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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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several times yesterday and today and was not irritated and understands her concern about romney comes from a place of loyalty to him. >> i think this is not the end of that story. to say the very least. thank you very, very much, for sticking around. thank you for joining me at this hour. a lot of breaking news we've been watching and all that breaking news continues now with brianna keilar right now. hello and welcome to "cnn newsroo newsroom". thanks for joining me. i'm brianna keilar. breaking news we're following, an attack at highway state university. one suspect, that the suspect is dead and predominantly a knife attack, where a car was also used at the beginning of the attack. the columbus fire department says at least eight people injured, a shelter in place just lifted there at the university and the scene, we're told, is now secure, but campus officials
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have told people to avoid the watts hall area. that holds the university's materials science and engineering building. the bureau of alcohol and tobacco, fire arms and explosives is on the scene now as well as dozens of local law enforcement officials. bringing in now cnn national correspondent deborah feyerick and cnn senior analyst tom fuentes. the real question here now, deborah is, who this is suspect we're hear has now didn't killed and why did this happen? >> reporter: that's part of the investigation. that law enforcement official tells us one suspect who is dead, and use add very large knife in the words of one eyewitness, it looked like a machete. apparently the gunshots everyone heard was a quick-thinking police officer who responded and after the crowd scattered, according to this eyewitness,
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that's when the police officer opened fire shooting several times. the eyewitness saying at least three times. and he credits his police officer with very quick thinking that possibly saved a lot of lives. the gunman, brianna you say, did enough damage to send eight people to the hospital with injuries. one initially described as critical, but they're all characterized as non-life threatening. a car was involved. that's possibly why we saw this massive sort of s.w.a.t. team sweep of the garage that everybody focused on. one individual led out in handcuffs, but appears he may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. according to the eyewitness, brianna, the suspect said nothing during the attack. he just had a crazy look in his eyes, according to the eyewitness. but he was silent even as he was shot by that police officer, brianna. >> tom fuentes, we hear, and deb was talking about reports of the shots fired. we don't necessarily know that this suspect even had a gun.
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right? those shots reported could have just been from police, the police officer firing at him? >> exactly. if the witnesses that saw him wielding the machete or other large knife called 911, police get the call and respond, still at the scene with that knife and in the process of possibly stabbing or slashing people, then, yes, the police would shoot, and witnesses outside of the building had heard shots fired didn't know if it was a shooter who was a bad guy or the police doing the shooting. >> what questions do you have as you look at what has transpired over the last hour or so? >> clearly, do we have a garden variety psychopath doing this? we've had those in the past. or a political motive? somebody angry at the school or fellow students? or all the way up to and including terrorism, which we don't know yet and won't know until they identify the suspect, look at you of his social media, interview friends, family, neighbors and get more background who was this
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individual and what might have motivated him. >> aisle is you both stand by for me and bring in anthony falserrano, a senior at the ewert and joining me on the phone. i know, anthony, you were in class at the time of this shooting, which may have just been the shooting by a police officer of the suspect. tell us what you heard. >> yeah. so that seems to be what everyone believes now, that it was just the cops, but we were sitting in class in lecture, just starting, and we heard -- we heard what appeared to be like a couple pops. someone turned to me, did you hear that j? i was like, what? sounded like fireworks. out of nowhere, everyone one of us got the buckeye alert, anonymous, active shooter situation, lockdown on campus and our teacher ran and locked the door. at the same time we all saw a ton -- heard a bunch of sirens, a bunch of, like, cop cars all
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started flooding towards the area, the corner of college and 19th and later college and woodruff. >> could you see the area? or could you just see the area that police were responding to and where they were staging? >> we could see the area on the corner. i think it happened more towards the front of the building but we saw the area they ended up cordoning off and saw all the cops and the fire trucks and ambulances all rushing towards that area. >> it was -- happened very quickly that you received an alert. you said a matter of moments. how long do you think it was? a minute? two minutes? >> i -- had to have been almost -- yeah, almost a minute or two. as soon as we started seeing all the police officers we got the text. which was very thankful, thankful for, because we got the door locked down immediately. >> now it is phenomenal how quickly you were alerted. obviously keeping a lot of people safe. what then happened, anthony? can you tell me? >> everyone got -- flooded
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around the window and started taking pictures, videotaping. that's when i took a video for snapchat and people said you should put that on twitter as well. that's what i did. everyone was quiet, turned on phones and computers to listen to the news and everyone was terrified, because there were reports that the entire campus was on lockdown and there was a bomb threat and there were -- that they were looking for another active shooter. look through some parking garage or something. it was pretty surreal and terrifying. >> and a lot of confusion, obviously, happens, when these things transpire. we heard reports that some students at ohio state were barricading themselves in classrooms. did you feel unsafe? were you taking precautions? >> we felt -- we felt pretty safe in our room. i don't know what the mechanism is for, or when they installed it, but our room had a door, the professor mentioned she was the only one that could unlock it
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with a code. we felt very safe. later, maybe 30, 45 minutes after the incident someone stepped outside to go to the bathroom and there were guards in the hallway that told them to get back in the room and close the door. so i don't know where they were stationed. maybe just because we were close when, you know, we in an adjacent building. maybe that's why they were there, but -- >> anthony, thank you so much as we're learning from federal, a federal source that the attacker at ohio state university mainly used a knife, and a car in the attack. we don't know the motive or identity of the suspect. bringing in congresswoman joyce beatty. congresswoman, you have a lot of connections, of course, to the university. tell us about your impression of what, what happened today and what your concerns are. >> well, first, let me just say, thank you for reporting this.
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needless to say, we are all very sympathetic about what happened, but if there can be good news in this, it is that the university appears to be secured now. students appear to be safe. i have had the opportunity to talk to the president of the university, dr. drake. it appears that there was a car that drove into a crowd of people and caused some orthopedic injuries. we're not sure if that is eight or nine people at this time. four of them are in our osu wexner hospital and surrounding hospitals. also, it was reported that the multiagency police that were involved were very timely, very responsive, and very helpful. what we don't know is what was
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the motive? the why behind this. but at this point, it is my understanding that at least one, and if there were two, most of the injuries were from a stab wound that occurred, and one of the shooters -- we're saying shooter but are not sure -- let's call him one of the individuals who caused the injuries was apprehended by the police. i've been told from some reports. >> wait. can you repeat that -- that last part, tell me? >> that it has been reported on some of the local news stations. i did not get this from the -- from the school, that they thought there was a shooter, but we can't determine if it was a shooter involved or if it was actually the police making --
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>> yes. >> -- the shots. >> that's right. shooting that police officer who shot the suspect. i'm wondering, congresswoman -- >> yes. >> so you are getting that update. is that coming from the university? is that coming -- >> from the university, that the scene is secure. that the multiagency police and that it was a vehicle that drove into a crowd, and that eight or nine of the students appear to have stab wounds. >> okay. >> and that is what they have reported. they are comfortable that the university is secure, and it tells you another thing. the alert system that they put in place certainly is working, from the one student who i talked with. they said they felt safe and they were advised, because they got the alert. >> certainly. and that's what we're hearing from students. in fact, i think a lot of us
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remember, you know, almost ten years ago covering virginia tech where it was two hours before an alert went out and we hear students got this alert, everyone got alerts on their text, by text on their phones before they even had police arriving at the scene. that's certainly very good news. >> absolutely. >> congresswoman, stay with me. i want to bring in our law enforcement analyst tom fuentes and then i'm going to bring you back in as well. but that's a really good point. this alert allowed people to stay in place. we heard from one student, doors that were locked from the inside. these are key lessons learned over time. >> absolutely. one of my daughters was down the hall from the first two people killed in the virginia tech shooting. >> that's right. >> and what happened in that case is that the young female student had just taken out a restraining order on an individual she was dating, who ultimately had nothing to do with it, but that's what the police started pursuing until they established that that individual was 50 miles away at a construction site. by that time, the shooter had
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gone back on campus, went into the engineering building and shot an additional 30 people, plus himself. >> and when the alert went out, missing details. we're certainly seeing that there's a little more responsiveness. congresswoman, i want to ask you about a report we're hearing from a 20-year-old student there at ohio state, and he says that he was there when a man pulled a knife outside between coffkofle laboratory and the science and engineering building we're talking about. he said he was there, a man pulled a knife. it was a large knife. he started chasing people around trying to attack them. luckily, so many people, he couldn't focus on one target. i didn't see anyone get stabbed but i saw the police officer take down the stabber. he waited until everyone was clear and the stabber clearly wasn't stopping. took three shots to take him down. stabber had a crazy look in his eyes. and this young man saying that the attacker appeared to be an
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african-american male in dark clothing. is that meeting the description of the attacker that you have heard about from officials there? >> other than the physical description, it does match what i was told by the university that a person in a car got out, did start stabbing individuals with what we're calling some type of large knife. and appeared to have orthopedic injuries to eight or nine. we're not sure of the exact number. at no time did i know the race or ethnicity of that attacker. >> okay. all right. congresswoman joyce beatty, thank you so much. we certainly appreciate you sharing information with us. very helpful as we learn about what happened there. so we're taking away from what she said, started with a car. the suspect driving into a crowd, if appears. what she's hearing from the
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university, and there were eight to nine -- that caused orthopedic injuries. we expect broken bones or something of the like, and then eight to nine people who seemed to suffer stab woounds seeming o be the predominant injury among folks who had to be transported to the hospital. what are you taking from that? >> sounds lice thike this indiv was trying to hurt anybody he came across and it's going to take getting his identity, back grourc background on him. social media, what he said to others. oftentimes someone suffering extreme syce ex ex-psychopathy, has extreme narcissism and wants to make themselves famous in the process. if that's the case you'll have social media postings by the person. you'll have him tell possibly close friends, neighbors, if he's a student, fellow students, others, that he's about to do
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something and become famous. >> all right. tom fuentes, thank you for your insight. we'll continue to follow this throughout the hour. other important news, all eyes on the spot for the pr president-elect's top positions. [ male announcer ] at customink, you can create custom t-shirts and other great products for all of life's events. get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. ♪
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! it's another full day of job interviews at trump tower including the most senior position in a cabinet still very much under construction, and to an already packed schedule, the trump team squeezed in a meeting today with former cia director and former nato commander david petraeus. presumably to talk about the post of secretary of state. trump is due to meet tomorrow with two others being talked
9:20 am
about for that role. mitt romney, whose very name is sending many trump backers into a ramp and also senator bob corker of tennessee. firmly in the anti-romney camp is trump's former campaign manager and current senior adviser kellyanne conway. trump said to be irritated with conway's public attacks on romney's attacks against trump before the election, and for most president-elect's, plenty of drama. instead, donald trump insisting he won the popular vote. if you deduct the millions who voted illegally. for the record, donald trump lost the popular vote by nearly 2 million ballots, our count, a gap widening by the day and the trump team is offering zero evidence, none, for this outlandish claim, nor for this follow-up. serious voter fraud in virginia and new hampshire. why it the media reporting on
9:21 am
this? serious problem. saying that is not happening. no credible source that come forth with any data supporting any of these claims. we have a recount in wisconsin spurred by former green party candidate jill stein, and joined over the weekend by the clinton campaign who will be monitoring that recount. trump won wisconsin by 22,000 votes out of 2.9 million cast. and with that, i want to bring in cnn's phil mattingly, watching the action in trump tower and our jeff zeleny, on the recount beat here in washington. give us the latest, phil. >> reporter: well, never a dull moment, you just said, brianna. look, the trump campaign has been very clear. picking meetings up to high gear and a lot of comments on accounts over it's weekend they've moved firmly back into filling out that cabinet. a number of meetings today. eight total we know of and we're talking people who sources tell us are in contention for places like department of homeland
9:22 am
security, treasury secretary and most importantly, as you noted, brianna, secretary of state. we've heard a lot about that during the course of the last 48 hours and probably the most intriguing visit of the day today, david petraeus, former cia director, highly decorated general. anybody would have killed to have in their cabinet over the course of the last couple decades. disgraced. his government career imploded after being caught passing classified information to a mistress that cost him his job add the cia and his security clearance. now in the mix for that secretary of state position. you mentioned tomorrow's meetings. plenty of intrigue. bob corker and rudy giuliani, a close adviser to the trump campaign throughout the campaign process. remains a very close adviser to the president-elect now and openly campaigning for that position. so a lot of names moving in and out now and a lot of intrigue surrounding it. >> tell us about this report that the president-elect is irritated at kellyanne conway's attacks on romney?
9:23 am
>> reporter: i think what's most interesting what we've seen over the last 48 hours, kellyanne conway, keep in mind, campaign manager for the victorious, very surprisingly victorious trump campaign earned her spot as a voice in the trump team and is a close adviser to the president-elect. she's taken to twitter and television to more or less rip mitt romney repeatedly over and over again. her point publicly is this -- hearing from trump supporters over and over again saying loyalty should matter. what mitt romney did during the campaign, eviscerate the president-elect over and over again in public speeches and remarks and twitter posts should essentially ki lly disqualify h the post. there is a split on the perspective mitt romney. look at the chief of staff, reince priebus, steve bannon playing a role and the vice president-elect, mike pence as well. most interesting, brianna, clearly, this is all happening in public.
9:24 am
that's a little frustrating to the president-elect. >> it is remarkable indeed. jeff, tell us what's going on with the recount? how is this playing out? >> reporter: brianna, election officials in wisconsin had a meeting that wrapped up a short time ago in madison, wisconsin. they have decided this recount will go forward and start on thursday, if green party candidate jill stein pays for this recount. it was at her request, of course, here. but the election board has said that the 72 counties across wisconsin will not be required to hand-count these ballots. they can simply retab late thul. if they choose to, they could, but not required to. that could open up a potential lawsuit from the stein campaign. keeping an eye on that. what this really means is all 72 counties in wisconsin would have to go over their ballots and have this done by december 13th. note, no small task there. bottom line, people on both sides, republicans and democrats
9:25 am
who i've spoken to in wisconsin and elsewhere do not believe the outcome will be changed. he won wisconsin, donald trump did, by some 22,000 votes. all of the comments over the weekend about questioning the -- if anyone was voting illegally was really sharply criticized by the head of the election commission in wisconsin. mark thompson is his name. he chided donald trump a short time ago saying it's inappropriate for the president-elect to say that, you know, these people were voting illegally in wisconsin, across the country here. so sharp words from him. but as this stands now, it looks like the recount in wisconsin would begin on thursday, and the stein campaign has their eye on pennsylvania and michigan as well potentially. again, no suggestion that the outcome of this election will change. brianna? >> all right. it is fascinating, and you gentlemen are watching. thank you so much to both of you. and up next, he said all along he would accept the election results, if he won, which he
9:26 am
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a rift emerging in the trump transition team pap source telling cnn sdnt irritated after one of his closest advisors openly questioned by mitt romney is on trump's short list to be secretary of state. fwli bring in our panel. dana bash, josh rogin, columnist for the "washington post" and a rebecca byrd, for "real clear politics." get to the bottom of this. listen to what kellyanne conway said about mitt romney being a possibility for secretary of state. >> -- unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with a secretary of state position. gen again, let me repeat fshs donald trump picks mitt romney, kellyanne conway and everybody else will respect. i'm hearing from back roots, my parents died penniless but i gave $216 to donald trump campaign and would feel
9:31 am
betrayed. >> you know whose interview that was with? dana bash, we have right here. that was -- this is the sound of the day coming out of yesterday. what -- what's going on? >> well, as you said, i was told this morning by a source who is familiar with donald trump's thinking, and talks to him frequently, that the president-elect was irritated by that. having said that, i spoke with kellyanne herself just in the last hour and a half or so who says that if he was irritated he didn't express it to her. they spoke yesterday after her tv appearances. this morning is in trump tower now and that he knows that her criticism and concern about mitt romney for secretary of state comes out of loyalty to donald trump. >> what do you think, josh? >> what we know. we know kellyanne conway is not in the room having meetings with nominees. she's outside the door. we also know she doesn't have a job yet. she's not chief of staff or chief strategist. >> under consideration to be
9:32 am
press secretary, we know. >> something like that. >> possibly her best way of influencing. we don't know if she's actually gone rogue or -- >> she's going to have a job in some way. isn't it hard to see -- >> my reporting from early on and still stands, she doesn't, probably is not likely to go inside. more than likely outside. >> doesn't mean an important figure? >> doing it against the wishes of donald trump or sanctioned in a way? playing with us? an orchestrated kabuki division allowing them to x romney off the list without looking like they did it. bottom line, kellyanne, going rogue, it is unprecedented and shocking. >> is she potentially the fall guy here sort of? the one playing bad cop? >> it's possible, but on the other hand, this is not what we tend to see during a presidential transition. when these candidates are under consideration for cabinet posts those discussions go on behind-the-scenes.
9:33 am
you tend to respect these people who are your potential cabinets for these high-ranking positions in your administration. so if you're mitt romney, imagine how he and his allies must feel right now, that he went out on a limb, met with donald trump, even though we know they have deep, profound disagreements, have had divisions in the past. he met with him. he's open to maybe serving as secretary of state. and now is getting blasted publicly humiliated on cable news by close allies to donald trump? doesn't really speak highly of the respect they have for some of the candidates. >> certainly doesn't. >> or these positions. >> talk about donald trump tweeting a lot about voter fraud. this is what he said yesterday. serious -- wait. actually -- "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. why isn't the media reporting on this, serious bias a big problem." and why isn't media report on this is because it isn't true.
9:34 am
right? >> exactly. >> it's not true. you even have republicans saying, like out of new hampshire. saying, this isn't going on. right? >> right. i think two things. one, we can tell donald trump is irritated by both this recount effort led by jill stein and joined in a way by the clinton campaign and also wants to project he has a mandate. right? lost by 2 million, not really a strong mandate. trying to muddy waters. overall, disturbing a president-elect has such a tenuous relationship with the truth, and that's bad omen going into this administration. >> remember, the big, if you are donald trump, if we've learned nothing watching him, and covering him over the past year and a half, it's all about winning. winning, winning, winning, winning ngts but he won! >> right, but somebody threatening him with the idea that he didn't really win for real, never mind the popular vote, which obviously sticks in his craw he didn't win the popular vote, is something he clearly cannot help himself.
9:35 am
also, i don't think it's just personal. i think it's him continuing to rile up his base. it's on the one hand, he's getting his base excited and exercised over the notion of recount of wisconsin, while on this hand considering a mitt romney for secretary of state and, oh, by the way, told the "new york times" he's not going to prosecute hillary clinton and no more climate change. >> also seemed very thin skinned, though. i wonder why he doesn't just take the win, and if he just -- what if he just said, well, i won. i am the president-elect, and just let it sort of speak for itself? >> that would make a lot of sense, but based on what we know about donald trump, that's just not how he operates. and so he might now be president-elect, that has changed, his title has changed, nothing else has really changed since the campaign. this is the same man he's going to operate the same way and i mean, look, he won this election. he probably thinks, you know, i did what i did and it worked.
9:36 am
why change now? >> yeah. all right. we'll see. rebecca, josh, dana, thank you all so much. up next, break to the breaking news, the violent attack on the campus of ohio state university. an update on the injuries and this investigation, right after this quick break. start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything!
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we have breaking news on the attack on ohio state university's main campus in columbus. the school says now that the suspect has been shot. the suspect is dead. there are ten people now, the number increased, being treated at hospitals. some of them, a number of these, we're told by a congresswoman representing the area, are stab wounds. a witness telling us that the attacker used a very large knife. what some people describe as machete-like, but the suspect first used a car, and tried to mow down some people with the vehicle, causing some injuries. the columbus fire department says one person is in critical condition. a number of these are not life-threatening injuries. we are continuing to monitor that. bringing in now cnn national
9:41 am
correspondent deborah feyerick and senior law enforcement analyst tom fuentes lending his expertise as well. deb, as it goes in the early hours of something like this, information is changing. what are you learning? >> reporter: police are processing the scene trying to identify the attacker and identify the motive. why he may have done why he did and more importantly, was anybody else involved? right now it does not appear. appears there was one suspect. he was confronted by a police officer, and it appears that's when the police officer fired. what we are learning, according to a law enforcement official, the suspect had a very large knife. someone described it as a machete and that he jumped from a car and started swinging it wildly in the area. as the crowd scattered, that's when the police officer opened fire, saving potentially a number of people and what could
9:42 am
have been a much worse situation. ten people transported to the hospital. one reported in perhaps critiall condition. all of this happened near the chemical engineering building just after about 9:30 this morning when all of this took place. right now police looking to see whether in fact who this person was and why he did what he did. >> now, lockdown lifted, tom. this is really a crime seen and you have investigators trying to piece some of this puzzle together, especially with the suspect now dead. what are they looking for? >> looking for any forensic evidence to make sure that this shooter was alone, there wasn't somebody else involved. if the car was used, still at the scene, they'll process that vehicle as well. often is the case like this, they tow it to a garage where they have the ability to work on it through the night and in a
9:43 am
secure, warm environment. but they'll be looking for any other evidence to indicate this person act aid loed alone and h acted. most important, identifying him and looking for possible motives which could come from social media or his internet. identifying where he was living and do searches at that location. they'll hold back the identity of this person until they've done more of the investigative aspects, such as searching his residence. >> usually, is that hard to find? when it comes to social media? or someone in this, and i know there are many details we don't know, but it seems like a lot of times people who are sort of perpetrating crimes in this family of crimes, they're not trying to hide it. right? >> no. usually you would have extreme narcissism and they want you and the world to know what they did and they're going to be famous, and want the attention, and attribution they've done this. when they look at social media and other indications, family,
9:44 am
friends, other students, if he was a student on campus, of trying to see what, in what he said or did or posted in recent times would indicate what his motive is. again, you hate to immediately go back to something like the possibility of terrorism, but "inspire" magazine, al qaeda's publication years ago told its people, al qaeda and the peninsula, use a knife, a hatchet, whatever you have. >> one of the things they'll be looking at. what are we expecting in terms of updates today? because this is changing? >> absolutely. we're expecting the president of the university is scheduled to give a brief news conference. he went to the campus hospital and we're expecting to hear a lot more from him. initially, just to clarify, this went out as an active shooter report, and that may have been because what students were hearing was the gunfire from that officer who was responding to the situation. that's why you got that shelter
9:45 am
in place for those not nearby, but for those who were nearby, you got that alert, run, hide, fight. because obviously, officials didn't want anybody to sort of encounter this individual, and we did see some scenes of classrooms students were actually taking desks, putting them up against the door trying to ban him or keep him from entering, if, in fact, that was hit objective. so that's why it initially came through as an active shooter. >> very good point. we are monitoring. saw live pictures minutes ago. monitoring along with our affiliate, wbms, wexner hospital on campus awaiting to the-to hear from the ohio state university president. and up next, the trump transition and why senator ted cruz is warning about the possibilities of pitchforks and tore mps in the streets from republicans? look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis.
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we're watching live pictures from ohio, from the wexner medical center and awaiting the president of ohio state university, dr. michael drake. he is going to address the situation that we have seen there, which is that now the count is up to ten people injured. a suspect, we are told by witnesses, earlier this morning, just a few hours ago, wielding a large knife, after trying to run into people with a car. so we know there are injuries from both of those things we are told from a congresswoman representing the area both injuries are stab wounds, but there are orthopedic injuries, as she put it, from the car injury a person as well. one person in critical condition, but all of these, the other people not, in better shape, but all, we're told from
9:51 am
officials, are non-life threatening. we don't know who the suspect is. the suspect gunned down by a police officer. the suspect is deceased. we have been told that, and at this point in time, the lockdown situation that the university was under has now been lifted, although classes cancelled for the rest of the day there at ohio state university. this was a very dramatic scene, and to hear students who are on campus, many of them in class when this happened. the first notice many got, for a few, hearing the gunshots, potentially from the police officer who was shooting the suspect, but also all of them got text message alerts that came out just moments after this happened. one student, one ohio state university student, says he was there when this man pulled a knife outside. it was by the watts building which is an engineering and science building there or campus and head se wsaid he was on thed
9:52 am
this man pulled a large knife. some people called it a machete and started chasing people around trying to attack them, what the student said. luckily, he said, so many people he couldn't focus on one target, but again, we know there are several in the hospital including there at wexner medical center on campus. this student didn't see anyone guess stabbed but saw the police officer take down the suspect. he said he saw the police officer wait for everyone to be clear so he could get a clear shot and then took three shots to take him down, the student said, and that the stabber had a crazy look in his eyes. we're still unaware of the identity and motive of the suspect but keeping our eye on wexner medical center at ohio state university where we are awaiting the president. i'm going to bring deb feyerick back in. we're seeing officials, doctors,
9:53 am
deb, who are there on-scene at the medical center on campus. this is where some of the victims are, and i guess they're probably discussing amongst themselves before they address the media, because we do expect them to speak. >> reporter: yes. absolutely. we've been waiting for word from the president of the university for about an hour now. he is going to make some statements, and, you know, the way this entire thing played out, based on some images we're seeing from affiliates, there was a car that sort of jumped the curb. the doors were opened. it looks as if it was being inspected. you have an individual who appears to have gotten out and started swinging at some of the people by that chemical engineering building. and again, that eyewitness whose information is crucial to this investigation is that he jumped out and started wildly swinging randomly. didn't appear he was trying to attack an individual in particular. and then he -- apparently was confronted by a police officer. we see the president walking up
9:54 am
right now. we're hear what he has to say. >> listen in to the president. he's going to take a moment, seems he has some of the team of doctors and perhaps officials behind him. this is dr. michael drake, the president of ohio state university. >> -- this morning where a vehicle ran into a group of pedestrians. people gathered on the street corner resulting in several injuries. the driver then got out and used a weapon to cut several people who were then transported to local hospitals. i'm here today with two people who were primarily involved in the response. our chief of police and our public -- director of public safety and our chief medical officer. let me say first i want to give our thoughts and prayers and hopes and wishes for speedy recovery to all those injured. we prepare for situations like this and always hope never to have one. we'll be able to visit the people injured later this afternoon, but i just want to tell them all and their families
9:55 am
how much we are looking forward to their full and complete recovery. second i want to commend our osu police and the other police agencies who responded. you'll find within minutes the situation, something very unfortunate from being very much worse. let me now give specific details the director of public safety, monica. >> hi. wee have more details for you later. yes. west 19th avenue. west of college on the north academic campus in front of watts hall, around 9:52 a.m., the emergency dispatch center got a report that a vehicle had struck pedestrians. at 9:53, an osu pd officer called out on the radio shots were fired. he engaged the suspect who had gotten out of the vehicle after hitting pedestrians. the suspect cut multiple individuals. the officer engaged the suspect and shot and killed the suspect. the first buckeye alert went out at 9:55 to alert the campus
9:56 am
community there was an emergency. many officers from various different jurisdictions all over the county and outside the county responded immediately. by 11:00 a.m., the shelter in place notification was lifted, and the law enforcement personnel in the area continue to investigate multiple other things. there are a few buildings that are still closed. we don't have reports of anything else. we believe the threat was ended when the officer engaged the suspect. very fortunate that an osu officer was there and took quick action and we believe that injuries were minimized as a result of that. we will continue probably to have an active crime scene throughout the rest of the day, and we'll have more updates for you later on those things. as i said, we do have a few buildings still shut down just as a precaution as we go through and sweep those, but we do believe that the threat ended right when the officer engaged the suspect. >> we'd like too have andy thomas also come in and give
9:57 am
information on the condition of the people injured and we'll get back to you. >> thank you. my name's daniel thomas, chief director of the medical center. we received a number of wounded individuals here at ohio state and received word from our colleagues at grant and riverside that they'd received wounded individuals and actually have great collaboration and coordination between the systems when it comes to events like this. we train for these events. here at ohio state we received five wounded individuals from the scene. two with stab wounds and two with wounds related to being hit by the car. and we've just received a fifth victim, actually hiding in place as they've been directed to do by the buckeye alert, who actually just arrived here at the medical center not that long ago. her injuries are still being assessed. two individuals with lacerations that were taken to grant
9:58 am
hospital downtown. i'm told by my colleagues there both of those individuals are doing well, not with life-threatening injuries. as well two motor vehicle accident victims taken to riverside. similarly, those two individuals are doing well but i don't have any more information on those folks. >> one of the people injured, was the officer injured? >> not that i'm aware of. >> brought into the medical center? >> no. >> the officer was not injured. >> i'll let the chief -- >> let me just start from the top and maybe we'll answer some of your questions. about 9:52 a.m., a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb, west 19th. west of college avenue. struck p.e. pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and use add butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. our officer was on-scene in less than a minute and ended the
9:59 am
situation in less than a minute. he engaged the suspect and he eliminated the threat. the suspect is doa. the investigation is ongoing. i want to thank the after for doing a great job. they did what they were trained to do. we have a lot of agencies assisting us. cli columbus police and fire. nine people transported to the hospitals. eight in stable condition. one in critical condition. we have a lot of other agencies assisting us here, the state patr patrol, franklin county department, fbi, atf, making sure we do everything we can to investigate this very thoroughly and not leave any hole unturned. >> did the suspect have any other weapons? >> it's an ongoing investigation. we roved a butcher knife. the suspect is doa. >> is he answer osu student? >> that, we will be able to provide you additional information when we have another press conference later, but the investigation is still ongoing.
10:00 am
>> is this a planned thing? was this -- did this seem to be planned and any indication this could be a terror attack? >> it's too early to say. the only thing you can say based upon common knowledge, this was done on purpose. to go over the curb and strike pedestrians and then get out and start striking them with a knife. that was on purpose. >> and did the suspect say anything to the police officers? >> ongoing investigation. as far as we know, there was one suspect, and that suspect is doa. there were rumors of a secreton suspect. we searched the garage and cannot find another suspect. we believe it was one suspect and we have that suspect. >> was there a fire alarm pulled before this and that's why the students were out on the sidewalk? >> earlier, a gas alert and it's columbus gas was out checking that. it was a valve? >>


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