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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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crucial elections under way in austria and italy. in a couple of hours fidel castro's ashes will be buried. what the former dictator's brother had to say in the memorial to the people. plus, survivors of a deadly warehouse fire in california talk about their narrow escape and of the friends who did not. it's all ahead on "cnn newsroom." we're live in atlanta. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen.
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two crucial votes going on right now could have major political and economic implicati am plmpl europe. he would become the first far right head of state in the european union. and in italy, the future of prime minister matteo renzi depends on a constitutional referendum h both votes will test the rise of populism across europe. and it could help candidates who are anti-immigration and skeptical of european integration. cnn is covering the story from all angles. cnn money europe editor nina dos santos and atika shubert joins us live from austria. thank you both for joining us on this critical weekend. let's start with you atika in austria. this is a rerun of the election from may. but it could have a different
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outcome. what could mr. hofer bring to austria? >> reporter: it could have a different outcome. it's simply too close to call. polls opened at 7:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. in some places. we won't get an indication until 5:00 p.m. tonight. that's when the first exit polls come out tonight. they'll be careful at counting this time because in the previous election, it was won by a very slim margin. by alexander van der bellen. he's the left candidate. he won by a margin of just 30,000 votes, which is why, when hofer's party, the freedom party, fpo, demanded a recount of one district, they decided that they had to do it all over again because there were -- the votes were mishandled. so as a result, we're now at this point where we're doing another election. turnout so far is good. we're waiting for the candidates, van der bellen and hofer to vote. but if norbert hofer wins, as
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you point out, he will be the first far right leader in western europe since world war ii. he's campaigned strongly for stopping immigration altogether and stopping what he describes as islamization. he's very much gags the migration of mugs limo owe there are a lot of fears of a far right nationalist -- the presidency is a very ceremonial role here in austria. not a lot of power to it. there is some power but mostly a symbolic victory if he wins. >> i see. what about the fact that their neighbor, germany, has a different stance on migration and refugees? >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, germany and austria found themselves on opposing ends on this. austria put a cap on the number of refugees coming in and the number of filing applications that they'll process every day. they'll only take 37,000
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refugees here every year. germany's chancellor angela merkel refused to put a cap on it. they said they must be willing to accept refugees. there is a division there. germany has elections later next year as well. they'll be watching the results here very closely. >> as you say, six more hours of voting. we'll talk with you again in a moment. let's go to nina dos santos in milan, italy. a referendum is what people will be voting there. it could very much determine the future of matteo renzi. >> reporter: yeah. if you take a look at what happened in summer with the brexit vote, natalie. we know the referendum could throw up big surprise decisions. this is one of the big concerns here about what's happening in italy. you can see the -- for the people voting here, the polls have been open since 7:00 a.m., many having to make time between going to church and of course,
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their favorite football match this afternoon to go to the polls. 51 million italians are eligible to vote in this referendumment turnouts will be crucial here. a lot of people saying that this is not just about the central question here. matteo renzi, the prime minister asked them whether they will support to vote yes or not support, vote no, to plan constitutional changes. he needs the constitutional changes, he says, to empower a government to do more to enact reform across this country, whose economy has been in stasis. he wants to cut the power of senate and give bonus seats to any party to get more votes to the parliament so that it isn't prone to the government cycle. there's a lot more that people are putting inside this vote.
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across the rest of italy, they've been saying i am going to vote yes or no based on a myriad of other factors. that's the real concern here, that this could be used as a pop list message and voice. it's not just about the central question. that brings me to the future of matteo renzi's career. this is where it's so important for the economic financial heart of italy. matteo renzi has stated his career on getting people to vote yes in this referendum to get the new measures that he needs to empower his party past parliament. he said that if people do vote no, he may well have to step down even if he doesn't -- across cities like this and the rest of italy is that he could see his power base eroded by pop list movements like the five-star movement and it will throw italy back to another state of turmoil that it's used to. >> as you talk, nina, we're seeing a live video of mr. renzi
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right here looking to be at a polling place. in florence, italy. we're watching that as we speak with you. nina, you're our financial expert. so what could a no vote mean to the economy there? italy has not been able to get it going and banks are very much in jeopardy. one in particular. >> i'm glad you mentioned the banks, natalie. what matteo renzi put on the table in terms of the essential questions that are voted on in terms of this referendum, on the face of things, has nothing to do with the banks. the real fear is this is a nation with 133% debt to gdp. the second highest debt load in the eurozone after greece. the problem is, after the debt is more risky because, yet again, it's thrown into the cycle of weak government and lack of reform, that will make it harder for its already
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struggling banking system to continue to finance itself. up and down across this country from the north to the south, we've had a number of local banks, remember it's a fragmented banking system where local entrepreneurs are -- doubly exposed with loans and also big share holdings, those banks have been coming under huge financial pressure. some of them have failed and the governments had to back stop them. the real fear is one of the biggest and by the way the oldest in the world, mont did he pass ki could face a bailout if -- if the risk profile spirals out of control. >> well, his family right now is making their vote for the referendum as we speak live in florence, italy. certainly know how they are voting. yes, he mentioned that bank. it was founded in 1472. as you can see, he is voting
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right at this moment. we're going to leave it there with nina dos santos and atika shubert. thank you boept. we'll speak with you again. it's nice to be able to see mr. renzi making his vote for his plan, we're sure. thank you both. we'll speak to you both again as this day pushes on. let's take a look at how pop list parties fared in recent elections. the uk independence party won more than 12% of the vote in 2015. in the netherlands, the parties for freedom won more than 10% of the vote in 2012. italy took 17% of the vote in 2013. germany's right wing afd party won less than 5% that same year and in france, the national front won 15% of votes in regional elections last year. we'll continue to follow the developments, again in italy and austria on this day. we want to turn to a tragedy now in oakland, california.
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at least nine people are dead after a warehouse fire in oakland. it happened as dozens of people were arriving for a music event. authorities warn the death toll could rise. >> we have recovered nine victims at this point. those victims have been transported from the scene to our coroner's bureau. the identification process has begun with those victims. we are rushing their fingerprints to identify them. and then notify family members as we get those identifications. >> the warehouse contained artist studios but officials say it did not have permits for people to live there. here's how one person described how he lost a friend. >> i just ran outside and i watched this warehouse burn. >> officials say the building's
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owners were notified last month of violations for hazardous trash sand debris. oakland's mayor called it an immense tragedy and pledged to get a full accounting of what happened as soon as possible. fidel castro will be buried in about two hours. hundreds of thousands of people said their goodbyes saturday night in santiago de cuba where castro's revolution began. president raul castro thanked them for being there. >> translator: once again, through the impressive reaction of the cuban children and young people who affirm their willingness to be faithful successors of the ideals of the revolution's leader in the name of our people of the party, the state and the government and the families, i reiterate my deepest appreciation for the innumerable displays of affection to fidel, his ideas and his work. >> cnn's patrick oppmann has
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been following news of the tributes this week. he joins us from santiago. this, of course, patrick, the culmination of a very emotional week for so many cubans. >> reporter: the culmination, really, of the era of fidel castro. you have to think, natalie, that for most people on this island, the majority of the island was -- this is the leader they've known for most of their lives. he's always been on the radio, tv and the newspaper. so for his supporters and there are still many of them, that perhaps is the greatest surprise this week, after years of really seeming that the revolution, there was not as much enthusiasm for the revolution p in the cuba, the present day cuba with the economic problems. the throwback to the 1960s when fidel castro took power, this outpouring of hope and faith in
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the revolution and people swearing allegiance to fidel castro, he really did receive a sendoff that i think few would have expected as hundreds of thousands packed the roads and plazas like the one behind me to say goodbye to somebody who, for so many decades, had a central role in cubans' lives. after he's buried today, cubans will be looking to an uncertain future, natalie. >> yes. they will be. and wondering what that future will be. there are a lot of castro members of that family who could have sway. let's talk about the service. it's not open to the public. who is invited and houfrp was fidel castro involved in how the country would recognize him after his death? >> in his final moments, as always, he was directing how he would be remembered. one of those elements of how
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he'd be remembered is there would be no parks or monuments or streets named after him, very different in how other strong men in the region and around the world wanted to be remembered with massive memorials in their honor. fidel castro has always cultivated a slightly different personality. he wanted people to know his speeches, his school of thought to -- even though he was the central figure, you do not see statues in his honor or posters or billboards with his face on it. at least not very many of them. even in death, that's how he wants to be remembered. this morning, we'll see -- or not see a private service. it will be attended by family and close friends, natalie. >> patrick oppmann, of course, there in cuba. thank you, patrick. still ahead, new details about coming out, about the controversial phone call between the u.s. president-elect donald trump and the leader of taiwan.
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1979 between the leaders of taiwan and the united states. he said taiwan's president called him. taiwan said both sides agreed to the call beforehand. in any case, beijing was not amused. >> translator: it was a shenanigan by the taiwan side. it won't at all change the structure that the international community agreed upon. it won't change the policy that the u.s. administration's adhered to over the years. >> cnn's alexandra field joins us from beijing. she's been following developments there and what more do we know alexandra, about the circumstances with this phone call? >> well, natalie, we don't know what precipitated the phone call but we're hearing from a spokesperson that it was a prearranged call. that would indicate that the trump transition team and president-elect donald trump were not taken by surprise by the phone call even if the rest
2:19 am
of the world seemingly was. mr. trump was quick to get on twitter and come to his own defense saying that taiwan's president had called him and offered congratulations similar to the tone of other conversations that he has had with other world leaders. of course, this was a phone call that is unlike the conversations he's had with other world leaders because it flies in the face of so many decades of tradition in upholding the protocol between the u.s. and china, by which we have this one china policy, washington, d.c. has an official diplomatic relationship with beijing, beijing considers taiwan to be a renegade province, the u.s. acknowledges china's stance and maintains only an unofficial relationship with taiwan. so the fact that trump would take this call from taiwan's president certainly shocked a lot of people. the only thing perhaps that has not been surprising about all of this has been the reaction from beijing which was, in fact, swift. you poent oint out that beijing
2:20 am
called is shenanigans. there was one agency that called it a petty gesture to which they say trump responded. it has certainly raised concerned. one of the state-run news agencies point out that trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail caused worries about the future of chinese/u.s. relations. they were some a laid in a phone call when president-elect trump assured the chinese leader that the u.s./china relationship would carry forward. this phone call created a great deal of uncertainty because of the breach of protocol and led to scathing words in an editorial that was led in the times with an op-ed that the -- that there's a need to uphold this one china policy and that a failure to do that could overturn the international order. something that the global times surmises.
2:21 am
mr. trump says not -- natalie, it's just a phone call right now. the question on everyone's mind is what happens next? >> right. what could one phone call do to this very intriguing and integral and involved relationship between the united states and china? that could be the question. is there any dialog in the region about that from any other country? >> look, the focus right now has really been on china's reaction. certainly, there is an effort to understand taiwan's inclination to make this call. taiwan's president gives you a readout. describes this as a call in which policy was discussed. the only other details we know about the call discussed came from trump again on twitter and he pointed out, he said it was interesting that people suggested he shouldn't take a call from taiwan's president
2:22 am
when the u.s. sells billions of dollars of defense equipment to taiwan. while the u.s. and taiwan don't have a diplomatic relationship, president-elect trump under scoring that there are close ties between taiwan and the u.s. when it comes to defense and the economic relationship. we'll continue to see how this plays out. thank you. the green party halted an effort to get a statewide vote recount in pennsylvania because of the high cost. green party presidential candidate jill stein says a state requirement to put up a $1 million bond was too costly for voters to pursue. instead, stein will go now to federal court on monday to try to force a state recount on constitutional grounds. james mattis, donald trump's pick to lead the u.s. defense department, is not keen on the kremlin. if confirmed, he's likely to steer the trump administration away from talks with russian president vladimir putin.
2:23 am
and russia is fueling home-grown pressure on the current administration. jim sciutto has more now from washington. >> democratic senators are pressing the obama administration to more forthrightly state based in part on new intelligence that russia's meddling in the u.s. election was intended to help donald trump. multiple sources tell cnn the democratic pressure comes as multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation tell cnn that the u.s. intelligence community is increasingly confident that russian hacking was intended to steer the election toward trump rather than simply to undermine the political process. the sources, however, do not see the new information as significantly changing the intelligence agency's understanding of russian motives since the democratic party was the principal target of the hacks. seven democrats on the senate's intelligence committee wrote president obama insisting such intelligence should be
2:24 am
"declassified and released." the letter did not specify what the new information was. senator angus king signed the letter. >> i think the story of russia's involvement is the biggest story of the decade, frankly, and i think it's going to only grow. >> congressman adam schiff who serves on the house intelligence committee wants to see more information public, specific to russia's involvement. >> they largely accomplish their mission of -- of discord in the united states and tipping the balance in part in favor of mr. trump and against secretary clinton. >> republican lawmakers down played the letter telling cnn there was no new information to suggest the intelligence community has changed its overall assessment in any way. one month before the election the intelligence community publicly declared they were "confident the russian government directed compromises of e-mails from u.s. persons and institutions, including from u.s. political organizations." noting document dumps from the
2:25 am
website d.c. -- which tafrpgted the democratic party. however the intelligence community has not previously publicly indicated that russia's intention was to help donald trump over his democratic opponent, hillary clinton. >> james clapper told congress he expects russian hacking to continue. >> i don't anticipate a significant change in russian behavior. russians have a very active and aggressive capability to conduct information operations, so-called hybrid warfare. >> in his annual address to parliament, russian president vladimir putin dismissed the claims as myths. >> jim sciutto reporting there. "saturday night live" ongoing parody of donald trump is not sitting well with the u.s. president-elect. in a skit on the show, alec
2:26 am
baldwin poked fun at his fond ngs for twitter. >> kelly anne, i just retweeted the best tweet, i mean, what a great, smart tweet. >> mr. trump, we're in a security briefing. >> i know, but this could not wait. it was from a young man named seth. he's 16. he's in high school. i really did retweet him, seriously. this is real. >> he really did do this. >> sir, you're the president-elect. i guess you can do whatever you want. we'd really like to fill you in on syria. >> seth seems so cool. >> trump must have been watching. he usually does. because he responded immediately on twitter. just tried watching "saturday night live." unwatchable. totally biased. not funny. the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. sad. mr. trump has shown that he's
2:27 am
not fond of being parodied. baldwin fired back tongue in cheek that he'd stop impersonating trump if trump released his tax returns. >> that wasn't all trump was doing saturday night. he went dressed as himself to a costume party at the home of a wealthy donor. kellyanne conway dressed as supergirl. tweeted this picture from the event. the annual christmas party was themed villains and heroes. italy is voting in a constitutional referendum and there are fears of results, plus the country's banks could trigger an economic crisis for that country. more about it here as we continue with "cnn newsroom." seen here in the u.s. and around of the world. dominating... status updating... hello-yellow-belt kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support with align junior. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand, now for kids. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma...
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welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from atlanta. i'm natalie allen. the headlines this hour. in oakland, california, at least nine people are dead after a fire gutted a warehouse. the authorities fear the death toll could rise sharply. the fire began as people arrived for a music event. the building contained artist studios and the owners were notified last month of violations for hazardous trash and debris. members of the brazilian football club killed tragically killed in a plane crash. they honored the team. 71 people were killed when the plane carrying most of the club crashed in colombia. 19 players and 19 team staff were among the victims. cuba will bury fidel castro
2:32 am
in just over an hour. many cubans said their last goodbye to the revolutionary leader on saturday. hundreds of thousands of people gathered in santiago chanting yo soy fidel, i am fidel. a coal mine explosion in northern china's inner mongolia region killed 32 people saturday. 149 people working in the mine managed to escape. investigators are looking into what caused the blast, but the report is it was a gas explosion. two crucial votes in italy and austria could have major political and economic implications for europe. the italian prime minister is hoping voters approve his constitutional reforms in a referendum. matteo renzi says making the senate smaller would improve legislative efficiency. that's him voting just about 30 minutes ago. and austria far right candidate norbert hofer could elect him as
2:33 am
their next president. he's running against alexander van der bellen a left of center candidate. now to the other crucial vote going on right now. financial markets are afraid economic trouble could follow if voters in italy don't approve constitutional reforms. the italian economy has been limping along for some time and the banking system is struggling. our nina dos santos has more from the pro sec owe region in italy. >> these days, there's little cause for celebration here. the reason, a banking crisis that's left the town swimming in debt and wiped out its people's savings. >> this man's grandfather was among the first shareholders. the memory that's now bittersweet. >> translator: it was a source
2:34 am
of prestige to own shares just as here we have faith in god, we had faith in our bank. >> over the years, he and others poured all they had into the company stock and they were given credit. lots of it. in 2014, the bank got into trouble. shares were frozen and he lost everything. >> translator: i lost 1.308 million euros. >> to prevent the crisis from spreading, the government bought the bank and a lender nearby through a special fund bringing in new management but little hope of recovering the lost investments. among those out of pocket, the mayor of a nearby town. he was prevented from selling his $50,000 of stock and instead, talked into buying more cash. when i asked how many of his people have been affected, he
2:35 am
says many. too many to count. they've lost more than 72 million euros, or $76 million. a lawyer says that he had to buy shares in the bank just to open a current account. he never received the dividends promised and lost more than $4,000. >> translator: to not be a shareholder or account holder in the bank, if you are a professional around here was to be missing something. they told me the shares were like cash. >> the bank declined to comment when contacted by cnn. things may appear calm and tranquil across the valley, but don't be fooled, the economic scars run deep across this landscape. the failure of the largest mutual banks here in northern italy has cost 100,000 retail investors more than $5 billion. losses that serve as a cautionary tale to other parts of europe's most fragile
2:36 am
financial system. nina dos santos, italy. now to austria. norbert hofer head the freedom party. supporters say he'll put ordinary people first. critics charge he sells pro-gun and anti-immigrant policy with a smile. hanna von jones goes in search of the man behind the politician. >> a soft-spoken aeronautical engineer turned politician who carries a glock. norbert hofer hopes to become the eu's first far right head of state. riding the tide of a pop list tsunami that could transform europe's political landscape. 45-year-old hofer walks with a cane the result of a serious hang-gliding accident and carries a 9 millimeter glock pistol on the campaign trail signaling his strong advocacy for gun rights. hofer's for a into politics
2:37 am
began when he joined the freedom party of austria. it's a party with a checkered past tracing roots to just after world war two. it was first led by a nazi officer. ten years ago, the party was battling for even 6% of the vote. but the last decade has seen a political shift in austria and in europe partly fueled by one growing concern. >> the world finds itself facing the worst refugee crisis since the second world war. >> amid growing unemployment, staunchly nationalist, anti-immigrant campaigns like hofer's have increasingly won the applause. hofer promises austria first, a slogan that sounds similar to one heard recently overseas. >> america first. remember that. america first. >> donald trump's victory in the u.s. seems to be signaling right wing candidates like hofer that they're on the right track.
2:38 am
>> translator: whenever the elites distance themselves from voters, they are out of office. it's not a question of right or left, but how close the contact is and whether one is ready to implement things to actually alleviate existing concerns. >> norbert hofer's harshest critics accuse him of promoting fash yichl and his opponent is pushing that image. the green party's alexander vandvan der bellen recently posted this video which has been viewed millions of times. an 89-year-old holocaust survivor begging those not to elect the far right candidate. hofer says there's nothing to fear. >> in one or two years, we have to work and everybody will see that i'm really okay. i'm not a dangerous person. >> the question is whether hofer's populist momentum will carry him to victory and what
2:39 am
that means for nationalist parties across the continent hoping they, too, can emerge from the fringes, hanna von jones, cnn. derek van dam is here with me now to talk about the snow in -- >> hawaii. you don't normally talk about that. you think pineapples and sunsets. you think all right -- going to catch the surf and the water, right? they do a different kind of hang ten. they hang on pineapple powder. that's their equivalent of riding a big wave on the mountains there. you can see that they have had some fresh snow it's amazing. it's coming from this big island. you're looking at mona kea a. it's the northeast facing slope. it received a few inches of snow with more snow on the way for that region. yeah. i would love to tick off a bucket list and maybe go skiing or snowboarding on those hills.
2:40 am
here's another look at the region. that is a snow-capped mountain. not something you think about when visiting hawaii. believe me, it happens more than you think, especially in the high summit elevations. let's talk about it and see what's next for hawaii. maybe you're visiting maui into oahu or the big island. there's the potential for more snow. snow warnings are in effect for the high he will lags peaks. we have this moist flow in the islands. we expect this precipitation to pick up in intensity, especially from sunday morning right through sunday evening. that's why we have flash flood watches across all of the islands. the shading of pink there indicating the winter storm warnings. that's for the very high elevations. i want to bring you to the other side of the world. this is a heads up along the east coast of india. because you have the potential for a strong tropical cyclone within the next three to five days. it's still developing as we speak.
2:41 am
but this is really just ripe conditions for a storm to really intensify quickly. it's not at all bad, though. there's a rainfall deficit taking place across the east coast of india. about 70% below where we should be for the month of november. i want to end you with this. this is kind much great water cooler talk. bring this one home to you. just posted it on my facebook page. this is actually from the earthquake that happened in new zealand in november last month. it changed the way the shoreline looks in new zealand, the south island. it exposed a 20-kilometer stretch. it raised the seabed up to five meters. can you believe it? >> i can't. there's the picture. >> there it is. that's the satellite imagery of the newly formed land from the earthquake. >> thanks, derek. >> you're welcome. >> cool. coming up, fred pleitgen goes to government-held
2:42 am
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can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. syria's gft is asking civilians to return home. state media says that hundreds of families have already done that despite reports that forces continue to clashes with rebels in the area. cnn's fred pleitgen spoke with those fleeing the city and has this report from a government-controlled city south of the city. >> reporter: as the syrian government continues to push offensive around the aleppo
2:46 am
area, we've been hearing about the tens of thousands of people who have been displaced and many people wonder where are these people going. some of them are going right here. we're inside former cotton factory that's being used as a place for many of these displaced people to go. now a lot of these folks here describe harrowing experiences over the past couple of days as they were trapped inside the eastern districts of aleppo that, of course, are under siege by the syrian military and many of them say that in the past couple of days they haven't had very much in the way of food, of water. of course, many of them traumatized and weak as well. >> translator: we were afraid that we would starve to death. we were also scared because heavy bombs were falling. >> translator: i wanted to leave with my kids 15 days ago. but the rebels shot at me and said, hey you bastard, do you want to join the regime? >> if you look here, you can see
2:47 am
how some of these people had been living since they were able to get out of the eastern districts of aleppo. you can see some of the mattresses there. we always have to stress that over the past couple of days, of course, it's december right now, the weather here has been very, very bad. that's something that, of course, has additionally made life very difficult for some of the folks here. if we look around, we can see how many children are among those who will also have been brought here to the shelter for displaced people, many of them in very bad condition, many of them very traumatized but many also weak. one of the things that they are getting here is a warm meal for the first time in a long time. you can see some of the groups here are trying to hand out some bread, also some salad as well. just to make sure that these people are able to subsist over the next couple of days as, of course, they wait and they hope that maybe they'll be able to return to their houses as at
2:48 am
this point in time that government offensive is going on. we're hearing a lot of fighting in and around the aleppo area. fred pleitgen in syria. fans of brazil chapecoense football club continue to mourn after 38 team players and staff were killed last monday in a plane crash in colombia. world sports don gri dell is in brazil. >> reporter: they left as heroes. they returned in coffins. a guard of honor, the chapecoense football players. the last few yards were the hardest. reflecting the emotion of the day, dozens and dozens of caskets returned in a torrential down tors as the visceral sight of so many bodies finally made the nightmare real. this is a small town club which
2:49 am
had punched well above its weight capturing the hearts of a nation. the supporters had an intimate relationship with the team, sticking by them through the good times and the bad. but nobody could have ever imagined it would end like this. there isn't anybody in chapeco who hasn't been touched by the tragedy, but it's been hardest for the families. their grief was uncontrollable. but many found solace with the supporters, connecting with them possibly for the last time at this stadium. this man, the grief is crippling. he wanted to commit suicide after learning of his son's death. the defender died on his father's birthday. the widow of the beloved goalkeeper emotionally co took
2:50 am
picture and placed it in the goal. they must build on the support. the rich history will no doubt live on in the future. part of that tradition was evident today. the awful weather conditions couldn't have been more appropriate. everyone knows that chapecoense played their best football in the rain. don rid dell, cnn, chapeco, brazil. we'll be right back. so corporate put you up in a roadside motel. but with directv from at&t, you can download then binge watch your dvr'd shows from anywhere. that makes you more powerful than whatever it is you just stepped in. or that friendly dumpster diver outside. i wouldn't sit there. it's your tv, take it with you. now you can watch your dvr anywhere, at no extra cost, with directv from at&t.
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well, they're figuring out all kinds of ways to deliver pizza and dominos in japan is testing, well, delivery that involves antlers. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> who needs reindeer? >> rudolph with your nose so -- >> to deliver presents when they can deliver pizza, dominos in japan is training reindeer at a drive-in school to deliver pizza in one of the coldest, snowiest region. >> if a reindeer runs properly,
2:55 am
it can go as fast as 80 kilometers per power. it goes especially fast on snow. >> it can deliver pizza at 50 miles an hour. dominos should expect lawsuits. >> grandma, watch out! >> grandma got run over by a reindeer ♪ >> the trainers seem to be having trouble reigning in their pizza delivery reindeer, which would be equipped with gps devices so customers can check on their progress. how do you say publicity stunt in japanese? >> publicity stunt. >> dominos is no stranger to marketing ploys. take the edible box dominos u.k. dreamed up for april fool's. just last month dominos in new zealand demonstrated the pizza delivery drone. it flew to the appointed address and lowered a pizza. company officials in new zealand say in the next couple of years
2:56 am
drones could make up 25% of deliveries and before the drone, dominos in australia presented -- >> the big day arrived. >> the pizza delivery robot with a top speed of 12 miles per hour, it can't take to the highway, but it can chat with customers and dodge obstacles. from high tech, to low tech. is that tomato sauce making rudolph's nose red? >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. anything for our pizza. thanks for watching. i'm natalie allen. for viewers in the u.s., new day is next. for everyone else, this is life with lisa ling. you're watching cnn. the ultimate surprise. for your eyes.
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good morning and welcome to sunday. we're so glad to see you. i'm christi paul. >> i'm martin savidge in for victor blackwell. >> let's begin with the big political news developing overnight. green party candidate jill stein says she is escalating her recount efforts in pennsylvania. she dropped a lawsuit after the court demanded $1 million to keep the recount going. stein's attorney says they will file for emergency relief in federal court on monday. >>


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