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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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they were there! the very witness identified by the author has said the story is totally false. these events never ever happened, and the people that said them meekly fully understand. you take a look at these people, you study these people, and you'll understand also. the claims are preposterous, ludicrous and defy truth, common sense and logic. we already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies, and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time very soon. >> so that was donald trump from earlier today. let me play you now some sound from michelle obama. she was out today in new hampshire stumping for hillary clinton. in her speech the first lady eviscerated trump, most powerfully by detailing her disgust of trump's vulgarities
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caught on videotape and what they mean not just to voters but all women. 3 >> this is not something that we can ignore. it's not something we can just sweep under the rug as just another disturbing footnote in a sad election season. because this was not just a lewd conversation. this wasn't just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior and actually bragging about kissing and groping women, using language so obscene that many of us were worried about our children hearing it when we turn on the tv. and to make matters worse, it now seems very clear that this isn't an isolated incident. it's one of countless examples of how he has treated women his whole life, and i have to tell you that i listen to all of this and i feel it so personally. and i'm sure that many of you do too, particularly the women.
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the shameful comments about our bodies, the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect, the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman. it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is it hurts. >> let's talk about all of this with cnn chief political analyst, gloria borger. susan page is also with us, now covering her tenth presidential campaign, and cnn reporter nia malik ya henderson. ladies, nice to have you on. gloria, to you first. let's begin with what we heard from donald trump today on the attack, declaring war on everyone. obviously he's frustrated. he says that these women's stories are false and that he has evidence to disprove. what's your reaction to how he responded? >> well, and he also called it
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slander and lies, and then, you know, brooke, he went to make the more global point about the campaign which is that there is a conspiracy against him, a conspiracy against his supporters, that is led by the establishment, by the media, by corporations. i think that what we see today is in this kind of apocalyptic vision of the campaign from donald trump's point of view which is that it's everybody against him and he is being lied about in the last 29 days. and so, we see his vision here which is trying to rally the base, trying to get out those supporters that otherwise might stay home, and they believe there are a bunch of them. on the other side, we see michelle obama talking directly to women, saying you know what,
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you have the power to do something. you have the power to make the difference in this election with your vote. so it was laid out pretty bare today, brooke, and it's going to get uglier and nastier if we believe donald trump who says there is more evidence on his side to come. >> you know, before we get to the first lady, susan, i think what really struck me and again we have to reiterate, these women coming forward, they are accusations, right? they're accusations. but he said, speaking about the former "people" magazine writer, donald trump today said you think these allegation s are true? just look at her. i'm assuming he's talking about her appearance, although i can't be sure. but if you're someone who is running to be the president of the united states saying just look at her, and we talk about who's fit to be president, what do you think? >> i think it's reminiscent of what he said about carly fiorina in the republican primaries when he said look at that face. and of course the behavior that
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he's now accused of engaging in is very similar to the behavior he bragged about in the "access hollywood" video. so i think that is a problem for him. we're seeing a burn down the house strategy it seems to me on the part of donald trump. at some passages in this long and kind of rambling speech that he just gave, he seemed to be acknowledging that there is a reasonable chance that he's going to lose this election and he is in the process raising questions about the legitimacy of the process, whether it was stolen from him by a conspiracy of powerful interest that he says are in collusion. this is a kind of scorched earth policy by this candidate that will have, i fear, big repercussions to come. >> when we talk about burn down the house, nia, listening to a reading of the josh green piece in bloomberg where he's quoting steve bannen where he says we'll go nuclear on the clintons
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and -- paraphrasing, we'll turn bill clinton into bill cosby. you have to add to the tint, right, to get to the 270. what do you make of how this may go? >> you know, it won't go well for trump if the idea is to grow that tent, right? talking about bill clinton at this point which has been a fixation of the breitbart folks and rush limbaugh and steve bannen for many, many years. making this about bill clinton won't work because he's not on the ballot. if he were on the ballot in this political climate, in this cultural moment, he might have a hard time getting elected, too, with all of his troubles that have been well documented with women as well. so i think what was interesting about this speech is there is almost a messy antic quality about it, i almost had the feeling of being in the last night of revive. he talked about him being the only person who could -- who's fit for this moment and this
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idea that this was the country's last chance for survival. he was the only one that could fix it. he is the only one that could bring jobs back. so i mean, this is very breitbart-like, very much in the vain of what steve bannen likes to do which is to create narratives, which is to create this idea of good and evil and heros and villains and there trump was identifying himself as the hero and everyone else in this very massive conspiracy theory that includes in collusion between clinton and corporations and the media and i guess possibly paul ryan and john mccain and the entire republican establishment in quite a contrast between he was painting, as gloria said, this apocalyptic doom's day scenario where black people are getting shot on the inner city because apparently that's the only place that black people live. that vision of the country versus michelle obama's vision of the country which was much more about inclusion, which was
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much more about uplift and hope and this idea of that donald trump's words don't reflect who the country is and where we are. >> hillary clinton reacted today. she was in san francisco talking to supporters at a campaign location. i just want to play how she responded to donald trump. >> i know that there's a lot of negativity right now generated by the other side, but if you haven't seen it, i hope you will see michelle obama's speech today in new hampshire. once again, she not only made a compelling and strong case about the stakes in the elects but about who we are as americans. and we cannot let this pessimism, this dark and divisive and dangerous vision of america take hold in anybody's heart. we have to keep lifting up this campaign. that's why i am working as hard as i can yesterday in pueblo,
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colorado, and las vegas to say, look, i want to give you something to vote for, not just against. i want to give you an agenda that will move us forward into the future. and i believe we can do it. i wouldn't be standing here and running if i did not believe. we can and we will. so remember, when they go low, we go high! >> taking again, susan page, from that michelle obama line that we first heard at the dnc and then again we heard in new hampshire today. what did you think, susan, of the first lady's speech? >> you know, i thought it was a remarkable political speech, incredibly effective speech. as we saw at the convention, one of the most persuasive speakers in american politics. one reason is that she doesn't do this very often. michelle obama has been pretty really picks her shots when she's going to make a speech, and when she does, it has a tremendous effect. i think it is probably fair to say she is the most effective
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surrogate that either candidate has in this presidential race. >> and brooke, you know, i was communicating with somebody in the clinton campaign who said to me, we did not ask michelle obama to give this speech on this subject today. she told us she wanted to do it. and so she did. not only was it powerful but it gave hillary clinton the opportunity to not deal with it directly. so hillary clinton could go high while michelle obama kind of hit it right straight forwardly and said, you know, this is openly predatory behavior which hillary clinton didn't have to go there then. and i think this was something -- and you heard it from michelle obama when she said i can't stop thinking about this. you understood why she had to talk about it. and it's not normally a place she would like to go, to be honest. >> you could hear the emotion in
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her voice. i think many women and men, this was a speech that needed to be given. aside from the politics, i think in many ways it was a political speech that had an apolitical theme to it. her talking about the stories of women who are in offices and a man gets too close to them and look a little too long and they linger a little too long and the feelings that women have. >> she said it doesn't matter what party you belong to. no woman deserves to be treated that way. i want to bring in a young woman who was in that audience listening to the first lady first hand. thank you so much, to someone who was in the room as the first lady spoke those personal words about how trump's conversation made her feel. michaella navarro, she's a high school student in new hampshire. she turns 18 a week before election day. she's also a fellow with the hillary clinton campaign working there from new hampshire. michaella, nice to have you on
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cnn. >> thank you. >> what was that like being in the room? >> it is like no feeling i have ever had before. i've seen hillary speak so many times, but just being in that room with the first lady, it's a real eye opener on what is at stake in this election and like it's so important to vote. she really kind of summarized everything up for all of us in there. if it hadn't solidified my belief in hillary, it definitely did this time around which is so important to me at this point. so just being in that room really was out of this world. >> we've got your instagram picture of you reaching for the hug from the first lady. michaella, you are a first-time voter. you are paying attention, thank g goodness, to this all important election. what do you think about when you hear these accusations from these women against donald trump and the comments he made on that bus? >> as a female myself and as a
12:13 pm
hispanic voter, it's important to me that a president doesn't need to slander everyone else around him and doesn't need to say these things about women and everything that's coming out this week, i have no belief in him as a president. if he goes around saying all that about females, it hurts me personally, it hurts my friends personally. i kind of just -- i just don't think that a president needs to say that about anyone at all generally, so yeah. >> michaella, you say that, you know, trump's history will catch up to him, but i have to ask you then about bill clinton, because trump is using president clinton's infidelities against him. what do you think of when it comes to bill clinton's past, as a 17 going on 18-year-old? were you even aware? >> i was aware the entire time
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going into the election, but it's not bill clinton's election. it's more hillary's and it's what hillary is going to do for us, not bill clinton. so i think the focus needs to be on hillary, not on bill. >> michaella, happy almost birthday. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up here, my next guest worked as a donald trump executive for 18 years. does she believe these accusations of sexual misconduct against him? we'll talk to her about trump through the years, what she witnessed personally and who she plans to vote for. that's next. also ahead, far removed from politics, this is just amazing. a remarkable and rare surgery under way right now in a new york operating room. doctors are trying to separate these two young twin boys joined at the head. dr. sanjay gupta joins us live from the hospital. i'm brooke baldwin and this is cnn. never saw coming...
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. welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. donald trump says sexual assault allegations published in today's "new york times" are, quote, total fabrication, and that his accusers are, quote, horrible liars. these accusations are just the latest in years-long cascade of claims that trump doesn't respect women. in his own defense, trump has often pointed to his own organization. he says he promotes women to upper level positions. back in 1980 he hired a lady to oversee the construction of all of trump tower. and he did, this woman. barbara rats. she worked closely with donald trump on and off for 18 years and she's sitting next to me here at cnn. it's so nice to have you on. >> thank you. >> as a woman, having worked with him for so many years you are invaluable in terms of
12:20 pm
first -- these accusations coming out today, everything from accusations of sitting next to him on a plane and him moving the arm rest and trying to touch to this former "people" writer at mar-a-lago and him shoving him towards her and shoveling his tongue down her throat. is that far fetched? might there be truth? >> i do think that there could be truth to it. >> why? >> because i saw him evolve over time. i mean, he did hire me and i never felt that he discriminated against me and he treated me equally to the men. i even said he was not sexist when it came to me. i said that in my book. now that i've seen all the things that he's said and done, i couldn't say those words even though it's still true. but i did notice that he started changing towards women. he started talking about how women were all after him and that, you know, he was batting them off. then he started having financial problems --
12:21 pm
>> hang on, hang on. with you, this woman who he had placed in this position of power, he's having, what, like a chummy conversation in talking to you about women wanting him? >> yes. when we were in his office, me and some other men, yeah. >> how would that come up? what would he say? >> i don't know. it would come out of nowhere. you know, this one movie star has been calling me or did you hear that so and so is after me, that kind of thing. it would just come up. i'll tell you a story. later as he had the financial problems and the problems with ivana and the blow-up of his marriage, he became such a celebrity with his book, i saw all these changes come upon him and you couldn't approach him anymore. you certainly couldn't correct him. where i used to be able to talk to him and he would listen to me, he really didn't listen to anyone. so we were interviewing an architect one day and he starts out of nowhere talking about women's bodies and how the women in marina del rey, their bottoms
12:22 pm
are more toned than the women in beverly hills. >> and you're standing right there as a woman. >> with an architect, a professional, a big architect, and we looked at each other and we didn't know where to go with it. >> did anyone say, mr. trump, that's inappropriate, or you didn't say that to him? >> no, you didn't say that to him. you just went with the flow. and he talked about, as i was saying, when his business started going to pot, he started saying how the reason it was happening was his executives were zuiscrewing it up and he wasn't around because he was off having sex with so many women. >> but he appointed you, barbara, you oversaw the building of trump tower. >> because he knew that i would do a good -- i was excellent. i was the best person at the contractor's office and they were grooming me for big things. he sort of stole me from them.
12:23 pm
but he had other strong women work for him, too. there was a change over time. he had louise sunshine. >> does he respect women? >> i don't think he respects anyone anymore. i think he's really just donald. i don't think -- he says i respect women more than anybody else. of course he's the most respectful of women, but i don't see it. you cannot respect women and say the things that he has said. >> so the thing is, with these women coming out, this former "people" writer, the two in the "new york times" today, they're telling their stories and he's saying today it's fiction, it's lies. he says i have proof. i have evidence against them. but then almost in the same breath he said, and look at them. >> right. in other words, i wouldn't bother with -- he said particularly in regards to the "people" writer, look at her, i don't think so. that was exactly how he said it. it's such a demeaning thing to say and such an objectifying
12:24 pm
thing to say. then you asked does he respect women, absolutely not, no, he doesn't respect women. >> i have trump supporters saying, yes, they should be talking about issues but he's the perfect guy to be sitting in the oval office. how do you feel about that? >> i think just the opposite. i think that he doesn't have any experience. he shows a lack of knowledge about government. he doesn't seem to have mastered even basic civics, but he has a terrible temperament. he flies off the handle. he gets very angry. he's vindictive. he goes after people. he would go after world leaders. it would be ridiculous. he has no business running for president. >> barbara russ who worked for donald trump off and on for 18 years, thank you for swinging by cnn. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> she is also by the way the
12:25 pm
author of "all alone on the 68th floor, how one woman changed the face of construction." up next, donald trump fights back against new allegations that he touched these women without their consent, now accusing the clinton campaign of planting these stories in the news media. a clinton supporter and a trump supporter join us live to debate that.
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not much going on there these days. not much to talk about. guess what? we actually are running on ideas in this election. you would never know it, would you? >> a lighter moment from speaker ryan moments ago talking about business leaders back home for him in wisconsin. a defiant donald trump hitting back hard in his first event since these new groping allegations have emerged today. trump says the allegations are outright lies and says that they're pure fiction. here is what donald trump said about a "people" magazine reporter who claims trump shoved her up against a wall, this is in 2005 down at palm beach at his home in mar-a-lago, and essentially forced his tongue down her throat, she says. >> think of it, she's doing this story on melania who's pregnant at the time, and donald trump,
12:31 pm
our one-year anniversary, and she said i made inappropriate advances. and by the way, the area was a public area, people all over the place. take a look. you take a look. look at her, look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. let me state this as clearly as i can. these attacks are orchestrated by the clintons and their media allies. the only thing hillary clinton has going for herself is the press. without the press, she is absolutely zero. >> trump says he will release new information that will prove his version of events at, quote, unquote, the appropriate time. let's talk it over with our political panel. bill burton, a democratic strategic and former white house press secretary for barack obama. and gina loudoun, a donald trump supporter and host of america trends with dr. gina.
12:32 pm
welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> gina, let me begin with you, so i'm clear with all this news, as a woman you are fully supporting donald trump? >> well, i'll tell you that i counselled women and girls who have endured sexual assault. i don't take it lightly. i myself have endured it, brooke. i've also though counselled men who have been falsely accused and boys who have been falsely accused and i think it's very important that we all stop for a minute and put the political rancor and accusations aside and look at facts. the facts if there is a misogynistic candidate in this race are not on the side of hillary clinton. hillary clinton as you know has taken money from saudi arabia, a lot of it, tens of millions of dollars, a country that 0 presses -- >> sorry, wait, you're saying they're not on the side of hillary clinton? i think you meant they are on the side of hillary clinton. >> i'm saying if there is a misogynist argument in this race, that it would be against
12:33 pm
hillary clinton. there's a new video posted right now on gateway pundit that shows bill clinton in a video actually groping a woman on an airplane -- >> let me just jump in. i haven't seen it. bill clinton isn't running for president. >> i understand that. >> as you talk about as you are a victim -- it's my show. stand by. as a victim of sexual assault which is serious, serious, serious stuff, when you heard donald trump on that bus bragging about grab them by the you know what, bragging about sex assaults, how did that make you feel? >> i didn't like it. i didn't like it and i was clear about that. i completely agree with you. that's uncalled for. >> you accept his apology and you move on? >> it was a long time ago. what i don't accept, hillary clinton has never apologized for insinuating that a 12-year-old rape victim on tape again -- these are facts versus hearsay with hillary, she insinuated
12:34 pm
that the little girl brought it on herself. hillary has never apologized for spending $100,000 against the victims to further degrade them after they had already been victimized by her husband. that's what i can't forgive, brooke, and those are facts. >> bill, jump in. >> i just -- i mean, i have to say, what donald trump said was disgusting, and i think that when you listen to the allegations that have been made against him, the number one witness already -- who has already been called is donald trump himself. if he says that this is what he goes and does and then women come forward and say, yes, he did that to me, i don't think that the presumption ought to be, oh, well, donald trump was lying and also these women are lying. that argument is corrupted by the fact that donald trump has shown himself to be disgusting and misogynist throughout this campaign and he's ending it on
12:35 pm
the worst possible note that, frankly, it's bad for the country but it's particularly bad for any kid who's paying attention to this race. this is the guy that republicans put forward to be an example for kids? it's disappointing. >> gina, let's put these accusations aside, these women who have come out today, let's put them aside. when you saw donald trump stand in front of that crowd today and say with regard to the former "people" magazine writer, just look at her, meaning these accusations, this couldn't possibly be true, look at her, what is that supposed to mean? >> actually, he said look at the tape. >> no. he said look at her as well. i wrote it down. >> i think that was a good point to make that we do need to look at the actual evidence. i think we need to put every accusation -- >> it's not defensible. >> i think we need to take every single accusation in the last 30 days of a campaign, whether it's by a republican, a democrat, i don't care, if it's just something said, i think we need
12:36 pm
to set it aside and voters need to look at what we actually know where the facts are and the videos are. if these things happened with mr. trump, where is the camera phone? >> that's why i said accusations aside. they're not necessarily facts. with these women's accusations, that's what they are, accusations. but the sheer fact that he said, look at her. fact. >> what's also a fact is that hillary clinton is not coming to the defense of the flight attendant that her husband abused on video. it's up on gateway pundit. she's not coming to the defense of the girls in saudi arabia. instead she's taking money from their oppressors. she's not coming to the aid of the victim that she scoffed at and said she brought it on herself. the list goes on of things that hillary clinton has done. >> the media has spent years talking about bill clinton but again he's not running for president. >> i'm sure they would love for the rest of the campaign not to
12:37 pm
be about what people said because we wouldn't have to listen to the same disgusting comments that trump has said throughout this campaign. i have to say i'm glad that you started with that clip from paul ryan because it's very important to note that donald trump didn't come out of nowhere. like this guy who said awful things about mexican-americans, about muslims, about every group in america that you can imagine -- >> no he didn't. >> started with a base that was built by paul ryan and folks in the house who helped elect people like allen west who kept michele bachmann in office, steve king, all these folks who are saying the same kind of things for years. now paul ryan and congressional republicans up and down the ticket are going to have their own problems because of trump and it only makes sense because it all started in the u.s. house of representatives with paul ryan. >> speaker ryan even today acknowledging he is worried about holding onto that republican majority in the house post november 8th. we've got to go. thank you both. >> thank you. up next, michelle obama
12:38 pm
proves how she got the nickname the closer, giving an impassioned speech against donald trump on the trail just a short time ago. we'll talk about the first lady coming up. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. donald trump wrapping up a brutal tirade against the news media for telling the stories of these women who claimed that he sexually assaulted them. the first lady of the united states biting back, saying that that vulgar hot mic tape in the new allegations against the republican nominee are not normal, are not politics as usual. and it doesn't matter what party you belong to, democrat,
12:43 pm
republican, independent, no woman deserves to be treated this way. none of us deserves this kind of abuse. and i know it's a campaign, but this isn't about politics. it's about basic human decency. it's about right and wrong. and we simply cannot endure this or expose our children to this any longer, not for another minute and let alone for four years. >> talk it over with our favorite go-to first lady gal, author of the "new york times" best seller "first women, the grace and power of america's modern first ladies." kate, let me first ask you about this little nugget we got from gloria borger at cnn. they talked to the clinton campaign as the first lady was speaking. apparently the clinton camp didn't actually ask the first lady to do what she did today.
12:44 pm
what do you make of that? >> well, you know, we know that michelle obama doesn't relish campaigning. just because she has very high approval ratings in the white house, she always had to be convinced there was a clear purpose and a reason for her going out on the campaign trail. after seeing her today, it's clear she was emotional and almost in tears at one point that this was something that she wanted to do, so i'm not surprised that the clinton campaign didn't have to nudge her in this direction. it's something she was passionate about. and i've never seen a first lady be so passionate in a speech like this before. >> hillary clinton tweeted about it, writings, floel tuss, i'm in awe, thanks for putting into words what's in so many of our hearts. how much do you think people, especially the undecideds, were listening? >> i think that she has a huge appeal with young voters, with obviously african-american/hispanic voters. i think there's always going to be a core group of voters who will vote for donald trump no matter what, but she had a
12:45 pm
really compelling message, saying this isn't locker room banter, this is not acceptable. so i think that it was a really effective, emotional speech, and i was going back through past first ladies, and laura bush campaigned for mitt romney in michigan in 2012 and you listened to her speech and it is so dry in comparison and kaind f ta tame. juxtaposing 2012 with 2016 where it's passionate, it's about personal embarrassing issues versus 2012 where it was about actual real economic issues than what wrer we are used to. >> the first lady saying it doesn't matter what party you belong to, no woman deserves to be treated this way. kate, thank you. coming up next, a cnn exclusive, con joined twins are undergoing surgery as a speak, to be separated there at the brain. dr. sanjay gupta just talked to they are parents. he joins us live from the hospital where it's all
12:46 pm
happening. don't miss this. are superior dr? yeah... yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. with another new flavor you never saw coming... grilled, glazed korean bbq shrimp. and try as much as you want of flavors like new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. just come in before it ends.
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this is so extraordinary.
12:50 pm
two little brothers right now are undergoing a rare surgery right now. 13-month-old anias and jadon were born joined at the head. their mother has never been able to hold them individually in her arms. that's what she tells us she wants to do very soon. hoping it will all change. sanjay gupta met up with the family in this exclusive interview. >> what matters in the end is that they love each other. >> we had the boys, of course. they were normal little boys, just like two, you know -- any other two little babies you would see. except for being conjoined. >> i could almost keep them like this right now, you know, because they're so perfect. >> they're normal little boys. >> they're beautiful. they are -- they're perfect. they are so funny, and
12:51 pm
they're -- >> happy little boys. >> -- happy. >> crazy. >> they're crazy. crazy. jadon tries to roll off the bed and drag anias with him. anias talks. my favorite thing is to sit here and hear them talking with each other down the hallway. they talk back and forth. they're just -- they're beautiful. >> reporter: two boys, jadon and anias. jadon is the more rambunctious one. anias, quiet, inquisitive. he's also had to struggle more. >> he has born the brunt of the burden, i would say. he has breathing issues and feeding issues, and he has some vision issues. in the beginning his hearing was off. he has gone through heart failure. he's had seizures. he has had so much happen in the last year, and he just -- it
12:52 pm
just rolls right off his back. he just keeps on going. >> reporter: i met nicole and christian mcdonald just days before their twins are to be separated. two days out, how are you guys feeling? >> we're excited. we're excited, and we're anxious to finally have the big day here. and feeling good. >> the day has arrived. dr. gupta is there live at the hospital here in new york. my goodness. just to see this picture of these two little boys. what are the risks? >> reporter: well, i mean, as you might imagine, brooke, there are significant risks with an operation like this. when they talk about actually separating the boys, you're talking about doing brain surgery, essentially, on both boys. technology has made the risks diminished compared to what they used to be. i want to show you something quickly. this is a model of the two boys,
12:53 pm
based on their images, brooke. even before surgeons do anything, they can take a look at exactly what they're going to be dealing with and sort of see right inside over here. and i think that this area over here -- these are -- they're in purple, but those are the blood vessels that are the biggest concern. anytime you do an operation on the brain, obviously there are risks from the anesthesia, risk from other organs in the body. for this particular operation these blood vessels in particular will be at the greatest risk. the operation is under way. it sounds like everything is going just fine. but that's what the surgeons are most concerned about. look at just how impressive the models are nowadays that the surgeons have to do the planning ahead of time. these are the boys that you just met in that piece. this is their imaging. you can see how much information you are getting from these models. >> incredible. i don't know how this doctor does it. hopefully he or she will pull it
12:54 pm
off beautifully. we're thinking about that family. dr. gupta, thank you very much. an incredible piece online written been you and wayne dr drasch. mouments from now donald trump expected to deliver a policy speech in columbus, ohio. we'll watch for that. back in just a moment. how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? it's measured by what we do for our children. it's why as president i'll invest in our schools. in college that leads to opportunities...
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now in his 90s. you would think former president jimmy carter would settle into retirement after beating cancer. but not when he has a chance to make an impact. >> former president jimmy carter and his wife roselyn are still building homes for habitat for
12:59 pm
humanity. an annual tradition they started more than 30 years ago. >> we've built almost 5,000 houses right now. it's been one of the most challenging physically things we've ever done. i was a lot younger when i first started. >> reporter: he was 56 and fresh out of the white house when he first took up the hammer as a volunteer home builder. >> we hope it will go like this all over the world. we're building one home each day for poor people in need. >> i happen to be in a christian. it's a practical way to put my religious beliefs into practical use. and this is the best way i know to cross that very difficult chasm between rich people and people who never had a decent place in which to live. >> reporter: it fields 14 groups in more than 70 countries. they raise awareness of the need for more affordable housing and bring volunteers together to build and renovate homes. >> there is a habitat organization needing volunteers
1:00 pm
to raise money, serve food or build a house in almost everywhere people live in the united states. just the idea of volunteerism where you actually do work side by side with people in need has been put on the forefront of people's consciousness through habitat. and that's a good thing. >> it is a good thing, president carter. thank you. thank you for being with me. i am brooke baldwin. "the lead" starts now. thanks, brooke. once again i issue a parental advisory note because we're going to be talking about the presidential race, and of course, it's uglier than ever. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump on the campaign trail today. his first chance to address the women who came out, some on camera, accusing the republican presidential nominee, of forcibly kissing or molesting them. how did he respond? and as trump fights the sexual assault claims, hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign are piling up, some that could reveal