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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 8, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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♪ let's make history together. thank you and god bless you. >> at the finish line after an election like no other. will hillary clinton make history today? and we will make america great again. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. >> oh, but donald trump looks for an upset victory when the votes are counted tonight. >> and the first results, they are already in, and one candidate jumped out to a very
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early lead on this election day. thank gooldness for dixville or people would have nothing to talk about. good morning. welcome to "early start. i'm john berman. >> there's plenty to talk about. i'm christine romans. it is 3:00 a.m. in the east. we welcome our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. zero more days until the election. zero more hours in fact, zero more debates and rallies, zero more october surprise it and november reversals. thank goodness we have a countdown clock. the candidates campaigned silly until a short time ago, state after state, stop after stop, from bon jovi to bill belichick. the candidates throwing every bit of star power they could muster for a final sprint. the least we can do is have the countdown clock on the right side of the screen. the first election day results are in, that alert coming in just moments. >> we are all over this pre-dawn
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election with the candidates in battleground states. we are here in the studio as well. let's go first to cnn's phil mattingly in raleigh, north carolina. hillary clinton finished up her final campaign stop a short time ago. phil. >> reporter: that's exactly right, john. just a couple of hours ago the official campaigning came of, maybe you could say, mercifully to an end. what it comes down to today, hillary clinton is actually not back in new york yet. her schedule ran a little long, so she is still in the air. she will land, go vote this morning near her home in chappaqua and all of the highs will be on the javits center where she is having election night party, where everybody will be waiting to see if history is made and if it is what she has to say about it. before she had to do that, it was a closing pitch. guy, we have paid close attention to every word she's been saying over the course of her 18-month campaign. today a different tone. take a listen. when your kids and grand kids ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line,
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you'll be able to say you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america! [cheers]. >> an america where we build bridges, not walls. >> reporter: and, john, was interesting was the message from grand rapids to pittsburgh to philadelphia to right here in raleigh what, not a systematic tearing down of donald trump, which we've seen so much over the course of the last couple of months. instead, it was laying out the stakes, laying out an optimistic case, even talking about an inclusive country, healing the country after this damaging last election cycle i guess you would say. that was a shift, and it was one by deside. aides say they recognize if hillary clinton wins tonight a lot of healing has to be done, a lot of governing that has to be done, trying to close the gap
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here. how do you try to close that gap? how do you try to close out a campaign? in a midnight rally in a swing state like north carolina which both sides acknowledge is a toss up. my lifelong dream of attending a lady gaga concert, it happened on the campaign trail a couple of hours ago. >> thank goodness, phil. your bucket list, check it off. >> it took a lot to earn that concert. he's been flying for a year. donald trump is back home this morning. he will cast his vote here in new york city. he hit five states in about 12 hours overnight, finishing in michigan by declaring this is our independence day. cnn's lynn is with us. >> reporter: good morning. trump just finished his last rally shortly after 1:00 a.m. he is in the air flying back to new york right now. as he campaigned on his final day, he seemed a little confident. he said point-blank he thinks he is going to win today. he also got a little reflective at times, saying it has been 511 days since he first declared his
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candidacy for president and said it has certainly been a very long journey out there. as he went around and made his final pitch to voters in the five states that he hit all day yesterday, he seemed determined to try to end on an optimistic note, striking a tone of hope at times. here is his final pitch a few hours ago in grand rapids, michigan. i'm asking you to dream big because with your vote we are just hours away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. so to every parent who dreams for their child and to every child who dreams for their future, i say these words to you tonight. i am with you, i will fight for you and i will win for you, i promise. >> reporter: now, it is expected donald trump will cast his vote today in new york at some point this morning.
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he also watched returns for part of the day in trump tower and will move over to his watch party in a hotel in midtown manhattan. guys, that is only 1.5 miles away from hillary clinton's watch party tonight, so certainly an interesting dynamic going on between the two candidates so very close. >> it is interesting. new york not considered a swing state so we don't get much actual campaigning here, but both campaigns ending here 1.5 miles from each other. great to have you with us. the first votes in the nation have been cast this morning in the tiny town of dixville notch in new hampshire. it is a big day. polls opened at midnight and closed at 12:01 a.m. this is a tradition dating back to 1960. only in new hampshire do they get to have these traditions. they hang on to traditions like no other place, fiercely, defiantly, angrily. let's bring in cnn's racial crane from dixville notch this morning. rachel, give us the results. >> reporter: john, they
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certainly are clinging to this tradition here. right now i am in an empty room, but at midnight this room was buzzing with activity. there were tons of media and eight residents of dixville notch casting some of the first ballots cast on election day of 2016. those votes were tallied minutes following, and this is how it broke down. hillary clinton receiving four of the eight votes here in dixville notch. trump two. there was one dixville resident who wrote in mitt romney. gary johnson getting one vote here. dixville notch is not the only town here in new hampshire that engages in this practice of midnight voting. it also happens in harts location as well as mills field. i should say though that collectively in these midnight voting towns trump is actually beating hillary clinton. the votes break down to trump
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32, hillary clinton 25. but certainly as they've pointed out, right now it might be a little dead in here, john, but before it was wild. >> dixville notch, they know how to party at midnight on election days. >> reporter: they do. >> we trust you, rachel. thanks so much. >> every vote counts no matter where you are. we'll be here with continuous election coverage today. >> and continual. >> yes, and all through election night. stay with cnn until the last vote is counted. >> it is all in the hands of the voters now. both candidates left nothing to chance. they were on the trail until a short time ago. the final sprint, trying to make their case to voters. don't go anywhere. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ all right. it is 3:12 a.m. on the east coast of america. this is our special election day coverage. what a day this will be.
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want to bring in our guest, cnn political commentator, john phillips, who does a slew of things including hosting a radio show in los angeles. former bernie sanders press secretary, simone with us. brian stelter with us. ell ellis hannigan. simone, people don't get to hear our conversations during the breaks. but christine romans was wondering if you're going to campaign, what do you do now? people are voting, you worked for bernie sanders in the primaries. what is going on right now? >> you go vote. you take your candidate, the press, you vote. the candidate addresses the press, gives a little wave and it is great. sometimes they go to breakfast with family, friends, any special surrogates or notable celebrities in town. you hit the streets, probably a barber shop, a beauty shop, maybe outside of a school. not close to a polling place because you don't want to violate laws, and then you go
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away. so your candidate goes down for a bit of the day because he or she needs to prepare and get ready for the evening. but regardless whether you think you are going into the day winning or losing, you have to get out there today. you get out there and you just give it your all because this could be your last day as a candidate. >> what is remarkable the last day of a candidate for both of these people, about 1.5 miles away from each other here in new york city. which is fascinating. i want to talk about the tone of the campaign and hillary clinton last night spoke about the tone, she regrets the tone of this entire campaign. let's listen to what she said. we have to bridge the divides in our country. i regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became. >> not your fault.
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>> by the way, did any of you see those debates? well, i stood next to donald trump for four-and-a-half hours proving conclusively i have the stamina to be president and commander-in-chief. >> brian stelter, in terms of the campaign over the past five or six days, 70,000 tv ads played, 92% negative, only 8% with any kind of positive, 8% to 10% had a positive message. today is about voting, brian stelter, about tomorrow it will be about what kind of tone is left in this country still, isn't it? >> and hopefully the candidates can play a leadership role, both can play a leadership role in that regard. i would point out hyperpolarization was happening before trump and clinton. this has been happening for years. it has been getting worse, partly because of our media echo chambers and partly because of our social media lives. but these candidates can have a
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leadership role to play and i hope both will in what, about, 18, 19 hours, the time the race is called. >> you heard hillary clinton talking about the debates, a subtle jab at donald trump. the media today sort of spinning hillary clinton was more positive in the last 24 hours, donald trump stayed on the attack. let's play a little bit of what donald trump had to say. we are finally going to close the history books on the clintons and their lies and schemes and corruption. we will open a bright new chapter, focused on you, the american people. >> is it enough, john phillips, when all is said and done, is this enough? donald trump in grand rapids, michigan there, his last event of the day, trying to turn that blue state red. >> right. i think what we're seeing in this election may be the seeds of what we see in future elections. we had a realignment of the presidential lines when barry goldwater ran in the south, which was solidly behind f.d.r.
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and the democrats for years and moved closer to the rep column and now we consider it the base of the republican party. i think what we could see after this election is a shift where the democrats become more competitive in the sun belt and the republicans shift their base to places like iowa. indiana is a state president obama won in 2008. that probably will be the first state that comes in tonight for donald trump. maybe even states like minnesota, wisconsin, michigan on the horizon could be the base of the republican party. >> i think the key word is the horizon there, right? even if donald trump doesn't win them tonight, it is possible you are seeing the beginnings of a shift here, a real true political shift here, worth watching. >> yeah. >> let's talk about early voting because people have been out voting in past days. i want to look at tallies, we're talking about 40 million people, votes cast in 39 states. democrats look like they're leading if florida, north carolina, nevada. when i look at the early vote in florida in particular, it is astonishing me the change.
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hispanics, 89% in early voting over 2008 and just a total tally in some of these numbers. again, what are you learning from the early voting? what does it tell you about what is happening in this race? >> well, you're certainly right to focus on the latinos. that's the huge explosion. unfortunately, there hasn't seemed to be a little bit of a dip in african-american early voting. north carolina i know is one that has the clinton campaign a little bit nervous. to me there's one lingering question that we don't always address here. we think we know based on party registration how those votes are going to line up, and overall it is at least a slight plus for the dems, but what we don't know is how many of those people would have voted anyway on election day. it is better to get your voters out early because you know they vote. if all you're doing is creating great effort in order to shift someone's vote from one day to another, you haven't made that much of a net gain. we have to learn how that plays out after we see the ultimate
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results. >> yeah, the classy political phrase is cannibalization. >> exactly. >> how many election day votes have been cannibalized in early voting. we may have to find a classier terms. >> stick around. >> more than six million people voted if florida. the stakes could not be higher, 29 electoral votes up for grabs in the sunshine state. whoever wins is likely to wind up in the white house. we will take you to the battleground state of florida next. >> have i mentioned we are covering the elections now? these are live pictures from white plains, new york. this is westchester county airport. a lovely place to fly in and out of in case you were wondering. moments from now hillary clinton will be landing in her campaign -- >> it is a cam plane. >> she will be greeted by supporters. we can expect to maybe hear words from secretary clinton on this election morn. stick around. ♪ what the??? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhh... don't you know that checking your credit score
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florida has been there before, and the sunshine state with 29 electoral votes could decide the race between hillary clinton and donald trump. millions of floridians have already cast ballots in early voting, the race going to be too close to call. polls across the state set to open in a few hours. cnn's nick gundy is there. certainly folks have seen tv ads and had a lot of visits from these candidates and surrogates. >> absolutely. their airwaves have been flooded, lots of ad dollars spent here and trips for the candidates and record breaking
12:25 am
turnout for voters. more have voting in the early round than the entire 2000 election combined. a lot has to do with the millions of newly arrived residents, more than three million newly arrived residents since 2000. a lot of people are latinos, and they're voting in record numbers. 89% increase since the 2008 election, but i don't have to tell you, kristine, it is a complicated group here. on the west coast traditional latino tends to vote democrat being. here you have older cubans who are more establishment cubans at odds with the younger who could well vote republican. adding to that is an infliction of port reekons who flooded the i-4 corridor. both donald trump and hillary clinton feel the state is within reach. the 29 electoral votes up for grabs. we should mention the record breaking vote, more than six million votes already cast. the secretary of state's office says there have been no reports of voter irregularity or voter
12:26 am
fraud. that's good you news. they expect more of the same. >> nick valencia in the sunshine state. we will check with you soon. >> a long, strange trip it has been. we got word the travel just ended for hillary clinton. we just got word she touched down at the white plains airport, westchester county airport. you are looking at the silhouette of the hillary clinton campaign plane. it is rolling down the tarmac, about to be greeted by supporters. we will take a quick break. on the other side we'll hear what she has to say. my dentist. definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. why do protein drinks taste then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories.
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. this is cnn breaking news. >> you are looking at westchester county airport in white plains, new york. hillary clinton coming home. this is her home airport where
12:30 am
her plane just landed. both of the candidates coming home to vote. this is election day. >> john berman here alongside christine romans. we will watch as hillary clinton deplanes at westchester county airport. a long, long day for hillary clinton. she just had a rally in raleigh, north carolina. now returning home, awaiting for jeff zeleny who is on the press plane to get to a camera to tell us what it has been like. joining us right now we have cnn's phil mattingly who was in raleigh, north carolina with the hillary clinton campaign in the studio with us. sun lynne safati, reporter extradordinair. phil, first to you, tell us what the mood was in north carolina for the final rally before she headed back to white plains where she is right now. >> reporter: yeah, john, definitely coming off a high off the philadelphia rally, biggest
12:31 am
rally of the campaign by far, 33,000, 34,000 people there. huge stars, not just the musician type, jon bon jovi and bruce springsteen, but president obama and the first lady hammering home an emotional message. it was as big as it got for the campaign. it wasn't a campaign defined by massive rallies we saw in 2008 or even by donald trump. but tonight was that. by the time they got to raleigh, it was great. 6,000 people, packed to the gils inside, a couple thousand outside watching on a big screen and even more performers. lady gaga was there i think specifically for you, john berman, and did a little living on a prayer duet with bon jovi who surprisingly came to raleigh as well. it was good, i will vouch for it, very good. i will say this. the interesting element of the day obviously was where they went. sorry, yesterday now. where they went, what it meant for the campaign in this last stop. this last stop in raleigh, the midnight rally that turned into
12:32 am
a 1:00 a.m. raleigh. why were they here? they don't need north carolina to win tonight, but if they get north carolina it more or less closes the door. when you talk to clinton advisers they make clear they don't know what is going to happen here. that's why the rally i was going to say tonight, i guess early this morning, was so important and where it was was also so important. second rally in raleigh over the course of four days. there's a good reason for that and a good reason on the campus of north carolina state university. they need help with african-american voters and millennial voters in this state. that's what they need to push them over the edge. president obama lost the state in 2012. after the early vote they recognized they had ground to make up. that's why they put the last rally on the schedule and felt good leaving it. it will be interesting to see how it turns out over the next couple of hours. >> the president making the point many times a few more votes in every precinct and he would have done the job in north carolina. every vote matters.
12:33 am
we are seeing the campaign plane for hillary clinton in the westchester county airport after landing from where phil is in north carolina. >> a little bit of the core eography, you are seeing the press traveling with hillary clinton, they are deplaning from the rear of the aircraft right now. they are rushing around the wing to get photos of hillary clinton coming down. tv cameras trying to get there as well. our own reporters rushing off the plane to get live shots, and the crowds waiting. these will be fans, family, friends, staff members, people close to the center of the ring for hillary clinton who want to be there with her when she gets back. sun lynn safati was a campaign reporter, but back in 2008 she covered president obama from beginning to end. she was there for this type of return when the candidate and the staff and the press all returned. >> seeing that door open. >> what's that moment like? >> that moment is exhausting,
12:34 am
john and christine. these campaigns and candidates have worked for so many days, over 500 days in this campaign. so certainly there is going to be an exhaustion when she's met on the tarmac, but this is sort of like a victory lap. no doubt both campaigns fought hard, win or lose. so for hillary clinton arriving back in white plains, new york tonight, being greeted by family and friends for this last sprint, is going to feel good. you know -- road so to speak, certainly for the candidates, and their campaign staff, the feeling hopefully they left everything on the field, win or lose at the end of the day, but certainly a long trek. you can see a lot of the campaign staffers making their way down the stairs right now. >> if you have been working on these campaigns or covering one of these campaigns, this has to be the nerve-wracking moment, right? today is a long day of waiting.
12:35 am
>> it is and there's nothing you can do. you have held every last campaign rally. you have made your final pitch. at this point you hear in the candidates' voices they're going hoarse. they've said everything they can say. now it is just waiting. we know hillary clinton at some point will cast her ballot today, and it is just hunkering down presumably with close family and friends and watching returns and waiting. as she made the joke last night, between now and when the polls close she will be living on a prayer. of course a joke there because she was campaigning with bon jovi. there's not much you can do. >> that's really the only bon jovi joke you could make, and it has been made repeatedly over the last 24 hours, credit to her for that. let's keep watching this because we don't want to miss it when hillary clinton comes out of the plane. so far you've seen, again, more staff come out, secret service come out. that is the process by which this happens, and we will watch for hillary clinton. i have to say i was on this plane with george w. bush. we just saw bill clinton. >> that was bill clinton. >> we just saw bill clinton right there. i was with george w. bush in
12:36 am
2000 when he went back to austin, and he came on the back of the plane before it landed and spoke to each of the reporters that covered him for a long, long time. there is the sense -- >> is that when he had choice words for you, john berman? >> he called me a pain in the as. there is jennifer palminieri. jeff sellman was on the campaign plane. what was it like? >> i did just step off the campaign plane. you can see staffers coming down. i can tell you in this instance hillary clinton did not come to the back of the campaign, did not talk to reporters. jon bon jovi actually talked to reporters, a few of his aides did as well. i can tell you who is on the plane. the former president bill clinton on the plane. hillary clinton of course, the candidate, on the plane. really i would say arriving here on election day with a sense of confidence, certainly more so than i would say two or three
12:37 am
days or so ago. i would say there are couple hundred supporters here, as you said very close friends, family members, supporters here. but what hillary clinton is going to do from this point, john and christine, she is going to vote in a few hours once the polling places opening in chappaqua she will vote early. then i'm told she will go home and get rest and prepare for her speech tonight after the returns come in. we do know that they are preparing speeches either way here, which is typical of course. now you can hear people in the crowd chanting hillary, hillary, john and christine. >> again, responding on that plane, we saw jennifer palmieri, key communication aide. there is bill clinton again. just a glimpse of bill clinton for the crowd there enough to get them to go wild. so interestic the see. >> let's talk a bit about the tone of the closing arguments of these -- of these two candidates, jeff.
12:38 am
>> reporter: i can also tell you, guys, the staff also did something interesting. they filmed what i'm told is a mannequin challenge. that is sort of something that is going on online now, it is a popular thing for people to do. everyone freezes in place and film something that makes people look like wax figures basically, and then they unfreeze. they filmed that as we were still on the ground in raleigh, north carolina. the point is it is bill clinton and hillary clinton and a lot of the advisers, and this will be a video that is posted some time on election day. it says, don't standstill, vote. they did a bit of filming, not a commercial but a campaign video before taking off from raleigh, north carolina. there she is right now waving from the door of the plane. let's watch.
12:39 am
♪ this is my fight song ♪ this is my right song ♪ [chanting]: hillary, hillary, hillary. ♪ >> reporter: just to give you a sense of what is happening here, this is her campaign anthem, "fight song" that is played at every one of her rallies. it is playing here as she is going to greet some of the supporters here waiting in the early hours of the morning to "fight song." i can tell you a lot of excitement here, a lot of her new york supporters eager to see hillary clinton, and they hope
12:40 am
24 hours from now will be the president elect. we will have to see what the voters say about that. >> you know, what a long journey for hillary clinton and bill clinton right there. i was just struck watching bill clinton come down that jet way, walking down the stairs. you know, he did this back in 1992, not to mention 1996, and hillary clinton alongside him. >> no spart phones then reporting every minute. >> no smart phones, no selfies. in 2016 she is not following him, he is following her and these are her people in white plains. this isn't little rock, arkansas, it is westchester new york, and part of the new hillary clinton political machine, this new -- well, not so new anymore, hillary clinton political movement that she hopes carries her past this day. but in is a moment, you know, decades in the making for the clintons right now. >> reporter: john and christine, i think it is also important to point out this campaign has been
12:41 am
so divisive and chaotic but also historic. regardless, when standing there in philadelphia i was reminded of the potential history here. already she will forever be the first woman to become the nominee of a major party, but we are on the brink of potential history tomorrow as well, which watching president obama and watching her next to one another certainly was a sense of a different moment in this country, a changing face of our country, if campaigns are about the changing nature of our country this will be a test of that tomorrow. >> we just saw a man with red hair and ginger beard, that is dan merricka, cnn embedded reporter who has been there 26-hours a day for the last year and a half and he is in the middle of it all trying to get the best shot of this because that's what you do when you cover a campaign. our hat's off to dan and the work he has done covering this.
12:42 am
>> at this point of the campaign they will -- do you think she is going to speak, say a few words? >> jeff, do we expect the hear from secretary clinton? i would think she would want to get on the record at least a little something, if not just a thank you, but do you know? >> reporter: right, i was told about 30 minutes before we landed she was planning on speaking, addressing supporters. and then as we landed they said, we're not sure. we're going to ask the secretary how she is feeling. i do not see a set up here for her to speak, and her van is waiting for her and she is moving closer to the van there. so she now gave a big hug to john podesta for campaign chairman, an embrace there. looks like she is not going to speak. she gave a thumbs up to the crowd. >> that was huma abedin. >> reporter: also traveling with huma abedin, her long-time aide, who is back on the road. she is getting in the van, so she will not be speaking publicly here. she did address people
12:43 am
individually as she went down the rope line on what really is the end of an 18-plus month journey the second time around. but, of course, her second bid for the presidency, all coming to an end later today on election night in new york city. john and christine. >> so remarkable. this is the day america goes to vote and this is the day both of these campaigns and candidates sort of pause and wait. it must be nerve wracking. >> i can tell you as a resident of westchester county, new york, this is roughly six hours later than anyone in that county stays awake. to see these many people gathered in one place at one time in sleepy westchester, it is a remarkable, remarkable vision to see. it really is. it is interesting. >> hillary clinton made a point of that. secretary clinton made a point of that, if i can say in raleigh. she said, boy, this is sure waiting up late for when she came into the arena with lady gaga. it was so energetic. she seemed happy she decided to
12:44 am
stay awake. i'm told this late midnight rally was bill clinton's idea. this is something he did when he was running for president, doing midnight rallies. she agreed, signed on to it. the reason they were in north carolina, it is the tightest battleground state they believe there is, they have a chance of winning. they're not sure if they will win it. they wanted to take one more stab at it early day. >> jeff, what are your plans for the next few hours as the guy though was covering this campaign for cnn, what do you do now? do you try to sleep? can you sleep? >> reporter: well, it is interesting. on election days are very odd days for campaigns and for political reporters. we spend all of our time sort of figuring out what is happening, but i plan to get a little sleep because it will be a long night later today and into the night, of course. but, you know, after the sun comes up in some key states i like to put out some feelers to, you know, political strategists and smart political minds to
12:45 am
see, like, hey, you know, i need an early eyes and ears, let us know what is happening. i think a couple of hours of sleep is probably a good idea here in the next couple of hours, at least until the sun comes up. >> it might be a good idea, jeff sell enny. you put out the feelers and what you hear is record turnout. no matter what the turnout is, it is always record turnouts in key counties. >> reporter: one of the difference is so much early vote. we never had an election with more than 40 million already cast ballots. this comes out of the 2000 election which, john, you covered every step of the way. the florida changed laws with the help america vote act. it is different now. tomorrow there will be, you know, more people have already early voted than ever before here. so we'll see how that affects lines. but the turnout is already registered, and the clinton campaign feels very good about
12:46 am
their florida early vote in particular. not as good in other states like ohio and iowa. >> jeff zeleny where the plane has just landed. hillary clinton departed the van and she is off. she will be voting later today. presumably resting, hunkering down, and everyone comes back out tonight to watch results, maybe do a little bit of retail politics this afternoon. we will have to wait and see. jeff zeleny hopefully will get a couple of hours of sleep. election days are unlike every other normal day. this is what everyone has been waiting for and preparing for. it is a big day, isn't it? >> it is incredible. i know a lot of what they do in philadelphia, some of the best political operatives, they just get together and have lunch on election day. there's nothing to do, no more ads to run. they have lunch and split the bill and it is a moment of camaraderie after months and in some cases a full year of
12:47 am
stabbing each other relentlessly in the front and back. i want to bring in ellis hanikin and brian stelter. brian -- we hope jeff gets the sleep he so badly deserves. jeff was saying it was become's idea and it doesn't surprise me in the sense that this airport arrival on election morn, this is old fashioned politics. i mean this is from the campaign sort of hall of fame. this is old school and in some ways campaigns don't follow this, you know, tried and true map as much anymore. >> thinking about it as a morning tv junky, they are creating visual for the morning shows, something, some final scene for clinton surrounded by love and support. you know, what i see in this image is enthusiasm, confidence from the clinton campaign. i think it is worth noting the trump campaign landed at another airport a few minutes earlier. so trump also making his way back to new york tonight, but they chose not to have this kind
12:48 am
of airport photo-op. it is notable the clinton campaign with bill clinton giving the idea here, showing a real sign of confidence, wanting to create an image for everyone to wake up to. >> john fill limbs here and symone sanders on the set with us. guys, let's talk a little about the closing arguments of the candidates because now is the day people will head to the polls, the 40 million who haven't early voted, and they will take the closing arguments and decide who to vote for. john phillips, what were the closing arguments of your candidate? he was still talking about a rigged system, still talking about hillary clinton who doesn't have the stamina or the morality, frankly, to be able to be the president? >> right. if you look at her positives they have not changed since january so that argument is stuck. they're very low even when she is leading in the polls, those numbers haven't improved. they improved slightly during the convention but came back down to where they were before. if he is going to win this election today, it is going to be through the rust belt, through the brexit states, through ohio, indiana, iowa,
12:49 am
maybe pick off a michigan or a pennsylvania. so he's going to talk about trade, he's going to talk about immigration. he is going to hit those themes that helped him win the primary and helped him look good in some of the polls in those states. >> communication expert symone sanders, hillary clinton chose not to speak right there, at least not to a microphone in a way that would, you know, maybe make tv later on. what do you think was behind that decision? i suppose one could be she has no voice left, we don't know. >> i think she has a voice, but i think the reason she didn't speak is you want the last image or words that folks heard were the words she said at the midnight rally. that's the closing argument she gave. you want actually hear anymore verbal from hillary clinton. you will see her when she goes to vote, she will shake hands, say thank you, but i don't believe she will take the mike. the next time we hear from secretary clinton will be on that stage, whether she wins or loses. >> what is it like preparing those remarks?
12:50 am
they clearly are preparing remarks one way or the other and working on speeches, right? >> working on speeches. a lot is what specifically the candidate wants to say. so i'm sure secretary clinton has an idea of how she wants the speech to flow. probably not too, too different from a little bit of what we heard at her midnight speech. because what you heard is sher kind of mending the two together. you know, we've been through this polarized campaign from all the way back in 2015, and now we are looking forward to hopefully putting these two pieces back together and moving forward together as a country. that's what you can expect to hear in her speech tonight. >> ellis hannikin, i wonder if you agree with me, i bet we hear from donald trump tonight. he will call into a tv show or get his voice out there in some way. >> he will be trying to pry the twitter account out of kellyanne's hands by the time the sun comes up. it is interesting how they calculate these messages, isn't it? i'm thinking about tonight.
12:51 am
hillary will deliver a healing message if she wins, maybe even if she loses. what is interesting is what is the message out of donald trump this evening, right? in victory, will it be a gloat? will it be, i told you so? in defeat will it be, it was rigged, is it a fair election? it will be fascinating to watch it develop as the day goes on. >> great analysis. we have a lot going on. >> we have a lot going on. we just had a live event at 3:30 a.m. what more could you ask for? well, swing states, hanging in the balance. we'll visit some coming up. ♪ if you have medicare
12:52 am
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all right. both candidates appear in pennsylvania on election eve. the night finishing for hillary clinton in philadelphia with a rally alongside president obama
12:56 am
and first lady michelle obama and more importantly jon bon jovi. our sara sidner is there. >> reporter: and let's not forget the boss. he was here too. quite a show at independence cal. there were thousands of people that came out for that. hillary clinton, of course, was not the only candidate that came to pennsylvania today or i should say yesterday. donald trump was in scranton as well with a enthusiastic crowd as he tends to bring in with lots of people and candidates showing up over and over and over in the past 48 hours to give you an idea how important pennsylvania had become. hillary clinton by a bit, but it is within a margin of error. she and donald trump are working the state hard. 20 electoral votes up for grabs. tis is a true battle almost rocky style.
12:57 am
this is why i'm standing from front of the rocky step there is to give you an idea of what is happening in pennsylvania. hillary clinton, philadelphia usually going democratic. the city -- this is a place where they know pretty much from past votes what will happen. it is the suburbs like delaware county and bucks county that really could make a difference and donald trump is trying to make a play for those because they were very, very, very close. some of them going for mitt romney in 2012. donald trump hoping to capture those counties and eventually those 20 votes. it is still a light blue state here in pennsylvania and hillary clinton working the crowd hard with all of the star-studded group of folks she brought in here in philadelphia with so many people here to see that. >> sara sidner, the trump surrogates were saying, donald trump was out with people. hillary clinton was out with liberal celebrities.
12:58 am
>> jon bon jovi and beyonce. they are people too. let's go to columbus, ohio with suzanne malveaux. >> reporter: we talked to the secretary of state jon husted to get the sense of how things are going. 8.1 million ohio voters voted early. that is more than 2012. one-third of those still voting. the polling places will open at 6:30 in the morning. they will stay open until 7:30 at night. if you are in line at 7:30, you will cast your ballot. that is what we are told. election officials wanted to reassure voters that the polling places are secure despite the statements the voting systems are rigged. they have gone through the voting systems and these are voting machines not connected to the internet. if you would try to hack it,
12:59 am
would you have to be a hacker standing at the ballot place trying to jimmy the machine open. 70% of the votes for ohio votes are by paper ballot. others have a paper trail. these are some of the things they told us are going to take place. also voter intimidation. they will make sure they are credentialed and there are no photos. that is ohio law. that is the least of their concerns. >> no selfies. thanks for that. suzanne malveaux in ohio. hope the weather is nice for you today and everyone to get out and vote. on wall street, what a rally. dow and nasdaq and s&p. it was the comey bounce, the decision to clear hillary clinton send the market swiftly higher monday. climbed throughout the session. the dow was up 371 points. that's 2%.
1:00 am
the nasdaq and s&p up 2%. wall street is not in love with hillary clinton. investors hate uncertainty. one person put it as the devil we know. and donald trump's trade and immigration policies would hurt wall street in the long run. dow futures are flat right now. everyone i talked to in the markets want to know what happens in the senate and balance of power. that is how work gets done no matter who is the president. if the senate flips, then maybe and it is a hillary clinton presidency, it is not optimistic. "early start" continues right now. >> let's make history together. thank you and god bless you. >> at


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