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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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hillary clinton. trump addressed his questions about conflicts of interest between the oval office and his global business dealings, telling "the new york times" in theory he could run both perfectly. where will he draw line between businessman and president? and trump says he believes he can succeed where others have failed and forge a peace agreement between israel and the palestinians. trump says he would love to be the one to settle the decades old conflict. is he planning to put his son-in-law in charge of that effort? and the driver of a school bus is arrested and charged with homicide after a crash that left at least five children dead. many more are injured. some in intensive care. was the driver speeding when the bus spun out of control? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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we're following breaking news. president-elect donald trump making some of his most extensive comments since the election in a meeting with one of his favorite twitter targets, the new york time. after bashing the paper in a tweet this morning and canceling the on the record conversation, trump changed his mind, sat down with reporters and executives and backed away from his campaign promise to investigate, prosecute and jail hillary clinton. trump also defend his controversial chief strategist steve bannon saying allegations that anti-semitism and connections to the alt right movement are quote, not him, even though bannon himself has said that breitbart news site he ran is the platform for the alt right. trump disavowed neo-nazis and nationalist who's gather in the washington, d.c. to celebrate his victory. the video showed salutes and shouts of hail trump.
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the president-elect said it is not a group he wants to energize. he talked about conflicts of interest between the presidency and his sizable business interests around the world. trump claimed, and i'm quoting him now interesting president can't have a conflict of interest. he stated that co-run his business and the country perfectly. including elijah cummings. our experts are standing by. let's begin with donald trump's meeting with "the new york times." our political reporter sarah murray has the slaft. trump called the times this morning a failing numb. he called it a great american jewel. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, that's not the only issue donald trump appears to be having a change of heart on today. after spending more than a year traveling the country, referring to hillary clinton as crooked hillary, and saying he would prosecute her, now he says he doesn't feel strongly about it.
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>> hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time. >> reporter: that pledge to put hillary clinton behind bars is no longer a top priority. donald trump is saying it is not something that i feel very strongly about. add pick it would be divisive for the country. >> whitss the president-elect is the head of your party now, tells you before he is even inaugurated, he doesn't wish to pursue these charges it sends a very strong message, tone and content to the members. >> it doesn't appear to extend to the press. after a fiery meeting with television executives monday, trump spiraled into a twitter tantrum today against "new york times" saying i canceled the
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meeting with "the new york times" when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. not nice. then he ventured out for the meeting anyway, telling "new york times" reporters he is focused on how much climate change regulations will cost american businesses and admitting, i think there's some connectivity. some something. it depends on how much. the billionaire businessman suggesting he wants to be the one to strike a peace agreement between israelis and the palestinians. with the help of his jewish son-in-law. and yet again trump leapt to the defense of steve bannon under his ties to the alt right movement. trump saying of bannon, if i thought he was racist or alt right, i wouldn't even think about hiring him. but bannon himself has boasted breitbart news is the platform
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of theiali of the alt right. and michael flynn is facing scrutiny for these comments. >> we are facing another ism. like we faced naziism and communism and fascism. this is islamism. and it is a vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people on this planet. and it has to be excised. >> all of this as trump continues to stoke the this inintrigue. the president-elect confirming to the "new york times" that general james mattis is under serious consideration. after meeting with dr. ben carson today, trump announced that he is still in the running for a top slot and could be attempted for the head of the department of housing and urban development. trump said, i am seriously
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considering dr. ben carson as the head of h.u.d. right now, he is en route to mara largo where he will be spending time with his family members. a little time off even for the president-elect. >> thank you very much. it is not clear how donald trump will address concerns about his sprawling business empire. his new role as president and potential conflicts of interest. cnn's tom foreman is working this for us. this issue came up today. >> did it. the meeting with "the new york times," donald trump was asked about numerous business relationships that could 38 ground work for trouble, for conflicts of interest. and yet he still appears to be stradling the fence between a private interest man and a public servant. when donald trump opened his billion-dollar scottish resort in 2012, he had big ambitions. >> we wanted to be what we determined could be easily greatest golf course anywhere in
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the world. >> reporter: but soon he was tilting at wind mills. embroiled in a legal bite the the scottish government over a wind farm just offshore, ruining the view. a fight he lost less than a year ago. shortly after his electionering met with british politician nigeria he will who helped lead to brexit movement. and did they discuss wind farms again? just today, trump told the "new york times," i might have brought it up. the story embodies everything political watch dogs are worried about. >> whether a position is abused, or there is just the potential for that abuse. there is just the opportunity to abuse it. either way, it is undermining of confidence in government. >> the billionaire politician told the "times," in theory could i run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly. adding, however, he is phasing that out now. letting his children take over. but a fire wall has clearly not
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gone up yet. so the president of argentina says, when he called to offer congratulations, trump's daughter ivanka was on the line, too. the transition team says no business was discussed, but the trump organization is working on a $100 million project in buenos aries. when the japanese prime minister came calling, there was ivanka again the trump organization doing business with at least 150 companies in 25 countries, the potential for professional ties colliding with politics is huge. will the new president interrogatory new envoy from the philippines taken just before the election? sure. it is his former business partner. lawsuits are always wor. such as the one over trump university which he just settled for $25 million. so are reports of questionable behavior and bookkeeping at the trump foundation. and even that fancy new d.c.
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hotel he so proudly opened recently, is on property leased from the very government he will now lead. even as the president-elect promises to step away from all these entanglements, it remains unclear when he will complete step. and one thing is very clear. he is confident this won't be a problem, telling the "times," the law is totally on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. >> is there any indication he's done some deals since being elected president? >> we don't know. we do know that argentina deal we mentioned a moment ago, eric trump is one of the developers on election night. even though project appeared to be stalled just days after that phone call with ivanka, they put out a press release saying construction will start next june. that's not proof of anything but it is the very thing raising eyebrows. >> tom foreman raising eyebrows. let's get to more of this.
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the ranking member of the house oversight committee. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> so donald trump, the president-elect, he told the "new york times" that the law is totally on my side. i'm quoting him now. the president can't have a conflict of interest. is that problematic in your view? >> it is problematic. because clearly, i don't think mr. trump realizes how significant the minefield is in this area. keep in mind, wolf, that during the campaign, he said one of his top priorities would be to bring honesty to government. he also talked about draining the swamp. and he used a lot of terms basically saying that he was going to clean up government and he was going on make sure that there would be transparency. when you have, when you're dealing in so many businesses,
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in so many countries, it is a minefield of conflicts. to say that you are the president that the law does not apply to you, it is not so much just the law. it is the appearance of the conflict. and so you know, one of the things the american people is saying to us, they want to us act on their behalf. they don't necessarily want to see elected officials benefiting financially, and their families, benefiting from their actions. they want to see government that is transparent, honest. and i think basically, what mr. trump needs to do, president-elect needs to do, is to do what he said he would do during the campaign. and by the way, keep in mind, he almost said, every other rally, he was talking about hillary clinton and talking about the elites taking advantage of government, enriching
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themselves. and i don't think he wants to be viewed in that light. so as i've said many times, i think our part in the congress, government reform and oversight, to look at these issues. it has come squarely under our purview and i think we're doing him a favor by asking these questions now before he steps on some of these mines. >> what he said, he would have a fire wall between himself, his adult children running the business woefl spend 100% of his time being president president of the united states. is that good enough? >> no. you have to keep in mind that his children are on the transition team based on the report you just had on your show. apparently they're sitting in on meetings with dignitaries from the various countries where he is doing business. the fire wall is not clear. even the experts have said, i have not run into hardly any expert in this area of ethics who has said it is good enough.
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so he talks about a blind trust. some say that even a blind trust would not accomplish what needs to be accomplished. so we asked the questions. i've asked chairman davis to look into this. again, before president-elect trump even gets sue office. so hopefully we'll be able to avoid hearings in the future, after becomes president. after he again has possibly got sgreen some difficulty. more importantly, the american people deserve to know what their president is doing. how he is benefiting and how he is could not government. keep in mine, wolfering with still haven't gotten the. at a return. that might be helpful, too. he seems to want to withhold that. >> so correct me if i'm wrong. are you staying only way he can deal with this issue is to sell off his business and completely move away from it? is that what you want him to do? >> what i'm saying is that i want him, he says that he has
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the experts on his team who can tell him how the address these issues. i first want him to fully acknowledge that it is a problem and a potential problem and the seriousness of it. number two, these experts have ways to address this through a blind trust that would be satisfactory to the average expert in this area, fine. i want to know how he will do it. i don't know how he will do it. i think he would have to sell off the assets. put that in a blind trust and then have an independent person to oversee the blind trust. that's what most experts are saying. i don't know that it would have to come to that. he has said that he has people who are advising him i'm sure he has the best minds available. i want to know what they're going to be. i think the american people want to know how he will dwoo he will this. >> as the ranking member of the house oversight committee, you're the minority. can you investigate without the majority letting you do it some.
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>> it becomes very difficult. when you're in the majority, you basically call the shots. so i've appealed to chairman chaffits go, and said let's look into. this let's hold president-elect trump to the same types of standards that you held hillary clinton to. let's look at his situation the way, i told him, you held, you sent out 100 flers less than three months. letters and subpoenas about hillary clinton trying on look to see behind everything that she had done. why don't we make sure that we even before president-elect gets into problems, try to find out where he's going with it and make sure that we have answers to those questions. so far, he has been reluctant to
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do that. on the other hand, he said that he will hold them to a high standard. if he sees a situation that is appropriate for investigation, he wolf i think we need to do it immediately. >> so it is up to using subpoena power. the minority, the democrats, you don't have that authority, right? >> we do not have that authority. i wish we did. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. donald trump said today, he is not going to prosecute hillary clinton. he doesn't want to cause her more painful your reaction to that? >> when he said it, i could not help but think of the many times i turned on my television and people saying, lock her up and listen to what mr. trump had to say about it. i think we need to move on.
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when you start threatening your political opponents even before the election, that you're going to lock them up. i think it sends the wrong message. and the fact is that he is about to have a, we're about to have a new attorney general. and i think that's going to fall within the realm of the attorney general. i think it is clear that he sent that message out. and i think on the other hand, you know, i would hope that we would look at issues too and i would hope the attorney general would look at issues like russians trying on interfere with our elections. after all, we've had 17 intelligence agencies to say that the russians did interfere. we need to know that. that's not a democratic or a republican issue. that is an american issue that we need on look at. and we need, if there are ties between president-elect trump and the russians, and this
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the neo-nazi groups that are celebrating trump's election. trump telling "the new york times" and i'm quoting him, they're not a group i want to energize. we're back with the democratic congressman elijah cummings. how concerned are you about the rise of hate crimes since the election? >> i'm extremely concerned,
3:23 pm
wolf. when you see the significant increase and you listen to citizens as i have in my district, a lot of people are very concerned and i am too. i think that the appointment of mr. bannon, then the rise of the white nationalist groups, and i don't like the term alt right. the reason i don't use it is because i think it is a way of normalizing what they do. the anti-semitism we're seeing, and a lot of this came out of the campaign. if could i send a message to president-elect trump it would be. this i think he needs to do a major speech where he talks about how he disavows these types of groups and the things that they are saying. and that he talks about uniting
3:24 pm
our country. he has said it during the campaign and i think he means to do it now. when president obama was running and the issue came up with his pastor, jeremiah wright, he gave a very significant, a very important speech. donald trump is now about to become the president of the united states of america. and i emphasize united. and i think it is time, not just talking to the "new york times" or talking in private meetings, but that he give a speech. dedicated solely to uniting the country. telling people not to be doing these acts of hatred and talk about unifying the country and talk about the things dole to unify the country. and one of the things i would like him to do is talk to his
3:25 pm
republican colleagues in the house and the senate about voting rights. making sure every american has the right to vote and to stop telling them on stop trying to diminish the rights of african-americans, hispanics and others. i think unity and the right to vote is significant and i'm hoping he'll do that. >> senator bernie sanders, he thinks the democratic party right now should move away from what he calls identity politics. do you agree with the senator? >> i think that we, i think we need to, no, i don't necessarily agree. i think we need to deal with economics. i think economics is very important. but i think we need to still pay attention to so many people who have been left out of the system in one way or another. just like what i just talked
3:26 pm
about. the voting rights of certain segments of the population. i think we can do both. we have to concentrate on economics. because a lot of people are suffering. and african-americans and hispanics are suffering more than other parts of our communities. >> have a wonderful thanksgiving. thanks so much for joining us. >> same to you and yours. >> thank you. just ahead, an arrest and charges in a school bus crash that killed five children. we're learning more about the investigation. stay with us. our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job without technology. this windows 10 device, the touchscreen allows you to kind of pinpoint what you're talking about. which makes communication much easier and faster than the old mac that i used to use. you can configure it in so many different ways, it just, i don't know, it feels really cool.
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d-mooun. breaking news tonight. president-elect discussing conflicts of interest. without getting specific. let's bring in our political experts ask correspondents. i want to go to david axelrod first. now says mitt romney, the republican nominee, four years ago, seriously considering the possibility of serving as secretary of state. that would be a major development if the president-elect were to bring in mitt romney as his secretary of state. >> yeah. it would be extraordinary. particularly given the interplay between them in the campaign. no one was harder on donald trump during the campaign than mitt romney. he castigated him in really,
3:32 pm
really personal terms and made clear that he was not going to support him. i will say this. if he does appoint mitt romney, there will be a lot of people who will be relieved to see that. because mitt romney is seen as someone who is bright, able and institutionalist at a time when people are worried about our institutions. particularly that one. the question, wolf, really is how does a mitt romney, who has been virulently anti-putin, get along with general flynn who is now the nsa director, nsc director, who has taken much softer stance on putin and russia. it will be interesting to see how that all melds together if it comes the pass. >> what would it say about the president-elect? given differences they've had. the sharp words they've exchanged. what would it say about the president-elect of the united states if we to reach out and
3:33 pm
say to mitt romney, i want you to be my secretary of state. >> well, it would certainly say that he is being broad minded and having a big, and believing in a big tent. but governments stand for something. as david pointed out, what is america's policy toward russia? there are actual substantive differences. mitt romney called donald trump a conman and a fraud. but he also pointed out that his attitude toward putin was very different from romney's own. how that will play out is mysterious to me. if in fact this report turns out to be true. >> in the end, it will be the final decision and the cabinet members fall in line with the president. presumably, mitt romney told me four years agoering got some criticism at the time, that russia was then presumably still believes america's, he used the words, number one geopolitical
3:34 pm
foe. those were mitt romney's words and he was ridiculed at the time. way right? >> it turns out he was a lot more pre scientist than people gave him credit for at the time. special when i how this played out and russia's extensive meddling in the 2016 election. i want to go back to what jeff said about romney having criticized trump so heavily in the campaign. now saying, he actually wants this post. he wants to serve in the administration of a man he seemed to loathe throughout the campaign. in some ways, this is trump exposing something about his party about, the washington establishment. there were so many people that i spoke to throughout the campaign on the republican, in the republican establishment, specially foreign policy establishment who said they would never, ever, ever serve in a trump administration. except maybe if their country needed them. is this in some way exposing a
3:35 pm
lag of speaking with? some kind of naked ambition? this kind of lack of moral fortitude that voters suspected? >> since the election we've seen the president-elect moderate his views, change his views, including following his conversation with retired marine corps general james mattis. saying waterboarding, not necessarily all that useful. mr. trump saying he won't, it won't make that kind of a difference that a lot of people are thinking. he used to support waterboarding and enhanced interrogation. now based on conversations he might nominate with a man he might name as defense secretary, general mannis said give them the a couple cigarettes and a beer. maybe you'll get more information out of them that way. like the wall with mexico and hillary's e-mails. there is a reality in the campaign and a reality when you're president-elect. i think he is saying, there is not a lot of interest in this
3:36 pm
across america. and furthermore, within the cia, there would be a lot of people saying, you can say what you want. if you cross the river from the potomac headquarters in langley, they will say we did this in 2002, 2003, 2004, and we really got hammered for it later. on i think he is confronting reality. a reality he did not to have confront during the campaign. >> can i dissent in i think these issues remain very much open. donald trump has a history of saying different things that different settings. the fact that he says that hillary clinton is not going to be prosecuted, that does not mean if the fbi goes to attorney general jeff sessions and said we found interesting material. we want to pursue this investigation. that doesn't mean investigation will not go forward. it does not mean that he will not authorize waterboarding. it does not mean he is going to not try on build the wall. this is not, these are not final
3:37 pm
decisions. these statements made in passing that could definitely come and go. >> and statements made to a certain audience. he has a tendency to play to whatever audience he is speaking to and trying flatter and cajole them and win this over. there is a need to be liked that he has. he says whatever the audience wants to hear. i agree jeff. give him another week. he might say lock her up. and then two more weeks, don't lock her up. >> time out. we have one cia officer at the table. let me give you a reality check. you walk across the street and talk to a cia official regardless of the legalities, regardless of the political aspects of this. you say after you got hammered by the department of justice, investigated for years, investigated by the senate, hammered by the senate, i'm going to tell to you water board? i'm going to tell what you my friends at the cia will say. not everyone of them but most. we will not do this. find somebody else. >> that's presumably what
3:38 pm
general mattis told the president-elect as well. >> you know something about conflicts of interest. donald trump said the law is totally on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. i'm going to run my business. i'll be the president 100%. from your perspective as someone who served in the white house for four years, that will be enough? >> in a word, no. the fact is we've already had an exhibition during this transition of him meeting with business partners and posing for a picture with them that was used back home. presumably to promote his project and his interests. him personally lobbying informally, about opposing a wind farm that might block the view from his golf courses in
3:39 pm
scotland. he has business interests all over the world and he'll be dealing with leaders who have an impact on those businesses. he is quite right that the president is except from the prools apply to everybody else in the government. and he has shown in his career a willingness to push the limit whenever it serves his interests. so it is concerning. the fact they keep saying, there is no legal barrier to him doing it. that doesn't make it right. that certainly doesn't allay the concerns that people have about the white house becoming the swamp that he promised to clean up. >> well, jeffy tubin, let me ask you from a legal standpoint. when donald trump says to the "new york times," the president can't have a conflict of interest. the law is totally on my side. from a strict legal perspective, forget with the politics. from a legal perspective, is he right? >> he is right, that there is no legal requirement that he put
3:40 pm
his assets into a blind trust. every modern president has done that. and though there is no legal conflict of interest, there is clearly an actual conflict of interest. just think about russia. think about the fact it appears since we don't have his tax returns, we don't know for sure. but it appears he owes money the russian banks. what does that tell you about how it might affect his negotiations with russia? that conflict is multiplied around the world. yes, it's true that he doesn't have to divorce his holdings from, when he's president. but is there an actual conflict of interest? of course there is. >> so what would you want him to do? >> well, the "wall street journal" said he has to sell the company. which of course he is not going to do. just sell to the trump real estate company. have somebody else own it. put his money the treasury bills like barack obama did.
3:41 pm
it is certainly possible for him to do that. he is choosing not to do it. and he is almost certainly going to get away with it. this republican house, republican senate. they won't investigate this. who will investigate? >> what do you think she do? he has a fire sale, he's probably not, all that real estate, for example, he won't make the money he could make years from now. >> no question about that. he shouldn't have run for president if this was a concern of his. when i went into the white house, i'm a pauper compared to donald trump, obviously. when i went into the white house, i owned two business. i sold them before my first day in the white house because i didn't want any conflict of interest. i was advised to do that. people throughout the government do these things to avoid conflicts of interest. and here's the bern the greatest power and influence who is unwilling to do it. it sends a terrible signal. >> let me move on to this other issue that came out in the new
3:42 pm
york time interview today. he told "the new york times" to find out why his candidacy has energized these neo-nazi groups, these white supremacists. why do these groups seem to like donald trump? and you've been criticized by some of these groups. >> i think it is obvious he plays footsie with them. sometimes under the table, sometimes handsy with them over the table biffle retweeting their tweets. by repeating their messages. refusing in an interview with you to condemn these people. now that he is president-elect, he kind of said he doesn't want their support. but i think from talking on people like richard spencer, the man we saw in video from the atlantic leading a group of white supremacists in a federal office building. these people know even now, even if donald trump said, i disavow
3:43 pm
you like he said in the "new york times" interview or how he reluctantly disavowed david duke, the record already shows that he is sympathetic to their views. at the very least, he doesn't mind their views. a lot of his supporters don't mind these views. even if he does say something now, i think it would be meaningless. these groups would still see his 56th are you as their victory. >> congressman elijah cummings feels, go out there and affirmativively deliver a speech denouncing these people saying i don't want your support i hate and go away. >> this is not complicated. be as vehement in opposing these people who violate american interests and american values as you are in talking about ba broadway shows and "the new york times." how difficult can it be? speak out against people who get under your thin skin. >> all right.
3:44 pm
everybody, stay with us. don't go too far away. just ahead, there is another important story. a city reeling with grief after a deadly school bus accident. we're learning new details on the investigation. d i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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a school bus driver is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. five children are dead.
3:49 pm
many more are injured including some in intensive care right now. martin, investigators are focusing in on the speed of the bus. what's the latest? >> yeah. they're talking with the bus driver and the speed of the us about. johnthony walker was the bus driver. he was involved in an wks his bus and another car as recently as september. no one could have foreseen what would come next. >> they believe -- >> a drastic accident. according to his mother, that's how the driver of this mangled school bus described the crash that killed at least five children monday afternoon in tennessee. >> i can see an arm moving. >> that driver, johnthony walker, has been charged with vehicular homicide, reckless
3:50 pm
endangerment and reckless driving. authorities' key focus now is speed. >> the police are aware of a following car. that witness they are looking for. any others who may know about this event but also the previous behavior of this driver. well above the posted speed limit at 30 miles per hour. >> [indiscernible]. >> witness statements and evidence indicate the bus swerved off the road, hit an elevated driveway and the mailbox and swerved again, hitting a telephone poll and tree as it overturned. >> broken ribs. broken legs. broken arms. bleeding kidneys. our hearts -- our hearts have been going out to these families. >> 37 school children ranging
3:51 pm
from kindergarten to fifth grade were riding the bus when it crashed. a dozen remain hospitalized. some treated in intensive care. >> what made this particularly difficult is that the patients were all young children. many of them were scared for two days to talk to them. and because of their young age many of them were unable to spell their names, did not know their birth date or even their parent's names. >> one said he had concerns about the bus driver before. >> there were times i saw him going a little faster than he should be going. i tried to get a little rhythm for what he was doing. >> the drivers mother said her son was ter tide. phoning her after the crash, telling her he tried to pull children from the crash. a father of a three-year-old son who worked two jobs and has never been in trouble before.
3:52 pm
the transportation safety board is investigating the incident hoping to use video and informational boxes on board to find out just what happened on the bus, whether it could have been prevented. >> talking with hospital officials about how did you do that difficult job of reuniting parents and children, especially if the children were unable to identify their parents? well, photographs. many parents of course proudly have a picture of their child on the cell phone. worked really well. until they got to a few photo why is the hospital quickly realized those children were back in the e.r. it was a very tough night. wolf? >> so heartbreaking. martin savidge in chattanooga, thank you. breaking news ahead. president elect donald trump speaking out. even reversing some of his most controversial campaign promises. stay with us. the guy says you picked the wrong insurancan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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ellen degeneres is among the 21 people worship honored today at the white house. the presidential medal of freedom. before she arrived she offered an idea for keeping the peace this politically charged thanksgiving. take a look at this. >> i really love people come together for the holidays but there is plenty of tension out there. if you are planning a new service, check this out. >> the one of the most divisive in history. and one more big political clash still to come. your holiday dinner. instead of coming together your family gathering is sure to explode into a bitter shouting match that ruins the season for
3:58 pm
everyone. luckily mobile moderators here to help. using your home you can order a professional moderator to manage your meal. choose from seasoned pros like anderson cooper, megyn kelly and more. >> of course they are -- >> nobody else -- >> mrs. douglas, uncle lou. if we could just please get back to the original question. could someone please pass the salt. [ laughter ] >> your moderator will restore civility to the conversation. this broccoli casserole is so good. >> i think -- >> wrong. >> lucas, don't interrupt your sister. >> better than the sweet potatoes -- >> leslie is speaking. >> and who makes sure everyone get answer equal opportunity to talk. >> my feet were so sore. they were swoelen and red.
3:59 pm
you should have seen them. think looked like beets. >> all right you have five second. aunt pearl that is enough. you are out of time. >> and -- >> aunt pearl you are out of time. >> -- but they also help with the odor. did i tell you that the odor the -- >> aunt pearl, you are out of time. >> and your moderate kerr serve as the fact checker. >> i heard that barak obama made it legal to steal things. >> that is completely false. >> who stole my glasses? >> your glasses are on your forehead. >> and why don't you tell us who you voted for in the election. >> i voted for gary johnson. >> oh, ah. >> all right. everybody. everybody quiet. >> rebuild the wall. >> i am still with her. >> excuse me.
4:00 pm
excuse me. everybody quite. >>[chatter]. >> i'm wolf blitzer. >> oh. fantastic. [ applause ] see you came on a good day. dasher and dancers and blitzer. >> and to all of your viewers, have a happy, happy thanksgiving. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next the breaking news. donald trump about to arrive in florida for thanksgiving at mar-a-lago, this after meeting with his arch enemy the "new york times" and talking racism. and jared kushner in a rare interview, how he secretly ran trump's campaign. he says people felt safe with him in charge. you will hear how he broke the rules. and home to celebrity likes michael jackson, bruce willis and donald trump. we'll take you inside the residential trump tower. let's go


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