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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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"the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. even rob gronkowski was surprised at how hard donald trump spiked the football last night. "the lead" starts right now. the whole leader of the free world elect thing? not cramping his style. president-elect donald trump kicking off his victory tour by showing the trump that america elected is probably the trump that will be in the oval office. the deadly fight against
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isis now literally melting the earth, the terrorists on the run torch the oil fields. pipeline protesters in the frozen tundra about to get reinforcements as thousands of veterans are about to join the fight. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." we'll begin with our politics lead. earlier this year asked if he would temper his tone, donald trump promised, i will be so presidential, you won't believe it. he declared, i will be so presidential that you'll call me and say, donald, you have to stop that. he said i will be so presidential that you people will be so board. well, it sure didn't seem that way last night in cincinnati whether you're next commander in chief began his post-election victory lap in what could be described as the i told you so tour. reminding supporters that they accomplished what many thought was unthinkable, shattering
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hillary clinton's blue wall. he blasted his favorite target, of course, reporters, talked about how much fun it was to fight hillary clinton which prompted chance of "lock her up, lock her up." he proverbal yeah spiked the foot and then did an end zone dance. jessica, last night notwithstanding, trump apparently got back down to work today. >> reporter: yeah, he did. holed up once again, horriding the back-to-back meetings, but it was last night when he was in the element sonding more like the candidate we had grown accustomed to. >> back to business at trump power hours after returning to the rousing rallies on the first stop of what trump is calling his thank-you tour. >> we'll make america great again. >> reporter: holding court for hundreds, part on teleprompter, part on the cuff, bombastic
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boastful, all signature trump. >> we won wisconsin and we won michigan, and we won pennsylvania, and that person is doing the math, and that person was saying for months that there's no way that donald trump can break the blue wall, right? we didn't break it. we shattered that sucker. >> reporter: trump lashing out at the media. >> these are very, very dishonest people. >> reporter: boasting about the nine-point ohio win despite no endorsement be john kasich. he called after the election and said congratulation, that was amazing. >> reporter: at a time when many are asking for the -- trump went in the other direction. >> though we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? [ chanting ] >> reporter: while also calling for the country to come together. >> we're going to seek a truly
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inclusive society is where we support each other. >> reporter: rifs resultsing that he'll nominate retired general james mattis as secretary of defense on monday. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have, and it's about time. >> reporter: at least one democrat promising a fight over the waiver necessary for general mattis to take over the top post at the pentagon. kirsten gillibrand releasing this statement --s i will not vote for an exception to this rule mplgts mattis left the marines in to 13, not enough time required to meet t-- mitt continues to stand out as one of the four leading contenders for
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the spot after his tuesday night dinner with trump. the president-elect providing some insight into his relationship with the former massachusetts governor who infamously labeled trump as a fraud. >> he's been very gracious, and don't forget i hit mitt very hard also before the fact, so i understand how it all works. we had dinner the other night, it was great. there was good chemistry. >> reporter: donald trump promising more cabinet announcement next week, presumably starting with general mattis as secretary of defense. as for the so-called thank-you tour, they will continue, three stops scheduled for next week, ten in total, jake. >> jessica schneider, thank you to which. as trump was celebrating his win, i was witnesses firsthand the continued bitterness and resentment, anger and emotion of the top officials who ran those two campaigns.
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trump's campaign's manager kellyanne conway and robby might be sat down with me as heart a varied's institute of politics for the first and maybe only time together, just the two of them. take a license. >> you refer though this as a -- you were just taking issue with somebody that donald trump said and there were other things the so-called fakes news/disinformation. there was a crazy story in which the nypd was supposedly about though throw hillary clinton in jail, on the -- just a bizarre story that interestingly enough general flynn retweeted at one point. how much of a problem was this post-factual election? >> i think it was a huge problem. look, jake, i think there's a lot of things we need to examine. congress has got to investigate what happened with russia here.
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we cannot have foreign aggressors, i would argue, intervening in our elections. we know the russians were promise you will gaiting fake news, and -- this is with you all due respect to kelley anne and her colleagues, this isn't personal, but steve bannon ran breitbart news who was notorious for peddling a lot of stories on that website, they're just false, just not true, and reinforced sexist, racist, anti-semitic notions in people. you know, headlines that just makes your -- that, you know, are shocking and insulting, and shouldn't be part of our public discourse. >> kelly anne? >> i think the biggest fake news was that donald trump couldn't win. there's that, and that was peddles probably for weeks and months before the campaign. if you look at major newspapers and major cable stations, networks, jake, it's
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unmistakable. >> i never said he couldn't win. >> i didn't say you. i'm saying particularly print stories. we have colleagues who we all respect, who represent outlets, literally if you go back and full the whole front page -- >> there's a lot of dewy defeats trumans out there. >> it's based on things that just have no truth. she's got no money, more personnel, she can't possibly lose, and then of course the growing, which -- the persist president chronic that i'm not going to repeat, but essentially donald trump takes the wings off of butter flies. america said there's a difference between what may offend me and what absolutely affects me, as avoter am going that way. >>. and you can see much more of meyer exclusive discussion with both donald trump and hillary clinton's campaign managers on "state of the union"
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welcome back. in our latest installment of "conflict of interest watch" when we look at the vast array of potential conflicts if president-elect trump doesn't wall himself off from the sprawling business empire. for instance, he may have to figure out just what to do with his brand-new property just a few blocks away on pennsylvania avenue. the trump international hotel which opened in a federally-owned building a couple weeks before election day is becoming the center of a debate that seemed unimaginable three years ago. he signed a 60-year lease with the general services administration, and that lease
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included a term that mr. trump is clearly about to violate. so as cnn's christina aleisuri explains why the new hotel might post an ethical problem and how it might be a deal break es. >> reporter: that's right. lease could turn out to be a disaster for trump. worst-case scenario, the government could terminate -- there's a clause buried that says no elected official of the government shall be admitted to any share or part of this lease. after january 20th, trump is an elected official. that appears to break the lease. the agency overseeing the lease could just tear it up, because trump is technically violating a term he previously agreed to, but according to a government law protestor, trump could sue. here's the thing, even if trump wins the case, the government
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would only have to pay a relatively small fee, and the trump organization would still lose control of the hotel. that's right, the federal government, which donald trump will soon run could seize control of the d.c. hotel owned by president donald trump. the question is -- will it? the general services administration is the federal agency in charge of this contract. come the 20th, donald trump will be able to hire or fire the head of the gsa without senate confirmation. that's not the only thing that ethics experts are raising questions about. there's a provision that allows the trump organization to renegotiate rent increases annually. that would mean the trump children could be negotiating with gsa employees who answer to a boss hand-picked by their father. cristina, thank you. let's bring in mr. painter. thank you so much for joining
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me. the president-elect says he's about to hand over his business toss his children while signing legal documents he says will separate him from his business empire, but you say that's not good enough. why not? he has to part with oral businesses, not just hand manage over to his children. if he gives the businesses to his children there would be gift taste issues, i don't think he wants to pay a lot of taxes. he needs to come many with a solution here. you and this issue with the general services administration, that's only one of them. there are many, many different problems that he's going to confront if he does not dispose of the ownership interest. we offensely don't know a lot, but in terms of this hot,
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what do you they he should do to avoid breeches this lease? >> it's a nice location, a nights buildings. that's not the only problem with that hotel. there a people cannot take payments from foreign government. the founders didn't want it. he can't september money from foreign governments. that's going to be very different if he's running that hotel. or he owns that hotel. we'll have to keep all foreign money out of there. and this is a constitutional
1:18 pm
issue, which i think the electoral collection might have to take into before they vote if he's taking money from foreign government. he's going to need to take steps quickly to deal with this. >> are you suggesting that electors before they convenes and officially make president-elect trump president trump should maybe consider whether or not his refusal in any serious way to wall off any conflicts of interest should recuse him from the presidency? only the constitutional issues rise to that level, and that is the clause of the constitution, the money coming in from foreign governments. that prohibited. we certainly heard a lot about birth serds, and the same thing, you can't have someone receiving payments from foreign governments become president of
1:19 pm
the united states. that part of it does have to be address very quickly. i think the rest of it, it's critically important, and it all to be worked out with the office of government ethics, which unfortunately is taking a leading role in this. and members of the house and senate to be absolutely sure we have a conflict-free residency. richard painter, we'll have you back to talk more about this. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. the lowest it's been since august 2007, the unemployment rate that donald trump is about to inherit. that's not the hon good news for the economy. stay with us.
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we're back with the money lead. donald trump is lucky when it comes to inheritance. that trend appears to continue. the economy is looking the lowest since august 2007. obviously president-elect obama had a much more troubling inbox when he first sat at that resolute desk in the oval office. let's bring in alison kosik. trump will be the beneficiary of a number of stronger economic indicators. >> he certainly will. america is getting close to what is considered full employment.
1:25 pm
auto maker are says it could be a report year for sales. up 7.3% last month, so it looks like consumers are spender more. read estate surpassed their peak in 2006 before the financial crisis. so you're see housing prices up nationwide. finally there's the strongest overall growth in more than two years. gdp for the third quarter grew 3.2%. it is a remarkable run of economic data for one week. it certainly is an interesting comparison so what president obama walked into. when he was elected, you saw the unemployment rate at 6.8%, and there wasn't a gain of jobs, but a loss of 769,000 jobs. as you can see the losses continued for months and months. jake? >> as you know, i'm always a buzzkill, because there is the
1:26 pm
deeper dive, the u-6, people who left the job market. how many of those people are reflected in this jobs report. what's the real number? >> you look at that number, it felt a bit from 9.5% to 9.3%, but that unemployment number is at 9.3%. that's still considered high. you look at the 4.6 number, you pull back the curtain and see why the unemployment rate that will be the headline fell. part of the reason is people found jobs. the others is people completely dropped out of the labor force. europe as we know it may be about to change. two more countries could be swept up in the same wave of pop ulitch. will we all be waking up to a much different europe on monday? stay with us. 1 when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
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. welcome back. we have breaking news. the jury in the murder trial of south carolina police officers michael slager has told the judge they cannot reach a consensus because of one juror. slager, as you might remember is charged in the death of walter scott an unarmed black motorist who was shot and killed during a traffic stop last year. video shows slager shooting scott in the back five times while he was running away. scott's death sparked days of protests, boris sanchez joins me from downtown it charleston. the judge asked the solicitor to go to the jury and ask them if they're hopelessly deadlocked, so a mistrial has not yet been declared. is that right? >> reporter: that's right. it's unfolded in dramatic fashion. let's go back to about 1:00,
1:32 pm
when a jury sent a note, asking for testimony from fadin santana, the within that took that viral video. only 12 minutes later another note came to the judge saying it is clear that the jurors will not be able to reach a consen s consensus. it was still unclear just why or how they were deadlocked if there was a split in the middle. it turns out, as you said it is just one juror. the just conditioned them to go back in and try it again. they came back a few moments ago says that one juror is essentially the deciding factor. he send a long her to the judge saying he cannot in clear
1:33 pm
conscience convict him. we'll bring you the latest. >> thank you so much, boris sanchez in south carolina. could president-elect donald trump's win cascade across the globe and topple the current world order? atika shubert is live for us in berlin. >> reporter: i mean, these are far right and pop you list parties, some of which have been around for years, but no longer on the fringe. they've become a real political force in many different countries, but particularly in austria and italy, they're hoping for a trump boost to help them at the polls. president-elect donald trump's victory in the u.s. has now put a spotlight on possible political shifts in europe. is europe caught in the same wave? and could it sweep far right and
1:34 pm
nationalist parties into power in europe? while the austrian presidential election will be the first test, here are the candidates. norbert hoffer, a gun-toting refugee-blocking candidate of the far right freedom party. he says immigration needs to be stopped to preserve austria's ethnic culture. his rival is alexander vander belen, a crusading ecologist the the results were annulled over how ballots were handled, so the two are set for another showdown on december 4th, both candidates believe the trump effect will work in their favor. huffer things -- vander belen says the chaotic first days shows exactly what austrians
1:35 pm
don't want. >> translator: no, i don't think so, not so big. >> reporter: now, that may amplify the chances of other far-right candidates facing their own elections last year. marine le pen, and in the netherlands, all looking to crack down on immigration, particularly from muslim countries. all while italy holds a historic constitutional referendum next week. parties across italy's political spectrum have pulled out all the stops, which on the surface may not seem to merit all this sound and fury. italy's ambitious 41 years old prime minister renzi is trying to convince them to modify the constitution, detaining its bloated senate. the chance for real change, renzi told this crowd is a once in a lifetime opportunity. renzi promises a streamlined constitution will be a tonic for
1:36 pm
italy's anemic economy, and mined-boggling bureocracy, but if the latest polls are right, trouble may follow. after brexit and trump, could italy be about to shake the  established order. mateo al tinni is spreading the gospel of no. he takes inspiration from the u.s. president-elect. that is why the world is watching very closely how europeans will vote. now, no matter which way the vote goes, nothing will change overnight. in italy if there's that no vote, renzi is expected to announce his recentition -- resignation within hours. and very symbolic. i realize atika shubert in
1:37 pm
berlin, thank you so much. joining me now. former nigel farage, sir, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> you have called 2016 the year of political revolution, first with brexit and then the election of president-elect trump. mr. trump has cued for an enof what he called the false song of globalism. what do you think globalism is? and why should it end? >> it depends. you're quite right. globalism can be a good thing, the world is becoming a smaller place. all of that is great. one of the reasons i said we should vote for brexit was to get out of an outdated customs unit, which forbade is for making our own deals across the world. the problem is what globalism has become. the european union in a sense is a prototype for what
1:38 pm
hillary clinton and some of the big banks want to see, where individual nation states effectively give up their democratic rights, give up the supremacy of their courts and hand it over to a higher global order, but wants to how meteorology nice, harmonize, make everything the same. it's played into the hands of the multinationals and done nothing for small and medium-sized enterprises. so i believe this. i believe individual nation states can make trade deals, cooperate together, we need to live in a world where we work with each other, but not one where we give away democrat ecrights. >> you talk about bankers and the like. goldman sachs was a boogeyman of donald trump and of bernie sanders for that matter. >> yes. >> on the campaign trail. president-elect trump's nominee is a former goldman sachs executive and there are obviously a number of finan
1:39 pm
financeiers and -- does that concern you? >> no, they employablyian people. no one is doubting that at what i doubt is a political motive. i'm from europe. i mean, greece joined the euro on the basis of a report put together by goldman sachs. when the prime minister of greece was removed a few years ago, who was the new nominee? a former goldman sachs director. they've been allowed through this process to simply have too much power. >> you're not a concern about goldman sachs executive to be a treasury secretary? >> no, i'm not they are incredibly well trained and intellige intelligent. >> does the uk have a bad relationship with the u.s. right now? or more particular to mr. trump? >> firstly, the special relationship during obama's time did splip away.
1:40 pm
i think obama looked towards germany really as being the most important country, and he saw the united kingdom as a political process rather than an independent state. i'm hoping to press the reset button on this relationship. we voted for brexit, so we will be an independent country again, an incoming president who feet positive about it. i'm positive about this relationship. one of the fehr things we can do to prove the anti-globalist movement isn't insular or smile-minded is for the u.s. and the uk to put a trade deal together. >> i do wonder, because both you and your brexit team and mr. -- president-elect trump and a small part of his political base have been criticized for being bigots xenophobes. by no means am i saying that
1:41 pm
everybody who photoed for brexit or donald trump is that way, but there is an element. why do you think they are attracted to the brexit force it is and trump forces. >> if i look at europe as a whole, and the skeptic movement, they manifested themselves on left and right. it is a left-wing party. for example in greece, won the election and right-wing parties north of europe if we take away democratic rights, they will go anywhere they can to try to find a solution. when we debated brexit, we didn't even mention islam or some of the culture material issues we talked about it's sensible to control borders and vet who comes to your country. i would reject utterly and
1:42 pm
totally any allegations of deliberately pandering to extremism. i'm pleased that donald trump did call these people down and say stop it. >> you did talk about immigration and refugees, but that's a respectable thing to do. actually i was told ten years ago oh, nigel, when you go on television don't talk about immigration or border controls. only bad people do this. what we've had to do is shift the sensor of political gravity. we do talk about it. >> nigel farage, appreciate it. toxic flames, isis now leaving its mark by setting oil fields on fire. even as more protester pour into north dakota, construction continues. why they can't stop the construction. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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terrorists igniting a fiery hell, torching oil fields, toxic billowing smoke, this as iraqi-led forces are facing stiff resistance from isis terrorists still holed up in mosul. innocent civilians are breathing in these toxic fumes. firefighters have been battles the flames for three months, but the heat is so intense much of the ground near the wells has reportedly melted. we turn to a humanitarian hell, the crisis in syria violent air strikes continue to till civilians. this week alone activists say more than 600 were killed. after a two-day break, they resumed strikes, putting more syrians, including children, in danger this as the u.n. is once
1:48 pm
again alerting the world about aleppo, where food is running out and medicine has been depleted. fred pleitgen joins me from inside syria and the capital of damascus. fred, in addition to the growing death toll, we're told tens of thousands are displaced, what is the latest? >> reporter: you're absolutely right. more and more people are becoming displaced. every day the big problem is a lot of those places are actual le besieged areas themselves. so basically these people are judd trying to run away from the front lines, but getting deeper into the besigninged territory, and there they are of course prone from getting attacked by the air from the bombing and artillery shells. there certaintily aren't goods for those people to subsist. the united nations set their big problem is they can't run convoys into the besieged areas because of the violence that's going on. also because they don't have any permissions from the syrian
1:49 pm
government, either. they say a lot of the supplies in those areas are drastically running short, one thing, jake, that we can't underestimate is right now it's winter here in syria, very cold, people not getting enough to eat. there's a lot of people who are wounded who have medical conditions as well. that's one of the reasons why the u.n. says that the people right now who are stuck and trapped in these areas in eastern aleppo are among the most vulnerable in the entire world, jake. >> frederick pleitgen in syria, thank you so much. thousands of military veterans preparing to descend on north dakota. that story is next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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we're back with more breaking news in that michael slager trial, the police officers seen on video shooting and killing an un5r78d motorist
1:54 pm
last year. cnn's boris sanchez is in downtown charleston. boris, bottom line -- is there going to be a mistrial? >> reporter: jake, it appears that way. right now the jury is being brought in so the judge can confirm a note they passed along, saying they are hopelessly deadlocked. the defense has already filed asking for a mistrial. it appears they are going to confirm this will in fact be a mistrial. this all started about 1:00 p.m. when the jury requested testimony from faden santana, the witness who filmed the encounter. 12 minutes later they came back with another note say it's clear they will not be able to reach a consensus. the judge sent a note in, we spent a lot of time, it's unclear that we would get a different, and asked them it was their duty to come to a decision. they came back out with three
1:55 pm
different notes. the first one was a letter from a sing the juror saying they could not consideration a guilty verdict in clear conscience, that juror saying the jury may never be unanimous in part because they could not go beyond a reasonable doubt to convict. they also said they should -- after that, the foreman of the jury passed along two more notes to the judge, one of them saying it is just one juror. the 11 others were looking to convict michael slager. one more note after that saying the juror was, quote, having issues, they were apparently undecided. after all of that, the jury ultimately decided they can't not come to a consensus, they are hopefully deadlocked. >> boris sanchez, thanks so much. we'll check back with you. next, an outrageous story in our buried lead.
1:56 pm
nearly 600 veterans may have been infected with hiv or hepatitis, all because a dentist working for the v.a. did not clean his instruments. this happened at a facility in tomah, wisconsin, a representative said one dentist used his tools over and over and over, which of course violates a v.a. rule which orders medical providers to kroo disposable equipment to ensure something exactly like this does not happen. officials are investigating what is potentially a massive case of deadly negligence, calling up each of the potentially impacted patients to make sure that he or she is checked for these diseases. just to give you at home an idea how deadly serious this is, more than 12,000 people died from hiv/aids in 2014. treatment can cost as much as $5,000 a month. hepatitis-c kills more than hiv does, claiming 20,000 lives in
1:57 pm
the u.s. according to cdc. as for the dentist who jeopardized the lives, he's no longer treating patients, we're told, but as of now, he has not been fired. now, let 'turn to the largest campsite to protest the dakota pipeline. it will seen get bigger with veterans expected to arrive. they vow to remain camped out in the snow and cold. protester fear the pipeline could destroy their sacred land and contaminate their water, bur our team is learning that construction continuing protests notwithstanding. sara sidner join me now. the question, of course, can they really stop it? >> reporter: that is the question. that's -- they're hoping to stop it. i want to give you some idea, because i think there's a bit of confusion. if you look behind me that's the largest of the campus out here.
1:58 pm
it is getting more and more populated. we're seeing lots of vehicles with more people coming in, but let me show you what's happens on the other side. i'm going to walk with you a bit. if you can see those lights, those hills in the distance, it looks like some very, very dark colors on the very top of the hill where there's a big bright light. that's where the army corps of engineers is. that's where the people is being built from there under the missouri river, which is just past that. what is happen here, the land here doesn't physically stop the pipeline from going in, but it's the legal battle and the show of how much they have that has stopped this, and also, of course, you have them trying to bring in the obama administration to help stop this as well and now we have a group of veterans expected. i'm going to show video from a few seconds ago.
1:59 pm
there is what they call an action going on. that has involved wesley clark jr., standing with some of the commanders from the army corps of engineers on the other side of that line. he is talking with them. this happens every now and then. he is one of the people they say helped bring in this large group of veterans that are expected over the next few days. i want to joshua tree, is a veteran, a u.s. navy vet serving between '93 and '95 in japan. thank you for your service, initially. can you tell me would you i why you are here? >> it's an honor and pleasure to be here. i felt the call along with part of my community. the best way to support the historic events that are occurring here and opportunity to stand in solidarity with a group of tribal and indigenous people against an oppressive and also certainly standing against the pipeline, but also to come here and stand for a new paradigm to bring wind and solar
2:00 pm
to help support the community here as they prepare for winter. >> there will be many more coming this weekend. >> sara sidner, thank you. this sunday tune into "state of the union" with an exclusive interview. that's it for "the lead." turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now hopelessly deadlocked a single juror says he can't vote to convict the officer who shot walter scott in the back as the rest of the jury asked the judge to remove the holdout. russian influence. sources are telling cnn that the u.s. intelligence is increasingly confident russian hacking was intended to steer the election toward donald trump. now democrats are calling for more information. will the white house reveal what it snows? still campaigning, the president-elect is about to hit the ro,