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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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top of the hour, 7:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. tonight, we are watching two major political stories unfolding. right now, donald trump meeting with key potential staff and cabinet members in new jersey. among them, mitt romney, who leveled harsh criticism at trump during the campaign. the two men have been meeting for 1:20 departing with kind words and a hachbd shake. he met with retired general james mattis.
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he interested in the idea of having him on board as well. meantime, tonight, president obama is attending the apex summit in lima, peru, meeting with heads of states for the bilateral talks, many wondering what will be ahead as president-elect, donald trump, takes over the reigns. he told the leaders not to assume the worst about the president-elect. he told them, he does not anticipate major changes in poli policy. here he is. >> looking forward to the opportunity to meet with president shi. over the past three and a half years, we have met nine times. the frequency of our engagement enabled us to talk about sheer challenges and manage differences between our countries effectively. we collaborated on key global challenges from supporting global growth to presenting iran to get a nuclear weapon and
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ending ebola in west africa. we demonstrated what is possible when our two countries work together. >> meantime, barack obama and shing meeting tonight in peru. let's bring in andrew stephens. he joins me live from hong kong and ben stein. thank you for being here. andrew, let me begin with you. following the meeting between the two world leaders, the chinese president came out saying this is a hinge moment for u.s.-china relations. what do you take that to mean? >> well, i certainly think he's right, poppy. this is a moment where things could dramatically change between the two biggest economies in the world. we heard president obama talking about what china and the u.s. share. if donald trump is taken at his word and we don't know whether it's going to be the case or not, it will be a much, much
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different picture. there is the real prospect of the trade war if donald trump declares china a manipulator or slaps 45% tariffs, which is a tax on chinese exports for u.s. consume consumers, it will start a trade war between the two. it can only be a disaster for the global economy. as far as that's concerned, that is a mess. we could be planted into a vastly different and darker global economic picture. i guess another one, too, is climate. president obama did not mention that china and the u.s. worked closely on climate deals, which donald trump is also threatening to unravel. yes, it is a hinge moment. >> ben stiein, to you. it's slowing from where it was. there are major concerns about the kind of china the president
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of china is leading. is it becoming more repressive is this what are your concerns about china and the u.s. and the partnership between the two countries under president trump. what changes? >> i don't think we have a partnership at all, in any event. i hope and pray we are not about to have a trade war. i think our friend on the left side of the screen is extremely correct about that. if we have a trade war and 45% taf riffs on chinese imports, it would be disastrous. we expect $120 billion worth of things, goods to china. they are a big, powerful country, they are not going to be pushed against us. it's going to be very, very hard on u.s. soybean farmers, growers of many crops. nothing good can come out of it. >> what is the read then, andrew, from your lens in china? you know, what are the chinese
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people saying about whether they believe what donald trump said on the campaign trail and yes, we are going to slap a tariff on chinese goods or see it as campaigning? >> the chinese are pragmatic about these things. they see this and they want to see this as campaigning. there is an understanding in beijing that china will be a whipping post on the campaign trail. we saw it both from donald trump and hillary clinton, to be honest. so, they say campaigning trump is going to be a different animal to the president and the president will see real politics in a different light. one thing is they expect him to be focusing more on domestic issues. we hear about the trillion dollar infrastructure program in this part of the world. they see this would be a way
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which would focus the new administration rather than changing the global order or damaging the global order in trade. just one quick thing i would say, poppy, they do think that the tpp, this transpacific partnership, which is a signature trade deal of president obama's will be dead. the white house is not pushing anymore. it would give the chinese more leverage in asia as far as their own economic muscle. they can write the rules in asia, which they hope goes ahead. >> the president-elect is not a supporter of it and it was obviously put in place in part to keep china in check. as you said, allow the u.s. to right the trade rules in the region that likely is no longer going to happen. ben, let me ask you about something donald trump's chief strategist, steve bannon said in an interview. i'm not a white nationalist, i'm
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an economic nationalist. the globalist gutted the american working class and started a middle class in asia. the americas are looking to got get "f"d over. your response on how to do that without starting a trade war. >> the whole thing is nonsense. he's a wonderful human being, saintly guy and great friend to his friends. the collapse hasn't happened. the whole idea of that is a myth. second, somehow china is stealing our middle class jobs is a myth. there's a tremendous shortage of skilled labor. we are not seeing skilled labor which the jobs have been taken by china and sent over to xi. we have a tremendous need for electricians, plumbers, skilled tool and dye makers. the idea the jobs are being done
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in the far east is not true. we have a full economy. the problems with the economy are workers who don't want to work anymore, not problems of workers are skilled. >> come on, there are some 5 million jobs open right now in the united states. many of them are, there's a skills gap. it's not that people don't want to work. there's a skills training education gap. >> that would be a very good thing for mr. trump to address. the idea of a national program, which he would be perfect to do an apprenticeship where people are taught by retired or senior workers to be electricians, plumbers, roofers is a great idea. we need those people. that, it seems to me is where mr. trump could step in and make a difference and he that has qualifications to do it. >> ben stein, thank you very much. we will see what happens. appreciate it. we have a lot more ahead live in
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the cnn newsroom. president-elect trump, his children are among the closest advisers. could they cause a conflict of interest? we will take a look. also today in new jersey, the president-elect met with the men and women who could make up his inner circle, his cap net. he interviewed two key contenders for the most key position in his administration. moments ago, he spoke. we are live in new jersey. phil? >> that's right, poppy. donald trump emerging after hours of meetings. one meeting left before a brief meeting saying a couple things to the press. we'll tell you what they say after the break. celebrationliday seafood nothing says "treat yourself" like any of these indulgent new dishes. so try the new grand seafood feast with tender shrimp, a decadent crab cake, and a lobster tail topped with white wine butter.
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today. more on that in a moment. from bitter enemies to colleagues in the white house? maybe. romney and trump met today to discuss what the transition team describes as governing going forward. it may have included talk about a secretary of state position, a position romney is rumored to be interested in. phil mattingly is live tonight. i know donald trump came out moments ago and spoke to the media. what did he say? >> reporter: that's right, poppy. these are extraordinarily important meetings. throughout the day, donald trump emerging for a brief break before the final meeting of the day. >> really good, tremendous talent. we are seeing tremendous talent. people that, as i say, we will make america great again. these are really great people. these are really, really talented people.
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[ inaudible question ] >> yes. we are doing this again tomorrow. >> is general mattis going to be -- >> he is a great guy. he is a great man. we'll hear some things tomorrow. >> poppy, we'll hear some things tomorrow, the thing everybody clues in on. doesn't appear there's going to be an announcement tonight. what could be coming? we saw the big three yesterday on the national security side of things. we know economic is going to be on the transition team side monday and tuesday. definitely potential cabinet picks. >> the last big announcement, chief of staff and chief strategist came on a sunday night as well. we'll see what we get tomorrow. i understand the president-elect met with someone he's considering for defense secretary, right? >> reporter: that's right. we have all been focused on the
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romney/trump meeting, the burying of the hatchet. going back and seeing their jabs at one another. there were a series of meetings most lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. romneys lasted 1:20. james mattis, his lasted over an hour. he's somebody whose career and resume are very intriguing to donald trump and is absolutely somebody that would be considered at or near the top of his list at the next defense secretary. you can go through his resume and look back. his final position was running u.s. central command. they oversea all troops. i'm told take that meeting and general james mattis serious for the incoming trump administration. >> if that is the man he taps, he would need a waiver from congress to be able to serve,
4:16 pm
right? >> reporter: yeah. that's an important point. the way things are written right now, to run the pentagon as a former military officer, you need to be out of uniform for seven years unless the u.s. congress grants a waiver. if donald trump has something in his favor. the republicans run capitol hill. likely he would be granted that. james mattis has good will on capitol hill. he's testified a number of times in front of the relevant committees. the expectation is if the waiver was needed, he would be able to get it. it's in front of his potential nomination. >> phil mattingly live. thank you very much. i guess we'll get more tomorrow. could mitt romney and donald trump go from bitter rivals to white house partners? the panel weighs in on that. plus his latest spat with "hamilton" hit broadway musical.
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i el eex plain what happened next. live in the cnn newsroom. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol.
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so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. they have called each other a phony and a stone cold loser. there's a chance donald trump and mitt romney could do more than bury the hatchet, perhaps work together. the two met today in new jersey where donald trump is interviewing cabinet and white
4:21 pm
house staff picks. romney is are you mored to be interested in the secretary of state position. in washington, ryan, cnn political commentator and washington correspondent for the new yorker. ryan, let me begin with you. sources say if romney would get into government again, this is what he would want. not financial oreck nomic, but foreign policy position. he didn't mention that possibility specifically today when he spoke with reporters, but he was clear all they talked about were foreign policy. would they be able to work together, specifically on the policy issues where they differ so much from free trade to russia? can they come on the same page? >> trump is going to have to fill his cabinet with some people that don't agree with him down the line because he ran a campaign on a number of policy issues that don't have
4:22 pm
widespread support at the sort of top ranks of the republican party. so, if he wants to bring in some high profile republicans, someone like a mitt romney, he's going to have to expect they are not going to agree with him. i think it would be the best sign we have seen from donald trump if he brought his, frankly, his number one biggest critic that wasn't a democrat into the administration. it's something he promised to do on election night. we haven't seen that yet. >> he did, but the question is whose ideology wins out if you just take russia? romney said the greatest geo political faux out there in 2012. trump says we should get along with the kremlin. >> the new national security adviser agrees on trump with the foreign policy issues, especially, notably russia. that would set up a national security team with disagreements. that's why you have a council.
4:23 pm
if you want a team of rival systems where everyone weighs in and the president makes the final call, wouldn't be the first time in history that would be done. they have big, big disagreements on foreign policy. >> let's look at the five big picks from donald trump. they are all men. they are all white. the optics of this are challenging for donald trump. do you think he cares about the optics of this? >> i think he cares about what is said on cable news and what is said in print and on tv. to some degree he cares. the aides would say wait until january and see the full scope of the appointments. he has a choice of what order to roll them out in. he chose to roll out a number of these figures. saw a stat earlier, you can argue he's reflecting the trump voter, the average trump voter, 40s or 50s, white, male, mostly men. that's what he's doing so far.
4:24 pm
>> he said i will be the president for all of america. >> there are a lot of parts of america waiting to see that happen. >> on another note, a spat has broken out between the president-elect and the star of the hit broadway musical, "hamilton." it began with vice president-elect, mike pence, walked into "hamilton." at the end, the star addressed him directly. >> vice president-elect pence, we welcome you and thank you for joining us here, we really do. we sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our children, our parents or defend us or uphold our rights, sir. we truly hope this show inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us, all of us.
4:25 pm
>> trump then came out and tweeted that the cast harassed pence and he's demanding an apolo apology. >> yes, there were boos. you can argue if it was disrespectful or not. the cast members came out and said don't boo. we appreciate you are here. we hope you learned something. they were taking the opportunity to address the vice president-elect. a lot of broadway stars would have done the same thing. we are seeing the breakdown on war lines. if you are a trump supporter, you think it's rude. if you are a clinton supporter, you think it was appropriate. >> trump called for an apology from them. that tweet was off base. that got a lot of people on broadway uncomfortable. that's what we expect of donald trump. >> what do you make of that?
4:26 pm
is that off base or more? >> your two questions are related when talking about his cabinet being white, male and older as well. so far, there's a big chunk of america that doesn't feel reflected in the trump administration and i think what these actors were doing is saying, hey, there are a lot of people out there that are scared. there are a lot of non-whites in this country right now that are worried about the direction of the trump administration and are desperately trying to get through to trump and pence and say, you know, give us a sign that some of the worst things you said in the campaign and some of these appointment that is you have made shouldn't allow us to be as fearful as we are. so, i think that's what's behind that. what's so disappointing is, instead of taking a little bit of a lesson from that, trump, the next morning went out and attacked him for harassing
4:27 pm
pence. whether it's the right thing to do or not at a play, but there's something real and raw that he was expressing that i think, you know, the president might want to take note of. >> donald trump needs to go see "hamilton." that would solve this. >> on that note, thank you very much. >> thanks poppy. president-elect donald trump says his children will take over his businesses. a law prohibiting gifts from foreign entities could be a hiccup. >> the question is whether you are getting a gift from the foreign government or foreign government controls company or not. you can't say it's a gift by my son. i don't think that's going to fly at all. >> we will examine the possible conflicts of interest for this next president, ahead.
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4:30 pm
candidate donald trump ran on the platform of being a
4:31 pm
billionaire businessman and bringing jobs back. now that he is the president-elect, his business ties may loom as a conflict of interest. we have the report. >> place your left hand on the bible and raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> reporter: the president is sworn to preserve, protect and defend the constitution. >> so help me god. >> reporter: conflicts of interest between donald trump's businesses and his presidency could spark a constitutional crisis. how? president trump could run an abskewer section of the constitution, the emollient clous. >> it's been there since the founding of the country. it could lead to a constitutional crisis. >> reporter: it bars government officials from accepting payments or gifts from a king or prince of a foreign state. >> i told an apartment for $15
4:32 pm
million to someone from china. am i supposed to dislike him? >> reporter: his business spans the globe. it can play a role in places like china, dubai and russia. there are questions stateside. according to "the new york times," the trump organization is partly on the hook for a $950 million mortgage. one of the lenders? the bank of china, which is chinese government controls. >> where the united states headquarters are located? in this building, in trump tower. i love china. >> could a mortgage be considered a gift? >> back up china. if that loan is to be re-negotiated, the question is going to come up, is it an arms length transaction or not? >> a lender could sweeten the deal by reducing the collateral or lowering the interest rate. >> imagine the following situation, you have a large foreign government that has a
4:33 pm
government owned enterprise. they decide they are going to put an extra $100 million bonus in a contract. that would be a violation, even if mr. trump didn't ask for it. >> reporter: trump's solution is have his kids run his business z. >> the children, don, ivanka, eric, they are intelligent, they are really qualified. >> reporter: ethics lawyers say that's not a fix. >> that won't solve the problem. the question is whether you are getting a gift from the foreign government or government controls company or not. you can't say it's a gift to a blind trust run by my son. i don't think that's going to fly at all. >> reporter: it may fly for now. simply because trump will be a republican president with a gop controlled congress. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government. >> reporter: but, that might not always be the case. >> the democrats got control of the house or senate -- >> we will go toe-to-toe against
4:34 pm
the president-elect when our values or the progress we made is under assault. >> it can lead to a very serious situation and attempt at impeachment. >> fascinating. thank you so much for that. coming up, the new s ruse. fake stories in your news foo s. now, mark zuckerberg is weighing in. that's next. s sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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just because it's on the internet does not make it true. you know that, but it's getting a lot of talk right now. fake news sites are getting good at looking like the real thing, but pushing false information. the denver guardian reported fbi agents expected in hillary e-mail leaks found dead in an apparent murder suicide. not true. didn't happen. one suggested first lady michelle obama was so concerned about an arrest, shefts scrubbing from twitter accounts. not true again. cnns senior media correspond has more on what is fake news phenomenon. >> reporter: in the spread of fake news on the web help elect donald trump? we may never know for sure. researchers are asking because
4:39 pm
made up, false stories are on time lines and twitter streams. >> this cesspool of nonsense. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: and getting worse. president obama is raising the alarm. >> if we are not serious about facts and what's true and what's not, then we have problems. >> reporter: these problems are not brand-new. they are becoming a lot more prevalent. here is an example. a story claiming a protester was paid $3500 to make trouble at a trump rally. this went viral during the campaign. it looked like an abc news story. the url reveals it's a fake registered to a domain in columbia. it was a hoax, which tricked trump's campaign manager and his son, eric, who shared it on twitter. >> we have an epidemic of false information racing around using social networks as the excel ray tor. >> reporter: the pope endorsing
4:40 pm
trump? fake. fox has kelly fired, fake. clinton linked to crimes by a anthony weiner? fake. now, staffers at social media giants are doing some soul searching. facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg says trump's election is not his fault. >> personally, i think the idea that, you know, fake news on facebook of which is a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way i think is a crazy idea. >> reporter: others disagree. these fake sites are easy to set up and profitable. every time we click and share, they make more money. but we are worse off. facebook and google are making money off the ads. it's an effort to choke off the
4:41 pm
revenue. the bigger challenge, providing more bs detection tools without threatening free speech. >> suddenly they have these social societal duties to help us not be faked out all the time and yet i don't want the terms of service of one company or two or three companies to have more influence than the first amendment. >> reporter: the root problem is that some people want to believe the lies. that's why the responsibility isn't just facebook or google or twitters. we all have to get smarter about what we share. >> we have to be relentlessly skeptical of everything. we have to go outside of our personal comfort zones and read and watch and listen to things that are bound to make our blood boil. >> be skeptical.
4:42 pm
mark zuckerberg said, you know, basically, i don't think this affected the election. today, he came out with the list of things they are doing to combat this. >> he is shifting his tone, recognizing this is a national conversation in media and tech circles. here is what he said. he says the problems here are complex. that's true. he says technically and philosophically. the percentage of information on facebook is relatively small, we have much work ahead on the road map. a number of things facebook can do to make the hoax stories show up on your facebook time line and the real news show up higher. this isn't about making the fake news go away. people can post whatever they want. when you are on facebook and scrolling through the news feed, you are less likely to be tricked. >> 20 seconds left. how do you know if it's real or not? >> go to credible news sources.
4:43 pm
cnn has to do a better job combatting it. find credible, "reliable sources." and being skeptical overall. >> sources have never been more important. >> it's getting more and more important. meet the woman who "time" magazine dubbed the most powerful woman on the internet by one of googles top execs. the internet needs a whole lot more women. twenty-one years ago we created blue moon. that's 7,671 moon rises, 48 eclipses and a refreshing taste that's always stayed the same. creatively inspired. artfully brewed. blue moon. at red lobster's holiday seafood celebration
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in this week's american opportunity, "time" magazine dubbed her the most powerful woman on the internet. she was one of the first women hired at google in the '90s. today, she's the only female ceo there. she's changing the ratio when it comes to women in tech, not to mention, she's the mother of five. i sat down with her at fortune's most powerful women's summit. you have been described by "time" magazine as the most powerful woman on the internet. how does that sit with you? >> i think there are a lot of powerful women on the internet,
4:48 pm
but i wish there were more. i think the internet could use more women. one of the things i have tried to do is use the position i'm in to encourage the next generation of girls to think about the internet as a career opportunity and learn the skills to have more women on the internet in the future and creating the internet and changing the internet and growing and changing our world. >> not only are you a mother of five, you were employee 16. you were the first person at google to take maternity leave. did it even exist when you took it or did you build it? >> when i first started, i don't think he had an hr department. it wasn't clear what my maternity policy was. i'm going to take a little time off. they were generous. they said why don't you see what's the industry standard and do it. they didn't know. nobody had ever done it before at the company. and, yeah, it was -- it was
4:49 pm
definitely a confusing time. >> fast forward. now the company has increased maternity leave from 12 weeks to 18 weeks paid for mothers. fathers get up to 12 weeks paid. >> yeah. >> so, when we increased our maternity leave to 18 weeks, we saw the number of women who left google cut by 50%. >> that's remarkable. >> it really is remarkable. that is important for us. we wanted to retain women and show google cared. they could be a mother and work at google. we also give the dads, we give them 12 weeks of leave. i have heard a lot of positive feedback on that. it was really important for them to have bonding time with the baby and with the family. >> it's one thing to give the time off, especially for dads. it's another thing for them to take it and feel like they can take it. are the men taking it? >> they are taking it. they are taking it. they really benefit from it. i have heard so much positive
4:50 pm
feedback from googlers who have taken that time. >> now you see more traditional industries, consulting firms coming in lock step with you guys. >> yeah. >> i expect wall street may to some >> i think silicon valley has led on this because silicon valley at the end of the day is really focused on talent. it's a talent business, getting the right engineers, the right leaders. there's a shortage of getting the skill sets that we need. and silicon valley is also focused on having more women, more diversity. and so in an industry that really values talent and values women, offering maternity leave was a great way to retain women and to make sure that they see this as an industry where they can be a parent and also be a leader. the u.s. and papua-new guinea
4:51 pm
are the only two countries that do not offer paid maternity leave. >> what will the cost be to society if america doesn't catch up with the rest of the world and do something about this? >> i think one of the things that's been interesting is some of the states have actually implemented a paid medical leave program. so california is an example of one. and after they implemented it they ran a study and what they saw is they saw the vast, vast majority of all of the respondents say that the business effect was positive to neutral and they saw increased morale and lower turnover and even more productivity. >> give me your assessment of what parity looks like for women in tech because we are nowhere near that. >> i look at it from where i am and i see tech as this amazing technology that is changing our world. it's a force that is changing pretty much all parts of our
4:52 pm
society. and it's really sad for me that we don't have enough women that are part of that. so i compare this to the revolution where people were able to read and write for the first time. >> and the that big. >> and the printing press. yeah. i think it is that big. in terms of how much our society is being changed. and so you know, if we went back to when people were first learning to read and write and we said oh, you know, only 20% of the people who can write are going to be women what would our society look like? >> you've made the argument that it actually has a material impact on america's competitiveness. >> mm-hmm. >> make the case. >> if we look at technology, that is one of the biggest drivers that we have of growth. and so we want to be able to have everybody participate in this, or have the skills to be able to participate in this engine of growth, and if we don't have -- if we're not training the next generation, that's a challenge.
4:53 pm
and so i would recommend that we take computer science and we make it a mandatory skill in high school given that everything is moving dlijtd, everything is requiring computers going forward, to give them the digital literacy skills can be so powerful. >> when you look over past decades, we had a higher representation of women in tech in the 1980s. like when i was born it was better than it is now. >> yeah. >> there's something fundamentally wrong with that, and you've called for a sputnik moment. >> there's a theory out there that one of the reasons had to do with in the 1980s that when they introduced the home computer that for some reason the boys were more likely to play with a home computer and so they developed a certain amount of expertise and so entry-level class that's we now have for computer science assume a certain amount of knowledge. among my five children, which again is like a small data set, but i saw this trend. i saw this trend happen too, and i worked really, really hard to correct it. >> didn't your 10-year-old daughter come home to you and say like i hate computers?
4:54 pm
>> yeah. my daughter came home and said "i hate computers." >> did you almost fall over? >> yeah. and i thought, wow, i have this problem at work and now i have this problem at home. and i thought, well, i've got to focus on the home. i need to make this work. how can i be focused on this externally if i have a problem internally? and so i worked on it and i initially sent her to this computer camp and she came and she's like, "i hate computers even more." so i was like, wow, this isn't working, the system isn't set up for kids like her to learn how to love computers. and see the advantages. and i think one of the things i saw that i wish more girls would see is i saw it as really creative. i realized, wow, i can make something and it can be used by millions of people all over the world. and that was really, really exciting to me. >> how did you get this job? were there helpful men helping push you along the way as well? >> i was really lucky in a lot of ways. i worked hard, and i stuck with it. >> okay. >> it was many, many factors. but i was in the right place at the right time.
4:55 pm
>> sure. >> and again -- >> you did rent your garage to sergey brin and larry page. they did start goog until your house. >> yes. that was probably more luck than anything else. >> was it truly because you couldn't -- you needed help paying the mortgage? >> yeah. it was truly because i needed help paying the mortgage. >> thank goodness you weren't rich. >> no, it was great. i had just graduated from business school. i had to pay for business school. and then i bought a house which i thought was amazing i could even afford a house, but i couldn't really afford it. which is why i needed to rent it to somebody. i benefited by having people -- by having google's leaders help me and support me to get me to where i am. >> you can see a lot more of my interview with susan wojcicki at . all right. coming up for us here live in the cnn newsroom, yes, this election has been divisive. but what is also true is that there are unexpected moments of unity happening all around us.
4:56 pm
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look at something wonderful happening in our america. no question this country is divided right now by politics and race, income inequality and
5:00 pm
religion but we also come together in some pretty incredible and unexpected ways. we want to make sure we share those things with you as well. so tonight in our america sixth-graders in iowa who started what they call a joyologist club at their middle school right outside des moines. these joyologists help spread happiness to their classmates and look for ways to reach out to those who are excluded by others. >> we want everyone to be happy and they all deserve to feel included. we're trying to like get the drama to go away. but no -- like it's kind of hard to get everybody to stop. >> everyone gets so caught up in everything, and it's just a lot of stress. >> pretty amazing kids. if you see moments of unity like this, we want to hear about them. tweet them to m me @poppyharlowcnn. we'll bring them to you every night on this program. i'm poppy harlow in new york. have a great night. i'll see you back here tomorrow.


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