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tv   New Day  CNN  November 14, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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which agency. who will have more power in the white house. people try to get around his candidacy and his victory, but also the white house he is going to run. getting a good hint with two hires yesterday. one, assuaging a lot of the concerns how he will deal with main stream republicans and the other only serving to raise alarm bells. president-elect donald trump's administration starting to take shape. trump naming rnc chairman, reince priebus, as his chief of staff. and campaign ceo steve bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor, creating two dueling power centers and a rivalry between his two top aides. priebus with deep connections to gop leaders. bannon the polar opposite. a man who has operated on the republican fringe as executive chairman of riling up the grassroots while maintaining close ties to the
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alt right movement, within pervasive. the spokesman for senate minority leader harry reid saying in a statement, "it is easy to see why the kkk views trump as their champion. when trump appoints one of the four most pedders and rhetoric as his top aide." the ceo of the anti-defamation league calling it a sad day. the appointment of bannon sends the disturbing message that the anti-muslim conspiracy theories and white nationanationalist wi welcome in the white house. as thousands across the country protest against trump for the fifth straight day, trump addressing his supporters who have harassed minorities in his first tv interview post-election. >> i say stop it.
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if it helps. i will say this and i will say it right to the cameras. stop it. >> reporter: trump also appearing to tweak a central tenant of his immigration proposal. >> they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. >> sure. >> would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. but certain areas a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. this is called construction. fence would be -- >> a fence? >> part fencing. >> and discussing his supreme court nominees calling same-sex marriage a settled issue taking a hard stance against national abortion rights. >> having to do with abortion if it ever were overturned it would go back to the states. so, it would go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion. >> by state. perhaps have to go to another state. >> and, chris, one of donald trump's kind of prominent campaign promises was this. he was going to call for his attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to look into
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investigate hillary clinton. now, his campaign staff, his now transition staff behind the scenes, i'm told, has been telling him to walk away from that. move away from anything to hurt his efforts to bring the country together. he was asked about that last night on "60 minutes" he didn't dismiss it outright and said he was thinking about it and will have an answer soon. >> phil mattingly said he was unaware of these reports that there have been attacks and assaults and insulting of people in the minority. interesting. all right. let's bring in president and ceo of endeavor strategies curt. he worked for breitbart before cutting ties this year and jeffrey lord. jeffrey, later on i'll call you and talk about how ro ov. wade but that is a discussion for
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guys like us. curt, there are words being described that he represents e the -- what comes out of breitbart plays on by the media. these are often, at least deceptive and often hateful headlines to drive separation in our society. you work for them. why and what did you learn when you were there? >> well, you know, i think that they represent a world view that is incredibly dangerous and divisive and to have this kind of proximity to the white house. i mean, breitbart has gone from being the propaganda arm of the trump campaign to being the propaganda arm of the trump white house. that should be concerning to all americans. any day you look at their site, it is about one perspective, one agenda and completely the void
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of reality and facts. and it's all about speaking to the worst divisions amongst the american people and their worst fears to try to advance a very narrow-minded agenda that is designed to just create conflict and, in this case, to prop up their strong man, donald trump. >> a big part of that is just politics. you win, you get to advance your view of reality. that's okay. and the left has done it and the right has done it. but i'm trying to find out if this guy is as different as i believe he is. you have that his wife in 2007 said he didn't want his girls to go to a school because too many jews there. now, that's what she said. he said it's not true. but he has a reputation for trying to go after people as an attack person more than an ideological person. can you square any of that with your own experience? >> steve is a very aggressive attack-oriented, move forward, never back down, never apologize, never show any sign
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of weakness. that's his entire, you know. never before have we had someone who is basically the co-white house chief of staff, the c co-virtual president in a position like this to wield tremendous influence anybody that is a threat or a problem for the administration. >> jeffrey, james baker. you likened steve bannon to james baker. poor james baker. >> no, chris, chris, i likened reince priebus to james baker. >> i'm fine with that. let's leave it alone. how do you feel about bannon? >> i think he's been smeared to be perifectally candid. i read breitbart every day. the culture of racism at the core of the democratic party for 200 years and the american left has been normalized.
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you use the word you were using a few minutes ago, it's okay to divide people by race. it isn't. that's what the american left does. bannon is opposed. good for him. >> except, in what you just said, by the way, look, the way you just said it is fine. people will agree and disagree. but what breitbart does whether they're targeting me or targeting other people in the media is they deceive, they distort context and they do it to advance an agenda that the media is against you. and that everything is the left. and that the system is the left. and that this is about a race war and about white america being put down. and now you have that guy in the white house speaking for all americans. is that good? >> chris, i mean, i just disagreed totally with your picture of steve bannon. i mean, i read breitbart every day. i mean, it's conservative. you're not going to hear much difference out of breitbart than you are from rush limbaugh.
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>> you think that rush limbaugh would be a good guy to have as a president's top strategist. with him spending all his time trying to divide this country? >> well, chris, chris, here's the trick that the left always plays and you, my friend, played it. you guys divide americans all the time. obama administration and the american left divide people by race. and then they pretend that it's all normal. it's not normal. >> but then you have people like you, jeffrey -- >> jeffrey, i got your point. kurt, make your point because i didn't understand it. >> talk about divisiveness. the divisiveness comes from people like jeffrey who go on tv every single day and lie to the american people. i tell you what is really happening. the first thing donald trump does is basically go on twitter and advance a lie about the "new york times" and subscription rates with no fact. it turns out to be untrue. we're never going to hear him back down and say, we got that wrong. we should have never done it. one of the first things the
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president wants to do is attack the media and attack the free press. that is one of the most dangerous things happening right now. for the next four years fres free pre press is going to be under attack, under assault and incredibly worrisome to somebody who worries about the fabric of this country that one of the fundamental, the ability to have a free press that can ask the people on behalf of the american people and report the truth that that is going to come under assault of every minute of every day directly by the president. >> go ahead, jeffrey. >> kurt, i am a first emendmeam freak. i totally believe in the first amendment. where were you when they tried to shut down -- about that. in other words, kurt, my point is -- >> are you telling me the oversight chairman were not -- >> i think you're picking the wrong target for your criticism.
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he was working for darryl issa, jeffrey. he is your home team there when it comes to going after obama. >> all i am saying is i don't remember any of this when the obama administration were trying to shut down fox news, which they were trying to do. >> thank you very much. i know you're not at breitbart any more, but you were there and that's why we're talking to you. thank you very much. poppy? donald trump offering two words to supporters that have been accused of harassing minorities. saying last night, stop it. is that enough? we'll debate it, next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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>> do you want to say anything to those people? >> i would say don't do it because i'm going to bring these people together. >> you're harassing latinos, muslims -- >> i'm so saddened to hear that and i say stop it.
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if it helps. i will say this and i'll say it right to the cameras. stop it. that is donald trump's message following racist incidents, as well as some hate crimes across the country since the election. you've seen thousands of americans taking to the streets in protests following the election and the question now is what can the president-elect do to help? let's talk about it with ana navarro and legal advocacy group specializing in civil rights. thank you, guys, very much for being here. lesley stahl asked donald trump about these incidents on "60 minutes." let's tick through some of them. there have been hundreds across the country. let's name some of them so our viewers know what we're talking about. a muslim student threatened with a lighter in michigan. trump with an exclamation mark written on nyu muslim prayer room door. build the wall chanted at michigan middle school. in north carolina graffiti that
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red black lives/votes don't matter. many, many more of them. i could go on and on. let me begin with you, the southern poverty law center putting out a strong message last night donald trump naming steve bannon to be his right-hand man. breitbart said these were sort of media-created fake hate crimes. >> trump wasn't much better last night on "60 minutes." he said he heard about one or two of these incidents and the reality is there have been far more than 300 of them. they have been everywhere in schools and places of business like walmart and on the street. he needs to take a little bit more responsibility for what's happening out there. >> and as chris made the point, this is someone who monitors the media 24/7 and it has been widely reported in the last six days since the election. ana, let's put up your tweet.
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oh, hell, white supremacist and vindictive, scary dude named senior strategist. after vomiting, be afraid. i had someone comparing steve bannon on the right and david axelrod on the left. you're not on the left going after him. your thoughts. >> i think that the appointments he makes early on are the first signal he sends about what kind of president he is going to be. many of us are torn by the other disdain that we have for candidate donald trump and the utmost respect we have for the office of the presidency of the united states. and we want to give this guy the chance. we want to extend the olive branch and extend one to us. but if what he is doing is naming somebody like steve bannon who has got such a track record and such a reputation for being controversial, for leading
4:18 am
the hunting season against republicans. forget about everybody else who has filled his publication with anti-sem anti-sumettic and anti-everything kind of headlines, you have to be very concerned. he did very well appointing reince priebus. he is a normal guy. he doesn't assault women, he is not anti-hispanic and anti-immigrant. at this point i'll take him and i'll love him. it was like you saw donald trump appoint dr. jekyll and mr. hyde last night. and it is very concerning for people because those hate crimes that are going on in america are real. we are not making them up. >> some of them are happening at -- >> donald trump knows they are real. >> some are happening at elementary schools. documenting over 300 of them. some elementary school and middle school kids were given notices of deportation from fellow classmates last week and people chalked it up to a joke.
4:19 am
that's not a joke. those are shoes that you and i don't know what it's like to live in. let's listen to dave chappelle. if you missed "saturday night live." this is one line we will remember. >> i'm wishing donald trump luck and i'm going to give him a chance and we, the historically disenfranchised demand that he give us one, too. >> donald trump said when he became the president-elect, richard, i will be the president for all americans and he said, i will bind the wound of division. he has not come out and directly addressed these hate crimes, except for that in that interview or the protesters. he tweeted at them at one point calling them professional protesters a few hours later saying he loved the passion. what would you like to see from the president-elect? >> two things. needs to publicly denounce bigotry and all its forms and, secondly, he has to walk the
4:20 am
walk. he just can't talk the talk. he has to assure the american public that no members of his administration will be members of extremist groups who will have any extremist ties and, unfortunately -- he's already broken his pledge to the american public, i'm afraid. >> ana, what do you want to see? you want this president to succeed. many americans have come out behind him and said, you know, wasn't my choice, but i want what's best for the country. what can he do right now? >> i absolutely want him to succeed. this is my country, too. if he succeeds, the country succeeds. what do i want him to do? i want him to stop playing games and pretending that he doesn't know these hate crimes are going on out there. i want him to really, genuinely address his supporters. he needs to do more. donald trump needs to understand that whether he is a racist or not, he pedaled in this for the last 1 months. and he unearthed an ugly underbelly in america. he unleashed feelings of racism, of hostility and sexism and
4:21 am
division that are now out there. some of these folks feel legitimized and empowered by his election. it is up to donald trump, who did not invent racism. let's be very clear about this. this was out there already. but he unleashed it in a way we haven't seen it in decades. if he wants to be able to govern this country and unite americans for his benefit, for all of our benefit, it is up to him to denounce it strongly. he should use the bully pulpit and give a speech on the unity of american valus. >> for example, the kkk is planning a rally this week in north carolina to celebrate his election. he could come out, as you're saying, ana, and give a speech around that. condemning that. quickly, ana, your message to americans who are afraid right now. >> don't be afraid. denounce it. don't lose hope. get motivated. get engaged.
4:22 am
go out there. he's our president. we have to deal with him for the next four years. but that does not mean that you lose your right to speak. that does not mean you lose your right to be an american. that does not mean you lose your right to protest and you are not alone. there are a lot of people in america who will be watching your back who will be standing in solidarity with you. to the people who are legitimately afraid of a trump presidency, you are not alone. >> ana navarro, richard cohen, thank you very much. what is your take? tweet us at new day and chris? fear is a choice. danger can be very real. donald trump is opening up about some of his policies, not quite the same as the ones he hiked on the campaign trail. we'll have a look at the differences and see if some of them are better now or even wrse. president-elect trump, what will he do? next.
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♪ donald trump revealing two key members and naming rnc chief reince priebus and steve bannon
4:27 am
as his chief strategist calling the two men equals. bannon's appointment into trump's inner circle raising serious concerns giving his prior work and breitbart connection. sunlen serfaty reports. >> reporter: senior counselor in the white house. already multiple hate watch groups are now rebuking the appointment, voicing their concerns about bannon's ties to the alt right. bannon was brought on as ceo of the trump campaign in august. he came in as the head of the right wing website breitbart news with the nationalest, populous reputation. known for controversial headlines like bill kristol, republican spoil, renegade and birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. >> what we need to do is slap the republican party and get those guys and if we have to to, we'll take it over.
4:28 am
>> reporter: bannon to take down the establishment wing of the republican party. >> if you're fighting to take this country back, you know, it's not going to be sunshine, it's going to be people who want to fight. andrew breitbart, we call our selves the fight club. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan. e-mails obtained by "the hill" newspaper giving orders to his staff to try to take him down. saying the long game is to have ryan gone by spring. bannon, a former navy officer and goldman sachs banker also surrounded by controversy in his private life. in 2007 his ex-wife accused him of domestic violence and making anti-semitic remarks saying in court, he doesn't like jews and that he doesn't like they raise their kids to be whiny brats and that he didn't want the girls going to school with jews. but bannon's camp said he never said it. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be
4:29 am
president for all americans. >> reporter: now with bannon in the white house, critics questioning trump's inclusive vision. sunlen serfaty, washington. for more on what bannon's appointment means to the trump administration and to you and now reflects policies that may be coming, let's bring in miking smerconish. michael, people are dividing this story oh, it's priebus and bannon. i don't think priebus is the story. he turned and helped trump after the primaries. he's a legit guy that you would or would not put in an administration. the story should be bannon. how do you see those appointments? >> i see it as a story about both because of the contrary nature of where they come from. i can understand how bannon and priebus would be able to unite and work towards a common
4:30 am
purpose when you had a singular goal of electing donald trump. now that they're there, i don't know how they can co-exist. as you well know, chris, it was reince priebus who came out in 2013 with the autopsy that he oversaw which said we need to build the tent. so, here's a guy who believes in tent building and expanding in particular among the hispanic population believes in comprehensive immigration reform. if you want to talk substance and now comes steve bannon who says we have to burn the house down. one other full observation. it comes full circle. the media control of the party where we've been talking about traditional surplanted by men with microphones. >> do you read then, michael, the reince priebus announcement i'm going to appease my closest advisors and my family, by the way, and jerry kurshner by
4:31 am
son-in-law and i want to bring in the guy i trust the most to really make the decisions because he called them equals in his press release last night. >> poppy, i interpret this in the context of that "60 minutes" interview which you have been playing this morning which is donald trump wanting to show a conciliatory sign. you know, all of a sudden now he's the guy who says, well, i want to reform or replace the affordable care act, but those with pre-existing conditions, those who are part of their parents plan, somehow we need to protect them. the donald trump who says that it's settled law with regard to gay marriage, although as chris points out, a hell of a contradiction in him not saying that roe versus wade is settled. i think he's now a different individual trying to appease these competing constituencies and how he's going to be able to keep them all on the same team, i don't know. >> well, some of it is different when you look at the policies and some of it is the same.
4:32 am
to hear in that "60 minutes" interview stall wasn't exactly chasing after him on things. we get that. his first interview. he just got elected and for him to say there are reports that minorities are being targeted arthe election, i'm not aware of that. to them i would say stop it. that's not how donald trump responds to things he doesn't like. this idea of him getting a chance, isn't that a conditional proposition. he won, he deserves a chance, depending on what he does about what he said in the past and what he does going forward and has he met those conditions? >> i published on this this weekend and i did a commentary on it on my own program on cnn on saturday and what i said is i didn't vote for him. but he is mypri president. he is my president and i'm willing, not to forget, but at least to move forward and to help that he governs in a style that is different from the manner in which he campaigned. frankly, i was tracking that which the president said, that which oprah said and that which
4:33 am
hillary said. the blow back was enormous with between individuals who said no and the dye has already been cast and he's not pry president regardless of what is to follow. i don't want to see a repeat of what transpired eight years ago when mitch mcconnell famously told republicans that our single largest focus now is to make barack obama a one-term president. there is a difference between obstructionism and i'm trying to differentiate between the two. >> leslie said, let's dig into the issues. she started with the wall. >> we're starting in a ve-- >> build that wall! build that wall! >> folks, folks. don't even think about it. it will be built. don't even think about it.
4:34 am
believe me. it will be built and it will be high and strong. >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> they are talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. but certain areas the wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. this is called construction. >> part wall, part fence. >> could be some fencing. >> so, who is the donald trump you see now? if we are to take at face value what he said in the "60 minutes" interview he seemed to give on a lot of things. on the wall, on obama care and on the deportation force. is this the trump, the president-elect we get for the next four years or does it continue to change? >> poppy, they've made me surrender my pundit card. i give up trying to predict what we're going to get from this guy. here's my hunch. my hunch is that the real donald trump is the two curithi coirit
4:35 am
donald trump. i don't mean someone that quote scripture, the individual who liberty university made a reference to the. i don't think in his heart of hearts i think he's a compromiser and i think he's a dealmaker. i'd like to think that that is the president we're going to get. one who, you know, today we're saying how could priebus co-exist with bannon. maybe trump is trying to show us he will work things out with everybody. >> not exactly the best recipe for leadership, michael. not everything is equal. one thing if you want to work with democrats and republicans and you don't want to work with bigots and nonbigots. as a leader you want to come out and say what's right and what's wrong on those kind -- >> let me give you my glass half
4:36 am
full response to that, chris. it could have been different. it could have been bannon chief of staff, no room at the table for priebus. so, i'm going to look at it more optimistically until proven otherwise. >> all right, thank you, michael. trump supporters say that the country spoke loud and clear about wanting a businessman in the white house. so, how will the billionaire real estate developer manage the oval office. we'll ask two trump insiders, next. making your whole day better. hi, everybody. i'm boomer esiason. and that's exactly what tommie copper does for me. now, they call it "wearable wellness" and they have infused it into everything they do. sleeves that help support aching elbows and knees. tops that can help ease your overworked, sore back and shoulders. bottoms that help relieve stiff thighs and hips. and even socks and orthotics that provide added support and comfort. [ angie ] tommie copper's helped me feel better since the minute i put it on. if i could cover my entire body in tommie copper, i probably would! [ male announcer ] tommie copper is the pioneer
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president-elect donald trump choices for the white house leadership team are providing a lot of insight into what his
4:40 am
priorities will be while he's in office. what does his management style look like and will he expand the small circle of trust that he has around him. will it be diverse? will there be women and minorities? a lot of questions. let's bring in barbara who worked for president-elect trump for 18 years and the author of "all alone on the 60th floor." and michael author of "the truth about trump." barbara, you wrote an open letter to donald trump. you called him a great boss at times and you've called him the least sexist boss and then very sexist. so, you have a wide range of experiences with donald trump as a businessman. let's read part of your letter. you have a bunch of losers following you around. now you will be selecting a cabinet and you must choose the right people. show the world that you will only settle for the absolute best. you should have republicans and democrats on your staff and women and people of color. don't do what the pundits are
4:41 am
predicting. you know the man, you've seen him change over almost two decades. will he do what you're asking? >> i don't know. i'm hoping that he will. i think he wants to be a good president. i think that he wants the world to see him as a good president. and, unfortunately, he has been surround surrounded for so long it's different for him to come out and say now i want people to challenge me and tell me what's right and tell me what's wrong and not agree with everything i say. >> i think he saw some of that with kellyanne conway and help right the ship. what will the rest of his picks look like? michael, to you, really interesting part of the interview last night with "60 minutes" is when his daughter ivanka trump spoke about the trump brand. let's listen. >> let me ask whether any of you
4:42 am
think that the campaign has hurt the trump brand. >> i don't think it matters. this is so much more important. and more serious and so that, you know, that's the focus. >> i think what ivanka is trying to say. who cares? who cares. this is big league stuff. this is our country. >> michael, he then said who cares about hotel occupancy rates. what do you know about and what do you believe has happened to the trump brand? >> i've seen some pretty good data and it started to fall off a cliff in july. and i'm talking aboutt the peope with the money to stay at a trump hotel or golf course that has green fees of $250 or more. it is a problem for them. >> that's when people thought he wouldn't be president and now he's president. >> there is a mixed picture here. it could be that some people are drawn to the name. i think ivanka's statement was
4:43 am
pretty telling. they're so positive in their spin on everything. for her to say it doesn't matter suggests to me that they know that the brand has some problems. it will depend on his performance. they started a new brand called sion hotels. >> interesting. that's very interesting. >> barbara, you write in this letter near the end, you have never voted for a republican. you supported clinton this time around, i should note. but you write, i would like to vote for you, donald trump, for you in four years. what would he have to do to get your vote in four years? >> some of the things i suggested in the letter. one thing, surround himself with the best people and lose a lot of these hangers on that he has. and then i think he's got to come out and adopt a somewhat progressive agenda which is what he has been doing. but consistent with the way he
4:44 am
was when i knew him. he was pro-choice, he had lots of gay friends and supported them. he certainly hired a lot of women and put them into serious positions with great respect. >> right. >> now, if he does this, i think that he's got a chance of making the country, improving the country. >> i mean, years ago, you were a high-ranking women in the not a lot of women in the top spots like you were. he gave you that shot. let's get am to conflict of interest. i found this fascinating. there's never been a situation like this before, frankly. so, he says his kids will run the business and can't exactly be a blind trust considering they have been named to his transition team and even if they can't take official roles in the white house, they still have their father's ear. at the same time, the way that the law was written, michael, the president and the vice president are exempt from the law that bans these conflicts of interest. all they have to do is disclose it.
4:45 am
so, he actually could have a ton of conflicts of interests and not be breaking the law. >> this plays into the way donnell loves to do business. he likes to be the one guy who the rules don't apply to. >> they don't apply here. >> no, no. i think what's funny is that he is often very lucky that way. obviously, he didn't plan this when he ran for president. he may not have even been aware of these regulations. and this is where i think we have to worry a bit. these are very much amateurs and this is a man who lived at the top of a tower for most of his adult life. he's isolated from a lot of reality. whether they understand how it looks, it may be legal but it could look awful. >> perception matters, especially when you want to get re-elected. and he was elected by sort of the working class and the blue collar worker who is not going to want to see his hand in both places. more than 500 businesses that he's tied to. you know the man in the tower.
4:46 am
can he separate from his businesses. he says he doesn't care about them any more as president. do you believe that? >> no. i think it's going to be very difficult for him to separate out from his businesses because they bear his name and he doesn't want them to be unsuccessful. >> there is a pride there. >> i would like to see him disavow everything and just be president and that's what i think he should do. but i think it will be very difficult for him. >> thank you. very interesting perfective from both of you. chris? donald trump picking one political insider and one political outsider to be his right-hand men at the white house. he says these two men will be equals. so, how will that work? reince priebus and steve bannon. we're going to run it by a former white house chief of staff and a bannon supporter, next. i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless.
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donald trump raising concerns with his first major decision since winning the presidency. president-elect appointing rnc chairman reince priebus as chief of staff. that's not the controversial part. it's naming breitbart executive steve bannon as his chief strategist. let's discuss these decisions. former white house chief of staff under president obama, and
4:51 am
commerce secretary under bill clinton, bill daley and former chief of staff of the rnc under reince priebus mike shields. great guests for this segment. gentlemen, thanks to you both. first mr. daily, just give us an idea. what does the chief of staff do in the white house? and how much influence could a chief strategist have over that position and over the administration agenda? >> well, i think, first of all the chief of staff in theory, and each president is different and approaches it differently based upon their style, is supposed to be the main coordinator of all the different pieces, not only of the white house, as you interact with the rest of the agencies, and then congress. but presidents have had different styles. if you look at reagan, he had three basically senior, baker, please and deaver at the beginning and they kind of shared that senior role. it changed over time. please went on to be attorney general. deaver took a different role, baker became a very strong chief of staff. so i think right now i think it very much reflects
4:52 am
president-elect trump's policies, and his position. that is, he has two conflicting pieces. i assume mr. priebus will be the coordinator of sort of all the engagement with the government. somebody has to help run those different agencies and deal with the sents and departments, and then as the principle contact to congress. then you have mr. bannon, who obviously helped drive the strategy, and the political positioning of mr. trump during the election. very controversial, as you said. but somebody who obviously the president-elect has great faith in. so there's a conflict to the outside world. i don't think the inside world or trump world views it as much of a conflict. i think it's exactly where president-elect trump is and that is he's got two competing forces that he wants to compete. and that may be a good thing for presidency. >> how do you see it, reince priebus, you know what he's
4:53 am
about politically and personally. how does he size up with a steve bannon? >> you know they worked to the as a team on the campaign. i think that's really important to talk about with what mr. daly just said in terms of the team aspect of being inside the white house. look, things to keep in mind, when steve bannon took over the campaign, look where the polls were at that time. and look where they were about four weeks later with his team with dave bossy and kellyanne conway. they came in and by the end of september trump was leading in the polls. of course he ultimately won. as paul ryan said, president-elect donald trump turned politics on its head. this is the team that did that. one of the ways they did it is they worked with the rnc and they recognized that the rnc has built a masterful ground game of data operation and that was reince priebus' part and they came together as a team and worked together. if you think about it president-elect trump's first decision what he's saying is i had a great team, i don't want to pick and choose, i want to keep everybody, and so here's a role for the top two people on my team in my administration. i think that's a really good sign for his administration.
4:54 am
>> well, help me understand this, mike, so reince priebus is part of the autopsy report 2012 before it comes out in 2013 says we need to built a bigger tent. we have to show that our values translate to you no matter your race, your religion, your economic standing, steve bannon, through breitbart, has a very different agenda. they see diversity as a tool of the left. and there's a lot of division, and the politics are almost by definition antithetical to a big tent. how do you reconcile those two things? >> well, the way you reconcile them is that both of them now work for president-elect trump and it's going to be his agenda. it's not going to be their previous employers' agenda. it's going to be the agenda of the president of the united states. and they're going to enact his agenda and they're both on the same team for president-elect trump. i think you have to wait and see how that plays out rather than saying breitbart might have posted this or the rnc said that. they don't work for those organizations anymore. and they work for president-elect trump -- >> go ahead, bill, because the
4:55 am
difference is breitbart isn't like -- breitbart is not "the new york times," mike. it's an agenda machine. >> no, no. >> and if it's putting it out, bannon is behind it. he runs it like it's his own vehicle. everybody knows that. but make your point, bill. >> but, but much of the campaign after mr. bannon came into the campaign was very reflective. the aggressiveness on so many issues. the allowing of social media to get a little out of hand. i mean let's don't forget the fact, i concede that having chaired al gore's campaign in 2000 i understand the electoral college rather well. al got 500,000 more votes than his opponent, and i think hillary clinton is somewhere around 2 million more americans voted against donald trump. he is our president. i get that. but the fact of the matter is you cannot ignore that. but mr. bannon took this campaign, and took a certain tack and it worked. again it worked. so therefore you can celebrate that. but the fact is that may be --
4:56 am
that may make, if that's translated then on a constant basis in washington, fighting not only his opponents, but his own expected allies in a very aggressive, and sometimes controversial very controversial way, and also offending much of america, who may have voted for him, and many who didn't vote for him, and that is the struggle that i think president-elect trump's going to have to manage. not an easy task. >> mike -- >> just talking to reince about this he doesn't see it that way. they worked together on the campaign and as he would say, he was a force for good on the campaign. he made good decisions. and he's put together this strategy for the campaign along with his team. >> but -- >> and reince worked together with him -- >> -- little differently than the campaign. >> that's right. >> you're right it worked -- >> it worked for the president of the united states. >> yes, it worked in a campaign. and that sort of style wourkd in a campaign. but working and governing and bringing the country together,
4:57 am
and accomplishing the things that the president-elect says he wants to, whether he can accomplish them all is another challenge. >> that's the question, that's the question for you, mike, is i get style, campaigning, but both sides do it. you have to figure out how to get there and once you get there you have to figure out how to do the job. what i'm asking is, reince seemed to have this political philosophy coming out of 2012-13 that you need to be a big tent. you need to unify. we're seeing what's going on in the streets right now, some of it right. some of it wrong. right? riots are not protests, they're crimes. but this is a reaction. and the president-elect, has said i'm going to unify. not what he was saying during the campaign. bannon may have been effective in teaching him how to divide the country to win the election -- >> well -- >> he's saying he wants to unify now. can he do that if he had somebody who ideological believes in division? >> first of all, i recall president-elect trump saying we should unify during the election. during the campaign and that we are going to bring people together. i think some people didn't
4:58 am
believe him. doesn't mean he wasn't saying it. he was saying that on the campaign trail. he just hired reince priebus as his chief of staff. reince understands all facets of the party. personally he's a very conservative republican himself. but he not only, you know, people say inside in washington he certainly has relationships on capitol hill which is going to serve president-elect trump very well. but he also is very in touch with the grassroots, and the conservative elements of the party up and down. he came up through the grassroots. he was a state party chairman before he got elected rnc chairman so reince kind of, you know, branches across all aspects of the conservative movement. and i think that's why he gets along well with bannon and the other people in the administration that are going to come along. because he's that person that can bring all of them together. hear all those voices, and serve the president well. i think that that's why. politics is a team sport. the administration is going to be a team sport. you have to have a lot of voices and reince is the perfect person to sit in the middle of that and listen to all those voices and make sure the agenda --
4:59 am
>> if i may. >> quick. >> i don't believe governing is a sport. i think governing is rather serious. we all enjoy sports but that's entertainment. this is not entertainment. this is governing 300 million people and being the leader of the free world and having a government that reflects that. >> point taken. bill daley, mike shields. a lot of this is we will see. bannon being put in there is something to see and be skeptical of. thank you very much. there's a lot of news. let's get right to it. >> i trust donald's judgment. >> first pushback against one of donald trump's first white house hires. >> we will not accept racism, sexism or xenophobia. >> don't be afraid. we're going to bring our country back. >> obamacare is failing. >> it will be repealed and replaced. >> we don't want to disrupt the nation with what my look like a vindictive prosecution. >> -- bad things. i don't want to hurt them. >> people -- this is "new day"
5:00 am
with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good people. you didn't hear a lot of that during the campaign. >> you did not. >> good morning. >> welcome to your "new day." it's monday, november 14th. 8:00 in the east. alisyn is off, poppy is in. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> president-elect trump making his first official hires. his top two advisers in place. at least nominally. you've got reince priebus, the head of the rnc, who attacked -- who trump attacked during the primaries. he's going to be the chief of staff. his chief strategist is a story. his name is steve bannon. he is a promoter of of the alt-right. he is now a main person in the white house. >> all this and donald trump sitting down for his first interview post-election talking to "60 minutes" discussing his administration's top priority as well. clearly softening on some of those big campaign promises that he made. let's begin our corning this morning with phil mattingly in washington. good morning, phil. >> good morning, poppy. when you talk to democrats and republicans alike they are clearly still trying to get their heads around what happened just less than


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