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tv   New Day  CNN  November 21, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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the window and shot the 20-year veteran again. police releasing two photos of people would may have seen the suspect and this image of a car they say fled the scene. >> most families will celebrate the >> reporter: hours later in st. louis a 46-year-old sargeant was waiting in traffic pulled up to the driver's side of his patrol vehicle and opened fire. he shot the 20-year-old veteran twice in the face. >> he saw the muzzle flashes and felt the glass breaking in his window as the shots came through and struck him in his the head. >> reporter: the suspect worried about being identified is now dead after a shootout with officers overnight. no other officers were injured. another officer shot in missouri in a traffic stop in gladstone near kansas city. and in florida, a suspect already in custody after police say officer jared was shot while conducting a routine traffic
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stop. according to police, he was on the side of the road when a suspect drove by and started shooting. he was injured but has since been released from the hospital. back out live to san antonio. some fairly disheartening statistics of police frs os killed in the line of duty. compared to last year when 125 officers were killed in the line of oduty, this year 125. one is too many. again, a state all too familiar with losing officers in the line of duty. >> the solution is alluding us. let's bring in sergeant and professor at john j. college of justice. and former atf executive matthew horace. matthew, no proof at this point of these being coordinated attacks. meaning that there was some type of knowledge and planning into
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this. but have you ever heard of four shootings in three states in this type of period before? >> i have not. i think the closest thing i can think of is what happened during that time period in tulsa and dallas. at this point, i'm sure the fbi and other organizations will look at the facts of the cases to try to draw some connection, if possible, but it may just be happenstance. >> joe, let's talk about that. an san antonio, st. louis, florida, what are the chance in your mind you think they're connected? >> i don't think they're connected. >> this is just a horrible coincidence that happened in 24 hours. >> i think maybe somewhat saw it happen on tv -- >> even though the mo seems to be the same in terms of a police officer sitting in his patrol car after a routine, so-called traffic stop and being shot. >> we saw this in iowa about two weeks ago.
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they drove up on an officer who was sitting at a traffic light. these guys know it is pretty easy to do. if they want to go out and kill a cop, easy way. totally defenseless. >> also quickly, joe, the reason for your rational is you believe the period between these shootings is what invited the copy cat. somebody hears about one on it, v and that's why they go out and do it. you believe one could have been the catalyst for the other. >> i don't think this is a group of people who decided they were going to do this. they get the idea. listen, most people we're dealing with have a mental health issue and watching things that are happening on the tv or internet and they get inspired by it. >> the fact pattern here that alisyn is referring to is this hunting right up to the car, right through the window, right next to them at a traffic stop . san antonio, texas, that's what happened and took the officer's life. very brazen. not part of a shootout.
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what does that tell you? >> execution of police officers is unacceptable. it's not the first time. we've seen it even here in new york city. these officers are defenseless and they're doing their job in their cruisers. they don't even have an opportunity to fight back. we teach officers to respond and fight and fight and they're not given that opportunity. >> joe, even if these are not connected in terms of some sort of coordination, do you think it says something about the climate out there and that things have gotten more dangerous for police officer os? >> well, absolutely. but a lot of people tell you that the statistics don't show that. but we're up triple the amount of numbers of ambush killings over the last two years combined. >> is that right? >> i think we just saw more police officers have been shot this year than last year. but you think it's even more than that. >> on the ambush -- >> he's saying ambush. this hunting of officers. >> i understand. officers dying by gunfire this year is up over 70% compared to last year. that's a verifiable statistic.
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that's something to be really concerned about. >> what's going on? >> more access to guns. a lot more guns out there. there has been a nationwide talk about policing and how they get, how it gets done. and i think a lot of people within communities of -- that feel they have been oppressed and communities of color and i think they have acted out in certain aspects. now, we had the white survivalist in and we had the black militants and it's been a variety of things that we have to look at because the last number of officers have been done by the sovereign citizens. >> not just communities of color. >> no, definitely not. >> i just want to clarify what you were saying. not that communities of color, it's a wide swath across the country. >> correct. this is something we have to be concerned about. >> matthew? >> i think enough question is out there. the whole optics of policing right now. when people see what's happening no matter what the color and gender, people get when you factor in mental health and
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those kind of factors, it gives people the opportunity, let me go do something. >> guy was certainly deranged. what his diagnosis is remains to be seen. what do you due bout this? is there a way, a lot of talk in policing about buddying up, again. not having -- but if somebody comes up and ambushes the car, you're really just creating a second victim scenario by having someone in the cruiser. what can you do in a situation like that? >> in departments all the across the country today to be more vigilant and pay closer attention to everyone. we want officers to pay closer attention, be more engaging to the public. we want officers to get out and speak to people and be that friendly person. but then you have situations like this where someone pulls a car up to a police officer and shoots them in the head. people want to know why officers are on edge all the time or so much of the time. this is why. it's very difficult to put that badge and gun on every single day and go out and do that job knowing that things like this can and do happen.
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>> people are surprised to hear whether it's you guys or all my friends on the job say the same thing. that their goal every day is to go home. >> absolutely. matthew, joe, thank you. thanks so much. to politics, president-elect donald trump set to announce new cabinet picks as early as today. the normally quiet vetting of. hopefuls turning into a public event. the cast of the broadway show "hamilton" and "saturday night live." jason carroll is live outside of trump tower with more. good morning, jason. >> a very chilly trump tower today, alisyn. another full day of meetings scheduled for today. one of those scheduled to show up here at trump tow arlittle later. former texas governor and former "dancing with the stars" contestant rick perry. more back-to-back meetings as trump struggles and tries to put together his cabinet. president-elect donald trump interviewing potential cabinet
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picks, but has not yet made a decision on who will be secretary of state. >> we made a couple of deals, but we'll let you know soon. >> reporter: meeting with one of his top adversaries 2012 gop nominee mitt romney about possibly joining his administration. >> it was not only a cordial meeting, but a very substantive meeting. governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> reporter: the two men frequently sparring during trump's campaign. >> donald trump is a phony. >> romney choked like a dog. he choked. >> reporter: a steady stream of possible cabinet picks in front of the cameras throughout the weekend. including loyalists like former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. trump repeatedly praising james mattis, the leading candidate for secretary of defense. >> all i can say is he is the real deal. >> reporter: mattis, widely respected throughout the military, could be the first former ranking general to become
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defense secretary in nearly 70 years. trump also considering billionaire investor wilbur ross for commerce secretary. ross, the type of administration official trump pledged to appoint throughout his campaign, a businessman with a history of resurrecting dying companies who has billions in the bank. but, in the middle of assembling his new team, trump making his grievances to twitter. this time, criticizing the cast of the hit broadway musical "hamilton." for this message delivered to vice president elect mike pence friday night at the end of their performance. >> we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american valus and to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. >> reporter: in a series of tweets trump says mike pence was harassed and that the cast was very "very rude." trump insisting they should apologize for their "terrible
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behavior." >> i wasn't offended by what was said. >> reporter: but trump would not let it go. >> they were very inappropriate. >> reporter: so as trump continues to put together his cabinet, two people who will not be moving to washington, d.c., at least not yet, melania and their son, 10-year-old son, barron. that's because, chris, what they want to do is they want him to finish school here in new york city first. chris? >> jason, don't say that too loud. all those morning commuters behind you are going to hear that that fifth avenue area is going to be laukd up focked up while. if you say it, say it on the run. president-elect donald trump did promise to bring the best peepinal to government. is he? we're going to dig deeper into his short list, next. ♪
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president-elect donald trump's administration is starting to take shape. who will trump name to his key cabinet posts this week? let's discuss with cnn's senior political analyst and senior editor for "the atlantic" ron brownstein and jackie kucinich.
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i heard your knowing murmur there, ron. where do we think we are with mitt romney? >> it's very interesting, if you think back to the campaign the biggest, most systematic breach between donald trump and the republican establishment was in foreign policy. you had these two extraordinary with dozens of former top policy official os saying they do not consider him to be qualified to be president. too reckless to be president. appointing michael flynn as national security adviser does very little to heal that breach. many of the kind of -- >> why? >> because they view him as someone out of the main stream, as well. brilliant but erratic, as well. >> he said incendiary things about islam. >> exactly. appointing mitt romney if he could, in fact, find a way to get to mitt romney as secretary of state could be his best opportunity to build a bridge back into the existing foreign policy infrastructure. rudy giuliani would see like
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michael flynn as secretary of state. not ownthry personal issues in the way trump and romney criticized each other, but what was mitt romney's critique that president obama was too soft on russia. there's a lot to work through. but you can see the benefits that donald trump would see in this. >> action vindicated from that. he said russia was the greatest geopolitical threat and low and behold, that happened. he does have something -- i think the question is not if mitt romney will take this. when i talked to romney folks, they say he has a strong sense of duty. he likely would take this. this is trump would offer it. so a head fake or actually real. getting advice or a job interview? pence says a job interview, but at the end oof the day -- >> how do you trust a guy you think is qualified and that is the what he would give trump, he said more about his character. how do you put a guy there who you are just waiting to turn against you?
3:17 am
>> that is the question. a lot of tape. mitt romney didn't say that in private. trump is not known for letting things go. water under the bridge. >> i don't think there's a previous nominee of a party who have said the kind of things that mitt romney did. >> whey meet with him? >> because i think he does, so far, what he has appointed has kind of reinforced, you know, candidate govern the way they ran. that is the academic research is very clear. so far trump has spoken to his slice of the party, which is only part of the party. mitt romney, even meeting with mitt romney is seen as a gesture. but let's see if he can get over all these hurdles. >> he said he was going to bring the best people in from government, from the private sector and the reality seems to be, ron, that people aren't banging down the door to work in this administration. isn't that part of it? how you wind up with a jeff sessions. he's loyal, but if a man was denied a judgeship in 1986
3:18 am
because of what was believed about how he talked about the kkk and the naacp and, you know -- i know it's 30 years ago. but we're talking about somebody's fiber as a human being not a clumsy slip of the tongue. is he getting the best of the best? >> are think in the foreign policy world in particular, there is enormous ambivalence. we saw the op-ed from a former top official in the bush administration i advise you not to join this administration and ultimately you will regret it. on the economic side where much of his agenda, at least on the domestic side in terms of rolling back regulation and cutting back taxes, it is not going to be as difficult for him because he is more in tune with thinking. but he is going to have to go outside of the main stream of the republican party because he is, basically, advancing a view that is a challenge. with jeff sessions, look, donald trump has a lot of freedom in this because he had fewer
3:19 am
elected officials supporting him in just about any nominee ever. he doesn't have that many checks he has to cash because there weren't that many people who were there shoulder to shoulder with him. >> that could be an issue for rudy giuliani and that could be an issue for john bolton. rand paul said this weekend that it's not a lock for those two nominees. >> you think sessions gets through because this is so old and people have known him since or no? >> he is definitely going to be questioned about this. i would expect him to have a contentious confirmation hearing. that said, you are not hearing the same opposition and saying i'm going to block this person. >> rudy's issue is allegedly that he's got a lot of foreign business interest and how would that davetail. but the detraction to that is trump's own conflicts. why did he allow it to get out that he was meeting with indian businessmen about their future plans for trump. that's a real-time conflict he
3:20 am
has. >> i don't think the trump team was promoting that. i think the indian business leaders. look, do the thought experiment here. if several of the things that have happened just since the elekdz. if hillary clinton had won and was meeting with big don'ters to the clinton foundation or if chelsea clinton was sitting in on a meeting. chelsea clinton as the potential leader of the foundation sitting on a meeting with a foreign leader what would we be hearing from jason chaffetz on this show. what would he be saying right now? >> right. >> the initial instinct of the republicans in congress will be to kind of rally around their nominee and not question him too hard on these issues. you can make an argument that is not necessarily in his long-term interest because these are now kind of early little foot falls. but if this kind of goes in this direction as president, you could get in a lot more trouble than we are seeing right now. and it's an open question whether not challenging some of these pushing of the norms at the outset will serve the president in the long run. look, the white house counsel is going to have a very challenging
3:21 am
job in this administration. >> you think at some point here if this continues the pace, you would hear from a jason chaffetz? >> no. what will stop -- the problem is the challenge is they are clearly, you know, first of all, an unusual situation. second, we don't know the full extent of them because they did not reveal his tax returns. we didn't know as much about where the conflicts might arise and, third, this very unusual situation with his family running the business, rather than a blind trust. >> he doesn't need to have a blind trust. no rule that says he has to have a blind trust. he was exempted. >> all i'm saying is that if no one, if no one inside the congress or the administration challenges it, the odds are high that they will get in a much stickier situation somewhere down the road than these initial ones. you can make a case that kind of raising yellow flags now would, in fact, would, in fact, be in the interest of the president-elect and that this idea of kind of protecting him
3:22 am
really is counterproductive in the long run. >> what does it say to you that he is playing more safe. the blind trust is a complicated issue. i don't know how you do it when his family is involved in running the business. the whole idea of blind trust only works for securities. you have stock in a particular company and you put it into this trust and it's gone. you don't know how guys are investing that money. here, it is never going to go away. meeting about these indian officials an ongoing concern. encouraging foreign diplomats to stay at his own hotel. why is he being so obvious about this? you think he's thumbing his nose and saying this is who i am and this is how i got elected? >> donald trump is someone who has rewritten the rules throughout this process. it seems like he's intent on rewriting the rules. that said, you still have mike pence and reince priebus saying he is going to establish a blind trust. reince priebus said the white house counsel is going to be very busy, going to vet all of this. so, we don't know how far he's
3:23 am
going to push this. and it's going to be very -- it's going to be very important to hold them accountable if these things continue to happen. >> thank you. we have to leave it there, ron. thank you very much. jackie, thank you. coming up on "new day" we have more insight into these questions. senior adviser to the president-elect kellyanne conway in the 7:00 hour. a standoff between protesters and police over the dakota access pipeline and it is turning violent. a live update for you next on "new day." every tv doctor knows scrubbing is serious business.
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breaking news for you right now. hundreds of protests and police fight for the dakota pipeline. officers are using tear gas and water canyons in freezing temperatures as demonstrators set fire to cars and parts of a bridge. cnn's paul vercammen has all the breaking details.
3:28 am
paul? >> alisyn, ongoing riot is the term they used at one point to describe the scene at the standing rock sioux reservation. the sheriff deputies called the demonstrators very aggressive as they try to cross police lines on a bridge and go north on a freeway. protesters reportedly set several fires and then authorities responded with water canons on both the fires and the demonstrators. on social media the counsel called for an immediate stop the use of the water canons in these very cold, 20 degree temperatures saying that hypothermia could lead to loss of life. so far there has been one arrest during this clash with police. this, of course, the latest incident in a series of them along the pipeline, which will stretch from western north dakota down to illinois. back to you now, chris. >> all right, paul, thank you very much. first responders are calling the past six days the deadliest
3:29 am
week that syria has seen since the start of the civil war five years ago. we got renewed air strikes now that have killed more than 300 people. destroying all hospitals in eastern aleppo. the u.n. ready to roll out a new plan to help the hurting syrian people. we have cnn jamara who is in amman, jordan with the latest. what isse the latest situation the ground there. what can you tell us? >> activists in eastern aleppo are reporting renewed attacks on several neighborhood of eastern aleppo. they say there are casualties and this coming after this devastating week of violence, as you mentioned. hundreds of people killed and wounded as these besieged neighborhoods of eastern aleppo have been pounded by hundreds of air strikes. we saw those indiscriminate bombs being dropped by helico
3:30 am
helicopters on civilian neighborhoods and really intense artillery shelling. at least four hospitals have been hit. those include eastern aleppo only pediatric hospital and two trauma hospitals and this really leaves eastern aleppo with very little medical care by all accounts. we have seen schools on both sides of the front line also being bombed. children, again, caught in the midst of this conflict. according to the regime, they say that this is a preliminary operation into eastern aleppo that will include a ground push. they're going after so-called terrorist groups. the civilians pay the heaviest price in this conflict. it is not only this military campaign that they are facing, but also that possibility of mass starvation as they're running out of food because of the siege. alisyn, back to you. >> no good scenario there. thank you for the update. retired marine general james
3:31 am
mattis is being strongly considered to become the next secretary of defense. donald trump calls him the real deal. who is he and what would his appointment mean for u.s. foreign policy? all that ahead on "new day." i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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president-elect trump is considering general james mattis to be his defense secretary. mattis has an impressive resume more than 40 years of experience but does face a congressional hurdle, actually a legal hurdle. a defense secretary nominee to be out of uniform for seven years. mattis has only been retired for three. why, why is that so important? let's discuss now with cnn military analyst major general james "spider" marks and national cnn commentary and former house intelligence chairman mike rogers. gentlemen, thank you both for being with me. mike, let's talk about this legal hurdle first. why do we want people who are on the civilian side for at least seven years, why was it codified
3:36 am
as law? >> well, for a couple of reasons. one, first and foremost, you don't want a military attitude in the civilian position of the secretary of defense. meaning, you know, it takes a long time to grow a general. and once they're there, they have a different take on things and how they ought to work in the pentagon. when you get to that defense secretary role, it has to be a broader, strategic impact brought to any decision you make in any strategic event you make around the world including acquisition of weapon and i think they want a little distance there to make sure you don't take a general and make them secretary. that's why originally why the first and the law was passed to give that seven-year window. >> it's not that old a law. do you think that they get a waiver of it for mattis? >> i think if general mattis, if they wanted to do that, my advice would always be if you wanted to go that way, that is
3:37 am
great. remember you have to invest political capital to get your nom n nomny a waver and then through the senate. that should be a factor if you are considering for this person to be your next secretary of defense. he is a strategic thinker, by the way, chris. i think that's why he's on the list and why he's under consideration. >> general, do you think matti is worth the political capital? what do you know about him and what do you think he would be as a plus for the country? >> well, chris, nobody is more well prepared than general jim mattis he is a student of the profession and has demonstrated that throughout the course of his career without a blemish. what is wonderful about jim mattis no nonsense and very clear in how he approaches problem solving. to mike's point, i think what's important is that anyone that would come into this position,
3:38 am
if they're right out of the military, they bring with them a service bias. general mattis has been in the marine corps and very unique and special issues and requirements associated with being in the marines but he is very much, again, as the congressman indicated, a strategic thinker. how the military can influence and is influenced by those other elements of power. he is a very much a strategic thinker. i think it's worth the political capital. >> so, if the concern is that you don't want a strict military mindset, what do you know about general mattis that makes him more of his nickname mad dog mattis and makes him somebody who is considerate of these options that mike doesn't make nice of these nuance thinkings. >> chris, i would tell you that anybody who has served in the uniform, especially over the course of these last 15 years during a period of sustained combat understands the cost of
3:39 am
the commitment of young men and women into a fight. into a nation that's at war. frankly, we have, we have now entered into over the course of the last decade a continual state of conflict. we don't see this abating over the course of a very near horizon. jim mattis understands those costs and will bring the caution am to the job and that's what you want first and foremost. >> do you believe, mike, that mattis represents the best? that you're taking top tier if you go with him? >> oh, absolutely. i had the great privilege to work with him when i was chairman of the intelligence committee and then subsequent to his leaving his role in the united states marines. and he got that nickname mad dog because he is a very tough warrior, but he is an intellectual warrior. he understands when force is necessary and when force is not advisable. that's why i think he's impressed so many people along his career. and we've -- i've had the great
3:40 am
fortune to sit with him in occasions where the debate was in a room to do something that was a little bit aggressive and to not do it. you'd be surprised. again, this is a very tough warrior who is a strategic thinker that thinks about the second and third order effects of every decision when you use your military. that's why i think he's attractive to the trump folks and why he would, if he could go through this process, would be a really good secretary of defense. and, he's a truth to power kind of guy. he will walk in the room and i don't care if everyone in the room is against his position, he'll explain his position why it will be based on his 44 years of experience. he'll smart and move out when the decision is made. but he will not be a wall flower about making sure that the people in the room understand his position and why. it will always be well thought out and well reasoned. >> mike, go ahead. >> chris, you know, frankly, the military needs to shore up its relationship with the administration. i think jim mattis would be a
3:41 am
wonderful figure. would be a wonderful leader. truly, the secretary of defense, at this point, needs to demonstrate more leadership than administration. that's what jim mattis would bring to the table immediately. >> very helpful to get the man who knows the man up for consideration for such an important post. appreciate it. >> thanks, chris. well, he's 55 years old and he just made history by becoming the oldest player ever to participate in a division i college football game. see it for yourself next in the bleacher report. e salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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is it time to break out the shovels? the first major winter storm blanketing parts of the northeast with snow and more of the white stuff, we're told, is on the way. let's go to the forecast and meteorologist chad myers. what are you seeing, chad? >> i'm seeing upstate new york just get pounded this morning. winds are blowing. jfk just had a wind gust of 51 miles per hour and we're seeing whiteout conditions across parts of rochester and syracuse and up through the tughill plateau. now, what will be affecting more people upstate is the wind. these winds at 50 miles per hour. gusts at jfk and slow airplanes down and expect that if you're flying today. weather tomorrow will be better for flying and pretty decent for
3:46 am
wednesday and thursday, as well. but the next storm system gets into the plains for the middle part of the week and make more snow for the great lakes. a warmer system than this one is because this one truly is a cold wind out there. wind chills across parts of even new york city are well below 20 degrees. bundle up the pets as you take them out today. chris? >> an early suggestion of what we are told is a wetter and colder winter this year. very nice. chad myers, always a pleasure. football. dallas cowboys will they ever lose, again? not if their two rookie stars keep breaking records and the hearts of opposing fans everywhere. coy wire has more in this morning's bleacher report. it got me right here to see tony d. have to hand off his mantle of rookie greatness even though zek elliott is a running back. >> tony romo said earlier this week even though he is healthy and ready to play.
3:47 am
cowboys and ravens and romo for the first time since thanksgiving of last year. going against the league's best defense in the ravens. dek goes 14 of 15 in the second half. darn near perfect. finds dez bryant. and dallas on a team record nine-game win streak. they are rolling. they say football is like religion and praise baby jesus. here's the cowboys' game on the big screen. the congregation's prayers were answered as the ravens genuflect to the cowboys, 27-17. joe thomas sr. giving new meaning to senior day at south carolina state. he carried the ball four times and becoming the oldest person to ever play in a division 1 game. usually kids follow in the footsteps of their parents, but he is following in his son's footballs. father of joe thomas jr.
3:48 am
for inspiration be sure to tune in to "new day" in the 8:00 hour as we'll interview joe thomas. tonight, alisyn, the raiders and texans play in mexico city. a monday night football game outside the u.s. for the first time in league history. >> exciting, coy. thank you very much. for the 8:00 plug. meanwhile, donnell trump unleashing, again, on twitter targeting the cast of "hamilton" and "saturday night live." what does this mean for the next four years? that's next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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donald trump firing up the twitter account over what happened on broadway. this became the viral moment of the weekend when the cast of hamilton took a moment at the end of their performance to send a message to vice president elect mike pence who was in the audience.
3:53 am
>> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our family, our children, our parents or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. but we truly hope this show has inspired you to hold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. all of ous. >> all right, here with reaction is cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter and bill carter. before we get to donald trump's reaction, how unusual is this for the cast of a broadway show to take the reigns in this way? >> extremely unusual. i don't think to speak to a person in the audience. that's highly unusual. i mean, they would greet someone. they've greeted obama and they've said hello. but this was them making a statement and, clearly, they had written it out and planned it
3:54 am
and knew he was going to be there. >> they did not want to throw away -- >> the producers wrote this ahead of time behind the scenes. >> our president-elect defined it as harassing mike pence. >> our wonderful future vp mike pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of "hamilton." this should not happen. exclamation point. >> was this harassment? >> we all knows this wasn't harassment. the debates on cable news are now whether the cast should apologize, which is ridiculous. was the booing disrespectful? >> i think maybe donald trump should apologize. he called "hamilton" overrated. it's probably one of the most baseless things we ever heard him say. >> i talked to one of the investors last night. they would welcome trump to come and see the show. trump could get two tickets any night even though it is sold
3:55 am
out. we would love for him to keep tweeting. we'd be sold out for decades if he keeps tweeting about us. >> here's one that is interesting to read, only because he deleted it afterwards. what was so incendiary of this one. couldn't even memorize lines because they read it. but why delete that one after all the tweets that he sent out? any ideas? >> who knows. that doesn't seem any more or less offensive than the other ones. but i think he is so mukerrial. he doesn't usually delete. that's really unusual. >> but is it really, there seems to be no randomness. if something happens that he doesn't like, he attacks it personally, even if his response to it far exceeds fact or any objective finding on it. this is a perfect case, isn't it?
3:56 am
>> don't you think this will go on and on. >> absolutely. kellyanne conway is coming on the show and she's telling people the spin on this, need him to engage. that's why he's president. skipping the media and getting right to the people with his message. >> brian, starting on january 20th, these will all be preserved in the library of congress. >> that's right. the presidential records act takes over. all the president's tweets and all that are archived in a very official way. if you delete a tweet, it is never deleted it is archived. that won't take effect until january 20th. already we're wondering is this going to be how president trump is going to tweet. some people say he's using twitter to distract. always about conflicts of interest, the settlement, the $25 million settlement. some very unflattering, troubling stories in "washington post" and "new york times." i don't think he's that strategic, though. he turns on the tv and gets angry at what he sees. >> that's what we saw with "saturday night live" also.
3:57 am
>> this is divided america, right? half of america won't be able to see a broadway show like this. maybe would by tuy the cast recording. >> designed in every way to be organic and reach out beyond the elite. >> the bushes, the cheneys, lots of republicans have gone to see it. >> i'm one of half of americans who can't get tickets. >> everybody loves this show. a great thing for our culture, everybody knows that, including dawn donald trump. "snl" has peaked our interest, again. here's why. >> google. what is isis. oh, my, 59 billion results. siri, how do i kill isis? >> all right. so, he didn't like this. but what is interesting in his reaction. isn't that he is thin skinned
3:58 am
about it. he said what about equal time for us. does that mean that once you are elected you don't get equal time any more. or as president you have to tolerate criticism with no limit. >> i think he now feels powerful enough to challenge any of these things. every president has been mocked this way for years. he knows what the show is. it's not a surprise to him. but now he's the target of it and going to be made fun of as he should be. any president will be and should be and he's got such a thin skin he can't just shrug it off the way most people do. >> every president is the most criticized person in the world while they are president. it's one of the reasons why president obama says he doesn't watch much cable news. we'll see if donald trump will make the same choice or not. we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> this officer was driving down the road and was ambushed. four separate shootings targeting police officers across the country. >> he didn't deserve this.
3:59 am
he was just doing his job. >> everyone's worst nightmare. never want to see anything like this happen. >> we'll let you know soon. governor romney is under serious consideration. >> we had a far-reaching conversation. >> i look forward the coming administration. >> we're seeing tremendous talent. >> we are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> whether it was the appropriate venue to say it. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. we do begin with breaking news for you because four police officers have been shot in ambush-style attacks in several states in the span of just a few hours. two of these shootings were in missouri and one was in florida and another one in texas is where a police officer was actually killed. there's a manhunt intensifying in san antonio to find the person who killed the 20-year police vet.
4:00 am
we have cnn's polo sandoval there with details. even pictures of a car. how sure are they at this point of who they're looking for? >> they do know that they're trying to at least speak to this person here, chris. that's at least what they have to go on at this point. in the meantime, if you look behind me, a makeshift memorial outside the police department. a scene in texas police are familiar with. this one outside police headquarters continues to grow after the shooting death of benjamin marconi and officers not just here in the lone star state but across the country are having to take extra precautions. four separate shootings targeting police officer os across the country. >> unfortunately, like dallas and baton rouge, it's happened here. >> reporter: a massive manhunt in texes for a man suspected of killing a san antonio officer around 11:45 a.m. benjamin


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