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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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indianapolis tomorrow to officially announce a deal with carrier to keep roughly 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. truly a big win for him but what will it mean for other companies in the same boat. plus election day was more than three weeks ago. but an ugly battle is raging in one key state where the republican governor is refusing to concede even though he trails the democratic challenger by thousands of vote. let's get straight to cnn's politics executive editor, mark preston and cnn plit kol come men -- political commentators. give us the rundown. >> the treasury secretary that donald trump would love to see take over. his name is dave mu chin, a partner at goldman sachs, one who helped raise the money for donald trump's presidential campaign and he led the group that bought the sub prime lender
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indymac. he's a hollywood movie producer. wilbur ross, a billionaire investor. made his career of resurrecting dying companies. his company owned the mine in west virginia where 12 miners died. i think we all remember that. and h was a trump supporter through all of the election. but he was a long time democrat. now today rick kus would be the deputy commerce secretary if confirmed by the senate. his family owns the chicago cubs. he initially backed scott walker and supported trump through a super pac. donald trump had some negative things to say about rickets and the family because he didn't like they were spending money against him but clearly now he likes him. >> mark just mentioned wilbur ross and tonight erin burnett
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spoke with wilbur ross about the administration's priorities. here it is. >> and you now are a key part of trump's point on trade, right? he says he's going to redo america's trade deals. what is the first thing you're going to do on day one? is it nafta renegotiation? what is it? >> we're working out the fine details. and a ha nafta is a good starting point. >> so trump rallied against nafta at nearly every rally. will roll back nafta help bring jobs back to the u.s.? >> the most studies that have looked at and a hanafta saying small net plus in terms of loss of jobs, other jobs have been gained. it didn't sound like wilbur ross was a huge enthusiastic backer of ripping up that trade
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agreement. he did not sound like donald trump when talking about it. he said he would take a look at it. like a lot of the clear promises on the campaign trail, there is a period in the presidential transition where some of the rougher edges are getting sanded off and as a republican party that was really at odds with donald trump and a lot of the big issues, i think what he's finding is most -- it's hard to find nationalists, pop you list republicans trump is one of the few in the party that believes what he believes. and i think a lot of these people come in are not totally in sync with him on the big issues like trade. >> kevin madden, to you now. i want to talk about this secretary of state job. still don't have -- we still haven't seen the pick for secretary of state, newt gingrich ridiculed mitt romney listen to this.
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>> a seen in "pretty woman" where richard gere goes up to the salesman on rodeo drive saying we need a little sucking up here. you have never in your career seen a serious adult who's wealthy, independent, has been a presidential nominee suck up at the rate that mitt romney is sucking up. i'm confident that he thinks now donald trump is one of his closest friends, they have so many things in common, that they're both wise people and that i'm sure last night at an elegant three-star restaurant in new york that mitt was fully at home, happy to share his enthusia enthusiasm. >> i think we agree that was a little bit shady, that was some heavy shade. you know mitt romney very well. >> right.
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>> what is he thinking? what's the political and personal calculous he's making? >> i don't think he's making a police calculation here. he's never going to be on the ballot again. i think personally mitt romney would probably, you know, be better off personally, you know, enjoying retirement with his wife and his kids and his grandkids. i think he's in this conversation because he's given by a sense of duty and a sense that he can contribute to apresident-elect who i think has sought out and values some of the insights and expertise he may have on national security and foreign policy. when there's criticism from folks inside the trump inner circle, i think he accepts it, to tell you the truth. he's somebody who has gone through many campaigns, whether it's been presidential campaigns or as governor of massachusetts, and he's never really worried about the criticism. i think he's always focused on
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what can i do to contribute, what can i do to help move the ball forward on palolicy, if the are other elected officials i can help, where can i do that. newt gingrich in the 2012 campaign when governor romney was the republican nominee was very helpful with romney. sought out the campaign and offered a lot of advice that was welcomed and very valued within the campaign. and he spoke very highly of mitt romney then. that's the newt gingrich i choose to remember. >> i know acouple of people who know mitt romney personally. everyone says he's a decent nice man and i think everyone gets that. i don't think he gets that -- his ego is not a problem. >> he doesn't need an ego that has to be soothed. fund lamentally he cares about what his family and friends think about him. he's driven by his sense of duty. he was sought out for his insights on national foreign
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policy and as a result has been considered for secretary of state. if it gets it, he would be glad to serve. >> we're getting new information about the director of national intelligence. what are you hearing? >> our own jim acosta reporting there are three people under consideration to head d nirks i, the director of the national intelligence agency, former senator dan cotes, and the former homeland security adviser fred townsend from the bush administration. so as we're talking about now donald trump putting together his cabinet, last night we reported at this hour, don, you know that the leading contender right now to take over the homeland security department is a former general by the name of john kelly. so donald trump, as we're focusing so much on secretary of state job was it's so important, there are these other agencies right now that the trump
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campaign is moving forward on. >> did you want to say something before i go on? >> i was going to say that the dni job is very interesting because there are some republicans who don't like the dni setup at all open want to get rid of it. it will be interesting to see who he picks for that job and if they have a his there of favoring the bureaucracy of the dni or not. >> i want to read this from foreign leaders without state department preefg. they haven't made the readouts public but they released the notes from their call tonight and donald trump released a statement a short time ago. president-elect trump said you're a terrific guy, doing amazing work which is visible in eery way. i'm looking forward to seeing you soon. pakistanis are one of the most intelligent people. i'm really and willing to play any role you want me to play to find solutions to an outstanding problem.
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it will be an honor. feel free to call me before the 20th of january, that is before i assume my office. >> certainly sounds like trump. >> every word of a conversation with a leader of pakistan is scrutinized. is there a danger in this kind of nonchalant call? >> there's a huge danger here. the balance between pakistan and india is extremely delicate and both countries look for absolutely any sign to see whether the president or the incoming president is favoring one country over another. and so you have to be really careful in what you tell the leaders of these two countries, especially when it's going to be publicly released. and look, i don't think we have that much visibility into what kind of briefings if any trump is getting. but yeah, that's one of the most delicate relationships in the world. and you know, you could very easily make a mistake. and in the indian and pakistani
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press, this is a big story right now, what trump said to the pakistanis and the indians read that and if he said something that they interrupt as leaning more towards pakistan than india, that has big big g geopolitical ramifications. trump is learning this, the power of the president-elect's words. in the campaign it's like a garden hose. when you're president, it's like a fire hose. you're making policy on the spot. >> thank you, ryan. we haven't seen you in a while. >> just past my bedtime. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. election battle still raging tonight and it's not hillary clinton versus donald trump. the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give your loved ones ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can tell them where they came from
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the election battle that is raging tonight has nothing to do with donald trump and hillary clint clinton. it's in north carolina where the state's republican governor is refusing to concede to his democrat challenger roy cooper. the state board of elections ordering a machine recount where cooper received the majority of the votes. susan malveaux has more. >> reporter: in north carolina income an ugly battle rages on three weeks after donald trump easily beat hillary clinton. republican governor pat mccory is attempting to hold on to power. on election night his democratic
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opponent state attorney general roy cooper was nearly 5,000 votes ahead, one tenth of one percent. the race was declared too close to call. election precincts, given days to count the provisional and absentee ball lots. but then mccory's campaign filed challenges in 50 counties or half the state alleging ball lots had been cast by dead people, felons and double voters. some of the claims have been dismissed due to a lack f evidence. monday the state board of elections reported cooper's lead had grown to 9,800 votes. democrats implored the governor to give up the fight. >> be the bigger man here and realize you can't keep trying to delay the inevitable but that you lost and you have to move on. >> state election officials issued a directive, challenges to a voter's eligibility filed
8:16 pm
after election day must be thrown out, a devastating blow to the mccory campaign. now the state republicans are focusing on durham county. >> the process has to be gone through whether there's a likelihood of a change in the outcome or not. >> voting rights group say there has been little evidence of voter fraud, there have been plenty regarding voter suppression. early polling stiets and voting hours were dramatically reduced in the black communities. the naacp accused three counties of illegal voter purges. and a federal judge agreed ordering to restore names to voter roles. >> we pledge to fight with every
8:17 pm
legal and moral tool we have. >> reporter: a federal judge extended a tlien for yet another legal challenge, this one by a conservative group taking issue with same day voter registrations. it was supposed to happen on friday but it's been pushed back to december 8. >> i want to bring in executive director of the north carolina republican farty. good evening to you. let's start with the governor's race. governor mckrorry, there's going to be a recount in durham county. do you think this is going to change the outcome many. >> i don't know the answer to that. what i do believe it will change, it will give people confidence in the outcome. don, we believe that we have a duty to the public to make sure that they have confidence in the result. the board of elections found tonight that there were significant voting irregularities in durham.
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they had voting machines crash. they had corrupted data. that was the finding today. we're going to recount durham. suzanne is a good reporter but she had several inaccuracies in her vote. there's been no voter suppression in north carolina. reoffered more early voting hours and more early voting sites than ever before in north carolina. what happened to democrats, as we defeated hillary clinton and defeated democrats up and down the ballot was that there wasn't a suppression problem but a depression problem that they didn't like their candidate. but there were more early voting opportunities. >> two things. number one, suzanne is an excellent reporter. >> i know her very well. she's a great reporter and that was wrong. >> there have been tons of reports and very well-founded -- >> the north carolina state board of elections will show you we had more early voting hours and sites than ever before,
8:19 pm
despite the rhetoric -- >> dually noted. i think it's more than rhetoric -- >> it's rhetoric if you don't acknowledge that we had more early voting sites and voting hours -- >> that's what you believe the facts to be. >> that's what the state board of elections reports. why don't you fact check me and bring it back. >> okay. well let's stick to the point and then i won't have to bring you back. we'll tis does what we're supposed to be discussing. if we want to talk about that, we'll desooip side to talk about it, and maybe not with you with someone else. >> somebody who can get the facts right. >> let's go on. if you want to be confrontational, then the viewer gets nothing out of it. but if you'd like to have a discussion where we both can discuss things without you going off on a tear i'd like to do that. >> can we agree to do that. >> i want to make sure we have the facts right. >> you didn't answer my question. are you going to answer the question or are you going to sit here -- >> what's the question? >> so here we go. you have dismissed these charges
8:20 pm
that there's voter suppression but we saw in north carolina a large number of african-american voters, early voting sites reduced by 16 in 2012 to just one this year, naacp also had to sue to get people back on the role who were mistakenly purged. you don't think that's voter suppression? >> we had nothing to do with any removal of voters and i believe those people were put back on. we don't believe any legitimate voters should be taken off. >> but you don't agree that's voter suppression? >> i think your facts are not right on that. but we do not favor removing legitimate voters from the rolls. >> you wrote an e-mail in august soon after a federal court struck down north carolina's voter i.d. law that party elections should make party line
8:21 pm
changes limiting hours, keeping polling locations closed on sunday. what was your intent there? >> well, i mean, our party is not necessarily in favor of early voting -- excuse me within on early voting on sunday. i would say that i presume you live in new york and new jersey where there's not one single day of early voting with not one single day of early voting in virginia. we have 17. we allow people to vote earlier by mail for two months and we have ample opportunity. at the same time we have a partisan system and we have a rights to adds vo kate our position, we don't think we ought to vote early on sundays. we think six days a week over 17 days is enough. but we weren't effective in that pause because we ended up voting on sunday. we had record turnout on early voting. more people to vote this year than ever before. >> you don't think people should
8:22 pm
have given the opportunity to vote as many days as possible, as many hours as possible as part of the american process in. >> i guess we could start a vote right now for 2018 or 2020 or 2022. >> that would be interesting because we don't know who the candidates are. >> well but i mean you said they ought to be able to vote as much as they want forever. i'm just answering your question pi. think we have a right to have some limits. but the bottom line is we conducted this election under the rules of the democrats. 17 days of early voting. we had more early voting sites across the state than ever before, and more people voted early. i just don't know what the argument is. it's not our fault a that the democrats couldn't motivate their people to come vote. they should have nominated a better candidate that excited some of their people. >> i don't think anyone with arguing. but anyway, make you have. thank you dallas wood house.
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battles questions over voter suppression. first, your response to what you just heard from dallas woodhouse. he said there's no voter suppression in north carolina. >> very interesting, don. woodhouse is used to saying things like that but the reality is that the federal courts have said that north carolina and the republican party passed the worst voter suppression laws. they were found guilty of passing race based voter suppression laws in gerrymandering the districts that the courts have ordered they redau and have a special election in 2017. they were found guilty of purging voters, african-american voters and forced to put them on the books. he was caught red-handed writing a memo to the board of election that they should put in place rules that reflected the republican values and not the values of the court. we know the facts.
8:28 pm
158 less sites this year in early voting. for instance, one example, greensboro has 16 in 2012, had only one in the first week of early voting and all of the sites from removed from the hbc campuses. the rhettry of brother woodhouse and the facts are two different things. >> what about what he said about wide spread voter fraud? >> that's interesting. what you have is the group that was found guilty of engaging in fraud, in voter suppression now trying to say other people are guilty of fraud. so you have the guilty party trying to blame project the other people. there's been no voter fraud. it's not proven. they've filed a bunch of bogus complaints. canvassing is a normal practice. we support canvassing. the naacp, we support hearing complaints if they're necessary and recounts.
8:29 pm
but they should be done legitimately, not through the bonus clants that is on republican led local boards and state board has thrown out. don, i don't need to make a joke. this is not funny. it's like don lemon suing don lemon. you got the republican body suing the state board of elections that they control. what it is, this is the only state that trumpism didn't sweep everything, governor's race that was held by progressive attorney general and the state supreme court was all -- >> well let's talk about donald trump. because the drengt are of the democracy program told the washington post, they include not filing lawsuits against states where voter suppression is alleged, or trying to push
8:30 pm
legislation through congress. so are you also concerned here about what a trump administration might mean for voting rights? >> keep deeply. as soon as the federal courts ruled that north carolina had participated in the voter suppression, trump came to town and questioned the court's ruling and continued to tell his lie about fraud, and he continued to do that. we're in the worst position protection wise since we've been in 1965. we're back to the 1800. section five is not in force. the congress is set on fixing that ryan and mcconnell and boehner for over three years, they refused to do their duty under the 15th amendment. that means the state legislatures can pass the rules that don't have to be precleared and you can only sue them or
8:31 pm
take them to court after the rules have taken effect and the damage has been done. now we're talking about appointing somebody like jeff sessions who's gotten a zero on the naacp report card and also somebody who tried to sue people and criminalize people who were actually registering people to vote. we're in a very dangerous time when it comes to the protection of a right to vote. we're going to have to be diligent in every way we can. >> what are you doing to fight voter suppression? >> section 2 is still in place. we're going to have to gear up with the lawyers even if we have to sue after the fact. we're going to have to have maybe civil disobedience to drive home how serious the matters are. we're going to have to make sure that we register 30% of the african-american voters in the south, you can fundamentally change the outcome of the elections. we're going to bilz bridges with
8:32 pm
progressive whites and latinos and stay focused. and next year when we have a change, we're going to have to get out the vote to make sure we have an election on who gets into office. >> we were discussing in the last segment mccory refusing to concede and it went from zero to 100 in minus two seconds. what are your thoughts on this governor's race, mckrorry refusing to concede. >> it's close election. ki understand that. and if you're under 10,000 votes, you have a right to recount. we're over 10,000 votes. you don't have the right unless the canvassing go through, just don't file bogus complaints. but once things have been done legally and right you need to concede. if he really wanted to be gof nobo
8:33 pm
governor, he should have focused on health care, public education, raising the minimum age. instead he chose to follow the extremism of others and now he's no longer going to be the governor. and i believe this is going to soon to come to a close. what we're watching is that he will not call a special session and then they'll suspend the rules that try to add two seats the supreme court as a way of trickery. when we come back, donald trump delivers on his promise to keep carrier jobs. we're going to mexico. could another big company be his next deal? diabetes can be a daily struggle,
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president-elect heading to indianapolis tomorrow to formally announce the carrier deal. let's discuss now with our cnn political commentators and contributors. caylee, smug to be here. >> smug to be here always. >> inside joke. >> yes. >> ba carry, donald trump promised to keep carrier jobs
8:38 pm
here and now he's delivered. does he deserve credit? >> i think you have to give him some credit. it would be somewhat rude and dismissive of the 850 families that now get to keep their jox here in the united states. those people who have bills to pay. you have to recognize that. we can get down in the weeds and look at this from a microlevel and look at the fact but for mike pence being the governor of indiana, this wouldn't happen. you can look at it for the fact that this was very very -- it lacked any transparency whatsoever. but i want to look at it from the macro level so we understand how big the job of president is. donald trump literally has to create 5,000 jobs a day for 30 days to equal the number of jobs created by barack obama just last month. donald trump has to create 1,000 jobs a week for the next 30 years to total the amount of jobs that barack obama saved on the auto bailout.
8:39 pm
while we're championing this 850 jobs, ve to keep those families in our hearts and prayers. this is a drop in the bucket. donald trump needs to create policies. >> i want to go to caylee now because critics are saying this sets a bad precedent. that other companies are going to be looking to leave the country. do you agree with that in. >> i don't think so. one of our reporters pointed out there were incentives offered to carrier previously. those incentives were not enough. i think the difference now, we don't know what went into the negotiations. i think the deference is you have a president who is going to have a 15% maximum corporate tax rate which is going to help businesses, encourage them to keep the jobs here, not send them abroad. this is a microaction and there's a huge challenge to create macro action. i think donald trump is the person to do it.
8:40 pm
but bakari is right. i think he'll be surprised. i think he'll do a really good job. >> don, just briefly. i think we know on a larger scale, it's the tax incentive. their parent company gets $5.6 billion because of federal kr s contracts. and now they're at risk of losing the federal contracts. we know why they did what they did. >> and again you brought up a point i tried to engs earlier, mike pence is the governor and this is probably a mike pence deal rather than a donald trump deal. donald trump's name is at the top of the ticket. the agreement in no way diminishes our belief in the benefits of free trade and that the forces of globalization will continue to require -- doesn't that seem to be a stance that is at odd with trump?
8:41 pm
>> i think they can read the temperature in the room. they didn't want to be the first company to poke the bear after donald trump was elected because they not only were a company planning on shipping the jobs to mexico, they were an issue in the campaign. he brought them up repeatedly. we have the guy who is the union president of the local chapter that represented all of those workers that were going to be laid off on the radio station he oubt here in los angeles and these guys were furious. the last thing they wanted to do was end up on donald trump's list right as he's heading into the white house. >> it's more than that, though. you really have to pay attention to the point bacardi made. >> let me get this in. carrier wasn't the only company that trump targeted. he also spoke about the parent company of oreos. listen to this. >> oreos, i don't like oreos
8:42 pm
anymore. they're closing their big plant in chicago. they're moving to mexico. i'll never eat another oreo again. i'm not oreos anymore. but neither is chris. >> the chicago plant isn't closing but it did lose half of its job to the new plant in mexi mexico. could oreos be donald trump's next deal? >> whenford wasn't moving jobs they were creating jobs in mexico. we have a global competitiveness problem with an uneve tax structure. and uneven trade policy. companies don't know what to expect. and unfair labor practices in many countries around the world. that is not going to be a pulley pulpit by bully pulpit solution.
8:43 pm
i do think that tax reform will help the situation. but in the case of united technologies, first of all, they jumped at the chance to cut a deal with this new president. we have no idea what he's promised. that's my brproblem with this. i agree that it's great that 800 families don't have to worry about their jobs. there's several hundred workers down the road that are still threatened. but we don't know what he promised defense contracts. we don't know if he promised other things going forward. i think he owes it to the american people to say what it was that made this deal viable. and if united technologies just didn't want to piss off somebody who was going to control their $5 billion wort of defense contracts. you can't blame them for that. but every company in the country that has jobs here is not going to be in the same situation. thoughtful policies are the only thing that's going to fix it. >> maybe he'll announce that
8:44 pm
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i'm warn you, i'm having a sneezing fit. caylee got to witness it in the studio. hope it doesn't happen on the air. john, let's talk about transition news. trump announced steve mnuchin to lead the treasury department. what message does this send to the blue collar workers who voted for trump? >> i think it reinforces what he was doing on the campaign trial. he ran a campaign on i'm a rich guy, wow should be rich too, i'm going to bring in my rich friends who are great dell cutter, sharks on wall street and they're cutting deals on behalf of the american people. >> i was going to say who's laughing. but it's e everyone except for john and caylee. why are you laughing, baccari? >> my next campaign i'm hiring john phillips for sure. to say the least.
8:49 pm
i think what we see, he's adding more day door to the swamp. to say that donald trump campaigned on his friends goldman action is dishonest. riech people don't like him, a quote that donald trump made. it's amazing. i think edward snowden had a treat saying it with us going to be donald trump versus goldman sachs. it looks as if donald trump is goldman sachs. >> noi don't know about that. >> it's true but there's something more spresk. over the last several years wall street screwed the little guy in 2008 and we saw that, hundreds of thousands of homes foreclosed upon, we had a major crash in the financial markets, thousands and thousands of people lost their jobs and no banker went to jail and people are pissed off
8:50 pm
about that. and donald trump campaigned on that, saying these guys screwed you and these democrats have done nothing to protect you. so what does he do? he puts in as secretary of treasury the >> foreclosed on more people and resold it for a profit so the very people that trump said screwed the little guy, specifically in the campaign, he's now put in. >> i think you're engaging in generalities. not everyone who sat here on wall street did screw over the little guy. >> this guy did. >> were some but not everyone. and just because goldman sachs on your resume not hold ow -- make the left happy to keep all millionaires out of the cabinet but he's choosing the most capable person for the job.
8:51 pm
going to implement vision of lower taxes and so steven mnuchin is going to do that. >> i didn't say because he worked with the goldman sachs. >> before the election that's opposite day. argument flipped before the election? no? that is. >> jft be honest. he attacked hillary clinton for goldman sachs ties in the campaign. admit he did. if he wants to choose him now and come up with reason why but don't revise history and say he didn't say everything he did during at campaign. >> i never said he dpt say. he went after hillary for having ties to big money and revolving access to government. because one person worked at goldman sachs throw out because
8:52 pm
worked at prestigious bank of the world? >> this is not about goldman sachs. >> he profited from that. that's the problem. >> not about goldman sachs or wall street. and not disqualifying to be wealthy and cabinet member but it's about hypocrisy that is donald trump. the con that he pulled on working-class americans. he ran as populist candidate. i don't have rich friends. going to tackle and rein in wall street because it was out of control. talked about little guy and people being out in the street with pitchforks. now all of a sudden surrounds himself with -- >> is that okay, taking him literally. did you really think he didn't have rich friends? >> he didn't try to hide his
8:53 pm
wealth and to say he pulled a con or pulled wool over the eyes of the working class, he just gave a thousand jobs back to the working class. >> not a thousand jobs. >> 800 jobs. >> appointed someone who worked at great bank in cabinet? reaching. >> it's apples and oranges. not talking about what these guys might do because look maybe do great things. but this is saying these folks have a history that is exactly the -- history that donald trump attacked for the last year and a half. >> and it is a thousand jobs. sorry. >> forgive people for being skeptical. >> trump had tooel speak at convention and talked about henry tafets -- spent more time bragging about wealth. not hiding that aspect of the life. we knew he was bringing in
8:54 pm
sharks to go in and -- >> but john to the point of bakari and hilary, didn't he rail against wall street? let's just be honest. and hillary clinton should release transcripts has more ties to wall street and big money than any other candidate. >> and those guys extrude you. >> and now this and billionaire wilbur ross as secretary. list of millionaires and billionaires adding to the cabinet. shouldn't be be honest about that john? >> i remember him saying we have people that negotiate bad deals and he's going to come in and hire the best. captains of industry, bring in people to use those skills to negotiate on behalf of the american people. >> that is is true but doesn't negate the other part.
8:55 pm
>> that was certainly part of it. she did have a cozy relationship with wall street but he ran as outsider. >> isn't vur relationship cozier with wall street if you give speeches than if you appoint someone from wall street and work alongside you? isn't that cozier relationship than going in and giving a speech? >> part of the reason he won is ran as outsider. >> you are good john. >> figure skater. >> let's just stipulate every sij night on this show that the donald trump who is president-elect is a different guy than the donald trump who was running for president. and then maybe the guys who was the donald trump president will be different than this guy. let's just stipulate. >> give -- >> let's stipulate that donald trump who ran as candidate on
8:56 pm
behalf of working-class voters in the rust belt already brought back a thousand jobs for these people a-- >> kailee it's something you to be with you. >> see you back here tomorrow. ♪
8:57 pm
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good evening, thanks for joining us, in exclusive interview tonight, senator elizabeth warren on whether she
9:00 pm
thinks she can work with president-elect donald trump. and how her side lost the election. ahead no word on secretary of state but list down to four. other appointments coming in. jim acosta with the latest. you were in new york city restaurant whis pirg to me on the phone before, you paid your bill and able to leave. what is the latest on the meeting? >> reporter: we did pay our bill for the record. but looked like as picking up forks buried the hatchet at the dinner. it was warm and friendly exchange. and the question now is whether or not this was enough to get mitt romney the job of secretary of state. i talked to a transition source who described the meeting as net positive. if you


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