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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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first up, a tv icon remembered. florence henderson from the "the brady bunch" dead at age 82. black friday. shoppers look for deals in stores and online. backlash over mitt romney. a trusted trump aide talks about the possible secretary of state. we hope you made it over the food comb a. welcome to "early start." i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. florence henderson died overnight. she start on "the brady bunch" in 1969.
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she kept on playing carol brady for more than 20 years. she died thursday of heart failure in los angeles. here she is on "dancing with the stars" in 2010. she was hospitalized on wednesday. her big break came in 1951 when she landed a starring role in "oklahoma." in 1962, the first woman to guest host "the tonight show." although it is 5:00 a.m., black friday is well under way. mainly because of black friday starts on thanksgiving thursday. here in new york, shoppers finished off turkey early to pack macy's last night to get a jump start on the black friday deals. in minnesota, long lines of people patiently waited for stores to open so they could get a head start on their holiday buying. shoppers in portland, oregon had to brave wet weather to snag the black friday deals.
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>> 59% of americans plan to shop this weekend. that is 137 million people. practice majori three quarters of millennials will find deals. sales expected to jump 3.7%. so far, samsung 4k tvs and apple products and electronic scooters are the top picks online. cyber monday could be the biggest. boris, we are hearing some outlets actually starting cyber monday tomorrow. >> cyber weekend. >> right after today. >> i'll get a jump on the electric scooter. to politics. this morning, top trump transition adviser warning against mitt romney as the top secretary of state. in a series of tweets, kellyanne conway has been inundated by
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loyalists who oppose romney. tweeting quote, henry kissinger as secretary of state flew around the world less and consulted the president more close to home. we will talk about that. conway says she is not tweeting anything publicly she hasn't told trump privately. trump is spending time with family in florida. we expect to get new information as the transition team holds a conference call with reporters. we get the latest from cnn's jason carroll in palm beach. >> reporter: christine and boris, a conference call scheduled for 10:30 this morning. this is the transition team going over who is on tap to be interviewed on monday for a cabinet position. having said that, we may hear something today about commerce secretary. wilbur ross is up for that job. we may hear something about ben
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carson. up for hud secretary. he basically said an offer is on the table. trump for his part turned part of the holiday into a working holiday. he said many times throughout the campaign is impose a 35% tax on businesses that took their jobs overseas to mexico. businesses like carrier air conditioning company. he tweeted about that saying i'm working hard eaven on thanksgiving to get carrier to stay in the united states in indiana. making progress. we'll know soon. carrier air conditioner weighing in. carrier has had discussions with the incoming administration and we look forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. in terms of those other announcements, namely the position of secretary of state. that is something that the lead candidate mitt romney is pulling over and checking with advisers. not expecting to hear from that
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until next week. christine. >> jason carroll. thank you. let's take a pause to assess how it is going with eugene scott live in washington. eugene, what you are hearing about the next round of news about filling out the cabinet. this cabinet is moving more quickly than the cabinet eight areas ag years ago. >> it seems like it. there is criticism of trump on focusing on the spots and neglige neglecting the intelligence briefings. >> you mentioned secretary of state, eugene. some of the news is the decision since last weekend with mitt
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romney. the interesting body language outside the trump estate in new jersey. i want to play sound from the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> mit, it was a dtmitt is a . t >> he gets a free ride to the white house and we get a hat. >> romney choked like a dog. >> his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> i could have said mitt drop to your knees. >> these two now cordial. not something kellyanne conway wants to see if you read into her tweets. saying that the secretary of state should be loyal. what do you make of that, eugene? >> i don't think it can be overplayed out significant the tension between these two.
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seeing those clips states that. we have not seen that disagreement from the president recent presidential nominee and previous nominee. the men suggest they want to put those things in the past and move forward into making america great again. whether or not the base will get on board with that remains to be seen. a lot of people took criticism for supporting trump that romney did not have to put up with. it seems he is being rewarded right now. >> let's talk about the wealth factor. donald trump says he will represent the working men and women. you know, the working class. the people whom the system is rigged against. you look at the cabinet consideration and the money. harold hamm, $15 million. wilbur ross, $60 million. you see the numbers. he really is -- what does this
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is a? is it concerning at all? maybe these people don't have middle class ties and senseability? is donald trump saying they are successful and made it in the country and perfectly positioned to help others make it? >> i think these are the people that the president-elect values. these are people very much like him. this is his network. we don't expect him to have a lot of relationships with season policymakers and people familiar with washington which is one of the reasons some have argued that he needs to bring a romney on. he knows business men and business women. those are the people that he is tapping to take the country forward. the question becomes do these people have the policy chops and knowledge to take this country forward. there has been, carson, admitted he did not. there is criticism about his education secretary pick not having a teacher background or a
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parent of public school educated children. it gives you some type of insight as to the direction he wants to take the country. >> now, eugene, another criticism of the folks he is considering for top administration positions has been a lack of experience. you look at nikki haley who doesn't have a ton of diplomatic experience named ambassador for u.n. and ben carson to the housing and urban development and romney for secretary of state. does it concern you at all that he is not looking for more experience in the fields? >> i don't think these he people have any less experience than trump does in the field that he is about to enter into. the reality is that the hope is that they will fill their teams with people more knowledgeable about issues and policy ideas and daily mechanics of what it takes to lead a country.
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>> eugenewineugene scott, what favorite kind of pie? >> sweet potato. >> we aredebating. >> this guy is a cheesecake. that's why we bring him on. >> i appreciate the tip. hillary clinton has been keeping a low profile since losing the election, but hasn't been forgotten by the neighbors. the homemade collection of signs that cropped up on the corner of clinton's street yesterday. many expressing appreciation for her presidential campaign. the former secretary of state feeling the love tweeting i was greeted by this heartwarming display on the corner of my street. thank you for all who did this. happy thanksgiving. a california woman abducted three weeks ago found alive on the side of the road. now the search for her kidnappers widens. details next. u bo day earned yes
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two people are dead and four others wounded after gunfire erupted at the annual thanksgiving day youth football game in louisville. anguished family members arrived on the scene after 19 shots rang out during the juice bowl. a decades old tradition in the city. victims left lying on the field. the gunman escaped. police right now don't have a motive. louisville has suffered 106 homicides this year. that is nearing an all-time record. the family of the black teenager shot and killed by the chicago police officer wednesday night is calling the death a murder. look at the surveillance video of the 19-year-old republicaning from the officrunning from the . no weapon has been recovered. his family released a statement. at this point the family and friends are heart broken that their son is dead at the hands of a police officer who does not value the sanctity of life.
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the chicago's independent police review authority is investigating. in israel. ten people are in custody with raging wildfires that police are describing as arson terrorism. the smoke has chased thousands of people from their homes. mayor of haifa has called the scale unprecedented. cnn's oren liebermann is in haifa. we heard that the conditions are dry and windy. not good for fighting fires. what is it like out there now? >> reporter: the same conditions are still holding up. it is dry, it is windy and hot spots are reigniting. in haifa, authorities are dealing with new fires because of the hot spots. the neighborhood we're in right now, this is one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. look at the building behind me. entirely gutted from the flames that swept through here
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yesterday. the smell of burning fowood and melted plastic is heavy in the air here. we have seen two different spots next to us where hot spots reignited. the challenge is not over yet for firefighters. haifa, the hardest hit area, fires have been breaking out the past couple days. some of the fires still spreading. v evacuations still going on because of the winds. as for the numbers, officials say they are dealing with 1,200 fires since last weekend. 250 of which are major fires. help coming in from all over the world. this is not just an israeli problem now. the greeks and scipriots have sent in crews as well as the
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united states. tens of thousands evacuated in haifa. the challenge is get them back home. at least if they still have a home. boris. >> oren, what do we know about the people detained? any details released on them yet? >> reporter: police did say that number is now up to 12 people detained. that's as far as they have gotten with the fire starting. they have not released details about who the people may be. there was some suspicion earlier that fires may be negligent or arson. that is the next step after the fires are out. then they will get to the investigation as to how they started and who started them. >> oren, we hope the weather takes a turn toward the firefighters' favor and we get to the bottom of that investigation. oren liebermann. to california.
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the police are the hunt for two armed women in the abduction of a mother of two. sherri papini vanished three weeks ago out for a jog. the sheriff says her captors left her on the side of the road. she flagged down a passing driver shech driver. she was reunited with her family. turkey and stuffing and football triple header. what could be finer? steelers, colts and cowboys and redskins and lions and vikings. andy scholes has the trimmings in the bleacher report next.
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the cowboys were the main
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course yesterday. they continue to look unstoppable winning their tenth game in a row. >> we have scholhave andy schole bleacher report. >> dak prescott and elliott are the best combo. dak rolling out for the touchdown. check out the replay. williams getting his tippy toes down. that made it 17-3. fast forward to the fourth quarter. elliott getting in for the second touchdown st gaof the ga. their tenth straight win. dez bryant and josh ryan were going at it. they had to be separated on the field. i tell you what. the trash talk continued in post-game interviews. >> they need to get their money
2:25 am
back from josh. >> this guy bumping into me like what's up. where i'm from, i looked at the clips. whatever you want to do. >> i feel like the guy is shoft. if he were out and about, i would not lit him talk to me like that. those words would never come out of his mouth. i promise. >> the appareetizer yesterday. the game tied in the fourth. vikings driving to win the game. sam bradford throws an interception with 30 seconds left. the lions in position to kick a 40 yard p-yard field goal to wi. detroit is 7-4. after starting 5-0 this year, vikings lost five of six. finally for dessert. andrew luck sitting out with a concussion.
2:26 am
indianapolis needed him. they could not keep up with ben roethlisberger and antonio brown. steelers win 28-7. if you did not get the football fill yesterday, lots of college football on tap later today. you can sit on the couch and eat leftovers and watch football. >> you won't have the vikings turkey hats. those are cool. >> great fashion statement. andy scholes, thank you. we are mourning america's mom. they rose to fame as the cheerful mom on "the brady bunch." actress florence henderson is being remembered today. more on her passing and her iconic career next. if you're searching other travel sites to find a better price...
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she was a tv mom for an entire generation. florence henderson from the "the brady bunch" dead at age 82. black friday bargains. millions are hunting for them in stores and online.
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a top trump aide criticizing a pick for secretary of state. i'm christine romans. >> i'm boris sanchez. we are half past the hour. we start with breaking news. fans worldwide saying good-bye to florence henderson. she starred as carol brady and stayed with the role with spinoffs for 20 years. she died thursday of heart failure in los angeles. her manager said she had not been ill. she was hospitalized on wednesday. here she is on "dancing with the stars" in 2010. henderson's big break came in 1951 when she landed a starring role on "oklahoma." she was the first female guest host on "the tonight show in 1962." although it is 5:00 a.m., black friday is under way because black friday now starts on thanksgiving thursday. here in new york, thousands of
2:32 am
shoppers finishing turkey early to get to macy's to get a start on the black friday deals. >> and in minnesota, long lines of people waiting for stores to open to get a head start on holiday shopping. shoppers in portland, oregon had to brave wet weather to snag the black friday preview deals. >> brandy williams has a look from inside the store in san diego from our affiliate. >> reporter: it seems most americans are skipping out on the second slice of pumpkin pie and racing to retailers for black friday deals. shoppers lined up at best buy early wednesday morning to take advantage of the slashed prices. this location closes for only seven hours and they will reopen with the separate set of deals. most people are looking to make the leap to 4k or upgrade to a sma sma smart tv or get a better smartphone. like all dvds selling at $5.99
2:33 am
or amazon fires selling for $59.99 marked down from $89.99. you can pass up the second slice of pumpkin pie, but don't miss out on the slices. from san diego, brandy williams. >> where can you get the bang for your buck? macy's and jcpenney and stage. avoid jewelry and clothes. they are marked down last during black friday. mobile accounted for 39% of all sales online yesterday. $34 million in revenue for thanksgiving day. the apps are replacing circulars. flipp is full of circulars
2:34 am
online. and shop savvy. you can scan bar codes and price compare. a bunch of them. at target, they have their own app to this. i always try to remind people on this day. you think you are on the hunt. you are being hunted. the retailers want you to spend more money than you mean. they want to take your holiday list and spend on other things. be careful. do not open store cards. they ding your credit. they also are a temptation you don't need. if you get another 20% off, just say no. please don't. >> we were joking earlier. it is funny to know how many people are out shopping for themselves. not out braving the elements for others. >> that's fine, too. just try to stay focused. this is the time people are paying off in february and this is terrible personal finance. >> we are not watching people get punched in the face this year. >> if you are shopping online,
2:35 am
you are not getting crushed. to politics now. kellyanne conway publicly warning donald trump against bringing on mitt romney as secretary of state. if a series of tweets, his former campaign manager said she has been deluged by loyalists opposed to mitt romney. he tweeted henry kissinger flew around the world less and counselled the president more and were more loyal. conway is not tweeting anything she has not told trump privately. trump is spending the holiday with his family at mar-a-lago estate. his transition team will hold a conference call with reporters later this morning. we get the latest from jason carroll in palm beach. >> reporter: a conference call scheduled for 10:30 this morning. this will be the transition team going over who's on tap to be
2:36 am
interviewed on monday for a cabinet position. having said that, we still may hear something later today about commerce secretary. wilbur ross is up for that particular job. also we might hear something about ben carson. up for head secretad hud secret. trump for his part turned part of the holiday into a working holiday. he said many times what he would do is impose a 35% tax on businesses that took jobs overseas like to mexico. carrier air conditioning company. he tweeted about that saying i am working hard on thanksgiving trying to get carrier air conditioning company to stay in the united states. will know soon. carrier air conditioner weighing in. carrier has had discussion was the incoming administration and we look forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. in terms of those other
2:37 am
announcements. the position of secretary of state, that is something that the lead candidate mitt romney is said to still mull over and checking with advisers. not expecting to hear something on that front until later next week. christine. boris. >> jason, thank you. let's take advantage of the pause and fast paced transition to assess how it is going with political reporter eugene scott. live for us in washington. eugene, good morning. we have to ask about the series of tweets we have seen from kellyanne conway. publicly saying that mitt romney for secretary of state is not such a good idea. one of the words she used that stood out was loyal. here is one of them specifically talking about the attention that pick has gotten from trump supporters. here is the other one. former secretaries of state. is this something you expected for her to do this publicly? she told trump the same in
2:38 am
private. we have never seen this exposure in a transition before. is this something healthy? >> i think it is an unexpected move from overall unexpected presidential election. it is no surprise to anyone that mitt romney and donald trump were at odds for much of the campaign. i don't think we can minimize how unexpected it is that mitt romney is being considered for a high profile position or any position at this point considering he was not very loyal to trump. someone who highly values loyalty. what conway was highlighting was that. letting people know there was dissatisfaction. >> we know donald trump has been talking about discussions he is having with carrier. a company that makes air conditioners. we know carrier has moved jobs offshore. donald trump made that a big part of his stump speech.
2:39 am
you heard in jason's piece. he is making progress on trying to keep jobs in the united states. carrier confirming. we are talking to and working with the income administration. what does this tell us about the deal maker? he has talked to ford and carrier. he is trying to pressure the companies to change the way they do business. >> i think it is making it clear he is very aware for one of the issues that led people to get behind him most strongly. they really wanted to see the next president bring jobs back to the country. it is not a surprise that he was able to make head way with the company considering the relationship with indiana and mike pence is the vice president-elect. whether or not he will follow through with this consistently remains to be seen. people more familiar with jobs and globalization of it all are not sure this will be a constant
2:40 am
move he will be able to maintain. it certainly is a step in the right direction for people who have been dissatisfied with what appears to be him not being consistent with the other promises. >> i think there a theory if he can get a couple of deals or headlines keeping jobs here, then you don't necessarily have to remake trade policy. if he can get a couple of wins he can point to, you don't necessarily upend trade policy. >> especially in a public way. we have never seen someone in high office go after a company that way on social media. we have to ask about one of the big stories. the scientists that come out that said hillary clinton should contest the results in rustbelt states. she did worse with electronic voting machines than paper ballots. jill stein has raised a bit of money. $4.5 million for a potential
2:41 am
recount. it seems clinton more or less publicly has let this go. is this something worth pursuing in your eyes, eugene? >> it doesn't seem clear. there is no prove that hacking actually happened. this seems to be a continuation of some moves to create a level of mistrust in the presidential election system that we have in the country. i'm not very surprised that the clinton campaign has not commented. it is not clear also what stein needs to use the money for and what will this all change if something is revealed. i think it would be perhaps in the best interest of americans if they want to ask questions about what happened is to reexamine the role and significance of the electoral college and selecting the president and the person who did to the win got 2 million more votes than the person elected. >> eugene, are you going shopping? >> i did online shopping.
2:42 am
and to boris' point, i'm one who shopped for himself. >> that's a good deal. >> i can't blame you. i was going to ask for the pie cheesecake recipe. >> good stuff. >> eugene, good stuff. thank you. tens of thousands of israelis are fleeing wildfires in the city of haifa. we have details on the situation there coming up. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression.
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two people dead and four wounded after gunfire erupted at the thanksgiving youth football game in louisville. anchoraguished family members ad on the scene after 19 shots rang out in the juice bowl. victims lying on the field. the gunman escaped and police do not have a motive. louisville suffered 106 homicides this year. nearing an all-time record.
2:47 am
west virginia man facing first-degree murder charges for a black teenager who bumped into him outside a convenience store this week. he claims he feared for his life and defending himself when the 15-year-old pulled a gun on him monday night. police say that is not what he originally told him. we get more from cnn's ryan young. >> reporter: a lot of questions remain about how this shooting actually happened. william pulliam said he was going to the dollar store when he encountered three teens. one teen got off the porch and walked up to him and they had a disagreement. he ended up walking on to the dollar store. william said to avoid the teen, he crossed the street on the way back home. that's when the teen crossed the street and they had another visual disagreement. william said that kid had a gun. he went to pull the gun and waved it around. he shot him two times before going home and having dinner
2:48 am
before police arrested him. he is actually talking from his jail cell. this is what he had to say. >> i don't like. it believe me, i didn't want to kill anybody. they're not going to kill me. i felt my life was in danger. i'm sorry. i'm 62 years old. i'm not taking punks beating me up. it doesn't make a difference if he is black. everybody around me is black that lives around there. >> reporter: police have not been able to get back to us if the teen had a gun. william says he feared for his life and shot him in self defense. that is something we will have to figure out. one thing that stands out in the case when police arrested him. william pulliam made a statement to police. the way i look at it, it is another piece of trash off the street. he never said that. he said he did this in self defense. we have learned that he shouldn't have had a gun. apparently about three years ago, he pled guilty to domestic
2:49 am
violence charges and that by federal law means he should not have been walking around with a revolver. at this point, william has denied bond. ryan young, cnn, chicago. at least ten people in custody for the arson terrorism in israel. the mayor of haifa calling this scale of the fire unprecedented. israel's prime minister promises to punish those responsible. cnn's oren liebermann is live for us. >> reporter: good morning, christine. a lot of the fires that firefighters were fighting yesterday have reignited because of the dry conditions and the high winds. that is the challenge now. over the course of the last half hour, we heard a number of fire trucks going back and forth responding to the hot spots
2:50 am
popping up. this is a bit of smoke here, but one of many that we're seeing in the area. something like this can reignite and start another fire. that is the challenge now facing authorities. keeping the fires out. not easy to do in these conditions. since last weekend, fire officials said they had to deal with 1,200 fires. 250 are major. the hardest hit areas in haifa. this building is in the center of the city. the building entirely gutted. you can smell the burned wood and plastic. there are clouds of ash that go flying around. look at the video from elsewhere in northern israel and central israel. there were more evacuations in northern israel today because of the fires. israel has called in help from all over. russia and turks and greeks. palestinian authorities have sent crews to help battle the
2:51 am
fires in northern israel. this problem doesn't look like it is going away. christine. >> oren, thank you. in northern california, authorities on the hunt for two armed women involved in the abduction of a mother of two. the victim sherri papini who was on the f out for a morning jog. she was bound and left on the side of the road. papini was reunited with her family. with millions in the air and on the roads, the second busiest travel day of the year, let's bring in meteorologist derek van dam. >> good morning, christine. many of us will travel home after visiting family and friends. it doesn't look like the weather will play along with the travel plans. especially in or out of laguardia or detroit or chicago or minneapolis. you see we have the potential
2:52 am
for perhaps minor to moderate delays. more of the same across the pacific midwest across the region. this low pressure system is bringing in a chance of rain showers with the potential for a wintry mix as temperatures hover above the freezing mark. the temperatures over the next 12 hours with wet conditions and slippery roadways out there. drive with care from new york all the way to michigan. take a look at temperatures today. 43 in the windy city. 63 for the nation's capital. temperatures warming to a balmy 80 in jacksonville, florida. temperatures in new york city dropping through the weekend. the good news is the sun comes out. back to you. >> thank you, derek. something else to be grateful for this thanksgiving weekend. the stock market rallying big time. more on that and avoiding financial stress this holiday season right after the break.
2:53 am
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happy black friday. let's get an early start on your money. the stock market in the middle of the bull run. futures up this morning. if the gains hold in the market opens, you will see a new record high from the dow and s&p. the weekend starts early this black friday. market closes at 1:00 p.m. eastern. the rich are winning the global economic recovery. according to the economic study for development cooperation. the poor were hit hardest. the recovery left them behind. incomes at the top grew five times more than the bottom 10%. nordstrom, costco, macy's have the best return policies of 50 major retailers. 'tis the season for stress.
2:58 am
55% of people feel stressed out about finances over the holidays. making the budget and sticking to it can help you avoid the financial blues. don't open store credit cards today. put off purchases like jewelry and clothing until later in the year. that is when you have the biggest discounts. i'll have more coming up on "new day." a tv icon is being remembered. "new day" picks up that story. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. it is friday, november 25th. 6:00 in the east. special holiday edition of "new day." i'm john berman along brooke baldwin. we start with breaking news. sad news for all of us who watched tv in the '70s and '80 s. florence henderson who played
2:59 am
carol brady from "the the brady bunch" has died. >> the 82-year-old actress of screen and stage died suddenly in los angeles overnight. celebrities and fans all reacting this morning to the shocking news of her death. we'll begin with boris sanchez in new york with the look at her life and storied career. i had no idea her career on stage. >> yeah. >> before tv. >> the first big break on bro broadway. john, you said it. fee feels like america's mom. she passed away at cedars-sinai medical center of heart >> reporter: florence henderson captured hearts across america as one of the most beloved tv moms, carol brady. >> you'll find out.
3:00 am
>> good luck on your debate today. >> do i look okay today, mom? >> you look lovely. don't be nervous about a thing. >> reporter: starring a a matriarch of a blended family her career would be defined on "the brady bunch." >> i created the kind of mother that i wish i had and everyone longs for. >> reporter: taking on the role is something that henderson embraced. >> i get so much fan mail from all over the world and everybody wants a hug from me and i hug everybody. >> reporter: in the decades following the show, henderson never shied away from limelight returning to her iconic carol brady for multiple spinoffs of "the brady bunch." but even before she became a brady, henderson seemed destined for show business. >> i don't ever remember not singing and i


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