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tv   New Day  CNN  November 2, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> hillary is not the victim. the american people are the victims. >> why does he do these things? who acts like this? i'll tell you who. a bully. this is "new day with" chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your new day. 6:00 in the east. hillary clinton and donald trump laying out their closing arguments. lashing out at his divisive vision. >> meanwhile, trump is trying to keep the e-mail issue at the forefront. he has a new pitch to voters who have already cast their ballots for clinton, change your vote. we're now only six days from election day and we have it all covered for you. let's begin with cnn phil mattingly. give us the latest, phil. >> for the clinton campaign it is simple, yet important. they do a lot better when she is talking about donald trump and not the fbi. that is exactly what happened here in florida in the ever-important battleground
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state that hillary clinton must win, if she wants to win the white house. >> why does he do these things? who acts like this? and, i'll tell you who, a bully. that's who. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to turn the page and get the focus back on to donald trump. >> we've never had someone so unqualified and unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> reporter: after days of intense scrutiny over a new fbi review of e-mails that could be related to her private server, clinton campaigning in florida with the woman she thrust into the national spotlight at the first debate. former miss universe machado. >> he even called me names. he said to me, miss housekeeping -- >> reporter: deploying a new ad attacking trump's incendiary remarks towards women.
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all part of clinton's pitch to female voters. a crucial voting bloc for a campaign looking to regain its momentum. clinton also using a tried and true campaign attack over trump not paying taxes. >> he took everything our great country has to offer and scooped it up with both hands and then did nothing to pay to support us and then he has the nerve to call our military a disaster to insult p.o.w.s. >> reporter: clinton's campaign raised $11.3 million in just 72 hours after the fbi's letter to congress. cash immediately put to use to hit trump with attack ads in four states that have leaned blue. clinton's frustration with trump's rhetoric reaching a boiling point. as she confronted a heckler at a rally last night. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of
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>> reporter: chris, one of the . most interesting developments over the course of the last couple of weeks is the state of arizona. a state that the clinton campaign points to and says we're not looking at that because we want to expand the map, we think it is a legitimate toss-up and battleground state because of the early vote they've seen with hispanics, in particular. hillary clinton is on the ground in that traditionally red state today. why can she afford to make that trip? because of her surrogates. the quality and quantity stretching out all over the place reaching into states that clinton needs to wrap up. those new ad buys can raise some eyebrows yesterday and also battleground states. joe biden here in florida and elizabeth warren in nevada and, also importantly, bernie sanders in both wisconsin and michigan. two states the trump campaign is pointing to as possible flips to get to all those all important 272 votes. chris? >> hillary clinton goes strong after some protester and the
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trump campaign says hillary clinton admits she is sick and tired. phil mattingly, you're supposed to smile. thank you very much. donald trump staying disciplined, on message, focusing on clinton's e-mails and getting rid of obama care. he's making waves with his pitch to early clinton voters saying, go change your vote sarah murray is live in washington with more. sarah? >> good morning, chris. one of the problems with late breaking revelations is some people have already gone to the polls and they voted absentee and now donald trump is saying, oh, wait, i have a solution for that. just go ahead and change your vote. something that is actually legal in a couple of states. >> this is a message for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton. >> reporter: donald trump making a pitch to hillary clinton's early voters. it's not too late to change your mind. >> you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great, again.
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ookay. >> reporter: taking that message to wisconsin, one of several states where voters can legally switch their vote. >> a lot of things have happened over the last few days. >> reporter: trump arguing the fbi's decision to investigate e-mails sent from one of clinton's top aides is reason enough to reconsider clinton. >> she has really no one else to blame but herself. >> reporter: despite the fbi admitting it doesn't know if the latest batch of e-mails is even significant, trump claims -- >> she is likely to be under investigation for many years. probably concluding in a very large-scale criminal trial. >> reporter: trump also taking an apocalyptic tone on obama care. >> if we don't repeal and replace obama care we will destroy america health care forever. >> reporter: stumping with mike pence as the two seized on premium hikes and rolled out their own health care proposal. >> obama care is a catastrophic
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failure. >> our health plan includes health savings account, a nationwide insurance market where you can purchase across state lines and letting states manage medicaid dollars so much better. >> reporter: in the election's final week, trump's campaign says it's launching a $25 million ad blitz in battleground states. the campaign throwing a hail mary. going after states that currently look out of reach. while pence makes overtures to those republicans put off by their own nominee. >> it's time for us all to say with one voice to our fellow republicans and conservatives, it's time to come home. >> reporter: now, the travel schedule for mike pence and donald trump today gives you an idea of how they're trying to play offense and defense at the same time. mike pence is headed to arizona. a state that appeared to be safely republican and now looks like it might be in play and also going to new mexico and colorado, both blue tilting states. as for donald trump, he is going to be headed to a much more traditional battleground. he is spending the day in
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florida where we're expecting him to focus heavily on the economy. maybe meet with some pastors, as well as cuban american voters. back to you guys. >> sara, thanks so much. cnn political commentator and political anchor of time warner cable news errol louis and matt visor and daily beast washington bureau correspondent jackie kucinich. errol, do you agree six days out we're now hearing the candidates' final arguments? if so, we'll start with hillary clinton, is she making the argument not so much about her vision or her plan, but that his on fitness is just disqualifying? >> she's going right back to the argument that donald trump has disqualified himself. you can sort of read between the lines. this wasn't the argument they had hoped or intended to make in the closing days, but different events and we can thank fbi director comey for this, i think, in part. have made it impossible for her to get to that.
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she's going to go with what has worked so far and what the polls, the focus group and everything else suggested works. which is disqualify him and you sort of get a twopher. you rally the democratic base and you also sort of cream ohis. even cross lines and come to hillary clinton. on the other hand, she doesn't seem entirely happy about it. she seems really kind of upset that she has to do this and that she can't use that powerful line that michelle obama always uses about they go low, we go high. >> in part it's because it's not a great battleground for her, right? jackie kucinich, this has always been arguably a war of attrition. who is less bad. donald trump is supposed to be a change agent but so flawed as an individual that he gave hillary clinton an opening when she was
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supposed to be the only truly flawed person over time in this race. so, as you come near the end, do you really have another option other than to just keep swinging at your opponent and hoping they're more bloody than you at the end of it? >> it it did seem like the clinton campaign wanted to talk about her policies in a more positive message but they don't really have that opportunity. to the extent that this has sort of been a race to the bottom in terms of favorability, i think that's why you see donald trump not giving the deep health care speech i've seen in my life but talking about policy and what he wid do rather than tearing hillary clinton down. now, there is quite a bit of that and still continuing to hammer her on the e-mails. you do hear him trying to turn the page a little bit and talk about what he would do rather than how bad hillary clinton is and maybe that is a way to show voters that he's not, you know, it's not just a storm cloud or
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something rather than just purely that. >> don't break into stormy weather, everyone. we'll save that for the commercial break. >> right. >> matt, let's play a moment of that. this was donald trump yesterday in pennsylvania on the campaign trail talking about one of his big issues repealing obama care. listen. >> when we win on november 8 88t 88th, and elect a republican congress, we will be able to immediately repeal and replace obama care. have to do it. i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace. >> so, matt, it's been pointed out he doesn't need a special session. congress will be in session. but, i don't know that his, you know, supporters care if he doesn't exactly understand the three branches of government. >> right. and, i mean, the thing with health care with donald trump is
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he talked about it a lot and he h hasn't necessarily made it the centerpiece of his campaign the way republicans did in 2010 and to an extent 2014, as well. trump, you know, is trying to capitalize on the latest news, dismal news for the obama's health care plan. but it is not as effective as it would be had he sort of laid the ground work for months hammering away at this and hofferiofferin alternative to the plan. so, i think it's an effective line. i think it could be much more effective if he the created this narrative for longer. >> but what i'm trying to get at here is this election is so different than it was in 2012. romney was an entirely different level, not just human being, but intellectual when it came to health care.
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he architected his own plan in massachusetts, that many people believe was a template for the aca. donald trump doesn't sell people on what he is going to do differently. they don't care that he's wrong about needing a special session. they like hearing him say he would do that. they don't care that he can't say, we just learned things from comey about the e-mails when they know from the news, there is nothing new about the e-mails. they don't care. they want something different. hillary clinton's challenge, you know, jackie said they don't have the opportunity. that's not true. the clinton campaign has an opportunity every time out to talk about whatever they want. they've chosen to make this a battle of attrition. they could have gone high. they didn't want to because negative works best. isn't that the story? >> negative works best, especially if you're getting pounding. let's be clear i think with donald trump what he is talking about policy and promising the 63rd vote to repeal obama care, what he's talking about is really sort of bringing in the
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republican base. when he reads off a teleprompter and talks about the standard stuff about that the republican base loves to hear. cutting taxes and repealing obama care and loosening regulations. this is what he needs to do in order to make sure he gets the core republican vote to take a second look at him after hillary clinton has tried to disqualify him as unfit and unprepared and so forth. so, that's what he's doing. but, yes, hillary clinton could try to have a policy discussion while there are raging crowds in the streets talking about all different kind of things. that's not the way to get the vote in. >> jackie, in your defense, hillary clinton addressed this and i'll just quickly read it since we're running out of time. i would rather be here, frankly, talking about anything else. like how we would create more jobs in the economy. but i can't because people are making up their minds and -- >> where is the logic about
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that? >> she thinks it's disqualifying. she thinks it's that big. >> if she was more ahead, she would be talking about policy ideas, frankly. >> that just makes my point. my point is negativety is the di differentia differentia differentiator. >> panel, if you have more you want to say to chris, stick around. >> on twitter my screen name is -- to the election to some true breaking news out of iowa. a massive manhunt under way in the des moines area. why? two police officers were shot and killed. the police fear these were separate ambush attacks. police say officers were responding to a shots fired call shortly after 1:00 in the morning. they arrived and found a police officer shot and killed in his car. 20 minutes later, police found another officer shot in his car just blocks away.
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right now, police are working on a description of the suspect or suspects. officers are not identifying the victims at this time. this is just developing now. we're bringing you an update. you see that the police there are dealing with nasty weather on top of a very horrible situation. as we get the information, we'll give it to you. >> okay. meanwhile, new analysis that reveals malaysia airlines flight 370 may have had no one at the controls as it plunged towards the sea. australian officials analyzing a piece of the plane's wing say it was not deployed when the plane vanished, suggesting that no one was flying the jet. satellite communications also show the plane was spiraling in its final moments falling up to 25,000 feet a minute. iraqi forces are advancing on mosul, bracing for what is expected to be the fiercest fighting yet. now, there is a huge concern here that militaries had to deal with in this ongoing war. you have thousands, thousands,
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tens of thousands of kidnapped civilians and others, including women and children living there. many being used as human shields. that's why we have to keep close contact with the events on the ground. a much lighter note, history will be made tonight when the cubs and indians play a winner take all game seven of the world series. andy sholes is live in cleveland with the bleacher report. how is it going, andy? >> i tell you, doesn't get any better than this. the greatest two words in sports, game seven. we have one tonight in the world series. buckle up because the misery finally end for one of these two teams tonight. cubs 108 years and indians 68 years. fitting they would go the distance in the world series. i tell you what, the air let out of the building here in game six here at progressive field. from the get go. top of the first. kris bryant hits a solo home run. but the indians have a miscommunication and the ball drops, two runs come in. made it 3-0.
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then russell back up at the plate in the third inning with the bases loaded and crushes this one to left center. that's a grand slam. russell's 22 years old. second youngest player ever to hit a grand slam in the world series behind only mickey mantle and ended the game with six rbis. winner take all game seven later tonight. >> anybody who plays this game, you know, grows up dreaming of winning the world series and, we play in a game seven tomorrow. that's pretty special. >> ticket prices soaring for tonight's game. going to cost you about 1,000 bucks to get into progressive field. that's a standing room ticket only. corey kluber on the hill. >> this could just be chicago's week. the bears beat the vikings and the bulls are 3-0 and now the cubs one win away from their first world serier aeries title
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it's still six days before election day, but more than 24 million americans have already cast their ballots. what do those votes tell us? cnn politics executive editor mark preston is live at our decision desk with the numbers. what are you seeing, mark? >> alisyn, as you said, more than 24 million people already cast their ballots in 38 states. more than half of this number right here has been in the 12 battleground states that we are following right now. this is really the path to the
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270 electoral votes that donald trump or hillary clinton need in order to win the white house. let's take a look at one state, in particular. the state of north carolina. vice president joe biden was there yesterday and barack obama will be there in a few hours today on behalf of hillary clinton. let's take a look at where we stand right now in the state of north carolina. 1.6 million people have already voted. if we go a little bit deeper into these numbers right here, look at this right here. democrats have an advantage over republicans. it is about a 220,000 vote advantage at this point. however, it's not necessarily great news because back at this time in 2012, they had a 291,000 vote advantage at this same time. so, why is that? well, we go a little bit deeper into theb i numbers and let's l at the white vote and the black vote. right there the white vote is about 73% right now and the black vote is about 23%. if we go back to 2012, look at where the african-american vote
3:24 am
was at that time. there is a about a 5% deficit right now in turning out african-american voters in this state. the gender vote is about the same, alisyn as we saw from 2016, 2012. a big discrepancy between men voters and women voters. and then young voters. if we look at this right here. this is where we stand right now. these two columns to talk to, they are younger voters and these two tend to be donald trump voters. if you look at this right here, the older voters are performing better and the younger voters are not performing as well, alisyn. >> mark, thanks for all of that. let's discuss. let's bring back our panel. so, let's take a look, you have early voting. we've seen the numbers. they show, errol, a trending for democrats that is equal to or better than they were four years ago. but in the actual battleground states, let's put it up and see how that reflects. let's say, what, general
3:25 am
enthusiasm. what do you see on the map? >> not just general enthusiasm but some structural things going on there, as well. in north carolina, for example, when you see the fall off in different categories that are part of the obama coalition, what it says to me among other things is that they've got a problem. if 100,000 fewer people are coming out and this was a state he lost. even with the big advantage last time in the early voting it looks like four years ago the republicans sort of came back and kind of snatched it away from the dems in the closing days. so, if they repeat that, again, this is really bad newprise ts democrats. michelle obama, joe biden, they feel bad this is the closest state. they want revenge. they want to sort of make a statement, they want to redrew up the democratic map, one of their legacies politically. they're going to put a lot into this. right now, it's not looking so good. >> matt, many of us have been surprised to learn that in seven of these early voting states, if
3:26 am
you have changed your vote, if you've changed your mind since the day that you voted, you could change your vote. that is what donald trump, in fact, is advising some voters to do who may have voted for hillary clinton. >> tell them about wisconsin. >> this is a message for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton. and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. in other words, you want to change your vote. you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great, again. okay. >> matt, here are the places you can change your vote. wisconsin, minnesota, michigan, pennsylvania, new york, connecticut and mississippi. in a country that's had a bit of a checkered past with just regular voting, how will this be counted if people start going in
3:27 am
to change their votes? >> i mean, it is striking. the process to changing your vote they have to physically go and track down your ballot that you cast in early sovote and alw you to change that. a couple states in there that would matter in this election. pennsylvania, maybe wisconsin or michigan. but, you know, i don't know that there would be that many people that change their vote. hillary clinton, you know, the latest news on her e-mails, that sort of narrative has already been baked in to her campaign and her negative. so, if people have already voted for hillary clinton, you know, the latest news incremental maybe that there is not sort of been some massive change in that story. you know, unless comey comes out with any more information. >> also, remember, trump is putting an edge. what you're saying is completely accurate. however, trump is putting an edge on it. he is making a suggestion in his sell the voters that there is
3:28 am
new information. comey coming forward is proof of more trouble for clinton. he's using that because, frankly, comey gave him the opportunity to by creating this void. so, let's take a look at the polls and they will reflect the intentions of where people are putting their energy in this race. the abc tracking poll comes up putting trump up one point yesterday. our poll of polls, cowhich is t last few big polls we average for you still keeps clinton up four but definitely closing. let's look at the maps and you'll see how the polls reflect the campaign's intentions. clinton is hitting certain states, obviously, arizona and nevada. trying to break in to areas that would give her great advantage. trump, you have in florida. he is all in their personally. now, what you see with clinton she has a team effect. surrogates. trump is a one-man band. he is going to be where the emphasis is. clinton has this team fanning
3:29 am
out on places she needs to lock up, alisyn. >> jackie, what do you see here? >> particularly president obama being in north carolina, again, is noteworthy. i know we just talked about it. but you can't say enough how much they want to win this for hillary clinton. the other thing about some of her surrogates and, again, president obama last night or the day before, they all run together. he sometimes can make the case better for hillary clinton than hillary clinton can. we saw that with michelle obama, as well. the fact that she has the strong surrogates and spread out a little bit more than the trump campaign. which is why it was striking that you saw pence and trump in pennsylvania yesterday. >> mark, we have a little bit interesting bush family news. this is george p. bush who is jeb's son and he said yesterday that he felt, believe, maybe he had insider information, that his uncle, george w. bush, 43,
3:30 am
was going to vote or could likely vote for hillary over trump. and, of course, this follows the news this summer that his grandfather, george h.w. bush was going to vote for hillary over trump. what do you make out of that? >> not aer. look, the trumps and the bush hate each other. a very bitter battle as our viewers all know during the republican primary. at the same time, you had donald trump. he has run this campaign as an anti-bush campaign. he has been very critical of his stewardship of the two terms of the country. george p. bush on the other hand has a future ahead of him. he's looking at greater things when it comes to political life. george p. is supportive right now of donald trump. but as far as his father, his uncle and grandfather, not too surprising they would go in a different direction. >> yet, overall, to have massive players in the gop not taking
3:31 am
their own party's side in an election makes this another one for the history books. all right, thank you very much, panel. talk to you, again, in a second. election day almost here. next tuesday is election day in america. every race, every result will be covered moment by moment by cnn until the last vote is cast. so, listen to this. does donald trump have his own e-mail scandal brewing? there is a "newsweek" report that trump's company deleted e-mails sometimes in defiance of court orders. we'll talk to the reporter behind that report, next.
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donald trump loves talking about hillary clinton's e-mails. he sees it as a metaphor of why she can't be president. trump's ideas on how to deal with his own e-mails and that he has done things in outward
3:36 am
defiance of court ordorders, deleting records. cnn has not confirmed these findings. that's why i'm saying it's a "newsweek" piece and we brought on its author to discuss. wrote this article and also contributing editor at "vanity fair" and a "new york times" best selling author. what did you find and what has trump done? >> a pattern going back decades. whenever he has been confronted with demands for documents, both by the government and in civil litigation, there have been repeated circumstances where e they end up in the garbage or the shredder. they filed affidavits saying the servers you are looking for don't exist and a year later the servers do exist but the e-mails have been deleted. i find it really funny that
3:37 am
we're talking about some e-mails were found regarding, you know, in the clinton aide's laptop, we don't know what they mean. this story is there were e-mails that were really important and trump's folks said they didn't exist and they did, but they were erased. >> so, let's discuss how you think this plays in the election. the first layer will be push back against the actual reporting. i made some calls last night and as you probably heard yourself, find where he lost a lawsuit because he was found to have done something illegal. and you won't. that these are litigation tactics. people try to hide discovery as best they can within the system. you're punishing trump for being good at playing the game. >> that is probably the most obscene argument i've ever heard. arthur anderson the accounting firm was convicted of obstruction of justice for doing such a thing. you've had a lot of people go to jail. this is not the way the game is
3:38 am
played. that mindset, if that's actually what they're saying, then what they're saying is, hey, we break the law and we do it proudly. this is not smart business. this is not, you know, we're not talking about whether or not the press finds something out. we're talking about things that are done on federal rules. federal rules of discovery and ultimately under court ord oers. they require court ord ooerand was only after they missed the court orders and stopped hitting the deadlines that they said, oh, yeah, we destroyed all the documents while you were looking for them. that is not something that determines whether they win or lose a case. they set allot of these cases when they have been found destroying suctuff. it is very rare to get a criminal referral out of something like this because they can say, oh, well, we did it by accident. we didn't know. that's what the story is
3:39 am
demonstrating. they've done that over and over and over again. this is not an accident. it's a strategy. >> the second layer of pushback is, okay, fine, you want to talk about what he did in lawsuits over business. that's one thing. with clinton we're talking about classified information and could have jeopardized national security. they're apples and oranges. >> what you're talking about in one circumstance is an absolute category of violation of federal statute and court orders. on the second one on the national security issues, you know, i would leave that story up to people reading what's been written so far. and what, you know, the fact that there hasn't been a criminal referral coming out of the fbi. beyond that, you know, i cover trump. so -- >> you had plenty to cover. kurt, thank you for coming on, as always, to discuss your
3:40 am
reporti reporting. now to the breaking news out of iowa. a massive manhunt under way in the des moines area. police say two officers were shot and killed in separate ambush attacks this morning. both officers were found dead in their police cruisers. these shootings happened within blocks of each other and they were 20 minutes apart. police are working on a description of the suspect or the suspects. this is just a terrible, terrible scene unfolding there in des moines, as you can see. and just terrible weather coupled with this. we'll make the investigation hopefully not too challenging, but, of course, we will bring you all the latest as soon as we have it. all right, also, what's going on in iowa brings into sharp focus an issue that has played throughout this election which is, how do you deal with crime as experienced with police officer os and policing in general. so, let's use it to discuss this. donald trump has branded himself the law and order candidate. often speaking in very dire terms about viilous olence in u
3:41 am
cities. take a listen. >> african-americans are living in hell in the inner cities. i mean, they're living, they're living in hell. you walk to the store for a loaf of bread, you get shot. we're going to fix our inner cities. >> crime in inner cities, crime against police and it is unacceptable. >> what are trump's plans to fix those problems? details on his website are very limited, but trump on the stump has advocated for aggressive policing and tougher prosecution of criminals. he also supports new york's old stop and frisk policy. it was scaled back in 2014, as well as richmond, virginia's project exile which determines past and prohibit from getting their hands on firearms. >> combat "political correctness" so law enforcement officers can do their jobs. when it comes to violence, trump
3:42 am
comes to the defense of law enforcement. he does support the use of body cameras, though. he does not think that they should be mandatory, however. he says they're a good thing. shouldn't be mandatory. clinton says, you must have the cameras. >> so, let's look at her positions now. hillary clinton's plan is that she wants to strengthen the trust, she says, between communities and police and promoting reentry of incarcerated people once they've served their time. she has proposed investing $1 billion in law enforcement training and advocates for focusing federal resources on violent crime rather than low-level drug offenders. >> we have to work to make sure that our police are using the best training, the best techniques, that they're well prepared to use force only when necessary. everyone should be respected by the law and everyone should
3:43 am
respect the law. >> for both candidates, reducing crime is linked to gun laws, although in very opposite ways. clinton says you need stricter laws that would decrease violence. trump things you should loosen firearm restrictions and expand conceal carry laws nationally. >> both candidates support strengthening the country's mental health system, as well. but the similarities stop there. expanding background checks on gun sales. those are two policies that trump strongly opposes. >> clinton pledges to close that gun show and internet sales loopholes. trump has not explicitly established a position on those laws. >> so, there you go on the positions. let's talk about money. it's time for your money, your vote. low gas prices putting more money in your wallet. could it give one candidate an advantage? christine romans is in our money center with the answer. >> moody's predictis a clinton
3:44 am
win and president obama's approval rating well above 50%. a growing economy and low unemployment. but hold on about those gas prices, folks. developments in the last 24 hours may cause sticker shock for drivers on the east coast. this explosion at a pipeline in alabama is disrupting supply. the same pipeline that was closed in september due to a leak. after that closure, prices jumped as much as 28 cents. price is already rising. overnight the atlanta metro average up 5 cents and greenville, south carolina, up 4 cents. speaking of gas prices, good morning, new jersey, residents paying 23 cents more today than yesterday after the state passed its first gas tax increase since 1988. say that ten times fast. over the summer three other states lowered their tax but jersey residents will feel it this morning. >> jersey had been the second lowest in the country except for alaska.
3:45 am
now that changes. >> 23 cents more overnight. >> christine, thank you very much. president obama is crisscrossing the battleground states in an effort to shore up votes for hillary clinton and also to secure his own coalition. why president obama says he needs to seal the deal, next. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp. work with the highest standard.
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so president obama is out in full force this week. he is pulling out all the stops in the key battleground states to get votes for the democratic party. now, is his voice going to be enough to get hillary clinton elected president and to change races down the ballot? let's bring in white house correspondent michelle ku krosi.
3:50 am
>> hillary clinton is consistently treated differently than just about any other candidate i see out there. no, no, no, do not believe that stuff. has she made mistakes? of course, so have i. >> reporter: this is president obama in his twilight of his eight years in office trying to be the closer now for hillary clinton. >> there's nobody in the public arena over the course of 30 years that doesn't make some. >> reporter: he's been busy crisscrossing battleground states, enormous rallies. >> come on, people. >> reporter: this week will mark a second trip to ohio a third to north carolina and florida, with multiple stops. just win one of those the thinking goes and she wins. so, he's on college campuses and radio shows popular with african-americans. >> she's made mistakes in the past, just like eerveverybody h. but these are nothing compared
3:51 am
to the ongoing, daily transgressions that mr. trump engages in. >> reporter: and social media. youtube, snapchat, late-night comedy. mean tweets. >> at least i will go down as a president. >> reporter: the president makes no direct reference to hillary clinton's e-mail troubles during these stops, but what you do notice since last friday when developments broke, he doesn't joke around quite so much as if it's a comedy routine with the mocking of donald trump. now he's more serious almost pleading with the crowd at times to look at what's at stake and vote. here in the razor-close battleground of ohio where polls are starting to tip now in favor of donald trump and the number of republicans voting early has grown. that message is seen by democrats as crucial. the president's favorability
3:52 am
rating, 57% now, compared to hillary clinton's 46%. obama's voice can only help her and along with the first lady's, is the strongest out there. the goal, generating enthusiasm and momentum. at the time president obama was elected, 79% of his supporters were very enthusiastic about voting. for clinton, it's 54%. >> choose hope! vote. vote! vote! >> reporter: a gap democrats are trying to fill in these last days of connecting with americans. michelle kosinski, cnn, columbus, ohio. >> so, can president obama seal the deal for hillary clinton? we are joined now to debate by this cnn political commentator and senior writer for the federalist mary hann and ceo of impact strategies angela ri. mary katherine, what do you
3:53 am
think the obama effect, as it's called, will mean? >> well, a couple things. he clearly enjoys being on the trail and something he has been good at in the past and mostly good at it on behalf of himself. he does not have a great record when he's out there stumping for other folks as we've seen during his it's different in a presidential year, but his popularity numbers are up and they're good. partly good because they're good in comparison to the damaged goods on both sides of this race and that's one of those folks is who he is making an argument for. i think it will help some with the base but not the sort of killer app that people make it out to be. >> his numbers are also good compared to his predecessors. as you can see, he is now at 55% compared to where president bush was at the same time. 27%. bill clinton was basically neck and neck with obama, 57%.
3:54 am
reagan at 51%. so, what do you think his effect will be for hillary clinton? >> i think it's already been great. you know, we talked about ad nauseam the enthusiasm gap here in this race and the fact that president barack obama, who is a stark contrast, a stark contrast to the republican nominee for president donald trump is the perfect person to go out and make this pitch for hillary clinton. and to not only close this deal on his own, but to close the deal with who he said is his superior, the first lady of the united states, michelle obama, who has been quite an advocate for hillary clinton on the trail and arguably had the best speech for her on her behalf at the democratic national convention this summer. the only other thing i would say the other part of what he's doing that is so effective and helpful is making this argument about the role that and i think he's the best person to do it. >> yet, mary katherine, it's not that women are necessarily staying away from the polls in early voting, but
3:55 am
african-americans are down. let's look at north carolina. just take a look at where the voting is there compared to 2012 and you see a dip of, i think, 16%. for black voters. so, what does that tell you? >> this is exactly the thing that clinton campaign is worried about and should be worried about. that's why both obamas on the trail and it is a good idea. they are the people who would boost that particular segment of the vote. the good news for them, also, is that north carolina is an offense state for them. like trump needs to win north carolina. a bit more of a bonus for them, even if it's nice revenge to win it back after 2012. but, yeah y thi, i think, you kt helps with the base. i don't think it helps as much as people think it does. >> angela, as we've said his approval ratings are high right now, but obama care is a problem as premiums are going up. which one of those things do you think wins at the ballot box? >> i think the president obama
3:56 am
effect will win. mary katherine just mentioned in north carolina an enthusiasm gap problem and states like ohio or north carolina or florida this is the first presidential election we've seen to gut the voting rights act. more concerned with voter measures than they with the impact of obama care. roles republican governors have played in this and, of course, it's not all their fault and certainly not the president's fault, but we have to have at some point a strategy to amend and strengthen obama care. we have acknowledged on both sides -- >> hold on a second. i want to get back to the early voting for sae voting f voting f voting for second. the fact that you're seeing fewer black voters voter suppression not lack of
3:57 am
enthusiasm for hillary clinton. >> what i'm saying is i don't think you can squarely put an enthusiasm gap at her feet and say this is why people are staying home. early voting days are down. the fact now that you have to show an i.d. and the fact that there are folks at the polls intimidating voters is a real issue. people are saying i don't care enough about this election. there are e-mails, you know, trump has sexual assault charges and maybe i should just stay out of it. i think that's a real issue. >> angela, mary katherine, thank you for your perspectives. it is the most mean-spirited holiday tradition. parents telling their kids they ate all their halloween candy. the reactions to this prank are priceless. here are the highlights from "jimmy kimmel live." >> recorded thousands of parents did and we got more submissions than ever. we widdled them down to the cream of the crying crop. >> i ate it all.
3:58 am
>> no! no! i hate you! >> we worked so hard to get! >> well, i ate some, too! >> i just wanted to let you know that i ate all your candy. >> jimmy kimmel told us to. >> take you to jail! >> i was really hungry and i ate all your candy. >> you! you ate it! >> i was hungry. i had to go to work. i'm hungry. >> we're sorry. are you mad at us? >> i don't want to look at you. >> you don't want to look at me. >> hey, buddy, guess what --
3:59 am
>> look at me. i'm just kidding. >> i don't want to look at you. >> i'm just kidding. we didn't eat it. >> i don't want to look at you. >> it's hilarious and cruel. >> i don't think it's cruel. >> i do. >> i tell you, i think it's funny and i can't believe nothing does that like candy does. candy is poison. i just dealt with it in my own house. you mess with the candy. watch my 6-year-old hide candy in different locations because they know we're going to take the bag and ration it. the sneakiness. the candy, the sugar, i'm telling you, it's poison. >> can you tape it next time and play it on our air? >> no. >> it does reveal some things i think about family dynamics. >> i'll wind up living in your basement if i do that. let's get back to the news.
4:00 am
we're following a lot of it. let's get to it. >> i'm only a messenger. but you have to say i'm doing a pretty good job as a messenger. >> by the time you add up all the people he insulted, that's more than half the population of the united states. >> if we don't repeal and replace obama care, we will destroy america health care forever. >> when i listen to donald trump's dark and divisive vision, i sometimes don't know what country he's talking about. >> you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great, again, okay. >> this is a big deal. we cannot take anything, anybody, anywhere for granted. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. hillary clinton and donald trump making their closing arguments. clinton going after trump's character and what you heard her say there his divisive vision


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