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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 17, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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after a few seizures he suffered on saturday. we hope to see jayden and anais in good health soon. happening now, breaking news. melania trump, donald trump's wife, sits down with cnn's anderson cooper. it's her first interview since the recent controversy concerning her husband became public. you'll hear it right here on cnn. blame game. donald trump goes off on the med media, democrats, fellow republicans and the establishment, suggesting the election is rigged. does trump still have a chance for a path to victory? pressuring the fbi. republicans are accusing the state department for offering the fbi a deal. postally more agents overseas if the bureau would declassify an e-mail on hillary clinton's private server. both agencies say there was no
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quid pro quo. a firebomb. a gop office is burned in north carolina. donald trump calls them animals. clinton calls it unacceptable. who is behind it? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> the breaking news, melania trump goes public for the first time in months and for the first time since the recent controversies concerning her husband became public. melania trump, a very special interview with cnn's anderson cooper. you'll hear part of it here first this hour. as both candidates prep for their final debate, our new polls show trump is remaining very competitive in three battleground states. almost even with hillary clinton in ohio and nevada and holding a four-point lead in ohio. after a week of self-inflicted wounds, trump is slipping
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nationally. our national polls show him trailing by eight points. the battleground states are what count for now and perhaps offering him a very narrow path to an electoral college win. but the clinton campaign is pushing into traditional red states. chelsea clinton, first lady michelle obama, and senator bernie sanders, they are all expected in arizona this week. and trump may already be preparing for defeat. reportedly repeatedly calling the election rigged. offering no proof, he's complaining of, quote, large-scale voter fraud. accusing democrats, the media and mainstream republicans of conspiring against him. i'll speak with trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway. they'll have full coverage of today's top stories. let's get to breaking news first. melania trump sits down with anderson cooper. it's her first interview in months, first time we've heard from her considering the recent controversy concerning her husband became public, including
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allegations of sexual misconduct. the full interview airs tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern, on cnn. anderson joins us for a preview. anderson, tell us what she said. >> i talked with melania trump a few hours ago in her apartment at trump tower, the apartment she shares with donald trump and their son baron. she is strongly defending her husband with the allegations by the number of women that came forward in the last week or so. i began by asking her about the videotape that really started it all that was released 10 days ago by "access hollywood." >> it was 10 days ago that "access hollywood" released that tape. when you first saw it, when you first heard it, what did you think? >> i said to my husband that the language is inappropriate, it's not acceptable, and i was surprised, because that is not the man that i know.
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and as you can see from the tape, the cameras were not on. it was only a mike. and i wonder if they even knew that the mike was on, because they were kind of boy talk, and he would egg he was egged on by the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> you feel the host, billy bush, was egging him on? >> yes. >> was that language you had heard him use before? >> no. that's why i was surprised. because i don't know the person that would talk that way, that he would say that kind of stuff in privastuff. in private, i heard many different boy stuff. the boys, the way they talk when
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they grow up and they want to sometimes show each other, oh, this and that, and talking about the girls. but yeah, i was surprised, of course. >> wolf, i went on to ask her about the allegations made by the number of women in the last week or so. she is defending her husband. she says she believes her husband has not done anything inappropriate with women over the years. this is going back as far as 30 years, some of those accusations do. she says she has also seen women directly approach donald trump, giving him their phone numbers in front of her, that she's spoken with women who have done that, so she categorically does not believe any of the allegations. >> what did she say, anderson, about women on the campaign trail, comments about those women? >> she did not address whether or not she felt it was appropriate to talk about the woman's looks, i talked with her
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about that. she is really across the board supporting her husband in this. she also said she does believe it's very coincidental, the timing of this. she's suspicious of the timing of release of information, you know, the tax returns being leaked right before the very first debate, being released from the "washington post" just days before. the second debate, she says she believes there is a conspiracy between -- the media is rigged against her and her husband. and she also believes the clinton camp, the opposition, as she refers to them, is behind the release of that tape and the timing of it. >> i asked her specifically about that toward the end of the interview, and we talked for
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befo -- before about the media, and she firmly believed the media was rigged. she said the media which she believes, from the beginning, has been hostile toward her husband. >> does she believe the presidency for her husband is still possible? >> i asked her what her plans were if she becomes first lady. initially i talked to her months ago on that. she talked about wanting to do something for children. she now talked about being able to focus on social media, on-line bullying and believes it's very possible for them to win. >> anderson, thank you very much. good work, as usual, and i want our viewers to know of a very special anderson cooper, 8:30
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p.m. only here on cnn. we'll talk about david. we want to talk about the breaking story out of the campaign trail right now as his options seem to narrow for pulling out a win on november 8. donald trump is pulling out complaints that he's somehow being cheated. jim acosta is on the campaign trail in wisconsin with trump. trump is now blaming almost everybody but himself, right? >> that's right, wolf. after another rough week and the election fast approaching, donald trump appears to be layi laying. >> we're not going to back down, and remember this, it's a rigged election.
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the republican nominees' rhetoric threat ends to undermine america's democratic system of government, on top of his complaint that to darken his campaign. >> false stories added up. lies, lies. they take these lies and put them on front pages. >> trump is predicting the election will be stolen from him at the voting booth. republican leaders deny what is going on. but trump is wrong. . he should focus on issues that matter to people. >> i can reassure donald trump. i'm in charge with. kellyanne conway didn't offer any evidence of voter fraud.
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>> i didn't say that. i said if there is that certainly we would take action to just see that we can't. >> they said they would indeed accept the will of the people. mike pence says it's now about the coverage of the campaign. >> we will now agree to the selection. the media is in sink. >> even cnn's poll says we're leading in ohio by four percentage points. >> trump said success suggesting, without offering if i evidence. >> we should stay a drug test because i don't know what's going on with her, but at the
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beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end, it was like, oh, take me down. she could barely reach her car. >> even the white house took issue with that one. >> you're telling me that the candidate who seniorinorted his through the first two debates is accusing the other candidate of taking drugs. >> he'll once again hit hillary clinton on her use of a private e-mail server and join republicans and congress in their claim that the state department and the fbi claimed. >> jim swais. in hillary clinton leads by 12 points, 11 points and 4 polls.
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in the battleground states and clinging to a narrow lead in the third. tell us what the polls show? >> even if the nag league east. in one he's actually leading. let's start with ne ne. this is the host. so she's holding onto a very narrow lead there. >> when you go to. hillary clinton at 48%, donald trump at 37. they believe they could potentially turn out a win there even though they're lagging just behind. now let's look at ohio. this is sort of the crown jewel. it shows trump in the lead with
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42% of hillary. this is a day, even as ones who have identified as democrats. >> sarah, we also just received key state battle ship polls. >> so for all pal, there is a point of compassion in this poll showing them tied. let's take a look at some of the other polls in this battleground because it gives you a better idea how tough a road on 270 could be for. hillary clinton holds a very wide lead. she's at 45% compared to donald trump's 367 percent.
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that would be a trousing if that's what the results are like on temporary campaign. if they can win iowa, fire steam, but right now it shows hillary clinton with the. she's at 44%. in pennsylvania, quite a bit has spent quite a bit. they felt like they spent the time there and could never eke out a victory. we see clinton with a sizeable. still a lot of very, but certainly the campaign is very happy about what our poll shows in ohio. wolf? >> all right, sarah. thank you very much. sarah murray reporting. trump's campaign manager i'll
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welcome back. joining us now, donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. kellyanne, thanks for joining us. >> hi, wolf. >> i want to get your reaction first to the new battleground polls we have released showing it pretty tight in several of those battleground states, and in our new poll, donald trump is slightly ahead in ohio. your reaction to these battleground polls. >> we're thrilled to see those battleground polls wolf, not the least because we feel like we get an anvil dropped on our head every day, yet hillary clinton
2:20 pm
gets a free pass and voters don't see right through that. based on their own independent characterizations of these two candidates. i would point out that ohio, as you know, wolf, ohio has traditionally been seen as the most important state for republicans, and i see everybody backtracking on that saying, well, it's not that important anymore. we know in the trump campaign it's still important. in nevada a state he carried twice. we're particularly pleased, wolf, to see that hillary clinton just seems completely unable to bust past the 46 or 47% ceiling in these states that obama carried with well over 47% of the vote. >> if donald trump is doing so well in these battleground state polls, not necessarily the national polls, but most importantly these battleground states, why is he repeating the
2:21 pm
claim over and over these past few days that the election is rigged? >> it's just so difficult for us to feel like we get a fair shake, respectively. if you look at these contests, negative news was covered 20 times more than the negative news about hillary clinton. frankly, mr. trump is being asked to defend against allegations that he said are not true, whereas we hear very little that we know is true. in other words, nobody is denying that friends of bill, vips of president bill clinton's got preferential treatment when his wife was handing out contracts post 2010. we know that a pretty high percentage of uranium rights were divvied out based on collusion and she got half a million dollars for a speech. it's just very frustrating not
2:22 pm
to get equal news coverage. >> you blame the news media. he blames the entire system, not just the news media. that's a clear distinction, a clear difference. >> he's looked over reports that people present about him about irregularities in past elections, and he's been looking those over and wondering if, in fact, that could be replicated this time, particularly since we feel we can't get a fair shake just by getting our message out. look, what he's doing, you see it in your own cnn polling, it's working. he is going around the noise and around the silence, as the case may be, and taking the case directly to the voters. there's a reason as i sit right here he's on a plane to a couple swing states. we can't trust the system to help us deliver our message. >> what evidence does he have that the system, the entire system, is rigged? because voter fraud is very rare by almost all studies. >> he's mentioning a couple different things. he's saying there could be
2:23 pm
irregularities at the polling places, could be. he's saying there is a collusion -- >> what evidence does he have about that? it shows there are tiny numbers of these kinds of irregularities. >> tiny in the past but he's read those reports. and if you're donald trump and you feel like every single day you are facing lies and distortions and an avalanche of negative coverage, or i would say put differently, incomplete coverage as if there is only one person running for president and not two, then the frustration mounts, and you wonder what could happen if people really wanted to stop you. all i'm saying is he's seeing irregularities in the past that have been presented to him coupled with the collusion that the clintons are capable of -- i think it's breaking news, colluding between the doj, the
2:24 pm
media and quid pro quo. >> a lot of his supporters will be reacting after november 9. let's say he loses. will he accept the election as free and fair which mike pence said yesterday he certainly would. >> and i would and mr. trump would absent any overwhelming evidence of irregularities. i know where this conversation is going in part, maybe not by you but others who go down the same path. will people be violent? will they not accept the results? >> t the only involvement i saw in north carolina, a republican firebombed it, and if somebody, god forbid, had been in there at the time, they could have been maimed or killed. words matter and i would say that on the left as well. >> we're going to have a full report on that firebomb at that
2:25 pm
republican party building in new york. donald trump immediately blamed animals representing hillary clinton and her campaign for that, based on no evidence. >> that's his position, but again, cnn for a week now plus has been covering things as if there is evidence. you've had accusers with their allegatio allegations. i've seen panels on cnn, sadly enough, wolf, where patrolman. talk about opening up to liability, you can't say is if that's x and a so-called legal term and you juts don't have evidence of that. that's a fact. >> you retweeted something hillary clinton said at one point. you said this.
2:26 pm
every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported. does that apply to donald trump's accusers as well? >> what i was doing was retweeting hillary clinton's tweet while she was facing her husband's accuser, her husband's sexual victims in that second debate in st. louis. i will read the rest of her quote to you. quote, i believe everyone should be believed at first before they're disbelieved with evidence. that's the whole point here. in a court of law, if these women want to lodge their complaints, they have av nenueso do that. we can't think there is a corrupt system unfair to. there are things he says are not
2:27 pm
true and are 23 times more than hillary clinton, because she's not available for a few days, someone in her campaign is forced to address the ugly things we see right in front of us. bigotry, collusion, certainly russian favors. we saw a request by someone high up -- >> we'll get to that in a moment, but why do you believe that they should believe bill clinton's accusers but not donald trump's accusers. >> the people should be not forced to answer that question. to continue and to actually her tukt twem.
2:28 pm
the naming and the shaming crisply pointed out in a new yo york. go find maybe men that they won't make the decision. some say their lives were ruined. these women got nearly no air time compared to the air time that was given on cnn and other places. it's simply unfair. your cnn stationwide poll. i was in 1998, 1999, 2000 when these women, including monica lewinsky, got tons and tons of air time. >> but what about here?
2:29 pm
>>. but quickly, to the women who have accused donald trump of sexual assault or sexual misconduct. it sounds like you're almost encouraging in this kind of play. is that what you're saying? >> women are free to do what they want, wolf. what i'm saying is i encourage responsible outlets like cnn to at least give balanced coverage. stories that were covered 18 years ago because bill clinton was president as they were happening because he gave $850,000 to paula jones to settle a sexual assault suit. the last time i settled, i didn't pay $850,000, either. now the reality is she's running for president and what was her conduct towards those women? i would argue it's all fresh content just to see how she treated these women. a woman who said she is a
2:30 pm
champion for all women, is that all women? this woman who says she's a champion for children. i sat through that interview and you lull hear mr. frump respect are. people invent lies for heir fame and her husband is denying it and she's standing by him. i think it's a very important insight into donald trump. >> so you believe these nine women who have come forward in the past few days are all lying for the goals they have, financial goals or whatever? >> i'm not saying that. what i'm telling you is mr. trump is the only one who can. these allegations are about him. fuchlt. the other women, the accusers, not just bill clinton but the way hillary clinton clinton treated them, wolf, that should
2:31 pm
10 years away from losing her first presidential race, it's not the same. also, if it were up to me. i read the cnn polled today. the voters want this conversation. they want this debate to be about health care and terrorism and the economy and taxes and corruption and government s. >>. a move toward them or whatever, obviously he's going to get a lot of response, a lot of pickup for that. i know you, i assume you wish he wouldn't have made fun of these women, right? >> i would not characterize it
2:32 pm
that way. i would not say those things, but he's very frustrated and he has a right to speak his mind. he and i are on the same page with that. but this man, no one is being treated like donald trump is being treated. the objective content analyses about the negative coverage about him or affirm hits your. and it's always washed away because he's great. in fairness, there are two people running this country for approximate. we just want more coverage is scary. she's not out there as much and people won't be reminded how much they don't like her or trust her. there are plenty of questions to
2:33 pm
ask even if she won't come to the camera like he does. kellyanne, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. despite donald trump's complaints about a rigged election. plus, gop officers burned in north carolina. trump accuses clinton supporters, call them let's coming up right here on "the situation" ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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. we're following breaking
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news with just two days to go before the next presidential debate. anderson cooper spoke with melania trump tonight. what do you make of melania trump's comments that her husband was, quote, egged on by billy bush in that "access hollywood" tape? >> well, look, i don't think she did the interview to say, yeah, he said it and let's move on, but i'm not surprised that she had a construction like that. look, the truth of the matter is i think this has been damaging to him without question, but i think there are other things that have been more damaging to him that go to overall temperament, and you see in his rallies that he keeps digging that hole deeper. so this interview may have some marginal impact on someone, but i honestly don't think it's going to be very meaningful in terms of those who have moved away from him because of this episode.
2:39 pm
>> the fact that she has now given anderson cooper this half hour interview that will air at 8:00 tonight, it's interesting that she's stand big herming by if you will. >> the fact she sat down and talked about this says more than the content of her words, though the content is important, especially since it helps to soften vethe very, very rough edges of her husband and these women, saying it's about looks. really, would i go after these women? look at them. not quite how you would defend yourself if you're going for president in 20-plus days. this is a message they can't do better than? she is a message for her husband
2:40 pm
for the assurance of men and women out there who say they're not sure what to believe. >> and it's all the more important. she's been so quiet since the convention, and all of a sudden for her to go out on television, speak to anderson cooper and make this strong defense for her husband, that's going to resonate. >> she hasn't been the typical candidate wife at all. often you see them throughout the campaign humanizing all the time whoever the candidate is. so in that way, this is newsworthy, as dana said, that she's out there, she's talking about her husband. i do think it's odd, i have to say, the billy bush excuse. here's donald trump arguing that he can essentially bend the world to his will just by his personality and the force of his leadership. and there he is, or his wife, saying he's been goeded by television personality billy bush. i think that was very odd for them to kind of throw billy bush
2:41 pm
under the bus and essentially say this 35 led donald trump astray. >> she said she didn't know they were actually being recorded, she told anderson cooper. wouldn't this have been more powerful if she had done this interview with her husband sitting next to her the way hillary clinton and bill clinton did that 60-minute interview when the gennifer flowers accusations came out during the clinton administration? >> i think so, wolf. i also think had she done the interview several days ago, i think it would have been more potent. if you go back to when the tape of released on. i think had they moved her out a little bit earlier, i think that
2:42 pm
would have been more potent. as you said, if she was sitting next to donald trump, i do think that would be a more potent image for those voters who are wondering if any of this is true. >> david axelrod, do you agree? >> absolutely. the timing appears to be an effort to stem what they now realize is an absolute problem for them and they haven't been able to stop it. but, you know, i agree with everything that's been said. i think that me and malika's point is key. you're a guy that will back down world leaders but you get cowed into this by billy bush? it's not very compelling. i want everybody to stay with us. don't forget a very special anderson cooper interview with melania trump. you won't want to miss the full interview later on tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. you'll want to watch that interview. we'll take a quick break.
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breaking news on the democratic side of the presidential race today. both the fbi and the state department denied making any kind of deal over hillary clinton's e-mails. the denials come after newly released e-mails that appear to announce some kind of quid pro quo. update our viewers on the latest. >> well, senator sanders just
2:48 pm
finished giving a rouzing speroh here on the college campus of colorado stuniversity. the state is trying to expand to other states like arizona. even those old controversies over the e-mails are still invading this campaign. hillary clinton's campaign is shoring up blue states and even exploring red states, trying to keep donald trump from bouncing back. but for yet another day, she's off the campaign trail preparing for her final debate wednesday. she's outsourcing her work to other democrats, like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who are piling on trump. >> a selfish little sleazeball. a man who will never be president of the united states. >> not only is he going to lose this election, but he and his billionaire friends are going to start paying their fair share of
2:49 pm
taxes. >> reporter: tonight, all eyes on arizona, a once reliable republican state that may suddenly be up for grabs. the clinton campaign making new investments and sending one of its biggest investments, michelle obama. three weeks before election day, clinton is in the driver's seat but still facing fallout over the fbi investigation into her e-mail server. the fbi denying involvement over clinton's private e-mail server. they said they pressured the fbi to declassify certain e-mails. congressional republicans say it's another example that clinton mishandled classified information. all this as more hacked e-mail published by wikileaks. some information to goldman sachs now exposed. >> that's why i believe secretary clinton should release
2:50 pm
the transcripts. >> clinton's words at odds with her party. she said, the people the clinton is entering the final stretch with a edge in money and momentum. clinton and her allies started the month with $152 million in the bank, new figures show. while trump had only half that. she's also leading nationally. the latest cnn poll of polls finds clinton with an eight-point edge over trump among likely voters. in a new television ad, clinton is portraying trump as a bully. >> that's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are, and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. >> reporter: as for running up the score, clinton is extending her hand, and looking ahead to after the election. >> divisions are being deepened that we're going to have to try to heal.
2:51 pm
so our job doesn't end after this election. >> reporter: now, healing coming after the election, the clinton campaign believes will be easier if she wins by a wider margin and has a mandate. it's one of the reasons the clinton campaign is spending more than $2 million in states like arizona, even going on for a week of television in texas. now, wolf, the reality is the clinton campaign is not certain that it can win some of these states. texas is a very tall order to say the least. but they are definitely trying to bait the trump campaign trying to distract them here and spend more money. but that debate wednesday night will set the tone for the final stage for the campaign. >> jeff zeleny in colorado. a fire coming over the weekend in north carolina is raising new concerns about the potential for election related violence. let's go to cnn's brian todd. what are you finding out? >> reporter: the target was a republican party office in hillsboro, north carolina.
2:52 pm
the governor of north carolina called this the work of an anarchist but said he doesn't know who did it or why. tonight, there's a manhunt under way for suspects who could have killed someone inside that building, despite the fact that it was an overnight attack. a swastika spray painted with the words "nazi republicans, leave town or else." walls are charred. this is what's left tonight of the republican party office in orange county, north carolina, firebombed over this weekend. >> they threw a firebomb through the window. >> reporter: no one was ninjure, but people do work in this office at
2:53 pm
dems in north carolina just firebombed our office in orange county. it follows a rash of campaign violence this year. outside a trump event in maine this weekend, several cars belonging to trump supporters were spray painted. protesters have also gotten sucker punched. neither trump or critics have clean hands. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> this is an election that is pulling at every seam. every division has been
2:54 pm
exacerbated. >> reporter: law enforcement experts are worried about an escalation. what is your fear going forward? >> one of these people who are at the edge, who feel like they're not being heard and are coiled and ready to spring and they do something foolish. i think it would be prudent for both the campaigns to say something to their own supporters, that tone this down. >> reporter: but what will the campaigns do to reduce the violence the republican national committee issued a statement saying this kind of violence and hate have no place in our society but did not denounce donald trump's tweet. the trump campaign said it would stick to its original tweet, blaming "animals representing hillary clinton for the attack." the clinton campaign said the attack was horrific and unacceptable. >> brian todd reporting. coming up, our new polls show a tight race in key bottle ground states, suggesting donald trump may have a narrow path to
2:55 pm
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breaking news. melania, one on one. melania trump sits down with cnn's anderson cooper for her first interview in months and talking about her husband's recording. she calls the remarks boy talk and says her husband was egged on by billy bush. blaming the system. donald trump lashes out amid falling poll numbers, alleging voter fraud. but with no evidence and research to the contrary, trump's charges are unnerving even some fellow republicans. is the gop nominee undermining confidence in america's democracy? quid pro quo? the fbi and justice department deny any attempt at deal making after documents raise new questions about hillary clinton's classified e-mails. tonight, there are contradictory accounts of conversations between officials. i'll talk to the head of the house oversight committee who calls it all extremely disturbing.


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