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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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investigation is still ongoing. >> is this a planned thing? was this -- did this seem to be planned and any indication this could be a terror attack? >> it's too early to say. the only thing you can say based upon common knowledge, this was done on purpose. to go over the curb and strike pedestrians and then get out and start striking them with a knife. that was on purpose. >> and did the suspect say anything to the police officers? >> ongoing investigation. as far as we know, there was one suspect, and that suspect is doa. there were rumors of a secreton suspect. we searched the garage and cannot find another suspect. we believe it was one suspect and we have that suspect. >> was there a fire alarm pulled before this and that's why the students were out on the sidewalk? >> earlier, a gas alert and it's columbus gas was out checking that. it was a valve? >> which building?
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>> the one at west 19th and college. >> do we think that has a role in this at all? >> still under investigation. >> what can you say about the injuries? what type of injuries? >> let me speak a little more about that. >> sure. multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts, most likely as the chief said from the stab wounds from a butcher knife and a number of people that had orthopedic and other soft tissue-represented injuries from being hit by the car initially. it's our understanding from the other hospitals and our knowledge here none of the individuals appear to have life-threatening injury at this time? >> would have have to have surgery? >> one -- actually two? two have completed surgery at this point mainly for orthopedic issues. >> are they student? >> we'll release more information with the university at a later time. >> talk how you called for staff to come to the hospital. talk about that. we saw them arriving. top -- sleeves rolled up, ready
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to go. >> so we have a process that's actually university-wide. when the buckeye alert goes out, we jump into action. the -- active shooter protocol went out across campus and code yellow or disaster drill. we immediately made phone calls to key individuals, both the emergency department, our surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists and people descend. we train for this, work with the other hospitals in the city and the central ohio trauma system to train for exactly these types of events but i can't tell you how proud i am to work here at the university and to see my colleagues come together in a moment that all of us would really hate to have ever happen on any campus much less our own, but it was great to see the response and i'm glad people were not any further injured than they were. >> dr., drake, if you could talk a little about the mood on campus now, and just come back
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from thanksgiving break. a tough time. we could see it on the faces of students here. >> yes. this is obviously a tragic situation, and something that as andy said earlier we prepare for every year. our students, our faculty and staff are all trained because we've seen things like this happen around the country, and the best we could do is be prepared and respond appropriately. i didn't want to say -- i want to say we we were so grateful police were on the scene and injuries were not more severe. >> all right. unfortunately we've lost our connection with ohio state university. i think we've just reconnected. here's the president of ohio state university, michael drake. >> -- regardless of circumstances that we're here for them and we want to do everything we can to help them have a full and complete recovery as quickly as possible. just let them know we care about them as people as well as
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patients. >> what about addressing students, when campus reopens? they'll be safe when they come back? >> we all do what we can to be as safe as we can, protocols in place and all live with fear things like this can happen to us. by being diligent and focusing we believe we can be as safe as possible. again, with our safety personnel and officers, we're pleased this was no more serious than it could have been. >> what about the next steps? >> what do you plan to do about classes? did you cancel classes? >> we cancelled classes today. this was quite disruptive. even though the situation was resolved rapidly, we wanted to give police a chance to begin their investigation and held people in place until we felt the campus was entirely safe and secure. police said that was the case and now have disrupted the schedule half a day. emotionally frightening, so we wanted to say this is a good day to take a step back from classes. sort of get other footing and then open again tomorrow.
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>> can somebody speak to the announcement to run, hide, fight, was that a normal alert? >> we have a protocol we rehearse what one should do when you engage an active shooter. i heard there were shots heard on campus and the protocol would be put in place, do as much as possible to protect people. to not edge gauge, find a place to be safer and hide in place why professionals arrive to neutralize the situation. the first thing, first order of the business then to make the campus safer and secure, and that happened as you heard within minutes. then we investigated and have information letting people know it's safe to resume normal or most normal activities and allows that to go, that information to be shared. we do that through text messaging. it spreads rapidly throughout the campus. >> can you repeat your nyp? sorry. >> michael drake. >> and run, hide, fight, an
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ongoing training program? so when you see that reference in an alert message, that ring as bell with members of the campus community that have been through the training. >> talk about -- a opportunity hiding. something musting getting through as the medical professionals talked to that. a girl hiding? >> the public safety team has done a lot of training across the community and again why they use those key words in an alert, remeemd folks of their options for any violent intruder, whether someone with a gun or a knife like today. those same principles apply. those are kind of key words we use to remind people of their training. >> and -- >> yes? >> what words did you have to say for the community? >> obviously, this is a city made up of great neighborhoods. we're in one of our greatest neighborhoods. and so we're here to show our support and solidarity. with president draiske and the entire community, lift up our thoughts and prayers to the victims, a senseless tragedy and
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grateful for our first responders that were on the scene and helped to ensure that the situation did not escalate dramatically. i'm here with chief jacobs and chief o'connor. sending a clear message to the university and to the entire community that the city of columbus will devote whatever resources are necessary and work closely with president drake and his team to make sure that everyone feels safe in this neighborhood and throughout our great city. grateful, again, for dr. thomas and dr. regin and they mazing fo -- the amazing folks at the other hospitals treating victims here today and i want everyone in columbus to continue to lift up in our thoughts and prayers of the victims and their families. >> dr. drake, talk to us about -- you know, what will you say to the parents of students here? i have two college-aged students and now how difficult it is being away from them. talk to the parents and families
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of what they can expect and what you're doing to keep their students safe and also talk to their emotional and social needs? >> again, repeating what the mayor said, pleased no one was injured more seriously than they were and we live in an open society, we all know, where these kinds of tramp ragedies a times seems too twreefrequent a basis. we do everything we can to make the campus safe, multiple trainings making the campus safer and are pleased how they work and how people responded to this tragedy today. and we'll continue to work with your students, our faculty and staff, to make this the safest place we can make it and that's our work on a daily basis. i'll say the cooperation we have with the city, with police, with fire, makes our job that much easier, but we live in an unstable world, unfortunately and have to continue to do our best to protects ourselves against these sorts of circumstances. >> can you talk about the tools
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and methods used to try to assist osu police in finding out a motive? >> certainly. every aspect of this investigation will be mulled over. we have federal partners, state partners and local to try to identify any potential motive behind this attack. obviously with the purposeful intense noticed driving on the sidewalk, we're going to look at it from the potential that it was planned with regard to multiple injuries, and -- we will continue to work with all of those agencies to try to determine what was being talked about, whether it was on a device, online, whatever else. we'll continue to look at that. >> can you tell us, what you've seen oh far, looks like it could potentially be a terrorist act? >> we have to consider that it is. that possibility. you know, we had an attack
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earlier this year with a man with a knife causing multiple injuries. so we're always aware that that's the potential, and we're going to continue to look at that. that's why our federal partners are here and helping. >> can you talk about the shooting rumor, the active shooting, initial reports there was a shooter and not someone with a knife? >> well, with the amount of people that were here on campus, it was very chaotic, and i'm proud of the students and the faculty and the staff at osu to do exactly what they needed to do and that was to be, get some place safe. we know that people did not try to be a part of that scene. they tried to get away from it, which is the right thing to do. i'm very, very pleased with the reaction of everybody. we should not ever take for granted the best thing to do is protect yourself. so i do believe that the response was -- appropriate, and -- couldn't have asked for more, i think. >> no indication of a gun right now? >> there's no indication of a
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firearm used by that particular suspect at this point in time, but we haven't searched the vehicle yet. that's to be done. we don't know what we're find inside the vehicle. >> any indication of multiple suspects at all? >> no indication, four sur sure. reports are that are being checked out but we have a lot of witnesses to interview with regard to the assault and we'll find out in anyone else was involved. >> and step us more police presence here on campus and throughout the city? >> that will be up to osu pd to decide about campus. we don't have any information telling us there's a conspiracy going on. >> we understand there were at least two people taken out of the parking garage in hand covers. can you address who they were? hand covers. bystanders? suspects? >> we believe people fled the xeerch and might have gone to their vehicles and, therefore, might have hunkered down when they realized the police were going to search that building. pretty obvious we were going to do a search. until we know what they're
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motives and intentions are we're going to treat them as potential suspects. >> are they still considered potential suspects? >> not that i know of. >> what more can you tell us about the suspect deceased now? >> i don't have enough information to disclose that. >> and someone was hiding and later had come to the hospital. does a that mean there's ten injured in total? or is that person included in the nine? >> included in the nine. >> thank you, doctor. >> yes. >> who's lead investigator? columbus police. >> columbus police investigating the assault and the officer-involved shooting, very -- very, as the chief said, might have heard the pride in his voice we're very fortunate that that officer was on-scene quickly and able to deal with the situation so fast. >> we would like to tell students to, please, contact their loved ones, and the same with factuality and staff.
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they know they're staff but fami -- safe you but family and friends do not. reach out and exact loved ones letting them another they're okay would be of great assistance to us. >> have you been able to reach the victims' families letting them know what happened? >> i believe most of the victims have probably had a chance to do so. would you say so? >> i can't guarantee all have, but most of the victims were awake and talking when they were here and i expect had some kind of contact. >> can any of you speak os to when the roads around campus, specifically 315 will see normal traffic flow? >> opened that up a while ago. >> what about here on campus? >> the only thing holding now is klemp and wood druruff and 19thn that way. lane should be open soon if not already. >> one more question. >> chief, maybe for you, did the officer warn the suss spektr they were about to shoot? any warning? >> as far as i know he engaged
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the suspect and kmoornds were not followed and the officer did what he had to do to stop the threat. >> other than the attacker, was anybody shot? >> no one. >> another update later. thank you very much. there you have the latest. very disturbing information coming in from ohio state university. nine people were injured. one critical. the suspect driving a car up on a sidewalk simply ramming into people. the suspect took out a butcher's knife and started slashing individuals. that suspect was shot and killed by a local law enforcement official. we want to welcome viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting. new information, i want to bring in our panel of experts. our cnn producer, digging into this. joining us. art roderick, cnn law enforcement analyst and former assistant director for the marshals office and director tom
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fuentes and deborah feyerick, covering this from new york. you're getting information, we heard local police at this news conference say this was done on purpose. someone deliberately took a vehicle, drove up to a crowded sidewalk, started ramming into people. the vehicle then stopped. the individual gout out with a butcher's knife, it's been described and started slashing people. this was done on purpose. we have to consider the local law enforcement authorities saying this could have been a terrorist act. what are you hearing? >> wolf, i can certainly tell you the fbi and other law enforcement people are right now treating it as if it was a terrorist attack. absent other information, absent any other indications. certainly the way in which this attack was done, the vehicle used to strike pedestrians, people on the sidewalk, and then the attacker coming out of the car with a knife, all are indicators some kind of a terrorist attack. whether iies-inspired or inspired by another group, that's something that needs to be figured out.
10:16 am
they have not ruled that it is a terrorist attack, have not ruled that out as well rc, and certai there are a lot of indicators saying this is likely going to become a terrorist attack and they've identified the man they believe is the attacker. have not shiared his name with me. sources i talked to said they're not going through phones and trying to figure out perhaps who was he communicating with? and they believe he is from the area right now. >> from the ohio area. >> the ohio area. not exactly where specifically but certainly within that area. and certainly it's raising a lot of concerns. we haven't had this kind of attack in quite a while, and the fbi will likely wind up taking the lead on this, if this is a terrorist attack. >> if it is, because there is a history of terrorists elsewhere around the world. taking a vehicle, ramming into a crowd, and then using a knife, if you will, to start killing individuals. whether in israel or elsewhere in the region. there's a long history of that
10:17 am
isis, protect it, al qaeda and arabian peninsula, if you don't have a gun, get a knife. you don't have a knife, use a car. you're familiar with all of this? >> yes. and certainly calls for that the last year, year and a half, two years since these attacks have been going on. so, yes. you know, this sort of isis has been telling followers trying to motivate people, inspire people to get out there, do these kinds of attacks. we don't need a complicated kind of attack where you set bombs. just go out and do whatever you can to sort of attack people. and this right now certainly looks that way. but they're still running down leads and trying to figure out exactly what inspired this guy. >> check in with deborah feyerick. looking into all of this. what are you hearing, deb? >> we're hearing a quick thinking of an officer who mitigated the injuries that could have occurred. we're told campus police chief basically saying really within less than a minute after this attacker drove his car on to the
10:18 am
sidewalk hitting several pedestrians, a police officer did respond, ordered him to, engaged verbal commands allegedly to drop the weapon and when that didn't work he opened fire basically killing the attacker. and it was really that timing, because you had somebody on-scene quickly able to engage the attacker and neutralize the situation. we are told there are nine injured. two underwent surgery. two of them apparently who, four with stab wounds. four who were injured by the vehicle and another woman walked in after it was all over. again, sort of took cover and then went to the hospital, is what we're being told. the columbus police chief says they are working closely, you heard it was said, with the fbi determining who this person is, identify the motive, identify whether he was in contact with anybody and going through all of the electronics to see werthhe there were links, looking at
10:19 am
social media tying him to a terrorist group. all of that is under investigation. you mentioned, wolf, this had all the earmarks some some of the attacks we've seen over the past couple of months. wolf? >> and our senior law enforcement analyst and former fbi director, sounds, gives appearance and local law enforcement suggesting to can haven't a terrorist act done on purpose. >> true, wolf. why they're going to withhold the identity of this person until they get a chance to search his residence, go through his computers, his phones, any social media postings, interview neighbors, friends, colleagues, whoever. to try to determine if this person actually said or posted a motive prior to this. which would indicate possibly whether he's inspired by isis or al qaeda or whether he's, you know, mentally deranged. >> or specifically directed to go ahead and commit an act. they don't know yet. presumably that's why they're not releasing the name of this individual, because they want to get as much information as they
10:20 am
possibly can? >> get to his residence before the media descends on it and neighbors and family go to it. they want a chance for a head start and do much of the investigation before it becomes more public. >> quickly, your thoughts. what we're learning now, because this is clearly very disturbing. >> immediately when this went down you think of all possible options. motive behind this particular shooting, or this stabbing, excuse me. and initially, you know, we had heard about gunshots. now we hear it's a vehicle and a knife, which immediately you have to jump and look at terrorism inspired or directed? >> more we're following now. stand by. getting information on a disturbing breaking news we're following from ohio state university. could have been a terror attack there today. we don't know for sure. local law enforcement saying we have to consider it, consider that it could have been a terrorist act, that was done on purpose. we're watching think and will share more of the breaking news right after this. st wonders...
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back, following breaking news out of ohio state university where an incident occurred potentially -- potentially -- a terrorist incident involving a driver who drove his vehicle up a sidewalk into a crowd at ohio state university. the vehicle then stopped. he emerged from the vehicle with a butcher knife and starting cutting or slashing individuals. we're told ten people injured. one critical. the suspect was found very, very quickly by a local law enforcement official and shot and killed the suspect. we're getting more information. we just heard at a news conference, local law enforcement asking whether this could have been a terrorist act. the official said, "i think that
10:26 am
we have to consider that it is." it was clearly done on purpose, the official added. you're getting more information on this. nine people, i correct that, nine people knew injured, one critical? >> yes. right now what we know is that the suspect, the attacker, the fbi is running his name down. they know who he is, and they believe he's from the area. now they're sort of sorting through his history. there's nothing to indicate he was on anyone's radar before this attack. but certainly they're going back and looking through documents, looking through database to see if he comes up anywhere. a good lead, know who he is and certainly knowing who he is raised concerns for them and now it's a matter speaking to his family and friends and sorting out what motivated him. it appears by now, based on sort of style of this attack, that this should possibly be some kind of terrorist act.
10:27 am
>> an act of terror. >> an act of terror that -- this man did. and so now it's just a question of -- just trying to figure out what motivated him and who, perhaps, was he inspired by somebody? or was he communicating with someone overseas who told him to go ahead and do this? >> or simply some sort of lone wolf, if you will, who may have decided this was a good time to do something like this. tell us why they won't immediately release the name? if they have the name, why wouldn't they -- the suspect obviously is dead, but why wouldn't they want to quickly release the name and identity and let people find out who did this? >> well, they're obviously digging into this background. the last thing they want a the press and public to come around and start, i know that specific individual, i know his mother, family members. trying to keep that part of it clean to dig into family members, associates. think have his vehicle.
10:28 am
sure they're scrubbing his vehicle forensically figuring what's in the car and also get toe social media websites, get the computer out of his apartment, home and scrub that device down and also a cell phone, also he probably had on him at the time he was shot. >> if it is an act of terror, the fbi immediately would take the lead and get assistance of ohio state officials, local law enforcement as well? >> the assistant of everybody. right. they would take the lead as the lead agency to investigate terrorism. a joint effort by all local police and campus police. you have also a campus officer involved shooting which would explain the columbus or -- either columbus or ohio state patrol taking the lead investigating that part of the shooting. what the officer did, an officer did kill somebody. that part of it going. as far as whether or not this turns into a terrorist investigation or at this point considering that, yes. the fbi would work it and everybody would provide
10:29 am
assistance. >> a reminder to viewers of the history using a vehicle to go ahead and kill people. it happened in nice, for example, in france. a vehicle that drove up into that crowd. remind us what some of these terrorist organizations have said online about committing acts of terror with a vehicle and with a knife, a butcher's knife, if you will? >> from the beginning, isis, back in 2014, was putting out, broadcast worldwide, 40,000 tweets a day, messages a day, saying to their followers, if you don't know how to operate a firearm or make an explosive, use a car, run people down. use a knife. use a machete, a hammer, use a hatchet. all -- and we've had those kind of attacks all over the world since that time. one of them -- one of the postings specifically said, in the summertime in washington, d.c., people at restaurants, out on the side waushg, drive up on the sidewalk, run them down. you'll probably kill someone important. we have that threat information
10:30 am
going back now more than two years. >> a very disturbing development if, in fact, as we just heard from officials in columbus, ohio, i think we have to consider that it is a terrorist attack. >> the minute they say something like that, it not only kicks in what's going on there in columbus, but it kicks in nationwide and internationally. i'm sure the joint terrorism task force is pumping out information to all of the other joint terrorism task forces in the country to try and come up with information on this particular individual, whether he is just from the columbus or the ohio area or from outside and came in to commit this crime. >> also indicate which prosecutor's office they used to get search warrants, subpoenas, any other legal process, whether or not going to a district attorney in ohio or another area covering that columbus ohio, area, and pursuing this investigation, could be
10:31 am
worldwide. >> what's critical tom, and art, is that if, in fact, this cyd w individual was acting alone, a terrorist motivation or others involved? what they're going to try to figure out? >> well, they may not be able to figure it out. we know now jihadists are using dark applications that can't be tracked, can't be traceed by law enforcement. fbi director james comey talked about that on many occasions they can't always track what they're saying to each other, or their communications with each other when they use these encrypted dark apps. >> a whole new feature. department of homeland security, secretary of homeland security. >> head of the joint terrorism task all said this worries them the most. these dark apps, if you will. hold on a moment. the president of ohio state university michael drake is joining us right now. joining us on the phone. president drake, thank you so much for joining us, and we're really, really sorry about what happened, but what can you tell us? what's the latest information your authorities are sharing
10:32 am
with you, president drake, about the motive of this individual? >> well, thanks. first we don't really know anything about the motive or the individual, as you've been reporting, 9:53 this morning a vehicle drove across the curb and into pedestrians who were on the sidewalk. so it seems a business purposeful, not hitting people from a crosswalk, literally was driving on to a sidewalk and one of our officers encountered the suspect within a minute. after he drove into the crowe, i should say, got out of the car with a sharp instrument and began to stab or cut at people, and one of our officers immediately arrived on the scene and the suspect failed to respond to commands and he was then shot and deceased on the premises within a minute of this
10:33 am
beginning. we sent out a campus alert then, probably two minutes after that, for people to shelter in place, and other police officers arrived and we're very pleased police officers arrived from the columbus city police from the fbi, from a variety of agencies to come and secure the situation and then to look throughout the campus to make sure there was no other threat. we have nine people who were injured. transported to local area hospitals. i'm actually at one of the hospitals now and in a few minutes will go up and see those people who are here. we're pleased, as terrible as this incident was, as tragic it it was, pleased no life-threatening injurieinjurier than than the assailant, of course, that was killed. so again, polileased we were ab to have first responders there within a minute and our thoughts and prayers go out to those
10:34 am
injured and i'll see some of those later this afternoon, as i said. >> president drake, at the news conference you attended a few minutes ago we heard a question is to one of the local law enforcement authorities saying could this potentially be a terrorist attack? the quote, "i think we have to consider that it is that type of possibility." a man earlier with a man way knife causing multiple injuries. what can you tell us about has? was that on the campus of ohio university as well? >> no. the person speaking, the columbus city police chief and she was speaking about columbus. i know about as much as you do, wolf. we see these things happening in multiple places around the world, and we can't tell exactly about the motivation and other things, and the investigation, until it proceeds further but would not rule out this was done
10:35 am
purposefully or just with a political motivation. those things are things we can't rule out, of course, until we learn more information, and i'll say we have an active -- this was just a few hours ago. there's an active investigation going on at this time. we'll all look forward to getting as many details a as we can and quickly as we can. i will say, like my colleagues on campus around the country do, we do tabletop exercises and prepare drills. we always hope and pray nothing like this will happen but are pleased with our first respond is and students and faculty and staffs well. all did what we wished them to do and were able to have a terrible situation not be any worse because of that effort. >> one final question. i know you have to run, dr. drake. columbus police said this was done on purpose a few times. they haven't released the name, identity of the person shot and killed by local law enforcement.
10:36 am
the have you been told this person's name? told anything about this individual? >> no. i know it's a male. but i don't know anymore about him than that. we really focused on -- once the situation was neutralized, our focus was really on those injured. i'll learn more about those things and i think they'll be an update later this afternoon and police will give more information about who this person is, but the most thing we really are most concerned about was making sure the campus was safer and the condition of those injured. we'll learn more about the investigation as it proceeds. >> was the individual, the suspect, a student at ohio state university? >> you know, i don't know -- i don't know his identity at this time. so that's really -- wolf, hopeful that will come out later this afternoon. so we'll share that with you. >> thank you so much, and good luck over there, dr. michael drake, president of ohio state
10:37 am
university. we'll stay in close touch with you and appreciate it very much. >> thank you very much. we're going to take a quick break. staying on top of the breaking news. potentially a terror attack right at ohio state university. more information, right after this. (sfx: park rides, music and crowd sounds)
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once again, following breaking news out of ohio university. a car drove up to a crowd, drove into a crowd, came oust car stabbing and slashing people. was this an acts of terror? columbus police saying, i think that it is. no information on the suss speshgsuss -- suspect shot and killed by local police. other important political news to we're following here in the united states. trump tower in new york city, right now once again the center of political activity for the trump transition team. you're looking at live pictures from the lobby inside trump
10:42 am
tower. a meeting with david petraeus will take police, a split between mitt romney and rudy giuliani for secretary of state. outside trump tower we have more on today's very important meetings. phil mattingly, what's the latest on the visit later today by general david petraeus? >> reporter: a new interest to the secretary of state race, wolf. we've seen over the last 27 h72 hours or so, not more press than who will become secretary of state? david petraeus, a type of public official any cabinet would want -- any president-elect would want a part of their cabinet, up to a point. track back to when david petraeus was cia director, retired four-star general commanding soldiers in iran, afghanistan, considered somebody with a political future potentially even president of the united states, until he was charged with a misdemeanor for
10:43 am
passing classified information to his biographer, levied a fine and stepped back working for a private equity firm, until now. he has not shown up to trump tower yet but we're told he is very much in the running for secretary of state adding a wild wildward to what is all right a chaotic race. >> and what about mitt romney? being invitesed back for a second round of meetings with the president-elect? >> reporter: exactly right. mitt romney flew into new york and drove into the city to meet with the president-elect. we're not used to seeing this inside a process. all of this is public right now and mostly because of kellyanne conway. a close adviser to the transition team and to the
10:44 am
president-elect making clear she want no part of the 2012 republican nominee, mitt romney. pravtly she's telling the president-elect the same thing but publicly wants everybody to know what she's hearing from trump saturdupporters. others have said the same thing, trump supporters. people point to vice president-elect mike pence who broached this possibility. a back and forth. mitt romney coming to trump tower tomorrow. despite advisers being against his pick as potential secretary of state he is very much still in the running. wolf? >> all right. stand by, phil. staying on top of this story. the president-elect of the united states, donald trump, said to also be irritated with one of his top aides, kellyanne conway's public campaign against mitt romney's potential nomination of secretary of state. we'll follow that, and also following the breaking news out of ohio state university.
10:45 am
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once goen again we're following the breaking news out of columbus, ohio state university, where there may have been a terror attack. an individual driving a vehicle up onto a crowded sidewalk, going after individuals on purpose, according to local law enforcement, then getting out of the vehicle with a butcher's knife, starting to slash individuals. local law enforcement eventually
10:50 am
finding this guy very, very quickly, shooting and killing this individual. his identity has not yet been released. the columbus police chief spoke about the possibility of this being an act of terror. >> i think we have to consider that it is that possibility. you know, we had an attack earlier this year with a man with a knife causing multiple injuries. so, we're always aware that that's the potential. we're going to continue to look at that. that's why our federal partners are here helping. >> the reason they're concerned is isis, other terror groups have said online, social media, you don't have a gun, get a knife. you don't have a knife, get a vehicle. go ahead and kill infidels. that's what isis and other terror groups have said. we're following this very closely. we'll update you as we get other information. the other big story we're following right now in the united states. president-elect trump holding a series of private meetings today as he builds his
10:51 am
cabinet. he's also dealing with a very public battle within his inner circle. some trump aides are split over whether mitt romney or rudy giuliani is a better choice for secretary of state. let's bring in our panel. gloria borger, jeff zeleny and cnn political analyst and "usa today" columnist kirstin powers is with us as well. this is extraordinary, the fight going on publicly between various trump aides over whether or not mitt romney should be considered as a possible secretary of state. >> it seems like a reality tv show, doesn't it, in some way, because the fighting is public. what's surprising to me, i'm trying to report this out right now, is that kellyanne conway, who's been very vocal in her sense that mitt romney was betrayed donald trump and should not be rewarded for that
10:52 am
betrayal with this kind of an appointment. she's also very close to mike pence. and in romney world there's a sense, i know this from romney people, that pence is a natural supporter of mitt romney for that job. they're finding it sprigs she would be out there to verbally and vocally, on television, on twitter, everywhere else. the fight is clearly within the administration is going to be played out in public and behind closed doors. >> he's invited romney for a second round of talks tomorrow at trump tower. >> that surprises a lot of romney people as well. they're not quite sure what to make of this. they think mitt romney has been somewhat disrespected here. some even used the word potentially being humiliated here. now, but mitt romney, you have to view it from his point of
10:53 am
view. he's a public servant. he believes he can do something good here. but i do think the time is running short for the president-elect to make a decision. i don't know how long you can allow this to fester. festering it is, from conservatives and others saying romney is not acceptable. if trump would tap him as secretary of state, he would have a lot of explaining to do to people. this meeting tomorrow, very interesting. >> i don't remember a time we've gone through a transition where we've seen a public fight like this over a presidential secretary of state. >> this would have been like if david axelrod was getting on twitter and arguing over someone president clinton -- >> hillary clinton. >> yeah, that would be a perfect example. it's clear donald trump has moved on but the campaign aides haven't. they're still holding grudges against people that weren't on their side. the question is, what is -- what is donald trump doing here? is he just humiliating mitt
10:54 am
romney? is he playing him like a cat with a mouse or is he serious about this? when you look at the fact he's adding general petraeus into the mix. he's continuing to expand the list of people he's looking at and leaving people out there to twist in the wind. the fact you have kellyanne conway out there, i don't know what to make of it. i really don't. is this somehow that's been sanctioned by trump? usually we know if he's unhappy, he goes on twitter and lets us know. he doesn't seem to be that unhappy although it's been reported he's furious with her. >> the other development, donald trump tweeting over the weekend, in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote. if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally, millions of people who voted -- >> there's no proof for that. that is a falsehood and picked up from websites that are completely unreliable. and if that is, indeed, the
10:55 am
case, that there were millions of people not counted, then the president-elect ought to challenge his own election and say, let's stop this and make sure every vote gets counted because that's what we do in this country. it's kind of head-scratching. >> listen to josh earnest just said about that. >> the president-elect's team for commentary on his tweets, i think what i can say is an objective fact is there's been no evidence produced to substantiate a claim like that. but for a reaction or explanation, i'd refer you to the president-elect's team. >> it certainly is an explosive comment. there is one recount that will be happening in wisconsin later this week. the head of the wisconsin election commission said, we are going to do this at the request
10:56 am
of the green party candidate but he chastised donald trump for talking about elections like this. he said you're talking down elections here. a lot were surprised he said that. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern. in "the situation room." coming, the latest on the attack at ohio state university right after this very quick break.
10:57 am
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here we go, top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we begin with the breaking news of this violent rampage at ohio state university today. this man has plowed through a crowd of young people with his car before then getting out and armed with a butcher's knife, started stabbing anyone in his path. what we know right now is that ten people were injured. one listed in critical condition. and the campus swiftly went into lockdown. >>