that personal attacks and character attacks in the end will hurt the overall cause, because it will be a tool for the republicans to use in the general, and i don't think they want to see that. but you're so right! here's the great thing about last night, it's that she gave this speech that was obviously reaching out to sanders' people, but also every speaker, your brother included, said this is a big tent. we are about uniting. everybody in the room last night was -- felt like they were a part of something bigger. that the diversity of the win was so powerful that it made us all feel so proud. i hope the people on tv saw that as well, but, yes. she checked all the boxes, but she pulled all the hearts forward, too. >> and yet, senator, every word from the sanders campaign is, this is not over. he has too big a mandate, too many people who believe in something different than the clinton campaign. so what is your message moving forward? >> well, chris, you certainly
3:41 am
hit the nail on the head. the senator is going all the way to june 7th. i don't think that's a news flash for anybody. we are going to continue. we are chipping away at that lead. you know, senator sanders was down by about 30% just a month ago in new york, and he was able to close that lead, which is a beautiful thing. he does have a mandate, chris. there are people out there who believe in him and want to see him continue to go forward. and then the other states that have not voted yet. they have a right to have a choice. so senator sanders is certainly in this to win this. >> i mean, let me just -- >> please. when the senator said he's chipping into the lead you made a sour face. >> well, i didn't mean to make a sour face but i understand what she was saying with respect to closing the gap from what it was months ago, but secretary clinton won by 16%. that is a huge lead. she picked up 65 delegates over him. in other words, she netted that. she's now leading him by 275 pledged delegates. the math for senator sanders going forward is really almost
3:42 am
impossible. he's going to have to win every single state going forward by 18 points. that's just a massive ask, especially given what we have coming up. >> yes, senator? >> it was 300 -- chris, it was 300 delegates before this matchup last night, and, again, i know that the clinton side wants to paint doom and gloom and that the senator no way could we do this. let us not forget senator obama lost to the secretary by about the same amount in new york, and so, again, the citizens are this great country, the voters of this country, deserve to have choice, and it is unfortunate that the clinton side want to make it seem as though senator sanders cannot win. he can win, and we are going to continue to push forward. >> i think senator sanders has won in the sense that he has totally made the democratic -- he's brought people in and he's talked about issues that are very, very important. so from that perspective, really, it is a win, and i know
3:43 am
he's going to stay on until the end, and i think everybody appreciates that, because she would never ask him to get out. she stayed in until the end, but truly and honestly, the math right now for him is just not favorable, and so he's got to answer the question in his own heart, do i want to continue personal attacks, or should we just stay on the issues? it's the issues, the contrast with the issues are really what people want to hear about. >> head shake from the senator, because -- >> we will continue to stay on the issues. it's amazing they want to talk about personal attacks but they didn't mention the personal attacks when they started attacking senator sanders credibility and qualifications. we're going to continue to fight this fight and give the democratic and independent voters in those states where they can vote the opportunity to decide based on a vision of enough is enough, lifting people up or one that talks about incrementalism. when you debate the issues, it is not a personal attack, but there have been instances when the clinton campaign have gone
3:44 am
after senator sanders but they want to forget that and have a kum ba yah. we will continue to give the voters, the voters are the most important element of this whole thing and when senator sanders talks about a political revolution and talks about the white house, he talks about us and not just me. we're going to continue to fight and move forward. this is doable and senator sanders is cutting into her lead, let us not forget, 300 above before. less than that right now. so we're going to keep forging ahead. >> senator, governor, here's the good news. the proof will be in what comes out of both candidates today and going forward. we'll see who wants to be about issues and who doesn't. it always comes out in the wash. the wash is being done right now. >> absolutely does. >> both of you, thank you very much. mic? we're going to take you to houston will devastating flooding left seven dead, hundreds rescued, thousands forced to flee from their homes and they're not out of the woods yet. the latest forecast from the lone star state, next.
3:45 am
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3:49 am
how am i supposed to keep a straight face with these people in the studio? a look at millions spent on campaign ads in new york. >> hi, guys. deadly serious stuff. donald trump did not spend a dime on tv ads in his home state but the two democratic candidates poured millions into the air waves. bernie sanders dropping $5.6 mil on tv spots, bashing wall street, washington, big corporations, bashing the ultra rich outspending hillary clinton by nearly $2 million. the republican side, lower tallas. john kasich, $286,000, and ted cruz, and trump spent zero on tv. did buy radio ads though. overall in the campaign, $466 million, almost half a billion dollars, spent on television advertising among all of the candidates. more than $100 million alone negative ads against the front-runners, clinton and trump. trimp and -- hmm. what did i just say, against the
3:50 am
front runners. >> clear at ms mud. clear as mud. a serious situation in houston. a flooding situation in houston still extremely dangerous. hundreds fleeing their homes were told the death toll has risen to at least seven now. cnn meteorologist chad myers is looking at the forecast, and what i understand is the forecast shows more rain on the way. >> it does. and for a normal place with hills and mountains, that water would already be gone and two inches of rain, michaela, no big deal, but i will show you a map of what these bayous and rivers look like. they haven't gone down at all. it's such a flat area, takes so long for that rain and that water and that flood to finally get out of here. there will be rain showers today, but two or three days' worth of rain after that. one storm after another. finally drying out by the weekend. so let me show you what i'm talking about. here's where really all the rainfall happened. it happened just to the north and to the west of houston. that's where we have the 17 to 18 inches. houston proper, somewhere around
3:51 am
9 to 10, but when you add in a little bit more rainfall to this, only an inch or two, but you add a little bit more, it's still going to go up, because this is what the river gauge still looks like. it hasn't gone down at all. it is still up. it takes so long for that water to go down. chris? >> so the key thought, it ain't over. we'll keep our eye on it. chad myers, thank you very much. so big headline from last night in this race with donald trump is what you didn't hear from trump. a new mode of thinking? a new mode of campaigning? we'll take you inside the changes to the trump team. next. trugreen presents the yardley's. hello?! -oh, pizza is here! -oh! yeah, come on in! [claps] woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside.
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areally want to thank my team. my team has been amazing, and, you know, it's actually a team of unity. it's evolving, but people don't understand that. the press does understand it, they just don't want to talk about it. it's very important. just keep talking.
3:56 am
keep talking. >> we will keep talking this morning, because we have the scoop here. donald trump, in confidence talking about campaign changes after his landslide victory in new york last night. how will these changes affect his strategy going forward? bringing in magazine editor and loudest voice in the room, gabe sherman, always has the goods. all of these sources with team trump telling you even mr. trump said, evolving, his word, that paul manafort, now firmly in control of all aspects of the campaign? >> yes. i think we saw that last night. i mean, the most striking thing about that speech was really how different it was from prior trump speeches. no personal attacks. he was on message. it wasn't rambling. he hit the themes of jobs and trade and security, and that is really the influence of paul n manafort bringing discipline to the trump campaign and sort of grown-up supervision. >> and rumblings referring to
3:57 am
civil war and the fact that manafort calls him donald. >> yes. >> where corey lewendowski even in private refers to him as mr. trump. >> cory lewendowski ran the campaign until manafort was brought in. like anyone, doesn't want to see him job taken from underneath him. there is a manafort camp and a lewendowski camp. manafort called a meeting over the weekend, donald trump dropped by to basically say hello. the message, trump saying, manafort's in charge, you're doing a good job. >> that was the message? >> yes. >> drawbacks to this and to your point about the tone. those who really love donald trump love his brashness, the lying ted speech and the hillary. will that backfire?
3:58 am
t. could. it's the race for delegates. that bombastic style got trump the name i.d. and attention, but now, really, he has to win the delegates. the most important thing is he's winning congressional districts. you saw in new york, he went to places he wouldn't have gone before. watertown, new york. way upstate. not a media market, and done things specifically under manafort's direction to win delegates, not necessarily get headlines. >> what were you reporting at the end of your piece? you were talking about how there could be now a closer look at the finances? >> yes. >> how the pennies, nickels and dimes have been spent under corey lewendowski. >> a lot of intrigue. what manafort and deputies are doing, poring over the campaign's books. makes sense. he's in charge and wants to see where the money is being spent. sources within the campaign say they may find things that don't reflect well on the way corey lewendowski spent the money.
3:59 am
the one thing trump hates is wasting money. manafort to go to trump and say, listen, we found x, y or z, we found corey lewendowski mismanaged books. that could force him out of the campaign. no sign that's happened. >> you talked to him last night. >> i saw corey and he said i have not transferred anything to paul manafort. his way of saying, i'm still in charge and still have a role here and out working the rope line, talking to reporters, very visible. manafort, off in the wings working behind the scenes. lewendowski showing a sign of force out there saying, hey, don't forget about me. i'm here. >> great read in the "new york" magazine. we'll talk again this afternoon. thank you very much. we have much more of our primary coverage. so let's get to it. we've won another state. we're really, really rocking. >> it's impossible to catch us. >> new yorkers, you've always had my back. >> this is the year of the
4:00 am
outsider. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> this campaign has come a very, very long way. >> the trump organization is complaining, because they know they're not going to get enough votes. >> we're leading by a lot and we can't be caught. >> the race is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight. >> don't tell anybody this, but secretary clinton is getting a little bit nervous. >> not only do we say, yes, we can. we pledge, yes, we will. -- captions by vitac -- thns is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning, welcome back to your "new day." alisyn is off. brooke baldwin with the mic and me. we begin with hillary clinton and donald trump in a new york state of mind. the two moving closer to clinching their party's
4:01 am
nomination after huge, big, pir cher superlative victories in new york. both candidates declaring their races all but over. the new york primary meaningful for the first time in decades. >> now we turn our attention to next super tuesday. five primaries in the northeast up for grabs. six days away. could it be the end of the road for bernie sanders or ted cruz or john kasich, or might they continue on and fight on? we have the race covered today for you, the only way cnn can. let's begin with john berman here to break down the numbers and the delegates' score card. good morning. >> reporter: brooke baldwin, blowouts in the big apple. look at the republican race. donald trump hit 60%. his high-water mark of the campaign so far. john kasich in second at 25%. ted cruz way behind in third at 14%. in the democratic race, hillary clinton, ending the bernie sanders winning streak. she got nearly 58%. bernie sanders down to 42%. a bigger margin than either campaign thought she would achieve in this race.
4:02 am
that means hillary clinton will walk away with 139 delegates. bernie sanders gets 108. she increases her delegate margin decisively here. for the republican side, a way, way bigger margin. donald trump, at least 89 delegates. john kasich, right now at least 3. ted cruz with a grand total of zero. zero in a state he did campaign in. that leaves donald trump in a much stronger position to get to the magic number of 1,237. needs to still run a disciplined campaign and close, maybe close enough, you'll talking about that coming up, i'm sure. as for hillary clinton, 500 away from her magic number but leads in the pledged delegates and super delegates. and overnight, senior strategists suggested bernie sanders needs to start flipping super delegates over the next couple of months if he has any chance of winning the nomination. >> thanks for the breakdown. clinton is celebrating a big
4:03 am
win shifting focus to the general election now. sanders is hoeping to re-ignite his in the primaries. brianna keilar is in the studio with more on all of this. >> such a big night pofor hilla clinton. the margin healthy, and that certainly matters. she's trying to pivot to the general election. victory is in sight, the word from hillary clinton, and a number of her top aides, but not if bernie sanders has anything to say about it. >> in this campaign, we've won in every region of the country. but this one's personal. [ cheers ] >> reporter: hillary clinton with a big win in her adopted home state addressing senator bernie sanders supporters with her sights set on the white house. >> it's humbling that you'd trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await our next president. and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i
4:04 am
believe there is much more that united states us than divides us. >> reporter: clinton ending sanders' winning streak where he took eight of the last nine contests. >> today we took secretary clinton on in her own state of new york, and we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her victory. there are five primaries next week. we think we're going to do well. >> reporter: in new york, 3 million independents across the state did not vote in the state's closed primary. sanders also railing against voter irregularities at the polls with some 100,000 democrats unable to vote because they were purged from voter registration lists in brooklyn. >> i am really concerned about the conduct of the voting process in new york state. and i hope that that process will change in the future. >> reporter: time running out for sanders to catch up to clinton's delegate lead. >> the race for the democratic
4:05 am
nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight. >> reporter: so a bit of an olive branch there from hillary clinton to bernie sanders supporters but also sharp words we heard after her speech from her communications director, who said that some of the rhetoric that bernie sanders and his campaign have been putting throughout is destructive. that it's not productive to the party or to the country and prifty interesting, because you have a lot of democrats including some who back hillary clinton saying, you know, it's time to dial down the rhetoric. we're still seeing a very testy democratic primary. >> thank you, brianna. for the republicans here, donald trump taking his campaign to indiana and maryland today. fresh off his huge win in new york. trump appearing less combative, more presidential last night. the race now shifting to five, call them, trump-friendly primaries in the northeast next week, where the front-runner says he will be uncatchable. jason carroll on the trump beat for us again this morning.
4:06 am
jason, good morning. >> reporter: well, donald trump took to the podium at frank sinatra's "new york, new york" played. no name-calling but called out the gop establishment warning them not to try to stop the will of the people. >> we can't be caught. it's impossible to catch us. >> reporter: donald trump giving a rousing victory speech befitting his new york blowout win and signaling a new phase in his campaign. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: the billionaire front-runner dropping most of the insults, and sounding more presidential. >> nobody should be given delegates which is a ticket to victory. >> reporter: trump sharpening his focus on ted cruz, continuing to criticize his courting of delegates and the possibility of a contested convention. >> it's a system that's rigged, and we're going to go back to the old way. it's called, you vote and you win. >> reporter: with a shutout in
4:07 am
new york, cruz defending his delegate strategy. >> i cannot help that the donald trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand. if you lose, don't cry about it. go back and learn how to win an election. >> reporter: cruz trying to look past his past defeat, developing a new stump speech in philadelphia. >> this is the year of the outsider. >> the so-called outsider -- >> we must unite the republican party, because doing so is the first step towards uniting all americans. >> reporter: runner-up john kasich ready for a fight in maryland, continuing to argue he's the strongest candidate to take on hillary clinton in november. >> when you have the sky-high negatives, nobody's voting for you. the delegates will look at that, and, you know, i think they're going to make a pick my way. >> reporter: and cruz really taking a thrashing last night. yesterday i was out on staten island speaking to a number of
4:08 am
voters out there. some of whom were on the fence between cruz and trump. all of them basically telling me those comments that he made questioning new york values in the end really ended up hurting him. chris? >> all right. now looking at a goo ese egg at the last it tabulation. and bring in cnn's christine romans who knows the numbers. what did we see in what the front-runners did last night? >> building on demographics where they've done well and making new in-roads. start with donald trump. 44% of republican voters in new york are women. donald trump took 57% of that group. a solid showing compared with some other states. trump usually polls well with working-class voters. those voters without a college degree. but in new york, he won the college graduates, too. 54% of voters with a degree breaking for trump. his appeal crossed age lines. he's had mixed results in other
4:09 am
primaries with younger voters but did better here in new york. about a quarter of the primary voters in new york aged 18 to 44. hillary clinton scoring very well with women. 63%. they make up about 60% of primary voters in new york. she took that group here in new york state. clinton's experience an advantage in the state she served as senator eight years. one-third of voters say experience is the top quality they want. look at that. nearly every one of those voters siding with hillary clinton on the experience issue. she also wins the state across all income brackets taking 58% of the voters who make less than 50 grand a year and taking 57% of voters who make more than 50 grand a year. college educated younger millennials overwhelmingly feeling the bern. clinton made in-roads in another younger democrat graphic. those are 30 to 39-year-olds, about 20% of the democratic voters in new york. look at that. 52% of them breaking for clinton, brooke. >> all right. christine romans, thank you so much. of course, talking this morning
4:10 am
about what this means for the republicans, and what this means for the dems, and let's hear now from team clinton. i have clinton campaign press secretary brian fallon with us on the set here at "new day." brian fallon, nice to see you. congratulations. good morning. >> thank you. >> you know, hillary clinton in her victory speech last night saying you all have won in different parts of the country. this was personal. what do you think, especially she did quite well when you look at the exit polls especially when it comes to women. what was in the clinton special sauce here in new york? >> i think that the core argument we've been making in this primary all along resounded here in new york. you saw in those duelling daily news editorial board interviews both candidates gave that senator sanders was not able to answer some of the core questions about signature policiesthat highlighted what hillary clinton pointed out with his approach. one thing to diagnose the problem, another to show ways to get it done. another factor, senator sanders
4:11 am
sharpened his attacks and backfired in a state that knows hillary clinton well. looking forward we know who the democratic nominee is going to be, i think. it's going to be hillary clinton. the primary obviously is not over. there are contests still to play out. senator sanders may even win some states, but even if he won every state left by 15 points he still wouldn't catch hillary clinton in the popular vote or the pledged delegate total. >> before we look ahead, for folks who maybe don't know at home, when you lose, whether hillary clinton or bernie sanders, you call up the winner and say congratulations. i understand the latest from jen palmmary, senator sanders has yet to make that congratulatory phone call. is that the case? >> you showed a clip extending congratulations to secretary clinton last night. we appreciate that. i think we're entering a phase -- >> no phone call? >> there's been phone calls off and on during the course of this primary campaign. they haven't always connected. i think that senator sanders
4:12 am
extended his warm wishes last night in the comments made to the media. looking forward in the eight weeks that remain between now and the end of the primary voting in june, i think that the question for the sanders' campaign is the no, is he going to exist the race. he has every right to continue in this to the finish and no one is calling for him to step down or exit the race. i do think the question is, can we conduct the remaining part of the primary campaign with a civil tone, with an issues focus sow that he we're not doing anything that would jeopardize our ability to unite the party at the end of this process. you saw hillary clinton in her comments last night reach out an open hand to sanders supporters. >> i wanted to get to that. a really significant moment when she did reach out and talked to supporters i imagine you all would like to have, especially come november. this was that moment. >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that united states us than divides us.
4:13 am
>> so message of unity. speaking specifically to those who feel the "bern." there is real fear, though that those who truly support sanders if he does not get the nomination, they may not vote, particularly young people, which, you know, looking at the exit polls, got like 80-plus percent between 18 and 24, how will she specifically address that? >> well, first of all i think it's important to appreciate the breadth of the coalition we've built over the course of this primary campaign. saw it in the exit polls in new york last night. win voters, african-american, latino voters, working-class voters. we think we have a winning area as well. talk about proposals on college affordability and issues including how to lift wages for those entering the workforce coming out of college. i think we have the ability to make those in-roads over time. i think that senator sanders at the end of this process, we would expect him to conduct
4:14 am
himself in the same way that hillary clinton did in 2008. which is to not just endorse the nominee also go out and campaign on that nominee's bafrl aehalf urge your supporters to unite around's democratic party's nominee. i think that's what he'll do when the time comes. obviously we're still in the middle of the process. >> right. looking ahead, dates to show you what's on the docket ahead i the different primaries. what is the biggest date you all are sort of circling on the calendar for camp clinton? >> well, look, i think that last night was a huge milestone. i think at this point, the delegate lead that hillary clinton enjoys, not to mention the popular vote lead, is essentially insurmountable for senator sanders. five states voeft next week. >> 384 delegates up for grabs next week. >> right. campaigning in pennsylvania today and we're going to be competing all across the states that are still left to vote in this primary. even though i think as it stands today based on the decisive
4:15 am
outcome last night that we know who the nominee is. we know we're going to run through the tape all the way through june, contest all of these states starting wit five states that are voting on the 26th. we'll have a good showing, increase our delegate lead in those five states. the reality, senator sanders may well win one or two of those states, win states in may, he could win every single state left and still not catch hillary clinton. that shows the lead she enjoys right now. >> final question on transcripts. joel benson sitting in the studio last friday talking to alisyn camerota and essentially saying, if bernie sanders releases his taxes which he has now, at least the 2016 tax retutax -- 2015 tax returns. >> senator sanders released one year of tax returns. >> one speech? >> hillary clinton has already done eight years of tax returns. we just completed the returns for 2015. we'll be releasing those in due time as well. senator sanders has a ways to go
4:16 am
to meet the sand that already exists simply for tax returns. >> why not for critics? i know you're sick of the questions. we're sick of asking. >> in the course of the new york primary campaign these suggestions and insinewations didn't set well with the voters. i think they rejected those attacks and insinuations last night and in a general election if donald trump will be the nominee of the republican party, he has given paid speeches, commanding speaking fees in excess of $400,000. if this is the new normal, candidates asked to release transcripts and everyone participates in it, hillary clinton will be happy to join in on that. >> congratulations again. we'll talk soon, i am sure. michaela, to you. the republican front-runner getting a boost after a win in new york. can trump reach the magic delegate number before the convention? we'll speak with one of his advisors, live, ahead. 98,352 what's that?
4:17 am
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. as you know, we have won millions of more votes than senator cruz. millions and millions of more
4:21 am
votes than governor kasich. we've won and now especially after tonight close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. we're really, really rocking. >> donald trump, calm and in control after a landslide win in new york. 60-plus percent of the vote in the primary, winning practically all of the state's 95 delegates. huge win, moving him closer to the gop nomination, of course, but how does it change the state of play in his campaign and in the others? let's discuss with sarah huckabee sanders, senior adviser to the trump campaign good to have you on "new day." >> good morning. great to be on. >> so first process question. did you receive contact from the other campaigns last night, cruz and kasich? >> you know, i was in the room, but it was pretty chaotic and i haven't heard the latest so i honestly am not sure, but i know that -- i heard a couple of them
4:22 am
make some public remarks. so i think that there were some congratulations passed around, but i don't know if they actually ever connected with mr. trump. >> you don't need to read the tea leaves to know usually when you get whooped like this, you usually reach out and say, got to give the man or the woman their due. you know? >> i think that's standard practice, and again, i don't want to say they didn't do that, because i'm not sure one way or the other if that's has the. >> this seems to be a statement for the trump campaign. people expected him to win in new york. i don't think many expected him to do this well. what do you think this means now in an absolute sense going forward? >> i think this was a huge night. a great shift in momentum as we go into the final days, and i think one of the important and one of the big takeaways is how well he did across all demographics moving into next week with five big states, and i think he's going to sweep the majority of all of those states as well and end april with more
4:23 am
delegate, a bigger delegate lead than he started this month, which is a big deal in this crazy cycle, in this crazy race. >> true. turnout also part of the story. on the democrat side, pretty much flat, maybe even a little negative. we'll have to wait and see. on the republican side, up, up in a big, up by a third, in new york state. >> absolutely. >> usually a hotbed of republican activity. you attribute that to trump, of course. how does it resinate in other races, perhaps in the general? >> a huge deal, particularly give didn't was the two front-runners' home states and shows where the enthusiasm is, and that is certainly on the side of donald trump and not on the side of hillary clinton, and i think in the general election that's going to play out across the country. >> and not to over-think it because the republican and democratic race in this state, you know, apples and oranges. very different dynamics. put up the numbers how they both did, clinton and trump, last night in raw vote. bring it up and get a little
4:24 am
picture there. he wound up doing better than she did. i'm waiting on the number. and they're quiet in the control room. never a good combination, sarah. you don't want that. so something else we saw from him that was new what we didn't hear what we didn't see. he was tempered in a way that i haven't seen him yet in the race. intentional? what's the new move. there it is! you didn't think it was coming. so clinton gets these 1 million votes. it's like, wow. twice as many as trump got. but, again, apples and oranges. i know from your campaign that you guys are looking at this number saying, boy, oh, boy, he got a lot more votes that they would have thought in new york state? why when it looks on math she got twice as many? >> look at the percentages, too. donald trump last night won his home state by a greater percentage and a greater margin than any of the other candidates even including quite a few that are no longer in the race on both sides in their home states. i think it's a huge, huge win and that's something that we
4:25 am
should look at, not just the total number but the percentage of which he won. >> that was the word i was hearing last night as well from your folks. that, yeah, cruz may get a goose egg, but, you know, donald trump had two other people trying to split the pie. new york's a democratic state. he still got a higher percentage than clinton. this is going it keep happening. when you look a the states ahead, are we going to see a new donald trump? the shape shifting we have heard rumored? how so? >> i think as he becomes the presumptive nominee at this point and is clearly the front-runner, i think you're seeing a transition, not necessarily within the campaign, but within the race itself. as we begin to focus on a general election, and he sets his sights on hillary, i think you'll are see that transition happen. >> 172 delegates, i believe, up for tally next tuesday. what do you see as victory in terms of how many of those you think you could get? >> you know, again, i think last night was a up who, huge win,
4:26 am
taking almost all 95 delegates, i think, by the time it's all said and done he'll clear at least 90 delegates. i think moving into next week, again hitting certainly double digits, but i think well into the triple digits next week will be a big win and i think he has potential to win all five states next week. >> so are you getting a different response from donald trump when you say, as is rumored from my sources, please correct me if they're wrong that when sarah huckabee sanders says to donald trump i think there's another way to say what you want to say, that may not be as divisive, may get us more where we want to be. are you starting to get different reactions from him to those succeggestions? >> i think donald trump has always been his own man and will continue to be so, and i think he certainly listening to everybody,en eneand everybody w his circle and team. at the end of the day he makes the decisions and so far his decisions have worked for him and i don't think he'll veer too
4:27 am
far off of that. we're seeing him become a general election candidate, and setting his sights on hillary and certainly making that his new focus. >> you think we've heard the last of "lying ted"? >> i wouldn't be too sure to reece that. >> called him senator cruz last night. >> my guess it will pop up from time to time and i think a lot of that will depend on how ted cruz reacts over the next few days and what his campaign does over the next few days, and in the next couple of contests. how you may see donald trump react to that. >> any efforts to reach out at least to the kasich campaign and see if there's a way to consolidate? >> i don't know that that's in the works right away, and frankly i don't think it's needed. i think donald trump's going to be able to get where he needs to be on his own. >> 1,237, pre-convention? >> if not pre-convention, certainly first ballot. i don't think they'll be a second ballot as this convent n
4:28 am
convention. one of the big questions certainly for the cruz campaign is after next week i think it will certainly become mathematically impossible for him to clinch the nomination and he's been calling for john kasich to get out of the race, because that's the position case headache been in. i hope that ted cruz will follow his own advice and once it becomes mathematically impossible, get out of the way so we can all focus on hillary clinton and be sure to beat her in november. >> you know, i had a little bit of an echo effect last night listening to donald trump. i heard some words of newt gingrich, even smacked of your father a little in terms of harsh strength often wins in a primary, but sweet strength wins in a general. interesting to see if that is the evolution in donald trump. sarah huckabee sanders, congratulations on last night. thank you for being on "new day." >> thank you so much. >> mic? >> dare i ask what kind of strength you possess? i shouldn't even do this. why am i doing this? go ahead, chris. go ahead. what kind of -- >> my strength? complete. total. sweet and sour.
4:29 am
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start with the dems. front-runner hillary clinton stopping bernie sanders's winning streak with a decisive win in new york. secretary clinton now on the brink of a democratic nomination. >> -- the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight. >> how does the vermont senator have a path to victory? joining me now, political strategist and author of "the essential bernie sanders" jonathan seaney, a bernie sanders supporter and with us this morning cnn political contributor, easy for me to say and hillary clinton supporter hilary rosen. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> mr. tasini, begin with you. listen, this was a big win for
4:34 am
your man's opponent, and she also said this is very personal. he lost double digits, is back in vermont today, meeting with advisers, says he's staying in the race. needs 83% of remaining delegates. and brian fallon with the hillary campaign saying they're not ever going to say senator sanders, we need you to get out, but mathematically, what's the path forward? >> the same it was before yesterday's vote. it was a difficult path, but i want to point out one thing that i think the media's not done its job properly to show the ebb and flow of this campaign. march 15th was before yesterday hillary clinton's high mark and bernie dhaut by a third by 24 pledged delegates he keeps collecting at the second stages of caucus votes in colorado, missouri, nevada. so those things change, and it's a dynamic process. yes, hillary clinton won. a good victory for her yesterday, but there are a lot of elections to go, a lot of votes to go. politics is a strange thing.
4:35 am
lots of different things can happen. the people, the most important thing, i would say is that the activists, the people i talked to yesterday, my facebook and twitter feeds are energized to keep pushing bernie's message forward about the political revolution. we're going to make the argument for bernie. i think he will be the nominee. >> so, you know, i don't know how the math adds up, but i know that bernie and also jeff weaver, his campaign manager, say they're going to the convention and would agree with you. hilary rosen, how would you respond to what you just heard here from the hillary clinton perspective? >> well, look, i don't think any candidate wants to be told that even if there's a 1 in a million chance, that there's no chance, so i'll let -- >> what you're telling him here? >> let his team go on and tell us how they're going to win 85% of the next set of delegates. i just don't think it's going to happen, but here's what i think can happen and needs to happen, which is that regardless of
4:36 am
whether or not bernie sanders takes his movement to the convention or not, and all power to him if he does, there's two things that matter a lot. one is, he needs to stop making this about a character assassination on hillary clinton. she did not do that to barack obama. she did not insinuate the sort of false integrity charges that bernie sanders is -- >> jonathan is shaking his head listening to you. jump in. >> no. wait, wait. let me finish. >> i want to respond to that point. >> bernie sanders can disagree with hillary clinton but completely inappropriate and false and damaging to the party and democrats and the movement bernie sanders says he cares about to be insinuating ethics problems. the second issue is, bernie sanders cannot do anything alone. he needs to start helping democrats up and down the ticket. he has refused to do this to date. hillary clinton has spent a huge amount of time fund-raising and helping democrats up and down the ticket. if any democrat is going to be
4:37 am
successful in 2017 as president, we have got to have a democratic congress and can you not go it alone. bernie sanders has to stop going it alone. >> so let me respond. can i respond to this now? >> please. >> and in some way this is the media's fault. you have completely bought the false narrative of this idea of the negative attacks. what hillary clinton wants and what they want, basically ask her questions so on your grilled cheese sandwich should, we have che cheddar or swiss cheese? that's the level they want the debate. it is not a negative attack to ask hillary clinton to release her wall street transcripts which she refuses to do, because that goes to the heart of the corruption of the system that she is part and parcel of. the amount of money from wall street. >> i'm not saying you're wrong. i just talked to -- >> let me finish. the oil and gas industry is not a negative attack to question her vote for the iraq war which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of iraqis. the war she embraced with dick
4:38 am
cheney, george bush and embracing the libya debacle, which barack obama himself admitted was a disaster. it is not a negative attack to ask her why she supported welfare reform, why she's supported every bad trade agreement that destroyed millions of good jobs, and why she, in fact, does support the trans-pacific partnership even though as a campaign tactic says she doesn't. why she supported the death penalty? all of these things are about issues. the clinton campaign says, you can't address any of these. these are all negative attacks. no. because they do not want to have an actual debate about the issues that can be tough but is really about addressing the issues and about having a different view of what the democratic party -- >> i can speak for the hillary clinton campaign and hilary, jump in and join me, by the way, i do take offense when you throw me under the bus. thank you. >> i was saying as a representative of the media. let me say, though, give credit to dana bash, for example, when she pressed in the debate three times about the transcripts.
4:39 am
it's not an entire -- >> i get it, hilary, jump in, because on substance it's fair, but on tone it's different. go ahead. >> brooke pressed the campaign on transcripts, though. >> asked one question. >> stop. >> here's the thing. >> and issues -- >> hillary clinton has taken on the issues. >> not true, hilary. >> an aggressive conversation about the issues in the debates with bernie sanders. i don't think she's afraid to talk about her record on national security. i don't think she's -- you know, she has been aggressive in her record in the senate, in terms of helping on jobs and helping women and children and families. bernie sanders actually doesn't have a record on any of this stuff he's talking about. he's been in the congress for 25 years, and hasn't done anything on these issues. >> that's not true also. so -- >> a debate on the issue. she does -- >> what you said about the senate. >> my point is different. >> no, no. in the senate. >> no. jonathan, you didn't answer my
4:40 am
question here. >> i will answer your question. hillary clinton has zero record of taking a piece of legislation from a to z in her eight years in the senate. cite me one, one major bill she stood on the senate floor, advocated for, took amendments, negotiated the problems? zero. bernie sanders on the other hand -- >> you're just wrong. stop, just stop this. >> the entire veterans change in benefits. negotiated with john mccain, a multibillion dollar bill. >> here's the thing, the veterans administration by all accounts has -- >> he was chair, democratic -- chair of the veterans committee. >> you know what? >> under democratic control. you are distorting the record. >> there's not a single. >> hang on. hang on. quickly, hilary respond, 20 seconds and we have to go. >> okay. she has a record in the senate. helped the families on 9/11. she moved child health care legislation. she moved upstate jobs in new york. that's why the voters of new york overwhelmingly supported her last night by 16 points,
4:41 am
because she was an effective senator. she will be an effective president for that reason. >> jonathan and hilary -- it isn't even 8 in the morning and i need my whistle. appreciate it. love a good, healthy debate. thank you so much. chris cuomo, to you. >> what i'm talking about, brooke. >> i like you with your fists up. donald trump whipped the competition in new york full stop, but what does that mean about the convention? could it still be contested? the answer is, yes. we're going to talk to a former rnc chief of staff for the inside scoop on what happens if that happens. next.
4:42 am
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all right. it's time to get some insight, because we're all looking ahead. right? you have big primaries all through the northeast corridor coming up. over 170 delegates. up for donald trump. that could really change this race. but he says he has larger concerns, and so do other republicans, about the state of play and what if there's a convention, and what are the rules? let's get somebody who has true inside scoop. mike shields, former rnc chief of staff and president of the congressional leadership fund, and american action network. he's also a cnn delegate analyst. perfect title for today. so the word is, shields, you're on your way down to florida. there's going to be some pre-talk about what might happen with the rules. the first question is -- do you believe that people in your party, in the upper echelons, believe that there's a problem with the system? >> no, i don't think they do, and, you know, there's going to be a rules meeting of the rnc
4:46 am
this week, but it actually didn't r can't do thinking. all they can do is recommend things to the convention rules committee. in the end, look, the delegates will make all decisions at the convention. the republican party really is the delegates at this convention. no matter what it has to be voted on by majority of delegates on the floor. the nomination for president, voted for by the delegates on the floor. talk about different controversial things going into the convention. in the end, the delegates at the convention will make the decisions about all the stuff we're talking ak. >> so what is the state of play that brings down to florida? this having a meeting now to make recommendations to the people who will make the decisions then? i get you it's all going to be decided in that week before the convention, but it's about what influence is put on to that week before the convention. what's your take? >> yes. this is a regularly scheduled aren'ty meeting. they have quarterly meetings of all their members. what you're seeing going on now all three of the campaigns, the trump, cruz and kasich campaign
4:47 am
will send folks down to this meeting to start lobbying. the 168 members of the rnc, many are delegates, obviously talk to delegations in they're states and you're starting to see a dual campaign running, running to get elected and get voters to vote for you and also running to talk to these delegates. you come up short of 1,237 you have to influence the delegates to vote for you at the convention. there will be unpledged delegates. if donald trump gets close enough he wants to have an operation both out in the states and talking t infoential members of the rnc about those delegations to win delegates at the convention as well. we're seeing with cruz from trump's perspective is a function of the system being impure, that there is a rigged nature to it? you can win a lot of the popular vote and have delegates taken away from you. it's resonating with the people. is it on good ground? >> i don't think so. nothing is being taken away from
4:48 am
anybody. rules were set out. everybody knew the rules. donald trump benefited from some of the rules. a lot of open primaries. >> you know knowing there are rules and those rules being fair are two very different things. do you believe the rules are fair? >> i do. where you stand on the rules is relevant to where you are in the campaign. i'm guessing a candidate gets to 1,237 and they'll defend the rules, the greatest and don't want to change them. >> in new york, donald trump won more delegate percentage than of the raw vote yet he is the one championing the complaints. the one who should be saying, well, the system is what it is because he's benefiting most. he said, no, delegates are taken from me that shouldn't have happened. you should vote and those delegates locked up 100%. should that be the way it should be? >> he can think that, but he got into a republican party's nomination knowing that's not the way that it is. a lot of this is posturing because he's trying to make the case and influence these
4:49 am
delegates. i don't think the system is fair. i'm close enough. switch and vote for me is a reasonable thing to do in the public to push that as a political agenda. when it comes to the actual rules of the party, if someone suddenly said, let's just change the rules now and allow the person in the lead to have it. that's ri that's rigging it in the other direction. people who will be very angry. people in the party saying, wait. over half of us didn't vote for this candidate and now are having to change the rules at the last minute. none of that is going to happen, by the way. this is all going to be handled at the convention by the delegates. i understand why the trump campaign would make a public statement they don't like the rules. that's in their interests to say that. if they get to 1,237, it's in their interests to say 1,237. >> mike shield, thank you for the insight. there is a lot in the wind about this. good to get somebody with clarity. appreciate it. brooke. thank you so much. coming up next, i want to share a story that is extraordinarily personal to me.
4:50 am
there are 6,600 sailors currently deployed in the gulf. i want to tell you about dearest friend, out there in the gulf. his story, right there. so many others. why they are sacrificing to keep us safe.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
i have really ln been hobee third and final story is personal. this is the original reason that the navy admiral invited me to see my friend, since the seventh grade, who i met back from my hometown, atlanta, georgia, who is now 15 years in, serves as the executive officer on the uss anzio. he and the rest of the crew showed me what it means to leave friends and family to fight for our freedom. after thousands of miles, a screeching halt an an aircraft carrier, and a hot chopper, i
4:55 am
landed on the u.s. s anzio, guided missile cruiser, lead defender of the uss harry s truman, for commander bobby jones. you've been to my office. >> yes. >> i've taken four planes and a helicopter to get to your office. >> which is pretty cool, right. >> it recently air detailing our special friendship. >> this was the first terrorist attack from isis -- my reporting on a world at war, and his fight anything one, the u.s. navy granted me rare and exclusive access. and i was honored to climb aboard. >> all right, so this is -- >> is this your room. >> my stateroom. i live, work, counsel. >> what do you have over there? >> i have pictures of important
4:56 am
people, so yeah, you're there. >> you're stuck staring at me next to your sweet family. >> it's more like you're staring at me, and me being out here separated from my family, ensures the safety of millions back home, then it's worth it. >> if called upon, the uss anzio has cable of hitting targets in iraq and syria, some 1,000 miles away. along these clos ttrophibic, th relax together too. what do you do in your down time? >> video games, exercise. >> what do you wish that you had, keep it clean? >> wi-fi. >> wi-fi? >> yeah, wi-fi. >> aboard the anzio, not all the sailors are men. >> hi. >> you guys have it so much better than the guys.
4:57 am
>> we do. >> a naval academy grad, and two women of 370 plus men stationed on anzio, lieutenant mcquaid, leave her baby girl back home, when duty called. >> i mean, it's definitely tough, but the example that at least i'm setting for her and breaking the gender norms. >> which is incredibly admirable, but i imagine you shut the door and you weep nighttimes allows them to think of loved ones back home and to sneak in some sleep. you were saying you get better sleep sometimes in this tiny bed. >> why he. >> why? >> well, it rocks like your mother is rocking you to sleep. i don't know. it's one of those things. >> close the curtain, and that means don't bother me. >> yeah, close the curtain. when the xo comes. >> you hear him coming. >> oh, yes, the xo, the ship's
4:58 am
executive officer. when you finally get to go home, what's the first thing you're going to do? >> hug my wife and my kids. tell them that daddy is home. it makes you realize what you're fighting for. >> so what's really cool, what brooke did this morning, you guys face time, you facetimed with them this morning. >> they're eight hours ahead. >> i wanted to ask him, do you think he would have sent you where you are today and do you think you would know that he would be where he is today, when you were, what, seventh grade? >> that's a great question. of course, i would imagine where he would be. i knew he was going on to play football at navy. he turned down a lot of officers, but to go on 15 years later and to be a lieutenant commander, yeah, i buy it and
4:59 am
then some. i can't wait to see what he does next. >> i like the tone of the urgency that you gave it also. people often suffer from a misperception about the navy and that, well, they're out in the water. the war is going on on land. they are uniquely vulnerable, because they have almost no ability to get out of the way, because it is a city on the water they have there. so it was good that people are reminded. >> thanks for letting me share. much more on my show at 2:00 this afternoon. thank you, thank you. we have a lot going on this morning, following the results of the new york primary, talking with donald trump, hillary clinton's huge wins, right now. there is no place like home! >> we don't have much of a race anymore. >> people in state after state cry out for a new path. >> we believe we have a path for
5:00 am
victory. >> we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote and you win. >> i am really concerned, 3 million new yorkers were unable to vote. >> some politicians say that america is losing on everything. what are you kidding me? >> america has been best when she is lying down with her map on the mack. >> it is about lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. this is "new day," with chris cuomo, alisyn, and michael . >> do we have news for you. hillary clinton and donald trump trouncing their competition in the new york primary. clinton, now on the brink of clinching her party's nomination. trump, certainly cementing his path, still has a battle to reach the threshold.
5:01 am
>> all eyes now, looking ahead to next week, super tuesday. five northeast states in play. could it spell the end for the campaign of bernie sanders, ted cruz, john kasich, or will they battle on. let's begin with john berman to bra breakdown the numbers. >> brooke baldwin, the empire state, the empire strikes back. look at this. donald trump, his high water mark in this campaign, 60% of the vote here, john kasich in second, ted cruz all the way in third place. at 14%. on the democratic side, hillary clinton ended bernie sanders' winning streak. she was at 57, bernie sanders, 42%. more than the clinton campaign hoped, more than the sanders campaign feared. what does that mean for delegates right now. hillary clinton picked up 139. bernie sanders picked up 108. she increased her delegate lead. on the republican side, a much, much bigger spread.
5:02 am
donald trump, he got 89 delegates at least. john kasich picked up three. ted cruz with a grand total of zero. zero, in a state where he did campaign. this leaves donald trump in a stronger position to get to that magic number of 1,237 votes. he will have to use discipline, though, in the coming contest to get there or get close. is close good enough? that will be discussed on the democratic side, hillary clinton is now less than 500 delegate as way from the magic number. she holds a lead in the pledged delegates and super delegates, and at this point, where you're beginning to hear from the bernie sanders campaign and acknowledgment that they will have to flip super delegates, over the next several months to have any chance of winning the nomination. >> excellent breakdown for us. she has to be feeling pretty good after yesterday. she is now pivoting to the general election, after stopping bernie sanders winning streak. focusing northeast, can he get so more wins. political correspondent, brianna
5:03 am
with us now. can he? >> that's the question. the clinton campaign can say yeah, he might be able to pick up a couple, but they think they're going to be doing a better job next week. we'll stay tuned and see. this was a big night last night for hillary clinton. she continues to try to pivot to the general election. victory is in sight is the word. those are the words from her, those are the words we're hearing from her top aides, but not if bernie sanders has anything to say about it. >> in this campaign, we've won in every region of the country. but this one is personal. >> hillary clinton with a big win in her adopted home state, addressing senator bernie sanders supporters with her sights set on the white house. >> it's humbling that you trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await our next president. and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that
5:04 am
unites us than divides us. >> he took eight of the last nine contests. >> today, we took secretary clinton on in her own state of new york, and we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her victory. there are five primaries next week. we think we're going to do well. >> in new york, 3 million independents across the state did not vote in the state's closed primary. sanders also railing against voter irregularities tt polls, with 100,000 democrats unable to vote, because they were purged from voter registration lists in brooklyn. >> i'm concerned about the conduct of the voting process in new york state. and i hope that that process will change in the future. >> time running out for sanders to catch up to clinton delegate lead. >> the race for the democratic
5:05 am
nomination is in the how much stretch and victory is in sight. >> listen for a refrain in the coming days from the clinton campaign, backers as they call on bernie sanders to try to dial it down a little bit. he recently said that she questioned her qualifications, they're hoping that he is going to dial that back, but we also heard some pretty sharp words last night from hillary clinton's communications director, who said that somewhat of sanders and his campaign has said is destructive. she called them false character attacks. that was from clinton's camp. >> she offers an olive branch. >> as we all know, one -- if she thinks sanders is being tough on her, she ain't seen nothing yet. that's for sure. especially if trump gets the nomination. speaking of the man known as the donald, he is back on today, fresh off his landslide victory
5:06 am
in the new york gop primary. trump certainly moving a lot closer to clenching the party's nomination. and just as importantly, a different feel from him on the stump last night. cnn's jason carroll joining us now. more about what he didn't say, how he wasn't in his presentation than usual. >> you're absolutely right, chris. we didn't hear any name-calling. what we did hear was an enthusiastic speech. he is rocking it and heading into the convention as the winner, but cautioned those within the gop establishment not to try to stop him by taking delegates. >> we can't be caught, it's impossible to catch us. >> donald trump giving a rousing victory speech befitting his new york win and signal a new phase in his campaign. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> the billionaire dropping most of the insults, and sounding
5:07 am
more presidential. >> nobody should be given delegates, which is a ticket to victory. >> trump sharpening his focus on ted cruz, continuing to criticize his courting of delegates, and the possibility of a contested convention. >> it's a system that is rigged, and we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote and you win. >> with a shutout in new york, cruz defending his delegate strategy. >> i cannot help the donald trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand. if you lose, don't cry about it. go back and learn how to win an election. >> depaying a new stump in philadelph philadelphia. >> the self-proclaimed outsider, calling for unity within the republican party. >> we must unite the republican party, doing so is the first step in uniting all americans. >> john kasich ready for a fight in maryland, continuing to argue, he is the strongest
5:08 am
candidate to take on hillary clinton in november. >> when you have these sky high negatives, nobody is voting for you. the delegates will look at that. and you know, i think they're going to make a pick my way. >> so looking ahead, trump has the momentum and he says cruz cannot overtake him, but still the possibility cruz can pull in enough delegates away from trump to prevent him from reaching the nomination. trump saying last night, he is heading to indiana, and pennsylvania. pennsylvania another state where trump is polling very well. >> indiana, we're hearing a lot from indiana. jason, thank you very much. hillary clinton and donald trump owning their home state of new york, but it may not be all smooth sailing for the two front-runners. cnn's christine rowmans. >> they have to shore up a few cracks. let's start with donald trump.
5:09 am
his well documented trouble winning over the establishment. at play, 35% say they would be excited if trump is elected president. compared with 22% said they would be scared. trump struggles with voters who say their most important candidate quality is someone who shares their values. kasich wins this category. cruz follows with 27%. donald trump, just 24% breaking on the values front. we also asked what if trump wins the gop nomination. just over half the republican voters say they would definitely vote for him. 24% said they would not vote. they would not vote for donald trump. turning to hillary clinton, a challenge has been with voters who find her untrustworthy. 60% think she is honest, higher than the past primary states. but bernie sanders, an astonishing 81% think he is honest. who is running the more unfair
5:10 am
campaign. 34% think it is hillary clinton. 46% say it is bernie sanders on that one. clinton has work do with that as well. voters prefer sanders, we've seen that again and again. to be clear, guys, we ask a lot of questions in these exit polls. she is are just the rare weakness weaknesses. >> no question about it, christine. thank you very much. hillary clinton, now on the brink of clinching the democratic nomination. what does it mean for senator sanders? let's discuss with clinton supporter, governor of the great state of pennsylvania, tom wolf. governor, thank you for joining us this morning. you are next up, the spotlight will be bright and shiny on your state. what do you believe last night means for tuesday's prime in your state? >> well, i'm not sure much has changed. i think hillary clinton was always going to do well in pennsylvania, and i think she'll
5:11 am
do very well. i still believe she'll do well here in pennsylvania. >> do you think it will -- the polling there, she is doing well, but not like she won last night. what do you think about the state of play between she and senator sanders? >> well, i think hillary will do very well here. new york, after all, is her home state, but she was strong family roots here in pennsylvania, the commonwealth, not the state of pennsylvania, and she will do very well here. and i think we'll know for sure next tuesday. but the polling looks good, and i think people are coming around to the idea that she is going to be the nominee. and i think as she said last night, it's time for the party to pull together, and gather round and make sure we go into november united. >> what do you think senator sanders should do? >> i think he has a added a lot
5:12 am
to this race, brought a lot of fresh ideas and new people back into our democracy. and i think we ought to build on that, the democratic party. and i think he and hillary ought to work together and make sure that moving forward, we have a great democratic party that is united around great ideas, and active ev active even thus yas particular supporters. >> do you agree taking it the wrong way and making it too personal? >> i think when you get into campaigning that is part of the program, but i think at this point, when you're in the middle of the campaign, but right now, at this point, i think i'm confident hillary will win in pennsylvania, i'm confident she'll be the nominee. as she said last night, remember all the things that bring us together, that unite us, rather than the things that -- the few
5:13 am
things that divide us. >> what are you getting a feel for in your state? donald trump doing well there in addition to clinton doing well, as we saw in new york last night. turnout is a big part of this story. democrats, a flat to negative, versus 2008 and i know it was a different race, but still, the gop side, up at least 33% in voting in new york. do you expect the same in pennsylvania? will you get a gop pop there? >> we might. i think there is still some enthusiasm on the democratic side, the democratic registration edge is pretty substantial here. if you noticed the numbers last night, both hillary and bernie out polled donald trump in terms of the number of votes. so i think turnout will have to be a really, really high on the republican side to make any real difference in pennsylvania. there is a democratic edge, and i think a lot of democrats are interested in the race and will come out to vote.
5:14 am
>> both states share similar registration dynamics, all though it is kind of apples and oranges. you have more democrats there, that it doesn't always tell the story. he had two other people, donald trump got a bigger percentage than hillary clinton did. does that suggest a relative show of strength? >> well, as i said, i appreciate the -- your comments, but percentages don't tell the whole story. the numbers, i think, do. as i said, if you take, assume there is fallout on bernie sanders' side in the general election, and deduct that from his primary victory, hillary still scored over 1 million votes. the rest of bernie's votes go to hillary in the general election. it's a big increase over the combined total of all the republican candidates in new york. so it's percentages are great, that's fine. i understand that.
5:15 am
but when it comes to the vote, and who gets the electoral votes in november, it will be the one person who gets more votes. >> tell us about the registration dynamic in pennsylvania. what's the deal with independents? what is the deal with when you have to register, can you do same day registration? are the rules different in a meaningful way? a lot of criticism, especially from the sanders side, coming out of the new york primary that it worked against independent voters. it worked against late deciding voters. >> yeah, and that's an issue in a lot of states. pennsylvania is one, we have a closed primary here. we don't have same day voter registration. i've tried to make it easier to register, because i think the senator is right, we need to encourage people to participate in the democracy. voting is the basic responsibility of citizenship. so i've established online voter registration. i have a republican senate in the house, and i have not been
5:16 am
able to move changes in voter registration, other than that, because that's my interpretation of the statute. we've had hundreds of thousands of people register to vote that way. i think making it easier is a first step. but i think the senator is right. we need to open up our electoral process and do a better job of encouraging people to register and to vote. >> well, april 26th, we'll be featuring five states, but pennsylvania is the big ticket. all eyes will be on the commonwealth. governor, thank you for joining us on "new day." >> thank you for having me. mic. house speaker has been denying rumors he wants in to the presidential race. they were put to the test last night. how about some late night laughing. >> yes or no, would you he accept the nomination? >> no, stephen, i have said i do not want, nor would i accept the republican nomination. >> got it.
5:17 am
so you're considering the nomination? >> no, i'm not. >> okay, i'll give you sometime to mull this one over. how about now? >> still no. >> so that's a maybe? >> no. it is a no. >> like a no, no? one of those no, i don't want to be speaker of the house, if you just give it to me nos? >> it is a no-no. >> and to two no-nos make a yes? >> no, they make a firmer no, period. >> okay. period, but if i add two more periods, it becomes an elipsis. >> it should go to someone who campaigned for it. for me, that door is closed. >> got it. but is the door locked? do you sometimes feel we kind of go there, sometimes? >> i wish. i wish i could go there. he is so quick. he is so smart.
5:18 am
>> he really is. >> that could be -- >> two nos -- i think he has created a great space there. ryan has two problems. one is there was a little bit of this intrigue surrounding this speaker thing. >> totally. >> and the -- i keep thinking of tim me russert, may he rest in peace. i don't have any plans right now. so you're considering. so you won't say there is no chance. he was brilliant at that. there is a little bit of that here. but it is nice to be wanted. this is a win/win for paul ryan. >> at least for now. donald trump would like to be president, and by the way, he won the landslide victory in his primary. he ripped into the election system again, ted cruz is mathematically eliminated. what is the truth to that? find out next. t. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee.
5:19 am
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5:22 am
we are going to be so strong again, we are going to be -- really, i mean, legitimately. so great again. and i just can't wait. so, we don't have much of a race anymore, based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> donald trump, celebrating his
5:23 am
landslide new york victory and telling the world do the math. ted cruz is done. trump taking a step toward clinching the nomination, but cruz and john kasich, they are not giving up the fight. let's discuss with national spokesman for ted cruz, ron nehring, and new york city councilman, co-chair for donald trump's new york campaign. gentlemen, good morning. joe, to you first. >> good morning. congratulations. >> thank you. >> so trump snagged almost all delegates. >> at least. >> at least, right. i know it's early still. which means, you know, mathematically, cruz cannot get to that magic number of 1,237. i know you would like to and avoid this whole contested convention chaos altogether. what's the plan? how do you do it? >> right, the chief take away from last night is ted cruz is now math mattly unable to come up with 1,237 delegates. from what we've been seeing over the past couple of weeks, i don't think the cruz team's message ought to be the voters be wear. it doesn't matter.
5:24 am
we're still going to compete, try to siphon off in the convention. donald trump won in almost demographic and geographic in the region, and we're well poised to take on super tuesday neck week. >> ron, to you, is it possible to clinch for your candidate ahead of cleveland? you want the contested convention, you really wanted the second ballot. what is your strategy? it's all about the delegates and math, especially from what i'm hearing from your campaign, indiana. talk to me about your plan. >> yeah, well, just to start with, we won the last five states in a row, donald trump, you know, won last night. winning clearly is better. no doubt about that. but donald trump is not going to get to 1,237 delegates, because he can't consolidate the party behind him. donald trump is trapped in his own brand, where he has a minority of the republican party that's very strongly for him, but most republicans do not want to see donald trump as a republican nominee, as we go
5:25 am
forward, he is not going to be able to get to that point. then it will wind up being up to the delegates, who are the representatives of the republican party, and it will -- we'll see which candidate is able to put together the majority of the candidates. that will not be donald trump. that's a certainty going forward. >> well, you do say that you say trump has the minority of republicans in favor of him. how many republican senators are endorsing your candidate? >> well, i don't think it's a matter of republican senators in terms of endorsements was the determining factor in this race, marco rubio would be the republican nominee. clearly, you know, winning in the endorsement of people inside of the 202 area code isn't the key to victory. i will point out we were in california last week, two sold out rallies, 50 local republican elected officials who have come on board and that's really where this campaign is going to be fought, down in the congressional level district, in
5:26 am
the states voting on the 26th of april and then on to may. and then wrapping up in june. you know, our campaign is well organized for that. the donald trump campaign on the other hand seems to have one hot mess after another that it's dealing with. here we are seven weeks from the end of the primary contest, and they've got people who are, you know, quitting, being fired, moving in and out. they're going to be working on how to get their e-mail on their phone while we're continuing to open field offices in the states that are coming up to vote. so you know, the trump campaign seems to be operating with the same efficiency as, you know, trump university and trump steaks and magazine and so on and so forth. we are well organized to move forward. >> first, respond to him calling the campaign one hot mess. >> well, we had some trump champagne, and it was very good. to what he was saying, so indiana, donald trump won all the surrounding states, so i don't think there is any indication that indiana might not go for donald trump in any
5:27 am
way. but look, we were told that donald trump can't win in the south, he did. we were told he can't win with predominantly hispanic voters, he did. he can't win in closed primary states. so everything mr. nehring is saying, it will lead to -- >> he said firing and shake-ups, we'll call it a resignation, the guy running the ground game, mr. jolly, is out. and we have obviously paul manafort talking to gabe sherman with the new york magazine, had reports from five different sources saying it is manafort running the whole thing, even though they would disagree. all of it, different tone from mr. trump last night, referred to him as senator, instead of lyin' ted. pivoting on the economy and jobs. will we see that version of donald trump as we look down ahead to the remaining primari s
5:28 am
primaries. >> every camp needs to grow when they're positioning themselves or ought to be on the 26th. you know, that said, the donald trump you saw last night and the donald trump you've seen over the past couple of weeks in terms of speeches and public appearances is this new, more presidential donald trump that the public has been asking for. that's the donald trump that is best positioned to take on hillary clinton in november. and i think we have a winning package with this version of trump. and you know, i just don't see ted cruz having the ability to gain any momentum until maybe nebraska, and that's not even certain. >> we'll see. it could get contested in cleveland. for now, ron and joe, thank you very much. >> interesting. so new york in the rearview mirror, five states up for grab next week and beyond. does trump continue the march toward the magic number? bernie sanders, harder question for him. where is the space to ex he wce.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
so both hillary clinton and donald trump certainly moving closer. >> moving closer. >> to their goal. the big nominations for their parties, new york primary went exactly the way they wanted it to. all eyes now, though, this is how the race works, it's already new york, gone. what does it mean for next week? a lot of points on the board to be taken.
5:33 am
let's discuss. cnn political commentator, ryan lizza, and former philadelphia mayor, michael nutter. let's start with the man in the middle. ryan, new york, the way they wanted it to go, checked all the boxes, especially for clinton, making up ground. she broke it 5050, what does it mean going into next tuesday? >> if he wanted to change the race, which he needs to do, he needs a big victory in a state that she is protected to do well, and he hasn't done it. he hasn't been able to break through the core constituencies. it is mathematically almost impossible for bernie sanders to win, and so he is not going away. apologies to sanders, but he is
5:34 am
like a zombie candidate. she can't kill him, but he can continue to do damage to her, because he is raising so much money. the insurgent drops out, because they run out of money, so that, you know, that's the math that matters for sanders. he has all the money in the bank so he'll stay in until the convention, but keep doing damage to her. >> on the theme of mathematically possibilities. ted cruz cannot hit the magic number ahead of cleveland. it is possible donald trump could. when you're watching the landscape and looking ahead to next week and to may, what is the strategy for, i guess the cruz camp and kasich kicking it as well, to prevent trump from clinching? >> well, first of all, can you imagine? i went to law school, because i couldn't do math. >> we're all doing math. >> so this idea of having to add and subtract all the delegate math is driving me absolutely crazy. i think ted cruz and john kasich
5:35 am
have got one goal, one joint goal. which is to keep trump from reaching 1,237. now the only question i have left is, at what point is this joint goal going to turn into joint strategy. definitely last night was a terrible night for ted cruz. he would have been much better off not playing here at all, and gauging expectations that way. blowing off new york the way that john kasich basically blew off iowa at the beginning, and when he came in practically last, it had no lasting effect. last night was a bad, bad night for ted cruz. he would have been much better served had he accepted the offers from the john kasich camp, and had they coordinated a bit, and you know, kasich would have done better, trump would have done worst. ted cruz would have suffered no consequences. >> interesting thoughts. this was a bigger test for cruz than people imagined, because this was his chance to show that he could negate a negative. he came into a place with a
5:36 am
negative perception of him. this was his chance to turn people as a metaphor. where he can he win now? he is hoping indiana. >> he has to sit down with john kasich and look at the map. right now, it's almost like he is willing to cut off his nose to spite his face. >> about as good a chance of that happening as well as any other possibility in the world. >> they have to play in the sandbox at some point. >> mr. mayor, when you're looking at your side of the ball, this was a good night for you. >> sure. >> the take from the clinton campaign was forked last night. you had the secretary coming out in a way we haven't seen yet, reaching out to sanders voters. the campaign coming out and saying he is dirty, he is dirty, these personal attacks have to stop. that gets raised eyebrows from people in the media. two, you think sanders is giving you hey mackekers and he is talg
5:37 am
about the war, this is not dirty pool, is it? >> at some point in time, i mean every candidate has a sense of where things are going. i think senator sanders realizes from the math, we keep talking about the math, that it is highly unlikely that he will win the nomination with the number of pledged delegates. at what point in time does he drop the attacks against hillary clinton, continue the message, no one has suggested that i know that he drop out of the race. i mean, other than the political commentary. no one from the clinton campaign. i don't think any other surrogate. no one has said anything about dropping out of the race. but drop the gloves. stop hitting her, and giving literal ammunition to the republican party for the general election. how do you bring the party together. how do you support ultimately who we think will be the nominee, and continue that message. he has a great message. keep that activism.
5:38 am
keep the enthusiasm and all that. at what point in time do you shift a little bit and stop punching your fellow democratic. >> i have to tell you, michael. i think the world of you, but i've got to tell you, they're so disingenuous. how could hillary clinton be making the argument when she clung on until the middle of june in 2008. >> she has never said -- you didn't hear me. >> the second part is -- >> what i said is he needs to stop punching her. he is not going any where. >> that's not a punch, sweetheart. if you look at the republican side, this discussion, this actual debate is going on on the democratic side. >> the circus that's going on in your party. >> compared so if you think this is punching, i will tell you you're in for a hell of a next six months. >> if the republicans want to conduct their business, have a good time. >> jump in, ryan. >> the reason she is not hitting him as hard, she needs those
5:39 am
voters. >> absolutely. >> she is is 70/30 to millennials. the whole next generation. >> a great convention in philadelphia. >> we're not trying to replicate that. >> is he making her a better candidate? >> i think so. if she is going to run against somebody like donald trump, maybe it will be good she ran against sanders and adjusted her position on free trade for instance, and sort of started thinking about inequality in a new way. >> i understand that. i think that it's been very helpful during the course of the campaign season. but it is going into the direction that it's going. we want to unify a convention. unlike the circus that will be in the republican party. and the candidates at some point has the responsibility to the party, trying to win in november. bring it altogether and -- >> hillary clinton should be sending bernie sanders a giant bag of hot sauce. but for bernie sanders, it would be a snooze fest. >> that's how they see love, is through hot sauce.
5:40 am
>> i like hot sauce, too. >> we have to go. >> we've got to go. >> this is exactly what we need to see more of. different points of view. >> so interesting. >> how the points are made. i like to see, listen, uncomfortable. >> she called me sweetheart. >> that's high praise. >> so what do you think about all this? tweet us at new day, or post your comments on facebook. we've got a really fascinating story ahead. georgia sperm make facing a lawsuit after lying about one of its donors. the donors, several families picked out, turned out to have a startling past and not who they expected. you're going to hear from one of the families ahead on "new day." one totally focused on what's next for your business. a true partnership where people, technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation.
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five things to know. hillary clinton save bernie sanders shiftsing focus to next week's super tuesday contest. donald trump, giant step toward the nomination with a landslide
5:45 am
victory in new york. declared senator ted cruz just about mathematically eliminated. the president is in saudi arabia with defense secretary ash carter to encourage the nation to step up attacks against isis. this visit comes amid tensions between the two nations. michigan's attorney general about to announce criminal charges in the flint water crisis. a source says as many as four people connected to the state department of environmental quality or the city of flint are expected to be named. march is on record for its his to historic heat. the 11th straight month to be designated the warmest ever on record. for more on the five things to know, visit >> thank you very much. we're going to miss you around these parts.
5:46 am
georgia family taking -- we're moving on. georgia family taking a sperm bank to court, claiming they were lied to about criminal history. do they have a case, and what is likely to prevent this from happening again. we'll talk to one of the women suing, next. five things to know for your new day is brought to you by basf. we create chemistry. (bear growls)
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all right, so georgia based sperm bank being sued. turns out one of the donors wasn't who he claimed to be. by the time it was discovered, it was too late. 36 children. a plaintiff in the case, she has a child. she is the mother, angie collins, and her attorney, who is also representing other families in the case, nancy herst, joining us from san francisco. canada, the rules are a little different. illegal to pay men to donate sperm. did you have any reason to doubt
5:51 am
that the sperm that you were receiving was the quality you were looking for? this guy on paper spoke five languages, working on a ph.d., iq of 160. any reason for you to doubt that? >> obviously the iq of 160, could i have doubted, but you know, you have room for error of some sort of embellishment. i didn't have any doubts of the company's claims. i had no reason to disbelieve their claims for their testing and screening and their psychological assessments and the stuff that they claim to do on our behalf, that should be done on our behalf. because that's what we would do if we had the donor's name. >> you learned from another woman that that donor suffered from mental illness, was not the 160 iq, did not have the ph.d. in fact, dropped out of college. run-ins with the law and did time in jail. how did you react? >> well, it was heart wrenching
5:52 am
information to learn. it was like a lead ball dropped to my stomach and i felt physically ill. >> i know you're concerned that your son may -- he is nine now i understand, and you're kirned -- >> he's the. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> how this could affect him as he gets older. we know mental illness can manifest later in life. how is he doing. >> he is doing really well right now. hopefully with the right environmental up bring, if anything develops, it will be minimal. we hope for the best for all the kids that are affected by our donor's donations. >> nancy, you're representing parents of 20 of the 36 children that were created by this donor. what is the -- we should mention, it is not a class action suit. what are the parents of these kids greatest concerns. >> their greatest concern is for the welfare and the future of
5:53 am
their children. psychosis doesn't manifest until 18 or older, and the children are all between the ages of 2 and 11 at the present time. >> and now i understand, i want to quickly say most sperm banks do test for this. this company says they were in complete compliance with industry standards. don't they all test for mental, physical standards that have to be met for the donors? >> there are no regulations that require them to do any testing in addition to testing the sperm for sstds and quality. unregulated basically. >> you had a case in georgia and it was dismissed. why do you think it will be different this time around? why take another shot? >> because we need to change this industry. they are selling a product to a population that is vulnerable. and they are making representations that are not
5:54 am
true. and the dismiss sal in georgia d nothing do with the merits of the case. it was dismissed with nothing to do with the evidence we have. this time around, we have a lot more. >> you certainly do. let me pull up their response to give the other side, court of law requires actual evidence in proof making unfounded allegations in the court of public opinion requires no actual proof at all but merely the world of the lawyers and litigants who already failed in a court of law. i can imagine, angie, this is a really frustrating situation not as advertised, you're concerned about the future for your son and other children that are involved. what are you hoping for out of this legal action? >> well, we're hoping to establish a medical fund so they can be looked at preventible, we also help to educate the public, and we hope to change the
5:55 am
industry, because it's deplorable the way it's being run right now. >> angie, i send you our best. we hope there is a fantastic outcome. we hope you get your day in court again, and that your claims and arguments are head. and nancy, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> thank you very much for having me on your show. >> absolutely. we're going to have the good stuff coming up next. stay with us. accessible by thouf suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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all right, you ready? this isn't just the good stuff. this a perfect example of exactly what we want to celebrate as the good stuff. right outside iowa city is the johnson county poor farm. it sits, a piece of history, unused, until a community got it up and running. >> a small space, you can grow a tremendous amount of food for a lot of people. >> a farm was turned by community will, sweat, blood and treasure, into something called the grow johnson county co-optico-o cooperative, where it's given to hot lunch programs. >> i just see people who are struggling, being able to come to a community garden context like this, and it just improves
6:00 am
your health on so many levels. >> that's not all. the project will start farming classes in an effort to end hunger in the community. >> last year they did something similar. i love when people do that. >> love it. >> their own will, their own inclination to help the community. love it. >> thanks for letting me hang out. >> great series. >> thank you so much. i'll be back on at 2:00. thank you very much. carol costello. >> that's my nap time. >> not for me. >> have a great day, guys. newsroom starts now. happening now, in the newsroom. >> thank you, new york. >> we love new york, we love new york. >> and new york loves the front-runners. now clinton looking to lockup the democratic nomination, with five primaries next week. st but sanders says, this is


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