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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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welcome back. this is the cnn news room. i'm fredricka whitfield live from the nation's capitol in washington, d.c., with our special coverage on this glorious, sunshiny day. candidates vying to get into that place there. this campaign comes to an expected end or unexpected end. both campaigns are running on overdrive. the two candidates holding
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events this hour. on the left, you are looking live at pembroke pines, florida, where hillary clinton will be holding an event there. on the right, where donald trump is to be holding the second rally of the day with his plane presumably landing in the background there. he'll be introduced, by the way, by his wife, melania. trump's travel schedule packed in the final hours with republican nominee crisscrossing the country to get out the vote. hillary clinton and her top surrogates are on the ground in several states including a rally with pop star katy perry tonight in philadelphia. this, as the latest cnn poll of polls shows clinton maintaining a five-point lead over trump. we have reporters following the candidates on the trail and a panel of experts waiting to weigh in on the final moves of this 2016 race. we'll hear from all of them throughout the hour. let's begin in the battleground state of north carolina where
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donald trump is about to speak at the rally, once he arrives there. sunlen is in wilmington, north carolina, sunlen. >> reporter: fred, the trump campaign is not leaving this state unattended. tomorrow night, pence will return on monday. donald trump returning again there looking at the same path to 270 electoral votes needed and understand that north carolina is a must win for them in addition to other three battleground states. if you look at the cnn poll of polls x you can see how close it is. hillary clinton has 46 to trump's 42. that's why these events like today are so essential to the trump campaign. they want to make sure all these supporters here at rallies like this are translating into real votes at the ballot box today being the last day of instate voting in north carolina. trump will be landing momentarily at this tarmac and holding a rally with the plane
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behind him. the trump campaign sending in extra reserves today. melania trump will introduce her husband. this was a last minute change in the schedule. this is a role we don't typically see her play on the campaign trail. certainly in the final stretch, looking to boost momentum at the rallies. fred? >> thanks so much in wilmington, north carolina. again, melania trump to introduce donald trump. her second appearance in as many days this week. florida feeling the full weight of the race in the final days. both hillary clinton and her running mate, senator tim kaine campaigning in that state today. they were there as clinton made an unexpected stop at an early voting site in west miami. this was just last hour and she talked to voters and stopped to pose for a few pictures. again, we are waiting for her to take to the stage in south florida at a rally in pembroke
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pines. of course, as that happens, we'll take you back there. jeff is at the rally. jeff, florida could indeed decide this election. the race there is incredibly close. you have been talking to voters there. are they enthusiastic? >> reporter: it is indeed incredibly close. one number to keep in mind is 29. that is the number of electoral votes florida has. sunlen was in north carolina talking there, that's 15. really, these two states in the eastern time zone will set the mood and the tone for tuesday night. when you talk to voters you can see them behind at the rally. they are true believers. they are people who, by and large already voted. patrick murphy is on stage. moments ago, he asked how many people early voted. nearly every hand went up. it's a reason crowd sizes are somewhat misleading in terms of enthusiasm. the fact of the matter is, 6
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million floridians have voted. if it was on crowd size alone and the optics of crowd size, no question donald trump would be leading by much more than a landslide. itis not what it's about. it's about getting out individual voters. both campaigns believe this is as tight as it could be. the clinton campaign working behind the scenes to get their targets out. moments ago, she stopped in little haiti. making unscheduled stops across south florida is key here. it's a reason she's been here in broward county for the third time in a wee. this is key democratic area. she's trying to get the voters out. tomorrow, 7:00 p.m., the last time you can early vote. florida, tuesday night always a place to watch. back to you. >> always. this year no different. jeff, thank you so much, pembroke pines, florida.
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when hillary clinton takes the stage, we'll share it with you and again, donald trump in wilmington, north carolina, we'll share that with you, too. three days until the election. paul ryan is making his first campaign appearance with the trump ticket. the house speaker joining with trump's vice presidential running mate, the nominee, mike pence for a bus tour and rallying in wisconsin. this is the first time rally appeared with the trump ticket since he had a major falling out with the gop candidate after the tape with vulger comments. let's talk about this in the closing days with our political panel. jay newton small and lynn sweet.
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m maeve and allis. good to see all of you. a grand table. good to see you all at the table here. welcome to the nation's capitol. this is interesting. we have been talking about slight strategy changes on both sides leading up to three days away from election day. now we are talking about house speaker, paul ryan. reluctant, very reluctant for a long time to team up with the trump ticket and now being with mike pence. so, lynn, you first. donald trump said he doesn't have jay-lo or jay-z but we are talking the biggest republican star stumping. what does it mean for the campaign? what does it mean for the potential relationship between the gop and donald trump? >> i don't think it means things will be better after the election. i think, especially in wisconsin where they are trying to save a senate seat, senator ron johnson is getting a strong challenge
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and rematch with former senator russ finegold. you want to tell republican voters don't stay home just because we have differences. that's the point of having ryan come out with pence, who is a lot more similar pot cal, to say the least, between the two. >> he has more of the washington culture in him. >> well, i wouldn't even call it washington culture. i would say it's more along a traditional political -- >> a familiarity. >> somebody that is a student to government. in politics who has respect for the different constituencies that make up the republican base. having ryan come out is a message that republicans have to say that even if you disagree with the top of the ticket, there's more at stake. house senate, supreme court, that is the message paul ryan is comfortable sending. >> so much is at stake.
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down ball lat races have a vested interest in what happens here. we heard paul ryan say he was going to focus on the down ballot less of the big ticket. is this proof in the pudding? >> absolutely. the races are going to affect his day-to-day life come january. these are the members of the house and senate with whom he'll be negotiating, hoping to maintain his speakership, if he can piece together a big enough coalition and across the chamber, negotiated with patty murray. he's going to have to negotiate with whoever is in those positions of authority in the senate in the next congress. these decisions are going to really affect his life, which is why he's jumping in and explain thg to voters. if you want a congress to do what you want, you know, to do, you need to pay attention to more than the presidency. >> how strange is this, three days ahead of the election, who
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is comfortable appearing with whom? >> fascinating. reminds me when i was a kid and she would sago kiss aunt sadie. oh, do i have to? >> hope she's not watching. >> thankfully, she is gone to te great beyond. i would have this arms length thing. in the end, this is so important. what it really is is a battle for the soul of this party. what does it mean to be a republican? where does the party stan on the huge issues of the day? i think it leaves the voters saying maybe we don't have an answer to that. >> maeve? >> paul ryan has been out there this year with a superpack raising a ton of money to make sure these candidates make it back to washington. this is a big part of his legacy and his potential run in 2020. how he's tried to balance the whole trump thing. again, i think we are going to have to look at the margin on
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tuesday night. you know, the fact that this race tightened up has made it easier for paul ryan to get out there and campaign not only for the down ballot candidates, but lifting the entire ticket. so, paul ryan has a lot on the line. it will be interesting to hear what he says today. >> how much is his own viability, particularly if it continues to be a republican controlled congress. what kind of power influence will paul ryan have? >> that's the key here. the 15-20 seats in play for the republicans are all ryan allies. they are the moderates. if they lose their seats, his conference becomes more conservative and more difficult for him to wrangle. it's a smaller number of republicans. you have the freedom caucus in d.c. meeting, talking about trying to oust him or get a seat on leadership, if they could. so, it makes it harder for him to govern and if he has his eyes on 2020, running for president
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then. it makes his job in the next two or three years more difficult. >> you have to bring in all of those trump supporters in 2020 if he's going to be a really viable candidate then. it's just a tight rope. >> on the campaign trail, we see donald trump crisscrossing, making four stops, he's not talking about the down ballot races. he's talking about his campaign, his candidacy. hillary clinton is kind of incorporating the down ballot races as well as her own survivability or potential in the white house. revisiting certain states where she should have is a given. michigan is one where she made a last minute campaign stop. is that the campaign saying we are a little worried? >> yeah. i mean you would feel stoupid i you do all your resources to arizona and michigan got picked out of your pocket. this race is clearly closer than
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it was two weeks ago. if you are a responsible political campaign manager, you have to cover your butt. that's what this is. >> right. >> she is struggling. she's sort of spreading herself around a little bit. she's visiting all these different states. i think it's interesting she and tim kaine are in florida today because that state is one that where the down ballot candidates, the republicans are popular in that sftate. it's one that this election could drift to the republicans, but if hillary wins florida, that closes the door. in addition to trying to protect michigan, may be trying to get arizona, going after that state to end the debate over who is going to win. >> down ballot, you also see states like new hampshire, the last pirn on the planet kelly ayotte campaigning as a senator from new hampshire is in the race for her life for re-election against the democratic governor there. the last person she wants
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campaigning in her state is donald trump. he is detrimental to her re-election. all these incup banlts are running away and the democrats trying to cling to hillary clinton's coat tails on the democratic side. it's striking the differences. >> hillary clinton in new hampshire. >> yeah. let's take a pause for a moment. right now, house speaker, paul ryan is speaking. >> i voted for donald trump and mike pence. i voted for ron johnson. i voted for every republican i saw on the ballots. do you know why i did that? because republicans, it is time to come home and go out and vote. we have to get this country back on the right track. the first amendment is on the line. the second amendment is on the line. obamacare is on the line. whether we balance a budget ever is on the line. our future is on the line.
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join me. join me in thanking this great hoosier to come here to wisconsin. join me in thanking this man for his sacrifice for our liberties. join me in thanking this man for running with donald trump. join me in welcoming the next vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. ♪ hello, wisconsin! thank you to speaker paul ryan. he called me the heart of the conservative movement. if i'm the heart, he's the mind. paul ryan is one of the great conservative leaders in the
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united states of america and wisconsin should be proud. i'm so honored to be with you today. three days away from a great victory all across the state of wisconsin and all across the united states of america. it's not only great to see my friend paul ryan, but it's wonderful to be here with other folks i admire. congressman jim, one of the towering conservative fig years in washington, d.c. and to the most courageous and dynamic governor in the united states of america, scott walker. wisconsin, you ought to be proud. >> all right. vice president nominee there, mike pence there campaigning in wisconsin, being introduced by house speaker, paul ryan who said he is voting straight down the republican ticket.
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it is time to come home, go out and vote. my panel back with me now. he talked about the future being on the line. in his introduction to mike pence, he talked about a round of applause thanking him for running for donald trump. i think there is a chorus of laughter. that underscores how awkward and complicated this has been for the house speaker. >> we may see these two men against each other in 2020, which is interesting, too. it was a clearly sort of awkward introduction by paul ryan that really gets those tensions he's been feeling all year of feeling the need to support the party's nominee and distance himself from donald trump's comments. mike pence has done a smooth job of pulling off the role of, you know, vice president nominee this year. he's been relentlessly on message every time trump has not been on message. he certainly is more of a
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standard bearer for what the traditional republicans would like to see than donald trump had been. >> if mike pence is the heart of the republican movement and paul ryan is the brain, what is donald trump? the sprained ankle. he makes them uncomfortable and off balance. so interesting to watch that. >> are people making the association? there's a huge demeanor difference between trump and pence. it underscores those differences. are people automatically, do they need reminders to associate the two together? >> sure. well -- >> that they are a team? >> they are ying and yang. pence's role has been the ambassador to your traditional republicans. i wanted to say normal, i don't know that's the right word to
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use z. republicans that are united by a party platform than a brand. pence played that role and is doing that now with paul ryan and appearing together as opposed to having trump there. trump can do the trump show and draw a crowd on his own. whereas the folks they are worried about staying home, they will show up to see mike ryan and mike pence. >> we don't need to overanalyze this in our political psychology here. look, ryan said he voted for trump. ryan is hosting pence. ryan has a big son of ceda, wisconsin is a big midwest state that may go in the trump column. it makes sense to devote a few hours to be there with mike pence. i think it's all on the table that this is a visit where you gate lot done and just think, in one visit, you have the party leader, paul ryan, who is the top elected republican in the
10:20 am
united states, for however he got there is at the party. >> does this resinate outside wisconsin? >> i think it is striking that you don't see donald trump with paul ryan. you don't see trump with johnson or the other candidates down ballot. it's such a -- that is so unusual for any election. usually the top of the ticket is out there campaigning, all the surrogates and the candidates. this time around, it's donald trump and then everybody else. led by mike pence. he's sort of the chief rangler for everybody else. i wonder if people need a reminder. this is the ticket. it's all to make, with respect to my colleagues. everyone has a good point to make. we are saturday afternoon before an election. you want to tell republicans who say i really don't like trump, it's okay, the message they are sending out. however you got there, they are
10:21 am
seeing pence and ryan and ron johnson who are wisconsin republicans say this is okay. actually, ron johnson -- >> they are not a unified party. >> hold that thought. >> we are not talking -- >> i have a great panel here, great conversation. we have to take a break. meanti meantime, live pictures to north carolina and florida where these candidates, the two leading candidates vying for votes at these rallies. we'll be right back. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud.
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[aand i've never seen a rocketge ship take off like this. [owner] i'm lindsey. i'm the founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at welcome back. we are live in the nation's capitol. donald trump holding a rally in wilmington, north carolina to be introduced by his wife melania.
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his wife has an event in pembroke pines, florida. we are going to take you to those e venns live as they happen. meantime, in pennsylvania, vice president joe biden campaigned for hillary clinton this morning and will be hitting the trail this afternoon before she makes an appearance in philadelphia tonight, another star studded event with katy perry performing there. right now, the polls showing the race is tightening. clinton is hanging on to a lead she's had most of the campaign. the stakes are big, 20 electoral college votes. miguel marquez is in pennsylvania outside of pittsburgh. what are you hearing from voters? >> reporter: well, we are hearing from the vice president at the moment. he's speaking to the united steel workers 227 for almost an hour. it's an intimate setting, 200
10:26 am
people. the vice president speaking an hour at this point. at one point choking up, talking about the pittsburgh steelers and his love for them. they came to the hospital where his kids were recovering after an accident early in his political career. it feels like a joe biden farewell tour to pennsylvania at this point. it's interesting, joe biden here today, hillary clinton tomorrow and donald trump tomorrow night. the reason they are coming to pittsburgh, allegheny county is they need the votes out there. allegheny county and the suburbs, they are almost half of the voters in the entire state and they are, he's here for what they call a steel blitz to get the steel workers out. half of them are out knocking on doors, the other half are listening here. that's the level it's gone to. the vice president of the united states coming to this place to get people to knock on doors. we talked to two steel workers
10:27 am
about why they are supporting hillary clinton. >> she's involved the union in her plans, which represent the working people in this country. she's made them a part. she's going to work with them going forward in the first 100 days of her plan. >> i don't agree with donald trump's approach to handling that. the reason that message resinates with our membership is because for 20 years we have been preaching to our membership saying these trade deals are killing our country. all he's doing is putting words out there. there's nothing behind that. >> reporter: allegheny county -- just ending up here. allegheny county and pittsburgh very important. a side of the state that is very pro-trump. keep in mind in 2012, president obama won only 12 counties in pennsylvania and he took the
10:28 am
state. 12 of 67 counties. fredricka? >> miguel, folks there loving joe biden. thank you very much. donald trump just landed in wilmington, north carolina. miguel said he's going to end up, trump is, in pennsylvania. for now, wilmington, north carolina. his wife melania will be introducing him. we'll go to wilmington, north carolina after this.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield in the nation's capitol. you are looking at live pictures of wilmington, north carolina. donald trump arrived. we understand his wife, melania trump will be introducing him, her second appearance in as many days after her speech in the philadelphia area earlier in the week thursday. meantime, a reminder, look at the calendar. three days until election day. donald trump holds a five-point edge over hillary clinton in the swing state of ohio. north carolina is a battleground state, which is where his plane is landed. there is one vote that could serve as a deciding factor in the buckeye state, latinos,
10:33 am
where hillary clinton is polling well. in the latest abc news/"washington post" poll, she is leading her republican rival by 40% in the latino vote. joining me to discuss this is the president of the league of latin american citizens in columbus, ohio, john ramos. good to see you, john. in 2012, registration among latino voters was above average at 69%. it's believed to be what pushed obama toward a victory there. do you think you are looking at the same kind of statistics? >> oh, yes we are. definitely we are. here in columbus -- >> what are the influencing factors? >> i would say it's about all this rhetoric and hatred that's been offered. it has united us under a united front. >> there's images we want to share with you, not this one.
10:34 am
live pictures of wilmington, north carolina. donald trump just arrived there. other images we want to share with you of long lines of early voting there. it continues in cleveland. is it your feeling that clinton can win there if, indeed, there is a large latino voter turnout? is that pocket of the demographic that influential, in your view? >> yes, we are. we are talking 200,000 latino votes. it's -- it's -- it's amazing to see that caliber, you know? we are talking 2% of the voting effort here, locally in ohio. >> john ramos, thank you so much. appreciate that. ohio critical state. north carolina a critical state. florida, critical state where
10:35 am
the two leading candidates are making appearances today, florida and north carolina. i want to bring back the panel as we look at the live pictures, donald trump to the left there, soon to get off the plane. hillary clinton to the right, pembroke pines north of miami where it's raining. the people there don't seem to matter. okay, let's talk about these two battleground states, all important. maeve, we heard for the past few modern elections, three modern daye elections it's florida, florida, florida. it could be the same. why is that? >> i think florida, obviously, has such an outside in our political culture. for hillary clinton, the real challenge down there is there's a, you know, this perception of florida being the blue hairs and an older state. really you have this huge, new population of millennials coming up on voting age. the clinton campaign actually to
10:36 am
your most recent conversation has been talking a lot about what they are seeing in the early vote among latinos. they are feeling bullish about tuesday because they are seeing so many young latinos turn out. they really are trying to gin up enthusiasm among the younger, minority populations. earlier on in the campaign, that part of the obama coalition was moving slowly behind hillary clinton. that's been a huge focus the last couple weeks and are hoping beyonce and jay-z concerts will help with that as well. >> donald trump said last night, j-lo, jay-z, he doesn't have them. it doesn't matter. look at the crowds that show up. they are in wilmington, north carolina. what is it about north carolina that is in play the way it is? >> north carolina went for obama in '08, mccain in 2012. it really is a swing state.
10:37 am
the thing has swung in the last two elections. tru trump, i think when you look at the map, he has a hill to climb. hillary clinton has a lead in north carolina. if she can get her people to the polls and close the deal in north carolina, there really isn't a path for trump. that's why they are focusing so hard on it. the dems want to swing it to their column and the republicans want to keep it in theirs. >> the state has changed. we used to think of it as andy griffith. now all the jobs in the research triangle and the banking industry in charlotte and the kids on the college campus and a bit of a latino population there. it's changed the complex of the state in a parallel way. we have seen virginia and parts of florida and elsewhere. >> pockets of mayberry. >> bring on andy and opie, please. >> the president there earlier this week really rallying voters in chapel hill. the younger voters will be so
10:38 am
critical in north carolina. >> there you see the live pictures right now in pembroke pines, florida. you know, it's a big crowd there. a little bit of rain. people don't seem to care one way or another. let's listen in to what she has to say. >> thank you. thank you so much. hello, pembroke pines. hello, florida. i am thrilled to be here. boy, is this a hearty group. rain or shine, you are ready. i love, i just looked over here. i saw a man who changed his sign from i will vote to, i have voted. you know, i am thrilled to be here with all of you. i want to start by thanking
10:39 am
sabrina fulton for that introduction. i have to tell you, on a very personal note, one of the privileges of this campaign over the last year and a half has been getting to know sabrina and all the mothers of the movement. they are some of the bravest people you will ever meet. they have taken the heart break and the anguish of losing their children to either gun violence or encounters with the police. they have turned it into action. the trayvon martin foundation that sabrina founded to honor her son is part of the agenda, part of her mission. i'm very grateful to her, for her commitment to make america a fairer, safer, better place. thank you, sabrina. now we have a bunch of great
10:40 am
folks here with me. i want to have stand-up and i hope that you will send them to work with me in the senate, congressman patrick muff fi. also with us, congressman ted deutsche. congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. congressman elsie hastings, the mayor of pembroke pines, frank ortiz. the vice mayor of broward county, barbara sharif. broward county school board member patty good. mayor phil labine from miami beach. i want to thank my friend of so
10:41 am
many years, i was trying to think about this as we were driving. we, i don't know when we first met, but we were both really, really young. randy weingarden. along with thanking randy, the president of the afg. let me thank all the educators and teachers. i think it's about time we stop scapegoating teachers and support them. >> comes in tonight on "snl." >> you have hillary clinton on the left, pembroke pines making an acknowledgement to the mother of trayvon martin and acknowledging people in the senate she is hoping to work with. as she continues to thank people in the crowd. let's look to the right there, wilmington, north carolina, melania trump introducing her husband, donald trump. >> i enjoy speaking to all of you in pennsylvania so much, i
10:42 am
decided to do it again. and the media was so nice to me after. i just had to come back. i'm very excited to talk to you about my husband, donald trump, who will make a fantastic president of these united states of america. the country we love with all our hearts. i have known this man, donald trump, for 18 years. donald is a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. he's strong. he's determined, bold and decisive. he's also compassionate, thoughtful, giving and loving. donald cares -- [ cheers and applause ] >> donald cares so deeply about this country, he could no longer
10:43 am
sit by and allow american jobs to be lost. and americans to become less and less safe. once given the opportunity, donald will make america great again. my husband is not a lifelong politician. he's a successful businessman who is running for president not for himself but for you, the american people. donald and i -- >> melania trump saying she decided to do this again, try it again and emphasize she believes her president will be a fantastic president. meanwhile in pembroke pines, listen in to hillary clinton. >> ensures 8 million kids a year. as senator, i worked to rebuild
10:44 am
new york city, make our country safer and get our first responders the health care they needed. as your secretary of state, i traveled to 112 countries, i have stood up for human rights, women's rights, worker rights, lgbt rights. i have spent my career fighting for kids and families. if you elect me, that's what i'll keep doing. now, my friends, you are a hearty bunch, standing out here in the rain. i don't think i need to tell you all the wrong things about donald trump but here is what i want you to remember. i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me, people who -- so, let's get out. let's vote for the future. let's vote for what we want for
10:45 am
our country and our children and our grandchildren. god bless you! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. a very impassioned speech there from hillary clinton. almost losing her voice there, reminding people about her own record. you see there, in the rain, people are braving it. fairly short stump speech from what we are accustomed to with hillary clinton. let's go back to wilmington. we are playing a little tennis here, back and forth. melania is introducing her husband. >> go out and vote. make that a reality. we ask you bring your family, friends, neighbors to vote for president, donald trump. why should you vote for donald? because we need a president who will keep us safe.
10:46 am
we need a president who will secure the border. we need a president who will break up the corruption and collusion in our government. we need a president who will bring jobs back to america. we need a president who will lower taxes and energize the economy. we need a president who will not leave any americans behind. we need a president who will put america first, do mesically and abroad. we need a president who will deliver the change you all have been waiting for. this is your last chance. your last chance to make a real difference.
10:47 am
ladies and gentlemen, please say hello -- >> so, folks, i'm going to see you guys in a little while, but what am i going to do? what do i have to say? i'm going to leave. good-bye. >> oh, he really meant that. no, he did not. yes, he did. okay, he's back. >> that's five languages, right? that's not easy to do. i couldn't do it. that's amazing. thank you, honey. and, i have my boy, eric and his
10:48 am
great wife, laura, who come from this area, right? right alongside. huh? we have a very, very powerful man who i hear is doing very well. is it working out well? come here governor. he's been loyal to trump from day one. we need an outsider to clean up washington, d.c. just like we have an outsider to clean up raleigh, north carolina. this is the best of america. god bless y'all. thank you very much. >> he's a fantastic guy. he's been there from day one, too, believe me. so, i just want to thank everybody for being here. it's an amazing situation that
10:49 am
we are going through. but, i can tell you, we are going to win and we are going to win big. hillary clinton has all these celebrities and failed politicians out campaigning for her and she has so much smaller. i have me and my family. i have my family. i have had eric and laura and don, don jr. and ivanka. nobody's ever heard of ivanka and tiffany. baron, some days but he's young. i have had my family and they have been all over. mike pence has been incredible, too, by the way. he's been incredible. in three days we are going to win the great state of north carolina. and we are going to win back the white house. real change begins with immediately, immediately repealing and replacing
10:50 am
obamacare. it's just been announced the residents of north carolina are going to experience massive double digit premium hikes, so . . . i say this to all the groups. it is so depressing. i won't tell you. right now, you are happy and you would be very sad. >> donald trump thanking the crowd in wilmington, north carolina, the crowd all assembled right next to his plane. you heard from his wife earlier, m melania who gave a litany of reasons you should vote for donald trump. donald trump almost had us all thinking he was going to walk off the stage. i don't need to say anymore. he did a job well enough. we are going to contrast these two rally that is we saw.
10:51 am
wilmington, north carolina. what we saw in rainy pembrook pines, florida. she was reintroducing herself, fighting for human rights and being introduced by trayvon martin's mother. a very different tone than what we are seeing there in wilmington. >> probably not how she wanted toned the campaign. it makes perfect sense for her to use what she has, including celebrities. she had a unified democratic party with her. people were happy to be on stage. donald trump is mocking her even for having celebrities. it is just what you do in politics. you use what you have to get out and vote. >> she has all these celebrities, jay-z and beyonce. he said, and i have my family. >> which isn't bad. i think you knock beyonce and
10:52 am
jay-z at your own peril. >> fascinating. we saw both in hillary clinton's message and melania's message that primary target in these final days being the white, suburban women. melania, someone who has held back on the trail. she is acting as a character witness for her husband. he must have kissed her several different times there. >> somehow that is influential. >> trying to show family unity. >> the one demographic that has swung is noncollege educated white women.
10:53 am
she had him tied with noncollege educated women, a demographic na goes more nan 20 percentage points for republicans. they have swung back to donald trump, about 33-35 points up. 30, 40, 50 points to win in ohio. that's what they are going for, bringing melania out here. my husband is so sweet, a great father. she is also a lot more relatable than the ivanka trump, the fortune 500 business leaders. she is the stay-at-home mom who is very traditional. women aren't threatened by her in the same way. >> do you see this as transformative? donald trump, a lot more calm. hillary clinton, losing her
10:54 am
voice, in the rain you have seen the dialogue between them about the stamina. >> i like the touchy stuff. i think we need that. i am not sure i would call melania the most relatable woman in politics. in a funny way, neither of these candidates is running against each other, trying to steal votes. they are each running against a candidate we could call, just stay home. you have to rev up your own troops. you have to make the other one a villain. it is a funny way to close an election. >> at least today, hillary clinton seemed to refrain from that. that was a very short stump she did talk about being a fighter
10:55 am
for women. >> it is strange she is reminding people, hey, i have accomplishments. that's been one of the problems. they say she has experience but it hasn't been good. trying to energize her crowd. >> who is she trying to reach? >> voters. and let her soldiers on the ground know, tell your neighbors. >> who introduces you at that's rallies is very important. andy winegarden.
10:56 am
hillary clinton has spawned this movement group that has been with her. the mothers of victims of violence. they have been meeting. they were at the convention. when i ask the question of who is it appealing to, it is the weekend before the election. i can't say it enough. >> everyone is going to come back. we have so much to talk about. that's good. three days away. folks trying to assess it all. what are they going to do come tuesday? we're going to be right back. from the nation's capital. boost
10:57 am
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welcome back. sunny skies. i'm fredricka whitfield. in washington, d.c., hillary clinton and donald trump want to end up in this place right behind me, the white house. they are making their last stitch efforts today, firing up voters and getting them to the polls. both candidates this afternoon. clinton, a rally in pembrook pines, florida. trump a battleground state. he was introduced by his wife, melania. trump's travel schedule is backed in these final hours with republican nominee crisscrossing the country to vote. clinton and her top surrogates are on the ground in several battleground states. a big rally with katy perry late they are this


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