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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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brooke baldwin. it is so nice to come to you from washington, welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we're live in the nation's capitol in washington, d.c. over my shoulder there. you know that house, 1600 pennsylvania avenue, soon to be the new home address, either for donald trump or hillary clinton, who could it be? we could know the answer in a little more than 52 hours, not that anyone who has been counting. until then it is an all-out sprint to the finish line. any moment now we're watching lots of events on this sunday afternoon. donald trump is set to speak to voters in minneapolis, minnesota and historically democratic state. this is his actually second stop out of five, five states for donald trump. today he was in iowa, next headed to michigan and on to pennsylvania and not too far from where we are here in virginia. on the flip side, hillary clinton, she's rolling out even more star power today. last night she was with katy
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perry. the night before it was jay-z and beyonce. today she's in ohio with the king of cleveland, lebron james. tonight another james, james taylor alongside her in new hampshire. and adding to the list of celebrities we've been listening to him perform in florida, stevie wonder. he's still at it, campaign event. this is near orlando beforeha beforehanding over microphone to the president of the united states. when we look at the numbers beyond the actual events, the brand-new cnn poll of poll shows hillary clinton with a three-point lead over donald trump in a four-way race but national polls don't win elections. electoral college votes do. 270 of them to be precise. so with that said, let's begin with my colleague, jeff zeleny, in cleveland with the cleveland campaign with the king james event. ohio is key, it is tight.
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what do we expect to hear from her? >> so much sports action happening this year in cleveland, of course lebron james was a champion, will be going to the white house next year with the cavaliers and president obama but before that, he is trying to get out the vote for hillary clinton. but hillary clinton is making this election so clear that she's going to continue the president's legacy. so unusual here to have the sitting president campaigning so much. of course we see president obama will be in florida in just moments but she's talking about him on the campaign trail. listen to what she said in philadelphia a short time ago. >> this election is about much more than the two candidates. our names may be on the ballot but make no mistake, everything you care about, everything i care about and i've worked for is at stake. this election is about doing
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everything we can to stop the movement to destroy president obama's legacy. >> and brooke, that is a central point here. the clinton campaign knows that it does not have quite as much enthusiasm among african-american voters. here in cuyahoga county, the numbers of early voting, i just looked it up, 28% from where it was in 2012. those early voting rules have changed so it's not exactly apples to oranges but it's one of the reasons lebron james, his endorsement will help get black voters to the polls. hillary clinton was touting this endorsement when she received it in akron. listen to what she said about king james. >> now, i may become president but he will be king of ohio for as long as there is a king. i'm obviously delighted to be
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endorsed by someone who has demonstrated such leadership and such extraordinary ability. what moved me the most, he's given back to his home town. >> reporter: you may remember what these celebrities, musicians and now lebron james, how they help? the clinton campaign will say it's an organizing tool. everyone behind me here has given information. they are likely to get a text message or e-mail on election day or before election day to get out the vote. that's what the clinton campaign is trying to do with the big names, using it to rally support. we're also expecting to hear from lebron james in a couple hours. never endorsed a major political figure like this. it will be fascinating to hear what he has to say about why he's doing it. >> she seems like she has the a-team out for her. we'll see if that translates into votes. jeff zeleny, thank you so much.
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donald trump set to speak in minneapolis for a campaign rally there momentarily. you see the airplane hangar is packed. you see the trump/pence signs. all of them battlegrounds except for where he'll be in minnesota. sara is live in minneapolis and that's the quinky dink on this sunday. it hasn't been republican since the nixon landslide in 1972. so on this sunday before election day, why is he spending time there, sara? >> reporter: well, brook, that's a question that's baffling to some even inside donald trump's campaign today. tlsz no doubt he'll get a warm welcome here. this is a packed house inside, overflow crowd outside. that doesn't change the dynamics of the state of minnesota. it is a very blue state and gone for democrats since 1972, 1972 is the last time a republican won it. and public polls show hillary
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clinton with a comfortable lead here. now donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway said to reporters, they see a tight race here in their internals but i talked to a number of other people involved in the campaign who say they haven't seen any internal polling for minnesota. they have no reason to believe the campaign is even pulling minnesota. they believe this is more of an an effort in optics, a way for the trump campaign to say, we're pushing into blue battlegrounds, not just michigan and pennsylvania. if you talk to republican strategists, they don't see a chance for donald trump to break through here. they say he doesn't have the kind of ground operation you would need to be able to capitalize on late momentum in a place like minnesota tilted blue for so long. that isn't going to stop him from coming here and trying to get his best shot. >> we will listen in live. thank you so much from minneapolis.
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donald trump's last minute bid in minnesota along with heavy campaigning in michigan has a lot of democrats taking a second glance at the traditional blue wall of electoral votes. let me bring in our political gur rue here to break down what exactly is going on. how do you explain this? >> there is clearly more competitiveness, a tightening happening in some of these blue states because you would not see barack obama and hillary clinton twice and bill clinton twice all visiting michigan unless the clinton campaign thought they had to shore something up. let's look at the overall electoral map. you see there five states in yellow. those are the five remaining real toss-up battleground states. if you add up every blue leaning state and solid state hillary clinton is two shy of where she needs to be to win the white house. she can win any one of those
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yellow states and she gets there. they are feeling good about nevada, six electoral votes there based on the early vote. donald trump at 204, he needs to sweep every remaining battleground state and if he isn't able to do that, that's why you see him in minnesota, in michigan, looking for somewhere else to find votes so he's not just a no room for error, must sweep every battleground state. to see if there's opportunity in the blue states as well. >> okay, david, thank you so much. let's broaden this out to his point about these blue states and where trump could have a chance and also manu is reporting, jay newton small, author of "broad influence" women are changing the way america works and david wur lich, assistant editor of the "washington post." lynn sweet, the washington bureau chief of chicago sun times and manu raju, great to
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see you on a beautiful sunday in d.c. with your reporting between the most powerful republican in congress and your republican at the top of the ticket here, it was an almost moment. >> there was an almost moment. last month when he told republicans in a private conference call he would no longer defend donald trump and would not campaign with donald trump in the aftermath of the access hollywood video. it turns out he did campaign with donald trump today in wisconsin. offered to appear at the campaign stop with donald trump. they cancelled the plans and changed the schedule. that didn't work out. yesterday paul ryan appeared on stage with mike pence, trump's running make as they tried to campaign for ron johnson, in a tight race, surprisingly tight race. but it goes to the point that a couple of things, paul ryan is under a lot of pressure from trump supporters who want him to
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do more even within his own conference and he recognizes that. and also, there is a real belief that this is tightening, this race is tightening and that republicans need to come home as paul ryan said and they could win this race. there's some republicans who are concerned if they don't have that message, they could end up getting blames if they don't do more to help the top of the ticket. a lot of dynamics playing out because polls are tightening. >> you don't see it as the trump campaign throwing shade on the speaker? >> i have no evidence of that right now. it seems to me more of an effort by paul ryan to mend fences because he knows his position to not defend or campaign with donald trump got a lot of blow back. >> i want to bring this up to all of you, speaker ryan wrote the cnn op-ed. where he does mention donald trump by name, go to -- this is the url and what unified republican government can get you and then vote republican. donald trump, our senate candidates and house candidates
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to start turning things around. if republicans do not turn out and sit this one out, we'll open the door not just to hillary clinton but also a democratic congress eager to give her a blank check. he's saying sort of what we've been hearing jay from trump as far as you elect her, investigation, drama and scandal -- >> i mean, that is the case that certainly republicans have made all along. she's the worser of the two options. if you look at supreme court nominations and if you look at policy and these things but it is still really striking and as you go into the end of this final stretch of this campaign, the last 48, 52 hours, that you see hillary clinton campaigning -- if you look at the beginning of her rallies, she has this laundry list of people who are there supporting her from the senate candidates and gubernatorial to the house candidates to the mayor and school board people and on and on. all of these people are there to get elected. you go to the trump rallies and trump yesterday said me andmy wife and son eric.
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and it's so striking it's such a nontraditional campaign that trump is running because he's running as an outsider and has run against the establishment of washington as a whole, republican or democrat. the really big question there, what effect that has on the down ballot and whether his coat tails are big enough or detriment. >> why saying vote republican, vote republican, vote republican. on the blue wall, let's me ask you, the fact that jeff zeleny said you have the president of the united states twice in michigan -- david chalian and you have bill clinton in michigan, this should be traditionally a lock for her. why then do you see this as nerves among the clinton campaign? >> i don't see this as nerves and tomorrow you're going to have both clinton and donald trump in grand rapids, which is an interesting place, the home of the gerald ford museum and home to what i call the amway
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vote, a conservative slice of michigan. the whole tumble in the polls is directly due to the fbi, director comy and his reopening the i mail decision. >> think of the independents in new hampshire, there is the event in new hampshire as well. >> i think she's still in the lead but this new negative campaigning that's going to the end, that the clinton campaign wanted, i don't think it's anything but the fbi -- fbi revelation. and as a result of that, it reopened michigan. i would have thought that the vote there could have been more solid because the issues are playing to her, especially with flint on the table with the republican governor in michigan but it isn't. it was just turns out to be more
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fragile than anyone had thought. >> it is more fragile and it is electoral college vote rich. we talk about ohio having 18 electoral votes, michigan has 16. you can't afford if you're the democrats to have the bottom fall out in a state you thought -- >> what about minnesota? what is trump doing there? it's since 1972. let me say that again, that it's gone democrat. >> i was just looking at that last poll of polls you showed and it was eight or nine points in favor of secretary clinton. >> 11th hour last ditch. romney was in pennsylvania and that didn't work for him -- >> it's hard to see why the trump campaign is a big -- they must think they know something but it is hard to see why they think they have a shot at minnesota with three days left. >> it seems to be a lot of that is a message, more than actual reality, that they can win it, to tell the voters and supporters, we're on offense and we're expanding the map. we're not shrinking, we're fighting in these blue states. but one thing i want to point out, the nbc wall street journal
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poll today had a concerning number for trump supporters, white college educated voters supporting hillary clinton more than donald trump. those are key -- particularly for republicans, senators and people in key downticket races, they need those voters to come to the polls and support them and top of the ticket as well. that's a national poll, we'll see how that plays in the battleground state. >> that's a quick point. you know, as long as trump is losing in a heavy way, the hispanic vote and white college educated voters, it's hard to see his path to 270. it's just -- >> i think that may be one of the biggest -- let me hit pausz. i want to keep you around. i'm glad you messaging, because that's a big parlt of this, do not forget, tuesday, election day. we've been leading up to the super bowl of politics, election night in america.
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we're back live in washington. jake tapper just set down next to me. you have a letter in your hands from the director of the fbi in the wake of this reopening of the this review of the e-mails regarding hillary clinton. read the letter. >> it's shocking news. it's from the director of the fbi to all of the same republican chairman of the committees on the house and senate about the information
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that they've been looking at in antho anthony we anthony computer, we're sticking with our original assessment. >> not criminal. >> no criminal acts took place. obviously he also said the way hillary clinton and her staff handled the information was extremely careless. the headline is nothing new here changed our conclusion. dear mr. chairman, i write to supplement night october 28th letter that notified you the fbi would be taking additional investigative steps with respect to former secretary of state clinton's use of a personal e-mail server since my letter the team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of e-mails from a device contained in relation to a unrelated criminal investigation, anthony weiner. we reviewed all of the information to and from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in
12:22 pm
july with respect to secretary clinton, that none of the acts were criminal and very grateful to the professionals at the fbi for doing an extraordinary amount of high quality work in a short period of time sincerely yours, james comey. >> we were on air two fridays ago, the letter to members of congress and to leaders saying we're going back and looking, she's been under huge, huge criticism. democrats have been furious with comey which has been a flip-flop from earlier in the summer. what influence -- we're two days out. how will this impact what happens tuesday? >> it's hard to say. two fridays ago the october 28th letter, the race was already tightening but it's hard to conclude anything other than the fact it it really hurt secretary clinton and cloud hurt her. a lot of democrats believe that what it did is re-republicans were were leaning towards hillary clinton, it drove them back into donald trump's camp when he has been more
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disciplined with his message, sticking to the teleprompter and phone having been wrenched away by kellyanne conway so he's not tweeting in the middle of the night. that says basically the remember, never mind, forget i said that, we're going back to what we said. >> i thought comey wasn't going to say anything -- we thought it would take so much longer. >> the guidance we got is they were going to review the materials but that it might take weeks or months until they reviewed all materials. obviously there was a cloud over secretary clinton's head here, what are they going to find? what are the new materials and that cloud has certainly hurt her with voters. now we have james comey saying we reviewed it and our conclusion is the same. not to say we didn't find anything in or inappropriately forwarded. it is just this conclusion we reached back then, we still
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believe the same thing, there is no prosecutor, no reasonable prosecutor that would take this case. >> this is a huge deal. stay with me quickly, i want to go to jeff zeleny there at the clinton event in ohio. what sort of a response have you gotten from the clinton campaign, jeff? >> reporter: brooke, hillary clinton is flying here to cleveland as we speak. we have no direct reaction from her but her national press secretary brian fallon tweeted this, we were always confident nothing would cause the july decision to be revisited. now director comey has confirmed it. that is the early reaction from the clinton campaign. obviously they view this as welcome news and good news here. of course, they have been very critical of the fbi director's decision to jump in the fray a little more than a week ago friday, when that bombshell really did change the trajectory of this race. now they are wondering of
12:25 pm
course, if they certainly can't undo that. but they are certainly happy to see this letter coming out and the clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn, just learning this as we are and they are going to get the word out here. you can expect democratic surrogates and hillary clinton herself, i would expect would address this here in cleveland. this is coming right before tuesday and several states where early voting is not going on. pennsylvania being one and michigan being one. unclear if it can undo all of the political damage, if you will other the last week or so. they certainly view this as welcome news today. when hillary clinton takes the stage behind me here with lebron james, i would be very surprised if she did not mention this letter from director comey. >> thank you so much. lynn is sitting next to us and james tapper, it's an i told you so from the clinton campaign.
12:26 pm
but it's impossible to undo early votes already cast. >> it's better than nothing to say the least. there are some states that have no early voting in particular and important in this case, pennsylvania, which is a state that they need, that the clinton people need to keep that 270 number in mind. i think when we do all of the postmortems, this late decision for comey. >> on a sunday afternoon. >> better than nothing but just to revisit those few weeks ago when he started up, if this review could have been done this quickly, it adds to the critics that say you shouldn't have said anything at all until you know. postmortem aside, the number of undecided swing voters is something that the clinton campaign is in better shape to know probably than the trump campaign which may mean this excursion into minnesota might
12:27 pm
be a few hours that they needed someplace else. >> can i just say, two days we always like to say two days is a lifetime in politics. it actually takes more than two days for something to really seep into the bloodstream. there are going to be a lot of people who go to polls on tuesday who don't know about this letter, even if it's covered from now until then by the media. people who are just -- it's a sunday and people are outside watching the football game and playing with kids and working, double shift, people who aren't going to learn about this. if you want to get something out in politics generally speaking and comey does not operate according to politics or political schedule, if you want to get something out, you need at least a week really and bare minimum four or five days. >> he have evan perez on the phone and everyone assumed we would hear nothing from james comey of all times on apr sunda before election day. what is your reaction?
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>> well, what we were told by the fbi, don't expect us to provide any piecemeal updates, we're going to provide an update when we have a conclusion, when we know what we're dealing with and know what is on these e-mails and been able to assess them. that is in keeping with what's happened here it appears that what they've been doing is frankly working 24/7, trying to figure out e-mails and make sure they land -- to verify and prepare them to before and again, you don't have to look at those again and narrow down, focus on the ones that you have not. that is what has happened. we were told initially it would be a couple of days to at least separate the e-mails that they have not have to look again, that they didn't have to worry about, we knew they were building -- talked with just to
12:29 pm
make sure they can go through can key word searches and narrow down to examine more carefully. that appears -- to be what happened here. to be honest, we thought this would take a lot longer, weeks. the danger for the fbi, this might not be the last of it. somewhere, somewhere else there might be some e-mails and they live somewhere else that we'll be back here again in two months, three months, a year, that's always the danger with e-mails. >> this is stunning, i'm listening to you, watching the trump plane, as he's about to speak to the crowd in minneapolis and right side of the screen we're waiting for president obama, we just saw him go from marine one, air force one. all of this as news from the fbi director should start to swirl, letters to congress saying
12:30 pm
ultimate conclusion with what we reached a couple of months ago with regard to hillary clinton's e-mail private e-mail investigation. let me go to i. you're hearing all of this for the first time. your response? >> as you said, this is going to shape up to be an i told you so for democrats. they have a case to make that comey could have waited until after the election, if there was nothing to see here, why did he have to do this a week before the election and potentially influence the election. if clinton loses this will be a source of controversy, unending, at the same time, brooke, i would say comey has an argument to make, if it's accurate that it was two thursdays ago this landed on his desk and two fridays ago that he issued that first letter to congress, i think he has an argument to make that he was trying not to put his thumb on scale by notifying congress in real time rather than waiting until after the election. >> jay? >> i think people here will be really angry, the senate
12:31 pm
candidates in florida and new hampshire where you saw the polls tighten in the last weeks because of this comey letter and now they are both toss-up states and really close. so hassan the governor of new hampshire running against kelly ayotte and patrick murphy running against rubio, these are who people who were riding the coat tails of hillary clinton until the comey letter, first letter. now they are fighting for their lives in these races it's the down ballot effect can't be underestimated here. >> let's take a breath and let me -- if you're just joining us, we're live in washington reporting now on major news as we watch all of these different candidates, you're about to see donald trump speaking to a crowd in minnesota, we're waiting for the president of the united states in florida, all the while major news just dropped. we have this letter from the fbi director, james comey to members of congress essentially saying
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they are standing by their findings from several months ago with regard to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. that ultimate conclusion was that that was not criminal. but the question remains, when this news initially broke, he was taking a closer look at the e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop, that didn't necessarily help hillary clinton especially with all of these early votes that have been cast over the last week or so. now you have the clinton campaign essentially able to say we told you so, we will hear how she responds to that when she speaks if the president touches it when he speaks in florida. and how donald trump responds. this is something that he's grabbed on to and stayed on message beyond talking about those rising obama care premiums, this has been the other significant narrative from the trump campaign to be able to say if you elect her, you'll have years of drama and
12:33 pm
investigation and reminding everyone, you know, of what the fbi was looking into. >> carl bern stein is on the phone with me and has written the book on hillary clinton and the clintons, carl burnstein, you have said that the e-mail issue would come back to haunt her but now you have the director saying he's standing by his initial conclusion. >> he's standing by his initial conclusions but it deflates to a remarkable extent all of the elation that the trump campaign was running on with his last -- with comey's last quote, bombshell. this is an enormous development. it is a relief for the clinton campaign and hillary clinton of enormous implications it may mean that she has great aid from
12:34 pm
comey in putting this behind her, not certainly to the satisfaction of republicans and trump but it's a big, big step that enables her to claim that she now has once again been, quote, exonerated in a legal sense by the investigators of this whole matter. and if she were to win the election i cannot imagine that she's not going to try and find some way to through some remarks in next few days to try and put this thing behind her as best she can so that it doesn't continue to come back and snap at her heels if she's elected. though obviously there are going tosh people snapping away for a long time. >> carl, thank you. dana bash is joining me now.
12:35 pm
dana, sure the clinton campaign has two or so days to right this message but at the same time, the big unknown is how much damage has already been done. >> i really don't think you can put the toothpaste back in the tube at this point. they are going to try as much as possible. no question about it on the clinton front. but look, the reason why this was such a bombshell for obviously -- a bad one for the clinton campaign and good one for the trumt p campaign is that it fed into a narrative that the trump campaign was already pushing and one that every poll showed was the biggest soft spot for hillary clinton, honest and trust worthiness and questions of whether or not the big picture, whether or not you want somebody who is -- has been in washington and a part of the system for decades and decades. so given that -- >> i heard jake telling you
12:36 pm
earlier, it takes a while in the the dna of a political story for it to really seep in. i think that's true. >> he's right. it's not -- the '60s or '70s, information moves extremely fast with social media, with 24-hour cable and you name it but at the same time, forget about the fact that there are people who have cast their votes with information that the fbi is relooking, reopening, whatever it is they had done at these e-mails, it's still unclear how much of an impact this will have on the people in like pennsylvania that don't have early voting, whether or not it's really going to seep into consciousness. i have to say, you talk to evan perez, our steler reporter who covers the justice department saying that he was told it would take a long time. it's mind blowing to me that if it was doable, why they didn't
12:37 pm
try to keep it quiet, understanding there could be leaks, deal with it when that comes but keep it quiet, figure it out, put all of your army of agents on this knowing the political dynamite this was going to be and then deal with it then, especially given that the outcome is what it is. >> yeah. yeah. you're right. i mean, folks who said he was afraid it would have leaked and cloud on the fbi and looked like withholding. >> that's understandable. >> you make a valid point. here's my next question, we'll see donald trump momentarily and we see the president, let me know when we want to dip in where. this is a huge piece of trump's narrative. look what crooked hillary has been into and fbi and this and that. does he skip it or ignore it? >> it's hard to tell, not only is it a big part of the
12:38 pm
narrative but 180 from the narrative he had before a week ago friday. i was with him in iowa when he started to say maybe the system is not rigged, remember the guy who i said was the worst person in the world, james comey because he didn't feel criminal charges against hillary clinton, never mind. >> changed his tune. >> he's a great guy. his narrative completely turned on its head in a successful way for donald trump. we'll see whether he does -- it does another 180. my suspicion is he'll gloss over the facts that we just got in this letter today and talk more about the narrative that he had been sort of painting a big picture about hillary clinton as the ultimate insider but we'll see. >> we will, we'll take it and listen, thank you, don't go too far. we want to get reaction from our political a-team here at cnn, david chalian, you've been
12:39 pm
listening to our chat since tapper broke it and read the comey letter here. your thoughts, sir? >> it is just mind boggling that the fbi director after inserting himself into the campaign with 11 days to go finds a way to reinsert himself into the campaign with just a couple of days to go. i want us to take a step back and look where we are in the race, which is in no small part to the fbi -- the director comey's initial letter to the hill, both campaigns, both data operations will tell you that they saw significant real impact on the race after that news came out. to have sort of hey, never mind, big never mind, after seeing what -- look at the map right now, you see tighter contest, a tighter race nationally, you see the clinton campaign going to
12:40 pm
fortify the democratic leaning states. some of that was going to happen. there was going to be a natural tightening, no doubt that republicans and democrats both saw that tightening happening but jim comey put it on steroids in a way that altered the dynamic of the final stretch of the race and to now two days before the election say, never mind,ing in to see here, it's an astonishing moment, one that i can't really find in my memory as i'm searching for a comparable moment that has happened. >> yeah. it's tough to find one. let me add two more pieces, this is breaking getting reaction from the clinton campaign. just got handed this from jennifer palmieri with the clinton campaign, we have seen director comey's latest letter to the hill. we're glad to see he has found as we were confident that he would, confirmed the conclusions reached in july and we're glad this matter is resolved. and we're also hearing from -- also saying it's ultimately this
12:41 pm
is resolved. another voice to bring in here, she says resolved. that's a mighty big word. >> it certainly where they want to leave this and essentially say there is nothing to see here. in many ways that seems to be what comey is saying in that letter after raising so many questions with that other letter that really gave i think donald trump a closing argument that he hadn't had before. that closing argument, you did see as david said some tightening in the polls, specifically talking to folks in north carolina and they saw a drop in support among constituencies that had been for hillary clinton, specifically white voters, then start to shift back to donald trump. so there was a real impact i think with this october surprise. tippic chi all of things we think of that had effects on campaign, the 47% remark, you
12:42 pm
look back and that, it didn't have that much impact but this i think is one of those things that really did have an impact. now you have comey in just days before people will go to the polls in a lot of these states, pennsylvania and michigan, states that haven't voted at all yet, here it is inserting himself in a way that i think the clinton campaign is breathing a sigh of relief but certainly if you're the clinton campaign you want to see this much earlier and not see comey reinsert himself into this campaign at all initially. >> dana said it two paces out, it's tough to put it back. manu raju, we have the letter here to members of congress. how are members are congress responding? >> right now you are not hearing a lot officially. i can tell you from e-mails and text messages, they are livid. they are concerned that this initial letter had such a major impact on the -- not just the
12:43 pm
race for the president -- >> down ballot. >> that is to the point that folks were making earlier, it's not going to -- it's going to take a while for people to understand that comey is not moving forward and people -- the initial letter reignited questions about her trust, her honesty and led to these questions, maybe she'll be impeached some day. you don't want to go through the clinton years all over again. it became very difficult for democrats downticket to defend hillary clinton saying that we're supporting a nominee who is under fbi investigation. that was a very damaging impact on the ticket. it changed the -- democrats are almost certainly going to take the senate and maybe they won't, maybe barely a majority. some of those races will be determined by one or two percentage points. democrats i'm hearing from are just furious.
12:44 pm
what does this mean for james comey's future too and hillary clinton is not obligated to keep him on as fbi -- >> didn't have to fulfill the tenure. >> that will be an interesting relationship to see. this looks terrible for james comey as well. >> it is a busy sunday before election day. we're waiting to hear if he does or doesn't mention it. hillary clinton speaking later in cleveland. i remember talking to you, gloria, the initial review of the breaking news happened two fridays ago and i remember you saying, why would james comey insert himself so close to the election. gloria, it's sunday afternoon and he's now reinserted himself and it's all essentially for not. >> it's as if he set -- the race on its head and then came out never mind.ver mind about it, - what i did before, don't worry.
12:45 pm
and as dana was saying earlier, it's hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube. by doing this, which we totally understand why he's doing it because his initial letter had not enough detail, it raised all of the questions about were these classified e-mails and we have all of these leaks saying they weren't hillary clinton e-mails and then the story took on a life of its own which donald trump picked up on. the sunday before the election, people of the fbi give them a lot of credit. it's mind numbing they went through all of this work. usually government does not work that quickly, in case you hadn't noticed. they went through all of the e-mails and said by the way, this doesn't change our original conclusions. so the question everyone then asks is, as manu is saying, why did you raise it in the first
12:46 pm
place? or when you raise the original question why didn't you see what the unanswered questions were? it's a mess. i understand why he's doing it. i think it may be too late but if i were the clinton campaign as brian fallon tweeted and said look, we thought this was nothing and she would be exonerated, et cetera, et cetera, i would say it was a big ball of nothing but i doubt that donald trump is going to do that. >> we all live in the news bubble and want to know when the candidates sneeze. but it's a sunday afternoon and so many people aren't sitting there and watching cnn, let alone aren't paying attention to any teeny tiny massive news develop. . dana bash, i'm curious shy of ticker tape parades and goodyear blimps and who knows what, who can the clinton campaign do to communicate this with folks who haven't voted the message from
12:47 pm
director comey? >> trying to figure that out right now. get it out there as much as you can, starting with the candidate, push it out to all of their social media lists, use the really sort of high tech social media and other get out the vote operation that they have to inform people. and then just kind of hope that people understand and get the message. i think in some ways i'm getting the people sitting in brooklyn right now are trying to figure out how aggressively do we push this because by pushing by them pushing out the never mind it was a big nothing burger, you're telling the story of what happened in the first place if that makes any sense. >> great point. >> you're reminding people it's a thing, not that most people need a reminder. one thing i was thinking as we watched donald trump gear up here, another reason why this
12:48 pm
was such a game changer because when i was doing reporting last week on why donald trump was suddenly mr. on message, teleprompter trump as i call him of the one of the people close to him told me he got so focused was because of this fbi letter, comey issue was described as a thunder bolt from god, that went at him and said this is a big deal. maybe you should get focused and disciplined and do what i need to do because with this maybe i could win. that's another way that the initial letter changed the dynamics of this race. and again, ripples out from there as you were talking about with manu and others. >> so let me throw it on you, i remember we were watching, i want to say it was a final debate when donald trump was talking about he'll keep everyone in suspense as to whether or not he would ultimately concede. let me play out a scenario in
12:49 pm
which donald trump wins, a president elect trum many and we have the damage that has been done, perhaps we'll never quantify it from the initial news two weeks ago, is there any move from the clinton campaign post election day? >> to say that these results are not -- to challenge the results you mean? is that what you mean? >> i don't know -- yeah, yeah. >> that's a big if. that's several hypotheticals down the road. i think it would be possible certainly, it doesn't seem that's the m.o. of the clinton campaign, where they have been going. i don't know -- it's certainly historically, very different circumstances but you know, go back to clinton -- to bush/gore in 2000, gore was not happy with the way things went but he accepted the results and he even as vice president gavelled it in
12:50 pm
before the house of representatives, certified the vote. so it's hard to imagine that happening but you know what, it's hard to imagine the fact that we're talking 48 hours before election day that the fbi director yet again threw a >> kind of feel like the grenade has exploded. i'm thinking of possible scenarios. >> great point. >> yeah, david, we just learned bruce springsteen, in the thick of this, we learned bruce springsteen will be performing tomorrow night before the me mega obama/clinton rally. there was springsteen and obama year ago, showing the show of force with the news. it will be a huge night in philadelphia tomorrow. >> no doubt about it. bruce stripringsteen closed out. i don't think his partisanship
12:51 pm
is a surprise. the final philadelphia event, hillary clinton, barack obama, michelle obama, bruce springsteen. remember, the great -- >> letter to the hill. we are glad to see he had found, as we were confident he would, that he has confirmed the conclusions that he really reached in july. we're glad this matter is resolved. i have one other thing to tell you, which is that we are adding a guest to our rally on tomorrow night in philadelphia. bruce springsteen will be appearing and performing and appearing with not just the clintons but the president and the first lady. >> sorry, david. we wanted to quickly get that in. from the plane, from the hillary clinton campaign there. again, the word, to reiterate, they feel like, you know, obviously, all of this from comey and the fbi is resolved. adding the news about bruce
12:52 pm
springste springsteen. please, sir, continue. >> i was just saying bruce string ste springsteen has been a shall ward at the end of the presidential campaigns for a little more than a decade now. pennsylvania doesn't have a tradition of early voting. most of the voters vote on election day in pennsylvania. closing out the rally there with such superstar power, the obamas, bruce string stepringst clintons together, make sure people get to the polls on tuesday in pennsylvania. this is the third time in this presidential election, one of the most amazing presidential elections any of us have ever covered, where jim comey, the fbi director, has made himself center stage in the middle of the campaign. >> well, on jim comey, let me now read, david, and everyone, we have gotten a tweet. this is from the campaign manager from donald trump. kellyanne conway. she tweets, this is in response to brian fallon from the hillary
12:53 pm
clinton campaign. why did you, your colleagues and your candidate attack comey and his credibility? david? >> well, you remember how this went, right? when jim comey came out in july and said he was recommending no charges, though he thought hillary clinton had -- >> republicans jumped all over it. >> you got it. republicans jumped all over him. then a week ago friday, when he came out and said there were these new e-mails found. we have to go through them. democrats jumped all over him. no doubt it happened. each was playing to that perspective. kellyanne conway is saying, hey, it was a week ago that you guys were complaining about this guy. although i will say, i don't hear a lot of praise for jim comey. i hear more relief that the matter has been resolved. i don't think you're going to see, quite frankly, from either eid of the aisle at this point, a lot of people standing up and saying jim comey acted so incredibly well in this presidential campaign. i think you'll hear from both sides of the aisle that he probably was a little too
12:54 pm
involved in the presidential campaign. >> let's take a moment and listen in to donald trump on the stump in minneapolis. >> as we all say together, when we win on november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp. and i'm going to help you on immigration in minnesota because i know what's happening to you. it's not a good thing. it's not pretty. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring jobs back to our country. america has lost 1/3 of its manufacturing jobs since nafta. a deal originally signed by bill clinton and supported by hillary. america has lost 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization.
12:55 pm
another bill and hillary-backed disaster. minnesota ranks fourth nationwide for the highest share of jobs lost due to a trade deficit with china. did you know that? you're fourth. at least you're not first. and then you're going to vote for the people that did that to you? i don't think so. why do i feel good about minnesota? i'll tell you one thing. i'll tell you one thing. if i don't win minnesota, i'm going to look real bad to those pundits that i do not respect very much. and there are some of them right up there, the world's most dishonest people, the media. totally dishonest people. they are the dishonest people. hey, send a camera outside to
12:56 pm
take a look at the crowd, also. and when clhillary clinton was secretary of state, our trade deficit with china grew 40%. great job, hillary. we're giving through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. no country has ever lost jobs like we've lost jobs. ford laid off 794 workers. moved their jobs overseas. moneygram laid off 408 workers in brooklyn center and moved the jobs overseas. great batch laid off 200 workers in plymouth and moved their jobs, like so many others, to mexico. not going to happen, folks, anymore. it's over. it's over. it's over. speed manufacturing laid off 952
12:57 pm
people in hastings and moved their jobs to mexico. ibm laid off 500 workers in minneapolis. moved their jobs to india and various other countries. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america. we will stop the jobs from leaving minnesota. and we'll stop them immediately. it's one of the reasons i ran. it's one of the main reasons i ran. and so simple. if a company wants to leave minnesota, fire their workers and move to another country, and then ship their products back into the united states, through what will be a very, very strong border, i promise you, we will make them pay a 35% tax on those products. and i'll tell you what will
12:58 pm
happen. not very complicated. they won't move. they're not going to move. they're not going to move. our politicians are controlled by special interests, donors and others, and some of them aren't very bright. you know, you've been hearing this for years. how do we stop this terrible outflow? they could have stopped it. most people don't even think of these things. let me tell you, you put atta ts on those products, when they want to move to mexico, it's a different ball game. they stay with you. when we lower tax on business, which we're going to do, we're going to start new businesses, businesses will expand, and we'll have a lot of jobs. we will also unleash american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal. we're beginning to put our miners back to work, put our steel workers back to work.
12:59 pm
we will also cancel all harmful obama regulations that hurt minnesota farmers, workers and small businesses. you've been hurt. i'll tell you, honestly, because i was looking at the stats, i have, like, a lot of time on airplanes. i look at stats. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to the "lead." i'm jake tapper. we have huge breaking news this sunday afternoon here in washington, d.c. two days before the election, fbi director james comey has yet again weighed in on the hillary clinton e-mail server investigation. today, in a letter to congress, comey said that the fbi has not found anything in those new e-mails discovered that would change their conclusions reached in july. here's what comey had to say back then in july. >> although we did not find
1:00 pm
clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extre extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> in short, comey concluded that hillary clinton and her team were careless but not criminal. now, for a week, it appeared to be an open question, if the fbi would re-evaluate its findings two fridays ago. comey informed congress has investigators stumbled upon new, potentially pertinent e-mails uncovered on a computer, one we found out was shared by disgraced ex-congressman