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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  December 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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as so many found throughout history, it is easy to fall in love with rome. she's seductively beautiful.
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what's left of her former glories and days of empires are in ruins, those ruins continued to enchant us. you fallen into a trans here, you think no matter what, this beautiful dream will last forever. and suddenly, she gets real. before world war i, mousilini, was considered a bully of the small town. in time though the country was divided in crisis. its sought itself be seized by enn enemies within and without. it needed someone to say he could make italy great again. he was a man on the horse saying
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follow me. and they did. the prime minister resigned and mousilini was appointed leader by the king. it can happen anywhere. >> it happened here. fle nearly a century later, this is what he left behind. the rome that many romans still live in today. >> so this is not a show about
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monuments or statues or the treasures of antiguity, this is about the show about locals living their lives that you don't see on tv guides . >> oh, all right. >> i love this place.
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i want to die her already. and i might yet. some people ask me at my hotel what they should eat. whatever the conseirge tells you to go, don't go there. ♪ >> that's beautiful. >> oh man. that's so completely awesome. [ baby cries ] ♪
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[ dogs barking ] >> pasolini, one of italy's great movie makers, celebrated the working class of rome. he was a vocal opponent of fascism. his characters were downed out and often played by wounded people rather than actors. they were always even at their worse depicted as angelic in all
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their flawed and damaged glories. rome's true heroes. >> the hard slap of leather against wet skin. the muscle and bone and collisions wi collisions with muscle and bo s bones. >> there was blood and bitter tears as these warriors faced each other in brutal combat. hey, this pasta, and a nice glass of wine. >>. [ cheers ] >> these people are fighting their hearts out and we are here
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eating spaghetti. >> this is violent. looks like somebody that's been opened and i am looking looking -- looking on the inside of one of those guys. actor, director of aregento, stretching back to generations. her father is dario aregento of a whole new style of the modern horror show as we know it. >> how big is your family, like if you were to have -- >> we don't. >> you don't do a big gathering of the clans. >> aregento has a reputation for saying what she feels, regardless of what she thinks. her film "misunderstood" played at the festival.
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asia is the single mother of two children and lives modestly in the middle class of the out skirt of rome. she was born and raised and remained a roman by blood and attitude. >> how was it? >> it is fantastic. >> yeah, it is actually great. the gladiators, look like ancient roman in a way. >> so romans complain?
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>> the romans they complain about everything, gypsies and the mayor. >> who's taking over? ? what >> what's the fascium? >> my daughter goes to a private school. a kid will get under a teacher's desk and start chapterinting li hitler and the same time you see around with musolini. it would be absurd.
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>> anthony: high speeds interrupted by sharp turns.
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it is today, italy's most dangerous road. the front suburbs of osteia. there is a monument here in the spot he was beaten to death. many attribute the murder to neo fascist and enraged by his politics. >> hey, how are you doing? >> all right, guys. >> anthony: i meet my good friend sarah, off the beach at a
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place that's new to us both. >> people here are from sardinia. >> the french corner is a barisr a bar that knows everyone's name. >> he's a professional boxer. >> he calls himself the little tyson. here, everybody has a nickname. [ speaking foreign language ] [ laughs ] ♪ >> anthony: it maybe described to the jersey shore. the seaside airport grew up of the working class despite
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moussilini realize that it will be one day rome's front door. [ speaking foreign language ] [ laughs ] >> so tell us about ostia, where are we? [ speaking foreign language ] >> anthony: we believe in these vacation homes. >> no, forget about tourists. there are not many. >> anthony: this is like the closest beach to rome, light? everybody likes the beach, why is it not like expensive hotels and money, money and casinos.
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>> the workers and always considered and not very interesting. [ speaking foreign language ] >> okay, cheers! >> anthony: i am curious because we are always interested in food. typical day, what's for breakfast or lunch or dinner? coffee or pastry or what? >> salami or ham. >> he said that's sardinia but here we have a couple of croissants. >> salami. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> anthony: i have been introduced todd the traditional roman songs with titles like "i never want to stop stabbing you." these wonderful songs filled with very -- [ laughs ] >> anthony: they were invented by people in bars or prisons, do you know any of them? >> making fun of some body and using swear words.
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it is very romantic. it is like serenading for the girls. >> anthony: if i hear that you are telling me if i am having what baby, i can say your dead relatives. this is an acceptable exception? but you are not angry? this is a casual expression. >> it depends. >> if you go like this. >> anthony: so this is okay but this is not. >> no. >> this is the worse. [ speaking foreign language ]
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♪ miller beer
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>> anthony: romans, asia lives here with her two kids. today her sister is visiting and making lunch. [ laughs ] >> cheese? >> anthony: a quick stop at an italian grocery. last minute purchases.
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♪ >> anthony: so we get this? >> asia: yeah. >> anthony: think about it. >> asia: all the way, please. ♪ >> anthony: this is one of the things that fascinates me about italian baby food. i don't see rabbit flavors or
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horse flavors and stuff. >> asia: oh yeah. >> anthony: oh, looks good. >> anthony, you are going to be here. >> anthony: asia's son, nikolayev and daughter. >> when i was little, i paid on my face. [ laughs ] >> asia: yeah, you are not supposed to say these things. ♪ >> anthony: today's menu, some roman classics, some nice ragu
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and beans. >> bravo. anthony, how was it? >> anthony: very happy. you like it here in rome? >> of course. >> asia: what did you like? >> i like this neighborhood. >> asia: why do you live here? >> i don't know, i have lived away for many years. >> she lives in the south, asia? >> singapore. >> yeah, those are not bad place to live. every time when i am away, i miss rome. when i am in rome, i want to go away. >> anthony: do you take it for granted at the coliseum. >> asia: yeah, everyone looks at it. >> anthony: what about you, do you think rome is awesome here? >> i appreciate it a lot but it is not like every time i drive by -- >> this year is a little bit better here. >> asia: why?
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the coliseum? >> yeah. >> asia: why is it better? it is been there forever. >> the other year was dirty. and it was plastic some where. >> anthony: oh, they were renovating it. >> this year is all perfect. >> asia: this is ox tail. >> anthony: it is really good. really good, fantastic. >> asia: mama mia. >> what is this? >> you know what that is? >> anthony: meat. >> asia: just eat, you love meat. >> anthony: i love it. it is one of my favorite things. and rome with the sauce. >> i ate one without the sauce and it tasted like human fingers. >> anthony: yeah, it is one of my favorite things on earth but if you don't do it right, it
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smells like wet dogs. >> asia: i used to like it when i was a little kid. i was not adventurous, i hated food. my mother forced us to eat crazy stuff like it was brain or it was horrible. >> anthony: it makes you smarter. >> someone is hitting the tripe part. >> nick, you don't have to eat if you don't like. >> i know you, i saw your face. eat some bread. >> look love, i understand. we understand. >> anthony: it is all good man. >> you tried. [ laughs ] >> anthony: you tried. >> you did good. [ laughs ]
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of trial fascium. these building were not designed to thrill or elevate or warm with their beauty. they were designed to intimidate and remind constantly that the state is all powerful and supreme that the individual is meaningless of the grand scheme of things, one person is just like the other, replaceable and ultimately worthless.
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>> hi, how are you? >> good to meet you. >> anthony: hello, hi. >> would you say hi to my sister. >> anthony: living here is difference right away. they are happy to see kids at restaurants here. it is a whole different thing. >> you bring kids to a restaurant in new york, these guys looking at you like -- you got to be kidding. >> the notorious is a married man now and a daddy. things are different. >> i was able to really get
9:39 pm
sobered for the first time and i remember it was my 61st birthday and i am looking at -- okay, what is 16 backward. >> anthony: the director of mussolini and king of new york among others. k >> anthony: how long have you been here now? >> living steady. mussolini. what's the craziest thing that was shot. rchlgs >> asia: it was the crazy scene and we got 30 people naked and it was 90 degrees out. >> anthony: wow. this is good. >> the most beautiful thing that you go to, every city you go to is -- this is all roman.
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>> there, say hello. my god. i grew up in a southern italian family. you have to get on your knees. when you are 6 years old or 7 years old and with the nuns walking back and forth beating the [ bleep ] out of you and some of them looked like angelina jolie. >> anthony: the nuns were hot, i never saw nuns that looked like that. >> it is okay. >> typical roman dish, snails? >> anthony: like from the sea? >> terra.
9:41 pm
oh, really? >> anthony: oh man, this is serious. what's the best thing about this city? >> everything you talk about and when you bring a baby in here is a love for life. it is about working hard. and the attitude. you see this chick -- okay, this chick is running the mark, you know what i mean? i don't know how old she is. it is like seeing you, wow, we are alive ochlt we have this moment in our life. that's part of the food. >> anthony: artichoke. oh man, that's amazing. when you care about the people, the people come in and you don't care and don't know, i am just trying to make money and i will cook anything. these guys cannot make bad food. >> anthony: right. >> they care about you.
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nations, my fellow citizens who i work to make america great. ♪ >> anthony: traditional roman breakfast, capuchinno before 12:00 and some say 11:00. >> oh man, there is no dignify way to eat this. that's good, i was unaware of this phenomenon. people call it a donut. ♪
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>> anthony: the out skirts and the margins of rome were beautiful, the real rome and not the temples a monuments of a long dead empire. a place where people struggle everyday to live and the love. >> anthony: you have been eating here for how long? >> since i was a kid. >> asia: i loves it. my grandma makes it. it is always her cooking. >> anthony: rome is the city where you find the most extraordinary pleasures in the most ordinary things like this place which i am not ever going to tell you the name of. a asia has been coming here
9:48 pm
regularly and she brings her kids still so i am not going to screw it up for her. >> asia: children is good. >> anthony: is it possible to look at rome in a non scinemati way. it is a city that demands it. >> asia: to me, it is how to shoot it in a way that's not been shot. and the suburbs and look at the real rome. >> asia: i went to the coliseum the first time when i was 16. >> anthony: how often do new yorkers go to the empire state building. >> asia: why would you go inside? >> anthony: why not? >> asia: because it is tough. >> anthony: we were talking about the church with the paintings of super violent.
9:49 pm
you said something really interesting, you know at times of troubles and stress and people are afraid and angry, people are in -- >> asia: people are scared at so they become buyers.ndow and the church is similar in the event where you are sinned, you are greatly sinned. >> anthony: right. >> asia: it is like the first horror movie of all time of the christians art. >> anthony: when people are scared, they go running to the church. what about fasciums? mussolini, very fpopular man. >> asia: mussolini, he was a good man. he did good.
9:50 pm
my grandma would say mussolini a good looking man, a real man with like would, like, you know, a real man. like, with a -- you know? like, something, a man, a manly man. >> anthony: right. right. >> asia: a manly man. mussolini was a manly man. >> anthony: so, you're not optimistic about the, the, the -- >> asia: optimistic? >> anthony: the political health of the world. >> asia: i don't even care. i don't vote. i never voted. >> anthony: really? >> asia: never once. i don't go in the news. i don't want to bring that stuff with me. that shit is poison. it's just, like, this italian way of, like, "let it go." you know? "as long as it doesn't bother me." and i am completely like that. like, i care about my neighborhood, my children, my building, you know? i care about that. that's a lot to care about already. we've all been here.
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♪ >> anthony: pick an autocratic ideology, german, italian or soviet, and you end up with structures like this. so, this was, i forget what it was in "the tenth victim." i think it's a, it's a chase scene. >> asia: the runaway, yeah. he's running. yep. >> anthony: but in "the conformist," uh, it was an -- this was a mental institution. >> asia: yeah. [ man in film speaking italian ] >> anthony: i mean, the idea, as
9:56 pm
i understand it, was this was gonna be a shining example of, you know, the new superman or the new fascist, uh -- >> asia: yeah. >> anthony: this is what fascism can do for the world's fair. i think that was the plan, and it, 20 years, celebrating 20 years of fascism, but it never happened. the war -- >> asia: the war broke before, and then after the war this neighborhood was overgrown by weeds and trees. it was forgotten. people wouldn't come here. it was shameful. they haven't bombed it as much as in berlin. they bombed everything else, but they, you know, this is still standing even though they, to this day they don't use it very much. >> anthony: do you have any family history here? what was, uh -- i always ask anytime i meet a german i always ask, i always think of what did they do, you know, during the war and i'm, you know, i always assume the worst. >> asia: my grandmother and her brother were the photographers of fascism. she made beautiful pictures, very much grandiose like this architecture. of muscular men, women, and, uh -- >> anthony: what do you think of this style of architecture?
9:57 pm
>> asia: i think it's beautiful. i like the fact that it's called rationalist. but, grandiose, huge. >> anthony: i mean, this is, like, it looks just like lincoln center to me, i mean, in new york. it's the same, exactly the same style of architecture. it's indistinguishable. >> asia: so what are you trying to say? >> anthony: i'm saying what's the problem? >> asia: they're fascists? [ anthony laughs ] >> asia: if, uh, there's a little fascist inside in each one of you too. >> anthony: um, look, visit the states these days. it's, uh, it's coming back. it's big. >> asia: it's coming back in what sense? what is, uh -- >> anthony: i think we're looking, we're looking for a man on a horse to make everything better. >> asia: yes. but we always have. humans always have god figure, father figure that is going to tell you what to do. people, um, in italy, yeah, in rome, still love mussolini. >> anthony: what happened to mussolini again? as i recall, uh -- >> asia: oh, he got hanged upside down in milan, piazzale loreto, and everybody would go
9:58 pm
there and throw stones. >> anthony: what a turnaround. i mean, at one time is just so popular and then -- >> asia: that's what happens with all the idols. you know? you create them so you can destroy them. >> anthony: wow. ♪ >> asia: thank you for bringing me here. i don't think i've ever been or ever will come back. ♪ maybe for movies. ♪
9:59 pm
♪ ♪
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so this week on the show i went to florida. yeah. no black guy's first choice. [ laughter ] i mean, you put a list of 50 states for me to go to, florida would be 52. [ laughter ] right after puerto rico and guam. do you understand what i'm saying? [ laughter ] because when you think about florida when you think about it it's all bad stuff. stealing elections, george zimmerman. they're the only state that's ever had an actual zombie attack. [ laughter ] remember the bath salts thing? that was florida. of course it was florida. as soon as they said zombie attack you were like, florida. you all knew that. [ laughter ] and yet there are people who voluntarily go to the state of florida. two groups of people -- college students and retirees. yeah. kids on ri


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