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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> eisenhower had met with the taiwanese president. last year they pledged a $1 million donation to an eisenhower memorial in washington, d.c. thank you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. > . donald trump american intelligence over its assessment that russia interfered in the election. >> i think it is ridiculous. another excuse. i don't believe it. >> it's clear the russians interfer interfered. they did hack in to this campaign. >> democrats and republicans calling for an investigation. >> this cannot become a partisan issue. the stakes are too high for our country. >> newsroom starts right now.
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>> thank you for joining us. i'm boris sanchez. a group of senators calling for an investigation in to russia's role in the u.s. election. >> the fact that the cia and fbi disagrees shows the need for a bipartisan investigation that gets to the bottom of this. the investigation should be tough, strong and bipartisan and should have access to all materials, classified and not. >> in a joint statement they said recent reports of russian interference in our election should alarm every american. you can imagine president elect
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donald trump dismissed those claims blaming them on democrats still bitter over the outcome of the election. >> i think it is ridiculous. another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why. i think it's -- they talked about all sorts of things. every week it's another excuse. we had a massive landslide victory, as you know in the electoral college. i think the numbers are 306 and she is down to a very low number. i don't believe it at all. >> you say you don't know why. do you think the cia is trying to overturn the election results or weaken you in office. >> if you look at the story there's great confusion. nobody knows. hacking is interesting. once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act, you are not going to catch them. they have no idea if pit f it is russia, china, it could be somebody in a bed someplace why
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would the cia put out the story that the russians wanted you to run? >> i'm not sure they put it out. i think the republicans put it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country. we need to get back to making america great again and we have already started the process. >> reporter: you have said you don't believe the intelligence community's analysis that the russians were involved. >> take a look. they are not sure. they are fighting among themselves. they are not sure. >> the question is these are the folks you have to rely on to know what's going on in the world. >> we will have changes coming in at the top. we have our people and they have their people and i respect them but if you read the various stories there's disputing. certain groups don't necessarily agree. personally it could be russia. i don't think it is, but who knows? i don't know either. they don't know and i don't know.
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>> i want to ask you about your skepticism about the intelligence community. you are getting the presidential daily brief. >> yes. >> only once a week. >> i get it when i need it. first of all, these are very good people giving me the briefings. i say if something should change from this point immediately call me. i'm available on one minute's notice. i don't have to be told -- i'm a smart person. i don't need to be told the same thing and same words every single day for the next eight years. it could be eight years, but i don't need that. but i say if something should change, let us know. my generals are great, i'm being briefed and mike pence is being briefed who is one of my very good decisions. he's being briefed and i'm being briefed also. they are going to come and tell me the same thing, it doesn't change necessarily.
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there will be times where it might change. i will be there not every day but more than that. i don't need to be told the same thing every day, every morning, nothing has changed, let's go over it again. i don't need that. >> president obama just ordered a full review of russia's involvement in hacking this election. democrats are calling for hearings. do you think this is part of an effort to undercut you. >> president obama has been terrific. he's been respectful of the process and everything else. i saw that. i want it too. i think it's great. i don't want anyone hacking us. i'm not only talking about countries, i'm talking about anyone, period. if you are going to do that you should not just say russia, you should say other countries also and maybe other individuals. it could be -- look, we had many people saying one of the great
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victories of all time. they are embarrassed. >> ryan nobles is following the story and is live outside of trump tower in new york. a controversial campaign becoming a controversial transition process, right? >> it's clear when you listen to donald trump he doesn't want to open the door to the idea that the russians were involved in the election that could undercut his victory but no one is suggesting if the russians attempted to interfere that it led to the outcome. no one is suggesting that donald trump didn't win this election. that's setting up an interesting showdown between trump and not just democrats in the united states but senate and this group of moderate republican senators like john mccain and lindsey graham who have a long-established record in the senate they are part of the group asking for the investigation.
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they want to know more about what happened. because if it was democrats today it could be republicans in the future. this leads to a discussion about russia's connection to the united states and what it will look like in an incoming trump administration. as you heard in the interview with chris wallace the president elect rejected the notion that russia was involved in this hack. he said the intelligence community doesn't know. obviously with the thoughts about who the next secretary of state could be, there is a deep connection to russia and you have senators like mccain, graham, rubio, who are critics of russia and are concerned about what it could mean going forward. as you mentioned, controversial campaign. now a lot of drama in the transition. we are adding a new layer with a small group of republican moderate senators that could cause trouble for donald trump especially when the confirmation hearings start for his incoming
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cabinet. >> certainly fascinating. any idea when we might get the secretary of state announcement? it could come at any minute obviously? >> well, the transition tweeted this morning that it's not going to come until next week. we believe that this coming week, starting on monday but i guess it could be the following week. there are many reports out there and we are cautioned not expect anything unless donald trump announces it himself. >> thank you. let's talk about what it means heading to a new administration. i'm joined by david gergen, historian and professor at princeton university. trump said it could be a political effort by the democrats because they are embarrassed about losing what he calls a historic election that he won. by going after the cia so aggressively, discrediting him, doesn't he stand to hurt his
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relationship with them? david, that is for you. >> i'm sorry. listen, i think there are two serious issues that are important before we get to this secretary of state question. first and foremost are we going to have a serious investigation. these are extraordinary charges that the government of russia tried to tilt the election toward donald trump. not that they succeeded or made a big difference but that they tried and they -- all of these e-mails were released after they were hacked in to at the dnc and john podesta's offices. that's a big deal. to have a bipartisan group of senators pushing for an investigation to get to the bottom of this, especially with chuck schumer, john mccain and lindsey graham that's a big deal. that's one area where i think we will see controversy.
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the second area is equally important. we have never seen a president elect have this kind of breach with the intelligence community shortly before taking office. that's unprecedented. we spent $70 billion a year, it's estimated, on intelligence. right now donald trump doesn't seem to believe it is worth the effort. he is very dismissive. >> some experts called it a constitutional crisis. bob baer said we should have a do over and have the election again. if this election comes back with hard, indisputable evidence that russia had a part in this election, what do you think should happen next? >> i think we should be cautious about calling for another election. i don't see that happening. there is no evidence that says even though the russians did try
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to win it for trump there's no evidence that they did win it for trump. under those circumstances it is premature to be talking about a new election. i don't think it will happen. i think it is premature to be reaching that conclusion. >> sshly far fetched. julian, nor julian, senator mccain reinforced his request for a investigation. >> it is clear the russians interfered. whether they interfered to the degree they were trying to elect a certain candidate that is subject to investigation. the facts are certain things they did hack in to this campaign and did it with some -- least what seemed to be effective, sort of every week or so there was new information. were they hacking republicans the same way?
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the republican national committee? if so -- there's a lot of issues out there. it requires an investigation. >> he is saying facts are stubborn things. regardless of the results of this investigation could it be a black eye on the start of trump's presidency? >> absolutely. already the question raised as to why he is defensive about an investigation in to another government interfering with our election. that's not about the outcome, as david said, it's not about coordination. it's simply something i think americans would find shocking and not the right thing to have happened. there is already a question. why isn't there more outrage from trump. the second part circulated during the campaign f there was coordination or impact on the election. that's an issue. there's no evidence of that at
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this point. if the investigation goes that way it could be a problem for the incoming administration. >> david, same question do to you what problems does this present for donald trump moving forward if there are questions about the legitimacy of his win? >> well, i think his opponents will seize on that. democrats will see a cloud over his presidency. they will question his legitimacy, just as, by the way, he for a long time questioned the legitimacy of barack obama to serve as the president of the united states. just to put that parn thetpair . we aren't at a point to say that we ought to have a new election. that's a totally different question and ballpark than where with reright now.
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i think, and also serious, if the president elect goes forward with rex tellerson that will play in to the middle of the controversy because of his close relationship with putin and the russian government, getting orders and so forth. i want to say on his behalf, there are reports that he was recommended to donald trump by some very highly respected people, bob gates and condoleezza rice among them. i think we should be cautious about reaching dramatic conclusions until we know more. >> i could say the rift with the intelligence community is important. this is a private -- it is worrisome if from the start there's a separation with the kind of intelligence that can be extraordinarily helpful to the administration. we can't afford to have that in the first few months.
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>> if i may, let me add to that. every president i know has depended on the daily briefing from the intelligence community. it is invaluable to the president. there is a reason you start every morning with that briefing. for this incoming president to refuse intelligence briefing six days out of seven is disturbing. the world is changing faster than his remarks suggest. the world is volatile right now and it's extraordinarily important. it is part of the job of the president of the united states a to keep on top of it. >> he says he is a smart guy and doesn't need the briefings every day. thank you for the time on this sunday. >> thank you. it's the biggest deal between a u.s. company and iran since 1979. boeing inking a massive $16 billion deal to sell dozens of jetts to iran and yes, the same boeing company donald trump blasted over the price tag of a presidential jet.
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donald trump said he will undo the deal that president obama made with iran. trump has had boeing in his cross hairs. he sent out a tweet about a different deal saying boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control. more than 4 billion. cancel order. joining me on the phone to discuss this is the aerospace industry reporter for the "washington post." john, let's start with you. boeing said its contract with iran air was done with government approval.
11:20 am
we know that trump has been critical of the iran nuclear accord, the deal that allowed this to happen. is boeing concerned that trump might doom this deal? >> as far as boeing's relationship with president elect right now, it is a bit -- i think boeing is wondering what president trump is going to govern, whether it is a pragmatic trump looking out for u.s. industry or more populous jump responding to the geo political link, around trade and their relationship that boeing and the u.s. has with trading partners. as far as this deal goes, it's been a huge priority for the obama administration and the kroub jewel of the economic component that was the carrot to get this deal over the line, get iran to play ball. as far as president trump's attitude toward this, clearly
11:21 am
nothing is clear. we have seen president trump take a varied line on this. he criticized the deal. saying boeing didn't have a chance to get a big enough piece of it when the airbus deal was announced and then we hear the deal was bad. how that manifests itself for boeing and for u.s. industries is really a massive open question heading in to january 20th. >> one of many moving forward. how has the aviation industry, singling out companies like this, boeing's stock dropped $2 a share, it bounced up but it has to be a concern for the industry. >> it was a clear shot across the bow and got everyone's attention, not just at boeing but the defense industry. it's extraordinary for a
11:22 am
president to single out a single program and company like that. you can be sure that everyone paid attention. this is a very high-profile procurement, not just because it is a big, expensive one but a symbol of the prestige and power of the presidency. what you are seeing here is unprecedented in the sense he will go out even before he is president and single out a procurement like this. you had in the obama era when he became president he singled out, or john mccain brought to his attention some of the cost overreturns with the marine program this had gone off the rail at the time and the president looked at that and ended up killing the deal and renegotiating and rebidding it. this deal is different because it's only yet just beginning as one defense analyst told me. it hasn't had a chance to go over budget yet. >> certainly a historic deal if
11:23 am
it goes through. chris davenport, john, thank you so much. the president of turkey is vowing revenge after twin bombings killed dozens of people outside of a soccer match. most of the victims police officers. more than 100 others were hurt. we have a live report from istanb istanbul. egypt is calling for three days of mourning after a deadly terror attack at a christian church in cairo. details ahead. who opens it.'s insidn give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at and save 10%. since we started shopping at way first down! that's because with
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explosions devastating parts of turkey and egypt. twin bombings in istanbul killed 38 people, most of them police officers. the first blast was caught on surveillance camera. watch this. at the moment a car explodes outside of a heavily populated soccer arena. shortly after that a suicide bomber blew himself up less than a mile away. 13 people have been arrested in connection with the terror attacks. in cairo, local media reporting that 25 killed and dozens injured after an explosion in a small church attached to a christian cathedral. it is unclear who or what cause the blast. we have reporters on the ground covering these stories. let's start with cnn correspondent muhammad lila in istanbul for an update. what are you learning about
11:28 am
that? >> we are learning a kurdish group a splinter from another major group has claimed responsibility for this attack. they have said they were targeting civilians but the police. a number were civilians and 155 injured, as well. all of this prompted a fiery backlash from the turkish government. this is what president recep tayyip erdogan had to say today. >> they are traitors and tow wards that attacked these young men at a police department. they attacked with heavy-loaded explosives at two locations while they were getting ready to work and left us with a heavy tragedy. they need to know we will not let this go unpunished and they will pay a higher price for which they need to understand. >> boris, you heard strong words
11:29 am
from the turkish leader and also other senior officials have been saying it is part of the campaign of terror targeting turkey and they are vowing to exact revenge on this group. >> all right muhammad lila reporting from istanbul. thank you. cnn's international correspondent nick paton walsh has more on the explosion in egypt. nic. >> this blast it is unclear who is behind it but some reports suggest tnt, pretty serious explosi explosive, was used. it targeted the symbolic heart of the christian. we understand the device was inside of the church itself. we don't know how it got in there. harrowing images from inside
11:30 am
show people having to elect body parts because of the intensity of the blast. statual damage done to the building itself and a blow to the christians of egypt. it appears they are very much on edge. about 10% of the population and scenes of anger outside of that church itself. even pro-government tv anchors were targeted. it is unclear who's responsible for this. one potential candidate for the blame has released a statement condemning the blast. you have heard condemnation from sunni religious authorities saying this is an attack on all egyptians and -- called it a deplorable act of terrorism.
11:31 am
a at the heart of the egyptian capital a deadly blast. questions about security and real fears for ordinary egyptian christians tonight. nick paton walsh, cnn, beirut. ahead, marco rubio taking aim at trump's potential pick for secretary of state. calling rex tillerson a friend of putin. what do we know about the man who is reportedly leading mitt romney in the race to become the top diplomate? details ahead. the heirloom tomato. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than $9 a meal. get $30 off your first delivery
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this is cnn newsroom. thank you for joining us. we should be alarmed, that's the message from a bipartisan group of senators, after learning the cia has evidence that russia interfered in the u.s. election in order to benefit trump. among those senators chuck schumer who will serve as the top democrat in the trump era. >> a lot of this is now done by
11:35 am
governments, foreign governments and that raises things to a much higher level and the fact they hacked and may have tried to influence an election is even more serious still. >> trump said he dunn trust the reporting on russia's involvement or the sources providing the intelligence. >> if you read the stories, the various stories, they are disputing. certain groups don't necessarily agree. personally, it could be russia. i don't think it is but who knows? i don't know either. they don't know and i don't know. >> meantime back at transition headquarters, sources say that donald trump is closer to choosing his secretary of state and the likely pick is rex tillerson. trump tweeted about him this morning, writing whether i choose him or not for state, rex tillerson is a world class player dealmaker.
11:36 am
stay tuned. even before making it official, critics are expressing outrage. particularly over tillerson's relationship with russia. florida senator marco rubio tweeting, being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i'm hoping for from a secretary of state. it's worth noting in 2011, exxon signed a deal with russian oil giant whose larger shareholder is the russian government. soon after the signing, putin awarded tillerson the order of friendship. how close are putin and tillerson? rachel crane takes a closer look. >> when i was a brand new engineer with exxon in 1975. >> reporter: he runs one of the world's biggest companies, rex tillerson, ceo of exxon mobil has spent his entire career at the oil giant. >> we are the largest american oil company. >> reporter: tillerson joined
11:37 am
exxon fresh out of the university of texas in '75 starting as a production engineer. he worked his way up the ranks and became ceo and chairman in 2006 and has amassed a fortune, estimated to be over $240 million. according to executive data provider equalar. tillerson has no experience in the public sector but his work as taken him all over the world and he's forged close ties to russia. >> this is a guy who has business relationships in every continent in the entire world. >> reporter: tillerson received the order of friendship award from putin in 2013. he describes his nearly two decade-long relationship with the russian president as "very close." >> he understands i'm a businessman. i've invested a lot of money -- our company has invested a lot of money in russia, vcr very successfully. >> his business acue men and
11:38 am
extensive work overseas has caught the attention and gained the respect of trump. >> in his case he is more than a business executive. he is a world-class player. to me, a great advantage is he knows many of the mayeplayers a knows them well. >> under tillerson's leadership, the oil softened its stand on climate change, publicly acknowledging its existence and risks. >> i'm not disputing that increasing co2 emission unless the atmosphere will have an impact. it will have a warming impact. how large it is what is hard for anyone to predict. >> reporter: tillerson, who is 64, is expected to retire as ceo of exxon mobil when he turns 65 in march. the mandatory retirement age at the company. rachel crane, cnn, new york. >> let's chat about this with cnn senior law enforcement analyst tom fuentes and former
11:39 am
assistant director of the fbi. let's start with the accusations of rush trying to influence the outcome of the election. donald trump said it is impossible to tell if it was russia. he said it is possible it is russia or possible it was china or somebody in new jersey. in your experience, is it possible to find a smoking gun in this scenario? >> i think at this point there's not been enough information released to make that call. i think we had these allegations surface, long before the election, that the wikileaks and other postings that were going out were the fault of the russians. that the russians were trying to discredit the hillary clinton campaign, and they were responsible for providing these presumably to wikileaks so wikileaks could release it. we heard nothing at the time and president obama said nothing at the time. there was no outrage at the time. just the russians are hacking in
11:40 am
to e-mails and putting information out. as far as the election itself, the russians are not in a position to hack in to the voting machines because they are not connected to the internet. only connected to an electrical outlet so they can operate. so, really the allegation is that the information went out, that no one is disputing the truthfulness of it just that the information went out and was extremely critical of after number of people in the clinton campaign and therefore was an embarrassment to the dnc and to the people closest to clinton including john podesta. we haven't seen any direct evidence to say it is -- that it is directly linked to russia. >> chuck schumer admits he will not get classified briefings until early january, inauguration is january 20th. is that enough time to conduct an investigation like this?
11:41 am
>> that's a good question. there's been enough alleged already for several months they should already have a great deal of the information. i find it interesting that president obama didn't call for an investigation of this prior to the election, waits until a month after it and wants it done right away so we have the results before inauguration day. to me it is puzzling how they are going about it. >> certainly anger among clinton supporters the administration didn't go after russia more aggressively. let's say the investigation yields something nefarious and we come up with indisputable evidence. what does the u.s. do then? can they bring charges against russia, would obama impose sanctions? what do you think? >> well, he could. but we have had so many government systems hacked in to during this administration we don't know what happened after. the allegations of north korea
11:42 am
sony attack, allegations against china where members of chinese military were charged with hacking in to our systems, the hacking in to opm, releasing thousands of personal files belonging to current and past government employees. so this has been basically a drum beat of steady hacks in to u.s. sensitive systems. we haven't heard a lot being mentioned about what was being done, what kind of sanctions and retaliation. now all of a sudden we are going to do something and it's after the election. >> we have to ask about rex tillerson. sources say he is the front runner for secretary of state. he has some overseas experience. mostly in a business capacity. he is not really a diplomatic. are you comfortable with his closeness with russia if he becomes secretary of state? >> well, the question when we say closeness, yes, they do deals. he is operating that country in
11:43 am
50 other countries around the world and there will be a certain amount of negotiation and give and take and trying to pat each other on the back in terms of these deals. it also tells you that that is 50 other countries he's intimately aware of their culture, of what the country's aspirations are, what they want to do, what they want from u.s. companies and vice-versa. so, it's hard to tell how friendly and i know the russians have given him some award and all of that but those things are usually superficial any way. so the fact he is knowledgeable of how to do business around the world is a significant achievement on his part and qualification. >> donald trump calling him a player, a world player. tom, thank you so much for your perspective. ahead, joe biden keeping the door open for a run in 2020. an interview with cnn biden
11:44 am
discusses everything from a potential white house bid to what he thinks of the state of the democratic party in the wake of some big election losses. that story next. just got this.. and she ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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vice president biden is down playing speculation he could have beaten trump had he been the democratic nominee this year. he spoke to jake tapper this
11:48 am
morning. let's listen. >> you toldtold. >> /* told stephen colbert -- age may not be an issue. >> it depends on the state of my health and whom ever running. as you know, jake, four years is a lifetime in american politics. i think that nominees are determined by their parties based mostly on what skill set is most needed at that time. who knows where we will be four years from now. >> hundreds of thousands of manufacturers jobs have disappeared. a lot of voters feel that washington, d.c. has sold them out. do you understand why?
11:49 am
>> yeah, i do. look -- first of all, we brought back a lot of manufacturing jobs. had we not rescued the automobile industry we'd have a million fewer manufacturing jobs out there. what they didn't see us focusing on because we were trying to keep the car from going off the cliff is how do you -- what do you do to help me deal with how fundamentally manufacturers change. >> you don't think that hillary clinton said it. >> she said it but never had a chance to say this -- if you know this, i know you know it, but you can't find -- i bet 10% of the people can tell you what hillary clinton's plan was and how she would provide free education. it got drowned out by the most vicious campaign and craziness campaign i've ever witnessed in the last since i have been involved. it's either the bulk of the
11:50 am
debate was about e-mails and/or his borish behavior. >> he did say a lot that the trade deals sold out the american people and that he was going to bring those jobs back and he was going to fight for the american worker. that did cut through. >> it cut through but no detail about anything. >> do you think you could have done a better job. >> i don't know. they may have eaten me alive. who knows what would have happened. and i really mean that. i don't know. i learned how to become popular. running for president you are the most popular guy out there. >> a democratic lawmaker is sending a controversial message to the electoral college -- consider russia's hacking when casting your votes. we will talk to him coming up. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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few hours away from a star-studded event. it starts tonight at 8:00 and we have a look at one of the ten heros. becca stevens is a survivor of sexual abuse and dedicated her life to helping women escape prostitution, trafficking and addiction. >> all i wanted to do is open one house and invite five women to come in who all had been survivors of trafficking addiction, prostitution and say
11:55 am
come and stay for two years. no cost, no authority in the house. just come and be together. when a woman comes in, we give her a key. this is your beautiful home, this is your place to be. that's the mind set. it can be lavish and economical. you can do all of this and you can house people for half of what it costs to house them in prison for a year. >> worthwhile cause and you can donate to the nonprofit and the nine honorees organizations on line. starting tonight at 8:00 all donations will be matched up to $50,000 per hero. here's what is in store. >> they are the kind, the caring, the strong, the brave. they are the ones who see a need, fill a void, make a difference. >> trying to give them the opportunities they deserve. >> this has become my life. i don't want to do anything else. >> reporter: they don't do it for themselves. they do it for the rest of us. they are a reminder of what is
11:56 am
good in this world and what it means to be a hero. >> we give them the foundation from which they can thrive. a feeling of family. >> we have transformed the lives of thousands of children. >> tonight, cnn presents a very special live event, the tenth annual cnn heros all-star tribute. >> tonight, we gather to celebrate extraordinary men and women who highlight the best of what the community has to offer. >> reporter: join anderson cooper and kelly ripa. tonight at 8:00 on cnn. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪
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this is cnn newsroom. i'm boris sanchez in for fredricka whitfield. we start with a bipartisan group of high-profile senators calling for an investigation this to russia's role in the u.s. election. >> the fact the cia and fbi disagree showed the need for a bipartisan investigation that gets to the bottom of this. the investigation should be tough, strong and bipartisan, and should have access to all materials, classified and not. >> in a joint statement released this morning, senators chuck schumer and jack reid and republican


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