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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 24, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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energy efficiency projects to save energy every month. if you're part of the fabric of the community, you've got to ensure that you do things right, environment included. learn how you can save at together, we're building a better california. . 10:00 here and so grateful for your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. this is cnn newsroom. and we're going to start with what's new this morning, donald trump thanking ted cruz for his surprising endorsement.
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he tweeted, in fact, the ted cruz endorsement was a wonderful surprise. i greatly appreciate his support. we'll have a tremendous victory on november 8th. >> cruz's support now comes just days before the presidential debate. and this is really a complete 180 for the texas senator who had called trump a pathologyical liar a bully. here's what cruz said yesterday. >> i made a promise i would support the republican nominee. that's a promise i made to the people across this country. and i thought about it and prayed about it what to do what my conscience told me is i need to keep my word. >> now meanwhile hillary clinton is picking up a surprising endorsement of her own. the cincinnati inquirer one of ohio's largest newspapers is back being her after supporting republican presidential candidates for nearly 100 years.
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i want so let's talk about ted cruz. how much credence to people give this endorsement based on all the back and forth that really got very nasty during the primaries between cruz and trump? >> reporter: it sure did. i think it was only 160 days ago or so that senator cruz once called trump a pathologyical liar and who can forget that big showing he did at the republican national convention in cleveland when he told republicans in the room to vote your conscience. this is a complete 180 and certainly senator cruz' words do have some credence with the tried and true conservatives and the party and we saw quickly trump examine and donald trump himself tweeting out thank you to senator cruz. but certainly this does have a lot to do with senator cruz's own political, own ambitions. he's facing a primary challenge in his senate race and potential that he might be in the presidential mix for 2020, certainly something he felt that
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he needed to do at this point when he sees others coalescing around donald trump and his campaign. >> so i was reading that both donald trump and hillary clinton are looking at tapes of each other in other debates to prep for what's coming up monday, 9:00 p.m. right here on cnn the big debate. what your hearing about debate strategies for both? >> reporter: well, definitely does seem they are taking a page from certain playbooks. they are studying the quirks of each other during their past debate performances. it seems they are distinct in how they are prepping, how much they are prepping for this debate. we know hillary clinton first started about a month ago. she largely has been absent on the campaign trail. this week really prepping. we know she's reading briefing books on donald trump's policy. and really trying, it seems, to get a window into his personality. what things set him off in past debates even talking to the author of "the art of the deal" who wrote that book on donald
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trump to get a window into his personality, figure out what makes him tick and what could get him under the skin at the debate stage. we know she's running through some mock be debates and does have someone standing in for donald trump, someone on her staff, a long time aide. donald trump by comparison has been out campaigning this week and yes he's running through some briefing books of his own. he's watching clips of hillary clinton's debate performances. we know he's meeting with reince preibus but not do a full scale mock debate. he doesn't do it in the past and won't do it now. >> thank you so much. we're also following some breaking news out of washington state this morning. at the top of the hour. state police are expected to give an update on this ongoing manhunt for this man. please take a look at your screen here. police say he opened fire inside a shopping mall, killed five
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people. tom fuentes is with us now. this man as we one it, walks into this mall at 7:00 p.m. last night. just outside of seattle. shoots five people. all of whom have now died. he walks out and it looks as though he's walking towards the interstate. he's not leaving in a car that they could see. witnesses say they saw him walking towards interstate 5 and then essentially just disappeared. where do you start at this point looking for this man as we are now how many hours later? >> well, they've taken the first step and that is publishing a pretty clear photo of him and he's holding the rifle. so it's inside the mall. and, you know, putting that out over the internet and media, tv, media and other social media has been a very great first step because somebody should be able to recognize him from that photo if they know him, if they are a friend, family, colleague,
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neighbor, that's a pretty clear picture of him. but also the next step would be you would want to alert everybody in the area, including the fbi has an office in vancouver, canada, notify them, to notify the canadian authorities because burlington, washington is about halfway between seattle and the canadian border. so it's only about another hour north on interstate 5 to the canadian border. so it's possible he used that rifle, went out corks have car jacked somebody and driven off that way, stolen their car, any number of things. so that's the preliminary step. get his photo out there and do the broadcast of being on the look out for him. >> which they've done. authorities have been very diligent in making sure this area that's primarily commercial as we under it that people are staying indoors, that they are not going to that area specifically. i know k-9s were there overnight last night.
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this is a 400 plus -- 400,000 plus-square-foot facility in this mall. does it seem odd to you, tom that somebody could just walk into a mall, shoot, walk out and disappear? >> no, i don't think so because it would depend on the mall. if there's no security at all, we don't expect security at every single door of every single mall. we don't have that already. but if that mall did not have nearby security at the time he opens fire and then walks out -- i think most people if they see somebody holding a rifle and they hear shots they will be reluctant to approach him. they are heading for cover and not be in a position to stop him and he would be able to whack right out. >> certainly surveillance video of the parking lot would it not? >> there would. but that's not even as clear as what we have here with the picture of him inside the mall. it's brightly lit. we have a pretty good photo of him.
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now the surveillance in the parking lot certainly they will try to pick him out leaving the mall and see if there was a car waiting for him or if he left the area of camera coverage on foot in which case then they wouldn't know if he had another car waiting let's say a couple of blocks away where the cameras wouldn't cover it. so they will be looking at every possible camera angle they may have in the area and certainly alerting the lollipop allocation to see, because it's possible he could do a home invasion or a carjacking as i mentioned. >> we were talking about that earlier. had there bean carjacking we would have heard about it by now some 12 hours later unless there was a car jack and he took that person with him. we just don't know. always appreciate your expertise. thank you, sir. >> charlotte police are one fire for not releasing the video of the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott. there are morallies and protests planned one coming up in a few hours, demanding justice.
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just two days now, two days until the presidential nominees will face off on the debate stage on monday night. see it's right there.
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both donald trump and hillary clinton they got a lot at stake. here to discuss the debates, alan schroeder author of "presidential debates. alan, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it seems as if trump is in the seat of i guess an advantage here because he sets the tone. either trump who set everybody back on their heels in the primary shows up or a trump who is trying to refute the claim that he's temperamentally unfit to be president shows up and clinton has to respond. that's really a powerful starting point. >> yeah. not a bad starting point at all to be the one who gets to set the ground rules. but on the other hand it also puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on him because he has to choose the right one of those alternatives that you just laid out and again makes the wrong choice then that could backfire big time as well. >> which do you expect? >> well, you know, i think it's really hard in a 90-minute television debate to suppress your natural instincts on camera
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so he may start off as being a little more prepared, more restrained but i think we'll see because it always happens in debates we'll see who the real person is by the end of that 90 minutes. >> the clinton camp is preparing for those attacks that may come during the debate but i wonder if she has some punches of her own. let's put up what politico published this weekend. actually talking about the president's debate back in 2012, obama v romney and here's how it starts. after barack obama's dreadful first debate against mitt romney in 2012, karen dunn got up in the face of the leader of the free world, you need to punch him in the mouth said dunn. karen dunn is on clinton's team preparing her for this debate as well. do we expect clinton will take those first punches herself? >> i don't know. i tend to doubt it myself. one interesting thing you mentioned about romney-obama debate. this one on monday is exactly the same format and that was a
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format that romney went in there and knew how to do. obama was caught off guard. the fact you got somebody who was involved in that first debate four years ago now advising clinton means that she won't make that same mistake that obama did. >> same format and same location both at hofstra university. clinton is fighting this narrative that they is untrustworthy, she is dishonest, trying to show some warmth as well. how do you do all that and include the policy that we require in these exchanges in 90 minutes? >> yeah. i think one advantage she has is she doesn't have to think too much about that policy stuff because it's all internalized already. she knows all of that. she won't be racking her brain trying to come with the right point on the content. but on the performing side she's actually been pretty good in the debates she's done up to this points. she does find moments of humor. she finds moments to dial it
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back a little bit. so i think that she's, you know, a talented enough and experienced enough debater she will probably be able to figure out the right tone depending of course on what he does. >> two days left. the book is "presidential debates." alan schroeder, thanks so much. charlotte police under scrutiny this morning, protesters, civil rights leaders, even the city's own mayor demanding officers release video showing the fattal encouldn'ter with police and keith lamont scott. >> we got live pictures here from washington. you see here susan rice, ambassador to the united nations. this is outside of the african-american history and cultural museum in d.c. on the national mall. later today we know president obama will ring the freedom bell to mark its official opening. cnn suzanne malveaux joining us us live after a quick break for a look inside. attention!
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confides football matchups. 11th ranked badgers . and you have the eighth rank michigan state spartans. both teams undefeated. recent history shows this game will go down-to-the-wire. michigan state has won three of the last four matches between these two which included one going into overtime, one being on a hail mary. for wisconsin the secret is out. red shirt freshman will get the first start his career at quarterback. we'll see what this kid is made of. i talked to a wisconsin coach who said may be young but he has the muscle and moxy. but they are playing here in east lansing the defending big ten champions. last week spartans went to south bend. they have ten wins in their last 13 games against ranked opponents. the head coach told me yesterday that home field advantage today will be huge. here he is. >> spartan stadium is crazy on game day.
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there will be 76,000 people here. a lot of badgers as well. it will be rocking. you won't be able to hear yourself when you get out on that hash. you can't hear me yell. i yell pretty loud. it gets tight in here. >> all right. kick off is set for noon eastern. several other big games on the schedule today. florida and tennessee renew their rivalry at 3:30. arkansas and texas a&m at 9:00 p.m. i'm geology freight. great college day. i want to give my new friends to get the party started. there you go. >> go green. go white. >> go green, go white.
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>> breaking news out of washington state this morning. at the top of the hour state police are expected to give an update on their ongoing manhunt for this man. this is the man they say opened fire inside a shopping mall and killed five people last night. at the moment cnn producer is on the phone with us from where police are set to update us. alberto, are you hearing any indication that they are any closer to finding the suspect? >> reporter: no. we do not have any indication of how close they are to grabbing the suspect. we're hoping to hear from several people at this press conference today including members of the multiple response team and the incident commander, assistant police chief who is the incident commander, the mayor of burlington supposed to be here as well. so we are really hoping to get any kind of additional details. all we have is that picture that you're referring to that shows
7:24 am
this young man somewhere between 20 and 25 with a gray shirt, taken from some surveillance video. we know there's a large police presence in the area. we passed several police troopers all the way down to seattle as we were making our way here. we know that they are actively searching after this man and we hope to get additional details at this press conference today. >> alberto, real quickly i have to assume and correct me if i'm wrong that mall must be closed again today. what about businesses around it? >> reporter: the mall itself continues to be on lockdown. it's completely surrounded by police tape. they are checkpoints at every entrance. nearby businesses some we did notice that were locked did not allow us to come in but as soon as you move a couple of blocks away from the area they are open. so for a significant portion of the city it might be business as usual despite the fact that there's an active century going on in town. >> alberto, thank you very much.
7:25 am
you've done a great job for us as we try to understand what's happening there. again, in just about 35 minutes we're waiting to hear from authorities to see if they can give us any more information or indication as to how close they might be to fining the suspect. >> let's go to north carolina where protesters in charlotte plan to march through the city in about two and a half hours demanding police release their body cam video and dash cam video of the shooting of mr. scott, keith scott. they repeated that call last night in another round of peaceful protests. >> release the tape. release the tyape. >> there were no arrests, no injuries, no property damage. again this rally is schedule to start at 1:00. give us a look ahead.
7:26 am
>> reporter: yeah, victor this rally is expected at 1:00. community leaders say come together in an effort to as you mentioned releases to tapes but also just to ray for the family and to really support each other and this movement that we've seen all across this country. we don't expect these protests, these rallies to really end. again, a lot of people are really frustrated about this tape issue and that's what we're going to continue to hear. authorities, though, expecting this, keeping that curfew intact. it starts at midnight ends at 6:00 in the morning. still have the national guard here present. i can tell you personally walking around even before that curfew in place it's a very quiet downtown area here in charlotte. so there is certainly order and police are just hoping in the next few days as protests continue that it stays in order. victor. >> thanks so much. meanwhile two days before what could be the biggest night of this election season, really
7:27 am
what donald trump and hillary clinton are doing right now get ready for the presidential debate. and i want to show you some live pictures. there they are. the newest member of the smithsonian in washington, the dedication event here for the national museum of african-american history and culture is getting under way shortly. cnn suzanne malveaux will take us inside this 85,000-square-foot hall of history and culture there. las vegas known for the casinos and clubs and all the shows, yet there is also a vintage vegas to explore. we take a look at cnn's off the clock. >> the part about vegas i love the most is vintage vegas in n contrast to the strip. you can come in to contact with the ruby slipper. we're here at the museum that
7:28 am
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thank you for sharing your time with us here. i'm paul pull. >> victor blackwell. we're two days away from what cube pivotal moment for each campaign. the first presidential debate pop prepare for monday night a source tells cnn donald trump is watching hillary clinton highlights from her past debates
7:33 am
and hillary clinton is preparing for potentially the two sides of donald trump to prove to be a brutal heavy hitter or a soefrt approach unveiled for the final stretch of this election. joining us from hofstra university the site of the presidential debate, fredricka whitfield and soon we'll start counting down days and hours. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to boston you. the fine tuning is under way here for this 90-minute showdown, this presidential debate, this is head-to-head. donald trump, hillary clinton here at hofstra university. this campus is used to hosting events like this having done so in 2008 and then in 2012. well, there are real style differences between these two candidates. in fact, they are preparing ahead of that debate two days away in a very different way. hillary clinton sat her home in chappa kwurch a, new york. donald trump is at a rally in
7:34 am
roanoke, virginia. let's talk about the dynamics and how potential pivotal this first presidential debate might be. i'm joined by erol lewis. what is potentially very important about this is because perhaps you might not win an election because of a debate but certainly you could lose it. how are these two candidates preparing not to lose. >> it's interesting that there is a sense of playing defense, but there's also a sense in which you actually can win. i remember back in 1980, you know, big, big debate between carter and reagan and ronald reagan is the one and only debate they had. ronald reagan was in a position to lose and he came from behind, convinced people he was a reasonable presidential person who could take command of the american government and he won a week later. >> he used one liner and sometimes one liners will do it.
7:35 am
>> those moments are made for television. and those who can sort of create those moments often benefit. now a lot of times it doesn't work. a little bit of a risky proposition. one thing we know about donald trump he does know how to do that. that's what you get from reality tv,000 create that moment. as far as their preparation you're right. preparation style shows the differences between the candidates. hillary clinton is ensconced in data and policy and probably going through at least one mock debate from what we've seen being reported. donald trump doing what ronald reagan did. go before a crowd. get your energy up. get your ability to connect sharpened to a fine point and take that into the debate hall. very different styles. >> it's content audiences are watching. we're talk about an audience that could be 100 million, the live audience broadcast audience, et cetera. people will be examining body language. they did so perhaps it wasn't a plan in 1960, richard nixon
7:36 am
sweaty. john f. kennedy looking poised and seeming to fit in. people will be looking for body language here as well. >> for sure. we know that in the fay muse nixon-kennedy debates. kennedy has a cool persona as well as a cool present jays on camera. richard nixon did not. we're on television. everybody focus on that nixon didn't have on makeup. that didn't help. political scientists are going back carefully to see if it made a difference in the polls, the perceived poor performance of richard nixon. did it make a difference? these folks will have this interesting height question. there was a little bit of flap over could hillary clinton have a step stool so she doesn't appear to be eight or nine inches shorter than donald trump which apparently she is. presidential commission said nothing doing. you bring the body you got not the body you wish you had. >> what about the dynamic how they behave and relate to one another whether there's eye contact or if it will be game
7:37 am
face don't look at your opponent. >> one thing they have to keep in mind, 90 minutes with no commercial break. you have to assume you're on camera. whiern adversary is speaking there could be a split screen. >> reminds us of 2000 and al gore and george w. bush. perhaps al gore didn't think others were watching him grimace and sigh. >> he was so disgusted with the answers his opponent was giving. it's fine to feel that way. but you want to present that. you didn't want to. so there's a lot that goes into it. some trump advisors reportdly have been concerned he didn't want to stand behind a podium and do a mock debate because he didn't feel like doing it. he wanted him to get in the practice the camera will never be off of you. every expression, every sigh, every grimace, looking uncomfortable, looking like you were wish somewhere else, looking bored, looking at your
7:38 am
watch, all of that counts. >> reporter: thank you so much. we'll continue our coverage from hofstra university here in new york. i'll send it back to you. it's a little gloomy, a little rainy but it's going to get better. >> it will get better. big debate. 9:00 p.m. monday night right here on cnn. thank you guys. so we want to point out and here's some live pictures here of -- oh, we got the president there, barack obama with the first lady and former president george w. bush with his wife laura at the much anticipated opening of the smithsonian's newest museum in washington. suzanne malveaux is live there. we'll listen to the music. ♪ for the land of the free
7:39 am
♪ and the home of the brave
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chronicling . what a crowd on washington's national mall. at this moment in fact they are celebrating the opening of course of the new smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. there it is. president obama you saw and former president george w. bush with the former first ladies are there. and expected to speak we should point. >> all the pomp and ceremony it deserves. suzanne malveaux is in washington and i understand you got a look inside.
7:43 am
>> reporter: it's quite extraordinary. we had a sneak peek last week. the director of this museum took us through and it's extraordinary when you look at the kind of stories that this museum tells very personal to so many people a labor of love that took decades in the making. i want you to take a quick look. the national museum of african-american history and culture with its unique towering presence sits prominently next to the washington monument. snienlly the african-american story on the national mall is successful to everybody and in many ways it means that my ancestors are smiling. >> reporter: a labor of love for the director who gave us a behind-the-scenes tour. >> it's everybody's story. it's not black people's story. it's the story of america. >> reporter: the museum holds more than 3,000 artifacts. the project cost $540 million.
7:44 am
half fund by the federal government and the remaining raised from private donations. the exterior made up of 3600 panels shaped as a corona or african headdress. >> the visitor would come in the porch, come through that door and then immediately get on an elevator and descend down to the lowest level and it's dark and it's low down there and it's to make you feel sort of like it was riding in a slave ship. >> reporter: in fact naeshly 70% of the museum is below ground. it's designed to have visitors explore the complex history of slavery and freedom at the basement level. where you find a statue of thomas jefferson with bricks depicting his many slaves. real artifacts of shackles and a slave cabin. the next level up the era of segregation and jim crow through the civil rights movement. here a controversial prison
7:45 am
guard tower from louisiana it was so big along with the segregated railroad car had to be lowered into the museum before the building was completed because it couldn't fit through the front door. a vintage plane flown by the tuskegee airmen. it shows the impact of african-americans on the u.s.. the top floor celebrated mutual fund -- music and culture. a prince jacket and whitney houston gown. black hollywood, oprah and the mother ship. for many this museum is already a celebrated and sacred place. >> i wish that those who i knew who paid the supreme price to see just a minute of work in time. they are not here. but those of us who are here are here to keep the struggle.
7:46 am
>> reporter: there are three u.s. presidents that are here. president obama of course on stage with president george w. bush and first lady and we're told and have seen president bill clinton who is in the audience. this is an important moment because for decades and decades this went into the making and of course congress and john lewis the civil rights icon is on stage. he's expected to speak momentarily. it was him that actually brought to legislation the idea that this would come to fruition back in the '80s. it kept being rejected. it wasn't until 2003 when president george w. bush and a bipartisan congress signed an act to bring this about. many years the director traveled the country getting personal artifacts and collecting stories from people and breaking ground in 2013 to bring this to life. >> it is an amazing day. just to let our viewers know we'll be listening to representative john lewis when he takes the stage in just a few
7:47 am
moments. you saw president obama there. we saw former president george w. bush. we saw the national security adviser there susan rice a few moments ago. a lot of people there in washington. thousands of people on the mall. amazing. amazing addition to the mall. >> you can imagine john lewis said he's been waiting 15 years for this creation. so we'll hear more from him obviously as soon as he steps up to that podium we'll bring it up to you. also ahead -- tooth decay single most childhood disease and it's on the rise. this week a cnn hero has mobile clinic that brings dental service to children in need in play shah. one of the epicenters of the epidemic. let's meet dr. edwin smith. >> people get out of the chair, look in the mirror and cry. people who before wouldn't let you see their teeth.
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things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us.
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>> kruc >> terence crutcher's family is preparing for his funeral. the police department released this video and now officer betty shelby is facing manslaughter charges. she's been released on $50,000 bond. we go live to tulsa. what will happen today? >> reporter: the family told me they are obviously in deep, deep sorrow. they will be laying to rest terence crutcher today. the entire community is invited. he knew so many people. so many people loved him here in this community including, of course, his four children. but they also tell me that they are thankful three days before they lay him to rest that the officer who shot him is being charged. an officer turned suspect in tulsa. officer betty shelby turned
7:53 am
herself into authorities. she was booked and bonded out. the district attorney is charging her with first degree manslaughter, a charge that means a minimum of four years in prison, a maximum of life in prison if a jury convibts. shelby's attorney told cnn by phone the d.a.'s decision to charge her was a rush to judgment. but family of terence crutcher, a father of four seen here in this police helicopter video sees it much differently. >> is this a rush to judgment as he said? >> well, if it was turned around and if it was you or i or anybody else that would have shot a police officer then it wouldn't be a rush to judgment. get him. we need to get him. throw away the key. but because it's an average joe, my brother, you know, a bad dude, oh, there's a rush to judgment. shouldn't have been shot down. it's not a rush to judgment at all. >> reporter: the reference to bad dude from someone in a police helicopter on the day of
7:54 am
the shooting. >> looks like a bad dude. >> reporter: officer shelby's attorney said his client didn't hear that comment but feared for her life. >> based on her past experiencer and training this person posed an immediate threat of harm to her and everyone present and she thought if she didn't take action right then everyone would be in peril of serious bodily harm or death. >> reporter: officer shelby's attorney said she thought crutcher was reaching into his vehicle while refusing to comply with her orders to get on the ground. crutcher said he couldn't have reached into the vehicle because the window was closed. the district attorney's lead investigator said shelby had already cleared that vehicle without finding a weapon. court papers say she approached the vehicle and cleared the driver side front and then proceeded towards the passenger side of the vehicle. and crutcher's sister now telling cnn something that has not been revealed publicly before.
7:55 am
>> we clearly saw how slowly people was moving. my brother was disabled. my brother had a prosthetic eye. he had a hearing loss. you know, we have to ask, him. >> bad eyesight, poor hearing and crutcher said he was simply doing what he was taught to do by his father attempting to put his hands on the car and wait for police. instead he was killed. he had just left school. >> he wanted to make us proud. he wanted to do something bigger. he wanted to grow. he wanted to become a better person. he wanted to be better. and he didn't want this. he didn't ask for this. and so that's what i think ab t about. sorry. i'm going to miss him. >> the entire family and this community says the same thing. they will miss him.
7:56 am
i do want to mention this. the attorney for officer shelby says she has been receiving death threats. the family of terence crutcher says they do not advocate violence in any way, shape or form. but they are -- >> okay. i apologize. we got the latest from tulsa. we'll continue to keep you post snooped let's look now at the live pictures at the celebration at smithsonian. the african-american museum of history and culture. we're expecting congressman john lewis to take the podium in just a moment. we'll take a quick break and bring to it you live when that happens. >> the second event was --
7:57 am
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we want to go with you now live to the opening ceremonies, celebration of smithsonian's newest museum featuring the history and culture of african-americans here on national mall. >> looks like robert de niro stepping up to the podium to speak with angela bassett. former president george w. bush will speak and we'll hear from president obama next hour. >> we'll see you back here again tomorrow morning but for the moment we want to pass it over to fredricka whitfield. >> thank you. we conti


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