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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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thank goodness weighs a lifeguard. a blessing right there. that's your good stuff. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> good morning, you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> thank you all. the struggle continues. >> to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms. >> when he says let's make america great again, that is code for let's take america backwards. and good morning, i'm carol
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costello. thank you so much for joining me. after a huge win in california, hillary clinton cements her place in history. 96 years after women were on the right to vote, clinton marks her moment, becoming the country's first female presumptive presidential nominee by tweeting this image to every little girl who dreams big, you can be anything you want, even president. tonight is for you. still, bernie sanders says the struggle continues, and cnn now learning his campaign is set to slash his campaign staff in half, as he prepares to meet with president obama. all of this, as the battle brews between clinton and donald trump, as they try to scoop up sanders supporters. we're covering this only like cnn can, with our political experts and reporters. let's begin with jeff zeleny on
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clinton's historic win. >> good morning. unifying the party looks a little easier than it may have looked z 12 hours or so ago. that's because of. >> caller:. bernie sanders was counting, hoping relying on a california win to fuel his argument to fight to the convention. that didn't happen. so the clinton campaign now has the three ms, majority of the popular vote, fledged delegates and delegates overall. that's why her smile was so wide last night in brooklyn. >> hillary clinton's history making moment. >> the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> savoring i triumph, after distinguishing her campaign in wait. >> not about one person, it
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belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed, and made this moment possible. >> extending her hand to bernie sanders, after finishing strong in the final round of primaries. wins in new jersey and california. >> and let there be no mistake. senator sanders, his campaign and the vigorous debate that we've had have been very good for the democratic party and for america. >> sanders, winning in two states, vowing to fight on. but his argument is fading fast. >> i know that the fight in front of us is a very, very steep fight. but we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate. >> this, as sanders campaign tells cnn they plan to cut half their staff. >> the struggle continues. >> after a bitter primary duel early signs of peace making, cnn
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has learned campaign managers for sanders and clinton, jeff weaver and robby mook, are talking behind the scenes. the beginning of the end could be near. with sanders heading to the white house tomorrow, to meet with president obama. in hopes of bringing the party together. which clinton says she knows can be difficult. >> now, i know it never feels good to put your heart into a cause or a candidate you believe in and to come up short. i know that feeling well. as we look ahead to the battle that awaits, let's remember all that you nights us. >> the biggest point of unity may well be defeating donald trump. >> we believe we are stronger together, and the stakes in this election are high, and the choice is clear. donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and
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commander in chief. >> she is making a full pivot to trump, vieinviting voters to ra behind her. >> we won't let this happen in america. and if you agree, whether you're democratic, republican or independent, i hope you will join us. >> now, hillary clinton made a late night phone call to bernie sanders, congratulating him for his successful campaign, winning 22 states, and building this movement here. i'm told it was cordial by both sides, but she wants to give him some space here, carol, in the sort of final waning hours or days perhaps in the campaign. we talked a lot about that speech eight years ago she gave, the cracking the glass ceiling, that wasn't on the last primary night. it was four days later. she thought about it, she listened to her supporters, so believes that's what's going on here now. that white house meeting tomorrow is so important with the president. >> it will be interesting, right, jeff. thank you. donald trump offering an
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olive branch to the republican party, a cooler candidate reading off a teleprompter, reassuring republicans he understands the weight of the office he is running for. reminding hillary clinton to prepare for war. >> i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle. i will never, ever let you down. too much work. too many people. blood, sweat and tears, never going to let you down. i will make you proud of your party, and our movement, and that's what it is, is a movement. to everyone who voted for me throughout this campaign, i want to thank you. i want to thank you very much. to those who voted for someone else in either party, i will work hashrd to earn your suppor. hillary clinton turned the state department into a private hedge fund, the russians, saudis, chinese, all gave money to bill
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and hillary, and got favorable treatment in return. it's a sad day in america, when foreign governments with deep pockets have more influence in our own country than our great citizens. >> trump offered no evidence to back up those claims last night, but voters are likely to hear more on that topic next monday when trump says he'll deliver a major speech attacking hillary clinton. let's talk about this. jennifer granholm, former michigan governor. douglas brinkley, john phillips, trump supporter. welcome to all of you. so douglas, let's start with this. hillary clinton with all of her baggage makes history. put it into context. >> well, as we've been saying over and over again, it is a a milestone in history. people that fought for women, the right to vote in 1920, we've to remember then, we have to remember people like eleanor
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roosevelt, rosa parks used to fight hard for the women's right to leadership positions in the civil rights movement. you think of people like sandra day o'connor and margaret thacher, and hillary clinton. hillary clinton has sem meantce place in history and her note to the young girls out there, you can be president too, was pitch perfect way to end what was a huge night for her. absolutely destroying bernie sanders in california and new jersey by very large margins. >> and douglas, just one more note on this history making that hillary clinton made history. she comes, she does come with a lot of baggage. people don't trust her. you could see by the polls, she is a distrusted candidate. so how does that go down in history? >> well, she is going to have to improve on that. particularly, i think with young people that don't strus htrust d
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she has a dance to do to get bernie sanders on her side. you don't want a 1980 when jimmy carter and ted kennedy, wouldn't shake jimmy carter's hand. they have to have a unity right now to get bernie sanders' bump. barack obama will try to orchestrate that this week. bernie sanders may stay in there until the district of columbia primary, but by early next week, he has to get out. i think he'll do it probably in the right way, but we'll have to see. >> we'll talk about that in a little bit. jennifer, young women don't see this as a big deal at all. what would you say so them in. >> oh, my gosh. talk your moms. talk to your grandmothers. i just personally, my mom was somebody who was told when she was growing up, don't go to college, it won't matter. 50 years ago, women weren't even allowed to take out their own credit cards without their husband signing on.
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we weren't allowed to rent an apartment without our husbands signing on. the incredible steps that have been made to arrive at this very moment, thanks to the women and the men by the way who have fought for equality in incredible. and i know those millennia women, they care so deply, femininists, most of them, they care deeply about equality. this barrier is a huge barrier to have broken through. and it means so much, not just intellectually, but for those of us who have been through the battles, emotionally, last night was a night for all of us to remember. >> john, can you think of another woman who could have clinched the democratic nomination? besides hillary clinton? >> at the moment, at the moment, no. i mean, certainly, elizabeth warren has a constituency, but hillary clinton froze out the democratic field for a long time
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now, because of the roots of that epic 2008 primary battle between barack obama and hillary clinton, and her service as secretary of state. she has been seen as the presumptive nominee, and now it is official. but because it has been expected for so long, it took until today for the historic import to really be apparent. the fact that so many millennial women as you asked, actually supported bernie sanders over hillary clinton is fascinating. it is a moment of celebration for america, it is a moment of triumph for the feminist movement, but not necessarily about the prifemale president. whether her name is hillary clinton or not, but now we've achieved this moment and it doesn't matter what side of the political aisle you're on. >> do you believe that it matters hillary clinton made history? >> yeah, look, i mean she won the democratic nomination. and i think we should all congratulate her on that. it was a hard fought battle with
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bernie sanders. what's interesting to me is what happened yesterday in california. where the much respected field poll had hillary clinton up by two points, and then she ends up winning by 13. that's an 11 point swing that happened. what you saw is bernie support fell off the cliff yesterday when the ap called the race for hillary clinton. those votes, particularly the independent votes that were going to go for bernie, never materialized. that's going to be the challenge for hillary as she moves toward the general election. how does she get the independent voters that were mess more rised by by hillary. >> donald is saying hey, i'm here, the system is rigged. i'm here, i beat the system. >> good luck. that's all i can say to him. i mean, he gives a speech last night where his teleprompter performance was in the tank. it was a terribly delivered speech. i don't know how they're going to be able too keep him on message if he has to deliver
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from teleprompters, which will keep him on message, but lose everything else. he lost -- he was so low energy. those independent voters, who cared very deeply about bernie sanders' message will very much be interested in hillary clinton's policies, which will by the way, be so close to bernie's, i think you'll see coming out climate change, income inequality, raising the minimum wage. all of the things that people attach to bernie will come out on the democratic platform. >> john, do you agree with that? >> i don't know what happens with him. >> do you believe that, john aval avalon. >> look, donald trump did what he had to do last night. but the fact he has to be put in a rhetorical straitjacket indicating a real problem for the republican party. but it is a big mistake to assume that bernie sanders independent supporters are
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naturally going to flow to donald trump. that's wishing and hoping. it is not rooted in policy. there are similar grievances against a rigged system, against special interests. but donald trump is kryptonite who make up almost 40% of the cohort because of his positions on race, missteps and just seemingly difficulty with the fundamental diversity of america. he has to go after the independents, but it will be a much tougher sell to say bernie is out, look at me. there is very little connective tissue. >> exactly. >> john phillips, i want to get your take, because you're trump supporter. so donald trump did read off a teleprompter. he wanted to stay on message, because some republicans are unendorsing him like senator kirk for example. so do you think this is a sign of things to come when he delivers his big speech on monday? will he use a teleprompter. >> well, mark this day in history. yesterday was the day a woman won a major party. today is the first day donald
6:15 am
trump has been called low energy on cnn. so i think the guinness people should make note of it. look, the people that donald trump has to get back into the tent are ted cruz supporters. hillary clinton has to get the independents that voted for bernie. donald trump has to get the republicans back in. no better way than to go after a common enemy, and that common enemy right now is hillary clinton. so that's what i expect him to do. >> okay, so that -- >> those guys -- those guys, those republicans, if they follow a racist, and that's how donald trump has been labeled now, and that's exactly what he has been spewing, whoa to the republican party. he will never attract the independents that have been following bernie sanders. >> he has been labeled as low energy. it doesn't mean it's true. >> so douglas, my final question to you, it's how do you think that this election will go down in history? >> tumultuous, a blood bath. it will get worst.
6:16 am
i think we've seen that the big moment for hillary clinton was her foreign policy speech when she last week just so astutely attacked trump, and it came on the heels of his big mexican, you know, blunder, and that combo i think is starting to put some wind in hillary clinton's sails. she suddenly seemingly to be very popular. you're going to see her numbers go up quite a bit. it will be a fascinating time for us to participate or watch on cnn, cleveland and philadelphia, because they're going to be classic political circuses coming in a few weeks. >> i think that is true. i have to leave it there. jennifer, john, thanks to all of you. tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern, hillary clinton will be interviewed right here on cnn. still to come in the newsroom, he has had a front row seat for hillary clinton's presidential campaigns. how will he take her from nominee to the white house. clinton's campaign manager, robby mook, joins me next. (dog) mmmm.
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with hillary clinton's history making win, an epic battle with donald trump. nasty and long, a five among slog of personal effects that has already begun. joining me now, robby mook, c campaign manager for america. >> good to be here, thanks. >> so you worked with hillary clinton in 2008 when she lost. last night, she clinched, so walking out on to the stage, i'm sure you're close by. how did it feel? >> it felt terrific. it was great to be there in person, to witness history happening. i felt grateful to all of the volunteers and activists who made it possible. everyone went to hillary and helped to build this campaign. so we're really proud and happy. >> did you guys expect to win california by that large a margin? >> well, we weren't sure what was going to happen.
6:22 am
it's -- these california primaries, there aren't a lot of historic precedence. what we did see is our supporters turned out in big numbers. we were concerned as you know when the ap called the primary contest that people wouldn't show up, but it was incredible. our volunteers kept working. our voters showed up, and were incredibly happy with the outcome. >> so bernie sanders has vowed to fight on, right, even though clinton won more states, received millions more votes than him, trounced him in super delegates. why isn't he bowing out. >> we need to give senator sanders sometime. he wanted to campaign through the end of the california contest, which he completely entitled to do. you heard him last night congratulate secretary clinton on heroin in california. and we'll look forward to having a dialogue with them. i am completely confident that both candidate also come together, unify a common purpose. >> you've talked to the sanders
6:23 am
campaign, right. >> we've been talking all the way through the campaign, i have tremendous respect. >> did you talk to them last night? >> we've been talking, you know, throughout we talked yesterday, absolutely. >> so what are the conversations like? >> well, first of all, we have tremendous respect for what senat senator sanders has achieved. he has brought millions of people out to vote. they've registered thousands of voters, a very many men douse organization online. it is important they see a place for themselves in this general election campaign. they are so essential to building that team that's going to take us over the finish look. >> so with that in mind, what do you say to the sanders campaign. do you say do you want to talk to hillary clinton? what do you say to say to bernie sanders, you know, it's time? >> well, that's for senator sanders to decide. >> i'm sure you ae trying to -- right? >> no, look, we all worked incredibly hard in california yesterday. people need to get some sleep.
6:24 am
you know, wake up and then think about the road ahead. we're going to have those conversation, and i'm totally confident we'll come together. >> if they meet face-to-face in the near future. >> they're on different sides of the country last night, so everybody needs to travel and we'll figure it all out. >> will they talk on the phone soon? >> you know, they've been speaking throughout this campaign. you know, they spoke last night and i'm sure they'll continue to -- >> they spoke on the phone to one another last night? >> they spoke and they'll continue to speak. >> what did they say? because you know i want to know. >> well, i'll leave that to them. they get to talk about that. >> president obama is itching to campaign. when do you think he'll officially endorse hillary clinton? >> again, we have to leave that to the president. i'm sure he is itching to get out though and talk about what a threat donald trump is to all the progress that we've made over the last eight years. he has already been very clear about the tremendous threat in particular that donald trump would pose to our economy.
6:25 am
we saw him go to elkhardt, indiana, and could be a danger to our economy and jobs. >> i'm sure you're waiting for him to talk about that publicly. will michelle join in? >> that would be fantastic. people look up to her a lot. >> might she be more valuable than her husband? >> well, they're all valuable. this is an all hands on deck operation. >> you know donald trump is expected to layout his case against mrs. clinton on monday. he sort of gave us a preview of that last night. >> the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. they've made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts, and i mean hundreds of millions of dollars.
6:26 am
>> so how will mrs. clinton respond to that? will she do it in real time by tweeting? >> well, the most effective thing to do with donald trump is just to get his words out there and let them speak for themselves. we saw her do this in her national security speech the other day. the erratic behavior, the insults, the bullying. i'm sure that's what we're going to see in the upcoming speech. we're delighted to talk about secretary clinton's record. this is someone who has been fighting for decades for kids and family, took on the health insurance industry, trying to get health care for all americans. >> what he was specifically referring to was the clinton global initiative and the donations that come in from saudi arabia. >> the clinton foundation has saved lives and changed lives throughout our world. and the clintons could not be more proud of what that foundation has accomplished. what donald trump is trying to do is bully and intimidate. we're seeing his erratic
6:27 am
temperament at play here. this is why he is such a danger to our country. not just to our economy, but to our security and to our values, and secretary clinton talked about this last night. parents are afraid to have their children watch him on television. they don't know what he'll say, the insults, the words he'll use. this is not someone who should be serving as our commander in chief. we'll see it on display next week. >> hillary clinton says she is excited to debate donald trump. she said something like it will be a debate for the ages. >> well, as she said last night, there are a lot of really important policy differences in this campaign, but this is not a typical democratic versus republican campaign. this is a fight for who we are as a country. are we going to lift each other up or build walls. are we going to move forward or go back. are we going to insult each other, divide each other, are we
6:28 am
going to govern through bullying, or bring people together to get real things done. you're going to see a really big difference and a big choice in those debates, and we're eager to have that debate. >> thanks so much for stopping by. still to come in the "newsroom," fighting for the future of the republican party, one senator takes back his trump endorsement, over trump's judge attacks. is it just a one up, or a sign of things to come? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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man 1: i came as fast as i man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network?
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man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. republicans reeling from donald trump's attack on judge gonzalo curiel. mark kirk unendorsed trump because of his remarks about the judge were quote, too racist and too bigoted for him. house speaker paul ryan also called trump's remarks racist,
6:33 am
but he still backs trump. that has left some who admired ryan, perplexed. i'm joined on the phone by jerry baiter, a conservative talk radio host on wtaq in green bay, wisconsin. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for being with us this morning. the daily news, published a cover this morning, and this is what it looks like. this says i'm with racist, and it has paul ryan and donald trump on the cover. your thoughts about this? >> i don't know how you candice pu -- can dispute that. paul is walking a tight rope here that he can't do. you cannot disavow the racism without disavowing the racist, and that is what senator kirk did yesterday. but quite frankly, that's too late. that's political expediency. obviously he is doing it now because he feel he has to. the right thing for paul ryan and other republicans is to admit that donald trump is
6:34 am
racist. he is not just playing one on tv. they should disavow and not endorse him. >> and you're a paul ryan fan, correct. >> i am a huge paul ryan supporter. he has been on my show. listen, carol. i want to speak directly to him right now. here is what i want to say. down the hallway from me is a coworker and a dear friend and she has an expression, there are cut the rope moments in people's lives. what it refers to is if you are in a crowd, a lynch mob, would you have the courage to walk through the crowd and cut the rope. right now, paul ryan is averting his eyes, staring down, shuffling his feet and considered one of the most honorable descent men in washington. people are looking for him to act. speaker ryan, cut the rope. >> paul ryan did try to clarify his remarks on another radio show. i would like you to listen to those comments. here it is.
6:35 am
>> are you saying that donald trump he's racist? >> no, i'm not. i am saying the comment was. i don't know what is in his heart. can't speak to that whatsoever. what i am saying is to suggest that a person's race disqualifies them to do their job is textbook. that's what i'm saying. i'm not saying what's in his heart, because i don't know what is in his heart. i don't think he feels that in his heart. >> so is it possible to say something racist and not be racist? >> yes, maybe, once. if this was a one off, that would be one thing. can someone missspeak, all right, first, can someone misspeak, can they say something and not understand what they're saying. there was a clear motive behind what donald trump was saying. he was suggesting by his herita heritage, judge curiel should be disqualified. more so, speaker ryan knows and others know darn well this isn't going to be the last. next week, what's paul ryan going to do when there is another one and another one and
6:36 am
another one and another one. this should be the time to say, yes, the man in the words are one in the same. >> jerry, mr. trump lost the state of wisconsin, because you like many other republican voters and conservative talkers frankly, think trump is bad for the republican party. yet wisconsin's ryan did endorse him, and you are not very happy about that, but i wanted to read you what eric erickson writes about paul ryan. he said, quote, have republicans no shame. they're handing their nomination to a gold plated froud who will cost the party not just its integrity but its chances of winning for at least a generation. do you agree with that? >> it is entirely possible, a generation, i don't know. does do severe damage to the republican party and the conservative movement, absolutely. eric erickson has it exactly right. he has not -- i'm referring to trump. he has not the character nor the
6:37 am
temperament -- but mostly, the character, to be president of the united states, but moreover, he is a complete fraud. he is not a conservative. there is -- look, i understand. i understand loyalty to party, and all of that. but that's everything that got donald trump the nomination. it is not doing what the establishment tells you to. you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and sleep at night. i could do neither by voting for or advocating on the air for donald trump. and yes, this is a moment when people are going to have to tell us who -- what their character really is. >> jerry, thanks for joining me this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," she wants unity, he is not ready to call it quit. can the democratic party come together with enough time to take down donald trump. we'll talk about that next. ung e when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
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puwith meta appetite control. you and temptation clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. the economy, it is issue number one in this election, and so far, the majority of voters say they think donald trump
6:42 am
would be a better job in improving the economy than hillary clinton would. so what does clinton need to do to prove that hshe is the one yu want handling america's money. let's talk to christine romans. >> hi there, carol. >> the best idea is this big infrastructure spending. something that all three of the remaining major candidates believe in, a big infrastructure build, road, tunnels, rails, the kinds of things that move goods and create job. this is her plan. at least 275 billion in funding, national infrastructure bank so the government can fund it, but companies can be evolved as well. and they can make investments in projects and get returns. probably have to be paid for in part at least with the america bonds program. but hillary clinton has very specific ideas on this, donald trump also says a plan with less details, but still seems to be the one that gets the street cred for having good business sense, although economists like
6:43 am
her details about the plan. she has other economic proposals, giving americans a raise. i think you're going to hear a lot more in the months ahead, raising the minimum wage, college tax credit of $3,500 per student, business tax credit with employees. we know the economy is issue number one. has been this whole -- despite what you hear on the campaign trail. what we hear from voters, they care about the economy, 19% there, jobs and job creation. when you ask about which presidential choice is best at handling the issue, donald trump continues to trounce her on the economy by 10 points. on jobs, by 9 points, education, she has the upper hand there. the question is, what will team clinton do in the weeks ahead to show that she has pro growth policies and specific details. she has a lot of specifics, and some ways, economists are saying she is very specific and smart in policy, donald trump has the sentiment about i'm just great. i can create jobs. they're seeming to believe him on that. will she be able to sell her pro
6:44 am
growth policies. >> we'll see, christine romanro thanks so much. bernie sanders, promise to bring down the big banks, and while millions are still feeling the bern, the bern is feeling the pressure to drop out, but so far, bernie sanders is staying in the race, undeterred by clinton's calls for unity. here to talk about that is lincoln chalynn chafe. >> thank you. >> he vows to fight on but not in his favor. clinton has won in the territory, she has gannered 15 million votes. so why is bernie sanders staying in? >> well, what he is saying is that when you look at the best candidate to take on donald trump, he is saying that he does better in every poll is what senator sanders is saying. but i think reality is going to
6:45 am
set in with what happened, especially in california, and as i've heard the clinton supporters say, secretary clinton supporters say, give him some space, and he does deserve that. >> but here is the thing. senator sanders has convinced his supporters that the system is rigged. when he does decide to drop out, how can he now convince his supporters that he has lost fair and square? >> considering the foil that is donald trump, everybody i know that has supported senator sanders is willingly enthusiastically going to support secretary clinton. >> really. >> because the stakes are so high. absolutely. the stakes are so high. and the nader experience is still fresh in our minds that brought us george w. bush and dick cheney. we can't have that again. i think donald trump scares people more than even dick cheney. >> so it's not so much as we love hillary as we're really
6:46 am
afraid of donald trump? for democrats at least. >> yes. and i think senator sanders in time, as this plays out, as the process plays out, will be an enthusiastic supporter for the democratic nominee. >> but still, hillary clinton has to say something to get bernie sanders supporters on board. might it be a simple as picking the right running mate, because elizabeth warren's name has been floatsed out there, and she is like a big owe pone nenlt ppone street. she wants to raise the minimum wage, et cetera, et cetera. >> well, of course, having senator sanders as the vp, certainly would be a message of unification. >> do you think that hillary clinton should pick him, bernie sanders, as a running mate? >> it sure would be a fabulous message of unification, and as you just mentioned, all those sanders supporters and perhaps
6:47 am
ambivalence that i don't agree with, energizing the base, republicans have been so successful in the past about energizing the base, democrats, if they picked a nominee clinton picked sanders, that would energize that base, no doubt about it. >> back to elizabeth warren for a second, because some people say she would not be a good choice because it would be two women on the ticket, perhaps it would be too much. do you agree with that? >> it's a factor. it is certainly a factor. >> do you think a two woman ticket would turn people off? >> well, i think there are other issues also. senator warren has a relatively brief electoral experience. senator sanders has been the mayor, city of burlington, house member, senator, a little more experience. i think that's important. >> all right, lincoln chafee,
6:48 am
thanks for stopping by. still to come in the "newsroom," steph curry and lebron james, face off in game three tonight. why king james says it is do or die time for the cavs.
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
checking some top stories at 52 minutes past. shocking surveillance video out of florida as a man appears to try to abduct a 13-year-old girl. you'll see it here. a 30-year-old, craig bonnello, grabs the teenage girl and begins dragging her across the floor at this dollar general store. there it is. there you see it.
6:53 am
unbelievable. that's the girl's mother lunging after her daughter. after a short struggle, bonnello releases the girl and runs away. an off-duty officer in the parking lot arrested him. bonnello is facing kidnapping and child abuse charges. five people dead and four injured after a truck plows through a group of bicyclists near kalamazoo, michigan. they were riding on the shoulder when they were struck by a blue pickup. >> as i'm walking, tried running over my foot. he swerved back on the road and got back over, and then before i could tell the bikers to move or watch out, that's it. >> the driver in custody. authorities say three police agencies received phone calls about 15 minutes before the crash regarding the truck's erratic driving. the first of three days of events honoring the legacy of muhammad ali kicks off in his hometown today. the i am ali children's festival gets underway next hour in
6:54 am
louisville. a public memorial service honoring the late boxer is set for friday. hundreds of people began lining up at the box office early this morning. tickets to go to the service go on sale in the next hour. get ready for a showdown tonight. steph curry and the golden state warriors facing off against kim james and cavaliers. game through -- lebron james and the cavaliers. game three. nerve-racking for a cleveland girl. >> i'm sure. cleveland wants an end to the 52-year championship drought. they've got to win tonight. no team has ever come back from an 0-3 deficit in an nba playoff series. lebron, he knows what's at stake tonight. >> i'm the leader of the team. we have other guys ready to stefup. obviously this is a do-or-die game. 3-0, can't afford to go down to any time. especially one 73-9.
6:55 am
it's a do-or-die game for us. we understand. we're going to come in -- give everything we've got and leave it on the floor. good news for the cavs is they are a perfect 7-0 at home during the playoffs. kevin love is questionable for tonight's game as he continues to recover from a concussion that he suffered in game two. tip-off tonight is at 8:00 eastern. we had a bench-clearing brawl last night in major league baseball. the two players who sparked the brawl, the orioles' manny machado and his opponent exchanged words. ventura threw inside, and look -- he benz him with the 99 mile-per-hour fastball. machado not happy. charges the mound. he actually landed a right hook when he got up there. both players ejected. likely going to be fined, possibly suspended. this brawl that sparked the
6:56 am
orioles, as they went on to win 9-1. the entire stadium chanting "manny! manny!" >> i bet. does it seem to you that the baseball fights are getting more violent? >> there's been more punches landed this season in the last ten combined. >> usually they just push each other around. >> people are running into brawls looking to land punches this year. social media probably. >> yeah, we blame it on everything, why not that? when consultant josh atkins books at
6:57 am
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first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nomination. >> thank you all. the struggle continues! [ cheers ]
7:01 am
>> all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates, we welcome you with open arms. >> when he says let's make america great again, that is code for let's take america backwards. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you very much for joining me. hillary clinton celebrates victory and cements her place in history. ♪ 96 years after women won the right to vote, clinton becomes the first female presumptive nominee. a moment not lost on clinton, who spent her career trying to get here. >> thanks to you, we've reached
7:02 am
a milestone. the first time, first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> clinton embracing the moment, reaching across party lines by tweeting this image, "to every little girl who dreams big, yes, you can be anything you want, even president. tonight is for you." clinton solidified her spot with several big wins on super tuesday including the grand prize of california. she won big. that means clinton has nearly 400 more delegates than what's needed to clinch the nomination. while senator bernie sanders won't bow out, clinton is trying to win over his supporters. >> i want to congratulate senator sanders for the extraordinary campaign he has run!
7:03 am
he has spent his long career in public service fighting for progressive causes and principles, and he's excited millions of voters. senator sanders, his campaign, and the vigorous debate that we've had over how to raise incomes, reduce inequality, increase upward mobility have been very good for the democratic party and for america. >> even though bernie sanders says he's staying in the race, his campaign now preparing for major layoffs. all of this setting the scene for a making between senator sanders and president obama tomorrow. let's bring in white house correspondent michelle kaczynski with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: hi. yeah, you see the writing on the wall here. but you saw the statement that came out from the white house last night. obviously a well-prepared statement that had been ready.
7:04 am
as soon as president obama spoke by phone to both clinton and sanders, they put this out congratulating and thanking both of them, talking about hillary clinton inspiring millions, thanking bernie sanders for energizing millions. then at the end, it said that the president will meet with sanders at sanders' request here at the white house tomorrow. this changes things a little bit. we've known for days that the president has been ready to go, endorse hillary clinton, but the white house's stance has been let's be extremely tactful. let's not upset anyone's supporters. let's respect the process is really how they've described it. you see in this statement just so carefully worded, the president wanting to include everybody. not having this be -- at least to his great an extent as possible -- about a winner and a loser yet. let's have this be everybody has
7:05 am
mostly the same values, the same issues. they feel much the same way on most of those issues. let's have kind of everybody be a winner here and try to unite the democratic party. now we know there's not going to be an endorsement just yet. at least not until this meeting which should be pretty interesting tomorrow, carol. >> yes, it will. michelle kaczynski reporting live from the white house. thank you. for any sanders supporters left feeling burned by hillary clinton's win, donald trump has a message for them -- >> to those who vote for someone else in either party, i'll work hard to earn your support. and i will work very hard to earn that support. to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates, we open you with welcome arms. [ cheers ] >> now whether sanders' backers will defect to trump might be one of the great questions left
7:06 am
in the race. here to talk about that and more, josh rogan, david cantonese, bill burton, former press secretary for president obama, and lisa booth, columnist for the "washington examiner" and republican strategist. welcome to all of you. thank you for being here. bill, i want to start with you. what do you suppose president obama will say to bernie sanders? >> i think folks should keep in mind that president obama has some experience in uniting the party after what was a divisive primary. in 2008, he had to do a lot of work to bring hillary clinton supporters on board and build the coalition that he needed to beat sglauk that general election. this time -- beat john mccain in that general election. this time,'s going to say to bernie sanders, you've become a party, you've spoken with a his strong voice about issues that are important to the folks we represent. let's band together and make sure that we elect an awesome president in hillary clinton and stop donald trump from becoming president. >> so josh, what if bernie
7:07 am
sanders decides to stay in beyond d.c. because he's threatened it before? i know he's laid off half the staff. maybe that's not a possibility anymore. what do you think? >> i think the game for bernie sanders is to get concessions. and the $64,000 question is what does bernie want in exchange for him throwing his support and his lists and data and all of his resources behind hillary clinton in earnest? he has some leverage, but leverage is like your muscles. if you don't use it, you lose it. so the best thing he can do is get some concessions, that could be shower and thunderstorm c-- concessions and long-term concessions like rules going forward. he's not going to give the big thing, the influence over who will be vice president. if bernie sanders is smart, and i think he is, he'll want to wrap negotiations up sooner rather than later. >> i talk to lincoln chafee. he says that he wishes bernie sanders would be named as hillary clinton's running mate.
7:08 am
he thinks it would be a good thing because bernie sanders can certainly gather up -- gather enthusiasm, right? >> i mean, look, i think bernie sanders' supporters would love that. i don't think that's a realistic option for hillary clinton. everything we know about hillary clinton is that she is safe. she's broken the glass creeling with being the first woman nominee. she doesn't need a wow vice presidential pick. the flotations of elizabeth warren warms the hearts of progressives. i think hillary clinton ultimately goes with someone safe, someone competent, and someone that doesn't screw thing up for her. she's already the historic fog this ticket. she doesn't need someone else to carry that -- >> she doesn't exactly attract enthusiastic crowds. >> i mean, look at the crowd last night was pretty good. frankly, she may not need the big, enthusiastic crowds in order to defeat donald trump. i think bernie sanders is eventually going to get on board with hillary clinton. i think people are rushing to push bernie sanders out of the
7:09 am
race. forget what hillary clinton went through. running for president is an exhausting, emotional task. you've got to give candidates space to make up their mind. i think eventually sanders will get on board, throw his support and help infuse enthusiasm to the clinton campaign. >> lisa, president obama will probably begin campaigning for hillary clinton very soon. supposedly they'll be side by side on the campaign trail. are republicans scared of that? >> no. not particularly. i mean, look, hillary clinton's essentially been running to be a third term of president obama. i think you're looking at a lot of americans particularly in the middle class, pew research recently came out with a study talking about the shrinking middle class. looking at manufacturing has shrunk by 29% over the past decade alone, i believe. so there's a lot of americans that are struggling economically. and if you look at the polls, donald trump is leading on the issues of jobs, leading on the issues of the economy. i think you'll see donald trump reach out to those disaffected voters, particularly the ones -- you look at exit polling and see
7:10 am
majorities of republicans and democrats carry being an issue of trade which is something that bernie sanders was trumpeting and helped him win michigan. and donald trump's going to try piggyback off of that and talk about issues, reach out to disaffected voters, in the hopes that he can court them and bring them to him. >> and bill, like this group of voters that lisa is talking about, they don't particularly like president obama. so how might president obama help hillary clinton win over those voters? >> well, look, i think this is actually where the fight is going to be in this presidential election. if you look at the coalition of voters that bernie sanders had, he had a lot of young folks. he also had a lot of non-college-educated white voters across the entire country. he won them just about everywhere except in the south and in ohio. yes, there is going to be a big fight. as president obama's approval ratings go up, i think the diversity of places that he can go and campaign for hillary clinton will increase. but i think if you look at that particular segment of voters,
7:11 am
that's the fight n election. that i think is the only thing that gives donald trump any chance at all. >> so josh, donald trump is going to give this speech on monday and supposedly going to attack hillary clinton. but i guess a part of me thinks, you know, republicans already really dislike hillary clinton, right? democrat know that she has baggage, right? they still vote for her. so will that strategy really work for donald trump? >> i think it depends on whether the trump campaign has anything new contribute to the discussion. just broadside attacks on the clinton foundation and insinceations that she committed felonies not backed up by evidence, you're right, that's already out there. it's already had whatever effect it's had. that's the problem with going negative five months before the election. it leaves no room to go even more negative let's see if the trump campaign has done any research. so far accusations have been shallow and poorly thought out. who knows, anything could happen? >> josh, david, bill, lease
7:12 am
athanks to all of you. tonight at :p.m. eastern, hillary clinton will be in "the situation room" with wolf blitzer. coming up, donald trump tried to tone it down last night. is it too late for some republicans? after a long day, dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer
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effective at a cellular level. improve joint comfort. cosamin. for joint health, it's time to start believing again. toned down rhetoric and teleprompters. donald trump delivers a victory speech with the help of a teleprompter. this as republicans pull away following trump's controversial attacks against a judge's mexican heritage. trump's message to the gop about that, get over it. let's bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta. he's in new york outside of the trump tower. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm told by trump sources that this of a "team effort" in terms
7:17 am
of writing donald trump's speech. yes, a teleprompter was used, but i'm told that this was basically a speech that he had to give. that this of important after what was described to be by one trump adviser in candid terms a bad few days in recent days. that's because of this controversy regarding his comments about judge gonzalo curiel. trump tried to pivot to the general election campaign. it's something he's tried before. but this time, he made it clear he's ready to take on hillary clinton in the upcoming general election battle. here's what he had to say -- s>> to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates, we welcome you with open arms. [ applause ] the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. [ applause ] they've made hundreds of
7:18 am
millions selling access, selling favors, selling government contract, and i mean hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: now trump all morning long has been touting some of the good reviews he's gotten from inside the republican party in terms of the response to last night's speech. he did get some pretty positive reviews from the rnc chair, reince priebus, who put this tweet out last night. we'll put this up, "great victory speech by donald trump tonight. exactly the right approach and perfectly delivered." of course that came after some defections have already started to occur inside the republican party. illinois republican senator mark kirk announced yesterday he is rescinding his endorsement of donald trump. but of course, kirk is in a tight and tough re-election battle in illinois. no word on whether other republicans will follow suit. trump said last night, carol, his next big plan is a speech that is set for early next week. he plans to go after hillary clinton. what he described as the
7:19 am
clintons' personal financial dealings of enriching themselves while working in public service, as he described it last night, turning the state department into a hedge fund. that is exactly what they want to hear inside the republican party now. less in terms of attacks on his former rivals, on judges and so on. and setting his sights on hillary clinton. carol? >> all right. jim acosta reporting live. thank you. as you might expect, team clinton is seizing on this latest trump controversy, and the fallout for the republican party. moments ago, campaign manager for hillary clinton, robby muck, talked to me about a strategy for the battle ahead. >> the most effective thing to do with donald trump is to get his words out and let them speak for themselves. we saw her do this in her national security speech the other day. the erratic behavior, insult, bullying. i'm sure that's what we'll see in this upcoming speech. >> with me to talk about this and more, josh rogue an,
7:20 am
palestinian analyst, senior politics writer for "u.s. news and world report," bill burton, former deputy press secretary for president obama, and cnn political commentator, s.c. culp. welcome. >> thank you. >> bill, reince priebus said the speech by donald trump was perfect, the tone was perfect r. democrats saying he can look presidentia presidential? >> it's hilarious that donald trump is getting pats on the head for having a speech without any racist. michelle obama said running for president doesn't change who you are, it builds you. the problem for donald trump is that he's not going to be judged by voters just a teleprompter-delivered speeches, he's judged on what we know about him. the more he speaks, he let people in to what he thinks of groups, latinos, muslims, women. the tougher time he's going to have actually winning votes out
7:21 am
there across the country. but if donald trump reins himself in, this can fade fast in the world of politics. >> that's a big if. i appreciated the more disciplined the tone, but the cat's out of the bag, and my memory is not short. as a republican and a conservative and a woman, someone he's personally attacked on twitter, i'm not going to forget the things he's said to damage our party. and to cast us in such a negative light. frankly, i thought teleprompter trump was defeated and chastened last night. he doesn't want to be reading on a teleprompter. that of a defeated donald trump who lost this battle. if the battle was between donald trump and people like paul ryan and reince priebus, trump is the loser, and paul ryan and reince priebus are the victor. they won. he was sort of chastened back to the teleprompter and to get on
7:22 am
script. i don't think that lasts. donald trump doesn't want to run a general election against hillary clinton on a teleprompter, and his supporters won't let him. so whatever detente the party has achieved with donald trump, i'm sure it's temporary. >> so we know that senator kirk decided to unendorse donald trump because of attacks on judge curiel. does this speech do anything to say to other republicans, look, you know, maybe i should tone things down? does it help? >> i've been talking to republican senators for the past few days. it's hard to overstate the level of frustration they have now with donald trump and the trump campaign. the ones in the worst position are those who are in cycle, up for election, especially in purple states like mark kirk. they can't afford to alienate trump supporters and can't afford to alienate all the groups of people that trump keeps insulting. so they're between a rock and a hard place. they don't know what to do.
7:23 am
for most of the other republicans and especially for paul ryan who i don't think feels like a winner today, i think he feels like he's losing control of his party, he's losing control of his movement, and he's worried about the future of the republican party and conservative movement over decades. and when it comes to this detente with trump, i agree with s.e., it's temporary until trump proves he's stringing along more than two or three days of getting along with the republican party, these gop lawmakers are going to be in a bad spot. >> i think to focus on paul ryan. last hour, i talked to people who love paul ryan but were disappointed that he said donald trump's were racist but would not call trump a racist and still supports him. this powerful radio talk show host in the state of wisconsin said that he's disappointed in paul ryan, and this could hurt his political career in the future. >> well, he's -- paul ryan's in the most impossible position you can be in.
7:24 am
he's basically the leader of the republican party, aside from donald trump, and he sort of -- i think he made it worse for himself by making a big deal over his endorsement because then we were waiting for it. then he sends a tweet basically saying i'm going to get on board. now he's going to be asked to respond every time trump goes off script, every time he offends someone, every time he says something incendiary, it's going to come back to, hey, paul ryan, are you still with him? that's what a lot of these senators are facing, congressmen are face, governors are going to be facing. i think it's going to be important to see if republican surrogates get out on television for donald trump. you see clinton surrogates all over cable television. you see them in newspaper articles, on line. where are the surrogates for donald trump? and you have elected party officials willing to step up and go to bat for him because that's what's -- that's what's not occurring on the trump campaign right now. think about it -- one year ago, i thought -- i think everyone thought that this election would
7:25 am
be about hillary clinton. a referendum on her foreign policy, her ties to the obama administration. now we sit here, it is flipped. this is all about donald trump and whether he can keep it together enough for republicans -- >> i think that donald trump is trying to turn the page, right, by this big speech on monday where he will attack hillary clinton on these things, on her foreign policy, on the clinton global initiative, on her e-mail controversy. won't that turn the page and flip it back? s.e., go ahead. >> let me quickly say that paul ryan is not just like every other senator or congressman. paul ryan is in a unique position where his only job really is to protect the house. and he knows that he has to have a united party in order to protect the house. believe me, if paul ryan were a congressman and not speaker of the house, i think you'd see a very different, very different stance from him. he's doing the job he has to do. on the hillary clinton thing, you're not going to find a republican who's going to get mad at donald trump for
7:26 am
attacking hillary clinton. in fact, many of us have been wanting him to shift his attention away from his republican rivals. the republican party. reince priebus, paul ryan, and every other enemy within the party, not to mention judges is and anyone else who gets in his way, and start talking about hillary clinton. on her record, on her personal life. it's all up for grabs for a lot of republicans. so that will be a welcome shift. how he does it will probably offend some people. i'm sure i'll number that camp. but you're not -- you're not going to find a lot of disagreement with donald trump turning to hillary clinton finally. >> and bill, i do think that some of the things that donald trump says will resonate like the global initiative which voters simply don't understand what it does, right? so donald trump can bring up the charges like they take a lot of money from saudi arabia, why would they do that when saudi arabia is not a champion of women's rights? >> i think that when donald trump brings up charges related
7:27 am
to the clinton global initiative or thing that happened during the clinton administration in the '90s, he's not speaking to the american people. he's still speaking to the republican base. people are going to walk into the voting booths in november and choose based on who's better for the future of our country. i think the more donald trump talks about the past, the less he's making up ground with voters that he actually will need to win this election. this may be a base election where people need to energize their bases, and that's the most important part of it. but donald trump is completely ignoring a huge segment of the voting population when he just talks about these controversies related to esoteric issues that really are ancillary to the lives of americans who are worried about the economy in their own household, worried about the cost of education and things that affect them now, not scandals from breitbart about the clinton administration. >> there are voters on the left, right, and middle with huge issues with hillary clinton's
7:28 am
trustworthiness. that's not just a republican thing. it is a deficit that she'll have to address. he chips away at that every time you bring up some of these, as you call them, scandals. they're character issues. i think he could do serious damage in the middle with undecideds by bringing up these kinds of problems from her pretty recent past, in fact. >> i've got to at least there. josh, david, bill, s.e., thank you very much. we have breaking news to share with you from capitol hill. one day after paul ryan calls donald trump's judge comment racist, we're getting word about what ryan is telling house members. spill it, manu. >> reporter: good morning, carol. actual paul ryan for the first time met with house republicans behind closed doors after both making his endorsement last week and also the remarkable comments yesterday saying that those comments were the textbook definition of racism, referring to donald trump, of course, accusing judge curiel of not being able to raise -- rule
7:29 am
fairly because of his mexican heritage. in this closed door meeting, we're told by several members in this room that paul ryan said that the voters have chosen donald trump as the nominee, and the party should get behind the nominee, making the case for party unity. he did not back away from criticism of donald trump's comments, explaining why he made the comments and explaining that he would speak out when he felt it was necessary to speak out. we also surveyed a number of republicans, as well, asking them their views about donald trump, and donald trump is very clear. he has a lot of work to do to unite this party. not just members in tough re-election races like mike hoffman of colorado who said he cannot support donald trump now, or bob dole of illinois who similar said he cannot support donald trump now. also others conservatives including the head of the largest conservative group in the house, bill flores of texas, the head of the republican study committee. said he was incredibly angry at the comments it judge curiel and
7:30 am
said he could not support donald trump at this time. the speech last night that donald trump gave has not alleviated all the concerns. he has a lot more work to do on capitol hill. even if paul ryan is still ready to support him. >> reporting live from capitol hill. we'll be right back. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you very much for joining me. another word on that breaking news from capitol hill. paul ryan meeting with house republicans. of course paul ryan is the house speaker. essentially he told house
7:35 am
republicans to get behind donald trump because the voters have spoken. some house republicans are not so willing to get behind donald trump because they're angry over donald trump's attacks on judge curiel and the speech that donald trump gave last night, it didn't do it for them. we're going to talk about that, and we're going to talk about the historic nature of the democratic primary. with me to talk about both topics, presidential historian doris kearns goodwin. thanks for being here. >> glad to be with you. >> i just want to get into what's happening on capitol hill with the house republicans and the republican party in disarray over donald trump. can you naught into historical per speck -- can you put that into historical perspective? >> history doesn't look kindly on such disarray. in 1912, you had a split between the progressives support could tro teddy roosevelt through the primaries and william hour taft who had the delegates. when they couldn't come together, teddy formed a third
7:36 am
water, the bull moose party. and the republican party split in two, and the democrat won the election. in 1964, a split between the conservatives and progressives again with nelson rockefeller, the liberal, booed on the floor. larry goldwater wins. it's a tough bind that republicans are in. the difference is it's not just a conservative progressive split. it seems to be a temperament problem that many republicans have with a republican nominee. it's a very different nature and makes the vigor and vitality of the split seem even greater to people. >> it's difficult to see how the republicans coalesce behind donald trump because, you know, he gave that speech and used a teleprompter. you know, he tamped down his message and toned things down. but you know that's not going to last. >> they keep waiting for this presidential moment to happen when we thought it was going happen a month ago, six week ago. looked like he was going to win.
7:37 am
and then turned toward trying to unite the party. it's much harder for them to unite it unless he leads the way. so but many feel that the party's future itself might be better off by not supporting him. so we're seeing something that's very unusual in party politics right now. >> so on one side you have democrats who say donald trump is a racist. on the other side you say you have a candidate who's crooked, crooked hillary. historical perspective? >> i think the language being use sudden coarse. we've had troubles before, we've had people hitting each other over the heads with banners and signs. so it's not as if we've had all sweetness and light in the past. i think because of 24/7 news now, because of the way the debates unfolded on both sides, it took a real personal look this time. if you called somebody a liar or crooked on the house or the senate floor in the old days,
7:38 am
you'll be censured, formally censured. our language has become coarse in general. it's pretty low when you want the debate to be about issues and you want people to argue about the role of government and the economy and globalization. and when they're talking about liars and crooked people, that's not helping anybody along the way. >> let's talk about hillary clinton and history. she certainly marked her place in american history last night. sheen braced her daughter as she embraced victory and became the first-ever female presumptive presidential nominee. put that into historical perspective for us. >> all i can say historically, it's been a long time coming. when you think about it, there's been more than 200 years of our republic. more than 100 nominees. 100 years when women have had the right to vote. yet, this is the first time that we're finally having a woman who's the major party nominee. other countries have done this long before us. and i think the problem has been over time that we just don't have enough women in the
7:39 am
pipeline as governors, as congressmen, as senators. we're still only 10%, 20%, 16% mayors of big cities. as those figures keep getting stronger and more women going to college, more women going to law school, this may be the beginning, maybe 20 years, 100 years from now people will say where is that man nominated -- i think we're a long way from that. >> young women don't think this is a big deal. but i'm trying to rack my brains, could another woman win a democratic or a republican primary that's living today besides hillary clinton who has name recognition? there's a lot of baggage, but she has name recognition. people know her, and she served as secretary of state, she served at the senate, first lady, et cetera. is there another woman like that in united states of america. >> i think there will be. that's what i was really saying. there will be more and more women like it with more and more experience. she certainly has had much more experience than many men who were running for this office, not only having been around the office when her husband was
7:40 am
there, but being the senator from new york, being secretary of state, having served to unify obama's campaign, and then have obama's coalition helping her right now. so there's a lot that made this possible for her. i think it is just the beginning of something. and i think -- i was traveling today coming to cleveland, and people would stop in the airplane to say this is history, isn't -- stop in the airport to say this is history, isn't it? something has changed today. i remember when geraldine ferraro was nominated. i didn't think it was a big thing. the next morning i woke up thinking, oh, my god, there's a woman nominee. young women may not feel it as much because they haven't fought as hard as older women had to do. i have a feeling there will be a sense of this being a big issue in the campaign. i think hillary will make it so. i think rightly so. i think she's win more than lose by doing that. >> doris kearns goodwin. thank you very much for stopping by. still to come in the newsroom, a democrat and a key latino leader taking on donald trump. i'll talk to the former l.a.
7:41 am
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liberty mutual insurance. donald trump has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration. he called mexican dprimts rapists, criminals -- immigrants, rapists, criminals, and recently attacked judge curiel. there's growing concern among top republicans and donors about donald trump and the party's ability to win over latino votes. now the former mayor of los angeles, a key latino leader, is launching an anti-trump campaign focussing on key states with large latino populations. antonio villaraigosa joins me. i knew i would mess up your
7:46 am
name. i apologize. >> no problem, just don't call me late for dinner. >> i won't. thank you very much for being with me this morning. paul ryan said what donald trump said about judge curiel was racist. but he doesn't believe donald trump is racist in his heart s. that possible in your mind? >> well, i'm not in his heart. i can't speculate about that. clearly what he said was racist, and ryan's not the only republican to say that. so did jeb bush saying he should retract his statements instead of defend them. so has senator saso. so has virtually everyone who's opined on the issue. yet he continues to double down, continues to try to defend what is clear ly racist remarks and adds insult to injury by including muslims and virtually everyone else. that's unfortunately what we've seen from donald trump, a man who doubles -- doubles down on
7:47 am
the kind of remark that most of us find reprehensive and that have no place in our civic discourse or in our body politics, frankly. >> so you're going to focus all of your effort from now until november in stopping trump. how are you going to do that? >> well, look, we're focusing on new americans of whatever ethnicity. california is the epicenter of immigrants. the golden state was built by the chinese, by mexicans, by people from all over the world who came here with a dream. l.a. is another epicenter. we're going to focus on california new americans, latinos, get them to register to vote. get them to understand that they've got to go to the polls. and then to activate them, get them to contribute and talk to similarly situated voters in
7:48 am
arizona, nevada, colorado, and florida. we're going to connect these people to one another to stop a candidacy that is a threat i think to human values and values that we know as americans. >> mayor, getting latinos to turn out to vote will be difficult because if you look to the electorate in 2012, 10% of hispanics turned out to vote. how do you energize them? >> i'll tell you, one, we've got to educate voters. we're making easier to register to vote here in california. we've got to engage in serious civic education about the important of voting. what i've said -- the important of voting. what i've said is, look, trump speaks this way about latinos, and specifically mexicans because we're not going to the polls. we're not becoming citizens in the numbers we need to. we need to register to vote, go to the polls, work hard. that's why we're focusing on this part of the electorate.
7:49 am
very, very important. to get them to get involved in our civic discourse and in voting this november. >> antonio villaraigosa. thank you very much. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. whe gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at
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7:53 am
an 81-year-old pilot is credited with pulling off a near-perfect emergency landing on a snowy mountain glacier. the man and his two passengers were taking a day trip north of vancouver on sunday when they made a wrong turn into a valley. couldn't get enough power to climb over the rocks. they landed safely, and they were rescued the next day. a man poses with his back turned to a black panther. that's when the panther does something unexpected. more from jeanne moos. >> reporter: it had a pink panther feel to it -- ♪ a black panther sneaking up on a guy ready to pounce when all of a sudden -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: instead of mauling the man, the man smothered the panther with kisses. no wonder this went viral.
7:54 am
eduardo cirio is the founder of the sanctuary called black panther, white tiger. he's got a following posting videos -- snow total >> reporter: mainly of himself interacting with his big cats including the littlest big cats. papa bear has eduardo calls himself is famous for his hugs. is all that cuteness too cute to be true? the sanctuary has fans and fierce critics. celebrities fans like khloe kardashian are allowed to get up close and personal with the cat. >> maybe you should come back, sister. >> nothing will happen. >> reporter: although nothing did happen, critics say it could. this celebrity studded instagram petting zoo is -- >> like a disaster waiting to happen. >> it's not safe to handle big
7:55 am
cats. and what it does is portray this idea that these big cats are handleable. >> reporter: sending the wrong message that they can be kets as kelly heckman, head of the global federation of animal sanctuaries which has not satisfied the black jaguar white tiger sanctuary. it's also not clear precisely where eduardo rescues his animals from. he says circuses and breeders. cnn was unable to reach papa bear. he was probably out running with his pack. >> michael! >> lonnie! >> reporter: confident that they won't bite the hand that pets them. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that's crazy. thank you very much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour, "berman and bolduan." don't let dust and allergies get between you
7:56 am
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8:00 am
we've reached a milestone. [ cheers ] first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> if i'm forced to fight for something, i will never, ever back down. >> we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate. [ cheers ] >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. he mailbox a reporter with disabilities -- he mocks a reporter with disability. >> hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund. calls women pigs. >> putting the security of the entire country at risk. hello, i'm john berman. >> hey, every, i'm kate bolduon. hillary clinton got herself a nomination, dromp got himself a


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