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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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they are the kind and the caring, they are the strong and the brave, they are the ones who see a need, fill a void, make a differen difference. >> i'm trying to give them the opportunities they deeverybody. >> this has become my life. i don't want to do anything else. >> they don't do it for themselves, that i do it for the rest of us. they are a reminder of what's good in this world and what it truly means to be a hero. >> we give them the foundation from which they can drive, the feeling of family. >> we have transformed the lives of thousands of children. >> this sunday night, cnn presents a very special live event, the 10th annual cnn theories all star tribute. >> tonight we're gathered to celebrate extraordinary men and women who highlight the best of what humanity has to offer. >> join host anderson cooper and special co-host kelly ripa as we honor 10 extraordinary people. the 10th an yuan cnn heroes all-star tribute live sunday night at 8:00 obscene then.
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>> top of the hour rolling into 3:00 eastern time thanks for being here, i'm ana cabrera in for brooke baldwin. moments ago president-elect trump made a huge promise, bringing 50,000 jobs to the u.s., he made this announcement in the lobby of trump tower alongside the businessman, trump says, who will make it all happen. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is masa of softbank from japan and he's just agreed to invest $50 billion in the united states and 50,000 jobs and he's one of the great men of industry so i just want to thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. i just came to celebrate his new job and we were talking about i celebrate his presidential job and commit. because he will do a lot of
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deregulation. i said this is great. u.s. will become great again. >> what are you committing to, sir? >> invest in new companies, startup companies in the united states. >> how many jobs do you believe? >> 50,000 new jobs. we will invest $50 billion and 50,000 new jobs. >> all right, let's talk more about this with cnn political director david chalian and cnn aviation correspondent and host of "quest means business" on cnn international, richard quest, he's also "cnn money's" editor at large. gentlemen, thanks for being here. never a dull moment when it comes to donald trump. he is the ultimate showman so he bring this is guy out, he says we're boeing to bring 50,000 this jobs to the u.s. david, your reaction to how this unfolded? >> we've seen donald trump twice today go down to the cameras in trump tower make use of the collective press in the base
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building of his building on the base floor and he's made two won'ts. one he's trying to show the american people that floated spending on the air force one program he's going to try to get ahead of that. >> and we'll talk more about that in a second. >> and, two, that he's bringing 50,000 jobs. if you read donald trump's art of the deal and you look at what he campaigned on, he is now trying to deliver on all these things he was he was telling the american people he was going to make deals on their behalf. now he's coming down out of that elevator with this great man of industry the head of softbank and said he's delivering. he's going to keep doing this to create this momentum ahead of him taking office that he's already on the job. >> your reaction, richard, 50,000 new jobs. >> anybody can say, frankly, i'm going to invest $50 billion and create 50,000 new jobs. let's see where that money is going to come from.
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where it will be invested, what sectors it will be invested in. now let's talk about sun, who owns a large stake in sprint and has had controversial investments in the past. i am not being a naysayer, i'm not being a doomsayer, i'm not saying it's all dreadful. what i am saying is that governing is not necessarily deal making i'll give you a good example of this. let's take the carrier. you're picking winners and losers. i'm very pleased for the thousand people whose jobs were saved. >> 800 or so. >> yes. but i question what happens on the next carrier. there's a reason why governments don't pick individuals winners and losers,sectors.
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jimmy cart we are the energy policy. bill clinton with the internet. >> what's the reasoning? >> because those are structurally and systematically important for the u.s. economy. what you don't do is say that company yes, that company no. you did it with the banks, i can already hear viewers screaming you did it with the banks in 2008. yes, because the economy was about to collapse. >> but i would argue, richard, that i think donald trump does see governing and deal making as the same thing. i know it hasn't been that way but i think that's how. >> so it leaves us in the conundrum after we have to see it different ly or are there reasons why the conventional wisdom works? i don't have an answer to that. >> that's a question mark. >> and i want to fold in one more element to this because you mentioned boeing, you talked about winners and losers. let's play the sound with donald
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trump talking about stopping a new air force one, getting rid of boeing's contract. >> the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion, this air force one program and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. >> you looked in distress. >> i am. there's no contract yet. there's an -- i've got the details here. they put out an order, there's no specific agreement for any planes. the number being talked about is $2.9 billion, so far boeing has received a contract of -- >> $2.9 billion is what's budgeted by the air force. >> yes. >> $170 million is going for exploration and research. so you've got -- i'm not saying it's fake news but what he has done is putting this figure of $4 billion, nice round number, and he's put it front and foremost in people's minds and
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suddenly everybody sees these planes are $2 billion each boondoggle gold plated lavatories, whatever you want to call it. and as far as i'm aware there's no contract yet to build any such plane so i'm not sure -- and anyway, boeing may lose money on these planes they're so complicated to build. >> well, unfortunately we have to stop this conversation but there's much more to be said and more questions to be answered by donald trump as the days unfold. richard est, david chalian, thanks to both of you. turning to capitol hill, democrats getting nervous right now and president-elect trump possibly taking some of their senators for his cabinet. let me turn to senior political reporter manu raju. manu, we'll talk about that in just a moment but we have breaking news on ook as well? >> that's right, in fact senator major leader mitch mcconnell announcing moments ago that the first action in the new congress next year when they reconvene in john 3 will be an effort to
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repeal obamacare. this is the top of president-elect donald trump's agenda moving forward. they can move forward with a repeal through the budget process and by doing that, ana, they can avoid a democratic filibuster but replacing the plan will be longer, it could take years to be completed and it will require democratic support something senate democrats are warning they would not give if the repeal has beens so a lot needs -- this fight is going to intensify as soon as the new congress convenes in early january, ana. >> there are a lot of conservatives cheering that but there are a lot of people, millions who are under obamacare right now. what happens to them? >> well, that is an open question. what the republicans are talking about doing is creating a transition period of maybe two, three years time in which the repeal would take effect giving them time to enact a replacement. but i can tell you that some are warning, health policy experts are worning t ing twarning the
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appeal takes effect the system could become unravelled and force them to enact a replacement right away and that would require support from not just within the republican party, democrats cults a deal, finding a replacement to such a massive system. not an easy task. a very, very difficult undertaking in the new congress. >> manu raju, thanks to you. let's continue our conversation with former white house press secretary ari fleischer. ari, a lot of republicans are now against trump's threat to tax companies that move jobs overseas. while it seems like there's some movement on obamacare, this is one area we're seeing people digging in their heels. is this the first crack we're seeing in the honeymoon phase of the donald trump election? >> i'm not sure that man is ever going to get a honeymoon but this is going to be something you'll see repeated, particularly on trade-related issues. you have to keep in mind, donald trump is not an ideological republican. donald trump is in many ways an independent president with a strong populist streak and you saw that throughout the
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primaries. donald trump didn't run a classic conservative republican race. so when he comes out with a position like a 35% tariff which i think to him is a moving the gold post negotiating position you're going to see many republicans in congress who are from conservative orthodoxy who say no, not for us. >> would you support a 35% tariff? >> i'd like to let this thing play out. i would like to see donald trump see what he can accomplish by moving the goalpost, by negotiating differently with foreign allies, foreign nations, and see where we end up. i would like to see better trade deals if possible, i have always been a free trader but i don't mind bringing change to the way things are being done. >> let's talk about air force one. you say trump's move to cancel the order is "refreshing." explain. >> here's what i think is going on. for all the years i was in washington, 21 years, you get used to a certain way. it's always been done that way, cost overruns always happen, it takes longer and here comes a
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businessman outsider who just shocks the system by saying we're not doing it that way. now, what's unclear is the exact costs, boeing is disputing it. nbc news reported it is indeed $4 billion contrary to what mr. quest just reported for cnn so you have to learn what the facts are but if nbc report is right, $4 billion for two aircraft is a lot of money. >> do you think the reaction to how trump is handling things of the criticism that we're seeing -- not pretending but making the white house and his job to how he'll handle his business? handle the country's business in the same fashion, that's not the way things are normally done, do you think that is criticism or are the american people criticizing it having a reaction to just a sense of change, that feels uncomfortable. >> i think it's the latter. we're so used to perfect
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politicians who know how to pucker their lips, who know how to say everything that's ever been said and we decry the results because things don't work. so here you have somebody who doesn't care, who's going to come in and break china, do things entirely different which will make people say "how can you do that? it's not done this way" but none of us know the results and ultimately donald trump will be judged not on his style but whether or not the economy comes back strong, whether unemployment is low. his success or failure will be determined by the strength of the economy and wages. that's when you have to give him a few years to see the results. we just know it won't be what any of us are used to. >> trump's if i cpick for secref housing and urban development, ben carson, getting pushback due to his lack of experience. what's your take? >> my initial reaction as a washington insider is how can you put somebody at hud who's never been in that field.
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he's a doctor. what policy knowledge does he have? on the other hand if he has a strong deputy who knows how to manage hud, i like the symbolism that a message that a man like ben carson has, who rose out of poverty, was able to find success, who understands the pull and tug of government dependency, the need for government dependency when you have nowhere else to go but the trap government dependency can create if you make it a life long habit. and that's something he'll bring to an agency that will help people to escape from poverty. it's new thinking, different thinking. we'll have to see how it plays out. >> all right, ari fleischer, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. very soon president obama giving his final speech on national security set to happen near the top of the hour. and he'll probably be giving trump some very public advicen colluding on the subject of torture. we'll have new details about what to expect next. and for the first time the
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manager of that deadly warehouse fire in oakland speaks out. lashing out over questions. >> no, i'm not going to answer these questions on this level. >> are you worried -- >> i would rather sit on the floor and be trampled by the parents.
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some are asking, foreign diplomats are they trying to cozy up to president-elect trump by giving him a little bit of busine business. since the election, a lot of leaders from other countries have booked their trips at trump's hotel. other nba players aren't so eager to stay. i want to talk to this about elise labott and sid rosenberg, sports contributor on imus in the morning. let's talk about foreign dignitaries are, they trying to curry favor or access to president-elect trump by staying at the trump hotel? >> let's be honest, the trump international hotel is one of the new hottest hotels in town.
12:19 pm
why is that. some people think it's a cheap and easy way to get some good. tomorrow the bahraini embassy is holding their international day at trump international hotel. next week, azerbaijan and a conference of jewish american organizations is holding a chanukah party there. i spoke to the chairman of that organization, the jewish american group. he said "listen, this is a new hotel offering amenities, this hotel is providing a service to diplomats and other groups in washington that's close to the white house and this was done for purely practical reasons. but i've spoken to other diplomats that say, listen, this is a relatively cheap and easy way to gain some maybe not access but, you know, curry some favor with the new president.
12:20 pm
it c i'm not sure it will cause change in international policy but ethics groups are worrying about it. >> as you're describing the hotel i'm thinking who wouldn't want to stay there but the conflict of interest question hangs over president-elect trump with his business. how will he sever those ties. on the flip side, lebron james, the cavs, they're making a point not to stay at trump properties. what do you think of this form of protest? >> i think it's lousy. i voted for hillary clinton, too. i'm not happy with the results but i come to the rationalization, i have two kids, trump is the president, i've got to move on. lebron james, other athletes have to do the same thing. lebron doesn't like donald trump, he's the president, lebron has no choice, stay at
12:21 pm
the hotel. >> lebron does have a choice, right? isn't it there right to respond in this way? >> i think there's a big enough divide in this country and lebron is such a big voice that if he came over and said, look, i don't like this choice, but he is what he is, he's the president, i'll do this because of the country and my respect for the country i think more people would listen to him. he's running the risk of turning people off including advertisers and endorsers and fans like me. >> that says a lot. this means a lot to you? >> i think the divide is so big right now we have to work together to stop that and lebron james is doing something going in the other direction that's not helping anybody. >> is there something he should do to show his protest instead? >> sure, he can go out and -- on shows like this and talk about how he's not happy with donald trump and things donald trump needs to do to make him happy but to stay away from a hotel because donald trump's name is on it to me is sophomoric.
12:22 pm
>> elise, they are obviously courting people from overseas, is there a conflict of interest? >> and a week after the election the hotel held a lavish reception for diplomats to tell them the services of the hotel. i have to say that trump international hotels is known for its very good service, these diplomats were very impressed with the venue but when you look at the reception being held next week, for instance, with a jewish american group, some of the groups are upset about it. they've complained listen, some of the comments that maybe not trump himself but some of his supporters have said, you know, comments that could be interpreted as anti-semitic or racist, they shouldn't be sending trump their business at this point but as we've been saying, trump is the president, there are questions about the interplay between the hotel and his business, whether that presents a conflict of interest, i don't necessarily know that whether a group stay there is,
12:23 pm
whether a country stay there is, that will help them in terms of dealing with the next president but certainly people are free to stay where they want and also to choose to opt in or ott. i don't think this is going to be a big issue in international relations and i don't necessarily know if american fans will stop seeing lebron james basketball games if he chooses not to stay there. >> i'm telling you, i'm telling you, we're getting angry. >> he's wagging the finger with that comment. elise labott and sid rosenberg, thank you for joining me. coming up soon, president obama is set to deliver a major national security speech. cameras are set, we're awaiting him. the last one of his administration, what he plans to focus on and what freed a vice might he offer president-elect trump? we'll discuss.
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hillary clinton may have won the popular vote but she didn't win over every voter who supported president obama. van jones sat down with the family of long-time democrats to better understand why they voted for president-elect trump this time. it's all part of our new cnn special tonight "the messy truth." >> hey. >> come on in. >> lord, thank you for this food and for bringing everybody together. >> scott sites is a life long democrat who voted for obama -- twice. >> thank you so much. amen. >> cameron, his only son who was old enough to vote in the last election also supported obama. this year? all four men voted for trump. you can't imagine two guys more different and yet you supported
12:29 pm
one and the other. what did you like about obama and what did you like about trump? >> i think obama represents a lot of love and i think that he's a good man and he did all he could and we supported him for two elections and when those changes didn't come about and obamacare actually affected me personally with my own mother i think we needed a change once again. trump seemed to come through here and he's speaking change again so i think we still voted for change. >> joining me now is cnn political commentator van jones himself. van, i know this assignment was important to you. you felt personally connected and passionate about this in finding the answers to your questions. what surprised you most? >> i grew up in a red state, i grew up in jackson, tennessee, and public schools and church every other sunday so i know
12:30 pm
small town red state america is very different than the coast. but it's amazing how different and how things that were so offensive to people who are more on the cosmopolitan edges of the country they say, well, that's distasteful, i didn't like it, i don't agree with it but i'm more concerned about my own job and my factory is closing and i didn't hear hillary clinton say i'm going to keep your factories open, i heard trump say that, i gave him a chance. >> and that was their bottom line. >> that was their bottom line and, so, yes, was there the alt-right and the white supremacist and the white nationalists? yes and we have to keep talking about that because that nasty stuff can grow but there's a whole other section of people who had nothing to do with that who don't even like trump talking in those ways. >> they weren't fired up by that rhetoric. >> that wasn't firing them up. what was firing them up was the economic message and democrats have lumped it all together to hey, listen, it's all
12:31 pm
inflammatory stuff and for that family at that kitchen table, that was not the issue. >> you made headlines on election night for saying white lash, do you still feel the same way? >> i said it was a white lash in part and i do believe those white nationalist elements did play a role, but they didn't play a role with everybody and they certainly didn't play a role with all white voters and they did not play a role with the 80,000 voters who went from blue to red in the rust belt. >> we're looking forward to seeing much more of that interview, your conversation with this family. >> and that's why we call it "the messy truth." people say it was all race. it wasn't race at all. no, it's messier than that. it was race here, wasn't there, we have to have a messier conversation to understand the truth. >> have you dealt with the messiness happening inside the democratic party? yesterday vice president joe biden was asked about whether he'll run for 2020 and he didn't
12:32 pm
say he was or anything but the bigger picture is he'll be 78. where is the younger stars within the democratic party? is there a bench? >> this party took a real beating over the past eight years. we lost so many seats in congress and state legislatures and nobody wants to talk about that. this party has to start over. when sanders and clinton are your superstars and they're up in years you have to look at the kamala harris who just won a senate seat out of california, cory booker and others and say can we get those folks ready but look at hollywood. what if oprah winfrey ran? >> trump ran. >> michael moore mentioned her name. >> oprah winfrey said tom hanks. right now you're in a brave new world and being a well-known person is more important than being a well-known politician. >> reason is jones, thank you for joining us and thank you for your show that's tonight. don't forget to watch, the messy
12:33 pm
truth with van jones at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. the countdown is on to president obama's final speech on national security. he will be giving trump some public advice in this speech including the subject of torture. a live report from macdill air force base in tampa next.
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president obama is less than an hour away from what is expected to be his final address on national security. the setting, as always, is deliberate. he will be at florida, the headquarters of u.s. special operations command and u.s. central command. his successes, his challenges,
12:38 pm
maybe advise for donald trump. i want to bring in the senior fellow at the council on foreign relations and author of "ashley's war, the untold story of the team of women soldiers on the special ops battlefield" and with us white house correspondent michelle kosinski joining us from tampa. michelle, how much do you think this speech is about obama's legacy on national security? >> he wants to cover all those bases that you mentioned, to talk about the threats that america has faced in the eight years he's been in office and why he thinks the way he has done things is the sustainable way and the way to keep going and he's going to talk about evolving to face evolving threats to not commit a large deplace of employment of u.s. servicemen and women, to reduce casualties on the u.s. side. to warm with partners and try to get local partners to be the ones to lead the fight. does he need to be candid?
12:39 pm
yes, and the white house acknowledges that, he's going to talk about more needing to be done against isis and many times we've heard the president talk about his reflections on libya, on syria, on things that are not working as well as what is working. he's going to make that case that the way forward is what he has put in place so in a say you can say this is him communicating with the new administration. but keep in mind this speech today -- which is a big one, his last national security speech was planned a long time ago so he didn't do this because donald trump is coming in as the new president. this is kind of a handoff in general where he can talk about his legacy and stake that claim that what he put in place should be the way forward. >> thank you michelle kosinski reporting for us. gail, i want to bring down some of the key issues some of the areas of uncertainty with
12:40 pm
president-elect trump. one being torture. we expect president obama to talk about the ban on torture, practices like waterboarding and how he wants to make sure those stay in place. now we know that president-elect trump has in the past said he wants to bring back waterboarding. >> can you imagine them sitting around the table or whatever they're eating their dinner saying the americans don't do wat wa water boarding but we chop off heads. they probably think we're weak and stupid and have no leadership. you have to fight fire with fire. >> he did back track a little bit when james mattis said i'd rather have a beer and get a guy to tell me things, secret things, that way versus torture.
12:41 pm
but there's a lot of conversation can he be convinced that torture is not effective by people he trusts? meaning people who were retired generals? perhaps those potentially leading at the pentagon because when you talk to folks who have served on the frontlines of these post-9/11 war miss will say torture wasn't effective. and i think that's why general mattis says a pack of cigarettes was a better tool. and senator mccain said much the same. >> general mattis didn't like the iran nuclear deal but he's of the mentality that we're in it now, we can't backtrack, we have to work with allies. donald trump said he would rejoigt. how realistic is that? >> i think the question is end versus enforce. are they going to end the deal? you have the current cia director saying he thinks it would be the height of folly but the incoming potential cia director says he can't wait to
12:42 pm
unwind the deal but can you satisfy the critics by enforcing more strongly the iran deal? that's what you see people who are critics of the deal focused on that versus unwinding entirely. >> and very quickly because we're running out of time. you wrote a piece for, remembering america's forgotten wars. talk to me about general mattis who is going to be on stage next to president-elect trump tonight on his thank you tour. what should we know? >> general mattis did not endorse a presidential candidate and he is known as being a marine's marine. really caring about folks who did to him. he's a fan of the meditations of marcus areelus and being known as erudite thinker. he hates powerpoints and tries to get people to think through the consequences. >> we can get more details by
12:43 pm
reading your story on thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. don't forget freesds talks with president obama about the triumphs and struggles during hiss time in the white house. cnn's special report, the legacy of barack obama ires tomorrow night only at 9:00 on cnn. still coming up, vice president-elect mike pence sits down with jake tapper for an interview live on cnn. this as two of donald trump's cabinet picks come under scrutiny, including retired general michael flynn as national security advisor. his son was fired from the transition team. dana bash will have more on that next. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that.
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we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. at the top of the hour we expect to hear from the president at what will be his final national security address. also next hour, our own jake tapper will sit down live with vice president-elect mike pence. he is the head of the trump transition team and in the spotlight today. i want to bring in cnn chief political correspondent dana bash. you're just back from capitol hill. you got interesting responses from senators on both sides of
12:48 pm
the aisle when it comes to the trump transition. what are you hearing? >> that's right, a couple things. let's start with the whole kerfuffle, if you will, over the president-elect calling the president of taiwan, that many people in the foreign policy world said was a diplomatic breach. it certainly was unusual and then donald trump doubling down on that by saying on twitter that china has manipulated currency and so on and so forth and really getting the chinese back up. we heard from the incoming democratic leader in the senate, chuck schumer, saying that if he wants to call the president of taiwan if it means getting u.s. jobs back and it's a baby step towards that, why not? and then on the republican side the chairman of the arms services committee, john mccain said he also thought it was fine and it was a good idea not just to call the president of taiwan but to say the things he said about china because they have
12:49 pm
been flagrantly flying in the face of a lot of international accords on many, many issues. so there are people -- it depends on the issue, obviously, it depends on the member of congress but the fact that you have that kind of bipartisan for something that was and is quite controversial is telling. the other thing that i thought was noteworthy on john mccain is he thought the idea of reviewing the boeing $4 billion contract for a new air force one was a great idea. he's always been a fiscal conservative. he was always going after waste in the government way before, i think, it was cool. and he said, again, this is the arms services chair, he said that he thinks maybe air force one doesn't need the security bells and whistles the current one has and that the next one is supposed to be which is why the price tag is so high. >> it's been interesting as an observer to see the reaction. there's a knee jerk reaction by people including the gop members to some of trump's actions of whoa, whoa, what is he doing?
12:50 pm
he's breaking the norms and suddenly there's a coming around to the idea well, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing. on the other hand, trump's national security advisor remains under fire for his past and controversial comments as well as >> regarding michael flynn, the senior michael flynn, who is on top to be the president-elect's national security advisor, certainly there is a lot of talk about some of the tweets that he sent, he personally sent. not currently but over the past many months, that pushed forward some fake news, if you will, some conspiracy theories. more immediately, we do know that michael flynn jr., his son, effectively got fired today. jake tapper is just reporting that he was told that that came from the president-elect himself, wanted him out, because of the fact that he, michael
12:51 pm
flynn jr., was pushing the whole pizza-gate conspiracy theory, which ended very badly. and as we have been reporting for the past couple of days, caused somebody to come in and investigate with a rifle into this neighborhood pizza place, neighborhood for many people who live in washington, d.c. so that's what's going on there. it's the junior who is kind of out of a job. but the senior is under fire. but remember, the national security advisor is not confirmed by the senate, so it is up to president-elect trump to keep him. and i didn't hear anybody on capitol hill in a position of power just now tell me that they thought that he should get rid of him. >> good to know. dana bash. thank you. don't miss vice president-elect mike pence's interview with jake tapper minutes away on the leed. voting is under way for the cnn hero of the year. the tribute airs this weekend. still have time to vote!
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welcome to "the lead," everyone. i'm jake tapper. welcome to a special edition of "the lead," in fact, the vice president-elect mike pence is here, and at know moment we will see president barack obama walk up on stage. he is at macdill air force base in tampa, florida. he'll defend his doctrine and explain how he has fought terrorism abroad and here in the united states. his soon to be replacement, president-elect donald trump talked about curbing, quote, out of control defense and government costs. mr. trump said he'll start, he says, by canceling a contract with boeing, the largest exporter in the united states. let's go to cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. jeff, you are in faettville, north carolina, where he's said to have a thank you rally this evening. president-elect tweeting about boeing, creating a stir this morning. >> reporter: he did indeed, jake. he is on his effort to create momentum that he is, a, creating
12:58 pm
jobs and, b, watching out for bloated spending. by going after boeing specifically, singling out an american company here, certainly creating waves. he said boeing wants to spend $4 million to make the new air force one. the boeing company says they don't know where that number came from and says they'll do what they can to, a, make a good airplane for the next president and do it as efficiently as possible. jake, certainly an interesting series of events at trump towers. donald trump is quite literally through his showmanship unique to himself is trying to show he is creating jobs and bringing investment. we have to look at the fine print of all these details, of which there is none at this point. >> joining me to talk about this and more is vice president-elect mike pence. thanks for being here. >> good to see you. >> election day was four weeks
12:59 pm
ago today. congratulations. >> thank you very much. it's very humbling. it's hard to believe it's already been four weeks, but in many ways it, for all the progress we've made in the course of this transition, which is moving at an historic and a record pace -- i mean, this transition actually is now -- it's been certified that we're -- president-elect trump is moving faster than any president-elect has in naming cabinet officials for the last 40 years. it's exciting to be a part of it. >> let's talk about the number one item on the news right now, which is the president-elect starting to talk about canceling the boeing contract. that's how he began his day. take a listen. >> well, the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion. it's for air force one program. and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. >> there is no question that there should be more oversight over these contracts. critics are wondering is this
1:00 pm
the best way to do it. the president-elect said that. boeing stock took a big hit. it's rebounded but hit a big hit before the markets open. it's an american company, the biggest exporter in the united states. it employs 150,000 people, most of them in this country. i guess the first question is, where does the $4 billion figure come from? because that's confusing a lot of people. >> well, i think the general accounting office certified it north of $3 billion. it's a contract that can grow. the president-elect is demonstrating today what the american people hired as our next president, a businessman that knows how to sharpen his pencils. no sooner did he hear about a 4 billion contract for a couple new installments of air force one that he said we should cancel the contract, put a hold on it. as you know, donald trump is a man who has bought a few airplanes. he's still got a few airplanes. he'll be a real champion