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tv   Election Night in America  CNN  November 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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less than one percent of the population but needs to run it up even more, white working class voters coming out to vote. what is he doing in these blue areas? he went to scranton on purpose. can this be a smaller margin for donald trump here? if it is, he's in play in pennsylvania. wolf, anderson? >> thank you very much, john. we're about to get the first results of the 2016 presidential race. >> this election night will be historic no matter who wins. right now from coast to coast across presidential battlegrounds, it's all coming down to this night and this choice in a history-making, rule breaking, jaw dropping campaign. >> can we trust her with our security? she is disqualified. >> he just spends all of his time deny grading, criticizing ameri america. >> hillary clinton seeking to break the ultimate glass ceiling. >> when any barrier falls in
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america, it clears the way for everyone. >> donald trump hoping to shatter expectations again. >> they said trump doesn't have a chance! we love defeating those people. don't we? >> after months of twists and turns, the first results now just minutes away. >> we're going to win because of you. >> i will totally accept the results if i win. >> this is cnn's coverage of election night in america, the fight for the presidency. the battle for congress and the issues dividing the nation. >> either we win this election or we lose the country. >> our future is at stake. >> the people are choosing. the world is watching and anything is possible until the last vote.
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>> we are watching the final chance to vote across the united states. right now in north carolina, all the battlegrounds that will decide this presidential race. millions of americans there casting ballots in what could be the most important election of their lives. in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. we're closing in on our first chance to make projections in the presidential race. americans now choosing whether to elect the first woman to lead the nation or one of only a handful of political outsiders to ever serve as commander in chief. we're counting down to the top of the next hour, 7:00 pm eastern. that's when polls close in the battleground states of georgia and virginia, two of the key races we'll be watching very closely tonight. also at the top of the hour, voting ends in indiana, kentucky, south carolina and vermont. some polling places in the
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eastern time zone in indiana and kentucky. in fact, they are closing right now. we expect early results from those two states at any moment. a total of 60 electoral votes are on the line the next hour. remember, 270 are needed to win the white house. jake tapper, we've been building toward this moment now for nearly two years. >> that's right, wolf. and there's never been a campaign like this. this could be -- and there could be new surprises in these final hours of this very long election. we're monitoring voting in key locations in the battleground states where the race could turn one way or another. we're also inside clinton and trump election night headquarters. they are both in new york city tonight. only about a mile and a half apart on the island of manhattan. jeff zelany is covering the clinton campaign, sarah murray is covering the trump campaign. first to you, jeff. >> jake, the clinton campaign is
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increasingly confident of reaching 270 electoral votes even at this hour, as they don't know exactly how they will get there. i am at the javitt center. she will give a speech one way or another tonight. she will be watching those results. at this hour, this is what the clinton campaign believes the state of play is. they believe there's urgent concern in the state of north carolina. i talked to the campaign manager. he told me he believes this will be the tightest of all battleground states, exactly why secretary clinton was on the phone on the radio just a short time ago, trying to get out the vote among her supporters in fayetteville, north carolina. this is a city by city effort here, jake. north carolina, ohio are their two troubled spots. they are confident at this hour in michigan. they believe that the visits there yesterday from the president and secretary clinton herself have turned around michigan. they are confident in florida as well, jake, because of that early vote. so at this hour, they believe
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the math reaches 270 even if they're not exactly sure which states will fall. jake? >> jeff zeleny, north carolina, the state that president obama won in 2008 and then lost to mitt romney in 2012. let's go to sarah murray at trump campaign headquarters a few blocks away from the clinton campaign headquarters. sarah? >> reporter: jake, it's a much tougher map for donald trump. sources are telling me one key internal metric is showing donald trump falling short of the 270 electoral votes he's going to need. in spite of this, plenty of people in trump tower are still feeling very oppositimistic goi into tonight. they're looking at a number of states internally and public ly where the polls are very close. and they believe those could break late in their favor and ultimately donald trump could come to victory. this key internal metric at this point does not spell a win. as for donald trump himself, he has boldly been predicting victory on the campaign trail
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essentially since he got into this race, insisting they're winning all over the country. privately, he's a little bit more of a worrier. he has been pressing his aides all day long for updates on what they can point to. what data sets they have to indicate where the race is headed. a lot of this has been sort of an educational moment for donald trump's aides and donald trump. obviously the first time he has ever won for president. they're pointing to different states. we need to look at the independent voters in this state, early vote in this state where it's key. it's an interesting dynamic behind the scenes at trump tower today, jake. >> sarah murray with the trump campaign. now new information from the exit polls about what voters who went to the polls, at least according to these early-ish exit polls think about these exit polls. >> early-ish, yes, jake. they will change throughout the night. one of the major story lines we've been following throughout this entire election season is how unpopular both these candidates are. that bears out with the voters
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today as well. hillary clinton's favorability among people voting across the country. 44% say they have a favorable opinion of her, 54% unfavorable. donald trump fares even worse on this score. 61% of voters in the country today tell us they have an unfavorable opinion of donald trump. as you know, jake, their achilles heels were front and center in this campaign. take a look about whether or not hillary clinton's e-mail problem bothers voters. 62% of voters say yes. 37% say no. this has been a hurdle she hasn't really gotten over throughout the entire campaign. same for donald trump about his treatment of women. 671% of voters say it bothers them. these problems that presented themselves throughout the campaign, unfavorability, specific issues on e-mail or
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women they never resolved before people went to the polls. >> these exit polls also indicate 50% of the american people approve of the current president but not excited about the one they're going to have next. >> truly historic night for the american people. whether hillary clinton wins or donald trump wins, this is history. >> either we're going to have the first female president in the history of this country. we should remember only 100 years ago in this country, women didn't even have the right to vote nationwide. or we will have the first person elected president, donald trump, who has never served in government or the military. the first one ever. also in terms of his experience really quite new to the whole scene. >> those of us who love american history, we're really obsessed
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tonight by what's going on, dana. >> that's right. not only the outsider versus first woman, potential of that. it's also, we were talking before, about the fact that president obama's approval ratings are so high. and this dynamic hasn't happened even the possibility of what is effectively a third term, somebody who takes over, the same party after a two-term president since 1988 when george herbert walker bush won after reagan's two terms and before that it was 1938. this is a rarity if hillary clinton does see success in her, as i said, embrace of a two-term president. >> we have our first key race alert of the night. first results, actual votes coming in very, very early in the state of kentucky. you can see one percent of the vote is n donald trump has 80%
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of the vote, hillary clinton has 18% of the vote. he is ahead now by more than 2600 votes. once again, very, very early in kentucky right now. our first key race alert of the night. let go over to john king at the magic wall. bunch of states are closing at the top of the hour, including some key battlegrounds that we've been paying a lot of attention right now. let's look at kentucky first. >> look at kentucky. 1% of the vote is in. we'll spend some time counting tonight. that's good. competitive race. we'll count the votes. if you're donald trump you love that as you watch the early results. let's be clear, they don't tell us much except we think we can all agree donald trump is most likely to win the state of kentucky. we will learn a lot, wolf. coal country down in here. he has made an appeal saying hillary clinton has abandoned coal miners, old steel towns, white working class voters who live in small town america. kentucky will teach us something tonight. if donald trump is running up --
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again, the first votes. don't go to vegas, make any bets on this. if donald trump is running up margins like this, not a lot of people live here. early votes 313 to 68. if he's running up big margins in a state like kentucky that does tell us something. communities like that here in southern ohio. there are communities like that here in southwestern pennsylvania. i mean, virginia. there are communities like that in pennsylvania, which we expect will be one of the defining tests tonight right here in pennsylvania. and that's at 8:00. when we get results, 6:30 polls have closed, 7:00 results have come ncsi, if you will. towns in a state like this and so what's going to happen here? indiana, we expect, will stay red. we want to look at it there. early results come from states that we think indiana and kentucky, we think will be reliably red. we'll still learn from them looking at these results. these new hampshire votes, if you're staying with us throughout the night, states will turn a color of who is
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leading until we call them. sometimes the map can look a little deceptive. you go into new hampshire, dixville notch, some other small towns voted. >> 55 people so far. >> they got it over with, no stress on them today. >> that's the number you need to be elected, 270. going into this night where do we stand? >> coming into the night 268 to 204 is where we stood. clearly an advantage for secretary clinton. dark blue states, solid democratic. almost certain to vote democratic. lighter blue states are leaning democratic. we have to keep an eye on those. when we look deeper into the exit polls. dark red states reliably republican. shaded red states leaning republican. places like ohio and iowa, we'll watch them all night. clinton campaign thinks there could be a chance. if we're going to have an early night, clinton starts with an advantage. what would an early night look like?
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she starts to run it up and we call that one. now i expect florida to be competitive. that was the closest state in 2012 between obama and romney. that close. florida is always a battleground. we go back to 2000, whatever. if clinton were somehow to lock up florida early on, we're projecting to the west. but if you're winning this state big, guess what, that would tell us something. >> what would trump have to do to offset florida? >> if she lost florida -- if she lost florida, that's 29. >> if she wins florida what would trump have to do to win the presidency? >> it's incredibly hard. can he do it? he would have to win north carolina. if you're losing florida -- he would have to win north carolina, win pennsylvania. he would have to win michigan. that gets him to 255. this is why donald trump needs florida. then you're looking at 255. >> let's say he gets arizona. >> then he comes out here gets arizona. if he gets arizona and nevada, that puts him over the top.
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even most republicans in nevada believe with early voting that one is going to be blue. we have it as a toss-up right now. >> he could click on new hampshire. >> then he can get there with new hampshire. >> 270. >> he can get there. the question is, if you're losing this, it's hard to believe you're going to win up here unless he has an overwhelming surge among those white working class voters. is it impossible? no. data heading into the election, unlikely. that's why worry going to count them, wolf. >> getting closer and closer to our chance to make projections. first wave of poll closings, including battlegrounds of georgia and virginia. much more ahead on this election night in america. [ sighs ]
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pennsylvania is one of the battleground states we're watching right now in the final hours and minutes of voting on this historic election night. we're standing by for our first chance to make projections in the presidential race. right now, let's get a key race alert. more results coming in from
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kentucky right now. you see donald trump has a significant lead. very early. very early. but he has a significant lead of more than 5,000 votes. 73.9% for trump. 23.5% for hillary clinton. once again, early in kentucky. let's go over to jake. jake, we're watching all these early states come in. we're getting a lot of key race alerts. more numbers will be coming in very quickly. but we're waiting for some key results in battlegrounds. >> that's right. 40 out of 50 states have voted the same exact way in the last four presidential elections. so it's the other ten states that are constantly shifting back and forth that will determine this election. those are the ones that we're going to keep an eye on. let's go now to our political director who has more information from exit polls, david chalian. you're looking at how these people exiting polls say how they would feel if donald trump or hillary clinton became the next president. >> that's right, jake.
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wee ta we talked about this a couple of times now. the challenge for these unpopular candidates. whoever wins will have a challenge of bringing the country back together, getting the majority of americans on their side. no matter who they voted for, take a look at these numbers here. 21% say they'll be concerned. 37% say they'll be scared. concerned or scared, 58% of the electorate, if donald trump wins. hillary clinton, about the same. not a ton better. 24% concerned, 29% scared if hillary clinton wins the presidency tonight. 53%. they are both facing majorities who are more concerned and scared than excited and optimistic no matter who wins this election tonight, jake. >> kind of bizarre. that would suggest -- these are preliminary numbers but that would suggest that people are voting for donald trump who would be concerned or scared and people are voting for hillary clinton who would be concerned or scared. yet another reflection that many voters are not happy with the choices they have. >> lot of people concerned and
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scared right now. we have a key race alert right now. all right. take a look. more numbers coming in from indiana. first numbers coming in, in fact, from the state of indiana. 11 electoral votes, donald trump has a significant lead. 1% of the vote is in. caution, everybody, very, very early in indiana. 1688 over hillary clinton. 69.3% for donald trump, 27.5%. very early in indiana. trump has the lead. also the lead in kentucky. once again, very early. he has a 5,500 vote lead over hillary clinton in kentucky right now. 8 electoral votes at stake in kentucky. about to get a lot more results. stand by. we're going to go over to john king over at the magic wall. north carolina. let's take a look at north carolina. it closes in less than an hour, little more than an hour or so from now. north carolina, there's already a court case involved. democrats are challenging one of
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the polling error. >> they say there were machine issues early on. they have lines and they're trying to keep the polls open in this county. 2.8%, about 3% of the state's population. why are democrats saying keep it open? let's go back in history. here in 2012, durham county, 76% for the democrat, president obama. 23% for mitt romney. if you go back to 2008 when president obama carried the state pretty much the same. you pull out to the map here. that's 2008. go back to 2012. obviously this area of the state, the raleigh/durham area is absolutely critical in this battleground state. durham in particular. they're in court trying to keep them open. this is what we're going to watch all night. this has become -- florida was the closest election in 2012. demographically, north carolina is probably the most closely contested battleground state. we expect florida and north carolina to be two of our most competitive areas tonight. wade county here, raleigh/durham
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area. >> almost 10% of the population of the state. >> very big chunk of the state population. here, this is two battlegrounds within the battleground. african-american turnout and college educated white voters, suburban women will be critical here. d. rham is a much more democratic base area. this is a swing area. wake county is a swing area t goes democrat now. margins for democrat to be competitive statewide here, the democrats, this is a basket of democratic votes. if those polls close early, do the math. people don't vote. you don't get those number. that's why the court case is going on right now. absolutely pivotal to hillary clinton and the overall vote count in north carolina. >> polls closed 7:30 pm eastern. same in ohio, which is so important, especially for donald trump. >> if donald trump does not win ohio, he will not win the presidency. 51-47. this is the obama/romney race. absolutely critical to donald trump. we lean in his favor. he has consistently led, by asmall amount but consistent,
3:24 pm
steady lead in ohio. what are we going to look for? number one on the democratic side, can hillary clinton pull this state back, if you will, pull it away from donald trump? it's right here. cuyahoga county. african-american and drm democratic base turnout in chi hoegy county. can she do that with the map, the numbers, turnout numbers? next question in ohio, and this will be the same case in north carolina, in philadelphia -- in pennsylvania. who wins the battle for the suburbs? increasingly decided by the suburbs. lake county, ohio, look how close it was in 2012. president obama close enough to keep winning the state. we'll look here as well in ohio. then if you look at the middle of the state, a bit of a broken record tonight. we go through now. we can study this in kentucky. we'll get it soon in virginia and then in ohio. how does donald trump do in these areas here? especially over the pennsylvania border, youngstown area. that's a democratic area. what are the margins? what is he getting from those white blue collar voters who
3:25 pm
might be listening to donald trump? maybe they think he's better able to handle the economy, maybe they like the trade message or immigration message. many of the key battleground states you're just look iing, h does he do compared to mitt romney? is he getting more of these blue collar white voters? he has to run it up in the rural areas. african-american turnout in the cleveland and columbus area. >> john cakasich voted not for e republican nominee. results from two of tonight's battlegrounds, georgia and virginia. important clues about how this night might turn out. stay with us. get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be.
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take a look at this. what a sight. this is manhattan. empire state building right there. this is the cnn helicopter flying over manhattan right now. history is being made in new york city. for the first time in our history, in u.s. history, both candidates are, on this election night, in the same city. in fact, hillary clinton and donald trump are only about a mile and a half, their campaign
3:30 pm
headquarters -- they're only about a mile and a half apart in manhattan right now. you see our cnn helicopter flying over. you see the empire state building, red, white and blue right there. a lot more shots of that. right now, let get a key race alert. all right. in indiana right now, more votes are coming in. donald trump maintains a significant lead. he has a lead of almost 13,000 over hillary clinton's 70% to 26%. once again there are only 1% of the vote is in. 11 electoral votes in indiana. his vice presidential running mate is the governor there. kentucky, donald trump maintains a significant lead there as well over hillary clinton. still early. 1% of the vote is in. 68% to 28%. 8 electoral votes -- 8 electoral votes at stake in kentucky. let's go back to jake and dana. polls are about to close in 30
3:31 pm
minutes in some important states. >> what an exciting night. i guess there are a few things. obviously, first, ten states, battleground states we're all looking at. i could go through them right now. we'll spend the night doing that. florida, new hampshire, pennsylvania, et cetera. i'm interested in, first of all acres lot of anecdotal reporting about early vote, latino votes surging in places like nevada, florida, virginia, states that are really crucial for either donald trump or hillary clinton. is that real? are those latino votes surging? also are african-american votes going down as a lot of democrats feared after 2012 and 2008 with the first african-american president? second of all, the gender gap. is there going to be a gender gap? we've seen it in the polls. women voters, even white college educated women voters who normally break republican going for hillary clinton in the polls. are they going to turn out? is there going to be a sizeable gender gap with men favoring donald trump, women favoring
3:32 pm
hillary clinton? >> top of the hour, dana, virginia and georgia. who would have thought of georgia as a battleground state? but it's pretty close. >> republicans have been saying privately they thought that was going to be a tight one for some time. clinton campaign didn't go in and take advantage of it. it didn't really become that much of a race. i just want to talk about one thing you touched on, the latino vote. my question is, looking ahead to the end of the night, whether or not this will be kind of a book end with regard to latinos in that ever since donald trump came down that escalator and made the remarks that he did about latinos, that has been an issue for that demographic. and now, as you said, the question is whether or not there is a latino surge. if that happens, if it turns out that perhaps donald trump awoke a sleeping giant, that would be -- come full circle tonight. end of the night, end of the campaign versus the beginning.
3:33 pm
>> democrats have been trying for years to get latinos to vote in as high numbers as they can get. >> exactly. >> one reason arizona has been a contentious state is because, in the words of democrats in arizona, donald trump has been a one-man get out the vote operation. i don't know that arizona, at the end of the day, will end up being that competitive. but the latino vote, as you say, awaking a sleeping giant. if they turn out in numbers in florida, in virginia, in colorado, in nevada, boy, that could really -- >> even north carolina. >> and north carolina, that could really be something. we remember, and the panel has been discussing this. in 2012 after mitt romney lost, the republican national committee doing this autopsy, looking at the fact that they need to win over latino voters. they didn't take the lesson and we'll see what happens tonight. >> let's get to the panel and anderson right now. >> you've been watching north carolina very closely tonight, bakari. >> north carolina will be one of
3:34 pm
the closer races we have. i'm very interested in this court case. you have two dynamics, relatively frivolous lawsuit filed in nevada by the trump campaign because individuals were staying in line and voting, as they should be allowed to, in clark county. but here you have a gop party in north carolina, you have a governor in pat mccory who the court said they discriminated with such precision in the way they cut back on the number of early voting locations, especially here in durham. what happened today, you have two republicans and one democrat on the democratic board of elections who agree that the polls should be open longer. it's an historic black college. lines are apparently out of the roof. you see these things happening in pockets. north carolina has become synonymous with voter suppression. >> there's a court hearing taking place right now as we speak. >> it's going on right now. >> to allow some of the polls to remain open. >> allowing this county to stay open nour hour and a half which is important. cory and i sit on this panel and
3:35 pm
talk a lot and we don't agree on everything politically but we do agree on the fact that everybody should come out and vote and everybody should have an opportunity to play in the process. if you're in line, stay in line. what the north carolina republican party did, under the cowardice leadership of pat mccory is a disgrace. >> the home county to deborah ross, running for u.s. senate. that's a very big democrat stronghold. if i were them, i would be fighting for it, too. i want to see the republicans do well. >> we'll find out the results and whether or not they'll be able to keep that open. >> it's my home state. i grew up there. i can tell you it's been an agony seeing what's happened in our politics the last few years. it's gotten very rough, very nasty. this is a big showdown night in north carolina. mccory is up in a very tight election for governor and there's also a senate race that could actually change the leadership to the senate to democratic if burr loses, republican governor, republican
3:36 pm
senator. what you're talking about is pretty central to the way this whole election, sense of democracy working. >> president obama making numerous trips to north carolina to try to -- >> absolutely. as did hillary clinton. >> well, he was trying to get out the african-american vote. there was a sense that it wasn't turning out, as bakari knows, and the numbers that they needed it to turn out. what we're going to be watching tonight is whether there is a real demographic shift in this country. the last election, 72% of the people who voted across the country were white. we're going to have to see if that number decreases this time. and so, you know, demographics is destiny, as we always say. the question is in north carolina and in other places, will minority vote make a difference for the democrats? we're also going to be looking at the shifting in the country versus in college versus noncollege educated voters. this is something that really interests me. for the last 60 years,
3:37 pm
republicans have won the college educated vote in this country. is that going to change? the white college educated vote. is that going to change? >> demographic information, racial information in some of the early exit polls. those are very early. we're minutes away from getting the first results from two major battlegrounds. polls are about to close in georgia and virginia. this election night just getting started. we'll be back after a quick break. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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>> welcome back. another key race alert. in indiana right now, 2% of the vote is in. donald trump still maintains his significant lead. 22,500 plus over hillary clin n clinton. 11 electoral votes at stake in indiana early. trump has a significant lead in indiana. similarly in kentucky, 2% of the vote is in at 68%. she's only at 28%. more than 16,000 vote lead for donald trump over hillary clinton. we're watching the presidential race very, very closely.
3:42 pm
we're also watching the balance of power in the u.s. senate. dana is taking a closer look at that. >> that's right, wolf. let's take a look at the battle for control of the senate. first, democrats have 46 seats, republicans have 54, the old balance of power. tonight 34 seats are at stake. we're watching nine key races. republicans are defending eight of those races. democrats are defending one. now, if democrats can pick up five republican seats and hold the rest, they will have a 51-seat majority. republicans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars, dispatched marquis players all over these races to deprive democrats of five pickups and that 51-seat majority. here is another scenario, a 50/50 senate. if hillary clinton is elected, democrats would have the majority because vice president tim kaine would cast the tie-breaking vote. if donald trump is elected, republicans would have the majority because vice president mike pence would cast the tie-breaking vote. now the first votes coming up in
3:43 pm
the key race alert. first votes are coming in from one of the states, senate races that could determine who gets the balance of power. that is indiana. look at that. todd young, the republican looking to keep the seat is up with a significant margin there, up more than 13,000 votes but only 2% of the vote is in. keep watching that very, very closely. it's such a big one. let's look at the votes coming in from kentucky. rand paul who started out this campaign running for president dropped out. trying to keep his senate seat, in race for re-election, little more than 10,000 votes ahead of his democratic challenger, jim gray. we'll keep watching that as well. again that's only 2%. let's look at the current balance of power, where we start this eevevening. democrats at 36. republicans have 30. we are looking at 34 seats that we'll be monitoring and
3:44 pm
projecting as we get the results in throughout the night. >> really it's nine seats. >> it's those nine. >> that we're really focusing on. the others don't really have competitive races. >> exactly. >> three or four weeks ago, democrats wish the election had taken place in early october hillary clinton was surging following the release of that "access hollywood" tape. recapturing the senate by big numbers. fbi director comey released that letter and the race began tightening. we'll see how many they get. >> we'll see, indeed. more republican seats were up for grabs. we'll see what happens very soon. anderson, back to you. >> ana navarro, all the vitreal that's been expressed in the waning days of this campaign, to lose sight of how historic this is, no matter who wins, for different reason. >> i saw something today that
3:45 pm
frankly touched me. i said before i never thought that the female factor was going to be something that was so significant to me. it's definitely not the reason why i voted. but i saw today the line of people lining up in the cemetery where susan b. anthony's tombstone is and the women putting the i voted sticker on her tombstone. whether you're republican or democrat, if you believe in a woman's right to vote, if you believe we are all equal in this country, that should be something that touches us all that makes a significant statement for us all. >> obviously, glora if donald trump wins it is an historic night in a whole other -- >> it's an historic night because you would have an outsider new to politics, a celebrity. >> someone who hasn't been involved in government. >> eisenhower was the last one. but he was a general. so, you would have somebody who created a movement out of nothing, who was not aligned with any ideological wing of his particular party, who spoke to voters about their concerns of
3:46 pm
being disenfranchised from their own party as well as from the opposition party, who felt removed from washington. and said, you know, i've had enough. and i don't want to take it anymore and i am looking for something different. somebody to shake up the establishment and the status quo. so, either of these results would -- are -- would be historic for this country. i want to add to what ana was saying. it's the persistence of these women 96 years ago who got the right to vote for women in this country that those women were thanking today. because when you think it hasn't -- 96 years -- >> in our generation, we sometimes take it for granted. >> of course we do. of course we do. >> we take for granted that less than 100 years ago, women could not vote. they were not equals in this country in that aspect. so, look, whether she wins or not tonight, the fact that hillary clinton is out there competing for the big title is, i think, very significant to a
3:47 pm
lot of people in america. >> it's also significant that we talk a lot about the latino vote but also that the women's vote may be very historic in a lot of different ways. we don't have enough numbers right now to know for sure but she may be winning white college educated women, she may even possibly win married women, which would be the first democrat since her husband barely won them 20 years ago. the fact that she could be, you know, moving these women. we don't know if this is a realignment, women moving away from the republican party or anti-trump. >> changing demographics of the united states. not only how we're seeing it reflected this time around compared to even four years ago, eight years ago, but what it portends for the future. >> two things are happening on the latino front. first of all, the percentage of latinos voting has been ticking up. it's gone from 8% to 10%. it's been ticking up. also, latinos vote for the republican party has been ticking down, 44% for george w. bush to 3 % for john mccain.
3:48 pm
we thought it was tragic and had to fix and deal with immigration. then we went to 27% with mitt romney. at that point, you know, our hair was set on fire on the republican side. we needed to address this. we had a post mortem. now we're worst than post mortem. i can assure you that donald trump is going to get historic low numbers amongst latinos, probably going to be in the teens. if he breaks 20 it's a good night for him with latinos and it would be sweet, sweet justice if, after everything he has said, after every attack he has made against latinos, after he has thrown out latino anchors from press events, after he hasn't done any outreach, after he has questioned and judged our citizenship, after he has called mexican rapists, it would be sweet, sweet justice if it was a latino vote that defeated donald trump. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you are not a trump supporter, ana navarro.
3:49 pm
>> no. i am a college educated latina and sure as hell not a trump supporter. >> david gergen -- >> i'm not sure i can follow that. we should go to break. >> what languages do you speak? >> college educated latina. >> but you're a trump supporter. >> but we're already seeing this, osama bin ladethis in the percentage of latino voters, in florida has not been the history. >> absolutely. look, i think donald trump can still win this tonight. in the court it's going to make a huge difference. but if hillary wins tonight, what you're going to see are the makings of a national coalition that's going to dominate our politics for the foreseeable future, as strong a coalition as what franklin roosevelt put together in the 1930s. >> when you talk about a
3:50 pm
coalition, what do you mean? >> a party coalition of people, forces within. if you can get the latino vote on your side, if you can get the black vote on your side -- if you get the minorities, if you get women, if you get the young, that puts together a coalition of people that has won a majority now. if they win ? a majority of the vote in six out of seven elections. we haven't seen that verify often. >> standing by for the big wave of results in the presidential race. back to wolf. >> more early votes already are coming in. we have a key race alert. >> the latest results from indiana. three percent of the vote is now in. donald trump has a nearly 40% lead over hillary clinton. almost 70% to 26%. donald trump has a significant early lead in indiana where there are 11 electoral votes at stake.
3:51 pm
in kentucky right now trump also has a significant lead, just went up a little bit. once only own 3% of the vote is in. he has 66%. she has 29%. eight electoral votes in kentucky. early voting in both states. we're about to get our first chance to make projections in this historic presidential race between hillary clinton and donald trump. we're counting down to the top of the hour here on the east coast. that's when polls close in battleground states of georgia and virginia. also in indiana, kentucky, south carolina and vermont polls are closing. a total of 60 electoral votes up for grabs in nose states. and remember it takes 270 electoral votes to win this election.
3:52 pm
>> right now jeff zeleny in new york city covering hillary clinton. sara murray covering donald trump. jeff what are you hearing from the campaign? >> in the clinton war room they are keeping an eye on virginia. they believe it could be the first battleground state they win in terms of times of the polls closing. and looking at the suburbs outside of washington d.c., the turnout was good there in fvrks and arlington count
3:53 pm
tim kaine has never lost a race he's been on. the clinton campaign confident o that. her less confident of georgia. it is one of the states where if she had been expanding the map at the end of this campaign instead of explaining her fbi controversy and development, something they were thinking about going into. they believe those 16 electoral votes are out of reach. they barely advertised there. they did not travel there at all. one senior democratic advisor said maybe next time georgia will come into play but not this time. >> georgia a state that i believe barack obama lost by only five points. it's been a state the republicans have been thought to be trending democratic. and sara murray is just a few blocks away at trump campaign headquarters. what are the trump campaign officials tell you. >> reporter: the trump campaign knows that northern virginia, the d.c. suburbs are not turning out today to make america great again. virginia is not a central part of the electoral college
3:54 pm
strategy. they have been encouraged to see a tightening in the policy there and know really only hope is to run up the score in areas outside of the d.c. suburbs if they want to have a shot at flipping virginia to donald trump's column. one trump aide tells me look this could turn out to be a cinderella night for us. but others are not so optimistic about a win this evening in virginia. >> and now david chalian who has the latest with the exit polls. the polls in the northern virginia about to close. you are looking at the exit polls as to who showed up to vote. >> we'll talk about these two demographics all night long. first to virginia, looking at race. 68% white. this is a touch down, a little less white. a little more latino from four years ago. 5% four years ago. ticked up a point here. this is becoming a slightly more
3:55 pm
diverse state. look at education level too. we see a slight tick up there. 57% of voters in virginia are college graduates. four years ago that was 54%. that's an increase by three points there. that is a significant development. take a look at georgia. we see something similar here. 61% of the electrorate in georgia is white. georgia becoming a little less white, little more diverse. up tick in latino again. the african american vote holding the same there. college education in georgia. this is the big number that we're seeing in georgia tonight, jake. eight years ago it was only about 43% college graduate. here it is 50%. that iss that is an up tick of 7%. a huge increase in college graduates in georgia. the electorates are changing and as they do this is probably
3:56 pm
welcome news to democrats looking to the future. >> voters in georgia and virginia, a little less white as they went to the poll, at least according to these exit polls and a little more educated. >> democrats would thrilled if they won georgia although they are not necessarily expecting that. they are expecting virginia. >> they are expecting virginia. they say they were heading that way even before hillary clinton put the sitting senator, former governor, tim kaine of virginia on the ticket. but georgia is really fascinating. because, you know, looking ahead the question is given the changing demographics there. whether or not it was a little out of reach for democrats this time around but if it continues to trend that way more educated, more diverse, it might be within the democrats reach the next time around. >> and there might be states actually trending in the other direction. >> true. >> the states hillary clinton has been struggling that brab won twice befor
3:57 pm
let's go over to john kink at the magic wall. jrnl and virginia. >> a new trick, we've been talking about will hillary clinton wane traditional republican constituency. white, college educated voters. these highlighted counties are in 2012, the highest percentage demographic to vote if these counties were college educated. let's go bark in time and block at them. pot bam won them in up here in the d.c. suburbs. mitt romney won them in the rural areas. we're going look at these countries tonight. a key constituency naturally. mitt romney won by about 6 points. it is critical to hillary clinton's chances in places like virginia, north carolina, pennsylvania and the philadelphia suburbs. so that is one of the things. let's turn this off now and come back and look at the map as we go.
3:58 pm
in virginia, what are we going to look for? let's go back and look at 2012 and come back in here and bring it in. this is the county we look at here. i want to turn this key off. so what are we going to look for here? number one, the key for donald trump tonight and this will be a good clue. we expect if you believe the late polls the democrats are favored. if it is a close race that tells us a lot. if trump actually in play in virginia it is a big deal. two, if he's not how competitive is it. what we learn from virginia in the 7:00 hour is going to help us understand the night ahead. especially when it moves to the north carolina and on down. and out here donald trump needs to run it up. small rural communities. not a lot of population but he needs to run up the vote count out here in place likes this. even if he loses virginia to offset. >> what about georgia is this. >> georgia is one of those states. you know, each party has its state. for the republicans it's been pennsylvania. every cycle they say we're going the finally get pennsylvania and they come up short. georgia is one the democrats think we're going to get because
3:59 pm
the strength has been in the sun belt states. waiting for this to fill in. increasingly in the sun belt democrats are going better. maybe arizona this time. most democrats think e they will come up short. in georgia? look here. african american turnout in the atlanta area and other areas. back in history, you have the blue areas here. to have any it has to be off the charts turnout in the atlanta metropolitan area. african americans. and then the closing suburbs. close elections and the swing states are the generally one in the suburbs. that is where hillary clinton's had an advantage. we'll watch as it plays out. i think georgia is something that democrats have shown some polls showing them very close. but we'll watch it. sometimes virginia and georgia are the 7:00 hour. it is not even so much as winning. if georgia is very competitive it tells us something about secretary clinton's in play. we're about to get some first big clues. >> about to get our first big clues indeed. georgia and virginia, georgia
4:00 pm
state, as we've within pointing out the democrats have sought for a long time. they think they have a shot. virginia, they really, really need virginia right now. the democratic vice presidential candidate is from virginia. they think they have a very good shot. let's get ready. and we have our first promises of the night. take a look at this. donald trump we project will win in kentucky with its eighth electoral votes. donald trump wins in kentucky. donald trump also wins in indiana with its 11 electoral votes as running mates' home state. both win, kentucky and indiana for donald trump. we have more projections right now. we project that hillary clinton is the winner in vermont, three electoral votes. vermont, hillary clinton is the winner in vermont. bernie sanders' home state. we have a key race i lettalert t


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