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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 17, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, the president-elect meeting tomorrow with south carolina governor nikki haley.
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this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. a transition source telling cnn governor haley is under consideration for a number of key cabinet positions. let's begin this hour with sarah murray, who can update us. let's start out with the breaking news tonight sarah on the transition. what can you tell us? >> let's talk about nikki haley. she is going to be in new york at trump tower. sources say she is the kind of person who could be a good fit as a potential secretary of state in donald trump's administration. the person we have been talking about as the leader for secretary of state has been rudy judiany. but the fact you are seeing donald trump meet with nikki haley -- he has a full slate of meetings tomorrow but i feel like haley is the headline because she was really critical of him during the campaign. publicly critical, openly critical. she ultimately said she was going to vote for donald trump. but if he were to be seriously considering nikki haley for
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secretary of state, if he were to pick her that would be a good indication that he is serious about trying to find people he feels like will fresh out his administration, bring more experience in and that he is willing to forgive past grievances and he is willing to look at people based on their credit shas for the job. beyond that one of the things they announced this evening is they are going to look for anyone in the donald trump administration to have a five-year ban of lobbying. of course we have seen people work in the white house, leave, needily into into lobbying. the trump administration wants to put in a five-year ban. unclear how they would implement or enforce it, but that's what is out there. >> i'm going to bring in vicky ward, and rebecca byrd. thank you for joining us. vicky, you have written a big profile piece on jared kushner
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for esquire magazine. we don't hear much about him. what is he really like? >> jared is shrewd tactician. when i wrote my piece in the summer, kevin ryan, entrepreneur said he is in it to win it. indeed, it has proven so. what is very interesting, don, a lot of people in the new york real estate industry and new york social circles i think sort of withdrew a bit from jared during the campaign. but now that he is right there with the president-elect, they are all sort of saying oh, thank goodness, because jared is so smart. and i think that, you know, that's very interesting. >> why did they withdraw, because they weren't so sure? >> because as we had seen in the election new york was in one camp -- and jared kushner, i felt this when i was reporting the piece in the summer really sort of was strategizing and understood where middle america
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was. and it turned out you know what, his math and his understanding of social media -- you know, his calculations were right. and he was very, very central in the donald trump campaign. and i'm sure donald trump feels that, which is why he want him so close. >> it is said he has been at the center of the transition team and according to reports that he is maybe part of the so-called turmoil reported there. they are disputing that, they said there is no turmoil. you know, he got rid of chris christie and his father was sent to jail by cries cries. here's what you write, jarret was working on joint business and law degree at nyu, since a convicted felon cannot sign a contract as a fiduciary, he felt he had no choice other than to take over the family business n. his interview with new york
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magazine he acknowledged his father made a mistake at the same time while insisting charles had been unfairly funnished for his crimes.he made no secret that he sees his father stills an extraordinary unanimous and that he believes in his philial duty to put the kushner name back on top. do you think that's part of what is guiding him now? >> i do. but i also think that jared kushner is -- you know, he is a very ambitious, smart tactician whose career in some ways almost eclipses that of his faurnl. if you think that 12 years ago, he was in his early 20s. his father had gone to jail. instead of sort of changing his name and moving to california as a lot of people would do, he doubled down. he bought the most expensive building at the time in new york. he crossed the river from queens
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like donald trump had done years before him. starts to rehabilitate the kushner name. buy as newspaper, which is really a sort of a marker. and then he is an orthodox ju and he veries a prominent ivanka trump who converts to marry him. these are all actions -- people talk about jared as being low key but if you look at the trajectory of his career right thousand, he is right next to the president-elect, it is an extraordinary statement. >> ivanka probably saw a lot of her father in him. >> i don't doubt it. >> 5 years old and probably one of the most powerful people in the country. are you surprised by that, having met him and knowing him? >> no, not at all. i saw sort of when i was reporting this piece in the summer just how determined he was. and you know it's real for him.
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he really believes in donald trump. i think they do have this kinship. they do -- because they have grown up around the real estate industry, they know -- they both understand how to pivot. i think they both feel the same way actually about the media. one of the things i reported was that, you know, jared was not well liked by his newsroom. but he didn't care particularly. >> he is a member of the media. >> but he is an owner. i think he sees that very clear. i think he was in it -- he owned the new york observer because he was interested to see if he could modernize it. in the last few days the observer has just gone purely on line. >> he talks at donald trump rallies against the nooim. recently, maybe a month ago i got a kobe copy of the observer which is the paper he owns nest of my "new york times" subscription at my front door and i thought, this is interesting. rebecca, as a member of the trump family can jared kushner even get a job at the white
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house? >> there are nepotism laws that prevent family members including inlaws from taking salaried positions. but that won't preclude him from taking a non-salary position or acting as a kitchen cabinet adviser. that's why we are hearing reports of jared getting security clearance. he is clearly very much still in the mix, very much a trusted adviser to trump and his team. and i would be surprised actually, if we did not see him saking some sort of informal role in the trump white house because he has been so instrumental throughout this campaign not only to shaping the direction and the strategy, but really keeping this team together. we talked so much throughout this campaign about all the tumultuous turns in this campaign, all the different leaders from corey lewandowski,
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paul manafort, to john bannon. jared bushner has been a thread throughout, one of the things hoeding this campaign together. i think that we can expect this to continue as they move into the white house. >> can we see him as part of a daily briefing even if he takes on a voluntary role into we are seeing that in the transition now potentially. when it gets to the white house it gets murkier. because if you are in an unsalaried position there is questions of conflicts of interest. and eye can have a and the other children are going to be running the trump business as kind of a blind trust between donald trump as president. >> not really a blind trust, is it? >> that's what we have been talking about, is this going to prevent conflicts of interest? it's the setup they have planned so far. jared kushner, married to ivanka
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trump raises more questions of conflict of interest. >> did you want to get in on this in. >> no. i think that -- well, yes. to he moo, knowing -- i've also reported on donald trump for many years. and knowing him. this is just how he operates. you know, as we know, he is happy to break this precedent. he wants to break this precedent. he likes to be surrounded by a very small group of people who he trust. jared kushner you know is absolutely that person. >> yeah. you know, the trump campaign is sort of -- it has been seen as a fly by the seat of your pants from the outside in. now the transition seems to be in turmoil with kushner at the center of some of this so-called infighting. but they deny it. what's the larger picture here going on? >> just based on my reporting of
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jared kushner i felt in the summer that there was this aura of calm around him and careful calculation, which seemed i think very few people in new york understood that. and i think it didn't bother hem that nobody in new york understood it. so i -- just because how it looks to us may not necessarily be what is. you know, i think that jared kushner has proven that he is not to be underestimated. >> it's certainly interesting what you said here in new york -- go ahead, rebecca. >> i was just going to say we should also mention that jared kushner is not an eye deologue. he was a democrat. he was close friends with senator cory booker of new jersey. they raised money for him in their home. he is in to win because it's all
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about family, loyalty. that adds another layer that other advisors don't have. >> again, it sounds like donald trump, who was a democrat. >> i was going to say kushner did go to rudy giuliani. that's common to real estate, they butter both sides of the bread. just ahead, will donald trump get into a heated battle with mayors of cities around the county known as sanctuary cities?
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los angeles is a sanctuary city shielding more than 1 million undocumented immigrants from u.s. immigration enforcers, that could put the city on a collision course with the trump administration. want to talk with mayor eric gazetty thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> explain to our audience what is a sanctuary city. >> it has no definition. and it has been used by anti-immigrant folks. but los angeles and other big citiesv always been a place welcome to refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants. 63% of or population are immigrants or children of immigrants. we've seen that be a core part of our economy, of our security on the city streets. we'll continue to be a place
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that immigrants can come to and where they will feel safe whether the changes from one administration to the next in the white house we are going to continue to be a great american city filled with immigrants and proud of that. >> it is a fair to say that los angeles is not cooperating with the federal government on its efforts to enforce immigration law? >> we do all the time when there is a criminal and there is a kornt court warrant that makes sure we hand folks over to immigration officials. we have done that comfortly. but the policy we have is from 1970 from daryl gates a republican, a conservative in 1970 recognized that's not the job of local police officers whose job is to establish trust with all respects to be sure they can be witnesses to crimes to be sure they can talk to their police. that's the responsibility of the federal government. and our chief charlie beck said we will continue to have that policy. we will concentrate on street crime and keeping los angeles safe. we don't believe it's the role or the place for local law
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enforcement to be asking people solely what their am grags status is and handing that over to the federal government. >> charlie beck says we are not going to work in conjunction with homeland security on deportation efforts. that is not our job, nor will i make it our job. are you in agreement with that, mayor? >> absolutely. that's my chief. we talked about that that's my policy as well as his. that's been our policy for 40 years. we have trust in all of our communities, great relationships with your diverse immigrant populations. that's a core part of keeping america safe. that trust is more valuable than what we see coming from the other side. i would like to see assurances from the incoming administration that we are to the going to see children ripped away there their parents in the middle of the night. we have seen that playbook before in other countries, we have fought wars against that sort of action. we have seen dark chapters of our nation's history where american citizens were deported
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from operation wetback. full american citizens taken across the border and families separated. we can't afford that here in los angeles and across america and we hope the administration won't be engaging in those sorts of efforts. >> over the course of the campaign we have heard so much about the things that happened during -- have happened recently. donald trump is blaming sanctuary policy for many deaths including state steinle who was murdered in san francisco. the accused is a undocumented immigrant and a repeat felon. how do you argue with those who say sanctuary is a bad idea. >> you look at overwhelming number of people, 1 million in los angeles county. look at those numbers and the native born who commit crimes -- that's something that happens with human. we should make sure that if someone is here and committing crimes they need to be held
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accountable and we need to make sure that the justice systems system works. but massive sweeps and doe portations -- we are experiencing an economic boom here in los angeles. big part of that has been that under president obama many of the illegal documents moved up to legal status. and their wages went up and now they are paying taxes. to push them back into the shadow won't help the economic position. 60% of our local businesses are started by local business some of whom don't have documentation. there is a reason why so many americans want a pathway towards citizenship. >> the president-elect is threatening to withhold federal funds from cities shielding immigrants. that's potentially hundreds of millions of dollars. could los angeles afford to lose that money.
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>> we are patriots would, he pay our tax we make sure those come back. nobody has even begined what a, quote, unquote, sanctuary city is. lapd officers just like in new york and chicago and any small town shouldn't be immigration officials. that's the responsibility of the federal government. because we are not pulling people over by the way they look and asking for their papers doesn't mean we are not participating with immigration rules. >> mayor, are you seeing any more fear in immigrant communities in your city since this election? >> absolutely. i've talked with young children who are inconsolable, who are crying not knowing whether their parents are going to be there when they wake up. people are having nightmares. people are worried at at schools their children will be grabbed, whether parents will be taken
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away. businessmen wondering about the local factories, because there is too many asians or latinos there will be raided. it's bad for the security of or strooed streets. we all want secure borders, a pathway to citizenship. there is a bipartisan can census of that. what we don't want to see is raids ripping families apart. these kind of accusations based on what you look like or maybe how you worship or where you worship god. these things we have to work hard in our cities to be the examples of love, of unity, of what america stands for. i'm proud of my city and other mayors standing up for thur values. >> mayor garcetti thank you. up next, mayor bill deblasio says new yorkers will stand up against donald trump. but at what cost to the city? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty,
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and towns help shelter undocumented immigrants from federal enforcers. here to talk about that is maria
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cardona, terra set meyer, donna piece roe, and angela rye. good to have awful you on. angela, new york he had to say afterwards. >> stan up for the needs of working people. we are going to stand up for our immigrant fwroers and sisters. we are going to stands up for anyone who as of any policy is excluded or afronted. the members of the muslim community or the jewish community, ems in of the lgbt community, women, anyone who feels policies are being undertaken that undermine them. >> i watched that entire press conference today. i thought it was fascinating getting sort of the inside scoop of this meeting. is the mayor angela setting up a conflict between his city and
12:28 am
the trump administration? >> no. i think he is setting up the incoming president of the united states to make good decisions that impact everyday americans. these people have children. these folks have been contributors to our society. maybe they didn't always do everything right, but i think there is something to be said for the meaning of a sanctuary city in this day and age. i think that the probable is, the rhetoric that donald trump used on the campaign trail, they still have people chanting "build that wall" they chanted of the at the rnc at donald trump rally after rally. and you had kids doing this in a middle school lunch room just last week. i think the reality is these are far more complex issues that than you can get out in five-word chant. we have to understand what it means to break up and tear apart families. >> mayor deblasio who you heard in the sound byte a couple
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seconds ago have hundreds of thousands of residents who could be targted by donald trump's immigration policy. can you blame them for trying to protect their people, tara? >> no. they are residents in these cities. and i understand that, but -- >> i feel a but coming on. >> yes. i work on capitol hill for seven years for a southern california congressman and i really got to see the devastating effects -- now we need to talk about illegal immigrants. we are not talking about legal immigration. and the devastating effects it has had particularly in california. you have the los angeles mayor on there. and it reminds me of jemile shaw who was a case that i worked with him on that came to my attention while i work in kong, 17-year-old black boy promising football career, going to go to college was shot in the head by an illegal alien gang member just released from the county
12:30 am
jail who should have been deported because of something called special rule 40 which doesn't allow law enforcement officers to ask about illegal immigration status. i ties the the hands of law and order in these cities. i feel like we've failedt because we have allowed this to go on so long and don't enforce the law and create this problem. >> i see flinching when you si illegal alien. >>, et cetera a working government term. >> this has ben an issue existing since the 1980s and let's look at the history and the reality. a lot of people are throwing around these terms when in reality it is not legal term. i think mayor garcetti was right on point when he said he doesn't even call us a sanctuary city because there is really no legality behind it. it started in the 1980s when
12:31 am
immigrants were coming from central america seeking asylum from the wars that were going on there. they would go into religious institutions, into churches in order to be protected from being deported. then that turned into cities also making sure that a lot of these immigrants whose only fault was coming here without papers -- did you they were all teak seeking asylum. what is happening now is that a lot of these cities are telling their law enforcement -- and by the way the majority of law enforcement agree with this, that they shouldn't have to do the job of federal immigration services because if they do then what happens is in a lot of these communities, immigrant communities will stop cooperating with the police. if you are in a dooim situation if you are undocument. even if you are here legally and you live in a mixed status company and you get into the
12:32 am
case with your husband or wife or someone in your family is ataek tacking you you are not going to report it to the police. >> unfortunately that's a crutch. i've talked to present of agents who are handcuffed and can't do their jobs because you have places like los angeles and others will they openly will not cooperate with federal law enforcement officers in order to enforce the law. the obama administration got rid of the $287g program -- it happened helped train local law enforcement officers to find out whether if they detained someone for crime if they were illegal immigrants or not. they got rid of that because the obama administration didn't want people deported. >> they got rid of them because it constrained local law enforcement. they said i don't want to to this because then i won't be a be to do community policing. >> john, even your own mayor
12:33 am
supports this sanctuary city movement. what about people who aren't criminals and are just trying to life their lives? >> if they are not going to enforce the law they should be arrested or resigned. you don't have politicians pick and choose which laws they are going to enforce. this is about build the wall. this isn't about families. they are not supposed to be here. they don't pay taxes. they clog the schools. >> they do pay taxes. >> let him finish. >> as far as deblasio, look at new york. it is a wreck right now. they have to enforce the law. you don't pick which laws you want to enforce. >> have you lived in new york? >> he y i have, nine years, right now it is a wreck with the number of people moving out and the number of homeless. they took an oath to enforce the law. if they are not going to enforce
12:34 am
it they should be arrested or should resign. you can't just start to choose. this is fake outrage because they want votes. >> john, hold on. i have to say that new york city is thriving right now. >> thank you. >> but go ahead. >> it is not fake outrage when you have -- it is not fake outrage when you have families, when you have children that are afraid for their lives because they -- >> what about american families? they shouldn't be here in the first place. >> because of some collusion between their own community police officers -- >> collusion? >> is going to essentially turn them in when they have done nothing wrong except be here without documents. that is not criminal felony. >> we can have open borders. >> here's the problem with that. most people are going nothing to go around looking for who are the families and the kids and yank them out of school. that's an extremist vision. >> welcome to trump administration. >> i agree with some of his policies but not all of them.
12:35 am
deportation plan is too much. as far as border security and we should know who is coming in and out of this country. >> we do have that. >> not really. as far as interior enforcent in, it is a down 40%. >> you can pick and choose which laws they are going to enforce. >> you have people coming across the this border in the droves, in the shows since 2014 from unaccompanied minors to families now. >> the numbers are down. >> let him respond. >> they are not american citizens. >> the numbers from honduras and el salvador are up. motion coare down because there is a different sat of set of rules, but they are suesing the asylum stat to us do it. >> go ahead. >> first of all, to say that law enforcement officers in towns and cities around the county are picking and choosing which laws they are going to enforce is preposterous. maria made -- >> politicians.
12:36 am
>> she is not a politician. she is a political commentator. >> let her finish, john. >> i can't hear you while you are pointing. what did you say. >> the said the mayor of los angeles -- and mayor of providence, you can't decide which laws you are going to enforce. it is the law of the land. >> angela, hold your thoughts. let's stop it there. on the other side of the break angela will get the first word. we'll be right back.
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back now with my panel. angela, you were making a point on the trust between communities and police. >> i was actually making a point about the difference between federal, state, and local law. i think what i found often throughout this election cycle and now on other side of it is people don't understand how that works. there is difference in obligation between what a state and local law enforcement officer is supposed to do versus what the feds do. i think that's the point maria was trying to make earlier on. >> enforce the law. >> i give up. >> let her finish. your point is --
12:41 am
>> do you want more cheese with that line? >> let her finish. >> i finished. >> it's more of the same. go ahead john. let finish. >> this is about make america great again, not south america great again. they are going to start to bring back the country and they are not going to pick and choose which laws they want to enforce period. >> i have worked on the illegal immigration issue many years i'm tough on that issue. i don't think it's helpful to try to move toward because it's complicated and multilayered. >> et cetera not complicated. >> it is. >> it is. >> it is not. >> i worked in this for a long time. to say we are going to make america great again, throw everyone out is not a absolute. how about we come up with a solution. we can enforce the border, enforce the laws, we can deport the criminals. >> and the mayors should fight for that. >> instead of throwing word
12:42 am
bombs -- >> you would agree you can't just make up the laws as they go along. >> that's the kind of language that the trump campaign is purveying and it's created the division that we have this this country. it is not moving us forward. >> that's why he won the election. >> john is trying to pretend that immigration and this issue of, quote, unquote, sanctuary cities is simple. i think completely. >> it is simple. >> betrays his ignorance of this issue period. >> no -- >> let her finish. i'll let you respond, john, go ahead. >> this is an issue that is incredibly complicated. multilayered. there is a reason we haven't witness able to get to comprehensive immigration reform. we have had bipartisan people working on this for years and they understand there are certain pieces that absolutely need to be contained into a bill. what happens is it gets thrown into the political arena and people like john cheapen the
12:43 am
debate. >> john, give us a policy sloegs rather than a slogan. >> it's simple. if the mayors feel that way they need to fight it out and put forth the legislation that's going to change the law. but we can't be -- you can't have politicians just announcing what laws they are going to enforce and what laws they are not going to enforce or start to say -- it is a fake outrage. and you watch. that was a great move by the way of steve bannon going to the white house. he is the man. >> all those people here who worked on it and know the law say that's how the law works. and you are saying it's not. but legally that's how it works. >> can i give you one example. >> they need to wait for president trump's legislation before they start to announce they are not going to follow it. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> here's one example.
12:44 am
and it's of why i don't think you fundamentally understand how government works. you said -- put forth legislation. >> support legislation. >> they don't. it's comprehensive immigration reform. if that is something we can get to. >> aim at thing to to roll the tape back. >> a of the had them have no criminal record behind hem. >> garcetti and deblasio can work through their representatives for the type of legislation they want. again i don't want to be a broken record. you can't just start to announce that your city is going to welcome people from foreign lands. >> actually, for those mayors in those cities that say they are not going to cooperate or hand over the criminal aliens. >> should be arrested. >> they shouldn't be arrested. >> that's what happened in san francisco, what happened with kate steinle, she was killed because the person who killed her was deported seven times, came back and was not handed over to i.c.e. there is a bureaucratic
12:45 am
nightmare over who gets deported and how. it needs to be changed but there needs to be more cooperation. for those sanctuary cities there is a way to make them comply. that's with federal funding. >> there is also a way to get -- there is also a way to get these cities, and a lot of the mayors of these cities actually do comply with a lot of these detainers and actually do work with i.c.e. after the person has served their sentence or after the court has said what needs to be done with this person. they do turn them over to i.c.e. because they have an agreement that they will do that only when there is a detainer or a court order. that's very different from asking community officers, community policing officers to go around asking people for their immigration papers. >> no one is asking for papers. >> okay. stand by. we'll be back. why do protein drinks taste chalky?
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back now with my panel. this is for maria cardona. before steve bannon went to work for trump he interviewed trump for breitbart radio and in one
12:50 am
conversation donald trump defended the idea that we should give priority to highly educated immigrants. >> we have to keep our talented people in this country. i think you agree with that. do you agree with that? >> i have got a tougher -- when two thirds or 3/4 of the ceos are from asia. my point is a country is more than an economy. we are a civic society. >> by the way that number doesn't check out because he seriously exaggerated the number of asian executives. what do you think of that exchange? >> i think it points out the criticism of steve bannon, what it has been all along. he delves into this language that can be communicated to all these communities of color as bigoted and racist. that's why you have so many people out on the streets so many people afraid of the their own future and the future of
12:51 am
communities when you have somebody like steve bannon who has normalized hatred and race. i and bigotry and misogyny is in the white house. that means misogyny sat seat in the white house. racism tas ear of the president. you have seen donald trump already taking that kind of advice from the very first day that he announced his campaign calling mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. >> on, you disagree with that? >> i do. steve bannon is the karl rove of this generation. he and cali ann conway won the election because they are plugged in with the american people. don, who can justify we are going to have open borders or this business of breaking up families? no, the entire family should return to the country of origin. it's not asking too much that american citizens start to rebuild this nation. attacks on steve bannon are unfair. president-elect trump has the right to select the type of people that are going to be
12:52 am
around him. all this outrage about him. what about the late '90s with president clinton? >> done come at me about that because i've been one of the people who has come out and said after bill clinton, justifiably for his whafr in the white house and what he do to turn around and make excuses about trump's behavior and comments about grabbing women by the genitals, all of a sudden they excuse that away. don't come at me and say i didn't have anything to say about that. i was active on the conservatism all through the '90s. >> we are interchangeable tonight. terra is angela, angela is terra. i have a question for john. >> hold on. i want to ask terra because she is a conservative republican and the topic was steve bannon. how do you feel about that?
12:53 am
>> i think putting steve bannon in that position -- you can be smart, be a genius, you can be an evil genius. i don't think have been someone with his background and the comments he has made bragging about breitbart being all the right, lennonism, bringing down the system and allowing some of the ilk on that website under his leadership that doesn't send the message of unity that donald trump needs to put target as now the next president of the united states in a country so dwighted. it's inflammatory and we as conservatives would never stand for it. we want after van jones, anita dun for her affinity for mau. and van jones, who i have come to know well and i think is a nice guy and a commentator he was excoriated for his leftist views. >> why aren't conservatives
12:54 am
doing that with bannon then? >> because i think the moral camp as of my party has conhay wire. >> he should have been named chief of saf. >> they rationalize things we never would accept on the other side. i can't explain why they are doing this but it is not a good mess an. >> can you imagine if barack obama brought into office reverend jr wright. >> pretty close. >> that's an exact analogy. >> i think it's important to know how this country was started to begin with. i'm interested to know who you think built it to begin with john? >> right now, i mean, my family came from italy. and they didn't go and cost $19,000 per pupil in the schools. >> i wanted to know who you think built the country. >> as far as paying taxes -- the pack of the matter is you can't
12:55 am
just say who built the country. right now illegal immigration is a huge cost to cities, states -- >> i'm asking you who built the country. >> i think her point is immigrants built the country. and at some point all of the people who came over were legalized. >> that's not true. in my family they were barbers. they didn't get a free -- they didn't get welfare. and they didn't cost $19,000 per pupil and they learned how to speak english. >> your president-elect has paid stroh in federal taxes at least the last 20 years. undocumented immigrants pay thousands and thousands more dollars in tacks than your president-elect. >> they don't pay taxes. >> yes, they do. >> saying they don't underscores how little you know about this issue. >> i do know a lot about it. >> you don't. >> you don't know anything about it. >> it's clear. >> no. >> people need -- how -- they don't file state tax returns. they don't file a federal tax
12:56 am
returns. you said they were hiding in the shadows a minute ago. you can't have it both ways. [ overlapping speakers ] >> john -- john. >> marching in the streets of los angeles. >> i think you are outnumbered. what shadows. >> not only is he outnumbered. s' wrong. >> deposit mean i'm wrong, don lemon. >> you are dead wrong. >>ite hiding in the shadows and the schools of new york and l.a. >> read a book. >> thank you guys. >> read a book? >> yeah, read several. >> hasta manana, john. >> see you tomorrow, good night. . . .
12:57 am
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a surprising new candidate comes to surface as a potential cabinet pick for donald trump. foreign affairs today at trump tower. for the first time, a world leader meaets with the president-elect in person. i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the election. i am too. more than i can ever express. >> hillary clinton giving her first public speech since the concession address. good morning. welcome to "early


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