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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 2, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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but workers driving across the country are earning the fattest raises. wages for truck drivers up 7.8% in october. that's according to survey from glass door. that's biggest increase of 60 professional areas it follows. the median but that's well above other blue collar jobs like machine operators or construction workers. overall, pay increased 2.8%. at least, especially in places, you're starting to hear about wages rising. >> what a long, strange, lucrative trip it's been, says the grateful dead. all right. "early start" continues right now. i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump.
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hillary clinton on fire last night, lashing out at a protester. we'll show you what set her off. >> this is the biggest scandal since watergate. >> donald trump, will he say on message, the last week of this campaign? his staff enthused so far. a new fbi move draw something questions, a sudden release of files from the 15-year-old clinton investigation, with less than a week to go before election day. what is the fbi doing? good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman, it's wednesday, november 2nd. if you went to sleep last night, you missed a bunch of stuff, hillary clinton, she went after a donald trump supporter. she went after a protester during an event in florida during a way that we haven't seen before. donald trump's campaign denounced support from the kkk newspaper. and the fbi put out a statement
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defending itself after tweeting out documents from a long-closed clinton investigation, from a long dormant twitter account. >> both candidates were deep into the trail, late last night, we saw something from hillary clinton we have not seen before. she went right after a protester who called her husband a rapist. watch this. >> i love this country. i think we are already great. now, i think we can be greater. and, you know, i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. it is time for us to say no, we are not going backwards. we're going forward into a brighter future. >> all right. the very passionate hillary clinton on the trail last night. she is calling out the cavalry
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this week. president obama, vice president biden, former president clinton. bernie sanders, tim kaine, elizabeth warren, they're all out there on the trail. chris crossing the country from kalamazoo, cnn's jeff zellny has the latest from ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: john and christine, hillary clinton is heading out west to campaign in las vegas and arizona. part of the plan to expand the battleground map, particularly that red state. she's focused on states she planned to be. she was in florida all day yesterday campaigning across the state at three rallies. seldom she had three campaign rallies in one day but donald trump often does. at a rally in sanford, florida, she allowed just for a moment the possibility this could not turn out her way. >> i want to build on the progress that president obama has made. so, think how you'll feel if
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there was something you could have done, but didn't on november the 9th. if this -- if this doesn't work. personally, i can't imagine. >> reporter: for secretary clinton is using that as a rallying cry, trying to get her voters to the polls. through early voting or at the polls next tuesday on election day. the clinton campaign is trying to fortify that blue wall. they were advertising in states they had not planned to, blue states like colorado, wisconsin, michigan. trying to fortify that as donald trump tries to puncture that. the next days of the campaign will be so interesting. the clinton campaign trying to assess the fallout from the clinton controversy. she's trying to turn arizona blue but then she'll be heading back to the east coast hitting some of those blue states again like pennsylvania and michigan. john and christine, the finish
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to this election much more interesting than we ever thought it might be. >> jeff zellny, thank you so much. the fbi facing reaction from some of its timing. a release that critics are calling inexplicable. the heavily redablgted documents relate to a 15-year probe of president bill clinton's pardon of mark risch. risch was a big derivatives and hedge fund traders. he was pardoned back in 2001. eugene scott. why were these documents released so close to the election? >> that's certainly what some in the clinton campaign are asking. 130 pages from the investigation of mr. rich were tweeted out yesterday from an fbi account
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that had been dormant for more than a year. the fbi says that whatever issues existed with that account were fixed sunday. and that this release was automated. now, it's worth mentioning that sunday was also the same day that the clinton campaign really doubled down on much of its criticism of fbi director jim comey following his decision to go public with an investigation into a clinton campaign this past weekend. >> and democrats in the clinton team not at all happy about the timing of this release. >> not at all. this is after robby mook came on cnn to say today that the fbi has a bit of a double standard. they haven't been as public with ongoing operations of donald trump in dealings with russia, as well as other concerns. >> how is the fbi responding? how is it defending the timing of some of its release? >> we have some of the fbi's release, out of the materials
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requested three or more time posted electronically to the fbi's reading room shortly after they're processed. so they're saying this is not abnormal, just routine. it just seems to be a bad routine to put in place from the clinton investigation. >> from a twitter account that hasn't been reacting that routinely until now. eugene scott, great to have you on tv. we miss you. >> come back tomorrow. donald trump, he's not coming tomorrow, he's going to florida. at a rally at wisconsin overnight, trump jumped all over hillary clinton's e-mails, he raised a newly released hack from wikileaks which clinton campaign john podesta we're going to have to dump all those
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e-mails. from what they were writing, indicated that he meant release the e-mails. with a document dump it means release. cnn has the latest. >> reporter: message discipline. at a rally here in wisconsin trump stayed on the attack of clinton's e-mail saga saying she only has herself to blame. he also went after john podesta whose e-mails were released by wikileaks. >> in a newly released e-mail john podesta has been caught saying we have to dump all of those e-mails. you can believe this? that's wikileaks. and he also said, to me this made a big -- a big statement, john podesta, i'll tell you what if he worked for me, i would fire him so fast, he is such a nasty guy. i would fire him like "the apprentice," john, you're fired.
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>> reporter: and trump is reminding people here in wisconsin and a handful of other states that they can actually change their vote if they cast an absentee ballot but it's an option rarely used by voters. john and christine. >> thank you so much. the campaign is denouncing a show of support from the official newspaper of the ku klux klan. this is the front page of "the crusaders." it borrows the statement "make america great again." the campaign says this is repulsive and in their views does not unite the tens of millions of americans who are uniting behind our campaign. and now, of course, the trump campaign much quicker to move on it. >> much quicker, denounced what is reported to be from a white
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nationalist robocall in utah. denounced that as well. the financial power of both presidential campaigns playing out on the nation's airwaves. a total of $44 million flooding local station and cable channels. the clinton campaign and her super pacs are spending $25.5 million on ads in the final week before the election. dump's campaign and outside groups they're unloading $18.6 million. these numbers will likely grow. the trump campaign says it will spend a total of $25 million. the clinton campaign says it will spend a total of six figures. colorado, michigan and new mexico. clinton has burned through $225 million in tv ads since the primary has ended. trump has spent a total of $91 million. by the end of this election, all groups are forecast to spend more than $500 million on tv
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ads. >> and michigan from the clinton team raising questions about asset allocations. >> did you just say asset allocation? >> asset allocation, and i didn't even swear. george p. bush, the nephew of george w. bush, that bush gave information of who he thinks this uncle, george w. bush might be voting for. come back.
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voters head to the polls in six days, six, six long days. hillary clinton goes west today trying to flip arizona from red to blue and also nevada. donald trump is all about florida. i want to bring in senior media
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correspondent of cnn's "survival" brian stelter. and tom bianco. >> it's the dallas news writes it be george p. bush who says he's the only member of his powerful family who will be voting straight ticket republican. and his grandfather and uncle, both presidents could potentially cast ballots for hillary clinton. george p., you're looking at him there, he's an elected official. he's endorsed donald trump. his grandfather has indicated he's going to vote for hillary clinton. we had no inclination of george w. might. he later told the associated press. i don't know how they voted. i'm speculating to be honest. i've got to say, you float that out there, tom lobianco, it's sort of a big deal.
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>> of the three bushes what makes george p. bush, he's got a future of political office. throughout the entire election, which is can you run from trump? can you run from not just trump where his comments says outrageous things that would get other people in trouble, but his base. and that's why he's struggled so much with this. george p. bush has a young bright future. he has to find a way to bridge that, w., h.w., they don't have to worry about that much. we saw that with kathleen kennedy townsend, another political dynasty, from george h. bush apparently voting for hillary clinton a few weeks ago. that's the critical dynamic there, that's why george p. can say, yes, trump. >> it is a reminder, brian stelter, when you go back to the convention, you did not have the
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previous nominees. you did not have the previous presidents from that party. >> right, right. >> you did not have other people running in the primaries. it's just a reminder of how donald trump is an outer. >> it's not just democrats and republicans, it's trumpism. we see that in terms of leaders either voting for clinton and not supporting donald trump. what stands out to me, donald trump looks to wake the word "establishment" a dirty word. another thing for establishment, a leader, that many expect, to hear leaders like george w. bush not explicitly supporting trump, maybe he's supporting clinton. >> there are republicans, john kasich wrote in john mcskaen. but if w., former george h.w. bush votes, that's a big deal. let me bring up something that happened overnight. jon stewart was on an event.
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he went on a whole rift about this election. saying, by the way, he assumed the election would be over after the "access hollywood" tape after trump admitting to grab a woman's genitals. >> there's only one way to honestly go from billy bush [ bleep ] anthony weiner, he's got it locked up. there's only one way for this election. it's tie. it's a tie. there's only one vote to be cast. suddenly they cut away. there's a white bronco cutting down the freeway. it's o.j. he's a white bronco, and [ bleep ], he's a felon. he can't vote. >> i know you miss his presence. >> he still finds a way to weigh in on this election. there are no jon stewart of this year. so many comedians have gotten so
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serious. many of them explicitly warning of a trump presidency. it's funny to see stewart weighing in. >> he left that show at a crazy moment. think of the material. thank you, guys. six days to go, nice to see you bright and early. president obama on the campaign trail with a message for the men -- that's you guys -- for the men of america. that's next. >> oh, i'm a young boy. who says i shouldn't have a soda everyday? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home.
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♪ all right. welcome back. 24 minutes past the hour. nearly 25 million americans have already cast ballots in early voting. and there might be signs of trouble for democrats. there's a dropoff in african-american turnout in key
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battleground states. florida, georgia, north carolina. north carolina, early turnout among white voters is up, over 6% from 2012. and early voting by african-americans is down more than 5%. >> that's interesting. the obama team will tell you, they are turning out more white college-educated voters, though. they hope that makes up the gap in north carolina. although i think that trend is concerting to them. as if on cue, president obama heads to north carolina to campaign for hillary clinton. he has been hitting a new scene on the campaign trail. in ohio, he challenged men to think about what he considers the double standards that hillary clinton faces as a candidate. >> i want ever man out there who's voting to kind of look inside yourself and ask yourself if you're having problems with this stuff, how much of it is that we're just not used to it. so, like, when a guy's ambitious and out in the public arena working hard, well, that's okay.
1:26 am
but when a woman suddenly does it, you all are, well, why is she doing that? i'm just being honest. i want you to think about it because she is so much better qualified than the other guy. >> so that was ohio last night. north carolina today. tomorrow, for the president, jacksonville, in miami, in florida. jacksonville very important for democrats in that state. on friday, the president will campaign somewhere tbd. we're told it's where he will be needed most by the clinton team. >> nothing is a coincidence in the next six days. not any penny spent on the airwaves, not any mile flown on a plane. one candidate animated. the other sticking to the script. but it's not what you think. role reversal in the race for president. that's ahead on "early start." s. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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♪ i am sick and tired of the
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negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> all right, hillary clinton like we have not seen her before, see what made this moment happen. this is the biggest scandal since watergate. >> donald trump hammering clinton on e-mails. sticking to the script can he stay on message in the last days of the race. a new fbi move draws questions from sudden release of files from a 15-year-old investigation of the clintons, with less than a week to go before election day. welcome back to "early start," everyone, i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. it's 31 minutes past the hour. welcome, everyone, to the last final six days in the race for president. the development, folks, changed by the hour. hillary clinton overnight angrily lashed out from a trump supporter from the podium at a
1:32 am
rally in florida. donald trump denouncing support from the kkk news. the fbi defending itself after tweeting out documents from a long-closed clinton investigation from a long dormant twitter account. and the cubs won. that has nothing to do with that. i just wanted to let you know. >> there's no bullet point for that on the screen right there. >> with less than a week to go with the candidates deep into the night. we saw something from hillary clinton at her event that we have not even before. this happened at a rally in ft. lauderdale. she really went after a protester who called her husband a rapist. watch this. >> i love this country. i think we already are great. now, i think we can be greater. and, you know, i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump.
1:33 am
it is time for us to say no. we are not going backwards. we're going 230erd into a brighter future. >> hillary clinton calling out the cavalry this week, president obama, vice president biden, former president clinton, bernie sanders. elizabeth warren. tim kaine, chelsey clinton. you can see they're owl automatic there on the trail chris crossing the country. cnn's phil mattingly joins us from florida. yesterday he was in a parkle lot in chappaqua. today in orlando. what's to start the day? >> reporter: well, i think the interesting thing is you just kind of laid everything out, christine in terms of the clear advantage that the clinton campaign with six days left. that's the surrogates. joe biden's down in florida today. president obama is in north carolina. elizabeth warren is in nevada. bernie sanders is in michigan. and what donald trump has that nobody else does is seemingly the inability to get tired going
1:34 am
to three, four, six rallies a day. what hillary clinton has, you see surrogates going to very specific states targeting. this morning i was making my delicious hotel coffee, you guys were bringing up clear concerns in the clinton campaign with the black folks. with michelle obama and president obama in two places in north carolina. you have a clear advantage to rally those supporters. that's one element. the second element that allows hillary clinton to do what she's doing society. going to arizona. traditionally a state that democrats don't look to have an advantage in. the clinton campaign sees that as a true battleground state. we're not trying to span the map with arizona. this is not trying to draw donald trump's ad dollars. they really believe because of early hispanic turnout, they have a chance there. and the 270 electoral votes, if
1:35 am
they win arizona, yeah, that just about does it guys. >> so arizona is offense, phil. but there's some ad spending and some traveling that we just ledged about overnight that definitely smells of defense. the clinton team and the super pac spending money in new mexico, michigan, colorado and virginia. and hillary clinton herself going to michigan which was supposed to be fairly blue at this point. >> reporter: yeah, i think this is by far the most interesting development in the last 24 hours. we docked about this yesterday. you look at the candidates where the candidates are spending and where they're actually showing up right now. yesterday, over the weekend, donald trump going into new mexico. dr donald trump going into michigan. maybe he's got a pretty good reason, you mentioned hillary clinton actually going to michigan on friday. the ad dollars, six-figure ads coming out in four states that poll after poll after poll show
1:36 am
clinton with five, six, seven-point leads. the question becomes now, what are they seeing behind the scenes. i was talking to a clinton adviser yesterday about the ad and the travel, saying we're flushed with cash right now. this is the last week to spend it. what are we going to do, hold on to it? 72 hours after james comey's letter they raised $11.3 million online. the reality is this, john, they're doing this to shore up these states. whether or not they're seeing major negatives showing up in the wake of that jim comey letter, they say no. clearly, there's some concern where they just want to make sure they're not shedding voters. the last days. or because they actually see say drop in numbers. they feel they need to put money there and in michigan, they feel they need to put hillary clinton there. another important element, bernie sanders in wisconsin and michigan, you want to reach out to voters where the trump
1:37 am
campaign feels they can pull over. there's no better surrogate than sending bernie sanders to that state. >> phil mattingly, action reporter. we see that there. >> you can do your head shot there? >> mvp of "early start" calling in. the financial power of both presidential campaigns playinging out in the nation's airwaves. you heard phil talk about the ad buys. a total of $44 million will be flooding local stations and cable channels. the clinton campaign and her super pacs are 20ing $25.5 million in ads. donald trump's groups, unloading $18.6 million. but both campaigns say they are dumping millions more into battleground states. so far clinton also focusing on national cable networks. spending nearly $5 million there. she has purchased $2.4 million in ad space in florida. more than $1.5 million in
1:38 am
pennsylvania and ohio. trump is nearly doubling clinton ads in florida. brought about $3 million worth of time in cable channels also spending big in pennsylvania and ohio. >> next wednesday, you get your divisions back. this morning, the fbi facing brand-new questions about the timing of some of its actions. released a new set of files related to clintons' past. the heavy redacted documents relate to a 15-year probe of president bill clinton's pardon of marc risch. joining us now, cnn politics reporter, eugene scott. >> good morning. >> what's in the documents? why were they released now? >> well, nearly 130 documents, pages of an investigation and to marc rich, by the fbi, were made public yesterday on one of the
1:39 am
fbi twitter accounts. and this obviously has caused an alarm with the clinton campaign. but specifically because they were tweeted from an account that's been dormant for more than one year. it hasn't been, normally behaving this way and the timing of this, i think, people who support hillary clinton consider suspect. what the fbi is saying, that account has been not functioning for a while. but started functioning this sunday. this sunday, obviously for those paying close attention to this, also the day that the clinton campaign began to attack jim comey aggressively following his announcement that he's investigating the clinton campaign regarding e-mails again. >> what are democrats saying about timing of the release? >> well, brian fallon called it odd. he said it raises some questions about the motives behind the release of it. and it continues the narrative that the clinton campaign has put out, wondering why the fbi is taking the approach that it has towards the clinton campaign for the last week, or the last
1:40 am
weekend, should we say. >> and the fbi has a release complaining why this happened? >> yeah. the fbi was saying, by law, foia materials that have been requested three or more times posted electronically to the fbi's public reading room shortly after they are processed. so they're saying this is not outside of the norm. this is what they do. it just happens is this not what they've been doing for much of the past year. >> eugene scott covering the latest intrigue with the fbi. appreciate it. donald trump heads to florida today with events in miami, orlando and pensacola. his running mate mike pence goes to new mexico and colorado. at a late rally last night, trump jumped all over hillary clinton's e-mails. he raised a newly released wikileaks in which john podesta said, quote, they're going to have to dump the e-mails.
1:41 am
it seems to indicate erase them. podesta meant dump as in release the e-mailses. >> reporter: john and christine, donald trump is showing off a side is that we rarely see on the campaign trail. message discipline. at a rally, trump stayed on the attack of clinton's e-mail saga saying she only has herself to blame. he also went after john podesta, her campaign manager, whose e-mails were released by wikileaks. here's what he had to say in wisconsin. >> in a newly released e-mail, john podesta has been caught saying we have to dump all of those e-mails. you can believe this? that's wikileaks. and he also said, to me, this made a big -- a big statement, john poe defendant tendant -- p if he worked for me, i would fire him so fast, like "the
1:42 am
apprentice," john, you're fired. >> reporter: trump is reminding people this state and a handful of other states that they can actually change their absentee ballot. >> this morning, the trump campaign is denouncing a show of support from the official newspaper of the ku klux klan. you're looking at the front page of "the crusader." it borrows the slogan "make america great again. "it says the way to achieve that greatness is to become a white christian republic. the trump campaign quickly denounced itself from the newspaper saying this publication is repulsive and their views do not represent the tens of millions of americans uniting behind our campaign. it is the final days of this race. battleground states, new story lines emerging by the hour. we'll break it all down for you, next. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories.
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all right. we got six days to go until we choose the next president. we have some new news, potentially, about some former presidents, let's bring back senior media correspondent host of survival brian stelter and tom lobianco in washington. guys george p. bush, the land commissioner of texas right now who has endorsed donald trump. he also happens to be the grandson of former george h.w. bush. he made a statement last night saying i may be the only bush voting for donald trump. he said his uncle george w. bush and his grandfather may potentially vote for hillary clinton. this is the first we've heard that george w. bush might. tom lee bianco, the significance? >> it would be absolutely stunning if the last two
1:48 am
republican presidents voted for the democrat this time around. it just -- i mean, the most funny thing, the most currently funny thing in this election cycle. but what really speaks to george p. bush, what makes him different is he has a future in political office. they've already achieved the pinnacle, h.w. and w. so george p. is looking for his future. this is a balancing act. how do you bridge the past, the bush family, and the future, the base of support trump has inside the republican party. and that's why george pr. is going out there talking like this. >> stelter, there's a rift in the republican party between the establishment and people who want a new republican party? >> yes, and the bush family knows. they know there's a path to burn it all down. we see it and hear it in trump
1:49 am
rallies. even those who are anti-clinton, they don't want these dynasties in power. >> donald trump says, good, this proves my point that the establishment is against me. this is the past. >> if you listen to donald trump on immigration, what the republican party has been trying to do on immigration, immigration reform for years, and donald trump, boom, blew it up. >> cnn polls right now, donald trump just four points behind. that is tighter than it was before. another way you can tell it's getting tighter, tom lobianco is that hillary clinton is not running a positive campaign. she's going hard on the attack. check out this new ad that just dropped. >> the roof -- grab them by the [ bleep ] and when you're a star, they let you do it. they can let you do anything. >> so you treat women with respect? >> i can't say that either. >> all right good. >> all right. before all of the e-mails developments with the fbi and james comey, we've been told that hillary clinton wanted to finish this campaign positive.
1:50 am
tom, that's not the case? >> not anymore. you know, if you're a democrat in this cycle, in a lot of ways you were spoiled by trump because you did not have to go dirty, because he was making these mistakes and these things were popping up on their own. they kept on happening. it's amazing to think that 2005 comment was almost a month ago now. and it seems like forever ago. especially with the resurgence of the fbi and the clinton e-mails now. clinton has had to do something which she's not had to do which is try to stick this on trump. it's using his own words, granted, but they haven't really been forced into this before. and it's not clear if this will work as a strategy. whether they'll be able to turn the focus back to trump in the final six days. >> brian let me ask you a quick question about this marc rich thing. at the time when people like to
1:51 am
talk about clinton scandals. is this something that's going to last? or is this just a weird coincidence that doesn't affect the next six days? >> well, it makes you wonder given all the tensions that seem to be happening inside the fbi that this is related at all. it's not related to that but it makes your mind go there. we are back to the '90s of clinton scandals which sun fortunately what people can expect if she's elected six days from now. you look at the minute-by-minute polls. broader sweeping story is that the race has been stable. trump still has, to i guess, use a tortured baseball analogy, hit a whole lot of home runs next tuesday to get above 270. clinton has a lot more advantages than he does, the fact that we see beating clinton in the sabs tracking poll, partly because of his enthusiasm. as jeff zeleny said earlier, it makes it a much more interesting
1:52 am
race. >> in my world, 370 economists have signed a letter saying trump will be bad for the world economy. but the polls are tightenings and he has a better chance than they thought. >> thank you so much. wages picking up speed. one profession is hauling in bigger raises than the rest. >> what can it be? what can it be? if you have medicare
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all right. let's get a check on cnn money stream this morning. tight polling in the presidential race has investors on edge. european markets just opened 15 minutes ago. investors, concerned there as well. ashares in asia down. oil is retreating near $46 a barrel. then there's the feld. it wraps up a two-day policy meeting today. investors do not think there's much of a chance of a rate hike
1:57 am
by yellen and company. wall street is watching that closely for when an increase will happen. the money is on the fed raising interest rates in december. drivers on the east coast, you may get sticker shock with the gas price. an explosion at the colonial pipeline killed one worker. it will likely cause disruption of supplies in the southeast and mid-atlantic. aaa predicts prices could jump. this is the same pipeline shut down in september after workers discovered a leak. that set prices in the southeast up by as much as 28 cents a gallon. we're already seeing increases in atlanta, georgia area, 2 cents overnight. and prices were moving lower so these jumps are significant. workers across the country are finally bringing home bigger paychecks. workers driving across the country are earning the fattest
1:58 am
wages. wages for truck drivers up 7.8% in october. this is from gladdoor. that's the biggest increase in the 60 professional groups. the median salary $54,000. that's well above other blue collar jobs like machine operators and construction. overall pay increase, 2.8% from the year before. 2.8%, we'll see what the government says about wages on friday as we get the big jobs report. 4.9% unemployment. when you're seeing the wailings start to increase, that's another sign of seven years in recovery. the job market is healing and you're starting to feel it in your paycheck. all right. we've got six days to go until the election. don't miss a second of it, "new day" picks up right now. i'm only a messenger. you have to say i'm doing a pretty good job as a messenger. >> by the time you add up all the people he's insulted, that's more than half the population of the united states.
1:59 am
>> if we don't repeal and replace obamacare, we will destroy american health care forever. >> when i listen to donald trump dark and divisive vision, i sometimes, don't know what country he's talking about. >> you can change your vote for donald trump will make america great again, okay? >> this is a big deal. he cannot take anything, anybody, anywhere for granted. >> announcer: this is in "new day" with chris cuomo and alice san cammarata. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to your new day. it's wednesday, november 2nd. 5:00 in the east. up first, hillary clinton and donald trump making what sounds like their closing arguments. clinton going after trump's contractor and lashing out at his divisive vision. >> donald trump in particular staying off script and off news shows. blasting obama care and calling clinton crooked. he says for people who cast
2:00 am
their ballot, change your vote if you didn't vote for me. we only have six days to go. let's begin with cnn's phil mattingly, live in ornldz. >> reporter: good morning, chris. look, when it comes to the last five or six days, it's all been about one thing, jim comey's fbi letter to capitol hill. clinton campaign attacking him repeatedly. now, turning the page. the reality is this, when the clinton campaign looks at the race. looks at the dynamics of the race, they realize they do better when it's a referendum on donald trump. that's exactly what hillary clinton was going for yesterday here in florida. take a listen. >> he calls women ugly. disgusting. nasty, all the time. he calls women pigs. rates bodies on a scale from 1 to 10. why does he do these things? who acts like this? i'll tell you who. a bully. that's who. >> reporter: guy, there's a ver


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