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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: se he is a firefighter paramedic in miami-dade. >> it is a physical, demanding job, a stressful job and we need forms of stress relief from that. being out on the long board and racing was my answer. i love the competition, the sport and pushing yourself past the limit that you didn't think you could do mentally or physically. the human spirit wants to be challenged. >> you are live in the cnn newsroom at the top of the hour. thank you for being here. this word from the director of the cincinnati zoo. heart broken. he is talking about the entire staff at the zoo in mourning after the death of this endangered gorilla. the zoo staff made the on the spot decision to kill and shoot
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the gorilla a the boy slipped in to the animal's habitat. >> reporter: a day of panic and desperation at the cincinnati zoo. >> this is in a gorilla cage and a 3-year-old child has fallen in to the gorilla cage. >> reporter: a 4-year-old boy slips in to the gorilla's habitat and over a mote wall. suddenly harambe, a gorilla approaches the boy. his mother watches in horror as to what happens next. >> mommy's right here. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> okay. everybody back up. >> okay. >> mommy loves you. i'm right here. >> the young boy screams and the urgent calls to 911 can be heard on this bystander video. >> my son.
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>> harambe drag the boy around the mote and up a ladder for ten minutes as the zoo's dangerous animal response team anxiously decides what to do next. >> think little boy himself had already been talking about wanting to go in, go in, get in the water and his mother is like no, you are not. no, you are not. i don't know if the screaming did it or too many people hanging on the edge, if he thought -- but he pulled the boy further away from the big group. sglm the gorilla has the child and dragged him around the pen. >> officials considered the incident threatening. deciding what harambe must be taken down immediately. >> the reason that tranquilizing was not chosen is in an agitated situation, which me male was it may take a while for the
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tranquilizer to take effect an the second he was hit it would be a dramatic response. you don't hit him and he falls under. all sorts of things could happen in a situation like that. he certainly was at risk. >> reporter: they say their only option, a rifle. >> harambe was shot and killed. the child was taken to cincinnati children's hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> we are rescued the child. children have been notified for trauma. >> it is a sad day all the way around. the right choice was made. it was a difficult choice. >> reporter: he was a endangered species. the zoo hoped he would eventually father other gorillas. >> >> we love the zoo. it is very friendly and everything is beautiful here but when you see something like that and you have the disappointment, because what do you say to your grandchildren?
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>> that video you can't take your eyes off of it. jessica is joining us live at the cincinnati zoo. we see some folks behind you. we know the park reopen today. how are visitors reacting to what happened? >> the zoo opened. we have seen a stream of visitors inside the zoo itself at the gorilla world exhibit. we see a growing memorial of flowers there and a statue of a gorilla for 17-year-old harambe. people inside sad and confused about what happened. outside we have seen a few people holding justice for harambe signs. but officials a the zoo stress they had to take the quick action. in fact, zoo director released a statement saying we are heart broken about losing harambe but a child's life was in danger and a quick decision had to be made by our animal response team. they tried to get the gorillas
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out of the exhibit but only two exited so they had to take deadly action against harambe. the 4-year-old boy has been released from the hospital and is home tonight. >> jessica, thank you so much. glad to hear the boy is okay. jeff, i know you have seen the video of the gorilla and how he was treating the boy. how do you read that behavior? was that child in serious danger? >> yes. it could go either way. gorillas are this type are not aggressive but can be if provoked. in this situation he didn't understand what was going on and he is used to look at behind bars outside of the mote. next time you know there is one in there. he was curious and wanted to check it out. but then again you are dealing with a 4 o pound gorilla. they are very, very strong creature. when it comes in, it is horrific, heart breaking what
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happened but when it comes between a child and animal, unfortunately the zoo world the children life and unfortunately for the gorilla it is heart breaking for this species, heart breaking for everyone that is associated with that animal. but if you watch the video you see him trying to look at him like he is wearing clothing. he is pulling his clothes, checking it out. he's curious. the onlookers are screaming and it stressed him out. then he wanted to show male dominance. he will try to throw the child around a little bit and bring him back because he is curious. he doesn't want to technically hurt the child. he is curious. >> you read it as him not necessarily being angry but more inquisitive as to who is this person inside of my zoo exhibit. do you think he realized it was a person?
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>> i believe yes. very smart animal. he wondered why is this person on the other side of the enclosure since the last 17 years of his life he was probably never in an enclosure with a human being. he wanted to check it out but threatened by the people on the other side of the barrier. male silver back will show dominance and pull him over and check him out again and be inquisitive. the biggest thing that everyone asks me is why didn't they -- when they have that much tess test roan, he is flying that high, you are going to take extra long to trigger it. i heard it said that it is not boom you are shot with a dart and he passes out. no the damage that could be done and the anger levels that could increase after they hit him with the dart gun could be very, very bad for the child. so they had to do the smartest
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choice out of the two. unfortunately, you know, we have one less gorilla in the world, united states population. >> does that seem like a no-win situation. this went on for ten minutes prior to them taking that lethal action. ten minutes, as a parent i watch that video, we showed a short clip of that time span. that seems like a really long time. what do you think zoo officials were doing within that chunk of time before they decided to shoot the gorilla? >> what they started to do is assessing how do we handle it? it is not in anyone's mind like we want to kill this animal. they don't think first thing go and kill the gorilla. the same thing happened at a zoo in britain a couple of years ago there was a male silver back and took the child and guarding him from females. they were able to coach the male away and pull the child out and no one was hurt. the child had bumps and bruises.
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i think they were trying to play it out. it wasn't a lion or tiger or something that wanted to go in for the kill. they knew he was going to be inquisitive. hoping he would check it out and the child would do something. if he took off running they could have pulled him out without anyone losing a life and they were plotting how to do this, how can we do this without casualties whatsoever. >> it is a situation in which you imagine and prepare for but never expect. i know, according to the zoo officials there, this enclosure had been around, the habitat has been around since 1978. in a statement they say this is the first time anything like this happened. that anyone breached the kpint. they say the exhibit is expected regularly but the association of zoos and aquarium and adheres to safety guidelines. do you think there is anything the zoo could have done to
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prevent the situation? >> you know, if it was going to happen it was going to happen. it could have happened 30 years ago. i think personally, if it what is inspected by the zoo and aquariums, they build these enclosures specifically so that animals cannot get out and humans cannot get in. i think this was a freak thing that the child was able to fit through those bars. from what i heard the mother had her hands full of other children and if you have two or three children and one goes one way and the two are messing around you are paying attention, boom he goes through the bars. a child can fit through but adults cannot. from what i heard from different sources they were trying to coax the child back and at first he was playing in the water thinking this is a fun thing to do. i don't think he realized he made it through an exhibit and he is in with a 400 pound male silver back gorilla.
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>> so scary. thank you thank you for joining us and offering your expertise. >> thank you. so u thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> thank you. ahead this hour, severe weather on this memorial day weekend. in fact it turned deadly in texas. also, some dangerous surf along the carolina coast. we will have a live report coming up. then trump speaking to vets at the rolling thunder rally in washington today and what gary sinise has to say about trump comments on veteran john mccain. >> i reacted. i was disappointed that he would do that and include an entire generation of p.o.w.s as folks that had failed. >> what the actor is doing to make sure our veterans are never forgotten. you are live in the cnn newsroom. stay with us. introducing bai.
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welcome back. donald trump spoke at the motorcycle rally that pays tribute to prisoners of war. >> donald trump talks about his support for verns but it's not often he gets to speak to a large crowd directly. here today he seemed to get a good reception. in many ways this was a typical trump stump speech. talking about trade, the second amendment, building support for military an of course veterans. you have a secretary that said wait time doesn't matter. i have gotten to know so many vet and we just raised $6 million for the vets because i didn't do a television show and said let's do this. and we are announcing on tuesday all of the groups that we raised this money, we raised a tremendous amount of money
3:16 pm
because we love the vets. >> it was raised when trump skipped out on a fox news debate. ever since, trump has been dogged by questions about whether the money went. as you heard, trump is planning a full accounting of that money on tuesday to try to put this issue to bed. trump is also facing renewed questions about comments he made about senator john mccain who was a former p.o.w. he said, i like people that weren't captured. yesterday on cnn, former senator bob dole called on trump to apologize. we asked trump's campaign manager, cory lewandowski whether trump planned to do that and he said not that i'm aware of. >> thank you for that report. it is official, donald trump and his vemplg chul democratic contender have a new challenge, third party candidate gary johnson wrapped up the libertarian party presidential nomination today. how much do republicans have to fear from a strengthened
3:17 pm
libertarian movement this year? i'm joined by trump supporter and national political contributor scottie hughes. scottie, let me start with you. johnson is a former republican governor from new mexico. he's going to be on the ballot in all 50 states as the libertarian candidate. could he be a spoiler to trump in the general election like ross perot in 1992. >> i don't think so. when you look at the power that wanted ross perot to be president they were folks looking for an outsider. when you look at the libertarian party, many things they say don't align with what conservatives want and gary johnson is not one that goes for it. only reason we are giving him attention right now or the libertarians is because you have folks not happy with either candidate but the number is minor and not to be a worry for
3:18 pm
anyone. >> is it minors. we know the unfavorables for both trump and clinton outweigh favorables. >> 44% of people polled recently said they could consider a third party. that's not an insignificant number. so one thing i agree on, the more people know who care johnson is, i don't think he has a main stream appeal. but there are a lot of folks looking for an alternative. they do not like donald trump. they do not like hillary clinton. an ap poll came out that 13% of people polled are proud of the election process this year. i mean, people are not they are angry. and voting against something rather than for something.
3:19 pm
>> you are among those that don't like any of the candidates. >> i asked dole if jeb bush could fall in line with the public support of donald trump and let's listen. >> i think jeb is a man of integrity and honesty. i just hope he keeps his word when he said he would support the nominee. i know trump didn't make it easy for him because of all of the things he said about jeb. but jeb is bigger than that. i hope to see him on board. it would mean a lot in states like florida and jeb has friends all over the country. so does his dad and mother and brother. >> tara, you are a republican who is still not supporting
3:20 pm
trump as we discussed already. does hearing those words from bob dole, someone well respected in the republican party have greater weight. >> god bless bob dole. he was a candidate for president in 1996. we liked bob dole. he is well respected but really not a player at tht point. >> what does that matter. >> i don't think what bob dole has to say will sway anyone either way. i don't think it will sway the bushes either way. they are standing on principal and good for them thus far and given the way we saw there was no love loss between jeb bush and donald trump. i think the bushes and mitt romneys and folks like that look at donald trump being unfit and dangerous to the presidency. i don't see how they come around. but marco rubio came around. so -- >> that's where i was going to go next. bob dole tells us trump should pick former house speaker newt gingrich for his running mate.
3:21 pm
i'm curious, who you think should be trump's running mate choice if not gingrich? >> i think newt is a good option. there are a lot of good ones out there. and he will get somebody that complements his style. one thing i want people to realize when you look at mr. trump he doesn't necessarily respect politicians that have been in there for decade an done nothing but accomplished things. that's why i think senator corker drew attention a couple of weeks ago. he accomplished a lot in the senate and in his private life. but i think there are several great people on the list and as cory lewandowski said earlier it is a small list right now but i guarantee mr. trump is well vetting them and make sure they will complement his style and not be someone you have to worry about. >> how big of a difference does it make who he picks for vp? could that be the turning point to clinch some anti-trump or
3:22 pm
never trump people? >> yeah, for me no. but for some on the fence, i think possibly because normally the vice presidential pick is inconsequential. we make a big deal about it but it doesn't sway elections either way. this time around because there is so much interpretation about him at the top of the ticket the vp maybe important. he should pick someone in the military, general or someone who knows politics and is well respect ready because out there is a lot of concern about trump's position on foreign policy. he is incoherein in a lot of places, dangerous in others. he made comments about the military, p.o.w.s which he is yet to apologize for that is unsettling. and also, you know, his own record with draft dodging in vietnam and bragging about his personal exploits in his own personal vietnam is something that i think people will find questionable and unsavory as the general election comes along.
3:23 pm
people will bring it out on the other side. i think he needs to bring some gravitas a gravit gravitas and stability to the ticket. >> i don't think that mr. trump has to wore about the military. from the beginning, veterans endorsed mr. trump realizing they don't believe people within this military have to deflect their use of military service to reflect criticism like john mccain did with the comments from mr. trump. they see he is the one that will strengthen the military, compared to the past eight years that have done nothing but weaken them with things like the sequester. they don't sit there and take offense to one word. they see the overall policy. i think that is why mr. trump won't have a problem with the
3:24 pm
military. like the democrats have a problem, it is actually the democrats that have the problems with the military and national security vote i think. >> we will have to leave it there. thank you 0 to both of you. >> thank you. coming up, live in the cnn newsroom, you know him best as lieutenant dan in forrest gump. next gary sinise tells me how the role influenced his life leading him on a mission to help veterans. . >> where are you boys from the world? >> alabama. >> you twins? >> no we are not relations. giving you more than ly os just great coverage. t-mobile! only t-mobile's lets you stream video and music - for free! not only that, but we doubled our lte coverage in the last year. that's right! our coverage now stacks up with anybody. including verizon and at&t. so now you can get rid of the other guys
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back live at the cnn newsroom, two words that will make you smile or want ice cream, perhaps both. lieutenant dan. sinise said the role gave him a lasting connection to servicemen and women. so it is no surprise he was not okay with donald trump's questioning of senator john mccain's war record, writing an open letter to the candidate at the time. on this memorial day weekend i had the opportunity to talk to sinise about that and whether he thinks trump's comments should disqualify him from being
3:29 pm
commander in chief. watch. >> i don't know that i can say it should disqualify him. i wish he would walk it back, though. i would probably think in his heart he probably regrets a little bit of saying that. i don't see what purpose it served. i think it was a spontaneous thing that he happened to say at that moment and -- but he's not a guy that seems to be told whal to do. so -- >> not one to apologize, that's for sure. >> i thought i would react and let him know i was disappointed by that. i wish he would walk that back. >> i want to talk about the work you are doing. i know you are currently documenting first person accounts from world war ii programs. you have talked to more than is 180 veterans so far. can you share perhaps a story that has touched you? that made you say this is why i did this? >> well, the program that we're
3:30 pm
talking about that you see is called soaring valor. we fly world war ii veterans to the national war museum that is in new orleans, not in d.c. and i have a great relationship with them because i narrate some material down there. i played the voice of ernie pyle in a movie in the theater at the museum called "beyond all boundaries" and after i went to the museum for the first time many years ago, i sent my uncle jack down there who was a world war ii veteran, a b-17 navigator an they recorded him for their national archive which they have thousands of world war ii veterans recorded their oral histories on video. after my uncle jack passed away i asked if they would send me the dvd of his interview and it was moving to me to know that i had that. i thought of the many families who should have, you know, the stories of their loved ones told
3:31 pm
and preserved at the national archive there. i offered to start a program with the national world war ii museum called soaring valor. we try to get as many veterans to the museum to see their national tribute built in their honor and historians to record them as often as we can. we have recorded 200 now. we have sent 180, 190 veterans to the museum. we continue to do that. it is a positive program. obviously we're in a short window here because the average age is 90 years old or older. we had a 100 year old veteran on our last trip. as a matter of fact, dick cole, who was jimmy doolittle's co-pilot has been to this event twice and he is almost 102 years old. so are pretty incredible. obviously the window is tightening and for them to be able to take this trip together with their fellow veterans and see this national museum, which
3:32 pm
i wish everyone in the country was able to see, there's no place that you can feel the thin line between freedom and tyranny more than walking through this historical place of honor. >> how oftawesome is that guy? you can find out more at his website garysinise foundation.oorks rg. still ahead live, we are tracking a couple of treacherous weather systems. the worst may be still to come in texas where flooding already claimed four lives. we will take you to south carolina where the remnants of tropical storm bon bonnie dangerous.
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missing. among the missing is a boy that slipped in to the river and swept away. the river in houston is typically three feet deep. right now it is 13 feet deep. hasn't even crested yet. unfortunately, another round of rain is expected in the near future. forecast for tuesday, we are watching more severe weather off the coast of the carolinas, where tropical depression bonnie is causing serious flooding. they are warning surf and rip current could be life-threatening to the georgia coast. the search is underway for a swimmer missing off of north carolina. meteorologist jennifer grey is joining me from ridgeland, south carolina where a section of 95 has been shut down because it is completely under water. looks like it is starting to dry out a little bit where you are. what have you been experiencing there, jennifer? >> it has been raining all day here in ridgeland.
3:37 pm
so i-95 was shut down earlier this morning. it is still shut down. you can see all of the cars lined up. they are detouring them off the interstate and having to go around. i will tell you people are using i-95 to try to get to the coast. because it is memorial day weekend, a lot of people trying to get to the beach, it is not happening if you are trying to travel through ridgeland, south carolina to get to your destination. some people have been in their cars for hours trying to get around this mess. luckily the rain tapered a little bit. hopeful live they can open the interstate before too long. no word on when that will happen. this tropical depression is being stubborn as it tries to move to the north. what happened is it is basically stalled out over sections of south carolina. so the rain has been coming down nonstop. it is starting to taper off a little bit. so we hope it will move out. the showers koufd linger a little in to tomorrow and then monday looks better here but
3:38 pm
quite melsssy in the northeast. >> thank you for the update. straight ahead, live in the cnn newsroom, tragedy in the mediterranean sea, details on a ship wreck believed to have killed dozens of migrants just this week. ever. aster than the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ you are live in the newsroom. 65 migrants have died in ship wrecks the past week in the mediterranean sea. the italian coast guard says
3:42 pm
more than 12,000 have been saved but hundreds are missing. cnn's ben wedeman has more from rome. ben? >> hundreds of refugees and migrants are missing and feared dead in what could be the deadliest week in the mediterranean in more than a year. wednesday, a fishing boat crammed with refugees and migrants capsized. hundreds are believed to have drowned. thursday, several hundred more died when their boat went down. this boat didn't even have a motor. it was towed by another vessel which is also crammed with refugees. the boat started to take on water and sank. friday, another ship wrecked around 50 bodies were recovered but u.n. officials, who interviewed survivors say many more are feared missing. over the past week, officials say more than 14,000 people have
3:43 pm
tried to make the crossing, more than 4,000 in one day alone. with the calmer seas and summer now upon us, and more people crossing the graveyard of the mediterranean sea isn't fast enough. >> thank you for that report. after decades of hard knocks, detroit two years ago became the largest city in the u.s. to go bankrupt. the motor city is revving up for a comeback. and the mayor is staking his career on it. that's ahead live here in the cnn newsroom. ♪
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♪ welcome back live to the cnn newsroom. in this week's "american opportunity," detroit the motor city is on the mend after becoming the largest american city to go bankrupt a couple of years ago. our poppy harlow went to detroit to talk to the mayor about what is the key to his city's revival. >> reporter: this is emblemmatic of what many are hoping and bet
3:48 pm
willing help detroit turn around, minority-owned small businesses. what's the significance of a place like this? >> we are starting to see this more and more. we have a nice blend of people who were in detroit, particularly minority entrepreneurs opening businesses, people from coming from other parts of the country it has been really good. >> reporter: this is a daunting task. i have been covering the city from prebankruptcy to post bankruptcy the last nine years. when you became mayor, what was the number one thing you said you had to fix. >> at the time the street lights weren't on, buses weren't running and ambulances weren't showing up and nobody wants to bring business to a town with those issues. >> how would you assess the state now, where are we at in this recovery? >> you know, things are getting better. people believe in the future. so we have a long way to go. we still have 30,000 vacant
3:49 pm
houses in this city. we have to get rid of but two years ago we had 40,000. that's the way it sul all is. >> progress. >> when you are heading the wrong direction, people were moving out. residents and businesses and now you can get a house and store front and open a business far cheaper than any other major city in america. and now the entrepreneurs, the extreme rebels are showing up in detroit and changing the city. >> you have a lofty goal to to do something no one has been able to do in 60 years in detroit. will this year, 2016, be the year the population doesn't decline in this city? >> i'm 57 years old. i was born here. the population of detroit has dropped every year i have been alive. i believe when the census bureau
3:50 pm
numbers come out next may we will have reversed that decline. we have people moving in, property values going up in neighborhoods across the city and businesses like this, restaurants in this town are so i do think this will be the year. >> you do? >> the year that the population in detroit grows. >> and that's critical for the tax space. >> you can't do it if the people don't come back. >> my first day in the city i said i only want i'm pretty optimistic. you're betting your reelection on this. and my management team was nervous about that, but now they feel confident because the whole management team is focused on this. we're competing with really good suburbs around us for residents and businesses and now we're competing and winning.
3:51 pm
>> so detroit can't thrive unless schools turn around in a dramatic way and you have a public school system on its knees right now running out of money by the end of the summer? >> right. how can the city turn around if that doesn't get fixed fast? >> it can't. everything about reducing poverty is bringing in businesses, but getting our young people educated and have the skills to work. if you don't do both things we won't fundamentally change the trajectory of the city and so the mayor in detroit doesn't historically have anything to do with the schools and now we kicked off a detroit promise where with the help of some foundations here we're guaranteeing every child that graduates from a high school in detroit has two years of community college -- >> paid for. >> right now we have bad quality choice and we have bad public schools and bad charter schools. we have great public schools and
3:52 pm
great charter schools and we want to create a local authority. it doesn't matter if you're public or charter. if you're good we'll improve you and if you're bad we'll shut you down. >> what's the measure for you as mayor of success or turnaround for schools. >> i've always said the only measure i care about is whether the population is going up and going down. if more people want to come here than leave we're succeeding and right now parents with children are not coming here and we need to get to the point where as in washington, d.c., parents with children are moving into washington d.c. because of the quality school options they have. i'd like to be at that level some point in detroit. >> this all comes full circle, right? when you talk about bringing more businesses to detroit, opening more places like this, that then goes into funding these kids going to college? can't be one without the other. >> no question about it. this summer we're going to hire 8,000 young people in summer jobs in all of the businesses
3:53 pm
along here have all signed up. and you think about what that means for many of these kids, they've never had a paycheck. they don't know what it means to dress at work, to talk at work and the like. by the end of the summer they have a bank account and a sense of what a particular job is like and we'll just keep building on that. we've got to create paths of opportunity and that's something we're working on every day and make sure that includes everybody. >> when you look at detroit, it with the expanding income inequality. >> income in, quality is a function of having good enough education and skills and having job opportunities. i'm a believer that talent is distributed equally around this country and what isn't distributed is the opportunity. for the young people they aren't getting enough opportunity in schools to be educated and not
3:54 pm
enough opportunity for job it is. we'll raise the education skills of our residents and bring in job opportunities. >> what's the number one thing you want people watching right now to think when they think of detroit? >> this is going to sound strange. >> give it to me. >> detroiters really don't care about what people outside think. we don't. we've been beaten up for so long. >> you ask that question and it's a funny thought. >> that's an honest answer. >> so what you have in the city is a bunch of hardworking people who don't spend a lot of time feeling sorry for ourselves and are working on turning the city around, and i hope people who are watching us want to come be a part of it. you'll be welcomed in detroit. >> you can see more of our series, american opportunity by visiting opportunity. we are back live here in the cnn "newsroom" in just a moment. don't go away. the surface pro,
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on tonight's brand new episode of "parts unknown," anthony bourdain heads to senegal and retraces the routes of some familiar american cuisines. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh, wow! >> tonight we're having youssou, fish cooked simply on the bone, wrapped in foil and steamed over the fire served with a sauce of
3:59 pm
onion, grilled mussels and sea urchin. >> grilled mussels, cool. oh, that's good. starving. i'm really hungry. so what disting wishes senegalese cuisine than the neighbors. >> i think we have the best food. >> you've traveled to the american south. >> yes. >> you notice some things about the food? >> familiar. >> it's, i mean, look, shrimp and grits, okay? i've eaten shrimp and grits in africa many times. they call it something else. >> exactly. the most interesting part of american food is our contribution. >> got to say that looks adventurous, but delicious. "parts unknown" at 9:00 p.m. eastern and at 10:00 p.m. eastern, how is gentrification changing and that's on "united shades of america."
4:00 pm
thank you for being with me, ana cabrera in new york. we appreciate you joining us and have a wonderful memorial day weekend and a special thank you to our veterans for your service. good night. ♪ ♪ >> anthony: some people must live in great spaces, where the sky goes on forever. where everyone must bend to the land. where to hunt, to fish, to sleep under that big sky aren't activities, but a way of life. >> jim harrison: it was between here in those mountains that cheyenne and crow battle took place. but i like it. it's very peaceful. >> anthony: what was it like a hundred years ago? two hundred years ago? >> jim hso


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