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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  November 6, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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secret service rushed trump off the stage. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. we will never be stopped. >> hillary clinton and donald trump make their closing arguments to the nation. the race has tightened even more. >> we're all working our hearts out in the final sprint to this election and we need your help. >> we need you all to go and vote on tuesday and we are going to win back the white house.
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>> tonight i want to hear you roar! are you ready? good sunday morning. 6:00 a.m. dark and early here in washington, d.c. >> dark and early. >> we are always grateful for your company. i am christi paul. >> that sounds like a great drink. i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you this morning. two days now until election day. people have already been voting, tens of millions in early voting. this is the final frenzied campaign across the country. today donald trump is making a big play in the blue state. hillary clinton hoping to draw more star power for the boost in the battle grounds. >> let's take about the latest poll of polls. cnn showing the race drawing even closer in the home stretch. hillary clinton leading donald trump by 3 percentage points, 46% to 43%.
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think about it, yesterday it was five. down to 3. here's a look for what's on tap. hillary clinton in buckeye state in cleveland, ohio. joined by lebron james. she'll head to new hampshire for a concert event with james taylor. >> donald trump holding rallies across five states, iowa, pennsylvania, virginia, michigan and minnesota. republican presidential candidate has not won michigan since 1988 but recent detroit free press poll shows the reliably blue state is anything but locked up for hillary clinton. the poll shows she's up four points, 42/38. >> it's this moment at last night's rally at reno, nevada, that had people talking here. take a look at that as donald trump was whisked away. >> secret service agents rushed him to safety after they say someone shouted gun near the front of the stage. turns out he was safe the entire time. agents and police quickly took out a man but they say that there was no weapon found.
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steve nunes has the story for us. >> reporter: donald trump was at his third campaign rally of the day in the final push before tuesday's election. during the gop nominee's speech an incident broke out in the audience, then the secret service rushed the stage. trump was unharmed. screams could be heard from the crowd as supporters started moving away. a man was detained by police officers and secret service agents. some people who attended the event said they saw a trump supporter raising up a sign. they released a statement saying in part, mr. trump was removed from the stage by his secret service protective detail after a commotion occurred in the crowd immediately in front of the stage. someone yelled gun. upon a thosh row search no weapon was found. moments later trump returned to the stage to finish his speech. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us.
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but we will never be stopped. >> reporter: in a statement trump thanked the secret service along with local and state law enforcement. the secret service uses mag kn w netometers. i'm steve nanes reporting. no charges filed against the man who was detained at that rally. his name, austin creitz. >> he claims he didn't yell gun but he said others in the crowd reacted negatively towards his sign. >> i just came with a sign. i literally just had one sign that said republicans against trump and when i pulled out the sign, people around me were trying to grab the sign. somebody yelled something about a gun. >> right. >> and so that's where things really got out of hand. i mean, people were just, you know, kicking me, grabbing my arms, twisting them. finally i'm very thankful for the law enforcement who was able
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to quickly come because had they not been there, it's possible that those people could have strand ld me and killed me right on the spot. >> in the moments after the incident in reno donald trump's son don jr. retweeted the unsubstantiated claims that his father had just survived an assassination attempt. he did delete that tweet. it wasn't before it had been shared thousands of times. >> while introducing trump at a rally, rev land mahadi blamed the media. >> you attack him every time thinking he raises a speech of hate. tonight i think the hate a lot of the media raised against him caused an attempt of murder against him in nevada. >> all right. let's talk about this with cnn political commentator and former communications director for ted
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cruz, elizabeth carpenter and brian stelter. so good to see you both so early in the morning here. >> good morning. >> let's talk about first of all donald trump's reaction to this. he got on stage afterwards and he said nothing, which was interesting. it's almost as though everybody was talking about it except him. what do you make of that? >> i think that was the appropriate way for donald trump to handle it. i am very concerned about how these events have been misconstrued by agents of the campaign in the aftermath. we know what happened. a man went to the stage, raised some type of sign that said republicans against trump. somebody yelled gun, and he was pummelled. in the aftermath his son said it was an assassination attempt. you don't under do a tweet. you have to issue a clarification. i heard the son on another network talking about how this is what the left does. you saw that. this is what the media does. they are not telling the truth. this is a broader example of something i'm very worried about that has happened in this campaign, which is a broad,
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unending swell of misinformation. at some point we have to say what the truth is and they're lying about the event that took place last night. >> the media here again. >> this sums up the entire campaign. this is the whole year in a nutshell. a protester who wants to appear at a trump rally who is upsetting people in the crowd, a commotion ensues. actually, i thought trump and clinton had the best reactions. trump handled it very well, so did clinton with a quick response on twitter saying she was glad no one was hurt. this sums up the entire experience of the past year or so. people who want to freely protest, that person being disturbed, being harassed by some rally goers, then someone yells gun, we don't know who. this man leaves. clearly this was a real security threat. this person would not be free right now. he wouldn't be talking to the media. it's obvious some trump members exaggerated this. it sums up the whole campaign,
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as you're saying, amanda, about the campaign of misinformation. >> we had thomas buckley here who was a speech writer for trump. this is a son concerned about his father. what do you make of that characterization? >> if he was acting as a son of a presidential candidate i would be more sympathetic to their argument but the trump children have been major surrogates, agents. people who speak for the campaign. they should be treated as political operatives, not children. and when an agent of the campaign says on twitter, it's a massive platform, that there was an assassination attempt on my father, you don't just get to delete that and move on. >> if we're going to be critical of his son, which i think we should be, we should be critical of the people who immediately assumed that was staged. there was a reaction from some on the left and talked about a hoax, something that was set up by the trump campaign. that seems ridiculous also. there was this rush to polite size and polarize people right
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away when this happened. >> you know what's different about this campaign is the spotlight twitter has taken because we just have not seen that in the past. >> right. >> is there any gauge, any indication as to how twitter itself and what has been tweeted is going to affect voters? >> actually, interesting. twitter financially, business wise having a hard time these days. it's actually not growing fast enough. there are signs that users are not as committed to twitter as they used to be. however, politically speaking and in the media, it's more important than ever. with that comes some down sides. i think that's what we're describing as well. you can't just delete a tweet and pretend like it didn't happen. by then the misinformation has spread widely. >> you have to clarify. >> i would argue donald trump would not be the republican presidential nominee had it not been for twitter. he's a social media candidate
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especially on twitter. that's why when somebody spreads a lie like this and it can take hold in the blogs, no one can catch up to it. that's why they must clarify it and apologize. >> this election is about alternate universes. what happened at that rally is a great example. >> amanda carpenter, brian stelter, thank you both. it's been leading up to what happens in the next 48 hours. >> yeah. >> yes, people, 48 hours and you can. >> to the polls. >> soon that, two, is going to go to hours, minutes and seconds. we're counting down till the last vote is counted so you want to stay with cnn. we'll have every race and every result all day special live coverage on tuesday. of course, both campaigns are really bearing down on the battleground states now. we're going to take you live to three crucial states, we're talking about pennsylvania, ohio and florida. plus, donald trump doubling down on his criticism of the battle to retake mosul.
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our government has failed our citizens. but we are going to turn it all around and deliver the change and leadership that america deserves. >> i don't need to tell you all of the wrong things about donald trump, but here's what i want you to remember. i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me, people who vote for me, people who don't vote for me.
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>> hillary clinton in pembroke pines, the rain started. both campaigns are bearing down on those battle grounds. trying to maintain several narrow leads while donald trump is trying to take each battleground state. >> martin savage is in cleveland, boris sanchez in miami and miguel in pittsburgh. let's start with you. this is a state hillary clinton has been counting on. donald trump's campaign sees an opening though. where is it? >> reporter: it's here in the west. this is donald trump territory and the candidates have been in here almost nonstop in the last few days. donald trump will be here tonight. hillary clinton was here on friday. she was in philadelphia last night. she'll mack a closing argument monday night in philadelphia. why? 20 electoral votes. the democrats feel they can close off pennsylvania.
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it will close off lots of opportunities for donald trump. democratic presidential candidates have lost pennsylvania for the last six elections. donald trump arguing he has momentum, particularly among white men, particularly among those in the mining industries here in pennsylvania so he is making a play for the rust belt states, not only here but ohio, michigan and wisconsin as well. the reason that they are hitting both pittsburgh and philadelphia so hard if you look at the states, philadelphia, the surrounding counties and allegheny county here in pittsburgh, almost half of the votes are in these areas of the state. that's why they're hitting them so hard. it all comes down to tuesday. no early voting in pennsylvania until 7:00 a.m. the polls open here. 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. it will be decided. >> reporter: here in cleveland,
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ohio, cuyahoga county. it's an area hillary clinton is going to win. you have to win it by a huge margin. there is good news for her campaign and that is county election officials are seeing a last weekend surge. in fact, they're seeing greater numbers than they saw four years ago this same time. that's the good news for her. the bad news is overall early voting results are at least -- the numbers of people showing up are down 15%. again, she needs all the votes she can get in the northern counties so make up for what donald trump is winning from the mid state down to the south. miguel insinuated with blue color crassover democrats. these are people who have seen their manufacturing jobs go away in ohio and seen their family's economy suffer as a result. hillary's in cleveland today. >> reporter: and here in florida the focus is on communities like
3:18 am
this one. miami-dade county and really the question here is how many african-american voters are going to come out and support hillary clinton. it is a base that she needs in order to take the state of florida. so far more than 5 million floridians have cast their ballots. the numbers of african-americans voting has to be a concern for democrats. there's a 3% dip when compared to 2008. in contrast, a 4% increase in the number of latinos voting. here in areas like little haiti democrats are holding several events, soul to the polls events where they bus people from church directly to the polls. this location there are already several people parked outside braving the rain getting ready to early vote. it's a focus for democrats across the state not just here in miami-dade county. last week we were in voe lulusi
3:19 am
county. president barack obama will be here. donald trump will be in sarasota. mike pence will be here later in the day in panama city as well. victor and chisti. >> boris sanchez, martin savage. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> as miguel mentioned it and boris, early voting in these battleground states is key. we just got into totals. more than 36 million people have already cast their ballot. how that is tipping this election potentially. today i want to show you some internet videos. tv: oh, it's gonna get crazy! this is black friday that is insane. i would never do that. at chevy, you can avoid the chaos and get great deals on the most awarded lineup. i like that. bam! it's awesome! you don't have to camp out at the chevy dealer two days in advance.
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22 minutes past the hour as we edge through the day. less than 48 hours to go now at this point. we have some voting totals for you. early voting totals this morning. new numbers. more than 36 million people have already cast their ballots in 39 states. >> yeah. in the battleground states though the race is even more intense. cnn politics executive editor mark preston breaks down the numbers for us. >> reporter: good morning, christi and victor. nearly 36 million people have cast early ballots. the state of arizona we're seeing about 1.5 million people have already participated in the early voting process. which political party is winning? well, republicans right now have a 90,000 ballot returned edge, a rather large edge.
3:24 am
this mirrors what we saw in 2012 when mitt romney won the state by 9 points and picked up arizona's 11 electoral votes. democrats also got bad news this weekend when the u.s. supreme court weighed in and said they're going to allow a law to remain in effect that would prevent political organizers from collecting ballots and returning them. democrats said it was important for people who lived on the border and for those who lived on native american reservations in minority communities. however, republicans argued that it was an issue of ballot security. the u.s. supreme court decided to stay with the idea that the law should stay in effect. but let's go down to the state of nevada right now where you can no longer participate in early voting. in the end 767,415 people participated in early voting and democrats have quite an edge here. 46,000 ballots over republicans and if we look at what happened in 2012, well, this mirrors what
3:25 am
we saw in 2012 as well. a year when barack obama won the state by 7 points. now a couple of other data points that are interesting. on friday clark county had its highest early voter participation in history, about 57,000 people participated in early voting. clark county is heavily democrat. in and around the las vegas area. heavily unionized. perhaps bad news for republicans is in washau county up near reno, democrats have an edge in that state as well. christi, victor? >> mark, thank you so much. listen, the war on isis going to be front and center for the next commander in chief. >> yeah. who do voters think can best take on terrorism? we'll check the numbers. roller .
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i'm victor blackwell. the white house is behind us. we're in washington. the final weekend before election day. the latest poll of polls shows a tightening race in the home stretch here. yesterday at this time there was a five-point lead for hillary clinton. it's now down to 3. 46-43 nationally. >> yesterday on the trail donald trump renewed his criticism of a battle to retake the iraqi city of mosul. here's what the republican nominee said about the u.s. officials behind that operation. >> one of the reasons we're going to mosul is we want to get the isis leaders, we think they're staying in mosul and we want to get them. well, before the announcement is over they're gone. whatever happened to the element of surprise, the element of surprise? what a group of losers we have. >> so who do voters feel can best handle the war on terror? here's the recent abc news
3:31 am
washington post tracking poll here gives hillary clinton a four-point edge over donald trump, 49-45. let's talk about this with our panel. we have cnn political analyst and national political reporter for real clear politics, rebecca bird. hillary clinton supporter hillary rosen and amy kremer, donald trump supporter and co-founder of women vote for trump. i want to talk about what donald trump just said. >> i know. >> talking about the people leading this from the u.s. perspective a group of losers. is that from your perspective the right way to pitch yourself as the next commander in chief? >> well, donald trump sometimes says things that we would say in another way. some of us would say in another way but his point is that who goes out there and gives their strategy before they do it? what does happen to the element of surprise? we can handle this a different way. that's why he's calling them losers, because who does that?
3:32 am
who does that? >> exactly, who does that? this makes me crazy. >> go ahead, hillary. >> donald trump talking about these men and women fighting in mosul, fighting in iraq -- >> he's not talking about them. >> he's talking about the political leaders. >> you're right. >> he's talking about the generals, he's talking about the strategists and he's talking about the people implementing the plan, losers. you know what, you're moving thousands and thousands of troops. you are getting civilians out of harm's way. of course people are going to be notified. no, no, let me finish. this is a giant operation so the idea that you could somehow do this in secret is just ignorant. i mean, he consistently conveys ignorance around these issues and he consistently says, i don't have to have a plan. i don't have to have any other ideas because i'm going to have a secret plan. he has no plan. he doesn't even have anybody to listen to because he doesn't listen around these issues.
3:33 am
>> why does he have the endorsement of all of these high profile military people? >> he has a few but not nearly as many as hillary clinton as we both know. the problem is that the consistent degradation of the american military by somebody who is running to be commander in chief. >> he is not talking about the military. >> oh, yes. >> he's talking about the administration. >> you don't think those people over there going through the operation, on tv, we heard the generals, we heard the strategists say push back and say, well, he doesn't know what he's talking about if he thinks that this is what we should be doing. >> and beyond -- beyond that criticism you have to look at, okay, if this is a man who ends up in the white house, how does he now relate to all of these people because that's going to be a big part of what he does? that's a big part of what the american people care about when they talk about national security. >> absolutely. donald trump has said in the past that he would have better generals than they currently have. you don't as president come in
3:34 am
and put your own generals in charge. the generals are kind of static and of course these are career military professionals. they're not political appointees. and so hillary, you're absolutely right, donald trump has not gone into detail about what he would do to address some of these problems to actually speak on isis and it's really, i think, remarkable that we are at a stage in the election where you look at the polling on this and they are neck and neck on the question of who could better confront terrorism and donald trump hasn't even gone into detail about his plan. >> considering the fact that she was secretary of state for four years, she should be well ahead because of her experience there and she's not. because the american people don't trust her. that's because of the vacuum that was created, we just pulled everybody out without the services -- the service of forces agreement. so, i mean, what is she going to do about it? >> hillary, if what donald trump is saying and doing is so egregious, why is he within four points of the former secretary
3:35 am
of state, former senator? >> well, look, all of these numbers, you know, on virtually every issue are very much tracking now republicans and democrats across the country so i don't think it's unusual at all. i think we've always thought in terms of the bigger picture, this is a three-point race on these issues. not that big a difference although hillary clinton has consistently, you know, pulled ahead of the race as we just saw on the cnn poll but, you know, here -- if you have somebody who shows such a willingness to name call, such a willingness to go out there and denigrate the very folks who are putting their careers on the line, i don't see how you then come in and lead. it's just -- it's impossible to imagine. >> well, but when you look at -- to the question, victor, you just asked, it's obviously resonating with some people who think it shouldn't be happening. we shouldn't be there. the jv team stands from
3:36 am
president obama early on does not help hillary clinton in some regard because it makes it look as though they didn't know that this was coming and when donald trump talks about it saying what he wants to do and take it on fully, is that why? i mean, is it really -- is it really the obama administration and hillary clinton and what they haven't done or is it his different tactic and what he claims he will do? >> well, i think you raise a very interesting point here because he doesn't have any sort of history or record that we can point to on this. >> right. >> as hillary clinton does having been secretary of state, having worked with the obama administration obviously there is an eight-year record of what president obama has done on foreign policy and national security. donald trump has never been in this sphere. he has sort of misrepresented even some of the things he has said in the past about foreign policy and national security such as when it comes to his past support of the iraq war prior to the invasion so there isn't a lot we can -- we being
3:37 am
voters, there isn't a lot that voters can look at, point to with donald trump and so they basically have his rhetoric to go by and he does project a very sort of strong rhetoric. he talks about, you know, knocking the hell out of isis, bombing the hell out of them. >> it's a claim. >> could be an extremely successful operation for the first time in a year and a half against isis. you don't have republicans on capitol hill criticizing this, you only have donald trump out of political expedience. >> we have to take our viewers there. we want to go inside mosul. the iraqi forces are facing stiff resistance as they face isis. >> the terror group has held the city for more than two years at this point. they've set up booby traps throughout. arwa damon saw firsthand, take a look at this. iraqi troops here.
3:38 am
they're facing a hardened enemy determined to fight to the death. she and photo journal list brece lane were caught in a brutal isis ambush alongside the iraqi soldiers. what arwa told cnn's poppy harlow about what that was like. >> reporter: what happened was isis ambushed them in a very complex attack on one of these narrow streets that they were going down and they managed to split the convoy in two. i have to say that this is the most harrowing experience that i personally have ever been through despite having covered war zones for more than a decade. what happened was once they managed to split the convoy in two, initially with gunfire, rocket propelled grenades, they then began to systematically take out the convoy's vehicles. >> we have even more from arwa's incredible reporting on this assault in mosul. that will air later today, 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on "the
3:39 am
lead" with jake tapper. >> be sure to check out their hour-by-hour account as they were surrounded by the isis fighters. that's on and we're so grateful that they are okay. all right. hillary clinton bringing out the star power with just about 48 hours to go. can celebrities help motivate young people to support her campaign? what do you think? meanwhile, donald trump fights back against the guests claiming that it can be seen as cheating. our panel is here to discuss next. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love.
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once and for all as we welcome her to the stage, let's prove that love trumps hate. katy perry! ♪ ♪ >> katy perry, there she comes. one of many celebrities joining hillary clinton on the campaign trail in recent months. this is part of clinton's push to connect with those younger voters and try to get them to the polls. >> tonight i want to hear you roar if you're still all geared up and ready to go, come join -- come join us at independence hall monday night with president obama and michelle obama! >> well, that's not how donald trump sees it. yesterday trump repeated his claim that clinton meeting cheating, that's his word, by
3:44 am
bringing celebrities to the rallies. >> so called -- so called stars along. we didn't need them. the reason hillary has to do that is nobody comes to her -- yeah. she can't fill a room. we can get stars. we don't need them because we just want to make america great again. we really have to do it. we don't need that. that's almost like a form of cheating, right? that's like when she got the questions from donna brazile to the debate, right? >> all right. so here to discuss hillary rosen, she's a cnn political commentator, hillary clinton supporter, amy kremer and brian stelter, host of "reliable sources." welcome back, everybody. amy, so when donald trump says
3:45 am
this is a form of cheating when you bring celebrities out on the campaign trail and he, tonight, is going to have ted nugent out at his event. is that a form of cheating when donald trump does it? >> i don't know what he meant by cheating, i don't. >> that is refreshing. >> no, i don't. >> victor, it is -- >> to say i have no idea what he's talking about. >> i mean, i don't. maybe he meant -- >> other than that donald trump thinks everything is cheating. >> he wants it to be clinton versus trump. he don't want to bring in surrogates. he doesn't want to bring in celebrities. >> wait a minute. are you saying if these people didn't call his campaign and say i want to campaign for you, he would say no? >> i don't know if he would have beyonce or jay z. i would say they're the first family of entertainment. absolutely they would be coming to a rally. lots of celebrities. yes, if they were to call and ask to come, trump would have them come. i can understand why in the final days he feels like he has momentum. he doesn't want anything to
3:46 am
affect that so the appearance of celebrities seems to affect his momentum. that's his impression. >> his message is resonating with america. you see the crowds he has. you can't say that hillary clinton is able to bring in those same crowds. she's not. she has to bring in the celebrities. so when your message is resonating, that's all you need. he doesn't need the people out there. >> that's not what it is because it's about the audience, it's not about the candidates. it's about a targeted audience so when hillary clinton has jay z and beyonce, she is looking for african-american youth. when she sends katy perry to the university at las vegas nevada, she's looking to turn out college voters, miley cyrus going to the dorms over here at george mason university. so it is not about the candidates, it's about how are you broadening your audience and donald trump hasn't been able to do that. i do think there might be one other thing going on because donald trump for his entire career has been kind of in that
3:47 am
celebrity world. >> he has. >> what he has found over the last year and a half of this campaign is his celeb friends are not with him on this, whether it's the russell simmons or the luther campbell the other day so -- whether it was p. diddy, like he has hung out with a lot of artists, a lot of celebrities over the years. >> we've seen the impact on his businesses. >> they're not with him. >> let me ask you, brian brought up this point about donald trump being offended by jay z's lyrics and his language. ted nugent has called the president a sub human mongrel, has called hillary clinton a devil bee. does he find, do you find that type of language offensive? >> i think we should hold all of our leaders in a higher place where they should actually exhibit behavior that, you know, is okay for our children to see. i don't think that it's okay for anybody to be talking about other people that way.
3:48 am
i mean, we've been talking, you know, this week about the meanness that we get from twitter when people are able to sit behind a keyboard. i think that we've all seen it. we're all ready for this campaign cycle to be over because it's been hard for us. the meanness out there. we need to respect each other. we may not agree with each other but we need to respect each other. the name-calling is not helpful to anybody. >> to your point though, do we have any gauge, any indication as to whether these events for hillary clinton do equate to votes? i mean, we do know that there is large engagement of the young voter, especially when you look at the bernie sanders -- >> we'll see what happens in ohio on tuesday with these two events she's been doing there. just the other day in north carolina at the pharrell event at university of north carolina, we saw an uptake in young
3:49 am
african-american turnout and so we will be seeing, i think, the fruits of this because it is all about, you know, exciting the base. >> they don't always vote. i mean, what kids are not going to go show up for a free concert. these are free concerts. they show up at the concert. you don't know that -- >> we'll see. >> let me bring brian in here. the clinton campaign has been strategic about where they're placing these events. close to the early voting locations. not just randomly. the president even gives the address. it's two minutes away. it's a short walk. >> sometimes there's even transportation to head over to the voting center afterwards. there's almost too many stars to count on the clinton side. you can say that's hollywood liberals. there's some truth to that. there are some stars that we're not hearing about. christine aguilera having a concert. chandra rhymes out on the stump. some of the stars of scandal in states like ohio. it's interesting how underneath the surface, not just beyonce,
3:50 am
but others on her behalf working the battleground states. >> brian, hillary, amy, thank you so much. always appreciate your voice here. all righty. leading up to election day and we are less than 48 hours away. >> yeah. of course we will have every race, every result covered. special live coverage all day here on cnn until the very last vote is counted. count on us. what happens on wednesday if donald trump wins? will mexico at least have a contingency plan? we have a reporter who will be in mexico city. what will they do they're calling about this hurricane, they say for their comedy. >> "saturday night live" using this last weekend of the campaign to get in a few last jokes? >> no. >> i don't think they're going to be the last jokes. >> they've got a few more after the election, i'm sure. >> how are you both doing this week? >> really, really great, erin.
3:51 am
they're all still buying it. >> it wasn't all laughs. the cast did drop the satire and they got real.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
well, mexico says it is prepared in case donald trump wins the election. >> they have contingency plan to weather what they've called a hurricane for mexico's economy. take a listen to what the former
3:55 am
ambassador told cnn. >> i think that mexico is preparing a number of options in its potential response to measures that would impinge on these very important trade flows. if you look at what mexico did in 2009 when it sought to ensure u.s. compliance with the trucking provisions, nafta and it implemented counter terrorist surveilling duties on u.s. exports to turn around that situation, that was a pretty powerful and compelling instrument and it wouldn't be surprising if mexico were to use something like that again in the coming months if there was a push to trigger a trade war with mexico. >> former mexican ambassador to the u.s. there.
3:56 am
it was the last saturday before the election. >> uh-huh. >> prime open door for snl.
3:57 am
3:58 am
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abdbloating?in? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. "saturday night live" has been in all their glory, let's say, this election season because they do what they do so well. and hillary clinton and donald trump unfortunately have been -- >> the butt of the jokes here. yeah. this is when snl is at its best. they did that again, but then the cast dropped the satire in the opening monolog. they got serious. >> you know what i think can help us, is get out of here. >> what? where will we go?
4:00 am
>> you'll see. ♪ ♪ >> now it's time to get out there and vote. none of this will have mattered if you don't vote. >> we can't tell you who to vote for, but on tuesday we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in. >> and we didn't dress like them -- >> no, we really didn't. >> i didn't notice that we -- same colors. >> all right. >> thank you so much for spending your morning with us. >> we've got much more ahead on the next hour of your "new day." it starts right now. all right. go. >> secret service rushed trump off the stage. >> nobody said it was going to


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