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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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good evening, i'm don lemon. the president-elect make something controversial choices and there he is traveling to his golf course in new jersey earlier tonight for a weekend of meetings with potential cabinet appointees. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. trump's most anticipating meeting is with mitt romney, one of the harshest critics. will he join as secretary of
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state? i want to bring with deborah fayer outside trump tower. good evening, deborah. >> reporter: hey, there, don. this is fifth avenue without the president-elect here. he's in new jersey as you mentioned. security is incredibly tight. i counted 50 officers and that's just in a two-block radius. security is exceptionally tight. you've got a five-lane avenue down to three lanes because of concrete barriers and metal fences, so really the u.s. secret service and the nypd are doing the best they can to secure this incredibly busy location, some people are calling this white house north but unlike the real white house, which is in washington, d.c., this one is a lot more difficult to protect. >> i realized that this is a whole different life for me now. >> for a man used to go where he wants when he wants, the president-elect's impromptu visit drew noticeable attention, as his motorcade left his
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residence. trump to youer is a luxury high rise in the heart of midtown, but for a secret service agent, it's logistical and tactical nightmare. among the top three concerns. >> checklist is going to be the height, the second probably all the glass, and then there's the streets around it, the threat from a vehicle-born explosive device. >> there's also the threat from the air. the faa established a autism ra -- a temporary no fly zone, dpapdidpap expanding two miles on the east coast. the outside of the building is tightly guarded to prevent what happened this summer when a climber using giant suction cups scaled the all-glass ex-terror and everything will have to be secured from the air vents to the elevators, even floors surrounding the penthouse apartment and his office on the 26th floor. >> the standard general rule when you're doing a security vance is one flow floor and one above, but that doesn't always
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work. >> screening now a way of life, with anyone going in or out of the building, 58 stories of residents and commercial tenants, all screened including packages e-mail and deliveries. >> to the extent you can avoid the immediate area around trump tower, that'll make your own life and everyone else's life easier. >> the building will be protected by heavily armed nypd officers and the secret service 24 hours a day, counter terrorism and assault teams will be in place whenever the president-elect is inside and they'll be a team in charge of securing and maintaining an area for top secret conversations. >> we have a long standing partnership and a very successful record in protecting venues and people in new york city. we're very comfortable with our plan. >> reporter: now sitting presidents are allowed to have a residence outside of washington, d.c., but sources are telling me that the secret service has a shortage of agents. they've been working around-the-clock not only protecting the
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president-election, but obviously hillary clinton and president obama, so they have really been stretched to the max. now, as far as protecting trump tower, it is a major operation and you're going to have a lot of nypd officers around-the-clock. that means they're going to incur huge costs, and that cost, don, likely will be passed on to the federal government because the amount of over time they'res ing in fact significant. don? >> and as we both know, traffic anywhere in midtown near trump tower, horrific. it takes you hours to get to places it takes minutes to get to normally. thank you, deb conservatives cheering donald trump's choice as jeff sessions for his pick, but civil rights groups condemning the pick. and the author of ghost of jim crow, ending racism in america, and john king, former trump advisor to the campaign. good evening to both of you.
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michael, i'm going to start with you. jeff skegzs has been offered and accepted the job. sessions has failed a confirmed session, and called him boy, that he called the naacp, and the aclu un-american, and he joked about the klu klux klan. sessions denies making those remarks so what's your reaction to this pick? >> well, it's troubling. it's very troubling to me. i think you know the question is whether or not president-elect is going to governor as he campaigned, and was very controversial particularly on questions of race, and religion. this pick senator sessions is troubling from that standpoint, and president-elect trump should be reaching across those lines, across racial, across gender, across religious lines and this pick suggests on hughes gas to
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gone are gksz oksz vk -- he's going to govern in that way. >> do you think the doj will be responsive to former senator at the helm? lawyers talking about that being a troubling issue, even with african-american attorneys lynch. is this a step backwards? >> it is in my judgment. it's very problematic because the attorney general is our chief justice person, is the chief federal law enforcement officer. he is in charge of enforcing the federal rights, the civil rights that people have fought and died for in this country during the civil rights movement. and so it's very troubling that someone like senator sessions and you know, some of this stuff is 20 years old but i'm not certain he's established anything since then that would alleviate the concerns of most
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individuals. >> representative kingston, let me ask you a question, i'll let you respond. senator sessions failed to pass muster 1986 for a judgeship, because others testified to his racial remarks. what's different and why should he be america's top -- >> he served in the u.s. senate for 20 years, a distinguished member of the judiciary committee and before that he was attorney general for the state of alabama. we want to reopen the pre-1986 -- you know the star witness against him has been convicted of bribing a jury, so-so much of what -- i think he was politically beat up for reasons i don't know. as a member of the senate he's cosponsored a bill to give rosa parks the congressional medal of honor. he got a $1 million earmark for
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her museum, and he's worked on a bipartisan fashion with dick dur ban to reform the cocaine and crack laws, which has been a big problem and complaint of african-americans. he has -- if you just look at what he's done, he hasn't done all these inflammatory or racial things as a u.s. attorney. he fought for desegregation, i think on ten different pleadings and so this is a guy that has good-bye partis good bypartisan grades from many and many are upset donald trump is president, and are looking for something to rally behind but i don't think jeff sessions will provide them the red meat they're looking for. you have the senior members of the senate, the ones who are a little bit more balanced saying we're going to take a look at this, we think he's a good guy. he supported eric holder's
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nomination and voted for him, for example. any way to extend the civil rights act by 30 years. >> let michael respond to the congressman's point, do you think american voters should be looking at senator sessions' entire word r recorecord and ma the fact he has evolved on some of these issues? >> i think congressman is correct in that senator has served for 20 years and he does have additional record. i think that's important to look at. i think what the congressman said, those examples are important, but there's also other examples and i want to know where senator sessions stands on the -- on president-elect trump's statement about muslim immigration and i want to know where he stands on building a wall. i want to know where he stands on stop-and-frisk policies to minorities.
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these are all things president-elect trump talked about during the campaign, very divisive. many minorities are concerned about weather their civil rights will be enforced so i want to know what his position is on these controversial policies. >> he takes a hard line position on immigration, as well congressman. what do you expect to see if he's confirmed? will there be mass deportations? >> i do want to quote president obama and say a president is entitled to pick his own team and he's not going to pick somebody in his team that reflects the values of the progressive left and that's something people should get used to. he's going to be a guy that ad heres to the constitution, who is going to enforce the law of the land and follow what congress ends up passing. if people don't like that or a stance on immigration, maybe it's a way to get him out of the
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senate. i like the way he voted and i like his principal stand on immigration, that's why donald trump was elected. >> do you think there are going to be mass deportations? that was my question. >> i think they're going to start on the two million illegal aliens who have broken laws and been identified and he's said that's where we're going to start that. has to be passed by the house and senate. there's going to be a lot of debate before the day is done, but donald trump does plan to followup with his campaign promises, which is the flaul way to do at any level of office. >> since the election there, have been a number of incidents and minorities being taunted, chants of "build that wall." can you understand why minorities might be concerned about the choice of senator sessions? >> i can understand why the left
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is not satisfied with his picks because they don't represent -- >> my question was about me n r minorities. >> i want to back into that. he got more african-american vote than mitt romney or john mccain did because african-americans are interested in his urban agenda, miss -- his agenda that will fight crime -- >> i've got to push back on that congressman. 7% or 8% of the african-american vote is not the bulk of the african-american vote by any means. >> but don think about this, here's a guy who is getting a lot of criticism, but goes to milwaukee, goes to flint, michigan and detroit and says what do you have to lose? i want to bring jobs here,it want to talk about education, i want to address the crimes. last weekend, chicago had 37 shootings. year to date, 690 murders, 3,900 people shot for the whole year.
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>> for time purposes you can understand why minorities may be concerned about jeff sessions' pick? >> i think once they know more about sessions and see what he did with dick durban and rosa parks and her memory and honor and they look at his voting record and consistency standing up for what's right, i think they're going to like jeff sessions a whole lot and be very comfort wrabl wiable with him. >> michael, considering some of the incidents that have happened around the country, can you understand why minorities may be concerned? >> yes, i can and i can answer your question directly. they're concerned whether or not civil rights will be protected. president-elect trump talked about stop-and-frisk practicesulapractices utilized in new york. he talked about imposing those in chicago to reduce crime. i think there are many people very concerned about those
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policies and others that president-elect trump said he would imd popose. >> i've got to run. >> the judge said the way it was applied was unconstitutional. >> thank you, michael. >> i appreciate it. up next, african-american activist expressing concern for donald trump's choices for key national security positions. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united. i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one. sir, you give me that salad and i will pay for your movie and one snack box. can i keep the walnuts?
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since election day, hate speech and crimes are on the rise. there's fear among many fuzz
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limi -- muslims and african-americans, many making those fears worse tonight. keyung has the story tonight. >> reporter: these appointees have been described as hard-liners but muslim and african-american activists call them a potential threat to minorities. >> the assistant attorney general, for national security -- >> the wait is over for these activists who see the real president trump. his appointments sounding alarms from d.c. to los angeles. >> whether you're talking about widespread surveillance or detentions or deportations, or denaturalization. >> this becomes more real? >> yes, absolutely. we have to accept their relate rick. we can't wait until the policies are rolled out. these people represent that mentality. >> al marioti is talking about
8:19 pm
the appointment, mostly concerned about michael flynn. >> radical islamists and failed tyrants. >> reporter: offered the roll of national security advisor. he said this over the summer. >> islam is a political ideology. it is a political ideology. it definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion. >> for african-americans, their main concern, alabama senator jeff sessions, nominated for attorney general. >> senator sessions overseeing the justice department should send chills down the backs of anyone of good faith in this country. >> look at history says robinson. in 1986, during senate judiciary hearings as sessions sought a federal position, testimony included accusations that he joked about the kkk and called the naacp un-american. >> i'm not a racist, i'm not insensitive to blacks. >> he was denied the federal
8:20 pm
judge ship and the naacp calling sessions' appointment ased head of the u.s.troubling, and by ev means will stand against the reg resz and i have intolerable views jeff sessions supports. building a coalition, preparing for the worst in donald trump. >> he's one person and he cannot rule by the iron fist. this democracy will be upheld. we nimble our democracy. >> reporter: so what does he mean by that isn't grassroots level, what they are trying to do is to create a coalition of minority groups to create a larger opposition party and in washington using their influence to try to affect policy advocating for their positions. history has taught them say these activists but the worst
8:21 pm
mistake is to be quiet and invisib invisible. kyung, thank you. >> and nicki, thank you for joining us. how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm fine, don, thank you. thank you for having me. >> now i understand that you have been hiking up mission peak in fremont, california? >> yes. >> you doll a peacall it a peac. tell me about that. >> i started september 24th, and i -- i began the walk to bring some calm in the social media that i -- i began to see a divide happening between my friends and then going out wards in the community and i saw such global unrest and i needed -- i
8:22 pm
wanted to just spread the -- spread a little bit more calm and awareness of the self and self compassion. >> so on this day you were hiking and a ranger contacted you. what did he tell you? >> on the day of the -- >> you were -- yeah. >> i had come down from the peak. i was descending from the peak and at the -- the ranger, he -- yes, he left a note on my car. i did not speak to a ranger. >> and what did the -- the note said hijab-wearing bitch, this is our nation, now get the eff out. what was your first reaction? >> that was not from the ranger. that was inside my car, but my reaction was shock. is definitely shocked but then i -- i did feel -- i felt -- i felt compassion and forgiveness for someone who has such self
8:23 pm
loathing and self hatred. >> you weren't even wearing a hijab so tell us why were you covering your head? >> i wear this -- i wear this because i have lupus and i don't have -- i don't have hair. i have it w-- it was a personal choice that i made and when i hike up the peak, the sun is not -- it does not suit me so i wear this bandana to protect me from that and then i -- i lower the back so to protect me from the sun and on the back of my neck. >> so the person who wrote the note thought that you were muslim but you are -- you're not. you're you're ethnicity is indian and you were born in san jose, california. fremont is a very diverse city. were you surprised by this hateful act? >> i was. i was definitely surprised. i was taken aback by the ignorance that -- that was definitely prevalent, but not known. i did not know that it existed.
8:24 pm
>> when you seeing some like this what do you think about the kind of person who would do it? >> i think that they are in such a state of disillusion, i think that they are -- they have lost their sense of self. they are -- they're experiencing self hatred and self -- they can no longer see the community as one, a common unity. they have created division within their own mind. >> you aren't alone. since the election, 437 acts of hateful, intimidation occurred. what's your reaction? >> it is definitely of sadness, and i -- it breaks my heart that -- that violence is spewing everywhere. it -- it definitely -- it's causing me -- it makes me wonder what our children will -- will
8:25 pm
be facing, how will they -- how will they cope with this. it's a different -- it's a different america that -- that they're experiencing. something that's new to this generation. >> and i have to say right after this happened, nicke wroi wrote daily blog that was well received. thank you so much, nicki, appreciate it. take care. >> thank you, don. straight ahead, it is considered the first viral video, the snippel tht of film captured the last day of jfk's life. his granddaughter joins us next.
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there are very few moments that fall into this category, the everybody know where is they were when it happened category. the assassination of jfk is one of them. even for americans too young to remember, we all remember that tragic footage. his granddaughter is alexander, the author of 26 seconds a personal history. i cannot wait to read this.
8:30 pm
thank you for coming on. >> you said you can't believe you do this every night, it's intense. >> it's been intense for the media late lee. >> absolutely. >> and we'll talk about this film, but this sort of inspire the -- what's going on with the media? to inspire to you do this? >> no, it didn't. my reasons for doing it were so personal. this came in the aftermath of my father's death, my father's rather early death and hi questions about the film and questions about the life of our film and family and i wanted to sort of know more for us and the more i researched it, the more i wanted to learn. >> what effect did this have on your family and grandfather at the time? >> my grandfather i think would be safe to say be traumatized. he witnessed the assassination at close range through the lens. it was deaf stivastat devastati.
8:31 pm
he was there and wanted to share it with his family so it was very painful. >> it has shaped your family's legacy. how did it affect you? >> i grew up in a family that really valued discretion among the film. we didn't talk much about it publicly. my father had to do many things related to it but? general, so for me, i didn't know very much about the film and didn't think very much about the film until i was an adult and that's what made writing the book so interesting was to come with a clean slate, not knowing very much at all. >> you can believe we're coming up on the 53rd anniversary of the kennedy assassination and your grandfather's moment in history. what do you think he would make of the media landscape today? >> it's hard for me to even imagine what he would have thought, not only about the effect that film itself had media culture, but just how far we've traveled, you know, in some ways the film marks the beginning of a -- of a change in
8:32 pm
american life, and in american media culture and raised all of these questions about what people should see and understand what circumstances. >> who should decide and is their such thing as privacy and should you respect the kennedy family for example. these are questions that have completely gone by the wayside and more and more with every passing week. >> he was able to stand right there in dealey plaza and capture that video of the motorcade. can -- is there a comparison to today? do you think the media has as much access as he had then? >> no -- well, i don't about what the media has or doesn't have, but i do know it was a different time. i would say the why the that president kennedy was ridings down the street without the bubble top on the limousine, in the most reactionary city in america, was pretty astonishing and reflects the innocence of that moment, i think. >> it was also a very divisive time politically in 1963. it was just as polarized, and hostile towards a liberal kennedy and catholic president,
8:33 pm
especially in dallas at the time and, yeah. >> dallas was called the city of hate. it was the absolute epicenter of that kind of reactionary politics and people were concerned for kennedy for exactly that reason, absolutely. >> there's been this consternation about the president-elect sort of ducking the media and going to a restaurant. do you understand the importance -- do you see the importance of having a press pool around the president and president-elect? >> certainly, of course i do. i believe in a free and -- >> does this optimize it? >> it is a home movie. mygand father w grandfather was just an ordinary person who happened to catch this moment in time. i think where it does overlap is this idea of you know what should the american people be able to see and what should they be allowed to know and who decides, and the films, you know, the story of the film is the story of the american people demanding to see it and eventually getting to own it and
8:34 pm
have it become theirs. >> yeah, you said you thought it was a much more innocent time because they had the bubble top down and -- >> yeah. >> and what about in terms of language and tone and rhetoric? do you think that has changed since that time? >> it certainly has changed and not to say those in dallas who were speaking against president kennedy didn't have -- their own rhetoric, but it's nothing compare audio even the worse things that were inside the "dallas morning news" were nothing like what we are seeing today, and i actually have been thinking a lot about this in recent weeks about what a press -- press you know conference was like with president kennedy and how well spoken he was and how respect skmfl polirespectful and polite and charming. >> people couldn't believe they had this zapruder footage. imagine now there would be hundreds and thousands of cameras.
8:35 pm
it's such a different time. >> one of the things i traced is the way in which it's film always stays the same. the film never changes but everything around it changes. so now, you now it's not only what we see, the content is much more graphic, and the speed. the american people didn't see it as a film. >> to be uploaded instantly. >> and the -- and the fact that it's everywhere any time all the time. it's just a completely different -- different situation. >> yeah. we're going to talk about one of those moments uploaded right away coming up after the break but i want to tell everyone the book is called 26 seconds by alexander zapruder. it's a great read. i can't wait to read it. it's getting great reviews. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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vice president elect mike pence is one lucky man scoring a ticket to "hamilton," the hottest ticket on broadway. his reception was mixed, greeted with some cheers and boos.
8:40 pm
and as they took their curtain call, one of the stars of the musical had this message for him, listen. >> you know, we have a guest in the audience this evening, vice president elect pence, i hope you will hear us just a few more minutes. we're all showing love. we have a message for you, sir. we hope that you would hear us out, and i encourage everybody to tweet and post, because this message needs to be spread far and wide. vice president-elect pence we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us at "hamilton" american musical. we really do. we, are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our children, our parents or defend us and uphold our
8:41 pm
inaliable rights, sir, but we truly hope this has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. all of us. [ cheers and applause ] and we truly thank you for seeing this american story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colors, creeds, and orientations. >> i want to bring in matt lewis, tara setmire, kayleigh mcenany, and angela rye. this is new york. we let you know how you feel. what do you think? >> i think it's a shame that some people booed. comments at the end were fine and appropriate but i have to say i love the "hamilton" sound track. i haven't seen the musical but it's one of the best things that's happened for america in years and i think it's cool that mike pence wanted to go see it. >> he's saying work -- he said
8:42 pm
work on america on behalf of all of us. >> i have to say for me watching that and i grew up you know going to the theater. my mom was in theater and i love broadway and it's such a integrated, you know, environment there. everybody -- there's no race, there's no color, there's like -- everybody gets along and i look at that and it actually saddened me that we're at a point in america where people feel as though our elected representative, as vice president and president does not represent everyone, there's this palpable fear with so many in this country that they would have to do that. we've got to do something about it -- >> i worry though -- and that's because of the kind of campaign trump ran. >> what if ploomarco rubio were president-elect, i think he would have gotten the same harsh treatment and that's unfortunate. >> i don't think marco rubio would have chose know a mike pence as a vice presidential
8:43 pm
candidate. >> it's so funny to watch that honestly, because you're standing in the middle of new york city at a broadway musical where tickets go for $835. these are the elites that were dethroned which donald trump ball game president-elect. >> if that's the only thing you got out of that -- >> and the booing that i saw, first of all was disrespectful -- >> there was cheering, too. >> and just shows how out of touch dc and new york are from mainstream america. >> why did he go? > >> yeah. >> i don't think he expected to be chastised and booed by the crowd in morning city, deeply out of touch with middle america. >> hold on hold on hold on. mike pence works for those people. those people don't work for him. those people and that audience and america hired him to work for them. they are free to express their opinion whether they like him or not. what's wrong with them -- >> of course they are. >> -- expressing their opinion.
8:44 pm
>> of course they are free to do so. i don't understand calling them the elites. i'm sure people work really hard for those tickets. not everyone who goes to broadway shows, pay $800. people stand outside all the time to get cheap seats. most people who go to those broadway shows, come here as tourist from middle america and save up their money. >> the people on that stage in this broadway musical chastising the vice president elect -- >> they didn't chastise him. >> he said we don't want to boo, but i want you to work for all of us. >> before you play it, let me just push back a little bit. i think this is so important because of who alexander hamilton was, and this cast, which i -- i happen to get to see this musical last year. we spent way too much money on the tickets. you call me an elite, but it was
8:45 pm
a sacrificial offering. this cast is so far from the elites. this cast is the representative of the american dream. they worked hard, they pulled themselves up by boot straps before they had the boots on. they worked really hard to make it in an industry there wasn't space for them, and tara, i know you said race doesn't matter in this space, but it does. >> i'm talking about the way folks get along with each other. >> so often that's not story we can tell, but this dast cast is. they had a latipno man playing alexander hamilton. and the one thing i would say that's so important to frame this, is the lead character playing hamilton now, he is -- >> openly gay. >> hiv positive man, and let's talk about -- >> and javier munyos.
8:46 pm
>> this is against a vice president -- vice president-e lekt president-elekts, who wanted to use hiv/aids money for conversion therapy. we can't always say it's about the elites or whatever. we have to look at things for their full experience. >> this is point we're trying to make. you have the hollywood, the media, and political elite who looked at donald trump and his spotters a supporters as deplorable, and were racist, and zexenophobic. >> how is that what this is about? >> he prevailed because he had a tail wind -- >> i'm conceding they but i want to know -- and i know javier munos. we were part of the magazine who they honored for being out in the media and out in the world and he's a very nice guy, openly gay and hiv positive and to her
8:47 pm
point, you can imagine how that feel when is mike pence has rallied and railed against gay people and tried to shoot down and block yay legislation to him. he's saying i'm giving you a chance. this is how i'm listening with an open heart to him, i'm giving you a chance, give me a chance. >> mike pence loves all people and president-elect donald trump said he's not going to -- >> mike pence does not love gay people. his record shows he does not love gay people. >> president-elect donald trump says he's not going to roll back the -- >> i agree with you. >> -- my point is there are a lot americans who can't even think about an $835 ticket to the theater because they can't afford to put dinner on the table -- >> that's not what this is about. we're not talking about that. >> mike pence is gearing up those americans. >> i hope the conservatives out there watching who haven't heard the sound track or seen the musical aren't turned off to this because this is great and i
8:48 pm
think for me it's conservative but it's patriotic, it's a great story and everybody should -- the pol zn litization -- >> just because middle america had their voices heard and that's great, but we shouldn't dismiss the millions and milli don't knows and millions of other people that don't live in the rust belt and other places like that and the red states that feel the way they feel. you know, millions of people voted for hillary clinton against donald trump because of the way he ran his campaign. so to dismiss that and just call people elites, somehow that doesn't make their feelings valid is doing the same thing you're criticizing the people. it can't be both ways. obviously this is a real fee feeling. there's real division and donald trump and the way he ran his campaign and his spupporters -- there needs to be some empathy for that. >> shusure. i respect that.
8:49 pm
what i don't respect are the attempts to further divide us. i respect immensely, president obama. he's been such an amazing job these last few weeks. i respect hillary clinton. she was so gracious in her concession speech and they sought to build bridges and unite us after president-elect donald trump called for unity. they're not trying to divide us and there are a lot of people out there trying to build up their name by dividing america furtherering. >> i saw this message as one of unification. >> i think it gets really dangerous when we can't even hear the message of a protest. ing that it wasn't even -- it was like listen, this is a problem for me and i'm trying to accept you but you haven't accepted me. >> i have an issue with the whole elite thing. i grew up in the south, in the rust belt, i've lived all over. there is a reason new york city is new york city. there is a reason washington, d.c. is washington, d.c. there is a reason los angeles or hollywood is because and exemplifies the best in the country in certain
8:50 pm
this is the center of fashion. this is the center of economics. it is the greatest city in the world created by people like alexander hamilton. there is a reason that people live here. >> i am proud to live in a city called elite icon and an elite city, washington. he lives here. >> yeah, talking about elites. since donald trump is a billionaire who lives in a tower on fifth avenue and with his name in gold. that's already a loss. >> new york and dc and la has been ignoring middle america for lo way too long. >> i thought where you are talking about implications but that's not where it is. >> part of what we can all do, being the elites because we are all sitting here is to try to
8:51 pm
hear each other, too. i don't think that it was negative. he could have gone up on that stage and say -- >> okay, i got to go, you elites. >> we'll be right back. y'all have a great weekend. if i don't see y'all, have a great thanksgiving. we'll be right back. or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. find out how american express cards and services with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed.
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voting is now under way for the cnn heroes under the year. meet shelton. being a dad lets me over come. >> fatherhood does not come with a map or manual. sometimes you can learn from others. >> this program i am trying to do better, my son has to go through what i went through. 70% of african-american children growing up in single households. what i want to do is providing the skills and they need and staying involved in their children life and support the next generation. my goal is to break the cycle because i grew up in the community where a lot of young men face the same issues that i
8:56 pm
was facing. no one is doing anything about it. there are not too many places where a father can go get the help and support he actually needs and being able to have those resources that you need and whether it will make an impact in your child's life or some type of a assistance is key and very important. i really wanted to be the person who build a hub for that. >> vote for any of your top ten heroes now at that's it for us tonight, thanks for watching, good night.
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good evening, i am john berman here in for aernderson. tonight's trump's controversial cabin picks. we'll look at that and who he will pick next. another choice that flies in the face of something where he said proudly and loudly and repeatedly throughout the campaign that he does not like to settle lawsuits especially the case is against the non-university formally known as trump university. he's expected to be vitaminat


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