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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 3, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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also talked about strengthenening the relationship between u.s. and taiwan. now, we understand an adviser to the trump transition steven yates is in taiwan, he helped facilitate the call. he is former adviser to dick cheney, we're told the obama administration was not told of the call until after it happened. and already the chinese are chiming in, speaking to a too with a snee taiwanese leader is something no president or president-elect has done for 40 years because the u.s. has no diplomatic relations with taiwan since 1979, respecting the so-called one china policy. china considers taiwan part of
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its territory. state media calling the exchange an unprecedented break in that policy and that beijing opposes any contact between washington and taipei. so this is sure to cause an initial diplomatic uproar even before trump takes office. but former diplomats note that many incoming republican administrations have sought to elevate taiwan over china. president george w. bush increased arm sales to taiwan. so while there could be some gestures early on to show more respect to taiwan, they don't brief difficult this will predi end to the policy because this is just too important. the office of taiwan's president issued a statement saying this in part that besides having an intimate and relaxed
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conversation shared their views and concepts on future important policy points in particular to promote the domestic economy and strengthen national defense. the president also expressed to president-elect trump the desire that america would support taiwan to have the opportunity to participate in and contribute more in international issues. a lot to talk about here. cnn has team coverage on china's reaction and the possible political fallout from that phone call. eugene scott live with us in new york, but first let's get reaction from beijing and our correspondent there, steven jong. we're hearing a major reaction from china. >> that's right the term shenanigan you mentioned came from the foreign minister early on saturday in response to the question over a controversial phone call. he basically placed the blame on
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taiwan for this very sharp breach of diplomatic practice, but now we have heard from his ministry in that more strongly worded statement says china has launched a protest against the trump team. and it says we urge to adhere to the one china policy by the plin handle issues carefully and properly to avoid causing a necessary interference to the overall china u.s. relationship. so that was the latest foreign ministry statement issued just a few minutesing a aing ago her. but still it seems like they are giving the trump team the benefit of the doubt because they are trying to figure out the true meaning of this phone call, was it just a blunder due
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to the trump team's inexperience in foreign policy or was it something more significant signaling a major policy shift by the incoming white house and it made take time to reach a more definitive conclusion. >> i want to read two tweets. we're hearing this newest response that you pointed out from china, but i want to read these responses from donald trump over twitter. the first is a tweet where he says the president of taiwan called me today to congratulate -- wish me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you, he says. then in another tweet, he says interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars in military equipment but shy not accept the congratulatory call. in that second tweet, it does seem that donald trump is somehow suggesting that there should be more communication between the united states and taiwan. so you point out the question china trying to understand if
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this is a shift in policy. >> that's right. but also taiwan is a so-called red line that china simply does not want any government to cross without bearing consequences. this is their core interest. that's why they have been very insistentoff t over the past fo decades that no official contact be maintained. an mr. trump has crossed that line. that's why many for policy experts have warned of potential consequences saying it was a risky and reckless move. but these tweets that you just read that put the chinese government in a sort of delicate situation, as well, because it's a steep learning curve for dem them as well trying to learn thousand deal with a u.s. president-elect who likes to conduct foreign policy or diplomacy on twitter. so it is a new territory for them, that's why they are trying to walk a very fine line here,
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make their displeasure dissatisfaction known without turning the whole very important relationship into chaos. >> so china really giving two responses, one that seems measured and the other more specific as the statement says to the relevant side. thank you so much. stay with us. i want to bring in now eugene scott. the question, is this shift in policy or was this a blunder? that's the question that many world leaders specifically china are trying to figure out. >> well, i certainly think it could signal a shift in policy, an adviser on the trump transition for china said that trump would like warmer relationship with taiwan. he doesn't believe that that has to compromise the country's relationship with china. and so we could see some movement in that direction. but i think that we also saw trump become a bit defensive on twitter which is where he
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conducts a lot of his policy ideas regarding the trade policy between the u.s. and taiwan when it comes to military spending. and so there could be some change. we don't know yet. >> president after president after president before donald trump, they have all followed this protocol where they work with the state department, where they follow the briefings that they have been given to explain the many relationships the united states has with the many different countries around the world. there was a conversation between anderson cooper and kellyanne conway who is with the trump team about whether donald trump is taking advantage of the resources of decades of knowledge with the u.s. government and these other countries, or whether donald trump is as the statement has been made, whether he was winging it. >> i can't discuss anything beyond what was publicly said and i won't do that.
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this is the president-elect, this is his administration, he will be commander of the chief and president of the united states imminently. and he either there it is close or not disclose the full departments of that conversation. but he's well aware of what u.s. policy has been. >> there have been questions when the briefing materials that the president-elect has used in phone calls with world leaders, whether he's used state department briefing booklets and information and the expertise of people in the state department that has been available to him. can you confirm if he did consult that before this phone call? >> i can confirm that he has access to those materials and he has access to daily briefings and other information that comes to him from official government agencies. >> does he use it? >> of course he uses it. he reads everything. he's the busiest guy on the planet. has been for a while now. but the president-elect is fully engaged, just powers the time
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in. he and vice president elect pence have talked to about 45 or 50 leaders now or met them, he's talked to probably 80 people or so as advisers, folks offering their counsel, their experiences, their vision, whether or not they end up being an official part of his administration aside, just people want to offer their expertise as captains of industry or folks who have been opinion leaders or people who have beening aing aing a activ government and policy making. and he takes information that is provided to him, he avails himself of any number of different information. sources including those that come from the state department and including those that come from intelligence briefings. >> so eugene, i wanted to use the longer version of that sound bite just to show that this is kellyanne conway who spends a great deal of team with president-elect trump saying that donald trump does use this information, saying that donald trump is fully aware of the tell
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cat relationship here when it comes to cross state relations. so what would world leaders be left to make of this is the question now. >> well, world leaders would be left to make an cd conclude tha donald trump is far more knowledgeable about international affairs than some have suggested, but that statement seems to contradict information that has been pretty public regarding how often donald trump reads security briefings from a national security adviser. there have been reports that while they have been made available daily, he's only read two. to her point, though, he probably is definitely in communication with people who are far more knowledgeable on these issues. so whether he was winging it or not might be uncharitable to say, but it definitely is a very
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sensitive situation to engage his interaction with the president of taiwan and seems to be a continuation of some concerns that we've seen raised earlier this week regarding his interaction with world leaders from countries that the u.s. does not have the best relationship with as of now including pakistan and the philippines. >> this was certainly a surprise move that again many world leaders are scratching their heads organization but again we'll see how it plays out. eugene scott live for us in new york and steven jong in beijing. thank you so much, gentlemen, for the reporting. donald trump also spoke with another asian leader on friday. this time it was the president of the philippines, duterte. duterte has been you called the trump of the east and he has threatened to suffer ties with the united states. but after the call with trump, mr. duterte said this.
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saying trump says he's doing it the right way, keeping in mind that duterte has been criticized for extra judicial killings. human rights watch has called the war on drugs abusive and has resulted in the deaths of 5,000 filipinos since july. this is "cnn newsroom.newsr" still ahead, days after the crash of the charter flight in colombia, the victims on one last journey back home to brazil. we take you there next. plus, austria and italy are having crucial votes this weekend and the results could bring in a new political reality across europe. stay with us. , i got this. just gotta get the check.
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of friends, families and fans will bid their final farewells. don riddell is live this hour in chapeco. if you could give us a sense of the atmosphere there. >> reporter: well, the atmosphere is quite extraordinary frankly as it has been here all week. you can hear the chanting and the clapping and it sounds as though the fans are celebrating as they normally would be with this team. at this point we are awaiting the bodies to return. those three military transport planes haven't actually landed in chapeco yet. when they do, it will take several hours to bring what we have understood at some point to be around 50 caskets here to the stadium. it could actually be more than that. and they will be laid out at this end of the stadium under this canopy here.
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and it's just impossible to imagine what this scene is going to be like and the grief that this town and this club is experiencing. i mean this is a town of just 200,000 people. it's very small. there is only one shopping mall here. so it means that everybody knew this football team, everybody knew the players. they were massive celebrities here. this football club is the heart and soul of this town, chapeco. and it has just ripped the heart right out of it this week. it has been very emotional here all week. and i think today is going to be incredibly difficult. i think i used the word extraordinary. i would say unprecedented. i can't remember a time we've seen anything like this. and you can probably tell that it's raining. it's absolutely pouring here. most of this unstadium is uncovered, and they will get soaked here because they will be here for hours and hours before the ceremony enbeg begineven be. we asked them yesterday when we heard it was going to rain and
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one of the trainers said it's god's will. everybody knew that chapecoense played better in the rain. >> don, i hear the chanting behind you. as you give us a sense of the mood there. but the energy, energy in that crowd, the people there, this is very personal for people. >> it is very personal. you know, a lot of football clubs these days are very commercial ized and a big corporate entity. that is not the case here. it is no exaggeration to say that the fans and players felt very close to each other. we've spoken to some of the players who weren't on the plane and they said exactly that, they knew they were signing for a good team, but what they had no idea about was this special relationship, this special bond. and i think that that's -- it's so tragic and awful anyway, but i think that's one of the reason hes that makes this really,
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really hurt. these people really feel as though they have lost their friends, their loved ones. certainly their heros. and of course it's just impossible to know where this team goes from here of all the people that died in colombia, a 18 were players, six were coaches and managers, five medical staff and physiotherapists, and eight directors. it's pretty p most much most of club. and those who remain here, they just spent this week trying to coordinate and putting on this ceremony. but of course within the next few days, they will have to figure out how they can continue, how this club can survive and recover. and the town clearly wants it. i think that's one of the reasons why you can hear these fans, they're so emotional and so passionate, they do not want this football club to die. and i suspect that they will drive this recovery almost through shear force of will.
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>> indeed. you can get a sense just from this live report, i mean i hear the words you're saying, but again, that energy behind you, you do understand that this means a great deal to the people who are staying there through the rain to wait for this to happen, this ceremony. don riddell live in chapeco, thank you so much and we'll stay in touch with you. moving now to europe and two separate votes on sunday that could bring a new political reality across. that is one that is more populist and leans more to the right. people in italy will vote in a constitutional referendum. made d matteo renzi says he will quit if the proposed reforms are rejected. and in austria, voters there could elect the man you see here. he would be the first far right head of state in western europe since the end of world war ii. let's talk more about the
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political ramifications of the votes. nic robertson now joining us live. so we have seen these shifts, we saw a shift that happened in the united kingdom with brexit. there was a shift that happened in the united states with the vote for president-elect donald trump. and now we're seeing things happen in europe that could indicate a similar shift. >> and i think if you look at matteo renzi's campaign in italy to try to get the country to accept political reforms that are only linked to italy, that are not linked to its position in europe, that are trying to sort of improve the economy of italy, this perhaps gives us a very big clue for why this is happening this particular time. since the economic crash of 2008, a lot of people have felt that the economy has been hurting, there has been stagnation in italy, really economically for about 30 years
2:24 am
now. these political reforms are needed renzi says to help address this issue and a lot of economists would certainly agree with him. so you have this underlying not full recovery from the 2008 economic crash and then you have in the past couple of years waves of migrants coming into europe from syria predominantly, but from across the mediterranean, from north africa into i thely. so when we hear matteo renzi campaigning to try to, you know, win support for this, one of the things that he said that is quite significant is that he would turn down the european union's budget for next year because he would demand that there would be more money for italy to help it out economically. so with the migrants. so you get a sense here that these are the key issues, the economy and the migrants. and this is what we're seeing replicated in usauus austria, a
2:25 am
with hofe represenr, playing one of the migrants coming into the country and the populist campaigns that hofer is in the front of and what renzi faces in italy, a populist movement that the leadership, the current leadership is tone deaf to people's concerns and that there is also a turn away from the european union. and that is one of the issues matteo renzi is trying to address, trying to win pack support for his campaign by saying yes, we will fix this problem with the european union. and we heard that in britain this summer. so when you look at the change that may come, it will certainly be one that makes it a much weaker european union and that is before you get the economic fallout that could happen in italy as well and have a direct impact on the european union. >> on that poi point, let's tal about the situation in austria
2:26 am
and norbert whoevhofer, the firr right candidate who favors warmer relations with russia. and i'd like to get a sense from on you his position with the eu. >> his position on the eu is not in favor of the eu. he is opposed to immigrants coming into the country. he is opposed to the free flow of people across european borders. austria is a country of about 8 million people, again the economy has been hurting there, that is an underlying factor. last year 2015 they accepted 90,000 asylum applications, close to a million refugees and migrants pass through austria on their way to other parts of europe. so norbert hofer has a nationalist message to sell and one that would certainly call
2:27 am
into question austria's position in the european union. >> nic robertson live for us in london with insight and perspective. thank you so much and we'll stay in touch with on you this. still ahead here, in south korea, an impeachment process is set to begin friday to remove that nation's president. but hundreds of thousands of protesters are in seoul and they have another idea. cnn is live from atlanta broadcasting across the united states and around the world this hour. ...into jewelry. jewelry that tells her she's the best thing that's ever happened to you. in a way... ...that goes beyond words. it could be a piece jewelry designers created just for jared. or a piece we custom made... ...just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. we are jewelers. the one, unique gift... ...that tells her exactly how you feel. that's why he went to jared.
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here in the united states and around the world. it is good to have you with us. i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you this hour. victims of monday's plane crash in colombia are making their final journey back home to brazil. 71 people killed, many of them football players for the chapecoense club. their coffins will be taken to the team's home sftadium in the town of chapeco. a new party could be running things in iceland. the leader of the pirate party seen here will likely become the next prime minister. she's been authorized by the country's president to reform and -- to form rather a new government. in gambia, people are celebrating their first new president in 22 years. the long time leader was defeated by the challenger in a shock upset. it is the first upset in fw ses
2:32 am
since 1994. china is responding to donald trump's controversial phone call with it taiwan saying that the island pulled a shenanigan. taiwan's president called trump and trump broke protocol. the united states acknowledged china's rule over taiwan in 1979 and has not had official contact since that year. donald trump tweeted the following -- interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call. the office of taiwan's president issued a statement saying she and trump had a ten minute relaxed and intimate conversation. that conversation, though, could have global impact. to talk more about this, we bring in now jillian wong from the associated press in beijing
2:33 am
live via skype with us. first of all, let's talk about whether this could be a shift in policy or whether it's a blunder and the implications if it is indeed a shift. >> it's actually the number one question on many people's minds right now. i think china probably hoped this was something of a plunder rather than signaling an actual shift in policy. but, you know, it's definitely raising concerns. one of the most well-known international relations scholars in beijing -- >> i apologize, we're going to have to come back to you. we're having an audio issue. i just want to make sure that we hear you very clearly. so our teams will chat with you and we'll hopefully bring you
2:34 am
back in. but thank you so much. in allepo, they say they have a new alliance to take on regime forces. it appears to be a last ditch effort though aimed at repelling and crushing government assaults. fred pleitgen has more from damascus. >> reporter: another day, more violence in allepo. the youngest suffering the most. this video from the syrian civil defense showing rescuers saving a child after a suspected air strike. the fighting claiming at least 45 lives on wednesday alone according to monitoring groups. over 30,000 people, mostly children, have been displaced since government forces launched a large scale offensive making sweeping gains in the east of allepo the u.n. says. in rome, efforts continue to try it on broker some sort of truce and delivery of humanitarian aid to the besieged areas.
2:35 am
u.s. secretary of state john kerry meeting russia's foreign minister lavrov. >> if the humanitarian situation would be dealt with more feskt effectively and if indeed we could create a framework for the passage of people out of allepo so that allepo stifl might be ab relieved from this agony that could open up the space to perhaps be able to start some kind of conversation in geneva. >> reporter: even as its air force pounds rebel positions, russia says it's still committed to a political solution in syria. >> translator: there is no military solution to the syrian conflict. we supported this position within the framework of the international syria support group. unfortunately, not all of its members were ready to support this common position, that there is no military solution.
2:36 am
but i am sure it is absolutely clear anyway even without formal acceptance of this point of view. >> reporter: in a desperate effort to fend off syrian government troops, rebel factions in the besiegeded areas of allepo have announced a new alliance named the army of allepo, but their fight remains desperate in the face of an offensive that has already cost the opposition much of the territory they have held for years. fred pleitgen, cnn, damascus. video shows a police officer fatally shoot thing a man in the back as he ran away and now that former police officer is on trial for murder. but can jurors reach a verdict? mplus how a ten test identi united states may have exposed hundreds of patients to a deadly disease. stay with us. there's no one else in the world like you, so i wanted you to have the ring to match. at jared, we only sell one piece of jewelry...
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welcome back. friday was a day of tears and remembrance in san bernardino, california. crowds gathered to mark the first anniversary of the mass shooting at the inland regional center, that is where 14 people were killed at a holiday party. attackers were killed in a shoot-out with police. authorities say that the couple had sympathies to isis. here's what one survivor said at a memorial service honoring the victims. >> i want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. and i think i speak on behalf of all of my co-workers and their
2:41 am
families to extend my sincerest appreciation for the community and for everyone's support. thank you. >> a survive of the san bernardino mass shooting speaking there on the anniversary of this tragedy. a dentist in the state of wisconsin is set to face a review board come monday after nearly 600 of his patients have been exposed to hiv or hepatitis. this happened at a veteran affairs medical center. officials say that the dentist reused his own equipment instead of disposable tools. patients are being offered free tests to find out if they are indeed infected and the dentist is no longer seeing patients there. in south carolina, jury deliberations will resume come monday in the murder trial of a former police officer. michael slager is accused of
2:42 am
fatally shooting an unarmed african-american man walter scott during a traffic stop last year. you see this video of that sgint. the video shows slager shooting scat in the back as scott was running away. slager claims that he acted in self against. friday jurors told the judge that they were deadlocked with one of the 12 members saying that he could not vote to conviction slager. don lemon spoke with legal analyst laura coates about the situation. >> this is such a clear cut case of somebody using excessive force that even the local police union refused to pay michael slager's legal fees in this case. most people don't realize that when you have a jury and there is an officer even testifying let alone an officer being the defendant in the case that most prosecutors and defense counsel will require the judge to ask the jurors, listen, will you
2:43 am
give more credibility, more credence to what an officer may testify just because they're an officer than the average person. and you'd be shocked to know how many people indeed say, well, yes. there is an inherent level of trust that we give to officers that has become a sore in the shield. and when we talk about most officers are great that's the preface that we all give. and one bad apple does not ruin the bunch. but we have this case of former officer michael slaiger being that bad apple. what the video yo shshows is no example of somebody who has an immediate threat of lethal force being applied to them. what you have is a man who is 18 feet away when he's actually shot. and yes, i do believe that the justice system is supposed to work in a way that we require unanimity for or jurors because
2:44 am
nothing less would be constitutional. >> after being on the verge of a mistrial, the jury decided to keep deliberating monday. now to the death toll in tennessee. it has risen to 13 people killed after a major wildfire swept through gatlinburg, tennessee earlier this week. to talk more about it, derek van dam is here. and this is a part of the united states that has really been in great need of rain. they're getting it, but will this be enough and will they need more? >> the drought has been ongoing for about four months. they need a solid three to five days of consistent rainfall to really quell the fires that are there. and it looks like that might be on the horizon for us. but i want to bring you some of the images of what has handled in the fwgatlinburg region. the sense of loss is so palable, leading up to christmas, after a busy tourist season.
2:45 am
it's autumn in this part of the world and in this part of smoky mountains is particularly beautiful this time of year. what you're looking at is a hard hit community in gatlinburg. there were also fires this pigeon forge. the city of gatlinburg, that is the exception, that lies literally in the center of the burn area. so i want to show you a google image just to give you a perspective of where the burn area exists. the chimney top 2 fire, that's what it is referenced as, burnt a significant area across central tennessee. in fact nearly 18,000 acres. that is equivalent to 27.9 square miles. we did the math. we compared to a well-known landmark being manhattan in new york. and that is about 22.82 square miles. so the burn area of the chimney top 2 fire was actually more
2:46 am
significant in size compared to that of manhattan. unbelievable. now, what you're looking at is a digital globe satellite perspective, so a bird eye view of kind of the center of town so you could see the burn scars left in its wake. and these are individual homes, these are people's livelihoods that have been just completely decimated thanks to this fire. you can see the before and after images across some of the communities, as well. i talked about a little bit of rain relief coming and that is in store from basically sunday evening into the day on tuesday. so we have a good 24 to 48 hours, even longer, of rain. you can sigh t see the gulf moisture streaming in and that will put a dent into the long standing drought. >> i was on a flight and looking down you could see just fire after fire. it's good that that is gone, but they definitely need that rain.
2:47 am
derek, thank you. now to south korea. even with impeachment proceedings set to begin next week, protesters against president park are not slowing down. you see the large crowds here. hups hundreds of thousands demonstrating demanding as they have for weeks that president park resign immediately. that hasn't satisfied many people there who want her out sooner rather than later. cnn international correspondent simon mosen is following these protests. we've seen these images for weeks on end and these crowds are not letting up. >> they're not letting up, fwornl george. and just as you come to me, they are on the move. it's an incredible scene, they
2:48 am
estimate 1.5 million people marching toward the presidential house where we are sold by a president park spoke sman that she is inside probably watching these pictures unfold as she continues to be embattled by the protesters. as i describe the scene here, you can see the pictures that we have sent in, as well, of people holding these candles aloft. and as they march, and you can probably hear them -- i'll pause a moment -- it's just incredible to see the will of the people as it's playing out on the streets of seoul here. and we can't repeat these adjectives enough, unprecedented, incredible. and all we've heard is repeated chants of step down, step down
2:49 am
immediately. they want her to go, but not on the time line that she proposes or others propose. they want her to go immediately. and it they are frustrated both with the opposition parties as well as her own party. george. >> you point out that these crowds, and we're seeing the voice of the people and the question, will lawmakers uphold the will of the people. there is now a new time line, dare i say deadline, that is being offered by the ruling party for president park to resign. what more can you tell us about that? >> this is nothing short of a thinly veiled ultimatum if i may put it that way. her party has a small group within them that are wanting her to step down, as well, and not continue to damage the party. what they have said is that they are giving her until december 7 at 7:00 p.m., they have given
2:50 am
her a deadline, to set out a time line for resignation. you'll remember when she made that third national adjust three days ago mid week here, that she said that she would leave her fate to parliament and she will resign if they say so. she didn't resign as everyone thought she might. she didn't even give a time line for it. they are saying give a time line or else. what is that or else? on december 9, two days later, there is going to be an impeachment vote in parliament. now crucially will the opposition party needs votes from the other party to make up enough of votes to impeach her. so effectively a thinly veiled threat. george. >> sigh made know sin oig in the middle of it all here by phone.
2:51 am
thank you for the reporting. we'll stay in touch but. but again, you see these images from earlier these large, large crowds that are on the streets of seoul. stay with us.
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welcome back. so for anyone that has house trained a puppy, you know that is this a messy thankless job. but a pit bull in texas has taken his training to a whole new level, as jeanne moos shows us. >> reporter: ever wished your pet would clean up its own mess? meet pablo, a 3 month old pit bull. pablo belongs to a 21-year-old texas rapper. when he went out of town, billy left pablo at a friend's and pablo had an accident on the bathroom floor. this is what his caretaker came home to. a toilet paper covered puddle. billy, whose real name is aceland lahampton says he triedo clean it up.
2:56 am
can't whoop his [ bleep ] with this one. he says he never whoops his butt, that's just an expression. you think he unrolled the toilet paper himself. >> yes only because he's pretty smart. >> reporter: the internet swooned over the ever so clean canine. he apparently had absorbed a lesson watching billy use paper towels to clean up. but he's a star now. >> yeah, he is. girls messaging me trying to match them up with their little puppies, girls talking about hopefully they can meet him one day and stuff like that. and i'm just like -- >> reporter: the overshadowed rapper tweeted pablo about to blow up before me. now the pit bull has his own twitter account. we'll never know if pablo was trying to clean up his puddle or conceal it, but as one commenter noted, i know humans who don't even do that.
2:57 am
jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> how about that. thank you for being with us. i'm george howell. the news continues here on cnn right after the break. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. ♪ ♪
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even before taking office the president-elect of the united states of america has in one phone call potentially changed more than three decades of a practice. >> trump speaking by phone with the president of taiwan which is something that no american president has done in nearly 40 years. >> if there was an expressway to cause a diplomatic war with china this would be the way to do it. >> president obama is fully aware of these issues on an ongoing basis because he's on the other end


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